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  • One man's opinion about Trump

    10/13/2016 4:14:03 PM PDT · by 7thOF7th · 15 replies
    First let me say I support Trump because he is not a politician or a member of the status quo. If this were any other competition he would be killing it! Think back when you were young and recall what your impression of the American Dream was. Mine was; work to be successful, find the right mate and enjoy the sweet family life. That was my idea of someone who was "making it". I see Trump in that light. Think about it, Trump has always been an icon of success. He built a business by not quitting in the face...
  • Pv$$ys In the Bush

    10/08/2016 3:37:12 PM PDT · by 7thOF7th · 31 replies
    The revelations about Donald Trump using vulgar words and the coordinated procession of eGOPs and never Trumpers condemning his vocabulary and vulgarity from a private conversation ten years ago is absurd! This smells to hog heaven and that means you Bush family! The orchestration of the scandal has their name all over it! I hope Americans realize the consequences and fairly compare words verses actions and the results for each candidate.
  • Has anyone noticed the cover band at the RNC?

    07/20/2016 7:38:07 PM PDT · by 7thOF7th · 29 replies
    The cover band at the RNC is rockin the house.
  • Why is Trump judged by the same standards as incumbent politicians?

    06/14/2016 6:49:33 AM PDT · by 7thOF7th · 22 replies
    Common Sense | Me
    As the national elections shape up with the front runners selected by their party, the rhetoric and hyperbole against Donald Trump has become absurd beyond belief. Here is a private citizen who has never asked for or been bestowed with the trust of the American citizens. He has never run for public office, never asked citizens for their vote before now and yet the media wants to lump him into the slime that is any failed incumbent. Donald Trump is being called every name in the book and none of those labels are backed up with any truth. Since when...
  • [Vanity] Who are the real Fascist Brown shirts people???

    03/11/2016 4:46:22 PM PST · by 7thOF7th · 78 replies
    For the last 2 weeks we have been bombarded by the media's accusation that Trump was Hitler reincarnate. This was done with the intent to disparage Trump. Now we see who the real fascists are. Will the media report the blatantly obvious?
  • "There is no better word than STUPID!" Trump

    12/30/2015 9:03:27 AM PST · by 7thOF7th · 32 replies
    Today Trump said the most profound statement to describe the current political establishment. In his speech at Hilton Head Island SC he said " There is no better word than STUPID" to describe these political hacks running the government. I am getting bumper stickers with this exact quote, anyone want one?
  • What about the GoPro cameras and did the shooters have time to upload the shooting to ISIS?

    12/03/2015 10:49:57 AM PST · by 7thOF7th · 26 replies
    Does anyone know if the shooters in the San Bernadino shootings uploaded the video of their act to the Web?
  • I bet Ed Snowden could find the lost Lerner e-mails!

    06/17/2014 12:37:07 PM PDT · by 7thOF7th · 11 replies
    As an IT professional I am calling BS on the claim that Lerner's emails are lost. The BHO regime has choosen to gleem the cube on this one and it is going to bite them in the a$$! I think it is time Ed Snowden is asked to apply his skills and retrieve the files in question. I have no doubt he is the man for the job.
  • So when will the press begin to ask how many Americans have been captured by ISIL in Mosul?

    06/11/2014 12:58:10 PM PDT · by 7thOF7th · 10 replies
    Now that the news is coming out about the overrun of Mosul and now Tikrit by ISIL, when will the press stop to ask how many American civilians have been captured? This will be a huge disaster for BHO if suddenly he is faced with hundreds of kidnaped Americans.....Hell, it is a disaster now! He is a disaster! His administration is a disaster! All that work for this buffoon is a disaster! I am a patriotic American that has seen enough of this lawless incompetent administration! I am advocating to all that can read and understand reality, send the establishment...
  • A Question for the Lawyers on FB about Elliot Rodgers

    05/25/2014 11:43:31 AM PDT · by 7thOF7th · 46 replies
    Can anybody intelligently answer this questions about how a British national who has a history with psychological issues and has received counseling, can legally obtain three semiautomatic pistols in this state or country?
  • How to get away with building an untraceable nuclear bomb and transport it without anyone knowing

    03/26/2014 10:10:56 PM PDT · by 7thOF7th · 20 replies
    What if a Middle East country wanted to build a nuclear bomb but they knew that it could not be done indigenously. They could build it in a sympathetic ideologically aligned country where no prying eyes from space are turned to see what is happening. When the bomb is completed, how can it be transported to a staging area? It would be impossible via normal shipping methods because of the radiation detection net at all ports of entry. A novel idea is hatched to use a commercial airliner to transport the device without any alarm or detection of the bomb....
  • Terrorist torture and hurt a little Boy and force him to read about the Holy Quran

    09/24/2013 5:19:23 PM PDT · by 7thOF7th · 15 replies
    Terrorist torture and hurt a little Boy and force him to read about the Holy Qouran. I think this little poor Kid is an Christian Hostage in the Hand of Islamic Fanatics like Jabbat al Nusrah.

    09/01/2013 3:38:14 PM PDT · by 7thOF7th · 26 replies
  • "Osama Is Dead And Detroit Is Alive!" ........Not So Much.

    07/18/2013 4:04:45 PM PDT · by 7thOF7th · 10 replies
    On October 13, 2012, President Obama boasted to Americans in his weekly address that he refused to “let Detroit go bankrupt.” “[W]e refused to throw in the towel and do nothing,” Obama said. “We refused to let Detroit go bankrupt, I bet on American workers, and American ingenuity and three years later that bet is paying off in a big way.” Of course Obama was referring to the auto industry – alluding to Mitt Romney’s unfortunate New York Times op-ed headline from 2008. With the news of Detroit filing for bankruptcy today, his line takes on new meaning.
  • The Irony of anther independance day

    07/03/2013 9:17:03 PM PDT · by 7thOF7th · 11 replies
    Has anybody thought about the irony of the fact that Egypt has just declared independence on July 4th?
  • Did the IRS every ask FR for member lists?

    05/18/2013 7:24:12 PM PDT · by 7thOF7th · 148 replies
    Did the IRS ever strong arm FR and demand member lists?
  • 7 Caught Trespassing At Quabbin Reservoir near Boston after midnight.... AND THEY WERE RELEASED!

    05/15/2013 11:04:53 AM PDT · by 7thOF7th · 12 replies
    BELCHERTOWN (CBS) – Shortly after midnight Tuesday, seven people were caught trespassing at the Quabbin Reservoir. State Police say the five men and two women are from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore, and “cited their education and career interests” for being in the area. The men told police they were chemical engineers and recent college graduates.
  • Eastwood was right! And an empty chair showed up again.

    10/03/2012 9:20:04 PM PDT · by 7thOF7th · 30 replies
    The empty chair makes a reappearance tonight in the form of a woefully unprepared Obama.
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz is today's Bagdad Bob

    12/07/2011 11:37:18 AM PST · by 7thOF7th · 11 replies
    Just caught a few minutes of FOX news interviewing Debbie Wasserman Schultz and listening to her reminds me of listening to "Bagdad Bob" during the Iraq war. She has that same look in her eyes as the Iraq spokesman when he was denying that American Tanks had entered Bagdad. She is so naive and makes such the poor sacrificial Dem chair. She has no idea how much blame she will get for Obama's defeat. Her political carreer will be finished, thank God!
  • Growing oil well cavity could collapse as oil is squeezed out of the leak. (Vanity)

    06/03/2010 2:34:57 PM PDT · by 7thOF7th · 73 replies · 1,554+ views
    With each gallon of oil that leaks out of the hole in the Gulf, a vacuous cavity is forming and no longer providing structural support to the subterranean oil deposit. It is this very pressure that pushes the oil out of the hole. Under normal operating conditions sea water or heavy mud is used to replace the volume of oil extracted. If nothing is filling the space of the leaking oil, a catastrophe of immense and long lasting impact could occur. If the ceiling of the subterranean cavern collapses, it will release the entire oil deposit into the Gulf of...
  • "Cost Effective" BHO's idiotic perspective.

    05/27/2010 10:17:14 AM PDT · by 7thOF7th · 290+ views
    Did I just hear the President admit that any approach presented to him is evaluated and determined to be "cost effective"? WHO CARES WHAT IT COSTS BP!!!!!
  • Change is gonna come alright!

    03/22/2010 9:30:30 AM PDT · by 7thOF7th · 202+ views
    I know that every American has an opinion of the recent events surrounding healthcare, and I wonder how many understand that the real issue is not healthcare but rather the role of government. In this "hopie changie" kind of environment I have seen an exploitation of human emotion used to compromise the foundation of our Nation; freedom! I will never let my government become the "giver" of my rights but rather it shall be the protector of my rights as prescribed in the Constitution. Forcing Americans to purchase health insurance violates this foundational tenant of our freedom. Don't tread on...
  • Will the thugs in Congress be allowed to act as a Junta on Bloody Sunday?

    03/18/2010 10:35:00 AM PDT · by 7thOF7th · 2 replies · 189+ views
    The CBO report is speculative at best and the healthcare plan is an abomination. The champions of "social justice" make the claim that this bill will make Medicare stronger. Well that is like pouring gasoline on your burning house to extinguish the fire. Kiss another trillion dollars down the drain. Obama and Congress have plunged the US into the worst debt in it's history. They have added more to the deficit than every administration since Jimmy Carter COMBINED! He's done nothing to improve the economy, nothing to create jobs, and is only interested in getting his dysfunctional socialist healthcare plan...
  • Suspend All Donations To Haiti Until Aid Workers Freed

    02/04/2010 12:01:27 PM PST · by 7thOF7th · 28 replies · 614+ views
    After just hearing that Haiti is charging 10 Americans with kidnapping I am livid. The Haitian government is playing games with the very people who have come to help. I will not be sending one dime to Haiti.
  • When Do Facts Become Clearly Visable?(Vanity)

    11/06/2009 10:37:07 AM PST · by 7thOF7th · 16 replies · 418+ views
    10.2 % Unemployment??? But I thought the economy was recovering? (sarc) The POTUS says his stimulus has saved almost a million jobs and considering the lowered bar of accomplishment he enjoyed as an affirmative action educated community organizer I can understand how his diminutive mathematical abilities would cause him to reach such an optimistic assessment. After all, each of those jobs he created only cost the taxpayers $248,000 per job but hey it's a job, or is it? It turns out this fuzzy math approach has crept into the subjective by claiming that a pay raise is a saved job....Say...
  • 3 Boeing engineers believed dead in jet crash4th critically injured in Amsterdam

    It appears that three employees of The Boeing Co. were among those killed in the Turkish Airlines crash in Amsterdam, as they returned from a business trip to Ankara, Turkey. A fourth employee was critically injured. The four Boeing engineers from Seattle were in Ankara to assist with the modification work on 737 jets that will be used as airborne electronic warfare planes by the Turkish military. They were returning home on the same kind of plane, a Boeing 737, when it crashed Wednesday about a mile short of a runway at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. Boeing said Thursday night...
  • Boeing to cut 10,000 jobs this year

    01/28/2009 9:16:11 AM PST · by 7thOF7th · 27 replies · 815+ views
    On a conference call this morning to discuss fourth-quarter earnings, Boeing said it plans to cut about 10,000 jobs, or 6 percent of its work force, this year. Details weren't immediately available about where and when those cuts would come. It appears that would include the 4,500 job cuts the company previously announced in its commercial airplanes division.
  • A Constitutional Crisis In The Making (VANITY/Question)

    10/23/2008 9:40:25 AM PDT · by 7thOF7th · 72 replies · 1,836+ views
    Consider the possibility that Obama may not meet the Constitutional requirements to hold office due to his inability to show eligibility. Would a Democratic controlled Congress be able to pass a new law allowing Obama to serve? This would ostensibly be a coup d'eta.
  • Is It Patriotic To Consort With An American Terrorist?

    10/08/2008 9:58:53 AM PDT · by 7thOF7th · 3 replies · 170+ views
    A few weeks ago we listened to Sen. Joe Biden assert that it was patriotic for Americans to accept taxation. This was followed by BHO in the first debate reaffirming this position. I wonder if the Democratic candidate has considered the contrast of these statements to his associations with a self admitted terrorist? I wonder if a majority of American voters can figure this out? Just a thought to evoke some objective discussion.
  • Palin just knocked it out of the park!

    09/15/2008 8:55:10 AM PDT · by 7thOF7th · 86 replies · 276+ views
    If any of you missed watching the Sarah Palin speach in CO., she knocked it out of the park! BHO is toast!
  • Possible Darwin Award Nominee Aug 18th 2008

    08/19/2008 9:19:08 AM PDT · by 7thOF7th · 13 replies · 36+ views
    A kite surfer gets taken out of the ocean and gets lifted by the wind and crashed and gets seriously injured and is rushed to the hospital.
  • Burke declares two St. Stan board members excommunicated

    03/17/2008 11:12:26 AM PDT · by 7thOF7th · 83 replies · 1,035+ views
    ST. LOUIS -- St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke has declared the two new lay board members of St. Stanislaus Kostka church excommunicated. In letters sent to Bernice Krauze, a 65-year-old homemaker in St. Louis and Stan Rozanski, a 59-year-old construction superintendent from south St. Louis County Burke declared that each "are guilty of having committed the canonical crime of schism" and that they had excommunicated themselves from the Catholic church. Krauze and Rozanski were elected to the board in August, replacing two board members who retired. The outgoing board members, Edward Florek and Stanley Novak, were part of the original...
  • Meacham Park meeting discusses race (Kirkwood MO. Murderer)

    02/08/2008 4:45:49 PM PST · by 7thOF7th · 13 replies · 762+ views
    STLtoday ^ | 2-8-08 | Tim O'Niel
    In an emotional meeting of the Meacham Park Neighborhood Association this afternoon, a common theme was racial divide. People spoke angrily about it, cried about it and prayed to close it. Many also spoke sympathetically of Charles "Cookie" Thornton, the man who murdered five at the Kirkwood City Hall Thursday night before police gunned him down. One man called Thornton a "hero." About 100 people jammed the two-hour emergency meeting in the former J. Milton Turner school, an 84-year-old building that was renovated into a community center. Roughly one third of those present were white. Annie Bell Thornton, the killer’s...
  • Stocks Pull Back After Fed CommentsStocks Pull Back After Fed Comments

    02/06/2008 12:58:21 PM PST · by 7thOF7th · 53 replies · 64+ views
    Forbes ^ | 2-6-08 | Madlen Read
    NEW YORK - Stocks pulled back Wednesday as many investors, still uneasy about the economy, cashed in earlier gains after a Federal Reserve official suggested that rising inflation could prevent the central bank from making further interest rate cuts. Although the weakening economy is a big concern, "we must not lose sight of the other part of the Fed's dual mandate - which is price stability," Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia President Charles Plosser said, according to Dow Jones Newswires. The economy has been slowing but costs remain high, leading some economists to believe that the United States is headed...
  • Pentagon meeting on aerial tanker slips to Feb. 22

    02/04/2008 8:00:16 PM PST · by 7thOF7th · 22 replies · 114+ views
    Reuters ^ | Feb. 4th 2008 | Reuters
    Pentagon officials will review a $40 billion Air Force program to buy 179 jet-refueling planes on Feb. 22, more than a week later than expected, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Defense Department said on Monday. The meeting of the Defense Acquisition Board, headed by chief Pentagon weapons buyer John Young, had already slipped to Feb. 13 from late January.
  • Near Miss on Runway at LAX as Planes Come Within 200 Feet

    08/17/2007 9:13:26 AM PDT · by 7thOF7th · 54 replies · 1,307+ views
    ABC7 LA ^ | 8-17-07 | Amy Powell
    L.A. INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Aug. 17, 2007 (KABC-TV) - A close call at LAX could have had disastrous consequences. Airport officials are reporting two planes came within 200 feet -- perhaps as little as 50 feet -- on the airport runways. There have been near collisions at LAX before, but this one was very close. The FAA says it appears that both the air traffic controller and the pilot of the plane landing made mistakes. The incidents happened around 1 p.m. Thursday afternoon. Officials say a WestJet Boeing 737 coming in from Canada was landing. The plane seats around 132 passengers....
  • Forget about the swift boat style attacks, what did you mean in the videotape surveillance?

    11/14/2006 9:07:54 PM PST · by 7thOF7th · 9 replies · 807+ views
    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Rep. John Murtha, the anti-war congressman who is the likely new House speaker's pick for majority leader, fended off what he called "swift boat-style attacks" on his ethics record Tuesday.
  • Hamilton and Madison are crying for us now.

    11/10/2006 11:14:44 AM PST · by 7thOF7th · 7 replies · 488+ views
    Federalist Papers #74 | 11/10/2006 | Terrence Dick
    "THE President of the United States is to be "commander-in-chief of the army and navy of the United States, and of the militia of the several States WHEN CALLED INTO THE ACTUAL SERVICE of the United States." The propriety of this provision is so evident in itself, and it is, at the same time, so consonant to the precedents of the State constitutions in general, that little need be said to explain or enforce it. Even those of them which have, in other respects, coupled the chief magistrate with a council, have for the most part concentrated the military authority...
  • Mexico Extradites Drug Kingpin to U.S.

    09/17/2006 8:28:19 AM PDT · by 7thOF7th · 16 replies · 409+ views
    AP ^ | 09/16/06 17:59 EDT | TRACI CARL, AP
    MEXICO CITY (Sept. 16) - Mexico extradited drug kingpin Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix to the United States on Saturday, making him the first major Mexican drug lord to be sent north to face drug charges.
  • Somebody tell the media, enriched uranium can fuel a "dirty bomb" too

    02/15/2006 9:18:35 AM PST · by 7thOF7th · 5 replies · 150+ views
    Has the media forgotten the danger of dirty bombs? Who is keeping track of the quantities of enriched uranium being produced? This situation has reached a point of ACTION! A dirty bomb can go off anywhere and Israel is the closest target. The Media continues to feed the masses with their reporting dived out through "sippy straw" myopic lenses. They only mention the threat from the context of a nuclear bomb. Is the concern over Iran's enrichment predicated on development of a nuclear bomb? NOT! A dirty bomb is just as dangerous as a fission bomb. If it occurs the...
  • A Question for Environmentalists

    11/02/2005 3:25:54 PM PST · by 7thOF7th · 11 replies · 174+ views
    Is the Earth absorbing energy from the sun or is the Earth emanating heat out from within the core? I think the answer might be both but that is why I post!
  • The Great Society our welfare System has Created.

    09/01/2005 9:31:53 PM PDT · by 7thOF7th · 3 replies · 292+ views
    FDR must be rolling in his grave at the site of the culture he has wrought. As I watch the video footage of the people in New Orleans affected by Hurricane Katrina I ask myself why they don’t just start walking out. I listen to their plaintive wails bemoaning the lack of assistance they are receiving either from the city state or federal authorities. Why don’t they just leave? It is because that generations of entitlement conditioning has been imbued into these people. They have lost the ability to DO for themselves! They have no hope, they live hour by...
  • Hey you obstructionist liberals, where is your outrage over REAL torture?

    06/19/2005 9:55:22 AM PDT · by 7thOF7th · 5 replies · 247+ views
    On Saturday, troops searching the town found four Iraqi hostages beaten, handcuffed and chained to a wall in a torture center, the military said. Some of the men were believed to be Iraqi border guards who had been held for three weeks. Troops searching the bunker found nooses, electrical wire and a bathtub filled with water for electric shocks and mock drownings. In the basement, troops found automatic rifles, ammunition, terrorist training manuals and DVDs showing insurgents beheading captives, Pool said.
  • How Smug We Arrogant Humans Have Become (Terri's Life)

    03/28/2005 9:39:08 PM PST · by 7thOF7th · 7 replies · 251+ views
    With all of our technology and all of the knowledge we humans have accumulated over the passages of time, it seems that the more we think we know, the further from God we all become. Take the Terri Schiavo case, we see medical professionals espousing to their interpretation of life as measured by all of the latest technologies man can create. It amazes me that such a complex and mysterious gift called life can be supplanted for a legal definition based on an observed or perceived condition observed by a human. This hardly qualifies as divine. Some will say an...
  • Question for Legal Minds (Terri's case)

    03/28/2005 3:05:17 PM PST · by 7thOF7th · 49 replies · 722+ views
    I have a question for the qualified legal minds in the forum. The question is, if Terri Schiavo passes from a court imposed order, will this absolve or render immune from prosecution her husband if it is later found that he was responsible for her condition? Another question is, If she was to continue on the feeding tube but later succumbed to her injuries, would this be considered a homicide if it was found in an autopsy that her injuries were inflicted by her husband?
  • Question Of Guilt Is Indisputable, A Fair Trial Will Follow

    03/12/2005 9:47:36 AM PST · by 7thOF7th · 27 replies · 267+ views
    I am one who has argued many times about someone being innocent until proven guilty but the events which have occurred in Atlanta Friday and Today have caused me to have to reflect on my position. I am torn between the unequivocal principle I believe in and the absolute of what has just occurred. I know the facts, and this man did it with intent, and that meets my expectation of beyond a reasonable doubt. How will justice be served by the rule of law? It is ironic how this event will play out. It is a living metaphor of...
  • Jackson's Innocence Percolates To The Top

    03/07/2005 5:23:05 PM PST · by 7thOF7th · 51 replies · 834+ views
    First let me say Micheal Jackson is not a normal human being but he is a citizen of the US and deserves the presumtion of innocence. As I read more and more of the case and the accounts of both the accuser and his brother and sister, I am finding their stories to be unreconcilable with the truth. The mother of the accused has a checkered past with extortion. She is the one who sought out the same attorney from a previous civil case involving Jackson, when no accusations of molestation had even been made by the alleged victim yet....
  • Burke formally denies sacraments to defiant board

    02/12/2005 10:01:13 AM PST · by 7thOF7th · 284 replies · 3,082+ views
    St. Louis Post Dispatch ^ | 2/11/2005 | Tim Townsend
    Burke formally denies sacraments to defiant board By Tim Townsend Of the Post-Dispatch 02/11/2005 St. Stanislaus Church (KEVIN MANNING /P-D) John Baras' first grandson arrived in the world Thursday just five hours after a decree of interdict, written on St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke's own stationery and sealed with a rubber stamp, arrived at Baras' home, delivered by a courier. The interdict means Baras and the other five members of the church's board have fallen out of communion with the Roman Catholic Church and will no longer be able to participate in the sacraments of the church. p>
  • How Many Treaties Did North Korea Just Break?

    02/11/2005 3:45:40 PM PST · by 7thOF7th · 12 replies · 251+ views
    How many treaties were broken by North Korea because of their development of the Nuke? I thought the Korean Peninsula was supposed to be nuclear free! While I'm at it, does anyone think this will end well?
  • It Worked!

    01/30/2005 10:35:35 AM PST · by 7thOF7th · 78 replies · 2,033+ views
    Fox NewsChannel
    Brian Wilson from FOX Weekend Live just said it all to everyone who chooses to listen, "IT WORKED"! The event is undeniable and its significance undisputed. Iraq has spoken to all the nay sayers and subversives who continually attempted to paint the picture of impossibility where no hope exists. President Bush IS the Right man for the Right job at the Right time! His vision is now reality. Congratulations Iraq!