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  • "Notice That At No Time Will My Fingers Leave My Hand!" ( The 'Bush Lied' Lie )

    11/15/2005 11:54:49 AM PST · by txgirl4Bush · 13 replies · 908+ views
    The Omegaletter ^ | Nov. 15, 2005 | Jack Kinsella
    Two years after the invasion of Iraq, the effort to use terrorism to bring down the White House continues unabated. It isn't that al-Qaeda has been all that effective against the American homeland, or even against US forces in Iraq or Afghanistan. The number of US troops stationed in Iraq is roughly the equivalent to the population of a mid-sized American city, say, Buffalo, New York. A quick glance at the Buffalo News' obituary column provides the math that says more Americans died in Buffalo, New York since the invasion of Iraq than have actually died IN Iraq. A comparison...
  • ATTACKING WITHOUT CONSCIENCE [The Demoncrats And Their Big LIE!]

    11/15/2005 5:35:31 AM PST · by conservativecorner · 15 replies · 848+ views
    Neal Boortz ^ | Nov. 15, 2005 | Neal Boortz
    Unless you've been hiding under your bed, you know that Democrats have stepped up their campaign to convince the American people that over two thousand young men and women of the American armed forces died in Iraq for one reason and for one reason only, Bush lied. The problem with this "Bush lied" charge is that Democrats know full well that it simply is not true. The issue for Democrats though is not whether or not the charge is true, but whether or not they can convince the American people that it is true. For politicians ... and I'm referring...
  • BUSH DIDN'T LIE -- State Of The Union Speech Redeemed!

    07/14/2004 11:17:32 AM PDT · by BurkesLaw · 46 replies · 1,973+ views
    In other words, the British Government did learn that Saddam Hussein did seek significant quantities of uranium from Africa......
  • 'A Slam-Dunk Case'--What Woodward says about Bush's "lies" on Iraq.

    04/28/2004 5:04:51 AM PDT · by SJackson · 13 replies · 135+ views
    A funny thing has happened to the accusation that President Bush "lied" or "misled" Americans about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Bob Woodward's new book, "Plan of Attack," blows the charge away, not that you've read about that in many other places. Instead, we've all heard mostly about the book's report that Colin Powell wasn't keen on going to war. This we already knew. The real news is what Mr. Woodward tells us about the President's state of mind concerning Iraq's weapons when he ordered American troops into battle: His Director of Central Intelligence had assured him that the...
  • Bush speaks of truth, but doesn't tell it (Cynthia Tucker Alert)

    04/11/2004 7:07:49 AM PDT · by where's_the_Outrage? · 34 replies · 227+ views
    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution ^ | April 11, 2004 | Cynthia Tucker
    "We will, in fact, be greeted as liberators." -- Vice President Dick Cheney, March 16, 2003 As a candidate, President Bush pledged to restore integrity to the White House. Against the backdrop of President Clinton's repeated lies about a sordid adulterous affair, Bush ran on his claims to be a man of strong character -- a politician of plain speaking and straight talk. He wouldn't lie to us. Yet, this administration has produced more dissembling and distortion, more fabrications and pseudo-facts than any White House in recent memory -- Richard Nixon's included. The Bushites lie brazenly and repeatedly, refusing to...
  • Kennedy: Bush lied (Kerry's pantload speaks)

    04/06/2004 1:56:21 AM PDT · by playball0 · 33 replies · 776+ views
    Newsday ^ | 4/6/2004 | DEBORAH BARFIELD BERRY
    Kennedy: Bush lied Mass. senator issues stinging rebuke that accuses president of deceiving the public, compares his actions to those of Richard Nixon BY WASHINGTON BUREAU April 6, 2004 WASHINGTON - Shifting his ongoing criticism from Iraq to domestic issues, Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) yesterday took President George W. Bush to task for what he called misleading the American public on everything from Medicare to education. "This president has now created the largest credibility gap since Richard Nixon," Kennedy said in a speech at the Brookings Institute, a think tank in Washington. "He has broken the basic bond of trust...
  • Flip-flop hip-hopper [Mark Steyn]

    04/05/2004 1:57:22 AM PDT · by neverdem · 10 replies · 109+ views
    The Washington Times ^ | April 5, 2004 | Mark Steyn
    <p>For a year or so now, I've been waking to a ton of e-mails each morning with the subject marked "Bush lied" -- or, to be more precise, "Bush lied" followed by multiple exclamation points.</p> <p>I'm not one who thinks it helpful to characterize a policy difference as a "lie." So, when John Kerry says he supports the Kyoto Treaty even though he voted for a bill that declared the United States would never ever ratify it, that doesn't mean he's a "liar," it just means that ... well, to be honest, I haven't a clue what it means. You better to take it up with him, now he's out of the hospital after elective surgery.</p>
  • President Bush is no liar

    04/02/2004 7:28:27 AM PST · by johnny7 · 13 replies · 46+ views
    Rocky Mountain News ^ | April 2, 2004 | Mike Rosen
    Bill Clinton is a compulsive liar. He lied about big things and small. He got caught at it, repeatedly. Just ask his wife. Democrats became so testy and defensive about the lies that brought Clinton down that they've since become obsessed with the very term. So they've tried to pin the "L" word on Bush in a transparent attempt to turn the tables.Disagreements, different interpretations, misunderstandings, even honest mistakes are now called "lies," even if they're not willful. Call it indiscriminate verbal inflation. Left-wing scribblers like Joe Conason, David Corn and Al Franken all use the word in the titles...
  • Pin The Tail On The Donkeys

    03/26/2004 4:50:51 PM PST · by gg188 · 3 replies · 137+ views
    About this video Some people would like you to think President Bush lied when he talked about Saddam Hussein's weapons. The funny thing is, many of the president's current critics are politicians who made strikingly similar claims about Iraq in the not-too-distant past. When Bill Clinton was in office, his fellow Democrats had much to say about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. But if you listen to them now, you might conclude that the entire party suffers from collective amnesia. Democrats used to talk tough about Iraq. They did when one of their own was in the White House. And...
  • Next time you hear them say that Bush lied remember the words of these outstanding American's

    03/05/2004 12:41:46 PM PST · by Kherghan · 30 replies · 546+ views
    03/05/04 | Kherghan
    "One way or the other, we are determined to deny Iraq the capacity to develop weapons of mass destruction and the missiles to deliver them. That is our bottom line."President Clinton, Feb. 4, 1998"If Saddam rejects peace and we have to use force, our purpose is clear. We want to seriously diminish the threat posed by Iraq's weapons of mass destruction program."President Clinton, Feb. 17, 1998 "Iraq is a long way from USA but, what happens there matters a great deal here.  For the risks that the leaders of a rogue state will use nuclear,  chemical or biological weapons against...
  • Kerry: Bush Lied About Water on Mars

    03/03/2004 8:25:07 AM PST · by Sub-Driver · 16 replies · 163+ views
    Kerry: Bush Lied About Water on Mars (2004-03-03) -- John Forbes Kerry, the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee, today said President George Bush lied about the presence of water on Mars. The charge comes a day after NASA announced that its Mars rovers had found evidence that there may have been water on Mars in the past. "Evidence of previous water is not the same as the presence of actual water now," said Mr. Kerry. "No one doubts that Mars once had a 'water program', if you will. But Mr. Bush spent $800 million on his unilateral Martian adventure. That money...
  • The Blame Game by David Corn

    02/20/2004 9:59:10 AM PST · by mmd10 · 4 replies · 259+ views
    The ^ | David Corn
    The Blame Game by David Corn David Kay, the recently resigned chief WMD hunter who has declared that it is unlikely Iraq had any weapons of mass destruction in the years before the war, uttered these words while testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee on January 28. They were meant to explain the tremendous gap between the prewar claims that Iraq was loaded with weapons of mass destruction and the reality that Kay says he found: no actual weapons and "no indication of a production process that would have produced [WMD] stockpiles." Embarrassed by Kay's disclosures, defenders of the invasion...
  • Why Do Democrats Call George Bush a Liar?-They endanger the country by personalizing the Iraq issue

    02/20/2004 6:04:02 AM PST · by SJackson · 105 replies · 334+ views
    Wall St Journal ^ | February 20, 2004 | DANIEL HENNINGER
    <p>In the increasingly out-of-body experience that has become politics and the news about politics in America, it is getting harder than ever to separate fact from fiction. This matters, because the facts could kill us.</p> <p>In the past week, stories about what President Bush knew about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction (WMD) have been appearing almost literally alongside stories of the efforts by many nations to produce or acquire a nuclear bomb.</p>
  • Why Do Dems Call Bush a Liar?

    02/19/2004 9:14:04 PM PST · by Pokey78 · 13 replies · 99+ views
    Opinion Journal ^ | 02/20/04 | DANIEL HENNINGER
    <p>In the increasingly out-of-body experience that has become politics and the news about politics in America, it is getting harder than ever to separate fact from fiction. This matters, because the facts could kill us. In the past week, stories about what President Bush knew about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction (WMD) have been appearing almost literally alongside stories of the efforts by many nations to produce or acquire a nuclear bomb. Many Americans now believe, on the basis of repetition unto brainwashing, that President Bush more or less made up his reasons for going to war in Iraq, that his assertions about the Iraqi threat were fiction. This is why John Edwards, a U.S. senator, is willing to say the president's "integrity" as commander-in-chief is a legitimate election issue. Simultaneously, A.Q. Khan, the "Father" of Pakistan's A-bomb, has become the world's most famous Asian. Khan stole the information needed to build a nuclear bomb for Pakistan. He entered the global marketplace, the "community of nations," and bought the highly engineered materials needed to manufacture the bomb: "They literally begged us to buy their equipment." He then went into business, until recently, selling atomic-bomb expertise to other nations. No one believes Khan is making any of this up. The stories the past fortnight about Khan have revealed that the nations identified as having participated between about 1970 and a moment ago in the global Get-A-Bomb market include acquirers such as Pakistan, Iran, Libya and North Korea and a long list of witting or unwitting enablers, such as Russia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), South Korea, the U.S., Britain, the Netherlands and Japan. We have learned, for instance, that on a nondescript street in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, sits Scomi Precision Engineering, a mere dot in the high-tech ocean that happens to be capable of producing parts usable in centrifuges, which separate the heavier nuclear U-238 isotope from the lighter, bomb-required U-235 isotope. In August, crates of Scomi parts were seized enroute to Libya.</p>
  • Bush Lie and Who Die? (This is Sickening Tripe)

    02/14/2004 6:47:23 AM PST · by Hillary's Folly · 35 replies · 197+ views
    Newsweak ^ | Martha Brant
    ‘Bush Lie and Who Die?’ Milititary families react to the controversy over WMD intelligence WEB EXCLUSIVE By Martha Brant Newsweek Feb. 13 - Fernando Suarez del Solar has become something of a cause celebre in the antiwar movement. Although the Mexico native’s English is spotty, he is still eloquent when he speaks of his son’s death and the fact that no weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq. “Mr. Bush lie and who die?” Suarez asked this week. “My son.” Suarez’s 20-year-old son, Jesus, had desperately wanted to be a Marine. So the family moved across the border...
  • Cuomo Warns Dems: Don't Call Bush a Liar

    02/10/2004 8:59:06 PM PST · by Utah Girl · 16 replies · 116+ views
    Newsday | 2/10/2004
    Former Gov. Mario Cuomo advised Democratic presidential candidates who voted in favor of the war in Iraq to refrain from accusing President Bush of lying about the circumstances that led to military action. "If you start calling him a liar then what he has to do is go to that microphone and say, 'It breaks my heart. I made a mistake, there's no question about it. I did not lie, and I want you to believe me, and I'm your president,"' Cuomo said Tuesday. "I wouldn't risk it." According to Cuomo, candidates who supported the war should tell the public:...
  • Did President Bush lie to the American People? Did our Intelligence Agencies fail us?

    02/08/2004 7:58:19 PM PST · by MJY1288 · 101 replies · 457+ views
    ME | 2/8/04 | mjy1288
    All you have to do is remove the willful distortions of the facts in the press lately and look at this whole thing realistically, I'll try to do so now1. We know for a FACT that Saddam Hussein possessed and used both Chemical and Biological agents against his enemies and his own people. This is FACT2. We know that he was trying to develop a Nuclear Weapon before Israel bombed their Reactor in the 1980's... FACT3. We know that his Chemical Weapons development went undetected until after the Gulf War and undetected by Weapons Inspectors until his Son-in-Law defected and...
  • But what would Kerry do?

    02/08/2004 8:08:07 AM PST · by jmstein7 · 13 replies · 184+ views
    usnews ^ | 2/16/04 | Michael Barone
    Former weapons inspector David Kay's statements that he could find no stores of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and that he believes none will be found there have provided emotional sustenance to the `BUSH LIED' crowd and present a political problem for the Bush-Cheney campaign. Yet Kay's comments fail to sustain the charges Bush's opponents make against him. Did he manipulate the intelligence? No. U.S. intelligence concluded that Iraq has had WMD since the 1990s, when Bush was governor of Texas. The major foreign intelligence services all agreed. Did Bush lie about it? No. He reported accurately what the...
  • Larry Elder: Were we misled? (about Iraq's WMD)

    02/07/2004 10:50:08 AM PST · by FairOpinion · 19 replies · 586+ views
    Washington Times ^ | Feb. 7, 2004 | Larry Elder
    <p>The near-pathological contempt so many hold for President Bush clouds their ability to put themselves in the commander in chief's shoes. On September 11, 2001, more than 3,000 people lost their lives in terrorist attacks in America. Meanwhile, Saddam Hussein continued to defy United Nations Security Council resolutions to come clean. He flouted the U.N.-sponsored Oil-for-Food program, diverting the money from its intended purpose.</p>
  • WEAPONS OF MASS HYSTERIA (Victor Davis Hanson)

    02/06/2004 6:34:41 AM PST · by Cosmo · 26 replies · 482+ views
    National review online ^ | February 6, 2004 | Victor Davis Hanson
    Weapons of Mass Hysteria If anything, the war was about 100,000 corpses too late. The United States has lost less than 350 American dead in actual combat in Iraq, deposed the worst tyrant on the planet, and offered the first real hope of a humane government in the recent history of the Middle East — and is being roundly condemned rather than praised for one of the most remarkable occurrences of our age. Yet a careful postbellum anatomy of the recent WMD controversy makes the original case for the war stronger rather weaker 1. A Weapon of Mass Destruction. There...