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  • Iowa Absentee Ballot Requests for IA#1 (Blum-R swing district)

    10/22/2018 9:36:12 PM PDT · 9 of 18
    Aliska to Ravi

    Got mine.

  • The Latest: Honduran migrant says he wants to return home ("unruliness of caravan")

    10/21/2018 8:14:02 PM PDT · 26 of 26
    Aliska to amihow
    It seems like they are coming in small groups or large caravans every single day.

    It's a sticky situation for Trump politically, and he knows it. I will do what little I can.

  • The Latest: Honduran migrant says he wants to return home ("unruliness of caravan")

    10/21/2018 5:41:35 PM PDT · 14 of 26
    Aliska to 11th_VA - A ragged growing army resumes - AP article and photo at link

    A pro-migrants article. Evokes sympathy. Sad it has come to this. For both sides. Their intention is to claim asylum so I suppose they can argue their intention is not to break our laws.

    But they broke into Mexico. Read the article and see the long column of people.

  • Democrats Again Creating Explosive Situation that Created Trump

    10/21/2018 1:33:29 PM PDT · 5 of 27
    Aliska to CptnObvious
    Some intelligent, wealthy and highly educated Americans will still support Hillary. They are dug in. It is she who has been unjustly accused. And because Trump is not "polished", they will still think Hillary or Biden "creepy hands" would be better.

    As I recall, Tulsi Gabbard, House congresswoman from Hawaii, up and coming star in the Democrat party was banned from the DNC convention. The last thing I heard about her was that she co-sponsored a bill with Doug Jones (Dem who defeated Roy Moore in AL) I think it was fairly recently. Sorry I don't remember what the bill was about.

    Correct me (politely please) if I am wrong.

  • Favorite Venison Recipes-Care to Share?

    10/20/2018 6:40:43 PM PDT · 61 of 103
    Aliska to randita
    My mom used it in mince meat she canned and made pies with. I didn't have any so made mince meat without it.

    But my one and only success because I didn't think I liked it as a kid, tasted gamey, was some a bf shot and butchered. He brought me some cut like steaks, so I pounded flour into it like I do with round steak (have the butcher run it thru the tenderizer 2X so I don't have to pound) and browned it in part butter and margsrine (now I often see chefs adding a pat of butter to cooking oil or olive oil for better browning and flavor). Lightly brown on both sides, then season well with salt and pepper and anything else you like, add enough water to partly cover and put a lid on loosel and cook until tender check water and add more if necessary.

    I used to shake stuff in flour or drag it through but learned from my neighbor to press as much as you can work into any meat for browning. Works much better and flavor, too.

    It's a little extra work but I brown as above and transfer to a baking pan ungreased, cover with foil, pricked several places with a fork or knife tip to let steam escape and cook in an oven anywhere from 275 to no higher than 325. Slow cooking works well in the oven, too.

    When done, transfer to a serving plate, add water to the pan drippings, add those back to the skillet they were browned in and a little more water. I always added cold water to a flour shaker or covered jar then add a few tablespoons of flour (called a slurry I think), shook well and slowly stirred into the bubbling juices, keep stirring until thickened, then for one minute longer. That was B4 the better than boullion days. And did you ever learn a great trick belatedly like I did? All those years I could have been stretching the gravy further and more flavor by dissolving some beef boullion in hot water and adding that to the pan drippings. Too bad, turned out a lot of pale chuck roast gravy in those days.

    I started the foil and oven technique by watching a Polish lady cooking some round steak tenderized or similar, not the rib eye steak below. No it was pork chops, the most delicious I ever ate.

    Which reminds me, I never got the results she did, but I bought some rib eye steaks, were kind of thin. She browned them unfloured very slowly (braised?) with potatoes, carrots and some onion in a skillet partially covered, checking often, and got the potatoes so deliciously browned in the meat drippings.

    I forgot the venison made delicious pan gravy for mashed potatoes. My bf was very pleased with it.

    That hot pot would work well no doubt. I really choose the oven for most meats (except my copy cat maid rites my kids say they can't tell the difference). I even make almost all my soup, chili and some other things in the slow oven, too, even though it uses more electricity.

  • How America’s top CEOs are spending their own money on the midterm elections

    10/18/2018 11:09:49 PM PDT · 16 of 17
    Aliska to Swordmaker
    Actually I don't care what Tim Cook does with his money. It triggered something else as my daughter was on her way to get my extra Advantage for fleas for her cat and go to Target and get my sim card. So this guy comes over and I got shoved aside for him as usual. That's the sanitized version. It's much worse but I cover up for people instead of report abuse when they don't care anyway. I had to grovel before powerful men in order to get a job and survive. I would never have been good enough for Silicon Valley. I was lucky to get what I did actually. But of all the men, I have an honor roll of about 10 men who were just plain kind to me (there were probably more) instead of all the ones who were too high and mighty for me. Only a couple sexually assaulted me, and I wouldn't out them publicly because I could take care of myself. And one of the men on my "honor roll" I remembered the other day, Aime Goulet. He was very kind to me when I was moving to MA to be with my now ex husband and recommended a priest he knew who would help me find a job. It turned out I found my own job but I kept that priest's name for a long time. His brother was the star Robert Goulet. Another was the VP of the company where I did find a job. He was very kind to me for no reason other than to be kind.
  • How America’s top CEOs are spending their own money on the midterm elections

    10/18/2018 1:03:53 PM PDT · 13 of 17
    Aliska to TheBattman
    You're probably right. It was a knee jerk reaction. They manufacture with cheap Chinese labor. But so did Ivanka and Trump. But I don't see everything that simply. If there is no other manufacturer and you want to run a business or have much of anything, even from Walmart, I guess you have to deal with China, directly or indirectly.

    Open borders? Indirectly it's possible to staff the restaurants their employees frequent, *not* their elitist company one. And I haven't heard of any of them protesting CA breaking the law and harboring criminals as a sanctuary state.

    Rock bottom, I don't hear of any of these big CEO's speaking out about Democrat protestors actually advocating hurting us, all the police for the sins of a few, our Congress people, the unfairness to our Preident, and so on.

    It's time we take a non-violent stand. Rather it's time *I* take a non-violent stand after going along with the flow.

    Others can do as they please even though we are no longer a free country and *our* rights are being trampled on incrementally.

  • How America’s top CEOs are spending their own money on the midterm elections

    10/18/2018 12:19:55 PM PDT · 9 of 17
    Aliska to Swordmaker
    There doesn't seem to be any way to escape these people. Relatives, neighbors, medical workers I'm dependent on, lawyers I need to set up my estate and other documents, and on and on and on.

    First they target the police and now they are targeting us. Two elections ago I was afraid to put a Republican sign in my front yard for fear of retribution.

    And I know what it is like to be falsely accused by a malicious woman. Multiple times. And my children.

    Lying, cheating and stealing have become a way of life for too many. There doesn't seem to be any way to stop it.

  • How America’s top CEOs are spending their own money on the midterm elections

    10/18/2018 12:12:15 PM PDT · 8 of 17
    Aliska to Swordmaker
    That did it. I'm returning my iphone for that and another reason. And I told the rep when I finally got one. Two reasons. Don't know which one I maddest about. Probably the ongoing family issue that torments me.

    I don't want any other brand; they make the best one but there are worse things in this world. And Republicans aren't squeaky clean either. But collectively they don't support OTHER women killing their babies and people invading our border. Apple will get cheap labor out of an open borders policy. And their CEO naturally might be a better fit with Democrats.

  • Jim Jones & Harvey Milk: The Secret History

    10/16/2018 11:12:55 PM PDT · 29 of 43
    Aliska to MtnClimber
    Thanks for the explanation. I did get about ham radio but the rest is/was fuzzy. It's late but it's there in writing. I'll read it again. And I had trouble coding the stamp link and got sloppy in part of it with grammar. Oh well. And I even did a spell check which I usually don't like to bother with.
  • Jim Jones & Harvey Milk: The Secret History

    10/16/2018 9:49:27 PM PDT · 20 of 43
    Aliska to MtnClimber
    Your comments were the only mention of the USPS but you evidently sent a donation in postage coupons or did I misunderstood.

    Out of all those leftist luminaries, Harvey Milk was the only one so far to get a Forever commemorative postage stamp out of it. The USPS may be completely sold out by now, but I'd pass it over many times when I bought stamps and wondered who in the heck he was. Now I at least have an overview.

    I remember the Jim Jones mass suicide and murder of his brainwashed followers and the metaphor that came from it about Kool Aid. The comparison to leftist ideologues was interesting; otherwise it was more than I really cared to know.

    That Hale Bopp cult was similar but different. And I resent the comparison to fundamentalist Christianity. Any leader who would blaspheme God's word and recommend to his followers what to use the pages for is no Christian even if he borrowed some of it to serve his own purpose.

  • YouTube Is Down Worldwide

    10/16/2018 8:00:53 PM PDT · 133 of 168
    Aliska to Pilgrim's Progress
    Yeah back up for me, too. Tucker tonight works!
  • GLOBAL Blackout of YouTube right now..?

    10/16/2018 7:23:51 PM PDT · 119 of 173
    Aliska to gaijin

    Thanks. I thought it was just me. Am using borrowed laptop. Thought it was a connectivity issue or something. Been troubleshooting and getting nowhere.

    I’ll try Google Maps to see if they are down, too. Maps seem to be ok.

  • Mysterious gold cones 'hats of ancient wizards'

    10/14/2018 2:38:51 PM PDT · 48 of 62
    Aliska to SunkenCiv
    Check out Coast to Coast at the usual link. Egyptian pyramid researcher is going to be on.

    Host Jimmy Church, guest Manu Seyfzadeh

    I'm so fed up with accidentally flushing my posts. Was going to make it neater. Had to invert colors just long enough so I wouldn't copy white text, switch them back. Then was going to embed the link like C2C has it and lost it.


    10/13/2018 12:14:26 PM PDT · 47 of 53
    Aliska to Svartalfiar
    Maybe blood oranges would find a better market? Walmart had some - briefly. I was disappointed they had sold out before I could get some to make orange curd with them, for the novelty of it.

    I've never even seen a blood orange in real life.

    I think of what I enjoy first and thn try to make it profitable. Look for a niche market. But it would be hard to compete as more come on board.

    I haven't gone into it in great depth yet anyway. All the growing I've ever personally done has been mainly for pleasure, my own family and preserving. I never did much of it except my fruit trees, preferred to grow flowers otherwise.

    The only crop I had any real surplus would have been green beans; those were the easiest and most prolific for me. Tomatoes might have been next. Cherry tomatoes. The big ones were more finicky and prone to failures. Can't say I ever had any success with them to speak of.


    10/12/2018 10:55:49 PM PDT · 37 of 53
    Aliska to cherry
    I never heard of it before, knew that caves were warmer below the frost line. I guess I did hear of it before and stored it away. An eccentric engineering grad who lived by himself and his wife outside of Kewanee, IL, came up with it to air condition his home (c 1880). My aunt told me about it, and I begged her to take me there. It was closed but we could still see a lot.

    His name was Frederick Francis. It's an odd place (just google Francis Park and there are many photos from google maps. I remember reading when I was a kid he believed in the transmigration of souls, don't know if it is true. Anyway, it was a little creepy actually.

    Along the drive, back then bordering some trees, was tons of poison ivy.

    But the retiree in Nebraska, I would like to know a little more about the 8' deep tunnel, if it's shored up with suports to keep it from cavin in.

    I can imagine difficulty getting a permit for an operaation like that, at least where I would want to do it.

    Still would like to learn more about it.


    10/12/2018 10:36:38 PM PDT · 35 of 53
    Aliska to CJ Wolf
    Guess I had this ready and forgot to post it. Glad I didn't flush it.

    There are tons of videos about the Como Park Zoo and Marjorie McNeely Conservatory in St. Paul, MN. Most are flower shows, but this one captured my attention. Twice now I've had a terrible time finding it again in my watch history but this is the one.

    No wonder the title is: Grow Tropical Edible Herbs, Fruits and Vegetables Where it Snows


    10/12/2018 9:59:39 PM PDT · 31 of 53
    Aliska to greeneyes
    You're welcome. I've been fascinated with growing indors, too. You can get part of it done with hoop houses.

    I think it was you, not sure, about bringing tomatoes in and possibly getting them to root again. I suppose they could if you got some root with them. Otherwise, people on my garden group talked about cloning. There are cloners you can buy or DIY. I never understood if you put the rooting hormone in the water or what.

    I bought some acquarium stuff at Walmart and tried cloning a clematis. No luck. But I've had some success with roses. Soe are so easy you don't need a cloner but don't know about veggies.

    If you find something in your garden that is promising and unusual, cloning would be the best way to go rather than hybridization which come outlike Mendel's peas. Maybe not. Sooner or later you would want the seed.


    10/12/2018 8:22:24 PM PDT · 13 of 53
    Aliska to greeneyes
    You always have to dream. I would love to do something like this. I can no longer do it but maybe I can work something out so a future generation could.

    Nebraska retiree uses earths's heat to grow oranges in snow (Title). Amazing what a retired postal worker, a dream, an idea, and determination can do. Financed it himself, initially at least, because ag colleges and the like said it couldn't be done or impractical.

  • Tapper tears into Trump: He is harsher on Taylor Swift than Saudi Arabia

    10/12/2018 5:55:47 PM PDT · 18 of 55
    Aliska to yesthatjallen
    He just hates Trump. When he was at ABC, he always acted pretty professionally from what I remember.

    But you could be on to something.

    As the Russian expert argued, would the Trump haters rather get us in a war with Russia? Dr. Cohen on yt, one interview with Tucker, can't remember the other 2 recent ones. And he didn't vote for Trump but has been outspoken about Russian collusion.

    This was interesting in one interview, too, maybe C2C. He was critical of Trump for getting involved in Syria (hope I'm remembering that right) saying he was worried about his grandchildren, said ISIS would kill him and said he was a Jew, and also seemed concerned about Christians.

    He also remarked about young people and news. Said the Washington Post and New York Times (not certain about the latter) set the narrative for what all the other media outlets reported. Who could argue that?

    Sorry I don't have links to post.