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Posts by Andrewksu

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  • The Cook Report: A Laughingstock

    07/29/2011 8:00:56 AM PDT · 1 of 12
  • Solar Costs Getting Harder To Cut

    12/15/2010 11:56:54 AM PST · 21 of 29
    Andrewksu to ClearCase_guy
    Solar/wind are only a small part of being off grid. If you have a traditionally built home, dropping $20K plus is not a problem, if you design and build specifically for off grid, your system costs come down into the $5k range, which is about how much it costs to run a power line on rural properties.

    Heating is usually not the problem, but cooling can't be done with a wood stove and requires quite a bit of energy if you aren't careful about how you build the house.

    My wife and I are both architects and are planning such a home now. We are also helping a few other families to plan their off grid or very low draw grid homes now. If anyone is interested, freep mail me and I can offer some help.

  • Stealth IRS changes mean millions of new tax forms

    07/21/2010 2:21:15 PM PDT · 80 of 81
    Andrewksu to Jack Hydrazine
    Not sure about the 2/3rds, probably 40-50 though.

    The issues are separate, tax on one hand spending on the other. I am all for cutting spending back to the constitutionally allowed roles of the government. It is amazing to think about how much we have tread on the constitution and how much of what our government does is on the wrong side of that.

    My argument for the fair tax stands whether spending is cut or not, HOWEVER, I think the fair tax will encourage voters to hold their representatives to account for the crazy spending. By seeing and feeling the whole tax load on every purchase, people will be more apt to get angry. Right now many don't see all of the money that they pay. They don't see the increased cost of products due to corporate taxes. The Fair Tax will not increase what you spend on taxes, but will make it painfully obvious how much we have been spending to support these clowns and freeloaders.

    With regards to them not going for it, they better get the clue fast. We must gather our forces, convince our friends, neighbors and families and DEMAND that they change it. IF we gather a majority of people that want these changes, but the politicians ignore our demands, they must go. By election preferably, but ultimately the government must represent us or it is our duty to change it. I think if you looked into the FT a bit more, you might come to my side, but we are already on the same side with regards to spending and the position on our out of control government.

  • Stealth IRS changes mean millions of new tax forms

    07/21/2010 10:31:25 AM PDT · 63 of 81
    Andrewksu to Jack Hydrazine; exDemMom

    How can you insure a Flat tax won’t be manipulated? Flat taxes still require you (and businesses)to file the evermore invasive income filings, detailing every source of revenue and expenditure. None of the governments’ business! Flat taxes still tax behavior that we want to encourage (earning, saving, & investing). Flat taxes leave the IRS with full power.

    The Fair Tax is ONLY levied on NEW items at point of CONSUMER purchase. It does not tax earnings, savings, or investments. Does not tax used items or used property. Does not require you to file any earnings report. Does not steal money from your paycheck before you see it. It cuts the IRS by 90%, with their activity being directed towards verifying business sales tax filings.

    Fair tax also neuters politicians, since they cannot give state or federal tax credits to corporations in exchange for support.

    Please look into the Fair Tax more thoroughly before dismissing it.

  • Breakthrough Achieved in Explaining Why Tectonic Plates Move the Way They Do

    07/16/2010 10:38:17 AM PDT · 35 of 41
    Andrewksu to decimon
    Reunite Pangea
  • New battery could change world, one house at a time

    06/22/2010 5:37:51 AM PDT · 130 of 130
    Andrewksu to Ellendra

    I am writing a book on going off grid and have a collection of info on micro hydro, solar, wind, design, construction etc. If you have the resource, it’s a great and affordable solution. Heck, you can get cranking with an old alternator and upgrade from there.

    Any interested Freeper can email me and I’ll send what I can.


  • Pelosi Paying $18K a Month for New San Francisco Office

    06/21/2010 11:58:44 AM PDT · 21 of 21
    Andrewksu to Bad~Rodeo; centurion316

    It is fitting that the building was $100 million over budget, a year late, ultra green, but can’t get LEED (green rating) accredited, and absolutly uncomfortable for almost all employees.

    Elevator doesn’t stop at all floors to encourage (or in their Cass Sunstein language “nudge”) fat workers to take the stairs.

    No heating or air conditioning except for executive offices.

    Daylight at every workstation (workers have to use umbrellas to fend off blinding hot sun).

    Cafeteria was placed in far off building to force people to walk there.

    Welcome to the new world folks!

  • Household Solar Power – Don’t Believe The Hype

    01/30/2010 8:05:17 AM PST · 19 of 71
    Andrewksu to thinking

    Trackers are not necessarily the best way to go, in the south trackers may pay for themselves, but in the north, it’s more cost efficient to have a manual adjustment only for the seasons. Newer panels work better in cloudy, and partly shady conditions.

    If going off grid, the best solution is to use a wind/solar hybrid, little bit of both. When wind is high, sun is probably unavailable, and vice versa. If you are building out in the sticks, you can save $5000-$20,000+ in costs to run power lines, so it starts to justify itself in those situations.

    If you have access to a stream or a pond with some vertical drop, micro hydro is the best bang for the buck. Plus you can use old alternators and do a very inexpensive DIY project.

    Basically it’s not that great for making you feel warm and fuzzy or if you want something free. It is quite doable for those looking to be self sufficient.

  • Charlie Cook: Dems’ Hold On House ‘Increasingly Precarious’

    01/29/2010 5:30:02 PM PST · 20 of 33
    Andrewksu to Nonstatist

    He is left, but mostly from being in the beltway for his adult life. He does a pretty good job of seeing the facts for what they are, and then relaying that, where other spin to derail or make themselves feel better.

  • Charlie Cook: Brown Win ‘Air-Raid Siren’ For Democrats

    01/22/2010 9:03:57 AM PST · 28 of 32
    Andrewksu to nwrep
    From personal experience with Charlie, he usually is correct with his predictions, but misses the underlying reasons why. He is wrapped up in the Beltway gaming system and has no real understanding of true conservatives motives.

    Regarding the McCain quote, he said that he would take up bagging groceries! With Obama driving the economy, that might not be that bad of a job.

  • Mass Firings? Withholding Taxes? There is a Revolution Percolating

    12/31/2009 6:52:28 AM PST · 20 of 20
    Andrewksu to justa-hairyape

    Yes, and they are using our taxpayer dollars to buy votes on bills that are counter to the majority of people, a la “the Louisiana Purchase” and “Omaha Stakes”.

    Our government has been wasting our dollars for many years, but now our tax dollars to dismantle this country and it’s constitution.

    We must now DEMAND that all legislation, standing and pending, be held to strict orientalist constitutional standards. If it don’t pass, it don’t pass. Chaos would ensue, as most of the Federal Government and it’s programs would be shut down. It’s the only way we can make good on our debts and keep our country solvent and our freedoms intact.

  • Mass Firings? Withholding Taxes? There is a Revolution Percolating

    12/30/2009 8:38:21 PM PST · 14 of 20
    Andrewksu to ClearCase_guy

    Quite a stupid idea if you ask me, way to turn people against small biz and into the arms of FEDZILLA. A more effective approach would be for small business owners to organize together, then end withholdings and stop remitting taxes to the IRS.

    It would take big brass ones, and coordination of many businesses and individuals, but a tax revolt is the only way to go. That monthly revenue stream being cutoff would bring DC to a halt quick. It might also bring retaliation, but many are expecting that anyways.

    After the latest round of crap: INTERPOL Executive Order, the Clean Water Restoration Act (gives FEDS control of almost all water!), and of course the Health Care Bill, I have had it.

    I am up for it, who’s next.

  • Why baptize children at young age of 8?

    09/25/2009 7:22:37 PM PDT · 22 of 119
    Andrewksu to Colofornian

    You might also take into account that 100 years ago, children of 8 were quite mature. Probably the equivalent of 16yo or better compared to today’s youth.

  • Scots Guards Pipes and Drums Perform at Pentagon

    09/25/2009 6:43:52 PM PDT · 4 of 31
    Andrewksu to centurion316


  • Charlie Cook- increasingly unlikely any sort of comprehensive health care reform will pass this yr

    08/27/2009 2:25:50 PM PDT · 16 of 25
    Andrewksu to centurion316


    Cog doesn’t seem clouded by the general media smoke screen.

  • Cash For Clunkers Rules Chart + Video Of Dealers Destroying Perfectly Good Cars (Video)

    08/01/2009 10:47:59 PM PDT · 82 of 95
    Andrewksu to Talkradio03

    I think this is a great visual representation of what we are doing to our country!!!! Uggghhhh I cannot express how much this thinking bothers me.

  • Walmart Considers 3 GW Solar Deployment for Its Stores

    07/31/2009 9:39:05 PM PDT · 59 of 66
    Andrewksu to JRandomFreeper

    Much thanks. I have a decent collection on construction, gardening, livestock, and practical trades, but lean on surveying and ground water. Also have the Foxfire series which is great.

  • Walmart Considers 3 GW Solar Deployment for Its Stores

    07/31/2009 9:04:27 PM PDT · 56 of 66
    Andrewksu to JRandomFreeper

    Any particular books you recommend? Site work is my weakest point, and is one of the areas where generic advice just doesn’t cut it.

  • Walmart Considers 3 GW Solar Deployment for Its Stores

    07/31/2009 8:55:15 PM PDT · 52 of 66
    Andrewksu to chimera

    Are you building new? You would be surprised how a well design home with modern insulation can hold heat. Some small super efficient cabins can stretch a cord all winter.

    I have some good calculators for solar hours, what’s your zip? I also have a great program that allows you to enter all of you loads, and all of your inputs (wind/solar/micro hydro/generator) and it will show at what times of day/year you are short on input or storage. Contact me if you would like to know more. andrew@acronymdesigns.com

  • Walmart Considers 3 GW Solar Deployment for Its Stores

    07/31/2009 8:45:15 PM PDT · 50 of 66
    Andrewksu to JRandomFreeper

    Yes, it was chosen purely for looks. I would probably choose the same as you, just on or at the bottom of a slope in a valley. Need some fertile ground for gardens, and protection from harsh winter winds.

  • Walmart Considers 3 GW Solar Deployment for Its Stores

    07/31/2009 8:03:52 PM PDT · 48 of 66
    Andrewksu to JRandomFreeper

    No, it means I am a newbie, with only bookish experience. My girlfriend and I are architects and are currently designing our off grid home. I have worked on several projects, but have yet to live under the roof.

    Good point on stewardship. Matter of fact, there is a quote from Voltaire about not losing a connection with nature and how it provides for us.

    “We must cultivate our own garden. When man was put in the garden of Eden he was put there so that he should work, which proves that man was not born to rest.” There is more to it, but it fits somewhat.

    I always reflect on my grandfather and how he made the most of what he had, and would not pollute or mistreat his environs, for it provided for him.

  • Walmart Considers 3 GW Solar Deployment for Its Stores

    07/31/2009 7:35:02 PM PDT · 46 of 66
    Andrewksu to JRandomFreeper
    It's in very early stages, but below is the supporting website. It is not meant for public consumption as the info is all over the place and I am trying to condense down from the book in its early stages. However, I think there is some useful information there and would love for those with longer term experience to chime in. Flatline Living Critical comments welcome.
  • Walmart Considers 3 GW Solar Deployment for Its Stores

    07/31/2009 4:44:17 PM PDT · 38 of 66
    Andrewksu to JRandomFreeper

    I would like to pick your brain. I am writing a How-To book with a supporting website on designing, building, and living off grid, but from a purely practical (conservative) point of view. I think that with the upcoming cap and trade legislation and the “Smart Grid”, off grid living will start to be a bit more popular.

    I have found it difficult to find people that have done it on practical principal versus carbon foot print thinking.

  • Wash Times: Democratic Party Official, "Kill Crakkkas; F*** Whitey's Christmas"

    07/31/2009 6:01:45 AM PDT · 225 of 288
    Andrewksu to JustaDumbBlonde

    I can confirm that, being in the shooting stall next to a couple thugs awhile back. At 7 yards they could hardly manage to hit paper. They were more interested in looking “cool” and were actually shooting sideways. Since then, I have seen similar situations at the range. It offers some comfort.

  • Not so Green Solar Energy

    01/18/2009 2:58:03 PM PST · 25 of 28
    Andrewksu to I see my hands

    Oh, you have it easy. Dry climes are fairly easy to cool and heat can be all passive. I live in the Kansas City area, where it gets to sub zero temps in the winter and 100+ with 90% humidity in the summer. That is very difficult to cool or heat.

    You’ll want thick adobe or masonry walls, good shading with the roof structure, and rainwater collection setup. I’ll PM you some links and feel free to contact me if you have questions.

    Nice spot, I am jealous.

  • Not so Green Solar Energy

    01/18/2009 12:04:06 PM PST · 19 of 28
    Andrewksu to I see my hands

    A couple cord of wood and a rare generator fire up and all is well.

    Its got a great deal to do with the design and construction of the house. The number of days needed to heat or cool are greatly reduced. Power for lights and appliances is pretty easy.

    Keep you posted.

  • Not so Green Solar Energy

    01/18/2009 11:21:43 AM PST · 15 of 28
    Andrewksu to I see my hands

    Actually, solar is effective, but not without considering increasing efficency in other areas of the home. I am designing off the grid small homes, not for the sake of being green, but for self sufficiency.

    A combination of wind and solar on a properly designed home will free you from the bonds of utilities.

    Some sacrifices are made but the payback is worth it.

  • Charlie Cook: If McCain Wins I'll Quit Polling, Go Bag Groceries

    11/02/2008 9:45:55 AM PST · 84 of 85
    Andrewksu to centurion316

    I certainly hope he is wrong, but if he goes out on a limb like that, the numbers must look really bad. He does some of his own polling, so he may not be as skewed as the MSM polling. Tuesday will not be fun.

    The hair is real, sloppy, but real.

  • Kaine Leaves Mansion

    08/22/2008 3:07:23 PM PDT · 32 of 39
    Andrewksu to Wild Irish Rogue

    Doubt that it is official gear, doesn’t follow the Obama branding, which is very specific and has a lot of energy and money behind it. Also looks amateurish, and pretty weak.

  • US court: Paper money discriminates against blind

    05/20/2008 11:28:11 AM PDT · 63 of 96
    Andrewksu to Positive

    They are too redeemable, I just redeemed a five dollar bill for a Mexican pizza, a couple of tacos and a drink.

    Value of all goods and monies are subject to change, whim, and the perceived value of others. Gold is of no intrinsic value to me, can’t eat it, too heavy to put over my head, blunts easily when fashioned into a spear.

    Get used to the fact that values almost everything is only worth what the next guy will give you for it.

  • Amazon suing NY state over sales tax law

    05/06/2008 5:55:24 AM PDT · 18 of 19
    Andrewksu to Andrewksu

    [EDIT] can’t collect sales tax

  • Amazon suing NY state over sales tax law

    05/06/2008 5:38:50 AM PDT · 17 of 19
    Andrewksu to JerseyHighlander

    Actually it is more of a referral program. Sales take place through Amazon, taxes collected through Amazon, Shipping through Amazon, etc. As an “Associate” you are just referring business to Amazon through your website or activities. An associate needs no tax id or retail sales tax credentials, so you can collect sales tax.

  • Trees Block Solar Panels, and a Feud Ends in Court

    04/08/2008 10:35:28 AM PDT · 27 of 27
    Andrewksu to melt

    I would claim the trees are CO2 collection devices, that ought to throw them into a loop.

    Worst case scenario, recruit a few Berkley students to come and squat in the trees.

  • Mexico now the 2nd fattest country, after U.S.

    03/24/2008 11:26:43 AM PDT · 28 of 46
    Andrewksu to kingattax

    This obesity claim is bogus, the measurements they use are not appropriate. They determine obesity via the BMI test, which is a chart of height and weight, with no account of muscle or bone structure.

    In college, according to my BMI I was on the verge of obesity at 6’3” and 200lbs. In reality I was 9% body fat (9 point caliper test) and was in excellent shape.

    I am now the same height and weight, but do have a few pounds to drop, but would have to be less than 190lbs to be “normal”. Not possible, I am a large framed guy and carry muscle, I would have to be deathly ill to hit that weight.

    Point is that it is another gubment tool to dictate diet and lifestyle guidelines to the peons.

  • ethanol biorefinery Locations (& their capacity)

    03/12/2008 7:35:42 AM PDT · 20 of 24
    Andrewksu to TigerLikesRooster

    Back of the notebook calculations put that at 36 Million acres to satisfy the capacity of these facilities.

    Nebraska has 8.1 Million acres of irrigated farmland. Eat your chips and tacos while you can.

    Corn ethanol is the largest error in history inspired by the largest scam in history (Global Warming).

    Between Gore and the farm subsidy/lobby, we have a huge problem.

  • Police: Deputy Who Hit Cyclists Previously Charged With Drunken Driving

    03/12/2008 7:22:28 AM PDT · 12 of 13
    Andrewksu to jetson

    Liability insurance covers the victim or inept driving, so the driver would be responsible to cover the cyclists hospital charges and damage to the bike.

    BTW, nobody rides a 50lb bike, 20lbs for a road bike is on the heavy side.

  • Police: Deputy Who Hit Cyclists Previously Charged With Drunken Driving

    03/12/2008 6:58:52 AM PDT · 10 of 13
    Andrewksu to jetson

    You do recognize that the law considers bikes to be a vehicle and they have the same rights to access all roads except interstate highways?

    If you can’t stay focused enough to avoid cyclists, you won’t be able to avoid motorcycles, pedestrians, a kid chasing a a ball in the street, animals, etc.

    I ride and avoid high traffic and squirrelly roads, not because i shouldn’t be there, but because many drivers are inept and cannot take enough time from their cell phone conversation to effectively drive the car.

    As a car enthusiast, I am dismayed by the quality of drivers on the road. I have had one of my project cars destroyed by a inept driver. We need to implement the German driving tests and regulations. The tests are difficult and expensive, so you take them seriously. If you cannot pass, you cannot drive.

  • Family of girl killed during SC bike ride sues MS Society

    10/15/2007 11:25:04 AM PDT · 65 of 77
    Andrewksu to shove_it

    I think you have more of the root problem.

    Lousy Drivers!!

    I cycle, but luckily haven’t been nailed yet. I have, however, been nearly killed and had my race ready car which had years of blood, tears, and money invested destroyed by an inattentive driver. Maybe I shouldn’t have been in that intersection so that this terrible driver could careen around to her hearts desire!

    Since when is it the responsibility of pedestrians, cyclists, other drivers, and inanimate objects to avoid being run over by bad drivers???

    If you can’t avoid a cyclist, you can’t function as a licensed driver and should stay on the couch. We should have more rigorous driving tests and regulations.

  • Family of girl killed during SC bike ride sues MS Society

    10/15/2007 11:11:20 AM PDT · 62 of 77
    Andrewksu to Slapshot68

    I just did the MS in Missouri and they stated that the routes were open to normal traffic, and you were responsible for your safety.

    Most routes were low to no traffic, but a couple of connecting stretches had traffic at 45+mph. Drivers shouldn’t have a hard time noticing cyclists as there a hundreds of them stretched out over many miles.

    MS should not be liable, the driver should.

  • GM takes aim at Toyota Camry and Honda Accord with new Malibu

    09/28/2007 3:55:18 PM PDT · 146 of 151
    Andrewksu to SoCal Pubbie

    i too am a designer and am measured by the final output. I have left companies before when they chop designs to nothing.

    examples of bad design from GM

    there is something wrong with the proportions of the new Silvarado, especially the base trim
    and Monte Carlo

    Basically all of their sedans for the last 20 yrs have been crap that are not sport, family, muscle, but some soup of nothingness. Sales of these vehicles prove me out, especially if you take fleet purchases out of the mix.

    The interiors are bubbly, ham fisted, and usually poor selection of materials and textures.

    I actually rode in a newish Ford Explorer last night and there was significantly more leg room (front and back) than a new Tahoe, tell me how that works??

    Ford is not much better with sedans, but the Japanese cars walk all over us.

    on a good note, the new corvette is outstanding, and most of the new Cadillacs are great.

  • GM takes aim at Toyota Camry and Honda Accord with new Malibu

    09/28/2007 7:01:31 AM PDT · 76 of 151
    Andrewksu to N. Theknow

    The software “does” whatever the designers tell it to do. GM just has crappy designers, and then they filter through the concept trying to make it appeal to everyone, which means it appeals to no one. It’s like the 90’s mustangs, they were softened to appeal to women, but then women didn’t like them because they were not cool and looked like every other blob car. How many women do you see driving the more masculine new mustang? Tons.

  • China: Pollution Becoming Olympic-Sized Concern (how to train to become pollution-resistant)

    09/03/2007 8:14:57 PM PDT · 12 of 20
    Andrewksu to TigerLikesRooster

    jitcrunch.aspx?bG9hZD1ibGFuayxibGFuazoxMDZfRi5qcGd8bG9hZD1MMCxodHRwOi8vaW1hZ2VzLmNhZmVwcmVzcy5jb20vaW1hZ2UvMjE5NjE0NDZfNDAweDQwMC5wbmd8fHNjYWxlPUwwLDE4MCwxODAsV2hpdGV8Y29tcG9zZT1ibGFuayxMMCxBZGQsMTU1LDExOHxjcD1yZXN1bHQsYmxhbmt8c2NhbGU9cmVzdWx0LDAsNDgwLFdoaXRlfGNvbXByZXNzaW9uPTk1fA== i wouldn't plan on eating anything over there, especially pork flavored biscuits!!

  • Federal minimum wage rising this week

    07/21/2007 6:02:45 PM PDT · 56 of 132
    Andrewksu to centurion316

    note the multitude of inconsistencies in this article. “Fawn” is making over the Fed min anyway and Fawn probably doest’t work as a waitress, as she is a Acorn member. Typical reporting and typical liberal tactics

  • 75 Percent of U.S. Adults Will Be Overweight by 2015, Study Says

    07/20/2007 4:58:59 PM PDT · 142 of 142
    Andrewksu to mbraynard

    The BMI is absolutely worthless. Tour riders are not muscle bound by any means, strong legs, but usually birdlike otherwise. Many athletes of that sort can run close to a dangerously low body fat %, if they show at over on BMI, it means 0.

    At 6’3” I used to be 9% body fat and 225lbs, with a BMI that said i was near obesity! I am now 215lbs, 19% body fat, and have a lower, but still over weight BMI.

    Body fat calcs are really easy, and you can get a scale now for $50, there is no reason not to use more accurate measurement, other than to promote this farce.

    Last time I was in Europe, the people looked exactly the same as they do here. Schnitzel and pom fritz don’t do much for the waste line! North Koreans on the other hand may be rather trim!

  • PICTURE: Aerion refines supersonic business jet design

    06/19/2007 9:44:54 AM PDT · 33 of 37
    Andrewksu to SJSAMPLE

    can’t please everyone! Some like the look of leaky planes.

  • PICTURE: Aerion refines supersonic business jet design

    06/19/2007 9:21:29 AM PDT · 25 of 37
    Andrewksu to SJSAMPLE
    the old paint scheme I worked on looked a bit sharper. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Aerion_SBJ_1.jpg
  • Calculate your Carbon Footprint

    04/28/2007 10:38:54 PM PDT · 65 of 105
    Andrewksu to CCGuy

    Don’t worry, I guesstimated Gore’s foot print and got this...

    t $6 per metric ton, you can offset your carbon footprint of 540.89 metric tons with an investment of $3245.34.Click here to contribute.

    Carbon Source Your Carbon Footprint Average Carbon Footprint*
    Your car, which you drive 1,000 miles per week (52,000 miles per year) and gets 12 miles to the gallon. 38.05 metric tons of CO2/year 5.02 metric tons of CO2/year [1], [2], [3]
    Your airline usage, of which you spend an average of 1800 hours in the sky per year. 327.71 metric tons of CO2/year 0.46 metric tons of CO2/year [4], [5]
    Your utility usage, which breaks down to 127.99 tons from electric and 47.13 tons from natural gas per year. 175.12 metric tons of CO2/year 5.25 metric tons of CO2/year [6], [7]
    Your total carbon footprint, which is a combination the above metrics.
    What can I do about this? 540.89 metric tons of CO2/year 10.73 metric tons of CO2/year

    I used the sources siting his home in Tennessee, and doubled it considering he has 2 more homes, another article describes how he atones for he and Tipper’s 1MILLION miles of air travel, and i shot in the dark about his car mileage. With his entourages and keenness for executive rides (Rides in Lincoln Town Cars, Cadillacs, and Mercedes on the Inconvenient Truth.)

    I would imagine that this low balls a bit, since Gore is likely to ride in executive jets, which use more fuel per passenger than commercial.

  • Karl Rove, Laurie David, and Sheryl Crow -- The Real Story

    04/24/2007 2:09:34 PM PDT · 148 of 148
    Andrewksu to centurion316


    It is interesting to see the eyewitness version.

    Also, it is interesting to note the near violent rage these two have whipped themselves into.

  • Homosexuals Brainwashing Children (SHOCKING video from Massachusetts grade school!)

    04/22/2007 4:53:13 AM PDT · 22 of 227
    Andrewksu to centurion316


  • Fluorescent Bulb Break Creates Costly Mercury Clean-Up Hassle

    04/12/2007 2:56:52 PM PDT · 111 of 127
    Andrewksu to centurion316


    They never fail to cripple themselves.