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  • Constitution Party Only 3rd Party to Make Gains

    11/14/2004 10:34:21 AM PST · by Ahban · 248 replies · 3,041+ views
    Constitution Party of Oklahoma ^ | 13 Nov 2004 | Thom Holmes
    CONSTITUTION PARTY GAINS STRENGTH WITH PEROUTKA/BALDWIN TICKET - The Constitution Party was the only alternative party that increased it's vote totals this year compared to the 2000 election! Constitution Party members have cause to celebrate! Their 2004 presidential ticket – Michael A. Peroutka for President and Dr. Chuck Baldwin for Vice President – received 30% more votes this year than in the previous election! Nationally, the Peroutka-Baldwin ticket received 132,067 votes compared to 101,278 for the Constitution Party’s 2000 candidate, Howard Phillips. The increase in Peroutka's tally is particularly significant when compared to the decline in voter support for other...
  • The Revolution of 1800 and the USA PATRIOT Act

    08/04/2004 9:55:16 AM PDT · by Ahban · 13 replies · 698+ views ^ | August 2004 | William J. Watkins
    In this election year, there are significant parallels between the USA PATRIOT Act of 2001 and the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798. Enacted in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, the PATRIOT Act has augmented the power of federal authorities to pry into the affairs of innocent Americans. In the summer of 1798, the United States Congress passed and President John Adams signed similar legislation. At base, the Alien and Sedition Acts prohibited criticism of the federal government and gave President Adams the power to deport any alien he viewed as suspicious. Americans found guilty of sedition faced...
  • Dark Side of the Moon (Rev. Moon crowned "Messiah" and "King of Heaven" by sitting Congressmen.)

    06/17/2004 10:30:12 PM PDT · by Ahban · 44 replies · 4,530+ views
    Politics1 ^ | 17 June 2004 | Ron Gunzburger
    SIDE OF THE MOON. On Wednesday we reported on a largely ignored story -- investigated in depth by journalist John Gorenfeld -- about Congressman Danny Davis (D-IL) having participated recently in a bizarre DC event featuring purported Korean cult leader Sun Myung Moon. Moon -- the leader of the Korean-based Unification Church cult, a convicted felon, and owner of the Washington Times newspaper and the UPI press service -- was previously involved in the "Koreagate" Congressional scandal in the late 1970s. We mentioned yesterday how Davis wore white gloves, read Moon's "Crown of Glory" poem, and carried a golden crown...
  • 10 Commandments Rally Saturday Nov 22nd in Little Rock Arkansas

    11/19/2003 8:19:15 PM PST · by Ahban · 3 replies · 174+ views
    Constitution Party of Arkansas ^ | 17 Nov 2003 | Dr. Alfred Harrell and Mark Moore
    of Arkansas..... Next Meeting        Republican Watch..........   Democrat WatchIt is the view of many of us that no knowledgeable and decent person can remain a Democrat. Globalism WatchPeople that are too corrupt to manage their own countries, or even their personal behavior, want to implement global government. For Immediate Release:   Contact:  Alfred Harrell—501-776-9900 November 18, 2003                    Mark Moore—479-451-9726 Ten Commandments Rally in Little Rock Joins a Nation-Wide Effort Little Rock , Ark. — Christian Leadership Academy and the Constitution Party of Arkansas are organizers of a Ten Commandments rally that will be held on the...
  • Freedom and Its Counterfeit

    08/23/2003 7:04:55 PM PDT · by Ahban · 4 replies · 560+ views
    Imprimis ^ | August 2003 | Robert P. George
                  August Imprimis Freedom and Its Counterfeit Robert P. George Robert P. George is the McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence and the Director of the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions at Princeton University. A graduate of Swarthmore College and Harvard Law School, he earned a doctorate in philosophy of law from Oxford University. He is a member of President Bush’s Council on Bioethics and served as a presidential appointee to the United States Commission on Civil Rights from 1993-1998. A former Judicial Fellow at the Supreme Court of the United States,...
  • Seeking answers to a new Mystery Ape

    08/13/2003 8:47:06 PM PDT · by Ahban · 16 replies · 772+ views
    CNN ^ | august 9th 2003 | Marsha Walton
    <p>A skull belonging to a 'mystery ape,' on the left, is placed next to a chimpazee skull for comparison. Researchers say the mystery ape is much more 'flat-faced' and substantially bigger.</p> <p>We cannot rule out the possibility that it is a new species of ape, or a new subspecies or some form of hybrid.</p>
  • Ballot Access Contested (Constitution Party of Arkansas Convention)

    06/24/2003 6:56:20 AM PDT · by Ahban · 6 replies · 401+ views
    The Arkansas Democrat Gazette ^ | 22 June 03 | Eric Hand
    Arkansas Democrat-Gazette/KAREN VANDONGE Mark Moore of Pea Ridge (left), state Constitution Party chairman, talks with state Sen. Jim Holt, R-Springdale, at the party’s convention Saturday afternoon in Fayetteville. Holt was the event’s keynote speaker. Fayetteville Ballot access contested New party says voting laws unconstitutional BY ERIC HAND ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT-GAZETTE     FAYETTEVILLE — The Constitution Party wants to prove Arkansas’ election laws unconstitutional. About 50 members of the conservative party met Saturday at the Ramada Inn in Fayetteville for their biennial state convention. Mark Moore, state chairman of the party, said he wanted to motivate members to run for office next year...
  • Stick Insects force Evolutionary Rethink

    01/15/2003 3:12:40 PM PST · by Ahban · 127 replies · 777+ views
    New Scientist ^ | 15 January 03 | Nicola Jones
    SRC="/img/shim.gif"> Wings could be a passing phase for the giant prickly stick insect (Image: OSF) Researchers have discovered that on a number of occasions in the past 300 million years, stick insects have lost their wings, then re-evolved them. Entomologists have described the revelation as "revolutionary". Michael Whiting, an evolutionary biologist from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, and his team stumbled upon the finding while examining the DNA of 37 different phasmids, the stick and leaf insects famous for camouflaging themselves against plants, in a bid to work out their family tree.   The big wing switch Entomologists have...
  • Evolution Can't Explain Biotic Diversity (vainity)

    11/20/2002 3:24:15 PM PST · by Ahban · 97 replies · 975+ views
    self ^ | from a prior thread | Ahban
    tml> Here I present a statistical argument against Macro-evolution. Several evolutionists attempt to refute it. I put their comments in color. This was BEFORE gore3000 started posting in blue, so I don't mean anything by using that color. Mine are in black..I stick with this even when we are quoting each other in our posts. I invite all concerned Freepers to evaluate the arguments presented.....__________________________________________________________________________________________And that brings Ahban to his main point..... If there have indeed been 1.25 million groups of critters diverse enough from all other groups of critters to be classified as their own FAMILY, then......Since all or...
  • Can Intelligent Design (ID) be a Testable, Scientific Theory?

    09/11/2002 7:33:21 PM PDT · by Ahban · 1,101 replies · 707+ views
    God and Science ^ | Sept 2002 | Richard Deem
    Can Intelligent Design (ID) be a Testable, Scientific Theory? What is Intelligent Design (ID)? In essence, ID is a statistical study in which the product is unlikely to occur by naturalistic process alone. For many things, especially in the arena of biology, it is difficult or impossible at this time to generate any kind of statistical model to even do the test. However, this will not always be the case. The biological model for ID will stand or fall on the basis of genetics. There is a certain statistical probability for mutations, which is absolutely known. There are also...
  • Mitochondrial DNA Mutation Rates

    09/01/2002 4:20:09 PM PDT · by Ahban · 155 replies · 1,013+ views
    Mitochondrial DNA Mutation Rates David A. Plaisted Recently an attempt was made to estimate the age of the human race using mitochondrial DNA. This material is inherited always from mother to children only. By measuring the difference in mitochondrial DNA among many individuals, the age of the common maternal ancestor of humanity was estimated at about 200,000 years. A problem is that rates of mutation are not known by direct measurement, and are often computed based on assumed evolutionary time scales. Thus all of these age estimates could be greatly in error. In fact, many different rates of mutation are...
  • Scientists sort the chimps from the men

    04/11/2002 3:37:12 PM PDT · by Ahban · 25 replies · 681+ views
    Science ^ | 11 April 2002 | Helen Phillips
    The World's No.1 Science & Technology News Service Scientists sort the chimps from the men 19:00 11 April 02 news service A team of molecular biologists have taken a step towards defining what makes us human. It is not so much our differing gene sequences that distinguish us from our primate cousins, but how active those genes are, the team has discovered. Chimp and human genomes vary by only 1.3 per cent and only a tiny fraction of this actually affects genes. The new research shows how variation in the amount of product of a gene may be as...
  • Descent of Man Theory: Disproved by Molecular Biology

    07/07/2001 8:47:05 PM PDT · by Ahban · 2,368+ views
    God and Science ^ | 6/22/01 | Richard Deem
    Descent of Man Theory: Disproven by Molecular Biology a { color: blue } a:hover { color: red } a:visited { color: purple } a:active { color: lime } Descent of Man Theory: Disproved by Molecular Biology by Richard Deem Introduction The current theory of human evolution states that modern humans evolved from more primitive bipedal hominids. The first bipedal hominid genus that is supposedly the ancestor of modern humans is Australopithecus, which appeared in the fossil record from about 4.4 to 1 million years ago throughout eastern Africa. Australopithecus comprised a diverse group of small-brained bipedal species that were ...
  • Thread II: Liberalism, Libertarianism, and Conservatism. Which are you?

    05/26/2001 7:35:23 PM PDT · by Ahban · 275+ views
    opinion- self | 2001 | Mark M. Moore
    Libertarianism, Liberalism, and Conservatism Mark M. Moore (from a letter to a friend) &nbsp; point is this: Libertarianism and modern Liberalism are based on the same ultimate philosophical assumption.&nbsp;&nbsp; This is why Libertarians wind up agreeing with Liberals so often even though superficially they are even &quot;more conservative than the conservatives&quot;. &nbsp; Of the three, the only rational choice for people who believe in absolute truth is conservatism.&nbsp; Only conservatism is based on the idea that absolute truth exists.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; Libertarianism holds to the idea that each individual has a right to make their own truth, their own ...
  • Researchers Discover Fossil Of Tiny Mammal From Early Jurassic

    05/25/2001 8:30:00 PM PDT · by Ahban · 1,207+ views
    Science Daily Magazine ^ | 25 May 2001 | Carnegie Museum of Natural History
    Researchers Discover Fossil Of Tiny Mammal From Early Jurassic; Discovery Provides Important New Evidence On The Earliest Evolution Of Mammals Pittsburgh -- An international team of researchers led by Carnegie Museum of Natural History Vertebrate Paleontologist Dr. Zhe-Xi Luo has discovered a 195-million-year-old fossil mammal. The new mammal is the smallest known for the Mesozoic Era and represents a new branch on the mammalian family tree. In an article published today in the prestigious journal Science, the team of American and Chinese scientists described this new mammal as having a precociously large brain and the middle ear of modern mammals. ...