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  • Ted Cruz: Democrats home to 'liberal fascism'

    04/27/2015 2:19:03 PM PDT · 40 of 41
    According2RecentPollsAirIsGood to E. Pluribus Unum

    He must be the first politician ever to use that completely-accurate term out loud. I didn’t think there was anybody left in national government that had a pair, and you’d need a big one knowing the backlash this is going to receive. Elect this man for President next year. Nobody else on our side would say this thing that needed to so desperately needed to be said.

  • The BBC’s Firing of Jeremy Clarkson Proves a Point About Progressive Media

    03/31/2015 1:47:10 PM PDT · 56 of 56
    According2RecentPollsAirIsGood to usconservative
    Top Gear is seen in over 150 countries (read that somewhere...) and is Britain's #1 export around the world. The BBC has to wake up and realize where their revenue's coming from and the truth is, that show is NOTHING without Clarkson. May and Hammond know it too.

    I wish Jeremy hadn't sold his 50% share in the show a few years back. Doing that was just starting the ball rolling towards this. Nonetheless, if another channel picks them up, I wouldn't be surprised to see that channel start to be picked up by 150 countries around the world.

    Still, this saddens me, because Top Gear was the the biggest conservative show in the entire world. It smashed tons of liberal myths with actual facts. It was our Trojan horse in the world media. Sad to see it go. I do hope the three of them bring back the fire elsewhere.
  • Why Jeb Bush is Likely to Win the Republican Nomination

    02/17/2015 11:42:20 AM PST · 101 of 141
    According2RecentPollsAirIsGood to pinochet

    If Jeb gets the nomination, there will be no point in voting for President. The country will not elect a third Bush, and that’s it, regardless of his stances on anything. The media doesn’t even need to do any work if he gets the nomination; they did all they needed during his brother’s administration. All they need to do is ensure he gets the nomination, and they can go on vacation until after the election.

  • Ann Coulter: As Long as Obama Brought Up the Cost of College...

    01/16/2015 7:32:40 AM PST · 45 of 45
    According2RecentPollsAirIsGood to cuban leaf
    *Excepting hard skills like engineering, medicine, etc.

    Even engineering school is a joke. It's hard. It garners to have the degree. It puts you in a position to have a job, and gives the opportunity to get into a career that matters and pays well. However, it barely teaches you anything that's relevant to what you'll do as soon as you get out of school. I interview and hire B.S., M.S., and Ph.D engineers all the time, and it's unbelievable how you can survive engineering school and still come out as a TOTAL blank slate for real work.

    The professors in engineering schools are the insular research type that keep hiring the same type of students, and none of them have ever done anything out in the real world, where the VAST majority of engineers will end up. I'd take a guy who read practical engineering books right out of high school for a year over a four-year-degreed engineer any day if those people existed. Another facet of the college scam, albeit, you will at least probably get a job with your engineering degree even though you know nothing.
  • Attorney General Greg Abbott Asks Houston City Attorney to Withdraw Subpoenas Seeking Sermons...

    10/21/2014 7:27:38 AM PDT · 65 of 65
    According2RecentPollsAirIsGood to tflabo

    Little late to the party here, but being from Houston, I feel like it was fairly obvious what led to her election, even if no one wanted to openly say it. A little Wikipedia research teaches me a depressing fact: Houston has had Democratic mayors throughout my entire life. Officially, the mayoral election is nonpartisan, though, so we ended in runoff in 2009 between two Democrats.

    One was Annise Parker and the other was Gene Locke, a black, unheard-of-before former city attorney. His campaign seemed very confident that he’d be elected solely based on the fact that he was black, because of Houston’s large black contingent. Well, we here remember Lee Brown, our first black mayor and worst mayor ever, since he was mayor only 6 years before.

    I think once it came down to a choice between two Democrats, a huge contingent of Houston voters, and probably all Republicans who even cast a vote in the runoff said, “We’ll avoid another six years of race-baiting at any cost,” and thus we got Annise Parker. It wasn’t an ideal choice, but I think voters consciously made the decision that they were NOT going to deal with the race card for another 6 years, and, on that premise, chose the lesser of two evils. It’s a simple as that.

  • Speed Kills Racial Profiling Study ... Ann Coulter

    09/09/2014 1:07:24 PM PDT · 29 of 29
    According2RecentPollsAirIsGood to Talisker

    Been out of town, so I’m a little late to this thread, but I think you’re exactly right that it’s foolish to discount every article she writes simply because in the past she’s taken positions at odds with many here, including myself at times. I took a break from reading anything political for a long time to try to keep my sanity, but when I finally started to dabble a little again, I started reading Ann’s columns again and listening to some talk radio again.

    I was immediately reminded that Ann is by far one of the best researchers we have on the conservative side. I always find out facts in her columns that I never would have expected, and I know do not appear anywhere else. She digs really deep and is an absolute goldmine of information for our side. This article here is a .50 caliber bullet to an argument that most people never even question.

    Reading her columns, it’s clear to me that her mode of thinking is that the clear and most dangerous enemy is the unabashed, unflinching Left. The counterargument might be that snakes in the grass on our side are potentially much more deadly, but Ann sees the nukes out in the open pointed straight at us by the other side and says, “that’s the imminent threat; we must destroy that now or be destroyed.” I think, politically, she’s open to compromise on certain people on our side if it will defeat the unquestionable threat on the other side. Her columns along these lines tend to rile up our side, but they are not just “vote Republican because they’re not a Democrat” simplicities. They seem more like war strategy to me, where sacrifice and best-case-scenario decisions have to made. I’m quite sure Ann understands that this is a war more than anyone.

    Even if some or even most of our side disagrees with her idea of political troop movements, it’s foolish to ignore her columns. They’re a fully-stocked armory of intellectual weapons to take on the Left.


    06/26/2014 12:28:43 PM PDT · 147 of 160
    According2RecentPollsAirIsGood to fkabuckeyesrule

    I have only watched maybe half a dozen soccer games on TV all the way through. It’s probably not enough to start to understand the “finer points of the game,” although it doesn’t help that the announcers don’t make any effort to actually explain said finer points. This isn’t blistering-paced hockey; there is plenty of time to educate all those potential new soccer fans that might have happened across a match while channel surfing.

    I constantly see this argument that Americans don’t like soccer simply because it’s low scoring, and, in my experience, the people that say that usually are thinly implying (or often flat out saying) that those people are simply dumb for not appreciating a game without the potential for big scores. I have a different take on it. Low scoring games place a huge weight on each goal, which I think leads to some major problems.

    1) As seen in the Brazil-Croatia game, flopping/diving is insanely beneficial if you can get away with it. (How the world’s biggest event for a single sport can have clear camera footage of an obvious flop which gave the home team the winning goal and can do nothing about it is beyond me, but that’s another discussion.) Still, since a single goal is so incredibly valuable in soccer, it’s inevitable that players are going to seek that short circuit path to get a chance at scoring with a penalty kick that the keeper has almost no chance of defending if he doesn’t guess right. Flopping happens in basketball, too, of course, but the effect on the overall score is much smaller, so unless it’s done at the end of the game, there are opportunities to compensate for it.

    2) Low scores reward random events. I know there’s skill in getting to the opponent’s goal and defending your own, and I’ve actually seen a higher number of impressive assists and goals in these WC games than I’ve ever seen before. However, I’ve seen a ton of goals in soccer where the ball simply bounces in the right place for an attacker who is there in a lucky position to pop it in before the defense and keeper can react. I just watched the U.S. lose to Germany based on a great save by our keeper that just happened to bounce straight to one of the Germans hanging out around the net with no one in front of him. It was a good ricochet for Germany, and it decided the entire game. Now hockey has this same issue, but hockey also many more scoring opportunities for the offense to even it up, while maintaining a much smaller net, so a goalie actually has a chance in hell of fending off multiple attacks in a row. The goaltending in the Stanley Cup finals was breathtaking in this respect. And yet several of the winning goals for the Kings seemed to just come from bad ricochets that the goalie would have had otherwise. I also hate sudden death in sports for reasons like this. Randomness should be minimized as much as possible in sports, so that the athletes and coaches can truly show that their skills are the reasons for winning or losing.

    I think this is really the non-articulated core of the American dislike for soccer. It might be considered a matter of fairness in a way. The low scoring really allows for many unearned wins and upsets, and the size of the field and the pace of the game make it difficult to throw a lot of shots on goal to at least try to even things out, such as in hockey. The Big 3 American sports all have legitimate comeback potential at any time and the higher score potential mitigates the devastation of terrible officiating somewhat. I suspect that American fans who care even a little about the sport they’re watching don’t mind seeing a 0-0 pitcher’s duel or low-scoring basketball or football game if the reason for the low scoring is defensive excellence. (If it’s just utter incompetence by both teams, then it IS legitimately terrible.) The reason one can appreciate low scoring in those games is that we all know that it’s very possible to have medium-to-high scores in those games. Randomness and bad calls can only account for so many points/runs in football, basketball, and baseball; there’s always still that chance of overcoming even unfair obstacles through skill and determination. In soccer, one goal against you is basically a knife to your throat and two would probably be a flat out decapitation.

    So, my position is that the sport needs higher scoring potential not to make it more exciting, but to make it more fair and less random. If all that American sports fans cared about was the endorphin rush of seeing someone score as soccer evangelists often claim is the case, we wouldn’t give two craps about PEDs, steroids, or anything else along those lines. The real reason, I think, is that it just doesn’t seem truly competitive enough the way it’s currently played.

  • (Vanity) Need Relationship Advice

    11/05/2008 10:04:25 PM PST · 89 of 112
    According2RecentPollsAirIsGood to tx_eggman; Zevonismymuse

    That is easily the most insightful response I’ve gotten. :)

    And with that, I need to get some sleep. I will read the other comments later. Thank you, everyone who responded seriously. It has indeed helped me.

    Zevon, I’ll work on becoming a more “sophisticated” Freeper just for you. :P

  • (Vanity) Need Relationship Advice

    11/05/2008 9:56:10 PM PST · 88 of 112
    According2RecentPollsAirIsGood to ottersnot

    Thank you for taking my post seriously. Thank you to everyone else who has, too.

    I would prefer she had not held anything back. At the same time, I might have come on too strong earlier, because I was getting nervous as the election got so near. I think she might have been expecting me to excoriate her or something. I have told her that this is all very important to me. It’s not to her. She says doesn’t want to feel like she has to agree with me on everything for us to work out and doesn’t think that thinking differently on some things won’t destroy us. I think I’m just going to back off for now. We still have plenty of other things to figure out in the meantime.

  • (Vanity) Need Relationship Advice

    11/05/2008 9:44:15 PM PST · 87 of 112
    According2RecentPollsAirIsGood to Southflanknorthpawsis

    I think really she doesn’t quite understand, as you say, that “individual political decisions are intricately entwined with one’s faith.” She seems to think politics is just Candidate A or Candidate B and that it’s about impersonal issues she’d rather not bother with. I’m the opposite which is why a simple vote gets me worked up. But I suppose I should realize that that took a while for me to understand (thanks almost fully to FR), and that it may take a while with her. I should probably approach any discussions from a conceptual, personal and faithful point of view.

  • (Vanity) Need Relationship Advice

    11/05/2008 9:35:55 PM PST · 85 of 112
    According2RecentPollsAirIsGood to wequalswinner
    Remember though, you can’t control other people, you can’t change other people, only you.

    Good advice I've been told many times but still need to be reminded of. I already know that I can't go into something permanent with the idea that I'm just going to afterwards change specific ideas that are important to her. I find it insulting idea quite frankly. For example, she doesn't want kids, and that's something I had to accept even though people always say "oh well, she'll change her mind on that." Something like politics, though, if much more wide ranging and diffuse. I guess it just hasn't felt that way right now because it's all been condensed down to a single vote. I think with her general apathy, there's probably room to work there. It'd be different if she were some hardcore lib (which I have also regretfully dated in the past). I guess I should remember that to keep perspective.
  • (Vanity) Need Relationship Advice

    11/05/2008 9:23:07 PM PST · 84 of 112
    According2RecentPollsAirIsGood to IMissPresidentReagan
    but take heart; it can work.

    Thank you. That does give me more hope.
  • (Vanity) Need Relationship Advice

    11/05/2008 9:21:25 PM PST · 83 of 112
    According2RecentPollsAirIsGood to FocusNexus

    I think you’ve probably hit it on the head. I could really screw things up by pursuing it right now. I even felt like that yesterday which has also made me nervous. I think I’ll just go distract myself for a while. It’ll be years until the next election. Lots of time.

    Saving your post as well. Thanks for the best wishes. :)

  • (Vanity) Need Relationship Advice

    11/05/2008 9:14:08 PM PST · 80 of 112
    According2RecentPollsAirIsGood to ConservativeMind

    I’m ELCA but was schooled in Missouri Synod. My beliefs all pretty much line up with the latter except that I’m fine with female ministers and communion open to any baptized person. I know ELCA’s much more liberal, but my congregation, which I dearly love, is about as conservative as you could get.

    She is United Methodist. I’ve been to several services at her church and found the sermons to be fine and not objectionable, though I still prefer my Lutheran services. A cool thing thing, actually, is that she went to a Lutheran school, and as such is familiar with our services and beliefs. If she were to move down to be near me, I think she would fit in quite well at my church.

    As for UMC beliefs, I’m sure the national church is probably a lot more liberal than her congregation as well. How much of it she agrees with is just one of those things I’ll be working on. I’m having lunch with my pastor tomorrow, and we’ll probably cover this.

  • (Vanity) Need Relationship Advice

    11/05/2008 8:55:54 PM PST · 72 of 112
    According2RecentPollsAirIsGood to Blood of Tyrants
    If you do believe that her vote for Obama was out of ignorance then I believe that your influence after you marry will change that.

    I do. I appreciate your optimism and will take it to heart. And, heh, she's just about as skinny as Ann.
  • (Vanity) Need Relationship Advice

    11/05/2008 8:52:39 PM PST · 70 of 112
    According2RecentPollsAirIsGood to SkyDancer

    Yeah, good point. I am venting to a degree, but yeah, it might be construed as whining. I know I need to avoid that like the plague. Just in general. Thank you, and I’ll work on making sure I keep that smile in my eyes and lips. :)

  • (Vanity) Need Relationship Advice

    11/05/2008 8:47:53 PM PST · 68 of 112
    According2RecentPollsAirIsGood to nmh

    Yeah, nmh, I may not know as much as I should about her. I need to give it more time. If it hadn’t been for an election year, it would have happened more naturally I suppose. I don’t expect I’m going to find any deal-killing bombshells, but it will at least give me perspective on how to approach things. My mom has also made your point that certain females just don’t care that much about politics; I’ll keep it in mind.

    I will pursue how Obama’s beliefs are compatible with Christianity with her....slowwwly. I’ve already explained how I find it disgusting how the left tells people they can’t make it on their own and thus need the government’s help to do anything, thus destroying their life’s potential and basically enslaving them. That’s a very moral issue to me.

  • (Vanity) Need Relationship Advice

    11/05/2008 8:33:58 PM PST · 64 of 112
    According2RecentPollsAirIsGood to poindexter
    BTW, you should apologize to your girlfriend for hounding her about her vote. It makes you look like a bully.

    You're right. I asked and should not have pursued it when she didn't want to respond. Stupid rookie mistake. I just tend to not like too much uncertainty if I can help it, because I've gotten burned in relationships before where I thought I knew someone and I didn't. I'm probably overcompensating here.

    You're also right about making decisions you later regret. I've made and am sure to make plenty more of them. Acting like it doesn't happen to everyone is naive. I don't want to make a big one here, though, by getting myself worked up.

    Thank you for your clear thoughts. They've helped a lot. I'm bookmarking them.
  • (Vanity) Need Relationship Advice

    11/05/2008 8:18:34 PM PST · 60 of 112
    According2RecentPollsAirIsGood to Question_Assumptions

    I think I’d prefer to just stay away from politics with her except rarely. I’d probably care way too much about it in the first place for my own sanity. Backing off and focusing on other things may help lift my spirits, and four years till the next pres election is a good while to try to subtly influence her.

  • (Vanity) Need Relationship Advice

    11/05/2008 8:05:17 PM PST · 55 of 112
    According2RecentPollsAirIsGood to Zevonismymuse

    Well, ignore it, then. I suppose it does sound stupid to others now that I stand further back. I thought people here might be a little forgiving about that. Reading through so far, I guess was wrong.

    I think I’ll just retire for the night.