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  • Nearly the End of the Line for S.U.V.’s

    12/24/2008 6:24:35 AM PST · 27 of 30
    ameagle to x_plus_one
    But there still are US made Escalade, Tahoe and Suburbans Hybrids.

  • Obama Fomenting A Constitutional Crisis

    12/04/2008 9:38:37 PM PST · 46 of 68
    ameagle to Smokeyblue

    O-fraud is deeply insecure. It’s shows on a daily basis. He’s a little better with his tele-prompter, but he HATES any and all criticism. And his wife is a racist ego-maniac who believes her own radical left-wing press. The 2 of them live for parties and money...they are racists through and through. They are all about fake parties. Obama won’t get any real work done in Washington, as he’s too worried about how he looks and spending time with Reggie. Same for Michelle the racist, all she cares about is being waited on by whitey’s and how she looks. Her off time before the dem convention was to get work done on her face and body, period. They are superficial and treat this potential next 4 years as a huge party. It’s all about the superficial. Obama doesn’t expect to do any real work, he expects to show up at photo-ops and take direction from Axelrod, et al.

  • Senate Democrats Scramble to Win GOP Support for Auto Rescue Bill (Republican spine finally?)

    11/18/2008 6:19:21 PM PST · 337 of 340
    ameagle to LeoOshkosh

    No we did not know because you are unable to provide proof of your claim. Apparently and supposedly are hearsay.

  • Senate Democrats Scramble to Win GOP Support for Auto Rescue Bill (Republican spine finally?)

    11/18/2008 6:15:31 PM PST · 336 of 340
    ameagle to sickoflibs

    They will either get their loans in late 08’ or Jan 08.

    Either way they will get their loans. FACT

  • Hannity & Colmes - 11-14-08 - Continues to Expose Terrorist Bill Ayers

    11/14/2008 6:18:54 PM PST · 1 of 31
    Bill Ayers continues to be exposed. We will never give up on exposing this soon to be president whose close friends hate this country.

    11/07/2008 12:31:46 PM PST · 508 of 760
    ameagle to sandyeggo

    Obama gets his questions before a live press conference from the Liberal Media? How pathetic. Bush never received the questions ahead of time. Does Obama demand a 24 hour notice on what questions he will receive before each press conference? Talk about a deceiver and cheater.

  • UAW chief urges $25 bln in U.S. auto health care support (Union bailout-payback for $400,000,000)

    11/07/2008 5:23:57 AM PST · 45 of 53
    ameagle to Fred

    They’ve already eliminated health care for salaried retirees over age 65. Why should the union thugs get to keep their health care benefits when they salaried workers lost theirs?

    They UAW needs to be demolished for their greed.

  • Lehman's Fall and Palin Pick Did McCain In

    11/06/2008 9:27:47 PM PST · 118 of 143
    ameagle to o2bfree
    Yep, take their oil and run. Same with Texas, take their oil and run.

    The left is weird and pathetic. They are trashing her via moles in our party because they are threatened by Palin’s authenticity. You would think they would focus on their empty suit, but instead they are still obsessed with Sarah. Reagan would support Sarah, enough said. Sarah is a Conservative and would make the choices we would make. That's what we need in Washington.

  • Day One: Obama faces a Cold War threat and a warning from Israel (KGB Coming - But Not On Our Watch)

    11/06/2008 8:36:01 PM PST · 48 of 57
    ameagle to Humble Servant
    He'll try to cut a deal with the Commies. It's the Chicago way. All Obama cares about and tries to avoid is being mocked. He and his team are so insecure and worried about their reputation and defending themselves, that when he is criticized, they address the criticism and spin a response as best they can. So with the criticism of the Russians taking advantage of Obama...Obama will meet with Putin even though the Commies will put their missiles as they please. But Obama won't care. He won't think the average American will understand about Putin's aggression. Obama will just want a photo op with Putin, in order to fool Americans that he has Putin in his back pocket and that Obama is able to achieve world peace. Meanwhile, Obama will wink at Putin's free reign to go after what ever he wants, as long as he gives Obama a photo op.

    Obama only cares that he isn't mocked.

  • Day One: Obama faces a Cold War threat and a warning from Israel (KGB Coming - But Not On Our Watch)

    11/06/2008 8:05:48 PM PST · 37 of 57
    ameagle to Brian S. Fitzgerald
    Putin may return to Kremlin in ‘09: report

    MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian President Dmitry Medvedev could resign from his post in 2009 to pave the way for Vladimir Putin to return to the Kremlin, Vedomosti newspaper reported on Thursday, citing an unidentified source close to the Kremlin.

    Putin's return? Russian parliament may allow it

    MOSCOW – Russia's constitution will be amended by year's end to extend the presidential term to six years, lawmakers promised Thursday — a move that could pave the way for Vladimir Putin's return to the Kremlin.

    It would be the first change to the Russian constitution since its adoption in 1993. A six-year term could mean 12 more years as president for Putin — the current prime minister — who has not ruled out getting his old job back.

    President Dmitry Medvedev, a Putin protege, had suggested raising the term from four years to six Wednesday in his first state of the nation address.

    This is just a test...Modern day Russians don't play, they take advantage...


    Meanwhile, Obama is working out in the gym while the Secret Service continues to put their OWN lives on the line for the poser. The Secret Service men and women have Mom's and Dad's and families. We don't appreciate Obama putting our Secret Service men and women in harms way in order for a loser and Reggie Love to work out.

    Dude, get a home gym. Your workout shouldn't put Secret Service in harms way. Obama is such an egomaniac.

    These Secret Service men don't need to be putting their lives on the line to take you to the gym. Obama is Pathetic. He just wants to bump and grind with Reggie on the court.

  • Day One: Obama faces a Cold War threat and a warning from Israel (KGB Coming - But Not On Our Watch)

    11/06/2008 7:44:58 PM PST · 32 of 57
    ameagle to StormEye
    Venezuela offers Russians big gold projects

    Venezuela plans to build mines at its largest gold deposits with Russian help, the mining minister said on Thursday, apparently killing a years-long bid by two Canadian companies to develop the projects.

    The decision reflects leftist President Hugo Chavez efforts to boost ties with Russia, increase state control over a key sector and speed up stalled mining development as tumbling crude prices threaten to crimp the OPEC nation's finances.

    An accord will be signed on Friday with Russian-owned Rusoro to operate the Las Cristinas and Brisas projects with Venezuela, mining minister Rodolfo Sanz told a Russian government delegation during a presentation observed by Reuters. Rusoro’s share price soared after the news.

    What a progressive relatinship? Swoon...Putin and Chavez are in Love...It's all good...and all in the Northern Hemisphere. Gotta love those progressives like Chavez. Chavez loves Obama. But does Chavez love our Constitution?

    All Conservatives need to move to Texas. Let the Liberal Commie Urban areas defend themselves. Chicago's murder rate is higher than anything that's happened in Iraq. Let the down-low Ayers liberals defend themselves from those that hate our freedom and want our power and money.

  • Lehman's Fall and Palin Pick Did McCain In

    11/06/2008 7:12:48 PM PST · 81 of 143
    ameagle to frposty
    Kraut is an elitist. He's good sometimes, but he believes his own press. You are clueless with the types of Politicians that down to earth, patriotic Americans relate to. Even semi liberal Greta Van Susteren relate to the Palins. Those of you who attempt to paint the Palin’s as outside of mainstream American need to shut it.

    McCain deserved our support. But that support is sooo 2008. Sarah Palin is sooo 2012.

    When you and your ilk diss her, you are dissing us. So just stop. You need to be going negative on B Hussein Obama. Not Sarah Patriot Palin. You don't like her? You mock her and her family? Get lost...because you are a loser if you would DARE to go negative on Sarah Palin - A Reagan Conservative.

    What we need is a organized on-line, yes...On-Line organization to defend the Great Sarah Palin from liars. Someone needs to coordinate Sarah Defenders as volunteers to defend her and her family's great name. We need to shut down liars like you.

  • Day One: Obama faces a Cold War threat and a warning from Israel (KGB Coming - But Not On Our Watch)

    11/06/2008 6:59:45 PM PST · 1 of 57
    Hmmm - why did they wait until after the election? Putin respects Bush. He doesn't respect false messiahs. Obama - Where You At? Chicago Thug Politics can't compete with KGB.
  • Operation Freep Palin- Counter the Attack (update @219- small, token gifts OK)

    11/06/2008 4:56:06 PM PST · 166 of 333
    ameagle to nbhunt
    We need to inundate Conservative friendly journalists, websites and Fox. Maybe not the liberal media though. It would make them more threatened by her. But yes, we need to let anyone who is in media print, radio or TV, that Sarah Palin is on the right side of the issues that are American to the core.
  • Operation Freep Palin- Counter the Attack (update @219- small, token gifts OK)

    11/06/2008 4:52:10 PM PST · 165 of 333
    ameagle to nbhunt
    When people say dreams don't come true, tell them about Sarah. One of Sarah's favorite films is Rudy. Sarah is an inspiration and a True American Success Story.

    Sarah Palin: “I love those old sports movies, like Hoosiers, and Rudy, those that show that the underdog can make it and it's all about tenacity and work ethic and determination, and just doing the right thing. So it would probably be one of those two old sports movies.”

    The Rudy Movie: Note the scene at the 7:00 mark, talk about inspiring. We can't give up on standing up for what we believe in. Sarah has a fighters spirit. Great scene.

    Favorite Rudy scene?

    Palin: “At the very end, the victories! Yeah! Rudy, where he gets to run out on the field and he gets to participate and make a difference.”

    Here's Sarah's favorite scene at 2:35 mark as narrated by Rudy Ruettiger himself.

  • Operation Freep Palin- Counter the Attack (update @219- small, token gifts OK)

    11/06/2008 4:04:53 PM PST · 157 of 333
    ameagle to GregB
    These losers bashing Sarah Palin all over the web need to be rebuked. They are LIARS. Their lies need to be exposed and trashed. Because they are trash.

    Gov Sarah Palin bashing won't be tolerated.

  • Operation Freep Palin- Counter the Attack (update @219- small, token gifts OK)

    11/06/2008 3:54:31 PM PST · 150 of 333
    ameagle to thisiskubrick
    Shut it. You seem pretty dumb and are an idiot. This is a pro-Palin thread and you are rebuked. Obama is dumb, insecure and a Socialist. Socialist's decision making skills are the polar opposite of the types of decision our Founding Fathers would make. Even Lincoln, while pleased that someone with an African background was finally elected, would be horrified with Obama’s anti American views. Obama wants to strip America of it's freedoms.

    Washington and Lincoln would be very proud of a true American like Sarah Palin standing up for patriotic Americans. You are not worthy of her time.

    Palin Hater's and Anti's need to get lost.

  • Nicole's Knifework (David Frum Identifies the anti-Palin Leaker)

    11/06/2008 2:32:00 PM PST · 205 of 257
    ameagle to redgirlinabluestate

    Hillary > Katie > Nicole

    Three degrees of separation. If Nicole attempted to sabotage Gov Palin - it's because Clinton and her surrogates want Gov Palin off the National stage and out of the 2012 Election.

    But it is Hillary Clinton thinking of running in 2012?

  • Hard to imagine 2012 bid - Palin

    11/05/2008 7:59:29 PM PST · 88 of 147
    ameagle to Lent
    You are wrong. Sarah is a phenomenal communicator. Obama is a Socialist fake christian, with a huge ego while being insecure.

    Reagan would support Sarah Palin, be proud of her small town patriotic story. The Critics you worship hate us. They hate Sarah Palin. Of course they will try to destroy her. Did you not learn anything from this election? Their opinion means squat. We have 4 years to create effective communication outlets and we have 4 years to expose the elite media's dirty little secrets. The media are now are trial. We will expose their personal lives at a level they've never imagined. Whether Sarah runs for a national office again or not, leave her alone.

  • Hard to imagine 2012 bid - Palin

    11/05/2008 7:49:51 PM PST · 85 of 147
    ameagle to scott jefferys
    Errmmm, Scott, you're the idiot. Sarah is ready today. Quit bashing and hating her. Our Founding Father's would slap you upside your head for calling her an idiot. They would also be energized to know that their spirit of God given spirit is a live and well in 2008.

    B Hussein Obama could NEVER get enough ‘work’ to have the right decision making skills to keep our country safe. Obama has zero wisdom and will attempt to destroy our freedom at every opportunity. What we know about Sarah, is that she is on our side. Whenever she has a decision to make, she would always side on the people.