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  • Ideas needed for appropriate response (Vanity)

    03/05/2006 7:43:52 AM PST · by Pikachu_Dad · 24 replies · 401+ views ^ | March 3, 2006 | sard0nicpan
    The reason Americans don't complain about an erosion of Rights could be they don't care enough to know what they are to begin with. The public largely does not care about the Patriot Act nor what the fuss is over at the NSA. Pro or Con on these issues, you cannot discuss them intelligently without knowledge. See: The public would likely be happy if we threw out the Bill Of Rights and simply replaced it with two rights they all seem to care about: 1. The "right" to own pets; 2. The "right" to drive a car Huh D'oh--almost...
  • Calculated Outrage (Must Read Nails It on What the MSM is Up To in It's Non Stop Bush Attacks)

    03/02/2006 3:02:50 PM PST · by MikeA · 50 replies · 1,705+ views
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | 2/17/05 | Daniel Henniger
    Some say Dick Cheney is toast. He's too hot to handle, throw him over the side if he won't drop himself into the waves. Don't look now, but that isn't water surrounding the Bush ship of state. It's gasoline. Have you ever noticed how on a scale of one to 10, every untoward event in the life of the Bush presidency goes straight to a 10? The Abu Ghraib photos? A 10 forever. Dick Cheney catching a hunting buddy with some birdshot? An instant 10. The Bush National Guard story? Total 10. How can it be that each downside event...
  • The Same Old Song And Dance

    03/02/2006 1:42:52 PM PST · by DARCPRYNCE · 4 replies · 515+ views
    ChronWatch ^ | 03/02/06 | Edward L. Daley
    This past Monday, CBS, otherwise known as See? BS!, Al-Jazeera West, and the Corrupt Broadcasting System, proved once again that it is nothing but a shameless propaganda tool of the Democrat party, by releasing the results of a poll it rigged... uh... conducted recently showing that President Bush's popularity rating has plummeted to an all-time low of 34 percent.
  • Democrat officials' firm helped Dubai purchase ports

    02/22/2006 6:28:54 AM PST · by Quilla · 45 replies · 1,403+ views
    The American Thinker ^ | February 22, 2006 | Ed Lasky
     Little noticed in the kerfuffle over the takeover of major US ports by Dubai Ports is the key role being played by former Democratic Party leaders. Lobbying firms associated with ex-Democratic Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle and Madeleine Albright (Clinton’s Secretary of State) have been working (paid subscription only link) to secure approval of the purchase by Dubai. One would think that our leaders, even when out of office, would care more about their nation than their bank accounts.This hopefully will give impetus to a bill (drafted by Republican Congressman Mike Rogers of Michigan) working its slow way through Congress that would bar...
  • UAE, Palestine to set up a joint investment firm

    02/17/2006 9:00:38 PM PST · by takenoprisoner · 90 replies · 1,150+ views
    Khaleej Times Online ^ | 2/18/06 | AHMED A. ELEWA
    DUBAI — The UAE and Palestine have agreed to the establishment of a new joint investment company, to be announced within a few weeks, according to Mazen Sinokrot, the Palestinian Minister of Economy, who has recently visited the UAE. Speaking exclusively to Khaleej Times, Sinokrot said, "The purpose of establishing such venture is to explore the investment opportunities in Palestine, and to boost the economic ties with the UAE. Further we are planning as well an Initial Public Offering for the company in the UAE." "We have already started with the first step towards establishing this company by talking to...
  • Don't Trust Al Gore's Rhetoric (it's just an act, he clearly doesn't hate Israel enough)

    02/16/2006 8:45:52 AM PST · by presidio9 · 13 replies · 745+ views
    Palestine Chronicle ^ | Thursday February 16, 2006 | Joshua Frank
    Al Gore has become somewhat of an American idol this past few years. After his departure from Washington in 2000 the ex-presidential candidate has switch-backed across the county giving thundering sermons to over-flowing auditoriums and town halls. He’s railed against the Republican agenda in Iraq, denouncing President Bush and the neocons at every turn. Gore is fast becoming the antiwar celebrity du jour, capturing the imaginations of many who fear the vicious Bush cartel. “Normally, we Americans lay the facts on the table, talk through the choices before us and make a decision. But that didn't really happen with this...
  • A dose of reality for Bush [Bush and the neocons and the King funeral]

    02/13/2006 4:11:10 PM PST · by SJackson · 43 replies · 1,200+ views
    Capital Times ^ | 2-13-6 | John Nichols
    Just as they did following the memorial service for Sen. Paul Wellstone in 2002, Republican operatives and their acolytes in the media are now claiming that there was something inappropriate about the manner of how those who best knew Coretta Scott King mourned her passing. So great is the determination to protect George Bush from even the mildest expressions of dissent that commentators rushed to television studios Tuesday even before the service for King was over to denounce former President Jimmy Carter, the Rev. Joseph Lowery and Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin for expressing sentiments not usually heard by this president....
  • President against paying states for illegal immigration

    02/12/2006 12:25:54 PM PST · by Amerigomag · 37 replies · 907+ views
    Inland Valley Daily Bulletin ^ | 02-12-06 | Editorial Staff
    It’s amazing that President Bush continues to pretend the federal government has no responsibility for illegal immigration and its effects. The 2007 federal budget he presented proposes killing the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program that helps states pay for jailing illegal immigrants. That’s nothing new. Bush has done the same thing in past years. It’s just amazing that at this point, with all the attention illegal immigration has received lately, the president continues to take the view that it’s individual states’ and communities’ tough luck that Washington can’t or won’t come up with comprehensive reform of the nation's broken immigration...
  • Freep this AOL Poll

    02/08/2006 9:03:20 AM PST · by UB355 · 27 replies · 1,190+ views
    AOL ^ | 2/8/2006 | AOL
    Do you think some of the remarks at Coretta Scott King's funeral were too political?
  • BET passes on televising Coretta Scott King's funeral

    02/08/2006 7:15:51 AM PST · by wjersey · 16 replies · 1,138+ views
    Philadelphia Inquirer ^ | 2/8/2006 | Gail Shister
    Coretta Scott King or Kanye West? BET went West. In a shocker, Black Entertainment Television took a pass on live coverage of the King funeral yesterday, going instead with its usual lineup of music-video shows from noon to 3 p.m. "Was it an easy call? Absolutely not," says Michael Lewellen, BET's senior vice president for corporate communications. "We weighed a number of different options. In the end, we chose to offer a different kind of experience for BET viewers." BET streamed live coverage on its Web site. On TV, it ran taped, 60-second cut-ins from the funeral by BET senior...
  • CAPTION TIME! Coretta Scott King Funeral turned Democrat Political Rally

    02/07/2006 1:15:13 PM PST · by commish · 67 replies · 8,370+ views
    Feb 6, 2005 | Self
  • Vanity! Help requested to answer a Moonbat email

    02/06/2006 8:32:21 AM PST · by bcsco · 27 replies · 488+ views
    Personal email | 2/6/2006 | Jim Busse
    Below is an email I received from a distant cousin this a.m. Below it is my initial response. I seem to recall hearing that Air America was under investigation for misusing public monies or some such violation. If anyone has information about this, I'd love to email my 'Moonbat' cousin with the details; or perhaps similar stories that pertain to 'Moonbat' stupidity. If a 'Moonbat' wants to get me into a political discussion, using Air America garbage is NOT the way to go about it. -----Original Message-----[FROM] [TO] ommitted for privacy reasons Subject: State of the Union WARNING: The Republicans...
  • "Foot-in-mouth" disease

    01/20/2006 6:22:53 AM PST · by FerdieMurphy · 15 replies · 1,062+ views ^ | 1/20/2006 | Oliver North
    WASHINGTON -- Pity the poor Democrats. Five years of George W. Bush in office have driven them to distraction. Their most audible advocates have developed "Mad Mule Malady." The symptoms are identical to "Foot-in-Mouth Disease," and those running for office under the Democrat Party banner this year are likely to find their colleagues' increasingly vicious verbal gaffes to be both memorable and damaging. The onset of their illness could not be more instructive. As leading Democrats are attacking Republicans, al Qaeda is planning to attack America. That is what we are told by Osama bin Laden, who, in an audio...
  • Hillary Clinton calls for U.N. sanctions against Iran (Says Bush Downplaying threat)

    01/19/2006 5:52:52 AM PST · by WakeUpAndVote · 57 replies · 1,585+ views ^ | 1/18/2006, 9:58 p.m. ET | GEOFF MULVIHILL AP
    PRINCETON, N.J. (AP) — U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton called for United Nations sanctions against Iran as it resumes its nuclear program and faulted the Bush administration for "downplaying" the threat. In an address Wednesday evening at Princeton University, Clinton, D-N.Y., said it was a mistake for the United States to have Britain, France and Germany head up nuclear talks with Iran over the past 2 1/2 years. Last week, Iran resumed nuclear research in a move Tehran claims is for energy, not weapons. "I believe that we lost critical time in dealing with Iran because the White House chose to...
  • Band's Bushwhacking excites fans (group burns and urinates on Bush pix)

    12/10/2005 7:07:27 AM PST · by raccoonradio · 9 replies · 437+ views
    Boston Herald ^ | 12/10/05 | Christopher Blagg
    The Living Things might be the most controversial band you never heard of - yet. Forget Green Day’s Bush-bashing, or Kanye West’s post-Katrina assault on the president. The Berlin brothers, who make up the core of Living Things, go much further. They were arrested at the Republican National Convention. Their show sometimes includes skits in which women wearing Bush and Cheney masks and dominatrix outfits simulate sex onstage. Before each show they ritually set fire to a photo of the president before urinating on it. These attention-getting efforts have earned the Living Things enemies, death threats and a few post-show...
  • Racism cost lives, N.O. evacuees say

    12/07/2005 7:55:45 AM PST · by Klatuu · 103 replies · 2,591+ views
    The Times-Picayune ^ | Wednesday, December 07, 2005 | Bruce Alpert
    WASHINGTON -- Four African-American New Orleans residents told a House committee Tuesday that they felt a sense of abandonment from all levels of government when Hurricane Katrina hit three months ago and believe more lives and homes would have been saved had the victims been predominantly white and wealthier. "People were allowed to die," said Leah Hodges, who told the panel she still doesn't know if her brother survived the hurricane. She likened what happened to New Orleans, and many of its black residents, to "genocide and ethnic cleansing."
  • Teacher accused of giving 'liberal' quiz

    11/25/2005 1:29:52 PM PST · by sentz · 52 replies · 2,893+ views
    CNN ^ | Friday, November 25, 2005 | AP
    BENNINGTON, Vermont (AP) -- A high school teacher is facing questions from administrators after giving a vocabulary quiz that included digs at President Bush and the extreme right. Bret Chenkin, a social studies and English teacher at Mount Anthony Union High School, said he gave the quiz to his students several months ago. The quiz asked students to pick the proper words to complete sentences. One example: "I wish Bush would be (coherent, eschewed) for once during a speech, but there are theories that his everyday diction charms the below-average mind, hence insuring him Republican votes." "Coherent" is the right...
  • Exhibit on Darwin creates Bush bash at museum gala

    11/18/2005 8:56:01 AM PST · by slowhand520 · 87 replies · 1,790+ views
    Exhibit on Darwin creates Bush bash at museum gala It was supposed to be a fund-raiser for the American Museum of Natural History. But a new exhibit on Charles Darwin caused the Wednesday evening gala to evolve into something of a rally against President Bush's preferred theory of intelligent design. "This is a time when those of us who care about science and Darwin have to take a stand," museum patron Tom Brokaw told the black-tied and bejeweled species, including Caroline Kennedy, Princess Firyal of Jordan, Viacom big shot Tom Freston, Michael Eisner, Eva Longoria, Jimmy Buffett, Jonathan Demme, Nora...
  • Bush Signs $100 Billion Food and Farm Bill [telling grocery shoppers where their meat comes from...]

    11/10/2005 5:36:05 PM PST · by Sub-Driver · 71 replies · 1,523+ views
    Bush Signs $100 Billion Food and Farm Bill 1 hour, 5 minutes ago President Bush on Thursday signed a $100 billion food and farm spending bill that includes a two-year delay on labels telling grocery shoppers where their meat comes from. The legislation postpones mandatory meat labeling until 2008. Originally sought by Western ranchers and required by law in 2004, country-of-origin labeling has stalled under pressure from meatpackers and supermarkets who call it a record-keeping nightmare. The measure also overrides a court ruling on whether products labeled "USDA Organic" can contain
  • Cronyism, Nepotism, and the Current President Bush

    10/18/2005 3:55:57 PM PDT · by curiosity · 110 replies · 1,284+ views
    National Review ^ | 10/18/2005 | Adam Bellow
    According to a Wall Street Journal/NBC poll, 54 percent of Americans think President Bush values party loyalty and personal friendship over competence. The poll was prompted, as if you didn’t know, by Bush’s habit of appointing friends and retainers to major jobs in his administration. Some of these seem qualified enough: Condi Rice, Alberto Gonzales. Others seem more questionable, none more so than Michael Brown and Harriet Miers. In one sense this is nothing new for Bush. From the start, his administration was marked by a web of family connections, and certain members of the press were quick to cry...
  • Real Men of Genius

    09/22/2005 1:25:04 PM PDT · by salenaz · 50 replies · 12,720+ views
    PoliticsPA ^ | September 22, 2005 | Salena Zito
    Real Men of Genius by Salena Zito Bob Winter is one guy who gets it. This low-key copywriter is the genius behind those rather addictive ‘Real Men of Genius’ Bud Light ads. Winter found a simple way to tap into America’s admiration for the slightly misguided hero we love to root for. As we listen or watch the everyman that takes on the world with his odd jobs or ridiculous inventions, we find a way to smile and nod in admiration. We silently salute this offbeat champion. By the end of the commercial, when the schmaltzy music begins to swell,...
  • Don't Blame Bush For Relief Debacle

    09/17/2005 7:56:58 AM PDT · by bitt · 12 replies · 1,194+ views ^ | 9/17/2005 | Letters To The Editor:
    As usual, loyal George W. Bush bashers never let the dust settle and the truth come out before sticking a foot in their mouths. The truth is coming out, regardless of what the biased media has tried to do. The mayor never mobilized the school buses or stocked the Superdome with emergency supplies. The governor needed another 24 hours before she would allow federal officials to come in and banned the Red Cross and Salvation Army from delivering supplies immediately after the winds died down. The senator from Louisiana is complaining Mr. Bush didn't help the Army Corp of Engineers...
  • White Devils Strike New Orleans (Whacko Moonbats Alert)

    09/15/2005 2:07:51 PM PDT · by Jacob Kell · 32 replies · 1,756+ views ^ | September 15, 2005 | Ben Johnson
    White Devils Strike New Orleans By Ben Johnson | September 15, 2005 Weeks after leftists began claiming President Bush’s environmental policies and budget cuts caused Hurricane Katrina’s devastation – and that Bush did not dispatch federal aid workers to Louisiana more quickly because of the victims’ skin color – the Left’s politics of perpetual demonization have reached their logical conclusion: one seasoned race-baiter has accused the president of ordering one of New Orleans’ levees dynamited to kill black people. “I heard from a very reliable source, who saw a 25-foot deep crater under the levee breach,” said Louis Farrakhan,...
  • Mary Landrieu: Brown Resignation Not Enough

    09/13/2005 7:10:06 PM PDT · by yoe · 240 replies · 4,556+ views
    News Max ^ | Sept 13, 2005 | Carl Limbacher
    Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu said Monday that Michael Brown's resignation as head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency would not be enough to stem the tidal wave of criticism leveled at the Bush administration over its handling of the Hurricane Katrina crisis. Brown's departure, Landrieu said, "will not alone solve all the problems that plagued the federal government's response to Hurricane Katrina and the devastating floods that followed the levee breaches." In a statement posted to her Web site, the Louisiana democrat insisted that the Bush White House still needed to be held responsible. "The people of our nation, and...
  • NBC's Williams: Journalists' Gloves Off

    09/11/2005 11:16:29 AM PDT · by jmc1969 · 173 replies · 5,314+ views
    NBC's Brian Williams says the lasting legacy of Hurricane Katrina for journalists may be the end of an unusual four-year period of deference to people in power. There were so many angry, even incredulous, questions put to Bush administration officials about the response to Katrina that the Salon Web site compiled a "Reporters Gone Wild" video clip. Tim Russert, Anderson Cooper, Ted Koppel and Shepard Smith were among the stars. The mute button seemingly in place since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks has been turned off. "By dint of the fact that our country was hit we've offered a preponderance...
  • Celine hits a low note (Latest dirge: My Blame For Bush Will Go On ... And On ...)

    09/10/2005 7:57:32 AM PDT · by GMMAC · 70 replies · 2,344+ views
    Toronto Sun (Canada) ^ | September 10, 2005 | MICHAEL COREN
    TORONTO SUN September 10, 2005 Celine hits a low note By MICHAEL COREN The first question must be why Celine Dion was on Larry King Live at all. Presumably, Larry's team of producers did not sit around all day discussing who would be the most astute commentator on the New Orleans disaster, settling not on a state governor or a Nobel laureate engineer but on a singer from Quebec. Perhaps the initiative came from Celine's people. Which raises the question of why on earth the lady who gave us show tunes from the sinking of the Titanic really thought that...
  • Yearly US Deficit or Surplus, 1961-2004

    09/09/2005 10:14:51 AM PDT · by GinaB · 33 replies · 3,150+ views ^ | 09/09/05 | Congressional Budget Office
  • Not Watching Network-Hollywood Smear-a-thon - Give Directly (Vanity)

    09/09/2005 6:25:33 AM PDT · by Wuli · 36 replies · 784+ views
    There is no need to watch the Hollywood bash Bush telethon tonite, being set up by the networks. The networks have been the last place for finding the truth or the facts about the Katrina disaster and their Hollywood bash-a-thon can be the last on the list of American donors to Katrina relief efforts. Who needs them. You can show them how useless they are. 1. The American people do not need the telethon to give to the Katrina disaster relief effort. They have already been giving generously and they will continue to do so. 2. Hollysmear is the last...
  • The Welfare State and NOLA

    09/08/2005 10:52:40 AM PDT · by Benkei · 13 replies · 702+ views
    The Intellectual Activist ^ | Sept. 2, 2005 | Robert Tracinski
    It took four long days for state and federal officials to figure out how to deal with the disaster in New Orleans. I can't blame them, because it also took me four long days to figure out what was going on there. The reason is that the events there make no sense if you think that we are confronting a natural disaster. If this is just a natural disaster, the response for public officials is obvious: you bring in food, water, and doctors; you send transportation to evacuate refugees to temporary shelters; you send engineers to stop the flooding and...
  • The President is doing yeoman work.

    09/07/2005 7:18:15 PM PDT · by Saturnian · 11 replies · 332+ views
    Me | 9/7/05 | Saturnian
    It is easy to bash a sitting President. Just ask Hillary. But, truth be known, being Prez ain't easy. Up here on Saturn..inside the rings..we have no President. Just legalized cannabis and for them what smokes it...all seem to be happy. I, personally, am a non-smoker. But a little tot of Single Malt Scotch has been known to pass these Saturnian lips. We gaze down upon your planet and shake our heads. Why bash a sitting President? Who will go down in history as one of the better ones. We, up here on Saturn, are Michael Moore bashers. We think...
  • NFL cuts left in gridiron kickoff festivities

    09/07/2005 12:58:10 PM PDT · by raccoonradio · 81 replies · 1,985+ views
    Boston Herald ^ | 09/07/05 | Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa
    The NFL, under fire from conservatives for cozying up to the Rolling Stones, is standing by Kanye West and will keep the rabid rapper on the bill for tomorrow night's Patriots-Raiders ``NFL Kickoff'' concert. ``Did we ever consider dumping him, no,'' League spokesguy Brian McCarthy told the Track. ``We are working with the Rolling Stones, Kanye West and Green Day for their entertainment value, not for their political views.'' Still, good ol' gridiron fans might be excused if they think the bill is a tad blue-state centric, what with the Stones and their ``Sweet Neo Con'' controversy and West, who...
  • The Non-Debate on the War(Media Bias)

    08/25/2005 7:02:14 AM PDT · by kellynla · 20 replies · 761+ views
    The Washington Times ^ | August 25, 2005 | Terry Michael
    "Teach your interns the role of journalists is to question power, not propagate it." That advice arrived recently from retired New York Times columnist Tom Wicker. While Mr. Wicker's words are important for my journalism students, they're a timely reminder for the Baby Boom leaders of America's newsrooms — who should have learned more than they did in the '60s, when the best and the brightest gave us Vietnam. The most influential interpreters of our public affairs are accepting, rather than expanding, a noose-tight frame the Washington political culture is enforcing to limit permissible discourse on the war in Iraq....
  • Gary Qualls speaks out (posted with a barf alert attached)

    08/21/2005 4:02:24 PM PDT · by Zacs Mom · 34 replies · 1,953+ views
    Camp Casey blog ^ | August 20, 2005 | Thaddeus DeJesus
    The following is a post on a camp-sheehan blog which contains a letter to sheehan from the father of fallen hero, Marine Lance Cpl. Louis Qualls, (the soldier for who the Pro-Bush camp in Crawford was named). The post states that Mr. Qualls read this letter at a rally on Saturday. (disclaimer - This is a pro-sheehan blog so, of course, there is a lot of their BS spewed all it....hence the Barf Alert)
  • Sheehan leaves Crawford camp - concerns that absence means the departure of dozens of journalists

    08/19/2005 1:13:16 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 163 replies · 3,359+ views
    Houston Chronicle ^ | August 19, 2005 | Julie Mason
    CRAWFORD - Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan abruptly left her vigil near President Bush's ranch Thursday, saying she needed to be with her ailing mother in California. "We just had a terrible call," Sheehan told reporters at Camp Casey, the roadside peace protest where she has been waiting 12 days in hopes of meeting with Bush. "My mom had a stroke." It was unclear how Sheehan's departure would affect the protest, which has drawn dozens of supporters, counter-protesters and international attention to a dappled patch of roadside leading to the president's private retreat. Sheehan, who had vowed to remain in Crawford...
  • Bush Vacation Bashing

    08/18/2005 10:51:58 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 94 replies · 1,946+ views
    American Spectator ^ | August 18, 2005 | Lisa Fabrizio
    If it's August and the press is languishing in Crawford, Texas, it's time for the annual Bush vacation media bash. This means that unless there's a kidnapping or runaway bride story to hold the nation's interest, the media will instead launch into their favorite summer pastime; turning the president's visit home into a four-week sentence of derision and contempt. The media seem not only offended that the president has the audacity to take a month off but that he persists in doing so in the middle of media nowhere. Unlike Bill Clinton who, until he left office, had no private...

    08/09/2005 6:10:28 AM PDT · by since1868 · 131 replies · 2,580+ views
    Drudge ^ | 08/09 | Drudge
    XXXXX DRUDGE REPORT XXXXX TUE AUG 09, 2003 08:02:25 ET XXXXX JAGGER ROCKS BUSH: 'HOW COME YOU'RE SO WRONG, MY SWEET NEO-CON' "You call yourself a Christian, I call you a hypocrite/ You call yourself a patriot. Well, I think your are full of sh*t!... How come you're so wrong, my sweet neo-con." Ready to drop in the coming weeks, a new Bush-bashing tune from the ROLLING STONES: "Sweet Neo Con." "It is direct," Mick Jagger says with a laugh to fresh editions of NEWSWEEK. "Keith [Roberts] said, 'It's not really metaphorical.' I think he's a bit worried because he...
  • Try this!

    07/31/2005 8:42:48 PM PDT · by BigFinn · 18 replies · 591+ views
    Google the word 'failure' and see what you get. What a surprise...
  • Political Artwork in State Office is Raising Some Hackles

    07/20/2005 8:47:31 PM PDT · by BigFinn · 32 replies · 754+ views ^ | 7/20/2005
    A painting depicting a red-white-and-blue map of the U.S. in the toilet that's on display at the state Attorney General's headquarters is creating quite a stir. It was painted by the same Sacramento man who displayed a couple of anti-war effigies on his Land Park home last winter. "T'anks to Mr. Bush" part of an exhibit sponsored by "California Laywers for the Arts" The painting is titled "T'anks to Mr. Bush" and was painted in 2003 by Stephen Pearcy. Last February, Pearcy displayed a soldier mannequin hanging from a noose with anti-war, anti-Bush sentiments. The display provoked both ire and...
  • Where Have All the Sane Dems Gone? - (they're becoming more unbalanced by the day!)

    07/15/2005 5:40:42 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 15 replies · 929+ views
    As the terrorists heat up their attacks on Western civilization, today’s Democrats focus on the pretend ‘outing’ of long-time-ago covert CIA agent Valerie Plame. Dem sycophant Joe Wilson (Ms. Plame’s husband) gave a “press conference” Thursday, alongside Dem Senator Charles “Where’s the camera?” Schumer, in which Wilson said that it’s “irrelevant” whether or not Rove is guilty of any crime and that he should resign anyway. So, if the Dems don’t like you, Mr. Rove, I guess you’re supposed to leave your job. This, of course, is NUTS! Pelosi and most Democrats have now joined Wilson, who has repeatedly been...
  • Judgment Day - President Bush should listen to his base, not his opponents.

    07/12/2005 11:05:08 AM PDT · by wcdukenfield · 34 replies · 1,126+ views
    National Review Online ^ | July 12, 2005, 1:34 p.m. | Mark R. Levin
    Last week the president admonished conservatives for daring to suggest that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales would be an unacceptable Supreme Court nominee because of an opinion he wrote in a Texas parental-notification case while serving on the Texas supreme court, and because of his role as White House counsel in watering down the administration's brief against reverse discrimination in admissions policies at University of Michigan. Keep in mind, conservatives have been respectful in their criticism of Gonzales. There have been no personal attacks or false accusations. And these are the same conservatives who went to bat for Gonzales when the...

    06/19/2005 4:06:58 PM PDT · by Numbers Guy · 48 replies · 1,621+ views
    The Drudge Report ^ | 6/19/05 | The Drudge Report
    XXXXX DRUDGE REPORT XXXXX SUN JUNE 19, 2003 19:25:02 ET XXXXX GELDOF ORDERS NO BUSH BASHING AT 'LIVE 8': IRAQ WAR, GLOBAL WARMING RANTING OFF LIMITS **Exclusive** LIVE 8 founder Bob Geldof is determined to see his international concerts stay focused on the plight of Africa's poor -- and not fall into cliched Bush bashing and global warming rhetoric! Geldof has ordered show organizers and producers to redouble all efforts to keep LIVE 8 performers "on message" during the July 2 event, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. "Please remember, absolutely no ranting and raving about Bush or Blair and the...
  • New York Times' Tooting Tom Friedman - (Boffo piece here! Friedman's "World is Flat" uh-huh!)

    06/16/2005 9:27:50 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 3 replies · 539+ views
    The New York Times surely once had an institutional policy against cronyism. But between then and now, something must have happened to the Times, or to ethics. Maureen Dowd, whom I actually like when she gets off politics, published a collection of her Bush-bashing columns and the Times, her paper, got it quickly reviewed and (mostly) praised. I thought that strange. Maureen is a big girl now and she ought to hunt and fight for coverage and praise like the rest of us. Stranger still is the saga of Tom Friedman. Those of us in the writing and opinion business...
  • Very Bad Politics - (current Democrats harming America immeasurably, & don't seem to care!)

    06/12/2005 9:48:58 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 17 replies · 878+ views
    THE RANT.US ^ | JUNE 12, 2005 | Marie Jon'
    With each passing day, the Democrats prove once again that they are primarily interested in furthering their efforts to hurt the President of the United States. In doing so they seem totally indifferent to the fact that such efforts hurt America period! Who can argue that Democrats are continuing to politicize a war on terror that took our troops to Afghanistan and ultimately to Iraq, or that this politicization is not only making the war more difficult for those troops, but also emboldening America’s enemies to continue the fight worldwide? Our country is in no way immune to further attacks...
  • Barricades for Bush in Germany, Hand Grenades for Bush in Georgia

    05/12/2005 2:21:54 AM PDT · by An.American.Expatriate · 6 replies · 579+ views
    Spiegel Online ^ | 12 May 2005 | unknown
    US President Bush got a raucous welcome in Georgia on Tuesday. But he also got a hand grenade thrown at him. Why was security so tight when he visited Germany in February and so lax in Georgia, one of Europe's furthest outposts? Plus: if France doesn't torpedo the EU constitution, Holland might; and can Cannes survive without Michael Moore? US President George W. Bush and Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili play to the roaring crowd in Georgia's Freedom Square unaware that someone had lobbed an inactive grenade in their direction. Zoom AFP US President George W. Bush and Georgian President Mikhail...
  • Paul Newman Winding Down Acting Career (denies he'll run for Senate/bashes Bush)

    03/11/2005 1:09:40 PM PST · by silent_jonny · 110 replies · 2,435+ views
    WPTF 680 (AP) ^ | 3-11-05 | Jim Lawless
    The robustly liberal actor dismisses Internet rumors he plans to run against Connecticut’s conservative Democratic senator, Joe Lieberman. "It’d be lunatic to try to get into politics at my age. I don’t think I’d have the stomach for it." But he says he is worried by the policies of the Bush administration. "I wish I felt a little more comfortable about the direction that we’re going," Newman said carefully. "It does not seem to be of the people, by the people and for the people. It seems to be about something else completely different. "I think part of it...
  • Reid tells Legislature to act on election law

    02/24/2005 7:26:41 AM PST · by Nevadan · 6 replies · 299+ views
    Las Vegas Review-Journal ^ | February 24, 2005 | ED VOGEL
    Reid tells Legislature to act on election law Voter registration rule `antiquated,' senator says By ED VOGEL REVIEW-JOURNAL CAPITAL BUREAU Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., answers questions after his speech to state lawmakers Wednesday in Carson City. Photo by CATHLEEN ALLISON/THE ASSOCIATED PRESS CARSON CITY -- Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., called on state legislators Wednesday to repeal a state law that prevents people from registering to vote within a month of an election. "With all the new technology, there is no reason why Nevada should close the door to registration one month before Election Day," said Reid during an 11-minute address...
  • ENEMY PROFESSOR (No. 14) - Doris Flowers

    02/11/2005 7:37:38 AM PST · by doug from upland · 9 replies · 1,095+ views
    Note: I have no affiliation with the website. As a public service to students and the parents who foot the bill, we continue our dissemination of information from the website A classroom is for exploration, teaching, and open discussion --- not bias. It is not a place to be bashing the president while foaming at the mouth. Is Doris Flowers a whackjob? You decide. ======================================================= PREVIOUS ENEMIES: 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 ====================================================== Warning: Postings are only opinions. (See Terms of Service)Record for entry #400.   San Francisco State University (SFSU)...
  • Did Anyone Hear Kelly Mack KNBC Morning News, Los Angeles????

    01/21/2005 12:07:49 PM PST · by pollywog · 22 replies · 4,677+ views
    KNBC Morning News | 01/21.05 | Myself
    I am wondering if anyone else heard a comment made by newscaster Kelly Mack on KNBC 4 Morning News this morning. When talking with another commentator about President Bush's Innaugaral speech, she said,( and I am paraphrasing here)" Just goes to show , you have to take anything President Bush says, with a grain of salt." I have already called KNBC and made a major complaint. If you heard it, please express your disgust for such a comment. KNBC (818-840-4444)
  • Bush schmoozing with donors while calling for national healing

    01/18/2005 11:28:21 PM PST · by SmithL · 5 replies · 216+ views
    AP ^ | 1/19/5 | SCOTT LINDLAW
    WASHINGTON -- President Bush is calling for national healing after last year's bitterly divisive election, while devoting parts of his inauguration week to core Republican supporters -- the big donors who helped finance the festivities. Bush said Tuesday his second inauguration should serve as inspiration to fledgling democracies in Iraq and Afghanistan. "The inauguration of a president is a great moment in the life of our country," Bush said in a speech to thousands of military personnel and supporters at a sports arena. "With an election behind us, the American people come together in unity to celebrate our freedom," Bush...
  • A televisual fairyland

    01/17/2005 7:30:48 PM PST · by the_gospel_of_thomas · 27 replies · 857+ views
    The Guardian Unlimited ( Special Report ) ^ | January 17, 2005 | George Monbiot
    The US media is disciplined by corporate America into promoting the Republican cause. On Thursday, the fairy king of fairyland will be recrowned. He was elected on a platform suspended in midair by the power of imagination. He is the leader of a band of men who walk through ghostly realms unvisited by reality. And he remains the most powerful person on earth. How did this happen? How did a fantasy president from a world of make believe come to govern a country whose power was built on hard-headed materialism? To find out, take a look at two squalid little...