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Posts by A Navy Vet

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  • Putin 'to wipe out Turkey' in nuclear war

    11/27/2015 2:36:52 PM PST · 24 of 45
    A Navy Vet to rickmichaels
    The headline and the story does not compute.

    Are there ANY real journalists anywhere?

  • Waffle House waitress shot, killed after telling customer not to smoke

    11/27/2015 2:33:04 PM PST · 30 of 85
    A Navy Vet to AppyPappy
    "Another life taken from smoking."

    You're often funny, but not cool, dude.

  • Obama Administration Threatens States to Admit Syrian Refugees or Face ‘Enforcement Action’

    11/27/2015 2:30:01 PM PST · 125 of 178
    A Navy Vet to Renegade
    "If its Progressive insurance you have George Soros too!"

    Hope that's a joke as was mine.

  • FBI Predicts Black Friday Gun Sales Will Break Record

    11/27/2015 2:22:02 PM PST · 6 of 15
    A Navy Vet to Red in Blue PA
    Cool. Looks like people are waking up and/or stocking up. Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside to know more are arming against the sh*tters of the country. Too bad France, Belgium, England, and others haven't figured it out.

    Gun Free Zones = Free Kill Zones!
  • Obama Warns of Enforcement Action Against States That Refuse Syrian Refugees

    11/27/2015 1:50:41 PM PST · 21 of 61
    A Navy Vet to SeekAndFind
    I read the letter. It is from a NGO and has NO authority, although it does quote US Code which does have authority according to the Refugee Act of 1980 (Public Law 96-212). Bottom line:

    What Would the Fedgov Do?
    There is no longer stomach for civil war.

    My answer: County Sheriffs stand strong and don't allow the Fed to enforce. Those dropped off like the muslims in Christie's state are loaded in wagons and send back. It would be a stand-off much like in Temecula, CA. where the population did not allow many of the recent so-called children-on-rails to infiltrate.

  • Obama Administration Threatens States to Admit Syrian Refugees or Face ‘Enforcement Action’

    11/27/2015 1:29:33 PM PST · 119 of 178
    A Navy Vet to Lurkus Maximus
    "Come on states. Assert your statehood. Assert your sovereignty. Do what is right for your citizens."

    Did you know that county Sheriffs have the authority to push back against Fedgov forces? They are the ultimate authority when it comes to States' Rights. Even the Governors can't interdict a Sheriff's authority.

  • Obama Administration Threatens States to Admit Syrian Refugees or Face ‘Enforcement Action’

    11/27/2015 1:22:48 PM PST · 118 of 178
    A Navy Vet to Renegade
    "Agree!In the heat of the moment."

    Understood. It was in the heat of the moment when I said kill them all. Of course I didn't mean kill. I meant string them up from their ankles below a lamp post.

    I'm too old and too frail to even be involved in the above, but it makes me feel good just to say it. I'm a limp wrist puss. But hey, I got Progressive Insurance, so FLO is on my team...haha.

  • Offenders Face $10,000 Fines as Burka Banned in Swiss Region of Ticino

    11/27/2015 1:04:52 PM PST · 7 of 9
    A Navy Vet to amorphous
    Wear your burkas. Be a second class citizen and obligated to be raped, tortured, genital mutilation, stoned, and at the very least walk behind your men.

    Fine, be nothing more than a sperm dump from some barbaric stinky disgusting man who also probably f*cks goats, while Western women excel beside their men who adore them and have all the freedom to do as they wish.

    And guess what, you dumb ass Islam subservient women?? Western women have what's called an orgasm! Doubt you few have such and your men don't give a sh&t either way. They see you as cattle/positions. Western women have them and us Western men enjoy that, not to mention just admiring the female mystique. WE DON'T OWN WOMEN.

    I understand that in Muslim controlled countries you are taught to be subservient from birth. What I don't get is why a Western woman would want to join such a misogynistic brutal denigrating lifestyle.

    Hey, National Organization for Women (NOW) you want a REAL cause? Look towards the slavery and brutality of Islam women. What's that? Crickets .........

    If all Muslims disappeared tomorrow, I don't think anyone outside of the faith would miss them.

  • Sowell: Political Translations

    11/27/2015 12:13:54 PM PST · 8 of 9
    A Navy Vet to higgmeister
    Damn. I just realized he's a black man. Guess my statement is null and void according to Sharpton, Jackson, "Black Lives Matter", and all the other whiny black, brown, white, yellow, and combination therein.

    Yeah, yeah, shoosh cum bah;
    We hate all, want more stuf.

    And I try so hard to not "micro-agress". Actually, I don't. I dislike or hate black assholes; white assholes; asian assholes; indigenous assholes, and punk *ss cry baby combinations. I'm a bigot and proud of it against those racist pr*cks.

    Got integrity? Oops, the college/university systems have no definition of that word in their sociology classes. My bad. I'd be happy to provide a Websters Dictionary, but then they would probably parse the definition into self-aggrandizement.

  • Obama Administration Threatens States to Admit Syrian Refugees or Face ‘Enforcement Action’

    11/27/2015 11:36:15 AM PST · 107 of 178
    A Navy Vet to Renegade
    "Civil War II .Bring it on Brown Clown!"

    With due respect, I don't see what's coming down the line as a civil war conflict. I see it as REVOLUTIONARY WAR II against the totalitarians. Call them liberals, progressives, socialists, communists, facists, marxists, Maoists, et al. They are all totalitarian who think they know better how to manage your life. KILL THEM ALL!

  • Obama Administration Threatens States to Admit Syrian Refugees or Face ‘Enforcement Action’

    11/27/2015 11:14:10 AM PST · 104 of 178
    A Navy Vet to E. Pluribus Unum; Neil E. Wright; Jim Robinson; Travis McGee
    "The Obama administration has warned states to comply with federal efforts to resettle Syrian refugees in communities around the U.S. or else find their states subject to enforcement action."

    Please, please...puh-lease try to enforce your crap on the Individual States. I've been waiting for this for years! I have been an advocate for States' Rights throughout my political career. This was a main objective of VetsCor.

    What are you going to do Opeaser?
    1. Cut off federal funds to the States? Guess what you federal tyrannical sh*thead?; the States can stop forwarding funds;
    2. Send in the Army? "Whoever, except in cases and under circumstances expressly authorized by the Constitution or Act of Congress, willfully uses any part of the Army or the Air Force as a posse comitatus or otherwise to execute the laws shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both. 18 U.S. Code § 1385;
    3. Federalize State Reserves? Good luck with that one since US Code says no go. The Fedgov can only federalize State Reserves for warfare.


    Barack Hussein Obama you are f*cking with the wrong people. These numerous Governors have more power than you think. YOU ARE A DISASTER TO THE MOST WONDERFUL NATION EVER ON PLANET EARTH THAT SO MANY HAVE EMULATED.
    Obama the Opeaser is an embarrassment to me.

    Change and Hopey only worked for the "gimme dats", and yet not enough to satisfy their tax-payer hunger.
    You're a punk who has bowed to so many and left our Allis behind as you apologize to the World. I knew pussies like you in High School and beat the shit out of them. In my best dreams, I see a SS agent kicking the crap out of you.

    Sorry Secret Service, I have no ill attentions towards the president.

  • Ted Cruz: Obama Is An Apologist for Radical Islamic Terrorism

    11/23/2015 12:11:19 PM PST · 15 of 19
    A Navy Vet to Isara
    "‘Well yes, ISIS has done some bad things, but Christians and Jews have also done bad things,'” Cruz noted. “And then he invokes the Crusades and the Inquisition. Now last I checked both of those ended hundreds and hundreds of years ago. I don’t think it is too much to ask the President to stay in the current millennium. And that is exactly the argument that the terrorists make. It is the argument that ISIS makes as they invoke the Crusades.”"

    The above remark is why Cruz is the smartest, most informed, articulate guy in the room. Trump is a blowhard much like Perot who talked in generalities, "Well, we'll just fix it". Can't wait until Trump inserts final foot in mouth. Ben Carson is a nice man but a wimp and ill-informed. He needs to go away.

    Cruz is Ronald Reagan re-incarnated. I think the only thing holding him back is puppy-dog eyes, much like Trump's furrowed eyebrows and pursed lips make him look tough alone with his generic rhetoric.

  • 'Complete failure': French intelligence grapples with fallout of Paris attacks

    11/23/2015 11:53:51 AM PST · 5 of 10
    A Navy Vet to Kaslin
    Agree to a point, but there is no way intel can know about every single barbarian, nor the future wannabes. The only way to stop them is with new ROE with pig covered MOABs and/or tactical nukes while accepting collateral damage. The Islamists need to learn that paradise is no longer open. The moderate Muslims would also learn a lesson and shut down their hate/terrorist leaders in Mosques and Madrasses world-wide.

    Of course none of the above will happen. It will eventually be up to American militias to make a point.

  • Sowell: Political Translations

    11/23/2015 11:40:28 AM PST · 3 of 9
    A Navy Vet to jazusamo

    A sane man in an insane world.

  • Linda Ronstadt - Poor Poor Pitiful Me

    11/22/2015 10:35:46 AM PST · 62 of 72
    A Navy Vet to newfreep
    "Steve also re-mastered the Eagles, “Hotel California”. Due to the poor tape used during that period, Steve literally had to bake the tapes to get them to playback properly...and then it was only a temporary “fix”."

    I have the re-masterd "Hotel California" on CD. It's like listening to it for the first time. I always try to buy re-mastered versions when buying older artists. I'll check out the liner notes and see if it mentions your friend.

  • Linda Ronstadt - Poor Poor Pitiful Me

    11/22/2015 10:31:06 AM PST · 61 of 72
    A Navy Vet to newfreep
    "She typically had very good engineers...but the best sounding versions were mastered by my friend, Steve Hoffman - on both vinyl and CD. Check em out for great sonics and music."

    Yes, I remember her albums having a very clear sound with the instruments standing out from each other. Loved Blue Bayou.

  • Professor: "White Christians" Must Repent for Privilege by Paying Reparations to Blacks

    11/21/2015 12:59:00 PM PST · 104 of 119
    A Navy Vet to rightistight

    I’ve always wondered how a person becomes a “professor” at a college. Does it take a Ph.D, Masters, or Bachelor degree in a certain study to teach the same studies as a professor? Serious, I don’t know.

  • 4 Things You Didn't Know About Goldie Hawn On Her 70th Birthday

    11/21/2015 12:41:56 PM PST · 18 of 43
    A Navy Vet to kcvl

    Ack! Is that a real photo?

  • House votes to curb Syrian refugees, snubs Obama veto threat (veto-proof 289-137 margin)

    11/19/2015 3:04:54 PM PST · 87 of 104
    A Navy Vet to xzins
    "Actually, I’m fine with 3 year old orphans. They have no moms, no dads, and no memory. Let them all in."

    Really good point that escaped me...sure it has others.

  • Can Terrorists Really Infiltrate the Syrian Refugee Program?

    11/19/2015 7:59:41 AM PST · 10 of 37
    A Navy Vet to SeekAndFind
    "Despite the current uproar, the U.S. has been resettling people fleeing war-torn countries for decades without trouble."

    It's a different day you dumb *ss socialist bleeding heart.

  • Trump won't rule out database, special ID for Muslims in US

    11/19/2015 7:56:05 AM PST · 15 of 61
    A Navy Vet to GIdget2004

    Although I agree with Trump about re-initiating clandestine surveillance of Mosques, Islam Centers, Madrasses, et al, this will never fly.

  • UnitedHealth Group: Nation's largest insurer may exit Obamacare due to losses

    11/19/2015 7:51:38 AM PST · 4 of 35
    A Navy Vet to SeekAndFind

    Let me be the first: DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING.

  • Ash Carter breaks with Obama: 'We’re prepared to change rules of engagement' in fight vs. ISIS

    11/19/2015 7:49:52 AM PST · 10 of 29
    A Navy Vet to Lazamataz

    So Opeaser is now Putin’s “Mini-Me”. Typical.

  • John McCain calls for 10,000 US ground troops in Syria

    11/19/2015 7:04:32 AM PST · 32 of 64
    A Navy Vet to McGruff
    Going to be funny when Opeaser and Putin meet for nice photo-ops and unenforceable agreements and Putin does his own thing anyway.

    Is this Bambi's new "Reset Button" or is it a new "Red Line"? Putin will show the lack of strength that is our usurper CinC. Can't believe I'm rooting for Putin. The world is truly upside-down.

  • More than 500 firearms seized from Clovis home of man with mental health issues

    11/19/2015 6:55:29 AM PST · 22 of 39
    A Navy Vet to knarf
    "59 years old, 88 shotguns, 234 rifles, 10 "assault" weopons (whatever THEY are), don't add up to over 500 firearms ... but hey ... we all know the media can't think, why should we expect math skills ?"

    Were the 10 "assault" weapons fully automatic? If not, then they were just another rifle, with an a scary look. BOO!

  • Team Bush Has Little to Show for $20 Million Spent on TV Ads (Mike Murphy squanders donor $$$)

    11/19/2015 6:42:47 AM PST · 11 of 21
    A Navy Vet to jimbo123

    I’ve seen it repeatedly and makes me like him less. He comes across as a typical politician and as a dork. Go away, Jeb.

  • Climate Activists Bracing for Failure at Paris conference

    11/11/2015 11:00:04 PM PST · 13 of 20
    A Navy Vet to yoe

    Killing me!!!

  • Climate Activists Bracing for Failure at Paris conference

    11/11/2015 10:59:21 PM PST · 12 of 20
    A Navy Vet to dennisw
    "But, instead of expecting these talks to deliver final solutions to the climate crisis,..."

    Please tell this uneducated simple ole sailor exactly what is the "climate crisis"?

    Is it the "Ice Age" as predicted back in early 70's?

    Is it the new "Global Warming", that so many have changed the name to feed their agenda?

    Is it from some latest studies that claim a new "Ice Age" may be upon us?

    Is it the decreasing Ozone layer that was going to kill us and didn't?

    What about the population explosion that should have made the hippies happy that didn't occur?

    What about harvesting trees that would diminish CO2 and destroy the atmosphere and humankind?

    What about the Alacar scare that killed thousands of jobs that turned out to be hysteria?

    What about the thalidomide scare that is now approved for use in the United States for a complication of leprosy? The drug is also used to treat multiple myeloma, a cancer that affects the bone marrow.

    What about the stupid nature vs nurture theory that boys and girls were the same when born and proven incorrect later? Sheesh, you only had to be a parent to witness the differences. Oh wait, the liberals are saying that again about so-called trans-gender types.

    It goes on and on. More grants, more studies, more theories that turn out to be wrong. Is there anything that some scientist, theorist, or doctorate wannabe doesn't know? Got chalk board? Let's do some equations.

  • Disney's Bob Iger is on the ball with Carson's NFL stadium project

    11/11/2015 10:16:14 PM PST · 6 of 9
    A Navy Vet to who_would_fardels_bear
    "Now even more than ever I’m rooting for the Rams in Inglewood."

    I want the Raiders back. Screw the Chargers.

  • Disney's Bob Iger is on the ball with Carson's NFL stadium project

    11/11/2015 10:14:13 PM PST · 5 of 9
    A Navy Vet to 867V309
    "more than a THIRD OF A BILLION dollars to subsidize billionaire oligarchs and their millionaire thugs."

    True, but realize how many jobs and monetary benefits it brings into local economies. Plus, it would be nice to have a LA/OC NFL team that I can root for. I've never been one to pick an outside team to support. Gotta have the home team.

  • Arkansas amazing win over Ole Miss, 53-52

    11/11/2015 10:07:41 PM PST · 19 of 19
    A Navy Vet to Jeff Head

    Don’t care, but thanks for including me.

  • Iran Stops Dismantling Uranium Centrifuges

    11/11/2015 10:06:21 PM PST · 20 of 28
    A Navy Vet to Diogenesis
    "Obama’s treason ONLY happens because the entire GOP is complicit and submissive and hates America, too. The GOP and MSM have enabled the biggest treason against the US Constitution in US history."

    Really? While I have no love for the GOP any longer, you think Republicans hate America? Wow. I've read you for years and often thought you to be incisive and correct. Gotta say, as liberal as the elite Republicans have become, I disagree that they hate America. That said, the long-term Republicans have become corrupted by DC politics.

    The MSM does hate America or they would have not given Hussein a free ride to "hopey and changey" THE greatest experiment in self-governing the world has envied and copied. Of course, that's what happens when the "gimmedats" want more and more free stuff.

  • Iran Stops Dismantling Uranium Centrifuges

    11/11/2015 9:48:11 PM PST · 19 of 28
    A Navy Vet to Carthego delenda est
    "A few well placed bunker busters in Iran and a MOAB on the black rock in Mecca will clean up a good portion of the foreign mess."

    Sorry, no one has the balls to eradicate the sick Muslim hoard. The days of Dresden, Hamburg, Hiroshima, etc. are over. It's now all about feelings for collateral damage rather than winning against the enemy. Hell, most leaders, including ours, won't even name the enemy.

    I predict the last stand will be in the USA some 15 years out. Reason: "A gun behind every bush".

  • Sanders Supporters Explain Socialism

    11/07/2015 2:55:24 PM PST · 3 of 14
    A Navy Vet to twister881

    Great graphic, except the left hand should be reaching towards the money bag.

  • FBN debate, Christie and Huckabee to kiddie table, Graham doesn't even make kiddie table

    11/05/2015 4:38:29 PM PST · 18 of 45
    A Navy Vet to Hugin

    Har! Hope he takes everyone but Cruz and Trump with him. I could live with Rubio, but then maybe not. The rest are distracting voters from who would honor the Oval Office and put our adversaries in their proper place and rebuild our friendships.

  • The Meaninglessness Of Ben Carson’s Views On Egyptian Pyramids [the money quote]

    11/05/2015 4:31:04 PM PST · 81 of 118
    A Navy Vet to smoothsailing
    Du, du, dadu.........I'm a surgeon.

    Nice intelligent guy, but I don't want him facing down Putin or Iran.

  • The Meaninglessness Of Ben Carson’s Views On Egyptian Pyramids [the money quote]

    11/05/2015 4:27:49 PM PST · 79 of 118
    A Navy Vet to conservativejoy
    "He would be qualified as Surgeon General, but do we really need one?"

    No. I don't know of any "need", do you? It's a do-nothing BS cabinet position. It should have been eliminated along time ago with the Joycelyn Elders controversy during Clinton's soiling the Oval Office.

    Make me President for one day and it's gone, along with other departments and with countless agencies.

    Okay it takes an act of Congress to create, fund, or eliminate a cabinet level department. Still, with the "stroke of pen", I could eliminate many agencies and bureaucracies. So the lib/socialists say all those thousands are out of work and what do the poor dears do?

    First, I'd say "get a job".
    Secondly, "you had a great run at tax-payers exspense and still have your golden parachutes and incredible pensions".
    Thirdly, "Once your Unemployment Benefits run out, you can apply for Welfare. "Work for Welfare" programs are now re-initated. Get a job or pick up trash, erase graffiti, dig holes, anything that helps your immediate community."

    The following cabinet positions I would push Congress to defund or outright repeal:
    Homeland Security (combine all fedov LE into the FBI and leave CIA separate but with forced cooperation by direction of the Oval Office), Interior, Agriculture, Education, Labor, Housing and Urban Development.

    Those are the top of my list because I've never seen, read, heard, experienced ANY positive results from the 100's of billions we sink into those affirmative action cesspools. Maybe I've missed the "occasional" good they do, but you don't need an entire cabinet department for the "occasional".

    Sheesh, President Cruz should just ask me to set up a small non-partisan NGO to work out the specifics, much like the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), but with a priority line to the President's ear.

    I owned 3 different companies...I know how to read a Balance Sheet and a Profit & Loss Statement and adjust accordingly to maintain a profit. Yes, incredibly larger numbers. However, CFO's hire capable accountants who crunch the numbers and then they look at the top and bottom lines to determine what input for the CEO. The CEO then forwards that info along with projected sales, inventory, possible competition to the Chairman of the Board, President Cruz.

    I realize I'm being a little simplistic in my economic comparison with the Fed Reserve in the mix, not to mention external trade issues, but the basics of a Balance Sheet nor a P&F never lie. Does your checkbook lie to you?

    Ooh, good slogan for a economic advertisement. I own it since it's here in writing. You must request in writing if you want to use it. Just kidding.

    Opening sequence:
    Mom and Pop are trying to figure out how to pay their taxes;
    They discuss how the Fedgov is taking more of their hard-earned dollars every year;
    A voice over says, "Is your federal government using your tax dollars wisely?"
    Mom or Pop says, "I'm not sure, but it seems like we do better balancing our checkbook."
  • The Meaninglessness Of Ben Carson’s Views On Egyptian Pyramids [the money quote]

    11/05/2015 3:11:06 PM PST · 70 of 118
    A Navy Vet to angryoldfatman
    "...they’re giant piles of rocks in an Egyptian desert."

    You and I are probably some of the few in the entire world who see the pyramids for what they are. Granted, it took some advanced engineering for the time and years of heavy lifting by the Hebrews, but it still amounts to a pile of rocks. Although, I find some preserved tomb artifacts of the Pharaohs beautiful and interesting.

    Compare the above to the accomplishments of Michelangelo. His works have transcended time in the hearts and minds more than a pile of rocks. He was a sculptor, painter, architect, poet, and engineer.

    Not good enough to counter Egypts rock piles?

    How about Leonardo da Vinci? His interests and efforts and creations included: invention, painting, sculpting, architecture, science, music, mathematics, engineering, literature, anatomy, geology, astronomy, botany, writing, history, and cartography. He has been variously called the father of paleontology.

    Quite a bit more than some pharaoh having slaves drag stones up a slide to build his tombstone. Yes, the pyramids are historical and interesting, but the purpose is still nonsense. It added nothing to humanity and killed millions of slaves and put some pharaoh name in some some book that only paleontology professors care about.

    Just the 2 above created eternal beauty mostly for the purpose of sharing with humanity and their own inner light. We still hold Mich & Vinci as the most talented ever of any era. When's the last time you ever heard the name of the engineer of any pyramid? The average person can't even name the gold mask of Tutankhamun when they see it, which was a beautiful historical find.

    Sorry, I think the pyramids are over-rated. I've never tried to travel to Egypt to see them. However, would enjoy the museums with the preserved artifacts from the tombs. I'd rather look at the "Madonna" or the "Mona Lisa". One man; one brilliance alone for all.

  • The Meaninglessness Of Ben Carson’s Views On Egyptian Pyramids [the money quote]

    11/05/2015 2:03:34 PM PST · 46 of 118
    A Navy Vet to conservativejoy
    "Ben Carson is the least qualified, least suited candidate to ever run for the Presidency. That includes Obama. I would think we have had enough of affirmative action politics."

    You're close, but no cigar. He is a pediatric neuro-surgeon (as in rocket scientist) with a fair handle on domestic and world issues. I have no info about him being "affirmative action". His intelligence and positions indicates he may be more qualified than half the Republican field standing on stage.

    However, I agree that he is the "least suited" because of his mild-manner oratory and appears too layed back for a man who would be the leader of Western Civilization and all the totalitarian leaders he'd have to deal with. We're done with a bowing, weak-kneed, kumbaya president that has forsaken our Allies and encourage our enemies.

    Carson seems to be a honest intelligent man with integrity (self-honesty) and could be a great addition to the Cruz Administration Cabinet. Name the post...I'm still not sold on which one. You can start by eliminating, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of Homeland Security (which should be abolished), Secretary of State (he's too affable). Tell me where he would fit.

  • ‘Richard Wagner Square’ To Be Renamed ‘Refugees Welcome Square’ In Snub To German Patriots

    11/05/2015 1:36:05 PM PST · 9 of 60
    A Navy Vet to Rusty0604

    As I said in another thread, “We truly did castrate these people in WWII.”

  • Physical attacks in Germany on Activists Who Oppose the Sexualization of Children

    11/05/2015 1:32:53 PM PST · 8 of 25
    A Navy Vet to Mrs. Don-o
    The Allies truly did castrate these people during WWII.

    Interesting that Japan still has individual pride and understands cultural purity. Italy is...well...Italy.

  • ‘Gay’ rape in military underreported by Pentagon

    11/05/2015 1:23:59 PM PST · 55 of 56
    A Navy Vet to sean327
    " I thank the sailors for putting up with us and making it a great experience."

    Missed it earlier and have to say that is the first time I ever heard a Marine thanking a sailor for "putting up with us" on an amphibious ship. Now I feel bad teasing you guys for buying up all the store goodies...sure you know it was in fun.

    And....you're so very welcome. It was my duty, privilege, and honor to work with/for you. Make no mistake, it IS the duty of every gator sailor to serve for the safe transport and logistical assistance of Marines. We truly are your "sea-going bellhops." Just wish you tipped better.

  • ‘Gay’ rape in military underreported by Pentagon

    11/05/2015 1:10:33 PM PST · 54 of 56
    A Navy Vet to A Navy Vet
    "Fair Seas and Following Winds to you and your loved ones."

    I know...got that ass-backwards.

  • ‘Gay’ rape in military underreported by Pentagon

    11/05/2015 12:49:24 PM PST · 53 of 56
    A Navy Vet to sean327
    "I did a WESTPAC on the New Orleans in 1986,"

    Very cool. We served on the same ship, at the same time, on the same seas. I was a "purple shirt" on the flight deck making sure your Chinooks and Sea Stallions had pristine JP-5 and good to go. There was more to that than just maintaining a gas tank below decks and pumping systems above. I took that responsibility dead serious. If not...well...you know.

    Hope you're not one the Marines I accidently stepped on while you layed around all the passageways...ha! BTW, did you guys really have to buy up ALL the Ship's Store inventory? You couldn't leave us ship company anything? Ha.

    Do you remember the 3 round boxing matches on the Hangar Deck? I signed up but pussed out when I drew a big Marine.

    Good to talk with you, Marine. If you want to reminisce, let's take it to Freepmail so we don't bore others with our sea stories.

    Fair Seas and Following Winds to you and your loved ones.

  • Iran bans US consumer goods: minister

    11/05/2015 12:18:23 PM PST · 13 of 17
    A Navy Vet to winoneforthegipper
    The Opeaser/Kerry Iran deal just gets better by the day.

    Oh wait, there is no deal, only an agreement to finalize a deal that Iran says they won't sign while they continue to chant "Death to America and Israel". And the MSM is silent.

    There is no longer any doubt that this "deal" will go down in history as the worst since Neville Chamberlains's "peace in our lifetime" with Hitler. Notice Opeaser nor Kerry haven't said another word about their "great deal" since the Mullahs spoke out condemning America and Israel?

    And now Iran is aligned with Russia. Way to go Bambi. Hey Hellery, need a more hi-tech "reset" button than your childish big red non-functioning plastic button for Russia? I could probably invent one with a few parts from a VHS repair shop. I'm thinking an old stereo button wired to a vacumn tube light wired to a pocket beeper wired to a 9volt battery. It would light up, have a display and even make a sound. Maybe I could get invited to the WH or at least a photo-op with your Heinous.

  • Should you have sex with robots? Experts weigh in

    11/04/2015 1:55:09 PM PST · 93 of 98
    A Navy Vet to 21twelve
    "He said most men don't have orgasm's anymore. Oh sure - they ejaculate - but not the orgasm with all of the associated release of endorphins, etc. And, with porn you are training your body (like an athlete does) to a certain stimuli. But then when you are with an actual woman - you can't perform! (There is some medical term for it even!)"

    The term is desensitized. Like watching violence in movies, video games, or TV a male CAN be become desensitized to violence. His hypothesis that males are subject to the same regarding sex is psycho-babble.

    I call BS. Men are still horn-dogs from puberty to this modern day. A few decades of rhetoric have changed male physiology from 10's of thousands of years of male horniness? Really? Geeze, I'm 65 and still enjoy the "endorphins" that my Wife provides.

    This is why I never follow "men of the cloth" regarding sexual or gender issues. They know nothing since they swear off the astounding beauty of the female form, but yet sometimes want to play with little boys. If the straight "pastors" truly appreciated the beauty of the woman body, they would never forfeit the enjoyment and endorphins and the calming affect that women provide men. Personally, I think they are all eunuchs.

    If he wants to argue reduced ejaculate in older men, then he has a case. But no orgasm? What an astoundingly ignorant person he is. Wonder if he has ever experience the wonders of being inside a woman. There is no greater physical experience in life. This pastor is dumbass wrong.

  • Dr. Krauthammer Endorses Me as Moderator for a Democrat Debate

    11/04/2015 12:59:25 PM PST · 7 of 33
    A Navy Vet to Kaslin
    No. I don't want the radio personality that is Rush Limbaugh to be a moderator. He is a good commentator but not sure he could keep his mouth shut long enough to allow the candidates to respond. Plus, he is target 1 for the liberals. They will cry unfair bias the next day whether true or not. No Rush.

    My preferences: Krouthammer, Ingram, Levin, Sustren, maybe Malkin who may not have the chops, possibly Hannity if he doesn't over talk which is his tendency.

  • Should you have sex with robots? Experts weigh in

    11/04/2015 12:45:37 PM PST · 86 of 98
    A Navy Vet to morphing libertarian
    "FWIW I am writing a book in which synths can provide fuull service as personal assistants on and off the job. The technology will include tissue development and response capability in which their eyes light up to indicate the human has pleasured them."

    Hate to burst your writing aspirations, but the 2014 movie, "Vice" (starring Bruce Willis) is exactly what you describe. They are human clones with human tissue, organs, and brains with implanted chips to program desired responses for the enjoyment of rich clients. They live in an expensive "resort city" and live their lives over each morning when they awake with no knowledge of what they experienced the night before, as horrific as may have been. Eventually, as usual, one becomes aware of her predicament and the story gets more interesting.

    Your scenario has also been done in numerous other sci-fy books, stories, and movies. "Blade Runner" is probably the first and is a cult classic with the same human clone for natural human's enjoyment concept. However, if you can provide a different story line and/or plot with interesting dialog within the concept, you may have a winner if directed with vision.

    May I suggest you look back into the early writings of Arthur C. Clark, Dick, Heinlein, and many others. I've always wanted to see a movie of Clark's novelette, "Childhood's End" with the final evolution of mankind. Big concept like his 2001.

    You also may want to look at the recent "Interstellar" for science terms and physics theories. Although it starts with the mundane end of the world and space exploration for humanity's survival, it uses general relativity, space time continuum, event horizon of black holes, speed of light, and a new proposed dimension of gravity (interesting). It's long, but well done...even moving at times. Good luck in your writings.

  • Should you have sex with robots? Experts weigh in

    11/04/2015 11:44:22 AM PST · 63 of 98
    A Navy Vet to Yaelle
    You make a couple good points. However, even though many young women now want the freedom to emulate the natural immaturity and idiocy of young men, I don't see a time in my future that female sensuality/sexuality will not resonate with normal men. We are a hunka, hunka burning Hound Dogs. Ha!

    Power to the Heterosexuals!
    Power to the Feminine Mystique!
    Power to the Masculinity!

  • Should you have sex with robots? Experts weigh in

    11/04/2015 11:31:34 AM PST · 53 of 98
    A Navy Vet to Stormdog
    "I guess the day is coming when WD-40 gets marketed as a personal lubricant."

    Killing me!