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  • Teacher's comments about McCain, war stir anger

    11/07/2008 2:54:44 PM PST · 35 of 45
    alfadog to ELS

    Link to the video:

    This woman is a P.O.S.! “Your father will have to stay in Iraq for 100 years”, if McCain got elected.

    Got the info below from You Tube:
    Diantha Harris used to work in Ashville - now works in Fayetteville at “Mary McArthur Elementary”.
    Principles name - Lola B Williams - school phone number is -(910)424-2206

    Go to their website you can email Mrs Harris or the Principle.

    Email of the principal. Write to her and demand accountability. Take the spaces out:

    School Superintendent William C. Harrison 910.678.2300

  • Obama Wins Ohio - It's Over

    11/04/2008 6:28:08 PM PST · 18 of 213
    alfadog to Nowhere Man

    Game over. This wasn’t an election, it was an IQ test for the U.S.; and sadly we just failed. Here’s what happens when you dumb down America and media outlets shift from being news reporters to Democratic activists. This Socialist/Marxist is going to do so much damage in the next 4 years to this country. I’m never amazed by the stupidity of the masses.

  • DARK REIGN: Obama Thugs Vote "A Couple of Times" Each

    11/04/2008 1:58:31 PM PST · 8 of 14
    alfadog to Rokurota

    Being a former resident of Philly, all I can say is the voting corruption there rivals Chicago! What a disgrace and mockery they make of this country by pulling that crap!!!


    10/23/2008 1:03:13 PM PDT · 23 of 119
    alfadog to ari-freedom

    First, I feel so sorry for that girl! This could be the election swinger we’ve all been waiting for; just sorry it had to come at the expense of a young woman.


    10/23/2008 8:39:06 AM PDT · 25 of 83
    alfadog to capt. norm

    The United Socialist States Of America, brought to you by the MSM and citizens that have become so dumb downed that they embrace Socialism with open arms. This is it people, I don’t think this republic can survive an Obama/Pelosi/Reed presidency. Something has to come to a head soon; where’s the revolution? Please sign me up.

  • McCain has reasons for persisting in Pennsylvania

    10/22/2008 3:43:36 AM PDT · 23 of 24
    alfadog to purplelobster

    I’m living in Delaware County, PA, and one thing I can tell you is that 4 years ago I saw a whole lot of John Kerry lawn signs in the suburbs. Now, I’m seeing only a handful of Obama signs and many more McCain signs. Also, I know of a few neighbors and extended family members that are democrats and that are voting for McCain. Now if you add to that the roughly 20% of Hillary voters that either won’t vote for Obama or will outright vote against Obama by voting for McCain; I just don’t believe the poll numbers, especially in PA. Philly is the major problem for McCain as it’s consumed with morons who keep voting in democratic administrations, as their crime rate soars (Killadelphia) and their standard of living erodes; not to mention the voter fraud that Philly is so famous for. I know Western PA will vote heavily Republican, and from what I’m seeing in Southern PA, Obama doesn’t have much support here. I think McCain wins in PA.

  • Still Waiting for ‘Straight Talk’ on the Fiscal Mess

    10/08/2008 8:20:38 PM PDT · 16 of 16
    alfadog to HappyinAZ

    a) a “loan” is not a “bail-out”

    -Guess it all depends on what your definition of a loan is; not to sound like Bubba It used to be that you had to put up collateral so that if you defaulted, there were real assets that the lender could seize. Fed is going to buy “illiquid” assets. When something has no liquidity it is by definition, worthless. Not even the market knows how to value that bad paper that the banks are holding, what makes you think the Fed or Treasury are going to be able to value it? Also, when has the govt. invested in anything that has made money? Loan sort of sounds like “Pro Choice” to me, when what they’re really doing is killing babies. It’s all just semantics, because it’s a bailout!

    b) One of Treasuries responsibilities is to stabilize the monetary system (which they are doing)

    -And a “bangup” job they’ve been doing over the years, don’t you think?! Try Googling “fractional reserve system” and see what the Fed has really been doing to our monetary system. It’s a house cards and the Fed is printing monopoly money. God help this country once the masses figure that out. Ever wonder why they took the currency off of the gold standard? Well now you know!

    c) Buying up bank loans and holding them to maturity will generate a profit and put capital back into the system.

    -Okay, let me get this one straight since it’s Wall Street and Washington’s main talking point right now. The Fed is going to buy toxic paper that the market can’t even place a value on and then it’s going to sell this currently illiquid paper at just the right time, to make a profit. Hmmmm, sounds like speculation and market timing to me. Hang around Wall street enough and you’ll learn that the street of bankruptcy is littered with speculators and market timers. You have a better chance of seeing God than seeing the government make penny one of profit. Oh, and haven’t you heard, there’s already rumor of a second bailout package, I kid you not. Oooops sorry, a second

    d) Most Americans understand none of the above....

    This one I may have to agree with you on. Most Americans are asleep and have no clue of how we got here, and that my friend is the most dangerous thing of all. It gets you horrendous outcomes like, President Obama!!! God help us all if that happens!!! I’m more apt to say, most Americans don’t understand the Community Reinvestment Act, the catalyst and cause of most of this. They don’t understand that Carter started it, Clinton expanded it greatly, and sadly Bush got his hands dirty with it too. What a great idea, let’s give adjustable rate, no doc loans to people with bad credit. Gee, you think it would’ve occured to someone involved that interest rates do go up at times, which would cause defaults on mortgages and credit lines drying up. Were you aware that in 2004 and 2005, over 90% of Fanny’s loans were adjustable rates. This principle is so basic and obvious that everyone should understand it, with the exception of the clowns in Washington. So, just because we disagree with the bailout package, I mean loan package, does not mean we do not understand. Maybe, we understand a little more than they do. Get out of the markets way and let it do what it’s going to do. A market is like the ocean, it can’t be controlled, it does and goes where it wants to go, regardless of what barriers you construct.

  • Still Waiting for ‘Straight Talk’ on the Fiscal Mess

    10/08/2008 11:54:53 AM PDT · 7 of 16
    alfadog to BubbaBobTX

    I think I threw up in my mouth a little bit when I heard McCain say he was going to use 300 billion dollars of our money to buy bad mortgages directly from IRRESPONSIBLE people. Just when I hold my nose and close my eyes over that atrocity of a bailout bill (true socialism in its purest form), here he comes with an even more offensive idea of rewarding the STUPID. Whatever happened to personal responsibility in this country?! This guy makes it real hard to vote for him. At this point I’m voting against Obama, not for McCain. But in reality, they’ve both signed onto a socialistic agenda. Is this the best our party had to offer?! Bailing irresponsible homeowners out, cap and trade carbon emissions crap, global warming crap, amnesty for illegal immigrants, and willingness to be a whipping boy for Obama every time Obama blames this democratic party created financial crisis on the republicans. Damn man, stand up for yourself, stand up for us, and stop this bipartisan B.S. Enough is enough!!!!

  • Stocks sharply lower as global crisis persists (Dow under 10,000 1st time in nearly 4 years)

    10/06/2008 8:49:15 AM PDT · 69 of 83
    alfadog to Issaquahking

    Idiots, everyone of them that voted for that bailout package! Those dolts were too worried speculating what the DOW was going to do and you know they were damn well certain that their yes votes were going to prop up the market. Wow, did McCain miss a golden opportunity to get on the other side of this issue; instead he got in line like a good little socialist, and now his campaign, our party, our stock market, and our country are getting flushed down the drain. Please John, can you check the bipartisan crap for at least one night tomorrow, and point the fingers at the democrats who have their fingers all over this collapse! Will someone at the McCain camp please watch this and then do your job and make the information available to the public, by getting McCaun to talk about it at the debate!!!


    10/03/2008 9:27:05 PM PDT · 42 of 82
    alfadog to MHGinTN

    Well let’s see we have a democratic senate and congress now, and a republican president that just rammed over a trillion dollars on un-accounted for spending down our throats. Don’t forget to add on the Fannie, Freddie, Bear Stearns, Washington Mutual, and Wachovia bailouts onto that 700+ billion dollar bill. Don’t you get it yet? They’re socializing the country and right now, with what’s about to happen in the markets (this is no fix my friend), neither one of them is going to have any money to do anything; and if the Fed keeps printing money and de-valuing the dollar, neither will we! So just how much of my freedom do I need to let them take away, and run to the polls to vote for them so they can take some more? McCain should’ve torpedoed that thing from the start, it would’ve won him this election! No I don’t want to see Obama get elected, he’s a Marxist! So now I have the choice of choosing between a Marxist and bunch of Socialists? Not one of my senators or congressman voted no on this thing and I’m trying to justify how to vote for McCain, my senators, and comgressman, after they just went against everything they promised; especially McCain. He must of lost of that pen of his. Or is that it’s okay to vote for pork because he’s not yet President. Sorry, I like people that live up to their word.

    BTW, I’m 42, Alphadog is my production/record company. The name comes from a derivative of my fist name. Sorry if you find the name childish, but I guess I’m young at heart (sort of comes from working in the music industry doing something I love), smart enough to know the history of my country, and wise enough to spot those that are slowly destroying it.


    10/03/2008 7:13:57 PM PDT · 40 of 82
    alfadog to MHGinTN

    My operatives? I’m sorry, I consider socialism a pretty negative thing, especially when my government is running full steam ahead to endorse it. Do you understand the ramifications of that vote today? Did you see today when Wells Fargo trumped the Government/Citi Group buyout?! Here we have a private entity (not government owned), step in and pay the shareholders more than the govt./Citi deal and take us the tax payers off the hook for the losses the govt. was going to pick up for Citi Group; and now govt/Citi are trying to make Wells Fargo go You don’t find that odd? You don’t find it odd that all this crap just happened to come out a couple of months before the election? You don’t find it odd that it was sold as financial Armageddon to us, and yet the Senate found a way to tag a bunch of additional crap onto it? You don’t find it odd that the market traded in a 486 point range today, towards the negative side? I’m sure the dummies that voted for that bill today were a little perplexed with seeing the markets reaction to their statesman like passing of the biggest socialistic program ever implemented by a government.

    Sorry, as far as being negative, here’s where I may differ from you. I don’t believe the bill of goods that the Fed and the Treasury is selling to the American people. I don’t believe there will be any financial Armageddon if the government would just get out of the way of the markets. Hmmmm, look what happened, Wachovia got so cheap, that another publicly traded company stepped in and bought them, without the governments help! Wow, could it be that the free market really works? And how about that Warren Buffet guy. Just when the Fed was telling us that there is no credit out there (which is an absolute lie!), in steps a private investor and buys 5 billion of Goldman preferred stock and 3 billion of GE preferred stock. Guess what! There’s a lot of money still out there that will step in and take care of the enema that Wall Street now needs. Many companies deserve to fail and fade away into bankruptcy, my country is not one of them! Right now my country is being run as a company; a very poorly run company! They can dress this up however they want and tell us how much we need this bailout for our own financial security, blah blah, blah... Bottom line is it’s socialism and I sort of hoped there were more patriots serving in congress and the senate, that would’ve burried that travesty, pork filled, un-necessary, piece of socialistic crap! I think McCain could’ve been a true maverick and walked away with this election, by opposing this thing from the start. Somebody better wake McCain up, it’s painful to watch him let opportunity after opportunity pass. This non-partisan crap that he’s going to ride out isn’t working; and I’m sick of the democrats and the main stream media trying to hang it solely around the Republican’s necks, with barely a word from anyone to fedend ourselves. Consensus is just another name for allowing bad ideas to be included with good ideas. Look at the bloated crap we just got sold under the umbrella of consensus. Sorry if that sounds so negative to you, I’ve never quite been a fan of socialism. But hey, let me clear this all with my operatives


    10/03/2008 12:02:20 PM PDT · 8 of 82
    alfadog to taxcontrol

    My message to Representative Boehner:

    You sold out your party, and worse yet, you sold out your country today. Congratulations Mr. Boehner, you just endorsed socialism with your vote. For the first time ever, I’m ashamed to be a member of the Republican party and never thought that my party would sign on to socialism. Every Republican that voted for that P.O.S. should be ashamed of themselves!

  • Matthews: Palin Looked Into Camera Like a 'Dolt'

    10/03/2008 3:29:36 AM PDT · 92 of 136
    alfadog to Darkwolf377

    All I’m going to say is Matthews is getting tingles running up his leg from men and not attractive women. His words, not mine!

  • Who Do You Trust? FREE MONEY: Video of Senate Bail Out Plan

    10/02/2008 12:17:06 AM PDT · 10 of 13
    alfadog to smokingfrog

    Wow, for the first time, I won’t be voting in an election. My Congressman, and now today, both my Senators voted for this socialistic, un-capitalistic, country killing piece of garbage. Now I could care less who runs the People’s Republic Of America; McCain or Obama. It would simply be voting for one socialist over another, and once we get to the point of choosing the lesser of two socialists, the game and the country are pretty much over. Though I wouldn’t vote for a democrat if I had a gun to my head, I can’t vote for McCain who followed along and voted like a good little socialist for this abortion of a bill. This is socialism in its purist form! I can’t believe what these people are doing to my country.

    The train has officially come off of the tracks when we have an un-elected, un-constitutional, group of private bankers tacking on a trillion plus dollars to an already growing debt. The Fed is printing monopoly money over there, killing the value of the dollar, and swallowing up the freedoms that so many fought so bravely for and died for. This is a truly sad day for the nation. I pray that the house Republicans hold their ground and vote against this atrocity. Yes, the democrats have the numbers to push this through, but let them own this vote and its fatal consequences, that are now more inevitable than ever.