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  • Freep Martha Stewart Site

    03/05/2004 12:38:43 PM PST · 29 of 31
    AbsoluteJustice to goodnesswins
    "HA...I think Martha is being used as a scapegoat"

    She lied plain and simple, then tried to cover it up....Clinton sound familiar?

    "....I'd like to see the Ken Lay's, etc....of the world get put up before they go after Martha for her measly money adventures with Imclone."

    Jeffrey Skilling and wife 10 years, Andrew Fastow about to get rung up. Ebers prison....That cable company conglomerate and his son ....prison... I think they are ringing them up..

    I get sick of the ol oooo poor Martha scheme, she commited fraud against investors while on the board of the stock exchange; lied them tried to cover it up.

    Ken Lay:
    I worked for Arthur Andersen (in IT), you can't get this guy. 1)Took the reigns and in 6 months the crime was discovered.
    2) All the evidence that will be used to prosecute him went through the Arthur Andersen shredders.

    Martha got what she deserved.
  • I DETEST THIS FILM ..WITH A PASSION [Christopher Hitchens on the Passion of the Christ]

    02/27/2004 10:09:20 AM PST · 362 of 470
    AbsoluteJustice to samtheman
    You are flat out WRONG.....Watch O'Reilly's interview? Mel said

    JEWS did NOT kill christ ALL of HUMANITY did, Keyword (all).

    Please stop the baiting will you?
  • The Up Side to Disengagement

    02/25/2004 6:46:39 PM PST · 4 of 5
    AbsoluteJustice to alex
    "there may yet be a positive side to Ariel Sharon's disengagement plan."

    Ya it's called another holocaust except with bombs strapped to the chests of a fanatical society.

    Appeasers have have NEVER gotten the desired result.
  • Greenspan warns against deficits (says to cut social security)

    02/25/2004 12:03:49 PM PST · 136 of 176
    AbsoluteJustice to BearWash
    I agree to a point.....Ever see government housing? Ever see 80% of those in it collecting SSI/SS and other monies?

    It is being abused at the highest levels and it tarnishes instances such as yourself.
  • Greenspan warns against deficits (says to cut social security)

    02/25/2004 11:40:32 AM PST · 133 of 176
    AbsoluteJustice to Blood of Tyrants

    And guess who the big spenders are these 4 years?

    The Republicrats!

    They spend just as much as the Demicans....Both talk talk talk talk (smaller gov, less programs, less this less that)

    Us conservatives have bought into this every years but it is HOGWASH and a lie. Both parties spend till their hearts content then when they can't find the $$$ The states hit ya on property tax, school tax, city, county, sales, CAR TAX it goes on and on.

    I am really getting sick of Guberment.
  • OMG A NEW ZOT!!!! for San Francisco!!

    02/25/2004 9:56:57 AM PST · 15 of 17
    AbsoluteJustice to areafiftyone
    Thanks for the URL link :)
  • OMG A NEW ZOT!!!! for San Francisco!!

    02/25/2004 9:37:14 AM PST · 5 of 17
    AbsoluteJustice to EggsAckley
    Well darn, I haven't seen this one with the kitties :)
  • OMG A NEW ZOT!!!! for San Francisco!!

    02/25/2004 9:34:56 AM PST · 1 of 17
  • Another Mistake by Rod Paige (Sec of Ed calls teachers union "terrorist organization")

    02/24/2004 10:48:20 PM PST · 12 of 36
    AbsoluteJustice to salbam
    Oh and you also forgot about the bit where Kerry said we need Regime change here as well when Bush invaded Afghanistan.
  • Jordan to court: 'Wall' will push refugees into our land

    02/24/2004 5:55:37 AM PST · 4 of 37
    AbsoluteJustice to SJackson
    "Jordan to court: 'Wall' will push refugees into our land"

    THEY WERE YOUR PEOPLE TO BEGIN WITH!!! I love this line!!

    Funny how Palestinians are nothing more than outcast Jordanians anyhow.
  • A Terrific Mayor(Gov says of SF’s Mayor who isn’t afraid to go the whole nine yards on gay marriage)

    02/23/2004 6:07:41 AM PST · 8 of 14
    AbsoluteJustice to garylmoore
    "Arnie's RAT side is showing."

    I believe Arnold just had a Govenor's dinner and stated he wants the Mayor to immediately halt his illegal doings. So yes he has come out and made his statement.
  • Body of Missing Girl Found; Man Arrested

    02/06/2004 1:35:01 PM PST · 93 of 102
    AbsoluteJustice to doodad
    I agree this is a tragedy and I for one have no shame in crying when it comes to my 16 month old infant. I hurt her once on accident when I bumped my head on her chin playing with her. She bled, cried, and my heart melted to the effect a child can have on a parent.
  • Body of Missing Girl Found; Man Arrested

    02/06/2004 12:46:59 PM PST · 89 of 102
    AbsoluteJustice to doodad
    "I agree in general, but in this case she was not allowed to walk home. She lied to the friend's parents about it and left when her father was running late."

    If this is true than I stand corrected. If this is true then she does have caring parents and responsible parents. What a shame.
  • Body of Missing Girl Found; Man Arrested

    02/06/2004 12:45:31 PM PST · 88 of 102
    AbsoluteJustice to MEGoody
    "But an 11 year old girl should be able to walk to/from a friend's house in broad daylight."

    your keyword in here is should, and you are correct. today though this is not possible. In Okinawa? Yes it is this way. When I did a pump to there in the Marines twice you would see children as young as 4 and 6 years old walking hand in hand at 6-7 AM to school and not a SOUL in sight. I thought WOW this is really something. A culture who can do this without fear of kidnappers, etc etc. It was quite amazing I must say.
  • Body of Missing Girl Found; Man Arrested

    02/06/2004 12:42:44 PM PST · 86 of 102
    AbsoluteJustice to MEGoody
    "Do you have children, and if so, are you the primary care-giver?"

    Read above posts, yes I am a father of an 16 month old beautiful baby girl. I AM THE primary caregiver. Mother is as well.

    So I am not a hypocrit here just blowing hard at the mouth. I am a parent and hold true to my word in reference to children. You would think by now that parents would actually "get it" when it comes to being a responsible parent. To many "whackos" out there not to.
  • Body of Missing Girl Found; Man Arrested

    02/06/2004 11:42:45 AM PST · 71 of 102
    AbsoluteJustice to workerbee
    "I'd hardly characterize what she was doing as "running around unsupervised." She could have been mere blocks from her house and was walking home from a friend's. Big deal. It's not like she was out at 3 a.m. cruising the interstate. If this is typical suburbia, there's nothing unusual about an 11-yr-old walking home for a slumber party, nor should there be. Blame the right perp here, the psycho who took her. The parents are not at fault."

    Can you verify she was a couple blocks away? Then again this has nothing to do with the FACT that these parents should HAVE supervised the return of their CHILD. Even if she were only a couple blocks away the parents should have told her either stay there we will come get you or my head is out the door looking for her. Please people this is a child 11 years old in a crazy world. This is not rocket science.
  • Body of Missing Girl Found; Man Arrested

    02/06/2004 11:40:13 AM PST · 70 of 102
    AbsoluteJustice to spunkets

    This is the primary reason why kids today are the way they are, they have parents that aren't worth a darn. Don't care where they are, who they are with, or when they will be home. Adults such as yourself is the first to point to someone elses's not my fault its his. The gun killed the person not the person. See a pattern. Our society has pretty lousy parents today. Better yet lazy.
  • Body of Missing Girl Found; Man Arrested

    02/06/2004 11:22:18 AM PST · 65 of 102
    AbsoluteJustice to Jim Noble
    "The best solution for someone who pleads no contest to clubbing a woman so he can drag her into the woods is that he be killed. If that were done in this case, this little girl would still be alive."

    I wish everyone would stop with the "it was the gun that killed him defense"

    The more appropriate response to your argument would be.....

    If the parents were responsible parents not allowing an 11 Year old walk home unattended and without adult supervision she would still be alive.
  • Body of Missing Girl Found; Man Arrested

    02/06/2004 11:02:01 AM PST · 60 of 102
    AbsoluteJustice to Theo
    "From what I've read, it wasn't night time. She started walking home from a friend's home, I believe, and when her parents found out she was walking home, they hopped in a car to look for her. They were looking even before she was officially missing, which indicates to me that they are responsible parents."

    I am only speaking in this tone as I am a parent of a 16 month old beautiful girl not at you personally but....

    I don't care if it is 11:00AM bright how... my daughter is leaving someone's house unsupervised, I'm picking my daughter up or she has arrangements to get home from other parents. They are not responsible parents proof of this is that they are having to look in the 1st place after the fact.
    Children are the parents ultimate responsibility.
  • Body of Missing Girl Found; Man Arrested

    02/06/2004 10:51:27 AM PST · 59 of 102
    AbsoluteJustice to Theo; All
    This is to ALL in here? We can toss this around all day and make excuses as to why this occured and who should be held responsible but everyone seems to be missing the point and where the blame lies.....


    11 YO girl out without ANY adult supervision???
    This is insane!!!
    Ultimate responsibility is with the parents!!
  • Body of Missing Girl Found; Man Arrested

    02/06/2004 10:43:39 AM PST · 55 of 102
    AbsoluteJustice to apackof2
    The better question in all of this is where the hell were the parents??!!!

    What in gods green earth is an 11 YEAR OLD girl out running about at god knows what time (then again doesn't matter) unattended without any adult supervision or with friends?

    Sure this is a tragedy and I totally feel for the parents. This guy should get the switch. But the parents should own the ultimate responsibility in this. I cannot imagine a parent that would allow an 11 year old girl to run around unsupervised......
  • Judge Rules in Favor of Clarett

    02/06/2004 5:20:26 AM PST · 73 of 80
    AbsoluteJustice to Petronski
    "Oh, I also think Clarett is going to have a very rough time in the NFL. He's just not developed enough."

    Not developed enough?

    This guys is a specimen!
    A horse!
    His freshman year he played in just abour all but 1 game and 3 or 4 of those games he played until halftime because he had already passed 150 yards for the game. He was near the top of college in rushing and if left in those games this man would have been the leading rusher. He was the crucial and central player that won Ohio State the National Championship and he wont make it in the NFL? Hogwash. I doubt the NFL is ready for a running back like this.
  • An Open Letter To President Bush From The Common Man

    02/03/2004 7:01:08 PM PST · 52 of 54
    AbsoluteJustice to American_Centurion
    "Regarding your earlier post about West Texas, if it sucks so bad there are 49 other states they can go to. Why would they want to stay? There must be something there that makes them happy, if not then they're just stupid."

    You have such a closed view on how the world operates. I am very successful in the IT industry. Sure I have setbacks but I have a great understanding on how hard the working class is sucked dry by the government. I look to my father spending many hard nights in GM so that you can afford the luxury of driving your automobile in the largest industrial nation in the world. In turn this put dinner on our table and kept his family fed. Your words speak miles, it personifies those late night wine sipping parties where the conversation is about "those people" on the other side of town that operate "my factory". Over laughter and more conversation on how to dominate the freeworld you light a cigar relishing over the conquests of the next day. Next day comes and to squeeze in that extra MIL in bonus money you cut 100 people. Typical huh? How do I know this? I worked for Arthur Andersen. But I wouldn't expect you to understand this. Then again this is not really what the article was pointing to. The premise of the article is that guberment is sucking the working class dry so that the wine drinking class can hit that one last bottle over merry talk (congressmen and senators) Make sense to you?
  • An Open Letter To President Bush From The Common Man

    02/03/2004 1:05:01 PM PST · 45 of 54
    AbsoluteJustice to American_Centurion
    "If the common man is in fact a victim, he is a victim only of his own lack of discipline and motivation."

    No he is a victim of a government that is unconstitutional in their acts and their taxation of the people, expanding government at such a rate it has made its serfs dependant upon the government!
  • An Open Letter To President Bush From The Common Man

    02/03/2004 12:56:37 PM PST · 44 of 54
    AbsoluteJustice to brownsfan
    "Ok, allow me to follow your logic. Those folks who worked in factories, my father's generation, sometimes called "America's Greatest Generation". The ones who fought in WWII, worked in factories, and brought their kids up to believe that working for a living is honorable. They are a bunch of losers right? They lack what it takes?
    Just want to be sure I have the concepts straight."

    Ooooo but they are but the Serfs of the kingdom aren't they?
    /sarcasm off
  • An Open Letter To President Bush From The Common Man

    02/03/2004 12:51:19 PM PST · 43 of 54
    AbsoluteJustice to Orangedog
    "And the single person making that much money is still contributing more to the tax base than the much vaunted "family of four earning $40,000 or less." They pay zero federal income tax and a good chunk of them get most of their payroll taxes kicked back to them via the (un)Earned Income Tax Credit. Meanwhile the single people and high earners are carrying them."

    That is funny, I got more back from the Guberment being single living in an apartment then I do now with a 2 working adult household with a child.

    Explain this one to me.
  • An Open Letter To President Bush From The Common Man

    02/03/2004 12:47:57 PM PST · 42 of 54
    AbsoluteJustice to American_Centurion
    "Or just maybe if he had a better job I would believe that this fictional worker might actually pay taxes. I'm sorry but the loading dock worker and shelf stocker who can barely afford gas, are not the "common man". They are more like the entry-level summer employment/part time teenager or if an actual adult they would fall into the category of LOSER unless they got their job through Melwood."

    Apparently you have never traveled into Western Texas. This may not be true where you live but htis does represent a great number of Americans working to fund a corrupt government.
  • An Open Letter To President Bush From The Common Man

    02/03/2004 12:41:12 PM PST · 41 of 54
    AbsoluteJustice to Delta-Tango
    "I thought the point about NEA funding was rather well written. But he destroyed his whole argument with all the whining about his job. It would have gotten an A from me, but that crybaby routine brings it down to a C-"

    You miss the point of the article. It was to point out what the hard working American is thinking, busting their bottoms tilling the farms, stocking the grocery stores, punching a clock at a factory, etc,etc.

  • Republican Big Spenders

    02/02/2004 1:45:52 PM PST · 32 of 34
    AbsoluteJustice to George W. Bush
    Politics is grand is it not?

  • Republican Big Spenders

    02/02/2004 12:52:13 PM PST · 29 of 34
    AbsoluteJustice to jjm2111
    "If it weren't for 9/11 and the Terror War I probably wouldn't vote for W again. I still might not. Reckless spending always hurts the economy in the long run."

    I agree....If this bill passes I WILL NOT vote for Bush, he has the power to veto this bill. If he does not then "The State of The Union Speech" was nothing more tham a blow-hard speech for the masses. Just sit back and say thank you for selling out your base!
  • Republican Big Spenders

    02/02/2004 12:48:20 PM PST · 28 of 34
    AbsoluteJustice to George W. Bush
    "It's not Bush. It's the Congress. Because the Constitution says so."

    It is he who signs it....He can veto it can't he?

    But he will not....

    Plus it is a Republican driven House and Senate. Why don't they have some discretionary spending or at least exercise it?

    If they pass it in both Houses then the Republicans are at fault. If it is signed as the budget then Bush is at fault. Noone else, Democrats cannot be faulted for this one, it is squarley on the shoulders of the Republicrats!
  • Republican Big Spenders

    02/02/2004 12:10:56 PM PST · 21 of 34
    AbsoluteJustice to FRgal4u
    Know what is troubling and ordinary?

    I don't see the normal freepers coming to the defense of Bush on this one or even commenting on it.
  • Republican Big Spenders

    02/02/2004 12:09:09 PM PST · 19 of 34
    AbsoluteJustice to FRgal4u
    I am behind you 150% and have no qualms with what you have written here.
  • Republican Big Spenders

    02/02/2004 11:24:27 AM PST · 13 of 34
    AbsoluteJustice to OldFriend

    There is no man behind that CURTAIN!!!

    Nothing to see here, Nothing to see here.

    All my sheeple :)
  • Republican Big Spenders

    02/02/2004 11:20:30 AM PST · 8 of 34
    AbsoluteJustice to bayourod
    "The question is who is funding Newsmax. Do you know you is paying them to attack Bush? Do you know which industry he is connected with and what products they want to impose exorbitant import duties on?"

    Do you read newsmax? Normally they are a cheerleader for the Republican party.

    Because they are pointing out Bush as being a hypocrit on spending this has something to do with who is funding them? I don't care if it is PETA that wrote this. Should it matter if it is true? you go ahead and follow this line of thinking, I'll see you on land as you follow your ship down in hiked taxes to pay for this "pork-spending"
  • Republican Big Spenders

    02/02/2004 11:12:50 AM PST · 5 of 34
    AbsoluteJustice to bayourod
    They don't need to find "the source" it is public knowledge. Do a yahoo search for pork barrel spending or budget for this year and you will see this. everything that the writer wrote about is true. They are HUGE spenders. The kool-aid drinking is over for Republicans and get with the program. This wasteful spending should be boted and not condoned with the excuse wellll who else we going to elect? This keeps up I won't be able to afford the gas it will take me to get to the polls to vote!
  • Republican Big Spenders

    02/02/2004 10:55:43 AM PST · 1 of 34
    How you like this? Republicrats are like their brethren the Demicans.
  • What's Happening To Rush Should Worry Us All

    01/31/2004 8:16:09 AM PST · 41 of 45
    AbsoluteJustice to longtermmemmory
    " I see Rush's program even more of a nightmare for Democrats thanks to this failed effort."
    Most everyday Ameicans can care less and don't see the world left vs. right, they care about beans on the table.

    We are in the minority.
  • What's Happening To Rush Should Worry Us All

    01/31/2004 12:14:00 AM PST · 39 of 45
    AbsoluteJustice to longtermmemmory
    I don't think Rush should spend a day behind bars.
  • What's Happening To Rush Should Worry Us All

    01/31/2004 12:12:18 AM PST · 38 of 45
    AbsoluteJustice to CFC__VRWC
    "I have read all your posts on this thread, and have noticed all kinds of self-righteous hatred and contempt for Rush"

    So now its my fault Rush doped it up? Me self righteous? Not in the least bit! Then again I don't have a mike 4 hours a day espousing how I am above a soap box. Rush brought this upon himself noone else did this to him.

    "yet not one single comment about Palm Beach SA Kirscher's behavior. So I guess it's perfectly okay by you that this guy is allowed to commit all kinds of ethical violations and (apparently) deliberately misrepresent the communications of the Florida Bar and the Florida Attorney General in regards to this case."

    I do not agree with everything he is doing by any stretch I am just so sick and tired of the ooo whoa is me defense Rush has built for himself. When all you do all day is place yourself on high and point out the faults of others all day and proclaim to be a "moral authority" over all what do you expect? Sympathy? Cmon get real. This man was found to be a doper, abusing drugs. Next you will tell me that it is a "disease" If Kirscher's behavior was unethical and or illegal then he will be censored but he has not.

    "Believe me when I tell you that the Florida Bar Association is no friend of conservatives"


    I hate lawyers as well.

    "Another tactic popular with you guys is to attack Rush for using a "Kennedy lawyer" to get him off - I guess he's just supposed to just sit there and let an overzealous prosecutor abuse the legal system to stick him with a sentence that is way more severe than one that would be handed out to some Joe Sixpack with no prior criminal history in the same situation, for the sole purpose of making that prosecutor the darling of the media and the liberal glitterati."

    You guys? So because I am in disagreement I am "you guys" liberal? Not in the least bit. I can't stand pompous, self-righteous people who are hypocrits. If Rush is soooo innocent as he proclaims then he would fight this to the end and clear his name. But no he is plea barganing. I think more people are pissed that it has been found that he is plea bargaining then fighting this. If I were a Rush fan I would be pissed. Someone crying on a mic for 4 hours about how they are innocent and fighting in the court of public opinion then squirm his way to fit a deal instead of fighting. This is what upset me the most. Sure its not right releasing that information and this is why Rushbots are pissed because he has been found trying to squirm his way out again...hush hush

    "As a first-time offender with no criminal background, Drug Court , along with some community service, is an appropriate punishment for Rush. That's what you would get if you were popped for the same thing. He surely doesn't deserve to spend five years in state prison as someone's jail pump, your feelings and wishes aside."

    I agree he should not do jail time. See we agree on more than you know. If he did commit the crime it is petty. But he still needs to apologize to his fans on this one. Instead of fighting the fight like he does behind a mic everyday, proclaiming to be a fighter, he sure is trying to get outta this one. Then again "he didn't doctor shop"

  • What's Happening To Rush Should Worry Us All

    01/30/2004 12:26:13 PM PST · 31 of 45
    AbsoluteJustice to par4
    Why do you support this assesment?

    If Rushbo fans are so in support of him and are harping proclaiming his innocence then why are said such fans supporting a plea bargain.

    Remeber Rush said he did not doctor shop. So if the prosecutor is attempting to bring charges to such a crime why is Rush not defending himself to the utter end. This has nothing to do with money. rush makes millions a year. I suspect he doesn't want people to hear the evidence to save face and to save himself from being proven a hypocrit. To me him plea bargaining shows that this man is doing anything he can to supress possible evidence. this would in effect lower him from his all high moral authority perch he has placed himself upon.

    Money vs. someone word

    Sorry but this doesn't cut the cheese. If you have nothing to hide and you are a man to your word then money is no object.

    People call M.J.'s buyout of a child a hush hush situation and bag him.

    Why is there a double standard here?
  • What's Happening To Rush Should Worry Us All

    01/30/2004 12:20:51 PM PST · 30 of 45
    AbsoluteJustice to longtermmemmory
    BUT it is NOT LAW

    If it were I would be in support.
  • What's Happening To Rush Should Worry Us All

    01/30/2004 9:56:44 AM PST · 17 of 45
    AbsoluteJustice to js1138
    I gave an example. plus just listen to Court TV, all the time there is mention of plea agreements to thwart a possible conviction.
  • What's Happening To Rush Should Worry Us All

    01/30/2004 9:55:44 AM PST · 16 of 45
    AbsoluteJustice to par4
    Should be is the key word but nowhere does it say it is illegal.

    In addition this is still interesting news because if he IS doing this then there is some admission of guilt involved. Much like M.J. paying off that kid to hush him up.

    This will be interesting nonetheless
  • What's Happening To Rush Should Worry Us All

    01/30/2004 6:44:51 AM PST · 4 of 45
    AbsoluteJustice to AlwaysLurking
    "Last week Palm Beach County prosecutors released confidential information showing that the conservative radio host initiated plea negotiations but failed to cut a deal. "

    Since when? I have heard THOUSANDS of times of people entering in plea negotiations on the news. Hell most recently was Andrew Fastow and his wife. Just another o poor little Rush article. Sickening.
  • I Still Think of Elian

    01/29/2004 7:41:41 AM PST · 454 of 473
    AbsoluteJustice to claptrap
    You must have me mistaken for someone else.

    What are you talking about?
  • CPAC 2004 panel discussion on immigration audio links

    01/28/2004 10:16:37 AM PST · 25 of 32
    AbsoluteJustice to The_Eaglet
    Thanks for the plug :)
  • 'Illegal': Slur or accurate label?

    01/28/2004 6:29:20 AM PST · 63 of 125
    AbsoluteJustice to iopscusa
    "....don't be fooled by the negativism that we have to have these Illegal Aliens to survive, that they contribute so much to America."

    YOU ARE CORRECT, problem is that this rant has gone on for so long as a positive argument that it could not be further from the truth.

    Can anyone say anti-productive? Drain on the society and its resources?
  • 'Illegal': Slur or accurate label?

    01/28/2004 6:24:38 AM PST · 61 of 125
    AbsoluteJustice to Freedom4US
    "I'm not overjoyed to see whole industries gutted from "free trade" and low wage workers imported into this country, destroying the wage base. The impression I get is we are all to just die quietly, and don't ask too many questions."

    Might as well include that because they come in making the "low income" tax bracket they pay no federal income taxes. Because of this most carry no health insurance and guess who picks up the tab??? BINGO YOU GUESSED IT!!!!!

    You, I , and millions of other tax payers.
  • 'Illegal': Slur or accurate label?

    01/28/2004 5:52:41 AM PST · 50 of 125
    AbsoluteJustice to citizen
    "It's a more accurate reflection of people who provide a great deal for the economy," he said."


    I can find HUNDREDS of statistically based FACTS that PROVE Illegals to includr LEGALS take more from our economy than put in...THIS IS COMMON SENSE!!!!!