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  • Indiana Pizzeria Closes Over Backlash From Owner’s Anti-Gay Remarks to Media

    04/01/2015 10:12:07 PM PDT · 28 of 35
    Aliska to Fester Chugabrew

    They could start a frozen pizza business.

  • Is John 6:66 Evidence of Transubstantiation?

    04/01/2015 12:34:39 PM PDT · 130 of 190
    Aliska to xone
    You need to get a refund for the course.

    That was too many years ago.

    It seems one more doctrine for Christians to fight over. It's a valid word and if it's all I learned in that course, I got my first understanding of how Christians bickered to the point of bloodshed over Jesus' teachings.

    I just don't feel like arguing about it. I tried to post benign material which I believed to be of merit, without rancor either way on my part, and people either ignore it or you pick on me for what I'm not sure.

    I shouldn't have said where I first learned that word and the context was the Reformation, not theology.

  • Is John 6:66 Evidence of Transubstantiation?

    03/31/2015 10:12:37 PM PDT · 76 of 190
    Aliska to RnMomof7
    Here are the churches, some were separated and reunited with date given, in union with Rome as of the year 2000. I never heard of most of them and some are missing. They all believe in the real presence in one way or another even though the actual rites are practiced differently. Not on there is the Antiochan church. I looked it up and they believe in the real presence, too, also that they call it Antiochan Orthodox. Plus in some services they pray in the same position as Muslims!

    Churches in Union with Rome as of the Year 2000

    At another link they accept the Anglican church as in partial union. They believe in the real presence.

    The Lutheran church I don't see, but they believe in consubstantiation so I learned in Western Civ in college. That means they believe that the sacrament is bread and wine and body and blood at the same time.

    Eucharist means thanksgiving or giving thanks.

    How could all the churches be wrong? If they are, who was responsible for introducing the error long, long ago?

  • I Will Never Forget the Look of Horror on My Sister Terri Schiavo’s Face the Day She Died

    03/31/2015 11:04:26 AM PDT · 65 of 72
    Aliska to PieterCasparzen; sport
    sport, you're welcome. Kind of got carried away there.

    Pieter, somewhere in my screed I said a cat was not a person.

    I think maybe some of the decision making has to do with family tradition. As a child my dad had the vet euthanize one of my newly adopted cats who came from the shelter with incurable distemper. I was heartbroken either way but got over it and certainly didn't blame my dad. He always went the last mile to save our pets and didn't like killing anything actually. I didn't get a new cat for some time.

    There is an anniversary article on ABC about Terri. We are in the minority. I remember at the time. We were accused of wanting to make her suffering go on and on and on.

    The pope (JPII) gave guidance. Feeding tubes are not life support or extraordinary. Most else is. So you can disconnect someone from ventilators, etc., without incurring sin or is it that simple; other factors have to be taken into consideration? This is all relatively new. Some poor souls went on and on for years, put away to vegetate. But who has the right to kill them? They didn't have the means to extend lives in the past like they do now. But quality of life should not be the sole reason for a decision.

    I think most of the people who want end of life, some are wanting to spare suffering, but a lot of it is about money one way or another.

    But nothing is easy or straightforward in my world. Each case has to be dealt with on its own merits. I have read of a few cases from reliable sources that people considered brain dead turned out not to be and recovered.

    The bottom line is you do your best to discern God's will but acknowledge that He is sovereign.

    There was a lot more about the Schiavo case about motives, neglect, etc., that doesn't seem to matter to the commentators on ABC today. They are strictly pragmatic, don't want to be that way themselves (who does?). If the doctors say she had been blind and brain dead from the autopsy, there's no way I can figure I know better.

    They are accusing Jeb Bush making a political move about Terri. Her father had written him an email imploring him to help. I do not believe Jeb was trying to score political points by interfering in the case. IIRC, he backed off in the end.

    Most of these cases don't involve pure motives is a lot of the problem.

    In the case of my beloved cats, one more than the other, I'll confess, I was torn. We didn't have vets give them shots years ago. We had to shoot them or drown them or some did worse ourselves to put them out of their misery. I could not kill my cat and am thankful God took her and the choice out of my hands. My son and a friend were mad at me for not having her put down. That's what you run into.

    And some thought my sister and I did the wrong thing to have a feeding tube put into my aunt. One of her best friend was horrified. I don't really care at this point who thought what except God.

    So with what I know now would I make the same decisions again? Yes but painfully. And when it's over, I would consider if it turned out to be the right thing.

  • I Will Never Forget the Look of Horror on My Sister Terri Schiavo’s Face the Day She Died

    03/30/2015 9:22:26 PM PDT · 37 of 72
    Aliska to sport
    Seems like he is keeping her and children in the shadows. There may have been threats directed at him but I doubt any FReepers.

    It's been interesting reading the many reviews and comments on his book at amazon. Some were very positive for Michael. Then one came along who knew (and remembered) all the things Michael did that weren't right.

    He delayed CPR and either that or strangulation (they found marks) plus possibly bulimia were the cause of what happened to her. If it was bulimia, I wonder what heartless remarks Michael might have made to her. At the time, he clocked her mileage.

    We will never know the whole truth, I tried to be objective at the time, but Terri was denied any chance of any quality to the life she had or to see if she could improve.

    I don't care if I get branded a rw zealot. I did not want to euthanize my dear cat and we were happy together until the last week. Then i saw it was time for her to go. She got so thin. I gave her water in a dropper to almost the very end when she could still swallow. And she seemed to APPRECIATE it.

    I never understood why it was ok to euthanize our beloved pets but not our beloved family or even some not so loved. Now I wonder if I should have put my feelings aside and have her euthanized.

    My next cat died the following year and I did the same toward the end. She didn't get as weak and lose as much weight. I decided if she was still alive one morning, I would take her in and have her euthanized. I asked the vet if they suffer. Well sometimes it doesn't go so well. She died here at home before I could get her to the vets and they told me to bring her in. They pronounced her dead and gave me a nice box to bury her in. They didn't charge me anything, and they are pricey.

    They would have tried a few things to save her but the odds were not good. It was partly the money plus they would use one of their cats for a live transfusion. I didn't want that. So I didn't want any more cats but one found me. I've now had him almost nine years now.

    Anyway cats are not people and I have had a couple animals euthanized. One was a poor dog that ran in front of my car. It wasn't mine, no tags, but I took it to a vet right away to see if anything could be done. That was a long time ago and I paid $25 to euthanize it because they said they couldn't do anything for it.

    The other was a pretty little tortoise shell cat who had climbed on the neighbor's engine block to keep warm; it was winter. When they started the car in the am, the cat jumped out but was injured. It upset me so I took her down to the vet I used for most of the above. Her shoulder was broken. I didn't have much money in those days. They wanted a lot to set it and suggested I could take her 200 mi to the state vet school. That wasn't practical for me. But I've never forgotten that little cat. I paid to have her euthanized and it still bothers me when I think of it.

    So people might judge me both ways. Instead of all the cat talk I should have talked about my elderly aunt. I and my sister were responsible for her care but I was there the last six months. It came down to she didn't want to eat any more. I know it is normal for elderly toward the end.

    I was sitting next to her bed when her Presbyterian minister came to talk to her. Everybody thought she was hopelessly not aware of the here and now but this proved she was to some extent. The minister said he and his wife had living wills. They only wanted water. He said, "______" my aunt's name, "your niece wants to know what you want to do about a feeding tube, end of life measure I don't exactly remember the words." I said this had never come up in our family before. She agreed, "yes" (it hadn't happened, true).

    My sister and I talked. She had heard that it was very painful to die by dehydration. But I thought to be force fed if you are sick to your stomach might not be good. Anyway I called a priest. He dismissed me like he didn't want to be bothered. Then I talked to the hospital chaplain, a female. She was in favor of no feeding tube.

    Finally I told them to put in a feeding tube. I knew it was a gamble and didn't want to cause prolonged suffering for her but I could not watch her starve to death either. So the head nurse called me in and shut the door. She pressured me to change my mind. I stood up to her, too, and said to put the feeding tube in.

    So they did and she didn't wake up for 24 hours. She finally did and I could take her home which I did. She only lived 2 weeks after that. Only one day did she have a lot of pain so we gave her prescribed pain meds. Then the visiting nurse who had not been like the others said it was time for her to go so I didn't want to deal with her dying at home so back to the hospital. She went into a coma and just slept away.

    What lingers to bother me is that the last night we were in her room; it was up by Chicago, and it was like people who knew her liked to come and were happy to have someone like me to to talk to. I enjoyed all of them. But what I am getting at is we were talking out loud about the end being near for her. Then I got up to go to her house (its was late). She died the next morning before I went to the hospital. I procrastinated and went to have a cup of coffee with her neighbor then was going to go. My sister got called by the hospital that she was gone so she called me.

    At her visitation, one of her ladies who had been at the hospital that last night said, "did I see her moving her mouth like she wanted to say something?" No I hadn't but it was like some part of her knew and understood. I did say to her (I had fought to keep her alive all those months) that if Jesus sent an angel or somebody to get her to go with them.

    But my point was that you shouldn't talk about negative things in front of a comatose person because there is a good chance they will know what you are talking about, get upset, but be unable to communicate. That is really important, I think.

    So I went right to the hospital and was asked if I wanted to see her. Yes and no but I said yes (I was upsetting). So I saw her, talked to the hospital nurse and left. I was walking up the sidewalk toward my car and it was like an earthquake; the sidewalk was waving under my feet. It was the stress and I felt like I was going to pass out. I was the only family there all this time. I set my mind to I had to get to my car because if I passed out, I knew I would end up back in that hospital at least to be checked.

    I made it back to her house and had to take care of a lot of things for the funeral. My sister did help with some of it but it was mostly on my shoulders.

    But I have never regretted having a feeding tube put in. I hope I never have to deal with that again. I am probably next anyway. Sorry I ran on so long. I had my evening planned out but I burned my hand about a week ago, washed the dishes, and it's not right so I don't want to wash my hair and get it wet any more. I will look for my Walsporin before I go to bed here shortly.

  • I Will Never Forget the Look of Horror on My Sister Terri Schiavo’s Face the Day She Died

    03/30/2015 8:06:18 PM PDT · 17 of 72
    Aliska to ladyjane

    Google his name. He’s making trouble for Jeb. Skimmed through a Politico article. Michael doesn’t seem to want to let it go and keeps fighting on. I don’t know if he is happy with his 2nd wife or what the situation is.

  • I Will Never Forget the Look of Horror on My Sister Terri Schiavo’s Face the Day She Died

    03/30/2015 7:54:40 PM PDT · 11 of 72
    Aliska to demshateGod
    Don't forget the evil Greek lawyer. Then the Catholic church let Michael Schiavo marry his mistress after he murdered his wife. That was scandalous.

    A few priests supported Bobby and his parents but most didn't do or say a darned thing; they didn't want to be involved in it.

    Then there was contempt of Congress as they had issued a subpoena for Terri to appear which was ignored. It was an unreasonable action under the circumstances.

    Pope JPII referred to it but his words went unheeded.

    I will never forget any of it.

  • Pilot Andreas Lubitz 'planned to marry teacher GF but she broke off before Alps crash' [trunc]

    03/28/2015 9:13:18 PM PDT · 21 of 47
    Aliska to Paladin2

    It’s Jewish.

  • Lawmakers gasp when black Dem Rep accuses colleague’s 18-month-old of being racist

    03/27/2015 8:32:53 PM PDT · 75 of 88
    Aliska to laplata; al baby

    Thank you.

  • Lawmakers gasp when black Dem Rep accuses colleague’s 18-month-old of being racist

    03/27/2015 6:22:54 PM PDT · 28 of 88
    Aliska to Impala64ssa
    I had a friend who kind of glommed onto me years ago. She was black, fat and homely. She asked me if she could go to church with me. What was I to do? Of course.

    So we go to an evening mass in my nice parish church which is lily white or was last I knew and found a place to sit.

    I didn't pay too much attention until we settled down and there was this little girl with a pretty bow sitting right in front of her with her mom sitting in front of me.

    Not too long, my friend tweaked the little girl's bow and said "I like your bow". She kind of froze and the mother tried not to react.

    She behaved pretty well, my friend, but didn't stand or kneel and I don't know how the greeting before communion went. I don't remember receiving communion but i always kept up on confreesion and received.

    So when mass was over, the priest was extra nice to her when we left. He had a pretty stole maybe one of the ladies made for him. She tweaked that and said she liked it, can't remember what she called it.

    She's gone now and I miss her. And sometimes I'd get impatient with her but I never had the heart to reject her.

    She was satisfied with church and never asked to go again. But it occurred to me late in our friendship, maybe it was an honor for me to have her for a friend. May she rest in peace.

  • Cardinal Raymond Burke: Gays, remarried Catholics, murderers are all the same

    03/27/2015 6:06:30 PM PDT · 33 of 41
    Aliska to imardmd1

    I be one. A bastard. I can live with it.

  • GERMAN NEWS REPORT: Co-Pilot of Germanwings Airbus Was MUSLIM CONVERT …’Hero of Islamic State’?

    03/27/2015 4:35:07 PM PDT · 270 of 309
    Aliska to nikos1121
    I agree with you but with the German privacy laws they can't even disclose after death OR they don't want to put out information that could damage the airlines more than they probably will be. Karen Carpenter died and every messy, embarassing detail of her autopsy is on youtube.

    Depending on what the doctor feared, maybe he should have done a Snowden with the airlines. Wouldn't have had to go public. I do respect privacy though. There's no such thing for us now anyway.

    That CO theater shooter might have been stopped before he could carry out his plan if the school psychiatrist or psychologist would have acted more aggressively.

    I read the gf was Muslim, too, so we must have read the same source.

    Little by little, more details will trickle out and let's hope we can separate the truth from those who would exploit the tragedy with fabrications and exaggerations.

    I read somewhere 39 Turkish. That is wrong. It was mostly Germans and Spanish with approx 2 each from more than 10 countries according to a CNN article I pulled up, "what we know so far" concerning passengers.

  • GERMAN NEWS REPORT: Co-Pilot of Germanwings Airbus Was MUSLIM CONVERT …’Hero of Islamic State’?

    03/27/2015 11:28:28 AM PDT · 245 of 309
    Aliska to Grampa Dave

    That might be a page started after they scrubbed a personal page he may have had. I can’t get on FB right now to check. ISIL or psycho Muslims would want credit for the act whether that was the motive or not.

  • GERMAN NEWS REPORT: Co-Pilot of Germanwings Airbus Was MUSLIM CONVERT …’Hero of Islamic State’?

    03/27/2015 11:14:03 AM PDT · 242 of 309
    Aliska to nikos1121
    I read some junk on a couple message boards that came up when I googled yesterday.

    In any case, if it were true there was a Muslim connection, in light of this morning's news, which is probably true, the other may be covered up, if possible. But Europe may not necessarily handle things like the US.

    They found no ideological motive. Fine. He could very well have been influenced by suicide pilots, anything. Something caused him to choose this particular act which had an opportunity element to it over others.

    What if he managed to stop himself from doing it and told his doctor about his temptation? There are probably many almost victims we will never know about. And I don't like to just chalk it up to "it was their time to go" kind of thinking.

    The world is waking up that they need two authorized individuals in the cockpit.

    There's going to be lots of talk about mental illness which will go nowhere and end up extremely unfair to some. We're not sure what his medical condition was.

    How to prevent these things; that is the problem. I think they can't but it makes us feel better if we or someone can come up with answers and get more restrictive on somebody's rights.

    That's what the discussion was on ABC. Rights. Pilots ought to be automatically reported to employers. Maybe. Then how many others to make society safer?

  • GERMAN NEWS REPORT: Co-Pilot of Germanwings Airbus Was MUSLIM CONVERT …’Hero of Islamic State’?

    03/26/2015 9:44:49 PM PDT · 101 of 309
    Aliska to lulu16
    No, I think mind is going, this is bad with my memory. The guy who got fired from FOX and has his own program. I get it in the morning. Sometimes he annoys me but this morning he was ranting about a Victor somebody on the GOP side who has bent over backwards to push Muslims into places they couldn't get to by themselves yet.

    OMG it's Glenn Beck, had to google some keywords. His FB profile picture is standing on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge with his sweater tied around his neck casually.

    It's Grover Norquist who was going to be on tonight. I know GB likes to be provocative but this guy has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and is on the right, not the left.

  • GERMAN NEWS REPORT: Co-Pilot of Germanwings Airbus Was MUSLIM CONVERT …’Hero of Islamic State’?

    03/26/2015 9:34:38 PM PDT · 96 of 309
    Aliska to RitaOK
    Maybe you just didn't have the time. I don't dig into all stories like I have this one. I kind of wanted to be on top of it plus I couldn't fathom a motive which usually there is more indication. Who would want to crawl into the mind of a psycho like that?

    I really didn't see how ROP involved. Do now. I did think maybe he was one of those lone-wolf sympathizers that was hoping to score for the ROP. ISIS put out a call for lone types to do lone acts for jihad.

    And that SF profile photo is strange although I wouldn't necessarily have thought so before this.

    I will stay on it while I can. I followed the Malaysian incident fairly closely and we may neverr know anything more. That one it was first put out that the wife and kids had moved out of his apt the day before the flight. Also he had that simulator which might not mean anything. But he had a friend who had been jailed by the govt or something like that. Then later I found out that over 20 of the Chinese passengers were Christian Pentecostals.

    What happened in the French Alps may have, in part, been inspired by that one Malaysian flight MH870? My memory isn't that good for some details.

    I don't know if it means anything or not that the card to the FDR is missing. I don't know how secure it is but wonder if someone removed it pre-flight. They're still hoping to find it in the wreckage.

    This whole business makes me MAD and think I have already lived too long to go from war to war and now the horrors we are dealing with now.

  • No Murder Charge For Woman Accused of Cutting Baby From Womb

    03/26/2015 9:20:49 PM PDT · 13 of 27
    Aliska to GraceG
    Depends on the state what is charged. I thought I heard on the news that her husband came home and found the baby gasping for air in the bathtub. That would indicate the baby came into this world alive. Only then did she go to the hospital with the probably then dead baby and say she had a miscarriage.

    Probably in all states the husband doesn't have to/can't testify against the wife.

    It's a wonder the mother lived but I don't know how anyone could ever get over the trauma of such an atrocity.

  • GERMAN NEWS REPORT: Co-Pilot of Germanwings Airbus Was MUSLIM CONVERT …’Hero of Islamic State’?

    03/26/2015 9:04:53 PM PDT · 60 of 309
    Aliska to Envisioning

    I read some stuff on blogs and message boards which may not be credible. A search reveals USA Today, Guardian (browser crashes there, WSJ, Telegraph all refer to his FB page and/or profile. That’s where the SFgate photo came from.

  • GERMAN NEWS REPORT: Co-Pilot of Germanwings Airbus Was MUSLIM CONVERT …’Hero of Islamic State’?

    03/26/2015 8:56:07 PM PDT · 81 of 126
    Aliska to GraceG
    Weren't there 39 Turks on the flight? Chances are some were Muslim. There was a newly-married Muslim couple on the flight.

    See post #60 for the probable reason he put it down where he did.

    All speculative based on what is already credible out there, of course.

  • GERMAN NEWS REPORT: Co-Pilot of Germanwings Airbus Was MUSLIM CONVERT …’Hero of Islamic State’?

    03/26/2015 8:45:42 PM PDT · 71 of 126
    Aliska to Frank_2001
    I thought it was a Jewish surname. It is but can also be both. An article in the NYT tonight said his mother was an organist in the Protestant church at the center of their small town.

    Appears he sometimes stayed at home, had an apartment, and now maybe stayed at or near the mosque.

  • GERMAN NEWS REPORT: Co-Pilot of Germanwings Airbus Was MUSLIM CONVERT …’Hero of Islamic State’?

    03/26/2015 8:25:45 PM PDT · 17 of 309
    Aliska to Hojczyk
    Uh oh. Sean was annoyed because the investigators wouldn't reveal his religion, if any. Just tonight I read an article in the NYT that said his mother was an organist at a Protestant church at the center of the small town, I forget, been named elsewhere.

    I will wait for corroboration but it could explain why they took his FB page down so fast. Reportedly it had writings in Arabic and another language presumably about jihad. That by itself wouldn't particularly mean anything as ISIS would be happy to claim such a "victory" whether it was on their behalf or not.

    Even more upsetting, if true. It would certainly provide a motive though.

  • NYT: Pilot Locked Out of Cockpit Ahead of French Alps Crash

    03/25/2015 9:53:59 PM PDT · 18 of 105
    Aliska to umgud

    Sorry, the other thread is a little further down on thee right with BREAKING on it, over 300 replies.

  • NYT: Pilot Locked Out of Cockpit Ahead of French Alps Crash

    03/25/2015 9:50:11 PM PDT · 17 of 105
    Aliska to Reaganite Republican

    This is a duplicate. There is a long thread at the top of breaking news with over 300 replies.

  • Weekly Cooking (and related issues) Thread

    03/25/2015 9:06:05 PM PDT · 38 of 81
    Aliska to Jamestown1630
    Old-Time Burnt Sugar Cake

    I first had it at a local tea room when I was a child. So I told my mom how much I liked it and she had a recipe in her BH&G or Betty Crocker or both cookbook. Her idea of helping was watching me do the sugar (it can be dangerous for anybody), maybe she did the sugar but I remember stirring the water in and waiting for it to work into the hot sugar. Then she would tell me what to do but I had to do it myself. It turned out well.

    I never tried another one until I was a young adult. It turned out ok but I think I didn't get enough burnt sugar in it and the amounts in the cake and frosting were too skimpy, a very light-colored cake.

    You burn sugar for those popular flans and flan cakes now. Anyway, too light and not much flavor and too dark it's bitter.

    It looks like that caramel cake will do it but it's not the same.

    This looks darkish and might be bitter but when cut with the sugar and other ingredients, it has the color and texture I'm after. We shall see.

  • Weekly Cooking (and related issues) Thread

    03/25/2015 7:23:07 PM PDT · 8 of 81
    Aliska to Jamestown1630

    I’ve been putting it off for more than a week but I found a recipe on the web for burnt sugar cake and frosting I want to make. Something isn’t quite right with my oven I need to compensate for even though I got an oven thermometer and it seemed ok the one place I tried it.

  • Weekly Cooking (and related issues) Thread

    03/25/2015 7:21:01 PM PDT · 7 of 81
    Aliska to Jamestown1630
    Haven't made one for a long time but I improvised with a spice cake mix when they were still 18.25? (now 16.xx oz) without pudding in the mix, put a small pkg of vanilla or butterscotch instant pudding, the oil called for think it was 1/2 cup, 4 eggs, yes box grated my own peeled carrots, 2 or 3 depending on size, and some chopped walnuts, no pineapple.

    Nothing easier to make than cream cheese frosting. The kind in the can is not very good imo. Half a blockor a little more of cr cheese room temp (Philly orig), half a stick of soft butter or a little less, about 3 cups powdered sugar, mix then add some milk or cream to spreading consistency. I don't think I bothered with vanilla. I hope the amounts are right; haven't done that one for too long. I usually made the 13X9 cake so if you make a layer cake, use 4 cups powdered sugar and adjust the rest accordingly.

    Problem is I haven't seen spice cake for awhile and won't use anything but Duncan Hines or Pillsbury maybe Betty Crocker but no pudding in the mix.

  • Michelle Obama Redecorates The Old White House Family Dining Room (w/horrific $290,000 paintings)

    03/25/2015 12:16:14 PM PDT · 107 of 153
    Aliska to drewh

    One word: Ughly.

  • Cardinal Nichols prays for repose of Richard III’s soul

    03/23/2015 5:45:04 PM PDT · 10 of 10
    Aliska to livius
    I didn't know that the Priory was Anglican. I agree with most Brits then.

    He must have had a mass back in 1485 but then the grave was desecrated so it was fitting to have another one.

    I will have to find a transcript of the homily. I was reading about the dna and how they found 2 cousins many times removed but of direct descent. A man and a woman, had the same matriarchal dna, can't remember what it said about the y chromosome dna.

  • Cardinal Nichols prays for repose of Richard III’s soul

    03/23/2015 2:17:00 PM PDT · 4 of 10
    Aliska to NYer
    Before I got to sleep (early this am) I was concerned that the king would be subjected to an Anglican Mass because he was surely Catholic in the 1400's.

    Cardinal Nichols (Catholic) said that is what the king would have wanted. I agree.

    Good article here, am having trouble coding links. Have trouble copying them, too.

    Some in a picture yesterday said they were grand nieces, etc., 14 times removed, etc.

  • New Book by Washington Post Reporter To Probe Michelle Obama's Polarizing Collegiate Racial Views

    03/23/2015 2:07:02 PM PDT · 9 of 18
    Aliska to nascarnation

    worshippers in the MSM = Psychofants

  • New Book by Washington Post Reporter To Probe Michelle Obama's Polarizing Collegiate Racial Views

    03/23/2015 2:05:35 PM PDT · 8 of 18
    Aliska to drewh
    Kind of on topic:

    Can't get the link to code right. You will have to google it.

    The Prettiest First Ladies of All Time

    Interesting, pictures and comments at link. What are ta's ta's? Knockers? Who was best dressed? I disagree, leave it at that.

    Sarah Childress Polk
    Lucy Webb Hayes
    Letitia Tyler
    Mamie Eisenhower
    Edith Roosevelt
    Lady Bird Johnson
    Hillary Clinton
    Barbara Bush
    Frances Cleveland
    Laura Bush
    Nancy Reagan
    Grace Coolidge
    Dolley Madison
    Betty Ford
    Julia Tyler
    Nellie Taft
    Pat Nixon
    Rosalyn Carter
    Michelle Obama
    Jackie Kennedy

  • In search of the BEST MEATBALL: What's your recipe for meatballs and marinara sauce?

    03/16/2015 2:22:30 PM PDT · 59 of 89
    Aliska to amorphous
    In my failed quest for the perfect hamburger meat, my butcher said to use 80-20 chuck. I just can't get it to work, tried the quarter-size depression trick to avoid shrinkage and many other ways of forming the patties. These burgers I remember from a drive-in has almost crispy lacy edges but the burger wasn't dry. It was cooked on a grill, probably started as a ball and flattened with a spatula. I could never duplicate that in all these years. The man who ran the restaurant had a farm and used his own beef which included many cuts I'm sure and saved out the steaks and perhaps choice roasts for other uses.

    Now 80-20 has quite a bit of fat which I want for a good burger but when I brown it and break it up, it often lets off little to no fat (if there is any I tip the pan and spoon it off or sop it up with paper towel(s)). But if I then slow cook it, fat creeps out and there's that orange grease after refrigerating. I try to scrape out as much as I can.

    I think my burgers shrink some and I don't want that so you make a good point.

    Maybe my taste is off in my older years but I remember getting ground beef, frying it in a patty and eating it as a steak burger with no bun. It was so tasty then. I liked it with a little bite of raw onion, maybe some Worcestershire (which I don't llike much in cooking), A-1 steak sauce I haven't bought in years, or just plain.

    I had some roast a few years back and was so delicious I couldn't believe it. It was bought directly from a farmer. But they could have used prime rib and cooked it like a pot roast. Whatever, I wish I could buy a half of beef but I wouldn't use it up fast enough.

  • In search of the BEST MEATBALL: What's your recipe for meatballs and marinara sauce?

    03/16/2015 1:22:30 PM PDT · 42 of 89
    Aliska to ken5050
    Good for you! I thought about getting the attachment but it wouldn't be cost effective for one person (usually). It is tempting to buy chuck then some extra cuts for the perfect hamburger meat I've never been able to achieve.

    Then I guess you do a smashburger with it.

    I've watched some videos of people grinding with the Kitchen Aid attachment. It looks so much fresher and tasty.

    The pasta attachment looks appealing, too, but not for me. If I had my young family again, it would have been such a luxury to have what I have now for cooking. Then I might buy more extras.

  • In search of the BEST MEATBALL: What's your recipe for meatballs and marinara sauce?

    03/16/2015 12:21:09 PM PDT · 19 of 89
    Aliska to ken5050
    I would probably adapt Laura Vitale's recipe for salisbury steaks. Well one detail. She grates some onion with a microplane (zester). I thought that was a good idea.

    I would probably just use freshly ground chuck from a butcher, not a supermarket where I don't know how the beef is processed. Also I NEVER buy those round tubes of fresh or frozen ground beef. Nor will I ever buy at Walmart again, looked nice but turned out to be real fine grind like pink slime.

    Next I would use at least 1-1/2#. Soak some preferably French bread crumbs in milk (that makes them fork tender). Then I would probably use one egg.

    For seasoning I might use something like that new can't believe it's not boullion or crush a boullion cube. Then maybe no salt but hand ground pepper.

    I've got some frozen chuck I got at a different butcher and am trying to figure out what I want to do with it.

    Meatballs are tedious but worth it. Shape with a certain ice cream scoop I have (medium), brown in the oven at 400 for awhile.

    Then I would put the seasonsing I want in the sauce and finish the meatballs slowly cooked in the sauce.

    Sounds yummy as a sandwich with some French bread.

    In my sauce since I don't have home-canned tomatoes, I used whole cut up or crushed and one can sauce and one can paste, water as desired (go easy on it). Then minced garlic, quite a bit of basil and less oregano. I forget what else I put in it. Not much. The sauce simmered for 1/2 hour is good and better the next day. The basil is the key flavor.

  • Was Nemtsov’s Murder a Warning to Putin?

    03/15/2015 11:30:00 PM PDT · 3 of 3
    Aliska to Fungi
    I used to prefer Newsweek over Time. What did I know? Nobody thought or talked about their lying, devious agendas. I also bought US News and World Report. That was back during the Viet Nam war.

    I get all my news on the internet or radio now. Oh my farm newspaper I have to belong to the Farm Bureau in order to get federal crop ins.

  • See how much income you'd need to afford a home in most California cities

    03/15/2015 11:23:12 PM PDT · 36 of 39
    Aliska to roadcat
    I thought about de-salinisation; as technology improves prices should come down but they won't.

    What you say is true, right on the money. And there are pictures of low water in reservoirs.

    But something else is involved as well, methinks.

  • See how much income you'd need to afford a home in most California cities

    03/15/2015 10:47:29 PM PDT · 33 of 39
    Aliska to artichokegrower
    The haves and have nots. I guess prices are relative. To ability to pay.

    I thought about this article I read in Newser yesterday, linked from my ISP.

    NASA: California Out of Water in a Year

    Some of this is being done on purpose I am now convinced. Not all; nature still is as nature does. Then it gets blamed on us and our "carbon" footprints. I wish I knew to what end this is happening and who is behind it or bankrolling it.

    CA did get a lot of rain but evidently not enough. I'm looking up what I formerly thought was kook stuff. Geo-engineering the weather.

  • Boston breaks 20-year snowfall record

    03/15/2015 7:20:58 PM PDT · 6 of 23
    Aliska to BenLurkin
    I'm working through my stack of Edward Rowe Snow books I've neglected for a few years. Today I read about the real history of Mary Had a Little Lamb, Sterling, MA, the Eastland tragedy which claimed more lives than the Titanic or Lusitania (should look it up), and Snow claimed that the Hindenburg (sp?) was sabatoge but just an allusion to it in another account about something else.

    Last week it was what was the worst New England winter around Boston? He went to various libraries and really did the research. Some had thought 1888. No, it was 1717. It was a frightful but interesting account; it was the drifting that made it especially bad. The problem is that people probably won't accept Cotton Mather's quote about it and didn't have accurate measuring methods.

  • Stock Traders Purchase Large Volume of Market Vector Russia ETF Trust Put Options (RSX)

    03/13/2015 7:35:07 PM PDT · 12 of 14
    Aliska to expat_panama


  • Stock Traders Purchase Large Volume of Market Vector Russia ETF Trust Put Options (RSX)

    03/13/2015 7:34:41 PM PDT · 11 of 14
    Aliska to barmag25
    Our local talk radio host learned Russian at the Army's Language School years ago and reads the Russian papers. According to him, Putin is in N. Italy where his mistress has just had her third child by him. She had a 2-room suite with a room for bodyguards and Putin was staying with some Russian Oligarchs as the area is popular with them.

    But I read somewhere else she had the baby in Switzerland.

    Who knows?

    None of it may be true.

    Somebody's betting that the Russian economy is going to crash.

  • Secret, 905-foot-long drug tunnel found along U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona

    03/13/2015 7:26:06 PM PDT · 9 of 24
    Aliska to Lorianne
    It's Bisbee and Naco. Latter must be in Mexico? There's a video of the tunnel. Guy is really out of breath. Creepy.

    Fox was reporting it right then reverted to an older tunner in Tijuana to San Diego warehouse area.

    Video of Smubbling Tunnel, Arizona Star

  • "No Ugly or Fat People on the Rope Line!" Remembering a Visit by Hillary Clinton

    03/11/2015 8:49:01 PM PDT · 31 of 38
    Aliska to Mears
    almost as beautiful as mine. :-)

    Ha ha. I'll bet yours is beautiful. I don't usually post family photos but that one has been fun.

    Where indeed did the years go? Indeed my granddaughter is still pretty but living in the land of fruits and nuts has been an eye opener. She got married last year, is being shoved out of her apartment. It's a duplex on the market for over $1M, nice view, kind of a vintage home.

    I don't know why they have to get out. I think she keeps their unit nice and they have one of those exotic cats, a pretty one, not one of those skinny crinkly fur ones.

    I don't know. I am OLD. And nobody would take my picture with Hillary because nobody takes my picture if I can help it! My kids have double crossed me a couple of times and I get MAD!

  • "No Ugly or Fat People on the Rope Line!" Remembering a Visit by Hillary Clinton

    03/11/2015 7:24:34 PM PDT · 20 of 38
    Aliska to dforest
    People like this? Hello Kitty is cool on the rope line. That's my granddaughter's friend on the left and my granddaughter on the right. Taken by somebody else with my granddaughter's camera some time before February 24, 2007. I have it because I paid somebody to enhance it in Photoshop for me, fixing light and shadows I didn't know how to do too well.


  • Early Church Evidence Refutes Real Presence

    03/11/2015 5:39:49 PM PDT · 85 of 373
    Aliska to RnMomof7
    It's too long and heavy duty but I stuck with it as long as I could. Always it seems indeterminate.

    When I joined the Catholic church, I rationalized that both East and West, in spite of the bitter division about 1066, believe in a real presence although the rituals, forms, and ministration are slightly different. I haven't looked up what the other ancient churches believe, but have assumed it is essentially the same as Catholic beliefs. The ones I'm aware of are Antiochan, Coptic, some other ancient ones, do not know what they teach about it.

    The bible can be argued both ways except the admonition of Paul in Corinthians about not recognizing the "body" and other words.

    I read the Didache and it does introduce the word Eucharist but speaks of bread scattered on mountains.

    Even the reformation churches believe in a real presence with some variation. The Lutherans, the Episcopalians, I think the Baptists, and Presbyterians. The Methodists believe in symbolic. I don't know what the Mormons believe but they use bread and water. I don't know what the Pentacostals or other newer denominations believe.

    But if you want to assume that the newer denominations are an attempt to return to the purity of the early church, they fail miserably, doctrinally and behaviorally.

    Sometime back a Catholic posted more of the church fathers and what they taught about it than are mentioned to the point I gave it up for now.

    So I sit on the fence.

  • Baby who survived car crash in Utah river is getting better

    03/09/2015 5:26:31 PM PDT · 13 of 29
    Aliska to CGASMIA68
    I should have said I assumed they weren't married because the caption on the picture gives different last names.

    That said, I pray there is a loving mature relative or somebody to give the baby a good upbringing.

    I hope she doesn't have to suffer in foster homes and there aren't ugly fights over her custody.

  • Baby who survived car crash in Utah river is getting better

    03/09/2015 5:14:45 PM PDT · 8 of 29
    Aliska to Kartographer
    Heartwarming story but one wishes somebody could have heard voices sooner. Maybe some got prompts but didn't follow them because things like that often make no sense. They were there at the car; it's not like they were going to leave it there. Maybe there was a dire urgency about the baby at that time. Who can know the ways of God?

    My personal opinion is that it was the dead mother's voice. I prayed for them all. What an adorable little baby. Somebody said in comments, maybe not to be believed that the mother had lost her mother about a year before in a fire I think it was and wrote (maybe on social media?) about anxiety and depression. She and the father were not married but leave that to God; may he have mercy.

  • 20 of Apple’s Favorite Photos Shot with the iPhone 6

    03/02/2015 1:15:41 PM PST · 46 of 47
    Aliska to Swordmaker

    My grandson downloads Netflix on his mom’s and is costing her a lot. I call her and her phone often rings when she’s here so I know she primarily uses it as a phone (iPhone 4). And camera. She does text on it though, too.

  • Here's everything we know about Project Titan, Apple's rumoured electric car

    03/01/2015 8:27:10 PM PST · 57 of 68
    Aliska to Swordmaker
    I forgot the link and can't remember how to code them right. Got it, had to look it up.

  • Here's everything we know about Project Titan, Apple's rumoured electric car

    03/01/2015 8:21:24 PM PST · 56 of 68
    Aliska to Swordmaker
    Here is an article just put up today that has 20 of apple's favorite photos shot with the iPhone 6. We talked about some before but these are all new. And fantastic. Almost enough to make me put away my dslr and get an iPhone just to take pictures and make short video clips.

    You should post this. Pls ping me if you do :-).

  • How Photoshop’s Sharpening Tools Work and How to Best Use Them (tutorial video)

    03/01/2015 8:14:13 PM PST · 5 of 17
    Aliska to SWAMPSNIPER
    I use Photoshop CS5 but not much any more. I really like the content aware fill and for sharpening use the unsharp mask. I did a lot of art with the old Photoshop 7 but only use it (CS5) now to process my photos. I took an online course and dabbled for hours and hours on my own and following tutorials and did some really neat stuff. But I've forgotten how to do most of it and can only do basic things without stopping to look it up. I only know a couple shortcuts.

    Photoshop is really powerful and some of the work put out by experts is just superb. That was in the days of a neat 3D program, can't remember the name of it, Bryce? Combined with Photoshop it was spectacular.

    I got Lightroom but never use it. I put together a slideshow in iPhoto then uploaded it to youtube. They got on me for copyright infringement, I was using music that came with iPhoto, so I got po'ed, took it down and never made another video.