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  • Lunatic, Left Wing Relatives on Thanksgiving.

    11/20/2012 1:10:36 PM PST · by albie · 180 replies
    My 89 year old Mother in law (a conservative) is spending Thanksgiving with me and my family. My wife has requested that her looney left wing grandchildren be allowed to visit with "Granny" on Saturday. They voted Obama and are in their 20's and are actually very nice people. However, I've made it clear that I can not tolerate Obama voters in my house. Nice or not, family or otherwise. I'm still on the fence because I do love my Mother in law. What do you think? Also, are there others with similar problems?
  • Virginia Voters

    11/06/2012 6:41:41 AM PST · by albie · 3 replies
    I liked seeing the Indiana voter opinion question so much that I thought I'd throw in a thread to get input from Virginia. I worked the polls in Richmond from 6a-8a and the turnout was literally 10x's that of 2008, which I also worked! Conservatives were fired up and up beat! You could easily tell the difference between a Romney and Obama voter. And I would say the ration was 20 to 1 Romney.
  • Virginia Voters

    11/06/2012 6:41:23 AM PST · by albie · 10 replies
    I liked seeing the Indiana voter opinion question so much that I thought I'd throw in a thread to get input from Virginia. I worked the polls in Richmond from 6a-8a and the turnout was literally 10x's that of 2008, which I also worked! Conservatives were fired up and up beat! You could easily tell the difference between a Romney and Obama voter. And I would say the ration was 20 to 1 Romney.
  • Who Will The DNC Get?

    09/01/2012 9:35:07 AM PDT · by albie · 58 replies
    09/01/2012 | albie
    The RNC got Hollywood Icon, tough guy Clint Eastwood to speak at the convention! The publicity was enormous and it created quite a stir. Who will the DNC try to get and match such a star at thier convention?
  • Prayers For Emily

    05/17/2012 5:00:28 AM PDT · by albie · 15 replies
    A family that lives 3 houses up from me just got word that their sweet little 8 year old daughter Emily has a brain tumor. Emily was diagnosed a few weeks ago with mono and had not been eating and was having difficulty keeping down liquids. Yesterday her Grandmother called an ambulance for Emily because of severe headachs, thought to be migraines. After a scan, a mass was discovered. Emily goes in for surgery this morning at 8:30. Please give a prayer for Emily and her family.
  • Shiller Warns Seven Years of Economic 'Bad Times' in Store for US

    09/22/2010 2:52:46 PM PDT · by albie · 10 replies
    Seven years of “bad times” may lie ahead for the U.S. economy as it recovers from the financial crisis that started in 2007, according to Robert Shiller, an economist at Yale University. Shiller made his estimate in a commentary two days ago. He drew the conclusion from the work of economists Carmen Reinhart and Vincent Reinhart in “After the Fall,” a paper presented at the Federal Reserve’s annual symposium last month. Shiller cited gross domestic product per capita and unemployment. The figures are compiled by the International Monetary Fund and the Labor Department, respectively, and the jobless rates are year-end...
  • The Power of Collective Prayer

    09/21/2010 12:15:37 PM PDT · by albie · 5 replies
    9/21/2010 | albie
    With so many conservative candidates running for election this fall, I'd like to get a list together of these people and ask my fellow Freepers to partake in the Power of Collective Prayer on a daily basis. There's a good deal of propaganda being heaved on Americans and we need to keep track of who the "good guys" and the "bad guys" are. Please donate a name of any local politician that you're confident is a conservative and will do the right thing when elected. There's no doubt that this election is the most important in our lifetime. It could...
  • Should the Banner Wave?

    09/10/2010 11:17:51 AM PDT · by albie · 22 replies
    9/10/2010 | albie
    I have the American flag that was draped over my Father's casket when he was buried in Arlington Nat'l 5 years ago. WWll/Korea/Vietnam/Army/Master Sargeant. It's always kept neatly folded in the triangular shape that it was in when handed to my Mother. She gave it to me. Just above the garage door of my home I've placed 2 nails that are used to hang this flag every Flag Day, Veterans Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day etc. The folks in my neighborhood always notice it from it's size and have come to look forward to it on these days. I only...
  • Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Question)

    05/21/2010 11:32:56 AM PDT · by albie · 55 replies · 1,387+ views
    My 16 year old daughter has suddenly and with the most coincidental timing been asked by her history teacher to write a paper on the effect the "Civil Rights Act of 1964" has had on America today. I know what the teacher is looking for, but I want to be sure I teach my daughter the truth. I'm asking for bullet points on the effect this act really had on America. Your help would be most appreciated!
  • Public School's Version of a "Call To Freedom"

    10/29/2009 6:27:56 AM PDT · by albie · 10 replies · 363+ views
    I was just reading one of my daughters "history" books called, "Call to Freedom". (credit is given to "" so I knew this was going to spell trouble.) In a chapter called "The Great Society", the book brags about LBJ's accomplishments in poverty. Here's a quote..."Partly because of Johnson's Great Society, poverty in the US decreased. Overall unemployment levels stayed low and the percentage of Americans living below the poverty level dropped to about 12% by 1969. Americans' income levels rose more during the 1960's than they had during the prosperous years of the 1950's". There are chapters devoted to...
  • Obama wins "Most Well Endowed" by "Hineyboy Magazine".

    10/09/2009 10:10:34 AM PDT · by albie · 6 replies · 282+ views
    10/9/2009 | albie
    A panel of 3 judges submitted their opinion forms with "wowie zowie", "hubba hubba" and "mmmm, mmmm, mmmm" as they were unanimous.
  • Perversion 101

    10/06/2009 7:26:29 AM PDT · by albie · 7 replies · 548+ views
    WorldNetDaily ^ | 10/5/2009 | Chelsea Schilling
    Perversion 101: Kids taught 'gay' sex, rape, bestiality High school teacher keeps job after handing out pornographic 'banned book'
  • Red Flag Over WH?

    09/19/2009 6:56:10 AM PDT · by albie · 28 replies · 1,372+ views
    9/9/09 | Chuck Baldwin
    RED FLAG TO FLY OVER WHITE HOUSE By Chuck Baldwin September 9, 2009 Lest anyone doubt the communist leanings of President Barack Obama, look no further than to his decision to hoist the Red Chinese flag (for the first time in history) over the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, D.C., on Sunday, September 20. According to China Daily, "Chinese associations in the United States had applied to hold a ceremony in front of the US President's residence to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of PRC [People's Republic of China] . . . "More than...
  • Kucinich: Take Insurance Profits to Pay For UHC

    09/18/2009 6:13:12 AM PDT · by albie · 18 replies · 635+ views
    Yahoo finance ^ | 9/18/2009 | Aaron Task
    Kucinich: Take Insurance Industry Profits to Pay for Universal Health Care Posted Sep 18, 2009 07:00am EDT by Aaron Task Related: AET, CI, WLP, UNH, ^HCX, ^DJI, ^GSPC Sen. Max Baucus' health-care bill got the cold shoulder from Republicans, but the Montana Democrat isn't making any friends on the (true) left of the political spectrum either. "The people of the United States deserve a lot better than this," Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) says of the Baucus plan. "Unless you have a public option there is no way that you can drive down the cost for health care because the insurance...
  • Just As Long As He's Not Black!

    09/16/2009 10:40:07 AM PDT · by albie · 8 replies · 549+ views
    So .. here is what Jimmy Carter, Bill Moyers, Hank Johnson, much of the Washington and New York press corps, Newsweek Magazine and the brilliant thinkers on the American left would have you believe of Americans right now: We would be more than willing to welcome cap-and-trade with open arms, even if we paid a thousand dollars or more extra every year for our energy use, if Barack Obama were only white. We would be dancing in the streets celebrating the dawning of government control of our health care if only Barack Obama were white. It would be just dandy...
  • Obama's Attempt at Civil Wars in School

    09/05/2009 8:36:52 AM PDT · by albie · 4 replies · 564+ views
    09/05/2009 | albie
    Public schools around the country have recieved their orders. Broadcast the president's message on September 8 and follow with a carefully worded "feel good" q&a period. Some schools have taken the initiative to simply say no. Others have taken the position that the speech WILL be shown to a "captive" audience during civics class, extended study, whatever. Then there's a 3rd position, which is the "option" to choose to stay or not. Supply a note to the school prior to the viewing and they will be excused to go to the library. This "option" is the Obama administrations preference. It...
  • To Stay Home Or Not To Stay Home

    09/02/2009 2:14:20 PM PDT · by albie · 75 replies · 1,877+ views
    personal | albie
    My 15 and 12 year old daughters attend public school. They are well versed in conservatism and understand the difference between right and wrong (conservatives vs. Obama administration). I called my daughters school about the Obama speech. They said they were recording it and are giving the kids the option to see it the following Friday. To me, it’s a testament to how the school views this administration. On the other hand, I’m finding it difficult to remove my kids from school for the day because it puts them in an awkward position. Not because they're friends are Obama fans....
  • Democrats plan hundreds of reform rallies

    08/26/2009 7:23:05 AM PDT · by albie · 53 replies · 1,195+ views ^ | 8/25/2009 | Chris Frates
    Democrats plan hundreds of reform rallies Tags:Health Care Reform, Democrats, Organizing For America Back to top Listen Print Comment Email Recommend Subscribe By CHRIS FRATES | 8/25/09 12:43 PM EDT Text Size- + reset Faced with a souring public mood on health care reform, Democrats and their supporters are launching a national grassroots push Wednesday to show lawmakers that the majority of Americans still support overhauling the system. Reform supporters are planning to hold more than 500 events between Wednesday and when lawmakers return to Washington Sept. 8, ranging from neighborhood organized phone banks to professionally staffed rallies with hundreds...
  • "Where's the BC?!"

    08/19/2009 7:10:03 AM PDT · by albie · 24 replies · 1,217+ views
    WND ^ | August 18, 2010
    Eligibility billboard campaign goes viral Americans make homemade 'Where's the birth certificate?' signs -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted: August 18, 2009 8:58 pm Eastern © 2009 WorldNetDaily WASHINGTON – Americans are picking up on the "Where's the birth certificate?" billboard campaign by creating their own homemade versions of the signs and displaying them on highways, byways and on their own properties. As the latest WND-sponsored billboard went up in front of Las Vegas' Mandalay Bay Hotel, others are pitching in to demand proof of Barack Obama's eligibility for office with some bootleg versions of the message – often in slightly less prominent venues.
  • A Lesson in the Fundamentals on the Failures of Socialism

    04/01/2009 7:55:52 AM PDT · by albie · 13 replies · 558+ views
    My wife works in a conservative Christian Day School. She's an aid to another teacher who claims to be a conservative. They had an Easter Egg hunt last week for the 3 - 4 year olds. After the hunt, this woman instructed my wife to gather all the eggs and be sure that all the kids got an equal amount of candy. (you likely know where this is going) My wife didn't want to do this, but in the environment of excitement etc, felt she had no choice. No time for a healthy discussion of why this is soooo wrong...
  • Beyond Belief

    02/24/2009 12:56:34 PM PST · by albie · 9 replies · 1,095+ views
    Boortz News | Neil Boortz
    BEYOND BELIEF By Neal Boortz @ February 24, 2009 8:59 AM Permalink | Comments (33) | TrackBacks (0) How long ago was Katrina? Make that about three and one-half years since that nasty little blow to New Orleans. Some of you in New Orleans may wonder what happened to my show. I'm not on the air there any more. It seems that the owner of the radio station that carried my show didn't appreciate the things I had to say about New Orleans residents after Katrina. No problem .. it's his station. Has happened before - will happen again. What...
  • What Obama Does and Most People Don't Know

    02/06/2009 7:44:56 AM PST · by albie · 19 replies · 954+ views
    FAIR - "Federation for American Immigration Reform"
    The Census Bureau wants immigration agents to stop enforcement raids during the 2010 Census so the government gets a better count of illegal immigrants. They say doing raids during the census would make an already distrustful group even less likely to cooperate with government workers. There is precedent for this. Raids were stopped for several months before and after the 2000 census. This is an example of us backing down and making bargains with the lawbreakers yet again. But it speaks to the larger issue of why we are counting illegals. Right now, the Constitution requires the Census Bureau to...
  • Sarah Palin in Richmond, VA/Deep Run HS!

    11/01/2008 9:52:53 AM PDT · by albie · 6 replies · 773+ views
    Deep Run HS is in a conservatively based part of Richmond, Va's west end. Although we've been seeing our share of BO signage thanks to a lot of relocation from the NE bringing their crummy voting habits with them. Sarah Palin along with Eric Cantor and Atty Gen McDonnell will kick off the rally tonight at 6:30 with Palin on at about 8:15. I've just wrapped up a volunteer meeting where we coordinated for tonight and than assembled lawn signs and other work. No complaints. People here in Va are pumped! A huge showing of volunteers with just 24 hours...
  • BO "Address to the Unwashed"

    10/30/2008 6:01:08 AM PDT · by albie · 18 replies · 815+ views
    Did anyone actually sit through the Obama 1/2 hour prime time "speech" last night? I've seen little mention on it here so far. Any opinions?
  • Woman Claims Injury at Oprah Show Taping

    01/05/2007 7:26:23 AM PST · by albie · 18 replies · 828+ views
    CHICAGO (AP) -- A woman sued Oprah Winfrey's studio Thursday, alleging she was injured in a rush for seats during a taping of the talk show host's syndicated TV show. Tayna Milner said she was pushed down stairs between a waiting area and audience seating at Harpo Studios on April 11, according to the lawsuit filed in Cook County Circuit Court. Her lawsuit accuses the studio in Chicago's West Loop neighborhood of failing to properly control the crowd, which caused Milner to fall and suffer unspecified injuries, the Chicago Tribune reported on its Web site. Milner is seeking more than...
  • Poll: Americans See Gloom, Doom in 2007

    12/31/2006 10:36:15 AM PST · by albie · 43 replies · 1,377+ views
    By DARLENE SUPERVILLE WASHINGTON (AP) - Another terrorist attack, a warmer planet, death and destruction from a natural disaster. These are among Americans' grim predictions for the United States in 2007. But on a brighter note, only a minority of people think the U.S. will go to war with Iran or North Korea over the countries' nuclear ambitions. An overwhelming majority thinks Congress will raise the federal minimum wage. A third sees hope for a cure to cancer. These are among the findings of an Associated Press-AOL News poll that asked Americans to gaze into their crystal balls and contemplate...
  • Exposed: The Extremist Agenda w/Glenn Beck

    11/13/2006 12:17:41 PM PST · by albie · 70 replies · 4,879+ views
    This special is to run November 15, 7 & 9 pm on "Headline News". I believe that the worst part of this whole election nightmare has been the DBM. The past week has been one big love affair with the libs and the DBM. Not one controversy, "Perfectville". Glenn Beck is a breath of fresh air! He's able to get his conservative point across AND do it on lib TV! You'll never see Rush getting an opportunity like Glenn is getting. In the scope of things it's a small victory, but Glenn Beck just could be the guy that helps...
  • One Last Surprise?

    11/04/2006 11:47:09 AM PST · by albie · 84 replies · 2,705+ views
    Last week Glenn Beck said he was certain that the Dems would come up with one more surprise on Saturday night. That way, it's in Sunday morning's paper and there wouldn't be enough time to counter. Any guesses on what this could be?
  • Larry Sabato Makes Senate Predictions

    11/02/2006 11:38:59 AM PST · by albie · 62 replies · 2,760+ views
    Larry Sabato has made his official list of Senate predictions on Newsmax. He pick Webb over Allen in Virginia. Does anyone know Sabatos' record of accuracy?
  • Media Death Watch = Republican Win

    11/02/2006 9:03:39 AM PST · by albie · 35 replies · 1,353+ views
    "Media Death Watch" has always been my favorite title thread on Freerepublic. I love to see a left wing newspaper/anchorman(babe)/TV special go down in flames. It proves the point that the MSM or DBM is of no concern to most of us. We (Republicans) live busy lives, making a living, raising our families, hunting, fishing, enjoying the fruits of our labor. Our news is from Rush, Hannity, Drudge, Newsmax, Townhall, Freerepublic. The title of this thread is my starting point of optimism in the elections. The outrage felt by millions over the Kerry remark, biased media, slanted polling and thousands...
  • Complete Confidence or Wishful Thinking?

    10/19/2006 11:37:18 AM PDT · by albie · 11 replies · 329+ views
    I personally refuse to and simply cannot believe that the American people, as a whole, would be stupid or uninformed enough to vote Democrat. The issues will be the deciding factor in this election, as always. National security is a major issue, economy is great. Republicans will win both houses. I'm convinced based on this. What is YOUR one shining reason that you're convinced of a continued Republican majority? I'd love to hear your take.
  • Headline for November 8, 2006.

    10/17/2006 1:14:51 PM PDT · by albie · 81 replies · 1,571+ views
    November 8, 2006. In 5 words or less, what will be the reigning headline the day after election day? (this should seperate the negatives and the positives.
  • Rush Predicts 30 to 40 seat Pick-Up!?

    10/04/2006 11:02:11 AM PDT · by albie · 152 replies · 4,892+ views
    Rush just predicted 30-40 seats picked-up in the house. He's received so many e-mails that have said "stop the rah-rah crap and be honest about the election, we're gonna lose". This based on the psychology of the libs being convinced that we steal elections. They won't show because we'll steal it anyway, why bother! (sarcasm on his part)
  • Responding to a Poll

    10/04/2006 8:04:28 AM PDT · by albie · 23 replies · 757+ views
    Talking with a friend of mine this morning about the Mark Foley deal, George Allen & Jim (the weasel) Webb etc, he mentioned that he got polled and answered all the questions as if he were a card carrying Stalinst. Out of curiosity, (having never been polled myself) is this common practice? Can anyone back this up with their own experience of "messing" with the pollster?