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  • More than 100k March and Attend Midnight Services for Murdered Russian Royal Family

    07/18/2018 4:25:48 PM PDT · 28 of 35
    Aliska to dfwgator
    And Jacob Schiff and his Friends of Russian Freedom in the United States along with some in Great Britain helped finance Japan winning on that front. It's a fact of history that has been repressed to a large extent but it was reported by the NYT in 1917. There is more out there on the web, but one has to be careful with objectivity which can be difficult.

    The rest of it is complicated with Alexis, the only direct male heir to the throne and inheriting from Queen Victoria the genetic disease of hemophilia. And Alexxandra turning to Rasputin who had some occultic powers or suggestive or whatever it was. That became a source of hatred by many. Alexandra's sister was brutally shot in a pit. She had become a nun and was a martyr and saint, too.

  • More than 100k March and Attend Midnight Services for Murdered Russian Royal Family

    07/18/2018 1:58:55 PM PDT · 18 of 35
    Aliska to CondoleezzaProtege
    "When Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, George’s first cousin, was overthrown in the Russian Revolution of 1917, the British government offered political asylum to the Tsar and his family, but worsening conditions for the British people, and fears that revolution might come to the British Isles, led George to think that the presence of the Russian royals would be seen as inappropriate. Despite the later claims of Lord Mountbatten of Burma that Prime Minister Lloyd George was opposed to the rescue of the Russian imperial family, the letters of Lord Stamfordham suggest that it was George V who opposed the rescue against the advice of the government. The Tsar and his immediate family remained in Russia, where they were killed by Bolsheviks in 1918. King George V essentially signing his owns cousin’s death certificate."

    But I think perhaps the czar might have gotten out earlier but wanted to stay out of a sense of duty, not sure.

    Picture at link. I'm not sure which was which they looked so much alike.

  • Obama: Consider a universal basic income

    07/17/2018 4:58:46 PM PDT · 14 of 101
    Aliska to PROCON
    Heard this on the news.

    "The proposal, introduced by Chicago Alderman Ameya Pawar, would create a small-scale UBI experiment that gives 1,000 families $500 per month with no strings attached, and would also change the Earned Income Tax Credit for participating families to give them monthly payments instead of a lump sum. At least several dozen lawmakers have endorsed the proposal so far."

    More at link. Question was posed: "Who's going to pay for it?" Ans. People who pay income and property taxes in IL. Or any taxes to IL. Like me.

  • Pelosi: Press Conference Proves ‘Russians Have Something on the President’

    07/17/2018 12:44:33 PM PDT · 19 of 33
    Aliska to Mr. K
    Didn't Trump mention the Pakastani and Dem computers too? Rush seemed to have glossed over that or I heard it wrong.
  • Answering Objections about Genetically Modified Organisms

    07/16/2018 9:46:50 PM PDT · 101 of 101
    Aliska to logi_cal869
    Thank you so much! That will keep me busy for awhile. I copied it onto TextEdit and put on my desktop for faster and easier access.

    I remember what you said about the wheat and glyphosate just before harvest.

    Please keep me informed as you update or publish for sale.

  • The Story of How Mossad Stole 100,000 Iranian Nuclear Docs

    07/16/2018 6:47:49 PM PDT · 3 of 13
    Aliska to MtnClimber
    Suppose I shouldn't bring it up, but they spied on us prior to 911 (and probably still do) and were never charged with anyhing; it all faded into oblivion.

    Those guys being held for that front moving company were detained for almost 2 months, then let go at the intervention by two very high up people in government who were never named.

  • Hillary Clinton Blasts Trump For His Putin Press Conference With Just Four Simple Words

    07/16/2018 6:44:18 PM PDT · 21 of 102
    Aliska to Grimmy
    And allegedly had a book about rape of a minor to read on his and Hillary's commercial flight recently. WTF is with that?
  • Answering Objections about Genetically Modified Organisms

    07/16/2018 6:40:50 PM PDT · 99 of 101
    Aliska to logi_cal869
    Did you ever write your book on GM foods?

    There was a great guest on C2C a few nights ago, talked about lawsuits against Monsanto saying Roundup causes cancer, gave an example. Guest was Jeffrey M. Smith, very convincing. Also the huge settlement by J&J for the 30 some odd who came down with ovarian cancer from talcum powder, guess it was asbestos in it but only tangentially related to GM crops.

    "n the first half, Director of the Institute for Responsible Technology and a leading spokesperson on the health dangers of genetically modified foods, Jeffrey Smith talked about the current Monsanto trial, as well as the risks of GMO foods. Monsanto faces some 5,000 lawsuits that allege that their glyphosate-containing weed killer, Roundup, causes cancer, and a US District judge decided the cases can proceed to trial. The first case involves Dewayne Johnson, a 46-year-old former school groundskeeper, who got drenched by Roundup during an accident, and within nine months his body was covered with lesions that turned into cancer-- non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Monsanto never responded to Johnson's inquiry about whether his initial rashes were related to the chemical exposure, Smith recounted.

    "Johnson is so ill that he may not even survive the trial. "If he had been told by anyone at Monsanto [about the dangers of glyphosate], he would have stopped using it," Smith added. Regarding the consumption of GMO foods, Smith believes many gastrointestinal problems are caused by them, as well as gluten sensitivity. While major food companies banned GMOs in Europe, they remain in many food products in the US, though companies like Unilever and Nestle are starting to remove them here by popular demand, he cited. Next week, Smith is kicking off an online conference about healing from GMOs and Roundup, which people can sign-up for at no cost."

    Very frightening actually, so much information.

    As to growing, if you are farming in an area where all the crops are GM, there will be cross-pollinization if you are trying to grow the old way, even corn pollen travels in the wind even though corn is self-pollinating.

    Recommended people get rid of Roundup in the enviro manner (centers for chemicals) and only buy (or grow) organic food.

  • Putin making the liberal media look like fools in this press conference (vanity)

    07/16/2018 6:19:19 PM PDT · 210 of 222
    Aliska to pepsionice

    Didn’t they (NSA revelations) cause a huge fuss when it became known that we had been listening in on Angela Merkel’s phone calls?

  • House Democrat Calls For ‘Military Folks’ To Stop Trump

    07/16/2018 4:07:35 PM PDT · 34 of 158
    Aliska to Spruce
    Sedition. My thought exactly.
  • Clinton Foundation Designer Kate Spade Found Dead Of After Husband Posts Creepy Photos

    07/16/2018 4:05:59 PM PDT · 15 of 35
    Aliska to detective
    Sick in light of what happened. Hard to know if it was the power of suggestion or what on Kate's suicide. I don't know if he posted the photos B4 or after. Lead picture at link is reminiscent of Ophelia. The Millais one is perhaps the best known. There is a red rag rose in it. Maybe that means the red poppy, not familiar with much of it. Here's a link about the symbolism. The painting is creepy to me.

  • If you work for Trump, quit now [projectile vomit alert]

    07/16/2018 1:25:02 PM PDT · 19 of 76
    Aliska to markomalley
    Just about everybody spies on everybody. How can we be sure this isn't all a set-up and fabricated like WMD in Iraq (although there may have been some)? Putin, if translated correctly, made some good points about the Russian Company who did come to the US to appear in court. Claimed Mueller didn't have any evidence or convincing evidence. Putin is paying attention to what is going on here and did plead ignorance. Probably not to be believed.
  • Reporter forcibly removed from Trump, Putin presser in Helsinki [from left wing The Nation]

    07/16/2018 1:19:31 PM PDT · 17 of 21
    Aliska to simpson96
    A little background info. Dr. Stephen F. Cohen who has appeared 3 timees on Coast to Coast, Tucker Carlson, RT, others but now blackballed by the MSM who once used him as the foremost expert on all things Russian (Professor Emeritus Russian Studies and Histtory, NYU, also has taught at Princeton), was on C2C about a week ago now but as of yesterday don't see the 1st hour archive on yt.

    'Scuse the run on sentence pls. His wife, his 2nd, is the editor of the Nation and he contributes articles regularly.

    I had held him in high regard but some say he leans toward socialism and an apologist for Putin. I thought he was fair-minded, objective, and fascinating to listen to.

  • Trump: Europe is 'losing its culture' because of immigration

    07/13/2018 11:55:10 AM PDT · 82 of 83
    Aliska to arrogantsob
    Your #59. Thanks for the info.
  • Trump: Europe is 'losing its culture' because of immigration

    07/13/2018 11:53:43 AM PDT · 81 of 83
    Aliska to T-Bone Texan
    I hope they got the ones who robbed me and my friends getting on the Metro at Montmartre.
  • Trump: Europe is 'losing its culture' because of immigration

    07/12/2018 6:56:29 PM PDT · 38 of 83
    Aliska to chris37
    I don't know how widespread it is, and I do think we have destabilized areas that are exacerbating Europe's problem. However there were Algerians in Paris in the 1970's when I was there.

    I don't know much about French history and their role in Northern Africa. It has a lot to do with the aftermath of WWII.

    Maybe it is the judgement of God for all I know. - Barbara Lerner Spectre

    There are other groups promoting it surely. I think some may be experiencing unintended consequences. They have reached critical mass imo and too late to reverse the results, sadly.

  • The Physics of Knitting

    07/12/2018 4:40:14 PM PDT · 6 of 33
    Aliska to ClearCase_guy

    During the industrial revolution, different types of complex knitting machines were invented for socks, underwear, just about everything. Then they came up with a home knitting machine, but I didn’t persist to get the hang of it. I prefer to knit by hand but need instructions or diagrams. Some people can just cast on some stitches and make about anything on the fly.

  • All 12 Boys And Their Coach Are Rescued From Thai Cave, After 2 Weeks

    07/10/2018 10:30:52 PM PDT · 182 of 197
    Aliska to HollyB
    Just read that after the last rescue, the main pump that had pumped millions of gallons out failed and started flooding the cave so badly the rescue SEALs who had remained behind to retrieve the air tanks and other gear had to leave it all behind and barely made it out themselves.

    What timing!

    And they did give the boys a sedative to try to prevent panic.

    Just so amazing and considering that some were very weak, one especially so concerned them they rushed him to the helipad wiithout thee police escort vehicles.

    Much gratitude for answered prayers and the best possible outcome except the blessed one who laid down his life for his friends according to the Christian faith.

  • This Is Not America: Paul Manafort is Being Tortured in Solitary Confinement by Mueller

    07/10/2018 5:20:13 PM PDT · 43 of 56
    Aliska to Dawgreg
    If I remember it right, at the hearing when she had such caustic remarks aimed at Mueller and the investigation in general, I think she determined the charges were valid and to let it go forward. Or didn't dare or was too afraid to take matters in her own hands

    Plus there were other charges being heard by a different judge.

  • social Security experts, I have a social security question and need some help with answers

    07/10/2018 2:55:08 PM PDT · 16 of 83
    Aliska to GeorgiaDawg32
    None of those answers is correct to the best of my knowledge, maybe one somewhat true. I took mine at 62. I think it was Bob Brinker who said it was better to wait and your payments would be higher plus (actuary tables) you will collect more in the long run by waiting until age 66 is it now?

    The employee at SS advised me to take it at 62. Still had to wait to age 65 to go on Medicare. I'm not really sorry though although I never made it up in payments and don't think I will no matter how long I live.

    The only lump sum I know about is back pay for people who apply for disability and get turned down.

    But with any of them, if they make a mistake and overpay you, you have to pay it back. And if you have extra income over a certain point, you are taxed on all or part of your benefits depending on how much over I think it is 25K.

    I don't know how much longer before it goes broke. Bob Brinker did give a dire warning on Sunday night. He said to the effect that if we go through a deflationary period, "it's all over". A caller asked him to elaborate and he explained (my words) the house of cards, all the funds that would go down. Bonds. Stocks. Dividends. Corporate earnings. Wages. And the national debt hanging over our heads.

    It's like a ponzi scheme and they have played fast and loose with SS and various pension funds. Illinois in huge trouble. Caller this afternoon talking how his IH pension fund has suffered, how good it was and how much he has to pay now for private insurance. One person. $800/mo. People with dependants and older people undergoing expensive medical treatmments in a world of hurt.