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  • Millennial member of Congress says outdated regulations are crushing her generation

    11/20/2015 4:51:15 AM PST · by 1010RD · 21 replies
    The College Fix ^ | November 20, 2015 | Christian Britschgi
    The dire economic situation of millennials was front and center on Capitol Hill Wednesday, and a committee chairman said the executive and legislative branches were worsening it. The political failure to tackle the national debt and unfunded liabilities of entitlement programs are going to set back the generation born between 1980 and 2000 even further, Sen. Dan Coats, R-Ind., said at the Joint Economic Committee hearing. One member of that generation is a member of Congress now: Republican Elise Stefanik of New York, elected at age 30 last year, who testified about her generation's perspective at the hearing. Rep. Stefanik...
  • How the teachers-union empire strikes back

    11/05/2015 5:03:29 PM PST · by 1010RD · 34 replies
    NY Post ^ | 11/1/15 | Post Editorial Board
    <p>Mona Davids, head of the reform-minded New York City Parents Union, is a major thorn in the side of the teachers unions. So the unions and their allies in the city school system are striking back.</p> <p>Most notably, Davids is the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit challenging the state’s teacher tenure law. Last week, a state judge rejected (for the second time) a motion to dismiss that suit — and the union empire struck back by moving to push her and her allies off her son’s school’s Title I Parent Advisory Council, which oversees how the principal spends nearly $1 million a year in funds. The parents had been questioning use of the money to pay two teachers-union offices to be “floaters” in the school.</p>
  • Take a Bow, Species

    10/26/2015 6:42:02 AM PDT · by 1010RD · 10 replies
    National Review ^ | 10/25/15 | Kevin D. Williamson
    From polio to poverty, we are winning. Well done, human race. Well done. At the end of September, the Global Commission for the Certification of Poliomyelitis Eradication convened in Bali and, after reviewing the reports of its member nations, declared poliovirus type 2 eradicated in the wild. This was really only a bureaucratic stamp on a fact: The last case of type 2 polio was identified in Aligarh, India, in 1999. Thanks in no small part to the initiative of the worlds Rotarians one of those little platoons of which Edmund Burke was so fond polio has been...
  • What Paul Ryan Has That Kevin McCarthy And John Boehner Dont

    10/24/2015 4:39:30 AM PDT · by 1010RD · 61 replies
    FiveThirtyEight ^ | 10/22/15 | Harry Enten
    Paul Ryan has made some pretty steep demands of the House Republican caucus and particularly the group of adamant conservatives known as the Freedom Caucus as a condition of becoming the House speaker. The Freedom Caucus voted Wednesday night to support Ryan as speaker, but there remains a chance that Ryan could walk away from the job, just as John Boehner and Kevin McCarthy did. If he is elected speaker, Ryan may still struggle to hold the Republican caucus together, but his voting record suggests that he does have a few things going for him that neither Boehner...
  • Jeb Bush Is Toast

    10/24/2015 4:39:05 AM PDT · by 1010RD · 87 replies
    National Review ^ | 10/22/15 | Lawrence Brinton
    To win the GOP primary and, more important, the general election, a candidate must be able to play to both grassroots supporters and the major donors. Since the dawn of the era of Internet campaigns, beginning in the 2000 election, no candidate in either party who was not, at this point in the election cycle, in the top two in grassroots fundraising has won the nomination, nor has any candidate outside the top three in major-donor funding. Candidates who cannot win the support of major donors ultimately lack the qualities to be competitive in a general election. Influential votes and...
  • Brit Hume: Claim That Congress Gives Obama Everything He Wants Is "Utter Nonsense"

    10/24/2015 4:38:56 AM PDT · by 1010RD · 51 replies
    Real Clear Politics ^ | 10/20/15 | Unknown
    A famous claim... is that the GOP Congress has "given Obama everything he wants." It is utter nonsense. Here is a partial list of items Mr. Obama has requested from Congress since the GOP took the House back in 2010: -- The American Jobs Act -- The Paycheck Fairness Act -- An increase in the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour -- An array of gun control measures -- Universal pre-kindergarten education -- A week's paid sick leave for all -- Higher tax rates on the rich -- A new minimum tax on multinational companies -- Overhaul and expansion of...
  • Donald Trumps Campaign is Broke

    10/21/2015 4:47:56 AM PDT · by 1010RD · 92 replies
    National Review ^ | 10/20/15 | Mona Charen
    Thats the headline from the third quarter campaign filings, summarized here. R. J. Lehmann of R Street writes: The Trump campaign ended the third quarter with $254,772.88 of cash on-hand, which is about 48 percent less than the $487,736.16 with which it started the quarter. Trump is therefore spending money at a faster clip than hes raising it. Moreover, the campaign also has incurred more than $1.8 million of debts and obligations no doubt, many of them to Trump himself (hes billed the campaign $700,000 for the use of his jet). That leaves the campaign with negative cash, which...
  • NH GOP Hits Maggie Hassan on Sanctuary Cities

    10/21/2015 4:34:36 AM PDT · by 1010RD · 8 replies
    National Review ^ | 10/20/15 5PM | Eliana Plottt
    As the Senate voted on the hot-button issue of sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants Tuesday, New Hampshire Republicans were calling out Governor Maggie Hassan, a Democrat running to unseat incumbent Senator Kelly Ayotte, for her past efforts to safeguard sanctuary-city policies in the Granite State. The New Hampshire GOP hopes to use the issue to draw yet another marked contrast between Hassan and Ayotte, who today voted in favor of legislation to withhold federal funding from sanctuary cities. The state party is pointing to 2008, when Hassan, then a state senator, voted to kill a bill that, in its pretext,...
  • Speaker Ryans Conditions

    10/21/2015 4:26:36 AM PDT · by 1010RD · 75 replies
    National Review ^ | 10/20/15 7:56PM | Alexis Levinson, Eliana Johnson & Elaina Plott
    It looks like Paul Ryan will do the job, but hell do it on his own terms. He laid them out at a Republican-conference meeting on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, telling his colleagues he wants the bickering to end. That means, Republicans said as they exited the meeting, he wants universal endorsements from the various caucuses, specifically from the conservative Freedom Caucus, the Republican Study Committee, and the more moderate Tuesday Group. He gave members until Friday to let him know if they could rally behind him, so that he could make preparations or give other candidates the opportunity to...
  • How a 1965 law changed the faces of America

    10/05/2015 5:01:43 AM PDT · by 1010RD · 37 replies
    The Economist ^ | 9/30/2015 | V.V.B.
    By 2055 no racial or ethnic group will constitute a majority of the American population. Non-Hispanic whites will account for less than half of the population compared with 62% today and 84% in 1965. The Pew report shows that without any immigration after the 1965 Immigration Act, Americas population today would be 75% white, 14% black, 8% Hispanic and less than 1% Asian. This shift in Americas ethnic make-up is a huge change for a country that was mainly populated by white immigrants from Europe until 1965. But as Mr Passel points out, each wave of new immigrants was initially...
  • 27 Ways to Be a Modern Man (You Will Barf Alert)

    10/01/2015 5:59:43 AM PDT · by 1010RD · 164 replies
    NY Times ^ | 9/29/15 | BRIAN LOMBARDI
    Being a modern man today is no different than it was a century ago. Its all about adhering to principle... 1. When the modern man buys shoes for his spouse, he doesnt have to ask her sister for the size. And he knows which brands run big or small. 8. The modern man uses the proper names for things. For example, hell say helicopter, not chopper like some gauche simpleton. 9. Having a daughter makes the modern man more of a complete person. He learns new stuff every day. 10. The modern man makes sure the dishes on the rack...
  • Tom McClintock Resigns from House Freedom Caucus

    09/28/2015 5:05:58 AM PDT · by 1010RD · 115 replies
    Rep. McClintock ^ | 9/16/15 | Rep. Tom McClintock
    September 16, 2015 Congressman Jim Jordan Chairman, House Freedom Caucus 1524 Longworth House Office Building Washington, D.C. 20515 HAND DELIVERED Dear Jim: When the House Freedom Caucus formed in January, I fervently hoped that it would provide responsible and effective leadership to advance conservative principles in the House of Representatives. I know that every member of the HFC sincerely supports these principles, but as I have expressed on many occasions during our meetings, I believe the tactics the HFC has employed have repeatedly undermined the Houses ability to advance them. Allow me to review a few examples. On February 27th,...
  • Who Will Replace John Boehner? 5 Potential Republican Successors

    09/25/2015 1:04:20 PM PDT · by 1010RD · 165 replies
    International Business Times ^ | 9/25/15 | Christopher Harress
    Speaker of the House John Boehner, R-Ohio, announced Friday he will resign from Congress -- his seat as well as his speakership -- at the end of October after more than 20 years on Capitol Hill. The resignation will likely see a throng of Republicans vie to replace Boehner, who in recent months has faced pressure to step down over internal GOP fighting on issues such as funding for disease research, an education bill and the possible renewal of the Export-Import Bank. Below is a list of the members most likely to replace him. 1. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif.: McCarthy has...
  • Neo-Nazi, radical feminist and violent jihadist - all at once

    09/21/2015 6:24:15 AM PDT · by 1010RD · 51 replies
    BBC ^ | 9/21/15 | Mike Wendling
    To some he was an Islamist extremist, to others a radical feminist, to others a neo-Nazi. These are all online identities that seem to have belonged to Joshua Goldberg - but in reality he was none of these things. They were simply online aliases used to whip up ideological hatred, with seemingly dangerous and even violent real-world consequences. In reality he lives in Florida, spent huge amounts of time online - and has now been arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). SNIP It seems Goldberg wasn't just posing as a racist neo-Nazi. Earlier this year an Australian journalist,...
  • Reverse Engineering Ahmed Mohameds Clockand Ourselves

    09/19/2015 5:51:43 AM PDT · by 1010RD · 84 replies
    ArtVoice ^ | September 17, 2015 | Anthony
    I have something in common with Ahmed Mohamed: as a youngster, I was also an electronics enthusiast. At his age and even earlier, I frequently took apart electronic devices anything from my own toys, to broken things around the house, and even that dirty garbage-picked black and white TV my parents dragged home that they knew Id have a blast playing with (I did.) Id try and troubleshoot, repair, or sometimes just disassemble things and salvage components for future projects. Id try and imagine how all those bits and pieces, lengths of wires, mazes of conductive circuit board traces...
  • Illinois LGBT bill denies freedom of conscience, patients rights

    08/25/2015 6:22:57 PM PDT · by 1010RD · 8 replies
    Communities Digital News ^ | 8/24/15 | Paul E. Rondeau
    On Thursday Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner of Illinois signed HB0217, the Youth Mental Health Protection Act, into law. While gay advocates who push for similar legislation nationwide hail the bill as a victory for protecting minors rights, that is not the reality. Rather, the government has chosen to use its power to favor a political agenda that strips the rights of children and their parents as well as licensed mental health professionals. The new law states that no mental health provider shall engage in sexual orientation change efforts with a person under the age of 18. It is not lost...
  • Islam Through The Looking Glass

    06/19/2015 12:33:51 PM PDT · by 1010RD · 2 replies
    Hoover Institution ^ | 6/18/15 | Bruce Thornton
    From the 1960s to the late 1990s, John Barrett Kelly was one of the most influential advisors, writers, and commentators on the Middle East. In 1980 his book Arabia, the Gulf, and the West was prophetic in its analysis of the strategic importance of the Middle East and the need for a Western forward policy in the Gulf in order to protect U.S. and European interests, particularly oil and its transport, against both Soviet adventurism and the greed of Middle Eastern potentates. Like all his writing, his advice was based on an intimate knowledge of the region and its culture,...
  • 10 Proposals For Eliminating The Racial Wealth Gap

    03/28/2015 3:38:02 PM PDT · by 1010RD · 82 replies
    Forbes ^ | 3/27/15 | Laura Shinn
    Homeownership 1. Stricter enforcement of housing anti-discrimination laws: 2. Authorizing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to reduce mortgage principal and make other loan modifications for struggling homeowners. 3. Leaving the cap on the mortgage interest tax deduction. Education 1. Investing in universal, high-quality preschool education. 2. Making K-12 education funding more equitable. 3. Recommitting to racially integrated schools, colleges and universities. 4. Establishing an affordable college compact. Labor Markets 1. Establishing a direct federal job creation program. 2. Raising the minimum wage. 3. Making it easier for workers to form unions.
  • Good versus Bad Deflation: Lessons from the Gold Standard Era

    12/03/2014 2:07:21 PM PST · by 1010RD · 17 replies
    National Bureau of Economic Research ^ | February 2004 | Michael D. Bordo, John Landon Lane, Angela Redish
    Deflation has had a bad rap, largely based on the experience of the 1930's when deflation was synonymous with depression. Recent experience with declining prices in Japan and China together with the concern over deflation in Europe and the United States has led to renewed attention to the topic of deflation. In this paper we focus our attention on the deflation experience of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany in the late nineteenth century during a period characterized by low deflation, rapid productivity growth, positive output growth, and where many nations had a credible nominal anchor based on...
  • Scott Walker: Success is Measured by How Many Are No Longer Dependent On Gov't

    11/05/2014 9:55:55 AM PST · by 1010RD · 49 replies ^ | 11/5/14 | Scott Walker
    Governor Scott Walker's Victory SpeechHe sounds like a winner.
  • Compulsory Schooling Laws and Formation of Beliefs: Education, Religion and Superstition

    10/06/2014 7:01:21 PM PDT · by 1010RD · 9 replies
    The National Bureau of Economic Research ^ | October 2014 | Naci Mocan, Luiza Pogorelova
    We exploit information on compulsory schooling reforms in 11 European countries, implemented mostly in the 1960s and 70s, to identify the impact of education on religious adherence and religious practices. Using micro data from the European Social Survey, conducted in various years between 2002 and 2013, we find consistently large negative effects of schooling on self-reported religiosity, social religious acts (attending religious services), as well as solitary religious acts (the frequency of praying). We also use data from European Values Survey to apply the same empirical design to analyze the impact of schooling on superstitious beliefs. We find that more...
  • Elbert Guillory: Mary Landrieu is Not Helping Blacks

    10/01/2014 4:51:58 AM PDT · by 1010RD · 27 replies
    FreeAtLast PAC ^ | 9/29/14 | Elbert Guillory "You are not Mary's cause and you are certainly not her charity. You are just a vote - nothing less, nothing more. You are just a means to an end, so that she remains in power."
  • Public Sees Religions Influence Waning

    09/29/2014 3:32:22 PM PDT · by 1010RD · 11 replies
    Pew Research ^ | September 22, 2014 | Pew
    Nearly three-quarters of the public (72%) now thinks religion is losing influence in American life, up 5 percentage points from 2010 to the highest level in Pew Research polling over the past decade. And most people who say religion's influence is waning see this as a bad thing. Perhaps as a consequence, a growing share of the American public wants religion to play a role in U.S. politics. The share of Americans who say churches and other houses of worship should express their views on social and political issues is up 6 points since the 2010 midterm elections (from 43%...
  • High Schooler Gives Up Crown After Friend Was Pranked

    09/20/2014 8:38:03 AM PDT · by 1010RD · 23 replies
    Yahoo News ^ | 9/19/14 | Mia Fitzharris
    Unfortunately, sometimes high school looks a lot like a real-life version of the movie "Mean Girls." Case in point, a group of girls at Grand Prairie High School in north Texas tricked 17-year-old Lillian Skinner into thinking she was nominated for the homecoming court. The truth is, she wasn't actually nominated, but the story doesn't end there. Her two friends Anahi Alvarez and Naomi Martinez, who were nominated, heard about the cruel prank and came up with a plan. They decided that if either of them won, the winner would give the crown to Lillian. "We promised each other, and...
  • Illinois Great Communicators Tournament 2014

    08/08/2014 2:15:10 PM PDT · by 1010RD · 4 replies
    Think Freely Media ^ | 8/8/2014 | Anonymous
    Think Freely Media is sponsoring its first Great Communicators Tournament in 2014 to identify, from within the liberty movement or beyond, and promote individuals who can effectively and persuasively discuss and defend the free market and the founding principles. The 2014 Great Communicator will be named during the State Policy Networks Annual Meeting in Denver, after competing in front of judges Guy Benson, Mary Katharine Ham, and Heather Higgins. Contestants will first submit a video of him or her describing a policy issue using moral arguments to support a free enterprise or limited government position. These videos should: take the...
  • There's No Place Like Utopia - Peggy Joseph film excerpt

    07/15/2014 5:05:29 AM PDT · by 1010RD · 22 replies
    YouTube ^ | Jul 12, 2014 | Joel Gilbert
    Remember Peggy Joseph, the woman who thought Obama was going to pay her mortgage, gas and etc. She's been mugged by reality. There's a real opportunity for conservatives to capture a significant portion of the black vote. Doing so is the end of the Democrat coalition.
  • Half of Uninsured Say Health Law Is Bad Idea

    12/14/2013 2:23:16 PM PST · by 1010RD · 29 replies
    Wall Street Journal blogs ^ | 12/11/13 | Rebecca Ballhaus
    Uninsured Americans have soured on the Affordable Care Act in the past three months and that bodes ill for the laws popularity and financial underpinnings. Less than a quarter24%of uninsured Americans think the health care law is a good idea, and half think its a bad idea, according to a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released Wednesday. Thats an 11-point dive in support from three months ago, when a September poll before the troubled rollout of the marketplace found that 35% of the uninsured thought it was a good idea, and 32% thought it was a bad...
  • Young Americans Expect Obamacare to Be Repealed (Cruz vindicated!)

    12/06/2013 10:41:27 AM PST · by 1010RD · 44 replies
    National Journal ^ | 12/5/13 | James Oliphant
    The young Americans the Obama administration so desperately needs to help make the Affordable Care Act function are the ones most likely to believe the law is endangered, suggesting that sustained House Republican efforts to repeal and undermine the law are bearing some fruit. More than half of 18-to-29-year-olds who were surveyed in the most recent United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection Poll say it is likely the law will be repealed in 2014, even though the chances of that actually occurring are remote. According to the poll, 18 percent of respondents in this age group said it was "very likely"...
  • Cheating College Students More Likely to Want Government Jobs

    11/26/2013 7:53:05 AM PST · by 1010RD · 15 replies
    Front Page ^ | 11/22/13 | Daniel Greenfield
    Apparently lazy and dishonest people aspire to work for the government. Also stray hobos are likely to steal pies from your windowsill. College students who cheated on a simple task were more likely to want government jobs, researchers from Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania found in a study of hundreds of students in Bangalore, India. Note the simple task part. Were not just talking dishonest here, but lazy. Like go off to play golf after using a teleprompter to deliver a speech lazy.
  • Photographers Protest White House Restrictions

    11/22/2013 5:38:42 AM PST · by 1010RD · 50 replies
    NY Times ^ | November 21, 2013 | MARK LANDLER
    A mutiny has erupted among photographers who cover President Obama over what they say is the White Houses increasing practice of excluding them from events involving the president and then releasing its own photos or video. On Thursday, the White House Correspondents Association and 37 news organizations submitted a letter to the press secretary, Jay Carney, protesting what photographers said amounted to the establishment of the White Houses own Soviet-style news service, which gets privileged access to Mr. Obama at the expense of journalists who cover the president. As surely as if they were placing a hand over a journalists...
  • Americans are more conservative than they have been in decades

    11/16/2013 6:04:54 PM PST · by 1010RD · 91 replies
    Washington Post ^ | 9/30/13 | Larry Bartels
    The latest update of Stimsons policy mood series suggests that the American public in 2012 was more conservative than at any point since 1952. (Actually, since mood in each year is estimated with some error, it seems safer to say that the current level of conservatism roughly equals the previous highs recorded in 1980 and 1952.) While the slight increase in conservatism from 2011 to 2012 is too small to be significant, it continues a marked trend that began as soon as Barack Obama moved into the White House.
  • Why Most Postmortems of Virginias Gubernatorial Race Are Wrong

    11/13/2013 5:52:03 AM PST · by 1010RD · 74 replies
    Roll Call Rothenblog ^ | 11/11/13 | Stu Rothenberg
    The dust has settled (mostly) from last weeks elections, so I thought it time to present a very different assessment of what happened in Virginia than the snapshot Ive seen from others. For example, Democracy Corps and Womens Voices, Women Vote Action Fund distributed a wholly self-serving and unconvincing memo titled Unmarried Women Cast Deciding Votes in Virginia Election. Its unconvincing, of course, because Republicans always lose unmarried women, regardless of an elections outcome. Unmarried women are more liberal than most voters and are not part of any winning Republican coalition. NBCs Domenico Montanaro and The Washington Posts Jonathan Capehart...
  • Small Georgia Town Forms Posse, Corners Armed Robbery Suspect

    11/11/2013 5:23:04 AM PST · by 1010RD · 46 replies
    WGXA TV ^ | 11/8/13 | Shonti Tager
    Criminals take note; You're taking a chance if you try to ply your trade in the Dodge County town of Rhine. Local law enforcement is praising townspeople for some de facto community policing, after tracking down and helping catch an armed robbery suspect. For 60-year-old Ken Lowery the commotion began around 2:30 Thursday afternoon as he stepped inside Aden's convenience store and encountered the store clerk in distress. "The lady screamed at me and said 'I've been robbed, he's got a gun, and I gave him all the money,'" Lowery recalled. Lowery says he saw the suspected gunman, identified as...
  • Family of Kidnapped Louisiana Woman Kills Abductor in Daring Rescue

    11/09/2013 5:57:59 PM PST · by 1010RD · 50 replies
    ABC News ^ | 11/9/13 | Alexis Shaw
    The family of a kidnapped Louisiana mother tracked down and killed the father of her child in the abandoned house where he was allegedly holding her prisoner, authorities said. Bethany Arceneaux, 29, of Duson, La., was abducted in the parking lot of a daycare where she was picking up her 2-year-old at approximately 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Department Captain Kip Judice told Witnesses saw the suspect, Scott Thomas, allegedly force Arceneaux into his white Buick LeSabre, before driving off, Lafayette Police Department spokesman Paul Mouton told
  • 'SpongeBob' inspires social safety net debate

    11/07/2013 9:37:55 AM PST · by 1010RD
    UPI ^ | Nov. 6, 2013
    An upcoming episode of Nickelodeon's "SpongeBob SquarePants" has political commentators dueling about the social safety net. The Nov. 11 episode, the focus of reports by the New York Post and Fox News Channel, involves the titular character being fired from his job at the Krusty Krab fast food eatery so the owner, Mr. Krabs, can save "a whole nickel," The Hollywood Reporter reported Wednesday. SpongeBob's friend, Patrick, attempts to show him the ways of "glorious unemployment," but SpongeBob eventually decides the life is not for him. "Lest he sit around idly, mooching off the social services of Bikini Bottom, a...
  • Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

    11/05/2013 9:05:43 AM PST · by 1010RD · 9 replies
    Illinois Family Institute ^ | 11/5/13 | David E. Smith
    Illinois lawmakers are headed back to Springfield for the second half of the fall veto session, which runs today through Thursday this week. I will be join our lobbyists and other marriage advocates at the Capitol to continue our work to defend the institution of marriage. There is a very good chance that Springfield lawmakers will be voting on SB 10, the bill to redefine marriage. This is an all-hands-on-deck emergency! We need your voice and prayers now more than ever. It can be stopped if we are willing to stand up and speak out to our elected officials. Take...
  • No Woman, No Drive [Sauditirical Video]

    10/26/2013 11:20:53 AM PDT · by 1010RD · 21 replies
    YouTube via the Saudi Comedic Mind ^ | 10/26/13 | Alaa Wardi
    Women in Saudi Arabia aren't allowed to drive cars. This parodies No Woman, No Cry by Bob Marley. Take a look and spread it.
  • Obama Used In Pro-Gay Marriage Radio Ad (IL - literally)

    07/09/2013 3:02:36 PM PDT · by 1010RD · 13 replies
    NBC 5 - Chicago ^ | 7/9/13 | Edward McClelland
    With half the black legislators in the state House of Representatives still refusing to vote for the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act, gay marriage advocates are going on the air with an endorsement from the most popular black politician in Chicago, or anywhere else President Obama. Illinois Unites for Marriage Equality is running an ad on black radio stations featuring pro-gay marriage sound bites from both the president and First Lady Michelle Obama. Obama came out in favor of gay marriage over a year ago. The ad is intended to counter anti-gay marriage ads and robocalls from the...
  • Does The Homosexual Lobby Really Want What They Are Demanding?

    07/06/2013 8:18:58 AM PDT · by 1010RD · 88 replies
    Illinois Family Institute ^ | 6/13/13 | David E. Smith and Andrew Willis
    To say that same-sex marriage is a hot topic is an understatement. Its huge. News headlines have been filled with the latest state or country that has legalized homosexuality-based marriage, the politician who has just evolved on the issue, or emotional stories about homosexual couples. From the countless stories in the media one would expect that vast numbers of homosexuals feel they are being deprived of something they desperately need: the rights and benefits that the government accords to married heterosexual couples. Why then do we not see vast numbers of homosexuals taking advantage of each new law that their...
  • Gangs and Politicians in Chicago: An Unholy Alliance

    06/04/2013 5:35:54 AM PDT · by 1010RD · 19 replies
    Chicago Magazine ^ | David Bernstein and Noah Isackson
    LAWBREAKERS, LAWMAKERS: In some parts of Chicago, violent street gangs and pols quietly trade money and favors for mutual gain. The thugs flourish, the elected officials thriveand you lose. A special report.
  • Study: Gay Parents More Likely to Have Gay Kids

    03/27/2013 5:30:13 AM PDT · by 1010RD · 60 replies
    AOLNews ^ | Oct 17, 2010 | Paul Kix
    Walter Schumm knows what he's about to do is unpopular: publish a study arguing that gay parents are more likely to raise gay children than straight parents. But the Kansas State University family studies professor has a detailed analysis that past almost aggressively ideological researchers never had. When one such researcher, Paul Cameron, published a paper in 2006 arguing that children of gay parents were more likely to be gay themselves, the response from the academic press was virulent, to say nothing of the popular press; the Southern Poverty Law Center, for instance, equated Cameron to a Nazi. Not all...
  • What's Worked, And What Hasn't, In Gun-Loving Switzerland

    03/24/2013 4:51:28 AM PDT · by 1010RD · 38 replies
    NPR ^ | 3/19/2013 | Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson
    Switzerland has an entrenched gun culture that is embraced by most of its 8 million citizens, some of them as young as 10 years old. Every Swiss community has a shooting range, and depending on who is counting, the alpine country ranks third or fourth in the number of guns per capita. "You can walk into a cafe in a town where there is a shooting festival and you'll see rifles hanging on the hat rack. It's just incredible. It's just proliferation all over the place, but it's all for a peaceful purpose," says Stephen Halbrook, a Virginia-based lawyer who...
  • Photographer as Witness: A Portrait of Domestic Violence

    03/06/2013 4:50:03 AM PST · by 1010RD · 15 replies
    Time - Light Box ^ | 2/27/13 | Sara Naomi Lewkowicz
    Domestic violence is often shielded from public view. Usually, we only hear it muffled through walls or see it manifested in the faded yellow and purple bruises of a woman who walked into a wall or fell down the stairs.
  • Leigh Steinberg on Sports, Agents, and Athletes

    03/04/2013 2:52:59 PM PST · by 1010RD · 2 replies
    Library of Economics and Liberty ^ | 3/4/2013 | Russ Roberts
    Leigh Steinberg, legendary sports agent, talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about his career as a sports agent. He discusses the challenges of building a clientele, how sports agents spend their time, strategies for building a brand as an athlete, and safety issues currently affecting the National Football League.
  • No Guns in the Library: Curbing the Second Amendment in the Stacks

    01/21/2013 2:54:31 PM PST · by 1010RD · 18 replies
    LIbrary Journal ^ | January 9, 2013 | Michael Kelley
    Last month, the U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals declared Illinoiss ban on carrying a weapon in public unconstitutional, leaving the District of Columbia as the only place in the country that does not allow the concealed carry of firearms by civilians (and D.C. is being sued to allow this). The morally purblind pro-gun lobbyists have been so successful in saturating our society with firearmsfrom national parks to Amtrak trainsthat public libraries across the country are also finding themselves having to grapple with Second Amendment radicals. For example, the Boulder Public Library, until November, had a policy that read: No...
  • Illinois clergy endorse gay marriage bill

    12/28/2012 5:11:18 AM PST · by 1010RD · 84 replies
    Chicago Tribune ^ | December 24, 2012 | Manya A. Brachear
    <p>More than 250 Illinois clergy most of them in the Chicago area have endorsed a gay marriage bill that could come up for a vote in Springfield before Jan. 9.</p> <p>On Sunday, rabbis and pastors from denominations that support gay rights in varying degrees unveiled a declaration supporting equality for same-sex couples. Fostering faith, justice and compassion is a key component of their jobs, they said.</p>
  • Homeschoolers Needed to Man Call Centers for Tight Congressional Races

    10/24/2012 5:33:11 PM PDT · by 1010RD · 29 replies
    Vanity | 10/24/12 | 1010RD
    There are dozens of very tight, but winnable Congressional elections - both House and Senate. Why not combine your personal interest, our national interest and home schooling by making Get Out The Vote (GOTV) calls with your homeschoolers. We just took our homeschoolers over to our local Republican Victory Center here in Illinois and made about 300 calls. It is extremely easy. They set you up with a very short script. The kids were nervous, but it's very easy and a well spoken 10 year old can do it easily. Once they get started you just roll along. This isn't...
  • Illinois Orphans (GOP winning in IL races)

    10/12/2012 4:16:44 PM PDT · by 1010RD · 15 replies
    We Ask America ^ | Oct 12, 2012
    Illinois is one of those areas considered by some as an orphan state. Barack Obama will surely win here easily with Chicago leading the parade. Like the other orphan states (California & New York) candidates in key Illinois congressional races cannot count on millions of dollars being spent to by the campaigns of Barack Obama or Mitt Romney to persuade voters to put their state in the red or blue column on magic white board election night. The congressional races are in essence the campaigns leading the parade but they are on their own. It also means that in some...
  • Argentine tax agents to track all credit card buys

    09/01/2012 3:45:55 AM PDT · by 1010RD · 18 replies
    Associated Press ^ | 8/31/12 | MICHAEL WARREN
    BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) -- Argentina just made it more expensive for its people to use credit cards outside the country, and more dangerous for cardholders who aren't paying all the taxes they should. SNIP...adds a 15 percent tax every time people make a purchase outside the country using a card issued by an Argentine bank. Another requires the banks to report every credit card purchase, home or abroad, to the tax agency. SNIP...increasingly tight currency controls and shelter their money from soaring inflation. Purchases outside Argentina using peso-denominated cards soared 48 percent in June compared to the year before,...
  • Salman Rushdie Sparks Furor With Colorado Shooting Tweets

    07/20/2012 7:17:41 PM PDT · by 1010RD · 65 replies
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | July 20, 2012 | Alexandra Cheney
    In the wake of last nights shooting rampage in Colorado at a screening of The Dark Knight Rises SNIP Salman Rushdie tweeted this morning, The right to bear arms is the real Bane of America. SNIP After Columbine I was on Bill Mahers old show arguing vs NRAs Ted Nugent about gun control. Lots of Nugents on my timeline today. and replying and retweeting roughly a dozen of his 340,302 followers comments. SNIP Individual right to bear arms survived by a 5-4 vote in the Supreme Court (DC v Heller, 2008), powerful dissents. This argument isnt over.