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  • Footsteps in time that add 30,000 years to history of America

    07/04/2005 11:16:23 PM PDT · 16 of 59
    Ahban to freedom44

    So who were they, and what happened to them? If they really are 40K years old then genetic and other data indicates that they are not the ancestors of today's American Indians. Instead, they must have been from an ealier group that went extinct.

  • `Cinderella Man' does Baer an injustice, some say

    06/13/2005 11:30:57 PM PDT · 8 of 15
    Ahban to ambrose

    Baer was not a flat out villain in that film. He was complex. He had a bad side, but the movie has Braddock subtley using Baer's consicence against him so that he would come out weak (IMHO). For example, when Braddock sees the film of Baer killing the guy, he can see the remorse in Baer's posture. He then walks up to the guy and tries to show him that he (Braddock) is a real human being. Baer is really afraid he is going to kill Braddock. He does not want to. A real villain would have exulted in killing people.

  • Hip-Hop Video Gives Voice to Pro-Life Movement

    06/12/2005 7:58:22 AM PDT · 62 of 83
    Ahban to iwannaknow07

    I got chill bumps reading this. Nick Cannoon huh? I may buy my first rap CD!

  • Blacks suspended [from Charlotte schools] far more than whites

    06/12/2005 7:54:49 AM PDT · 15 of 92
    Ahban to dawn53

    And to take it a step further, libralism is a mental disorder. I would guess that the children of black Republican voters would be LESS likely to get in trouble than the average white kid. Give me some funding, I want to do a study!

  • Blacks suspended [from Charlotte schools] far more than whites

    06/12/2005 7:45:22 AM PDT · 9 of 92
    Ahban to southernnorthcarolina

    In my observations as a teacher in a black majority school district for nine years, I would say it is because the black kids misbehave more often.

  • Here come Chinese cars (Detroit alert!)

    06/12/2005 7:39:13 AM PDT · 232 of 301
    Ahban to ex-Texan


  • Judge makes stand against illegal immigration (Texas)

    06/03/2005 2:33:21 PM PDT · 51 of 62
    Ahban to SwinneySwitch

    U.S. Magistrate Judge Felix Recio for Supreme Court Justice!!!

  • Brown Recluse Spider in Northern Virginia? (vanity)

    06/01/2005 7:58:46 AM PDT · 103 of 169
    Ahban to Pyro7480

    I have them upstairs much more than downstairs myself, I'd say about 5-1. The best non-posionous solution I have found is to take 2 inch masking tape, tear off about 8 inches or so, and leave it on the floor in the areas where you see them WITH THE STICKY SIDE UP. They prowl around at night, they don't get in a web. If you picked the right places you should catch several on each piece of tape in a few weeks.

  • Gary Bauer Calls Senate Judicial Deal a 'Sell Out'

    05/23/2005 8:53:33 PM PDT · 51 of 152
    Ahban to TeatimeTim

    John 2:15

    "And He made a scrouge of cords, and drove them all out of the temple.....and poured out the coins of the moneychangers, and overturned their tables."

    Revelations 14:20

    "And the winepress was trodden outside the city, and blood came up out of the winepress, as deep as a horse's bridle, for a distance of about 200 miles."

  • Sex and the County (A liberal judge quashes a liberal curriculum)

    05/17/2005 9:41:39 AM PDT · 4 of 40
    Ahban to RWR8189

    a watershed event?

  • NASA tests solar sail technology

    05/16/2005 7:14:57 PM PDT · 18 of 29
    Ahban to KevinDavis

    I much prefer the m2ps (mini-magnetosphere plasma propulsion, which is studied by a Dr. Winglee. It uses plasma to make a huge "virtual solar sail". Charged particles from the solar wind push against it. A tiny helicon can make a "sail" 15km in diameter.

  • Did Early Humans Go North or South?

    05/15/2005 9:00:12 AM PDT · 61 of 71
    Ahban to blam

    Wow! Did the antrhopoligist have any Khosian type skeletons from Europe (or from wherever the Celts came from) to back his hypothesis?

    The Khosians also have some peculiarities in their sex organs. Another group from Irish legend, the Formorians, were presented as generally deformed. I wonder if that also could be an exaggeration of the Koho's peculiarities?

  • Did Early Humans Go North or South?

    05/15/2005 8:53:07 AM PDT · 58 of 71
    Ahban to Eeper

    Whether or not the mtDNA represents the only true human woman (with some leakage from the males) alive or simply the tiny minority of women whose genes survive to the present day is purely a matter of faith. How can we ever know which is the case?

    I am more concerned that they get the dates right. There is a lot of pressure to keep dates old enough so that they seem "respectable" to the evos. What is instead of "the first (surviving?") woman " being around 150 years ago it was only 50,000? The article assumes the Quazfeh finds are modern humans, but they don't look modern to me, and there is no way to check them by DNA analysis.

    The whole dating thing is based on mutation rates. How do we know mutation rates today have been constant for the last 150,000 years? The Vela Super Nova sent cosmic rays at highly elevated levels about 30,000 years ago. That should have raised mutation rates for many thousands of years. If the male DNA can enter the mitochondria, wouldn
    't that cause more "changes" than the chance mutation rate? The more changes it has, the older they assume it is.

  • Did Early Humans Go North or South?

    05/15/2005 8:44:43 AM PDT · 56 of 71
    Ahban to blam

    Fascinating stuff. I read up on the Khosians. When showed pictures of other ethnic groups, they identified the Vietnamese as being the same as themselves. If you look at them they do bear some resemblance, and look more like them than they do their classical negro neighbors. It makes me think that both very dark and very light humans are the offshoots. The skull shape and other mongoloid traits are a different matter though.

  • Houstonians pour money and hearts into Bush-Clinton fund (Barbara Bush calls Toon her "Son")

    05/08/2005 7:03:18 AM PDT · 25 of 31
    Ahban to longfellow

    Do you know who wrote the book?

    Also, I don't think I would shake hands with Slick, no telling where that thing has been.

  • INVASION USA Zogby poll: Americans fed up on illegal aliens

    05/06/2005 7:28:31 PM PDT · 30 of 149
    Ahban to bayourod

    You are not much of a fiction writer. You better keep your day job, which seems to be as a hack for the liberal GOP establishemnt.

  • Scientists Analyze Chromosomes 2 and 4: Discover Largest "Gene Deserts"

    05/03/2005 12:41:55 PM PDT · 363 of 398
    Ahban to Thatcherite

    Have a nice day then.

  • Scientists Analyze Chromosomes 2 and 4: Discover Largest "Gene Deserts"

    05/03/2005 8:29:12 AM PDT · 329 of 398
    Ahban to Thatcherite

    In the scriptures it says "all scripture is inspired by God". Even if men wrote it down, the scripture testifies of itself that it is "God-breathed". Do you believe that all scripture is God-breathed?

  • Scientists Analyze Chromosomes 2 and 4: Discover Largest "Gene Deserts"

    05/03/2005 7:27:50 AM PDT · 327 of 398
    Ahban to Thatcherite

    Ok, then let me re-phrase it, you are trying to condemn the scriptures, which have led countless souls to God across the ages, including mine, in a vain effort to excuse yourself from having to heed their witness. And yes, I believe that if you continue to harden your heart then you will get your heart's desire- eternal seperation from God who created and loves you.

    BTW, you seem to be doing a pretty good job of ingnoring my more salient points as well.

    I do agree that the natural universe is also a witness to God, and that the creation account must be interpreted in the light of what the natural world tells us. I am an Old Earth Creationist for example.

    If the laws of the Old Testament were a "step forward" then they cannot be "Moral Relativism" in the classical definition of that term. A "step forward" implies that there is an objective moral order. Relativism implies that there is not, that it is all a matter of personal preference.

  • The Spiritual Malaise That Haunts Europe (World-weary to the point of extinction)

    05/01/2005 9:10:00 PM PDT · 55 of 59
    Ahban to leftwingrightwingbrokenwing; DarkSavant
    Note to DS: As I am against child abuse, I hope he does not get zotted (this guy can't be outta college yet). His opinions are no real threat, and the interplay can be instructive.

    You Say " social conservatives fail to see any gray areas. There is no objective morality...but knowing that...we as a people should do the best we can."

    Ahban says: Why should we do the "best" we can? If there is no objective morality, where do you get off claiming there is a "best"? The rational person who really believes there is no objective morality will indeed do the best they can - to advance their own interests no matter how badly others get hurt.

    You are mistaken when you say that religious conservatives have no gray areas. As the scripture says, "one man regards one day above another, another man regards every day alike. Let each be fully convinced in his own mind." Some things are gray, but not all things. It is instead you who leave no room for gray areas with the claim that their is no objective morality. That is a claim that leaves all black, with no area of light at all.

    You say, "Wouldn't you like everyone to have a chance to be happy? So using our combined intellects..let us make a system which maximizes the opportunity! What we need is a set of rules that is flexible and inclusive without turning humankind to a primal survival test."

    Ahban says: I would like everyone to have a chance to be happy. I only desire this because I believe in an objective moral order that has love of neighbor as a central theme. Lacking this belief, I would have no reason to "like everyone to have a chance to be happy". My primary concern would be to insure my own happiness, even at other's expense.

    As for your appeal to "use our combined intellects" to make a system that "maximizes this opportunity", I would say that this has been tried many times. Each and every time it has been tried outside a framework of objective truth, from the French Revolution, to Marx, to Hitler, to Pol Pot, it has resulted in a totalitarian nightmare. Idealistic dreamers like yourself may start such revolutions, but they are soon supplanted by remorseless thugs who take the philosophy of moral relativism to its logical conclusion.

    You say,"What we need is a set of rules that is flexible and inclusive without turning humankind to a primal survival test."

    Why is that what we "need"? Why don't we need a set of rules that allows for the benefit of the Master Race (the one we belong too of course) at the expense of "lesser people's"? What if I think I am the fittest? Why don't I want to turn humankind into a primal survival test? Isn't that going to make the race stronger? Why is allowing weakness to multiply good? Why do I need to be "inclusive" towards people I don't like? Because leftwingrightwingchickenwing says so?

    You say, "True liberty is allowing for moral relativism. True liberty is about making up your own mind about what is right for you and your own life only. Let me stress that, You and your own life only!"

    Ahban says: Negative. True liberty is the freedom to exercise one's God given rights. The definition you give is for "license". The Founders of this country knew the difference. They knew that rights came from God. License does not produce liberty, but slavery. As individuals fall to whatever vices tempt them, they then will victimize others in an effort to sustain their vices. Eventually everyone in this "free" society becomes a prisoner as things soon descend into law-of-the-jungle style anarchy.

    Rights are a gift of God, and therefore liberty cannot mean the freedom to do whatever destructive thing you care to do, but rather the freedom to exercize your God-given rights. The difference between these two defintions of liberty is the difference in outcome between the American Revolution and the French Revolution (the Jacobian Terror, followed by dictatorship to restore order).

    You say:"I don't know why I dignified such an oft-regurgitated response with a reply of my own..."

    Ahban says: You haven't dignified it with a response of your own. You are reading right out of the handbook. To find your self, first find your Maker.

  • The Spiritual Malaise That Haunts Europe (World-weary to the point of extinction)

    05/01/2005 9:49:13 AM PDT · 34 of 59
    Ahban to leftwingrightwingbrokenwing

    You are trying to have it both ways. FR is good for the mind in that we sharpen on another, and destroy each other's misconceptions.

    If you are right about absolutely no absolutes (an abusurdity)...If all morality is relative, with no objective existence, or if we can never know what it is, then you have no business making an absolute of the "individuals pursuit of happiness" or of "nonconsenual violence". Either their is knowable objective morality or there is not. If there is, then it should be the basis of our agreement on what the rules for society should be. If there is not, then don't come to me with your nonsense about "individuals pursuit of happiness" or "non onconsenual violence". Those become phony absolutes that you are trying to impose on me with no objective basis, no less objectionable than my effort to impose bible-based laws on you. Please stop the hypocrisy.

  • The Spiritual Malaise That Haunts Europe (World-weary to the point of extinction)

    05/01/2005 9:06:52 AM PDT · 21 of 59
    Ahban to leftwingrightwingbrokenwing
    So if I want to rape your sister and your mother in front of you and then slit all of your throats you can't really say I am wrong for that, right? Actually, I might prefer to feed you all feet first into a wood chipper. Saddam's boys seemed to enjoy that. Who dares to say that their personal choices were any more or less "good" than that old hag Mother Teresas? Certainly not you or me! BTW, welcome to Free Republic!
  • Scientists Analyze Chromosomes 2 and 4: Discover Largest "Gene Deserts"

    05/01/2005 8:59:12 AM PDT · 325 of 398
    Ahban to Thatcherite

    Bible Law says that if a master beats a slave and the slave dies within a day then the master is guilty. You use that to accuse God of being unjust. Those of us who are able to examine things in perspective understand that this rule was given in times where slaves could be beaten to death with no consequences whatsoever. This law was meant to limit punishment of slaves, not promote it. You instead take this to mean that God should be condemned for advocating that masters be allowed to use any force at all. There were thousands of captive aliens in Israel. There were bond servants who stole from their masters and beat their fellow servants. Perhaps you think the U.S. military should not have been allowed to use force to manage the tens of thousands of prisioners in our various wars.

    Warfare slaves aside, how does one control an anti-social individual who does not have the skill set to successfully navigate civilized society? The Bible says he can become a bond servant to a master (of his choosing if he is an Israelite) who has authority to punish him. Other than that it is about like a seven year contract in the armed forces. At the end of the seven years perhaps he has learned enough to go out on his own, or maybe he realizes that he needs the structure and likes things with his master.

    Secular humanists (such as yourself apparently) say that is too inhuman. Instead we must lock this same individual in a cage for seven years, taking more of his freedom than slavery ever could, with other more hardened criminals. After seven years of learning/getting beatings from them rather than a responisble member of the law abiding community, we release the now hardened criminal on an unsuspecting public until he murders someone and the police have to shoot him.

    God is just, and his ways are above our ways, praise His Holy Name. Will you continue to mis-use the scriptures in a vain effort to condemn God, or will you use them to find forgiveness and healing from the condemnation that a just God must put on you?

  • US split widens as judge bans abortion for a 13-year-old girl

    05/01/2005 8:10:47 AM PDT · 24 of 148
    Ahban to Jim_Curtis

    the biased writer misses the irony. The only echo of the Schiavo case is that the unborn baby is about to be removed from his/her life support system against her will.

  • Loosening Religious Grip at Air Force Academy

    04/25/2005 7:56:32 PM PDT · 60 of 60
    Ahban to HostileTerritory

    Now you are making stuff up and attributing it to me. I never said I believed the complantants were lying, just that the complaints are trivial crap that they ought to be able to deal with by telling the prostelizer to bump a stump. See that way both sides get to exercise their freedom of religion and their freedom of speech. The way you want to do it is that the Christians have to shut up because some other "person of faith" might get offended. You don't have a constitutional right to not be offended!

    You said "
    Again, you think that officers of the U.S. Air Force should be telling non-Protestant cadets they're going to Hell if they don't worship God the way they do? Forget whether or not you agree with them--is that consistent with how the U.S. military operates?

    I say: Yes, ever since George Washington and a long line of overtly Christian practices ever since. We stopped after WWII and that is when we started losing. Remember Patton's prayer to change the weather so he could stop the Nazis in the Battle of the Bulge? It was distributed to the troops so they could all pray the same prayer.

    I don't know if you realize it, but in Gulf War I there was a genuine revival among the troops. Our faith in God, the God of the Bible not some pagan block of stone, has served our military well, but that is not why it should be ok, it should be ok because it is the truth and because every American should have the right to give their opionion without the government jumping in and shutting them up. It is NOT the official postion of the Academy that non-protestants will go to Hell, it is the position of individuals within the Academy. It is thus not a state supported establishment of religion and the PC crowd should take a hike.

    As for you deriding my claim that this is about athiests wanting to control what protestants say at their own chapel services- you should read the article again. The writer clearly uses quotes from chappel as an attempt to offend PC sensibilities.

    You can go round and round with me on this but you are wrong on the facts, wrong on the History, and wrong on the Constitution. Also, we have long been silenced by this same kind of jive. No more.

  • Loosening Religious Grip at Air Force Academy

    04/24/2005 4:46:49 PM PDT · 53 of 60
    Ahban to HostileTerritory

    Your school of hypothetical red herrings have nothing to do with what is stated in the article. Maybe you can point out to me where in the article somethign like this occured? Just because pone unknown kid CLAIMS he was called a derogatory name by one unkown person for unstated reasons is no reason to bring in the federal courts and claim there is a "systemic problem". Aggressive secularists, working through the courts, are the real systemic problem.

    The Christians on that campus have just as much right to speak their beliefs as the athiests on that campus do. This is an effort to shut them up. If some cadets don't like being told they will go to hell if they don't repent then they do not have the pschological strength required for the job, IMO.

    What the cadets say and learn about in their own chapel services is their business, and it should not have to be approved by atheists. We are utterly disgusted with nonbelievers playing victim to shut us up.

  • Loosening Religious Grip at Air Force Academy

    04/24/2005 9:57:03 AM PDT · 42 of 60
    Ahban to HostileTerritory

    If they can't take being witnessed to then they are too soft to be a combatant in the US Military.

  • The UnConstitutionality of Citizenship by Birth to Non-Americans

    04/24/2005 8:44:44 AM PDT · 4 of 159
    Ahban to Founding Father

    Great catch

  • Scientists Analyze Chromosomes 2 and 4: Discover Largest "Gene Deserts"

    04/23/2005 6:46:05 PM PDT · 322 of 398
    Ahban to Thatcherite

    The Law was given as the ideal. In a just society, that is what the law would look like. I wish that we were good enough that we could handle law that just. We are not there yet, and may never be.

    Who is in a better position to know the wickedness of a young man, his parents, or 12 strangers. Who would be most likely to condemn him to death, his parents or 12 strangers? It is clear that parents would be 1) better informed than strangers on whether their child was worthy of death and 2) less likely to call for death than strangers even in those situations where the strangers have equal knowledge.

    The intent of the law was therefor not to kill more young people, but rather to strengthen the lawful authority of the parent. That would be a good thing. Right now, children can defy their parents openly, knowing that the state will intervene on the side of their foolishness if the parents even spank them in public. We now have children that grow up wild and rebellious, worthless to themselves and others. These are the kind that agents of the state will later have to kill or imprision- we have over 2 million like that right now. Isn't that enough?

    When respect for parents is greater, respect for all authority and the law also becomes greater. The point of the law is to save life, even when it calls for ending it.

    If we implemented all of the Old Testament Law in our current state we would be required by the Law to kill large numbers of people that God would rather spare alive that they may have more time to repent.

    I support that Law as the Ideal. I believe in working for a society that is virteous enough to support such a virteous law. The closer we can get to that, the more our laws can be modeled on the ideal.

    I believe the law in this case is based on the idea that the parents are upstanding citizens, and not crack-heads or something. No one would follow the lead of such a person. Still, if good people have an out of control sociopath on their hands it would be good if we could kill them before they killed a number of innocent people. I have seen some kids that you just know are going to wind up killers if they don't get killed first. Both outcomes happened in the cases I am thinking of.

    THe biggest lesson of the Bible is that though the Law is stern and just, Mercy and Grace can trump it. Remember that every Christian is a person who has confessed that they are worthy of death- that they have broken the Divine Law. It is only by His substitution, bearing in His Own Body the penalty meant for me (and you, if you care to believe it) that the eternal penalty for our sins has been paid. You should not be surprised when people such as us say that the law should be hard and just, nor should you be surprised when we plead for mercy toward the lawbreakers. It is not a contradiction, rather we realize the purpose of the Law is not to perfect us, or to give us grounds to demand that God accept us as equals in righteousness. Instead its purpose is to make us aware of our failings and need for Him.

  • Double Crossing at the Rio Grande II

    04/21/2005 7:14:08 AM PDT · 4 of 63
    Ahban to Congressman Billybob

    Tax them for everyone we catch. Good idea!

  • Santorum reads nuke polls, applies the brakes

    04/21/2005 7:10:43 AM PDT · 43 of 100
    Ahban to wjersey

    You guys keep doing the same thing over and over again and somehow expect a different result.

    If you want to get something different, you are going to have to DO something different.

  • Scientists Analyze Chromosomes 2 and 4: Discover Largest "Gene Deserts"

    04/20/2005 8:48:30 PM PDT · 320 of 398
    Ahban to Thatcherite

    You do well to consider the scriptures, and look to them. When studied with faith, they bring life and peace.

    Leviticus 25:44-46 was not an endorsement of slavery, but an effort to limit it. This is clear if you read the surrounding verses. The scriptures serve as tutor for mankind, bringing him from a state of barbarity to a state of enlightenment. The main point of the passage you cite, when surrounding verses are considered, is that you are not to treat your fellow Hebrew (your neighbor) like that. Jesus then showed us that our neighbor is anyone who is around us. Mankind is tutored by God at a rate we can handle it.

    I will have to address your points on capital punishment tomorrow. This morning I wold like to address your points on corporal punishment.

    The slaves that you say Americans bought fair and square were mostly kidnapped, and as such do not compare with a 'bond servant" agreement.

    You seem to think it fine for the State/Schools to beat on children but not OK for a Master that the parent has chosen to do the same. Wild children have to be disciplined for their own good and the good of society. On that we agree. What choice does the parent have about their government? In these days of complusory attendence laws what choice do they have in schools (unless they homeschool). At least they can pick their master.

    I see the Bible's solution as less statist and more free than the socialist position that the state should have a monopoly on force. The more power parents (and their chosen masters have) to use force to discipline then the less force the state will need (and the less power it need have).

    Perhaps you live among civilized, secular people who do not need a caning to stay out of trouble. Good for them, but you should not assume that the whole world is like them.

    As for "slavery" being unchristian, it is in a way. Philemon is a good study on that, he was a run away slave and Paul teaches the next lesson on how "slaves" ought to be treated. The Bible tutors humanity to the final step.

    Frederick Douglass was a former slave, and a CHristian. He observed that while the Bible permitted men to be masters it did not permit them to be bad ones. If he can content himself with that and still have faith in God, despite living as a slave, then Thatcherite is surely without excuse in his efforts to condemn his Maker.

  • Scientists Analyze Chromosomes 2 and 4: Discover Largest "Gene Deserts"

    04/18/2005 6:47:14 PM PDT · 318 of 398
    Ahban to Thatcherite

    Before I answer first you answer my questions to sakic in #313.

  • Scientists Analyze Chromosomes 2 and 4: Discover Largest "Gene Deserts"

    04/16/2005 5:41:48 PM PDT · 313 of 398
    Ahban to sakic

    Do you beleive that schools should be allowed to give corporal punsihment?

    What about caning of delinquint youths by the government such as is practiced in Hong Long?

  • Scientists Analyze Chromosomes 2 and 4: Discover Largest "Gene Deserts"

    04/15/2005 7:27:01 PM PDT · 301 of 398
    Ahban to Thatcherite; sakic

    Yes. I accept God for who the Bible says He is, and love Him for it. He is not only infinitely merciful, but infinitley just. I agree with the U.S. Supreme court that capital punishment for certain juveniles is necessary (though He also reveals in Ezekiel 33 that He does not delight in the death of the wicked, but rather that they turn from thier ways and repent.. In the part of the law you name, it is not clear to me that the "children" to be stoned to death are not in their 20s anyway.

    Is that any less just than our current system that takes childern from parents just for spanking them in public? That does not allow the parents to discipline an unruly child so they grow up wild and police have to shoot them later?

    The "slaves" were not the sort of slaves that Americans once kidnapped from Africa. A better translation would be "bond servatns". After 7 years they were supposed to be let go, unless they decided they wanted to stay with their master for life. There are a lot of people out there today who are too plain stupid to successfully navigate the modern world on their own. They would be better off if they attached themselves to some well to do person and became their household bond servant.

    The reason this God does not seem cruel or harsh is 1) I am not brainwashed by liberal propaganda and 2) Jesus took the penalty for sin that I deserved. God is not strict on us but lax on Himself.

  • Scientists Analyze Chromosomes 2 and 4: Discover Largest "Gene Deserts"

    04/15/2005 7:16:58 PM PDT · 299 of 398
    Ahban to jennyp; VadeRetro

    Vade, jennyp seems to have forgotton about Morton's demon. Can you assure her that I am in fact "demon possessed"?

  • Scientists Analyze Chromosomes 2 and 4: Discover Largest "Gene Deserts"

    04/14/2005 9:39:51 PM PDT · 264 of 398
    Ahban to Chaguito

    IF it means what they say, but again it can only show where the cut and paste was done (or something that looks like a c and p). There observations can't say what force did the cutting and pasting.

    Besides, they act like it was NOT established before their research, so if they are right then the evos on this board were wrong to claim it was. If they are wrong about the importance of the evidence then why should I believe their evidence?

  • Scientists Analyze Chromosomes 2 and 4: Discover Largest "Gene Deserts"

    04/14/2005 9:36:29 PM PDT · 263 of 398
    Ahban to sakic

    His ways are above our ways, which can look like moral relativism to someone who is not willing to know Him.

  • Scientists Analyze Chromosomes 2 and 4: Discover Largest "Gene Deserts"

    04/14/2005 9:33:54 PM PDT · 262 of 398
    Ahban to jennyp

    I am not lying and I resent your implication that I am.

  • Scientists Analyze Chromosomes 2 and 4: Discover Largest "Gene Deserts"

    04/13/2005 7:18:32 PM PDT · 25 of 398
    Ahban to mc6809e

    PS- even those of us who believe in Revelation as a source for truth believe that our interpretations of those revelations must be examined.

  • Scientists Analyze Chromosomes 2 and 4: Discover Largest "Gene Deserts"

    04/13/2005 7:16:36 PM PDT · 23 of 398
    Ahban to mc6809e

    That sounds very reasonable. I hope that you will avail yourself the opportunity to remind some of the evos on this board of that when they become to strident and dogmatic. It seems from behind my keyboard that they write like evolution is a proven fact and to believe otherwise makes you "demon-possessed". If you are a new poster on this board you may not believe that, but that is the term they use to people who fail to interpret the evidence the way they think we should.

    In this instance for example, if there was a fusion, and if the fusion point has indeed been found, it only shows where the "cut and paste" was, not whether an ID or blind evolution performed the operation!

  • Scientists Analyze Chromosomes 2 and 4: Discover Largest "Gene Deserts"

    04/13/2005 6:51:15 PM PDT · 8 of 398
    Ahban to PatrickHenry


    Haven't the evos at FR been assuring us for years that the fusion of the two ape chromosomes was a fact? On at least one recent thread they even had pictures pointing to where the centromere would have been. How can these evo scientists just now be announcing proof of what your team has long assured me HAS ALREADY BEEN PROVEN?

  • (Texas Mexican)Mafia man describes meeting to plan hit

    04/12/2005 7:52:24 PM PDT · 7 of 7
    Ahban to Tacis

    That would be Jorge "Open Borders" Arbusto.

  • Throng of supporters hears Mexico City mayor announce presidential bid

    04/07/2005 8:24:11 PM PDT · 13 of 15
    Ahban to SwinneySwitch

    Don't have time to read the post, but the way things are going I presume he is announcing for the Republican nomination for US President. He will be almost as strong an open borders advocate as the last GOP nominee.

  • The Worst Jobs In History

    04/07/2005 8:21:29 PM PDT · 29 of 40
    Ahban to Ahban

    Uhhh, I guess I meant "These are all whimp jobs".

  • The Worst Jobs In History

    04/07/2005 8:20:32 PM PDT · 28 of 40
    Ahban to All

    This are all whimp jobs. I was a middle-school teacher.

  • The Berger Whitewash

    04/04/2005 8:05:33 AM PDT · 50 of 65
    Ahban to Theodore R.

    Just another example of the Republicrats taking care of each other. It's like pro-wrestling, they pretend to be enemies when the cameras are on and then go out drinking.

  • Korean Scientists Succeed in Stem Cell Therapy

    04/04/2005 7:54:21 AM PDT · 16 of 21
    Ahban to Lori675

    Thank you for posting this. Doctors Song, Han, and Kan are to be congratulated for this achievment. What must it be like to be paralyzed for 19 years and then be able to walk? It is almost like something you read about in the Bible.

  • GOP Crack-Up? Pardon My Guffaw (Mark Steyn: Republicans "Did the Right Thing" re: Schiavo)

    04/03/2005 8:33:10 AM PDT · 56 of 205
    Ahban to Earthdweller; Saundra Duffy
  • Pa. College Professor Arrested at Schiavo Hospice

    03/29/2005 8:47:01 PM PST · 59 of 328
    Ahban to Palladin

    I know the man. I am not surprised. He was an action-oriented guy who is not afraid to think outside the box. At 56 he may be less agile than when I knew him, but the way I remember him, if he had been trying to hurt those officers, he would have.