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  • We need a revolution to take back our Congress

    03/29/2008 1:39:29 PM PDT · by nels96 · 21 replies · 584+ views ^ | 3-29-08 | Nelson Lee Walker
    A REVOLUTION TO TAKE BACK THE US CONGRESS by I am proposing that we create a popular, bloodless, political revolution in our country. I believe that it is very necessary, very possible, and very doable. The object of this revolution is the destruction of the professional political class which currently dominates and corrupts the US Congress. I am convinced, as are many, many voters, that the bulk of our country's political problems arises out of this 'permanent' Congressional political class, and their devotion to party power and to the financial special interests keeping them in power. There is a...
  • Gun Battle at the White House?

    03/13/2008 9:33:41 AM PDT · by kiriath_jearim · 27 replies · 1,478+ views
    Washington Post ^ | 3/13/08 | Robert D. Novak
    In preparation for oral arguments Tuesday on the extent of gun rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment, the U.S. Supreme Court has before it a brief signed by Vice President Cheney opposing the Bush administration's stance. Even more remarkably, Cheney is faithfully reflecting the views of President Bush. The government position filed with the Supreme Court by U.S. Solicitor General Paul Clement stunned gun advocates by opposing the breadth of an appellate court's affirmation of individual ownership rights. The Justice Department, not the vice president, is out of order. But if Bush agrees with Cheney, why did the president not...
  • Keith Olbermann Runs MSNBC, and Chris Matthews Is Infuriated

    01/17/2008 2:09:09 AM PST · by america4vr · 46 replies · 9,181+ views
    Olbermann Watch ^ | January 16, 2008 | Staff
    Keith Olbermann Runs MSNBC, and Chris Matthews Is Infuriated As Reported by Fox News via You Tube
  • ANGRY LEFT: The Insanity of Bush Hatred

    11/14/2007 2:13:23 AM PST · by Aristotelian · 154 replies · 376+ views
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | November 14, 2007 | PETER BERKOWITZ
    Hating the president is almost as old as the republic itself. The people, or various factions among them, have indulged in Clinton hatred, Reagan hatred, Nixon hatred, LBJ hatred, FDR hatred, Lincoln hatred, and John Adams hatred, to mention only the more extravagant hatreds that we Americans have conceived for our presidents. But Bush hatred is different. It's not that this time members of the intellectual class have been swept away by passion and become votaries of anger and loathing. Alas, intellectuals have always been prone to employ their learning and fine words to whip up resentment and demonize the...
  • Randy Newman Compares Bush To Hitler and Stalin (& implies Clarence Thomas isn't black)

    02/05/2007 3:05:38 PM PST · by Stultis · 89 replies · 2,068+ views
    Undercover Music News (Australia) ^ | 3 February 2007 | Paul Cashmere
    Randy Newman Compares Bush To Hitler and Stalin by Paul Cashmere - February 3 2007 Singer/Songwriter Randy Newman has written a song about the end of the American Empire, and aligns the current regime with dictators Stalin and Hitler. The lyrics for the song 'A Few Words In Defense of Our Country' were published this week in the New York Times and the recording was made exclusive to iTunes.In the lyrics, Newman says "The end of an empire is messy at bestAnd this empire is endingLike all the restLike the Spanish Armada adrift on the seaWe're adrift in the land...
  • Rosa's Retort: LA Times' Brooks Replies To My NewsBusters Column

    09/29/2006 7:13:01 AM PDT · by governsleastgovernsbest · 9 replies · 724+ views
    by Mark Finkelstein September 29, 2006 - 09:59 Last week I posted an item, Bush-hating Rosa Brooks No Dissent, critiquing a column by Rosa Brooks of the LA Times. Brooks has fired back with another column today, I'm No Bush Hater, ostensibly seeking to refute my criticism. Though Brooks doesn't deign to mention me by name or link to my column so her readers could judge for themselves, it's clear whom she has in mind when writing that "one right-wing blogger . . . not only mischaracterized what I said but referred to me as "Bush hating," "blinded" by "virulent"...
  • Bush-Hating Rosa Brooks No Dissent

    09/22/2006 4:24:16 AM PDT · by governsleastgovernsbest · 9 replies · 1,293+ views
    by Mark Finkelstein September 22, 2006 - 07:08 The bio of Los Angeles Times columnist Rosa Brooks couldn't be much more impressive in terms of conventional credentials: Harvard, Oxford, Yale. Adviser to State Department. Kennedy School Fellow. But despite having her ticket prestigiously punched time and again, her column of today reveals that nowhere has she learned much in the way of nuance or common sense. Her opposition to President Bush's efforts to clarify interrogation rules so as to allow some more forceful technqiues is absolute and implacable, utterly failing to acknowledge the realities of terrorism on a scale unimaginable...
  • WAR AND TREASON AND THE NEW YORK TIMES (Please see post #65)

    12/30/2005 11:51:34 PM PST · by Mia T · 111 replies · 7,251+ views
    C-SPAN, The New York Times ^ | 12.31.05 | Mia T
      WAR AND TREASON AND THE NEW YORK TIMES by Mia T, December 29, 2005       inch Sulzberger rushed to the C-SPAN confessional booth mere days after 9/11. He had to make certain no one would blame The New York Times for that. The Times' '96 endorsement of bill clinton1 was the problem. The endorsement, you may recall, was contingent on clinton getting a brain transplant--specifically of the character lobe.2 How could The Times square that shameful, irresponsible endorsement with this monstrous failure3? Sulzberger quickly explained that The Times was able to endorse clinton by separating clinton's "policies"...
  • Attorney General Gonzales: Indict the New York Times

    06/24/2006 3:50:38 PM PDT · by oldtimer2 · 74 replies · 3,480+ views
    The American Thinker ^ | June 24, 2006 | William Lalor
    Attorney General Gonzales: Indict the New York Times June 24th, 2006 Within days of the September 11th attacks, the head of Reuters’ worldwide news division, explaining the agency’s refusal to use the word “terrorist,” made the famous fatuous remark that “one man’s freedom terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.” Reuters, it seemed, wouldn’t be taking sides in America’s war on Islamic jihad, because as journalists, Reuters didn’t believe the American people and our allies are any “better” than our putrid enemies. Such is the repulsive state of the “moral equivalence” mongers in what passes for news journalism, even among those...
  • The Pulitzer awards reflect discontent (of course with President Bush)

    04/19/2006 6:25:27 AM PDT · by Grampa Dave · 70 replies · 684+ views
    Market ^ | April 19, 2006 | Jon Friedman
    The Pulitzer awards reflect discontent (Of course discontent with President Bush means that it is okay to give Pulitzer Prizes to a newspaper which lied about the NSA non story while breaking National Security Laws.) Commentary: By Jon Friedman, MarketWatch Last Update: 12:01 AM ET Apr 19, 2006 NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- Many awards presentations are accused of being out of touch with the public or even appearing to be popularity contests. But I contend that many of the Pulitzer Prizes, handed out on Monday, accurately reflected the nation's growing discontent with President Bush. In particular, the awards presented to...
  • Man distraught over election is found dead (NEW YORY)

    11/07/2004 7:40:35 AM PST · by Dubya · 48 replies · 1,479+ views
    The New York Times ^ | Nov. 07, 2004 | Wire Reports
    NEW YORK -- A young man who told his family that he was distraught over the result of the presidential election was found dead Saturday, apparently from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, inside the gated pit where the World Trade Center once stood, authorities said. He was identified as Andrew Veal, 25, of Athens, Ga. Veal had worked for the University of Georgia's Survey Research Center, where the center's director, James Bason, said: "He was a great worker. And he got along well with everyone. Again, we are all at a loss at to why something like this would happen."
  • Reagan's Ghost Playing for Keeps

    02/26/2006 6:29:00 AM PST · by NorthEasterner · 12 replies · 650+ views
    The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review ^ | 2/26/2006 | Salena Zito
    Playing for Keeps Salena Zito, Tribune Review The unity that Republicans took for granted during the Reagan era is gone and it won't return until the party elects a politics-of-joy, limited-government conservative like Reagan. How can the GOP resurrect a Reaganesque agenda with broad appeal? Stopping the mudslinging and standing for something would be a good start. The Republican agenda should center on reform, starting with reduced federal spending and ending budget earmarks. Throw in lobbying reform -- the real deal -- for good measure. Focus on winning the war on terror and shoring up our borders. All that takes...
  • Congressman Rangel Criticizes Bush For Handling Of Port Deal

    02/25/2006 9:01:03 PM PST · by chet_in_ny · 26 replies · 711+ views
    NY 1 ^ | 2/25/06 | N/A
    Congressman Charles Rangel is criticizing the White House for not knowing about the Dubai ports deal until after it was approved. Appearing on Friday night's edition of "Inside City Hall," he came down hard on President George W. Bush for not taking enough time to review the deal, particularly in light of the country’s link to terrorism. "You have got to be some sort of an idiot to believe that 45 days is too long to investigate them and, to do it publicly so that people will feel assured and confident,” said Rangel. Congressman Rangel also says the Bush administration...
  • Conservative Crackup; How the neocons have developed a political exit strategy

    10/25/2005 9:12:26 PM PDT · by churchillbuff · 77 replies · 1,328+ views
    newsweek ^ | Oct 22 05 | Howard Fineman
    President George W. Bush may have no military exit strategy for Iraq, but the “neocons” who convinced him to go to war there have developed one of their own—a political one: Blame the Administration. Their neo-Wilsonian theory is correct, they insist, but the execution was botched by a Bush team that has turned out to be incompetent, crony-filled, corrupt, unimaginative and weak over a wide range of issues. The flight of the neocons—just read a recent Weekly Standard to see what I am talking about —is one of only many indications that the long-predicted “conservative crackup” is at hand.
  • Not a Very Good Year

    10/25/2005 5:29:42 AM PDT · by Molly Pitcher · 13 replies · 786+ views
    Opinion Journal ^ | October 25, 2005 | Brendan Miniter
    Regardless of whether Harriet Miers reaches the Supreme Court, Karl Rove gets indicted, or Tom DeLay and Bill Frist survive their legal troubles, one thing is becoming disappointingly clear: The first year of President Bush's second term has largely been a bust for conservatives.
  • Dubya Does 'Reagan'

    10/24/2005 5:44:36 AM PDT · by Molly Pitcher · 166 replies · 2,389+ views
    Townhall ^ | 10/23/2005 | Debra Saunders
    SIMI VALLEY, Calif. -- Sometimes, the only thing a president can do is hang onto history -- the promise of that day when he has his library and all his critics have transformed into admirers who gloss over his many stumbles only to stand in awe of his accomplishments, when the naysayers and nitpickers cannot be heard, as the ears before him hear only an uplifting soundtrack of Aaron Copland. President Bush clearly was dreaming of that day as he stood at the grand opening of the Reagan Library Air Force One Pavilion, with wife Laura and Nancy Reagan by...
  • "Bushies Feeling the Boss' wrath"

    10/24/2005 6:09:15 AM PDT · by tartnjuicy · 60 replies · 2,243+ views ^ | THOMAS M. DeFRANK Prez's anger growing in hard times - pals BY THOMAS M. DeFRANK DAILY NEWS WASHINGTON BUREAU CHIEF President Bush is facing specter of losing irreplaceable aide Karl Rove. WASHINGTON - Facing the darkest days of his presidency, President Bush is frustrated, sometimes angry and even bitter, his associates say. With a seemingly uncontrollable insurgency in Iraq, the White House is bracing for the political fallout from a grim milestone that could come any day: the combat death of the 2,000th American G.I. Last week alone, 23 military personnel were killed in Iraq, and five were wounded yesterday in a...
  • For Bush, an issue of Competence (barf alert!)

    09/27/2005 6:25:04 PM PDT · by voletti · 14 replies · 385+ views
    Business Week ^ | 9/27/05 | RS Dunham
    If the President can't get his act together, the GOP faces big trouble For George W. Bush's storm-tossed White House, the imagery after Hurricane Rita could hardly have been more different than the visuals that flashed into Americans' living rooms after Katrina. Gone was the detached, behind-the-curve President who was slow off the mark in directing the government response to a flooded New Orleans. When Rita struck, Bush launched into Presidential whirlwind -- hands-on and completely plugged in. The angry local officials who lashed out at the White House in the chaotic days following Katrina were replaced in TV interviews...
  • Bush?s Brave New Judiciary (Niman Alert Part 2)

    05/28/2005 6:05:25 AM PDT · by Houmatt · 10 replies · 648+ views ^ | 6-2-05 | Michael Niman
    Our corporate media phrase for the month is “Nuclear Option,” referring to the Senate battle over Democrats’ rights to block voting on judicial nominations by filibuster. But like most media buzz, the phrase is devoid of context. Yeah, we all got the play-by-play fight over the filibuster. But the whole story is being framed as a sort of Democrat vs. Republican volleyball game. Missing is any reason why the normally lickspittle crew of senate Democrats would suddenly come to life and want to block any of Bush’s judicial nominations. Bum-Rushing the Senate The numbers here are telling. In his first...
  • Met My First Bush Hater (Vanity)

    09/17/2004 6:24:36 PM PDT · by Fishtalk · 35 replies · 536+ views
    Self | 9/17/04 | Pat Fish
    This is the first vanity I have ever posted. I do have my own Blog but for reasons that will be clearer, I cannot post my perplexing missive to my Blog. Yet I am so troubled, so very troubled, I could use some feedback/input. Begin with background. Mother in Law is visiting husband and myself this weekend. She is from Massachusetts though originally from Indiana. She's lived in Mass. for about 40 years. MIL is 75 healthy years old. Now MIL is a liberal in that manner of gentle elderly women. She voted for Gore in the last election but...