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  • Our Animal House (Berkeley)

    02/03/2017 5:38:24 AM PST · by AFreeBird · 16 replies
    Robin of Berkeley (blog) ^ | December 19, 2016 | Robin of Berkeley
    Our Animal House Posted on December 19, 2016 by Robin (Reader Advisory: explicit content) I had one of those sad Berkeley days. I did errands around town, and beheld the tragedy that is Berkeley, Oakland, and the like. I needed to do some business near Gilman and Eastshore Freeway. If you’re ever in town, take a drive over there. The area personifies the horror that is Berkeley. At Gilman, there is what is called a “homeless encampment.” This translates into a lot of druggies and dealers, drifters, and runways, as well as psychotics, living and sleeping out in the wild....
  • The girl that played with Fieros (Teach your children well)

    07/31/2012 1:56:11 PM PDT · by AFreeBird · 35 replies
    Pennock's Fieros Forum ^ | 4-18-2011 | Kathryn's Dad
    The following is from a link I followed from a Wired article regarding a 12 year old girl wanting to buy a car and restore it by her 16th birthday. I spent the better part of the afternoon catching up on the threads and thought it was a great story that FReeps would enjoy. 04-18-2011 04:37 PM So we have been working on the car now for about 3 months, but as I have been prowling the forum I realized I should probably post the story, and some of you might be interseted in it. A few months ago our...
  • Palin: Indy (Noblesville) book signing report

    11/19/2009 2:37:47 AM PST · by AFreeBird · 48 replies · 1,534+ views
    Today | Me
    Got here at 5:20 am. Already a line of over 100. And the ever present presstitute core.
  • Fox News Special: Saving Our Economy: What'$ Next [MUST SEE]

    10/05/2008 12:20:12 PM PDT · by AFreeBird · 62 replies · 5,023+ views
    Fox News Special Hosted by David Asman | today | me
    I just caught the middle part of a special on Fox that is quite damning (IMO) to democrats and Congress on this financial mess we find ourselves in. ACORN and Obama mentioned, and NOT in a flattering light. If you haven't seen it, or you only caught a part of it like me; you MUST catch it again tonight at 10pm ET on the Fox News Channel. We need to make sure this information spreads far and wide and fast. Hammer it home people, especially to any lefty (or independent/undecided) friends. This kind of information coming now, can bring down...
  • Ohio Co. announces "The Sarah-Cuda" Hunting Bow

    10/03/2008 3:44:28 PM PDT · by AFreeBird · 36 replies · 1,094+ views
    Just saw this on Fox News. An Ohio company has created a Bow for the ladies as a tribute to Sarah Palin. I thought it was a nice tribute to Sarah and to the women of America.
  • Boeing's 12,000lb chemical laser set to fry targets from aircraft (21st Century AC-130)

    12/13/2007 9:46:07 AM PST · by AFreeBird · 101 replies · 366+ views
    Network World (blog) ^ | 12/12/2007 | unknown
    Boeing this week said completed work on and installed a 12,000-pound chemical laser in a C-130H aircraft and will now test the weapon, which will fire through a rotating turret that extends through the aircraft's belly, until an official demonstration set for 2008. Boeing's Advanced Tactical Laser (ATL) which is being developed for the Department of Defense, will destroy, damage or disable targets with little to no collateral damage, supporting missions on the battlefield and in urban operations, Boeing said. The ATL team includes L-3 Communications/Brashear, which made the laser turret, and Hytec which made various structural elements of the...
  • Vanity: Debt Collection Fraud? ANFI Collections

    09/27/2007 1:17:56 PM PDT · by AFreeBird · 71 replies · 1,882+ views
    9/27/07 | me
    Okay, so this rare vanity is directed to my FReeper brethren to see if any of you have run across this situation. And to warn potential victims in case you're about to. Out of the blue, I received a collections notice from a company called ANFI Collections, for a debt of some $100 dollars due to Verizon Florida, Inc. Now some 15~20 years ago, I did live in Florida, and I did have local phone service with GTE, now part of Verizon (they listed a # and it sounds like it might have been mine, but it's been so long...
  • Physicists have 'solved' mystery of levitation

    08/06/2007 8:31:10 AM PDT · by AFreeBird · 138 replies · 5,709+ views
    UK Telegraph ^ | 3:43pm BST 06/08/2007 | Roger Highfield, Science Editor
    Levitation has been elevated from being pure science fiction to science fact, according to a study reported today by physicists.   In theory the discovery could be used to levitate a person In earlier work the same team of theoretical physicists showed that invisibility cloaks are feasible. Now, in another report that sounds like it comes out of the pages of a Harry Potter book, the University of St Andrews team has created an 'incredible levitation effects’ by engineering the force of nature which normally causes objects to stick together. Professor Ulf Leonhardt and Dr Thomas Philbin, from the University...
  • The View From the Top [MUST READ!]

    08/31/2006 1:36:44 PM PDT · by AFreeBird · 13 replies · 907+ views
    Newsweek ^ | Aug. 21-28, 2006 issue | Michael Gerson
    By Michael Gerson Newsweek Aug. 21-28, 2006 issue - Five Washington Augusts ago, for me, is not just a different time; it is a distant country. At the White House, we debated the nuances of stem-cell research. The president delivered a speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars without the need to mention any foreign wars. Americans obsessed on the mysterious affair of Chandra Levy. A spate of shark attacks was headline news.Everything we saw took us further from the reality we could not see. Five Augusts ago, hijackers in Florida trained in gyms, bought small knives and practiced flying...
  • Department of Defense study urges open source adoption

    08/22/2006 10:17:37 AM PDT · by AFreeBird · 59 replies · 757+ views
    Ars Technica ^ | 8/20/2006 6:50:40 PM | Ryan Paul
    Department of Defense study urges open source adoption 8/20/2006 6:50:40 PM, by Ryan Paul The Open Technology Development road map, a recently authored government report, advises Deputy Undersecretary of Defense Sue Payton to integrate a comprehensive open source strategy into defense department procurement and development policies. Written by consultants for Advanced Systems & Concepts in collaboration with major technology companies and the Open Source Software Institute, the 79-page report advocates adoption of open technologies, support for and adherence to open standards, and discusses topics like licensing and software project governance. The report argues that the standard practices associated with purchasing...
  • Hoosier Daddy? In Indiana Schools, It's Linux

    08/17/2006 9:07:14 AM PDT · by AFreeBird · 36 replies · 851+ views
    CRN ^ | Wed. Aug. 16, 2006 | Edward F. Moltzen
    Hoosier Daddy? In Indiana Schools, It's Linux By Edward F. Moltzen, CRN 4:10 PM EDT Wed. Aug. 16, 2006 How's this for back-to-school fashion: More than 20,000 Indiana students are now Linux-enabled under a state grant program to roll out low-cost, easy-to-manage workstations, which are running various flavors of the open-source operating system. Mike Huffman, special assistant for technology at the Indiana Department of Education, said schools in the state have added Linux workstations for 22,000 students over the past year under the Affordable Classroom Computers for Every Secondary Student (ACCESS) program. And that could expand quickly with several...
  • A cool solution to [Nuclear] waste disposal

    08/01/2006 7:30:30 PM PDT · by AFreeBird · 21 replies · 900+ views
    Physics Web ^ | July 31, 2006 | Edwin Cartlidge
    A cool solution to waste disposal 31 July 2006A group of physicists in Germany claims to have discovered a way of speeding up radioactive decay that could render nuclear waste harmless on timescales of just a few tens of years. Their proposed technique – which involves slashing the half-life of an alpha emitter by embedding it in a metal and cooling the metal to a few degrees kelvin – could therefore avoid the need to bury nuclear waste in deep repositories, a hugely expensive and politically difficult process. But other researchers are sceptical and believe that the technique contradicts well-established...
  • Microsoft vs. Computer Security

    01/10/2006 6:51:31 PM PST · by AFreeBird · 34 replies · 572+ views
    Slate ^ | Jan. 9, 2006 | Adam L. Penenberg
    Microsoft vs. Computer Security Why the software giant still can't get it right. By Adam L. Penenberg Posted Monday, Jan. 9, 2006, at 1:10 PM ET Four years ago, Bill Gates dispatched a companywide e-mail promising that security and privacy would be Microsoft's top priorities. Gates urged that new design approaches must "dramatically reduce" the number of security-related issues as well as make fixes easier to administer. "Eventually," he added, "our software should be so fundamentally secure that customers never even worry about it." Microsoft customers haven't stopped worrying. A year later, Windows was hit with several nasty worms, including...
  • USCO Reviewing DMCA Anti-Circumvention Clause (Copywrite and fair use in the digital age)

    10/28/2005 4:48:54 PM PDT · by AFreeBird · 1 replies · 117+ views
    ahknight writes: "The United States Copyright office begins its required review of the effects of the anti-circumvention portions of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act on November 2nd. This review period lasts until December 1, 2005. They will be accepting your well-thought-out opinions on the web and by mail. If you're reasonably ticked that you can't legally get around encrypted files to get at the media you've bought, start writing a coherent stance for the USCO today."
  • Have you hugged a "Coastie" (USCG) Today? - Vanity

    09/04/2005 6:40:12 PM PDT · by AFreeBird · 21 replies · 455+ views
    9/04/05 | Me
    I was thinking about this before I saw the Fox News pictures of the downed Coast Guard Chopper (THANKFULLY THE CREW IS ALIVE, AND HOPEFULLY WELL) , but that only cemented my resolve to post this vanity. I live in a land locked state, although I did spend a few years in Florida and made a few trips out into the Gulf and Atlantic. But regardless of my current geographic location, I just wanted to extend my hearty thanks to The United States Coast Guard. Even here in Indiana your presence is felt; for evey watercraft I've ever been on...
  • New VW ad campaign (humour)

    01/19/2005 1:04:30 PM PST · by AFreeBird · 53 replies · 6,174+ views
    e-mail | unknown | unknown
    Got this in an e-mail from a friend and had to share it. It's short, but oh so sweet. clicky the linky NOTE: Requires Quicktime.
  • BREAKING NEWS**** Kerry Called WH to concede

    11/03/2004 8:08:01 AM PST · by AFreeBird · 52 replies · 227+ views
    per Fox NEWS
  • Spain's surrender to terror threatens the rest of us

    03/16/2004 6:26:03 AM PST · by AFreeBird · 6 replies · 112+ views
    Indianapolis Star ^ | March 16, 2004 | Louis Rene Beres
    <p>Spain's post-attack election of a new socialist government represents a stunning victory for Arab/Islamic terrorism. Although it is not hard to understand that country's immense sorrow over the March 11 train bombings in Madrid, ousting a prime minister for siding with the United States in Iraq was assuredly the wrong answer.</p>
  • Novell deal good for Linux, bad for SCO

    11/09/2003 8:16:01 AM PST · by AFreeBird · 6 replies · 122+ views ^ | 06-11-2003 | Peter Williams
    Analysts and industry experts comment on Novell's $210m acquisition of SuSE Linux Novell's agreement to acquire SuSE Linux for $210m is good news for the Linux community and shows that the firm is unconcerned about the fear, uncertainty and doubt surrounding Linux following SCO Group's legal action against IBM. And IBM's investment of $50m in Novell as part of the deal has meant that the distribution and support gap which SCO left in the United Linux consortium has been plugged. "This really is very, very good news for Linux," Gary Barnett, principal analyst at Ovum, told "It's a very...
  • 'Your sacrifice will not be forgotten,' says soldier's mom

    04/18/2003 12:38:16 PM PDT · by AFreeBird · 7 replies · 375+ views
    Post Tribune (Indiana) ^ | Leslie Sanders
    Letter of thanks 'Your sacrifice will not be forgotten,' says soldier's mom Last week, Post-Tribune reporter Steve Patterson invited Leslie Sanders, mother of Army Spc. Greg Sanders, to write an open letter to Northwest Indiana, expressing, in her own words, the gratitude she has felt from the outpouring of support from our community since her 19-year-old son was killed in Iraq. Saturday, Leslie finished that letter and today, we present it, in its entirety: Like most families who suffer a loss, word spreads quickly. Family and friends arrive to extend their sympathies, share a tear and bring food. We began...
  • Balint Vazsonyi: a true American

    01/23/2003 11:41:56 AM PST · by AFreeBird · 10 replies · 197+ views
    The Indianapolis Star ^ | 1/23/2003 | Star Editorial
    <p>Our position is: Americans can thank this Hungarian immigrant for helping them appreciate his adopted land.</p> <p>Balint Vazsonyi had a remarkable perspective on what makes America tick, and he spent much of his life helping others to see and appreciate the adopted country he loved.</p>
  • Expanded gun rights go too far [ My Title: Clueless Liberal revisionist History at work again ]

    06/03/2002 1:26:39 PM PDT · by AFreeBird · 20 replies · 309+ views
    Indianapolis Star ^ | June 3rd, 2002 | ROBIN OLDS-STACKHOUSE, KATHLEEN M. GEORGE
    <p>Allowing the National Rifle Association to dictate Justice Department policy on firearms could be lethal. But apparently that hasn't stopped Attorney General John Ashcroft from being the stenographer for America's gun lobby.</p> <p>In two Justice Department briefs submitted to the Supreme Court in May, Ashcroft argued the NRA position that the right of individual gun ownership is sacred. His position runs contrary to virtually every court decision ever rendered on the Second Amendment, including every controlling Supreme Court decision.</p>
  • The Tunney Act: A confession of shame, and a call to action (Microsoft Settlement)

    01/24/2002 7:46:13 AM PST · by AFreeBird · 25+ views
    The Tunney Act, A confession of shame, and a call to action The Tunney Act: A confession of shame, and a call to action Introduction My name is Jeremy White, and I am the CEO of CodeWeavers, the company most associated with the Wine project. Three years ago, I chose to refocus my company around the Wine project because I believed that Microsoft's stranglehold on the market was sucking all of the joy out of the computing field. For those of you who don't know, Wine is a project that makes it possible to run Windows application on Linux. If ...
  • Microsoft Investigates Alleged Flaw in Browser (First virus for .Net reported)

    01/16/2002 9:20:35 AM PST · by AFreeBird · 22 replies · 306+ views
    Computerworld ^ | Jan. 14, 2002 | By JAIKUMAR VIJAYAN
    Microsoft Investigates Alleged Flaw in Browser Experts say standard security rule ignored By JAIKUMAR VIJAYAN (January 14, 2002) Microsoft Corp. is investigating an alleged flaw in recent versions of its Internet Explorer (IE) browser software that could allow attackers to spoof legitimate Web sites, steal content from browser cookies and gain access to certain types of files on a victim's system. The alleged flaw, which affects IE Versions 5.5 to 6, was first reported to the company on Dec. 19 by an independent security researcher who refers to himself as ThePull. The vulnerability is the result of Microsoft's failure ...
  • Constructing a Windows-less office

    12/14/2001 11:49:14 AM PST · by AFreeBird · 43 replies · 339+ views
    CRN ^ | 3:43 PM EST Fri., Nov. 30, 2001 | By Frank J. Ohlhorst, CRN
    Tired of doing Windows? Well, there might be no better time than now to consider a pure Linux environment. The flat economy, rising software costs, shrinking technology budgets, and Microsoft's licensing and pricing gambles with Windows XP and .Net services have many SMB customers clamoring to solution providers for inexpensive alternatives. Although Linux's corporate inroads have primarily been on the server front and questions remain about the profitability of a Linux-powered desktop, a select few solution providers are already closing deals and reaping rewards from selling Linux-based solutions. To get a firsthand look at the viability of a "Windows-free" ...
  • A punitive puppeteer?

    09/18/2001 12:06:40 PM PDT · by AFreeBird · 5 replies · 40+ views
    InfoWorld - OPINIONS - The Gripe Line ^ | September 18, 2001 | Ed Foster
    A punitive puppeteer? NOW THAT WE know Microsoft is going to remain one company, it seems an appropriate time to step back and take a look at the company's recent practices and what they tell us we can expect in the future. Readers have had a wide variety of complaints about Microsoft on the Gripe Line during the last year or so. We've seen the Redmond giant quietly start forcing large OEMs to provide only recovery CDs for Windows, eliminate much of the free support it had provided for applications, invoke its license terms to keep an independent lab ...
  • ** Microsoft Trolls For Informants **

    05/01/2001 1:48:27 PM PDT · by AFreeBird · 22+ views via E-Mail | Rec'd 5/1/01 | David M. Ewalt
    ** Microsoft Trolls For Informants ** Microsoft is coming under fire for a new program that promises prizes to computer-system builders who report customers ordering PCs without a pre-installed operating system. Microsoft unveiled the program in an E-mail apparently sent last week to system builders on the West Coast. The E-mail explains that the program is meant to insure compliance with software-licensing agreements. "Many organizations that are sending out bids believe that because they have enrolled in a Microsoft volume-license program... that operating systems for newly-acquired PCs are automatically enrolled," it reads. "There is no volume-licensing program at Microsoft that ...
  • Something to be said for U.S. disunity

    12/15/2000 11:13:00 AM PST · by AFreeBird · 18+ views
    Indianapolis Star - Opinions ^ | 12/14/2000 | Andrea Neal
    Something to be said for U.S. disunity Commentary by Andrea Neal Indianapolis Star December 14, 2000 The circumstances surrounding George W. Bush's election as president will prompt calls for unity, for compromise, for finding common ground. Let's not bother. Unity is highly overrated as a national value. Instead, Election 2000's lesson is that Americans should abandon the search for national unity on the issues that deeply divide us and settle for what some have called "cultural federalism." In a nutshell: Let liberals believe what they believe and live in the big cities and on the coasts. Let conservatives believe ...
  • Al's life: The great adventure

    09/29/2000 11:47:29 AM PDT · by AFreeBird · 11+ views
    Indianapolis Star ^ | 09/29/2000 | Commentary by Tim Swarens
    Al's life: The great adventure Commentary by Tim Swarens Indianapolis Star September 29, 2000 I was born in the log cabin that my father built deep in the backwoods of Tennessee. My earliest memory is of my mother singing. "Look for the union label. When you are buying a coat, dress or blouse." We were farmers in those days. Once I wandered into my daddy's fields and began pulling up tobacco plants. When my father learned about this, he asked me, "Al, do you know who pulled up my plants?'' "Father,'' I said, "I cannot tell a lie. I ...
  • FREEP This Poll - Hate Crimes Laws

    09/28/2000 1:20:22 PM PDT · by AFreeBird · 23+ views
    Indianpolis Star Opinion Page ^ | 09/28/2000 | Indianapolis Star
    Should offenses motivated by race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation be made federal crimes? Yes, we need such 'hate crimes' No, existing statutes are adequate.
  • Sons of the Middle Border: Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton

    06/01/2000 9:06:27 AM PDT · by AFreeBird · 4+ views
    American Partisan - In Fly Over Country ^ | Wednesday, May 31, 2000 | by Diane Alden
    Sons of the Middle Border: Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton by Diane Alden I don't usually watch PBS but they are showing an excellent Ronald Reagan biography. This one includes observations by everyone from his dippy daughter Patty to his more serious daughter Maureen and, of course, Nancy and Ron Jr. Along with his cabinet and advisors and old acquaintances from his days in Illinois and Hollywood a pretty clear picture of Reagan is emerging. Given PBS's usual proclivity for trashing conservatives or making their life hell I was pleasantly surprised. The first part was called The Lifeguard and ...
  • MS admits planting secret password [MS Backdoor password for IIS web servers]

    04/14/2000 3:13:52 PM PDT · by AFreeBird · 4+ views
    WSJ via ZDNet ^ | April 14, 2000 12:50 PM PT | Ted Bridis
    MS admits planting secret password By Ted Bridis, WSJ Interactive Edition UPDATED April 14, 2000 12:50 PM PT Microsoft engineers placed a password in server software that could be used to gain illicit access to hundreds of thousands of Internet sites worldwide. Microsoft Corp. acknowledged Thursday that its engineers included in some of its Internet software a secret password -- a phrase deriding their rivals at Netscape as "weenies" -- that could be used to gain illicit access to hundreds of thousands of Internet sites worldwide. The manager of Microsoft's security-response center, Steve Lipner, acknowledged the online-security risk in an ...
  • [Indiana Gov.(D)] O'Bannon wins NRA support

    04/07/2000 11:41:01 AM PDT · by AFreeBird · 20+ views
    Indianapolis Star News ^ | Wednesday, April 05, 2000 | Larry MacIntyre
    O'Bannon wins NRA support Commentary by Larry MacIntyre The Indianapolis Star Last updated 02:36 PM, EST, Wednesday, April 05, 2000 The National Rifle Association will be doing everything it can this year to stop Al Gore from becoming president. But in Indiana, chances are good the NRA will be backing Gore's fellow Democrat, Gov. Frank O'Bannon, for re-election. That might seem a bit odd, but then the politics of gun control have always been more complicated than as portrayed on the evening news. Gore is no fool. Two-thirds of American women tell pollsters they want tougher gun laws. They desperately ...
  • U.S. Constitution is underappreciated, justice says

    03/12/2000 12:30:51 PM PST · by AFreeBird · 152+ views
    The Indianapolis Star | Friday, March 10, 2000 | Bill McCleery - Staff Writer
    U.S. Constitution is underappreciated, justice says By Bill McCleery Staff Writer U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas laments that few citizens bother to read the U.S. Constitution - a worthy task that takes "less time than watching the evening news." We dismiss it, he says, at our own peril. "We the people ... don't read this document," he said, holding up a copy for an audience of about 1,300 at the Economic Club of Indianapolis. "And I think it's a threat for people to be ignorant of their government." Thomas, a member of the high court since 1991, is a ...
  • A Harvard Law School Professor Could Influence Microsoft Trial

    02/25/2000 9:52:53 AM PST · by AFreeBird · 22+ views
    Wall Street Journal - Interactive Edition ^ | 02/25/2000 | By DAVID BANK - Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL
    A Harvard Law School Professor Could Influence Microsoft Trial By DAVID BANK Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL February 23, 2000 Lawrence Lessig, the Harvard Law School professor who has played a supporting role in the long-running legal drama known as U.S. vs. Microsoft, may end up the star of the last act. The 38-year-old scholar and Internet specialist is a champion of opening up public access to the underlying code of computer software. His argument: Computers have become so important to society that the workings of their engines shouldn't be a corporate secret. Once on the margins of ...