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  • US has to seek its elusive most wanted everywhere (bin Laden in Iran)

    12/26/2003 10:10:10 PM PST · by Angelus Errare · 6 replies · 167+ views
    Financial Times ^ | December 27, 2003 | Mohsen Asgari and Mark Huband
    Much of the story behind Saddam Hussein's eight months on the run has yet to be made public. But US military and intelligence officials say the Iraqi dictator never wandered far from the banks of the Tigris. Remaining within his Sunni heartland, he scrambled from one farmhouse to the next, sometimes by car or van, sometimes by boat. By contrast, Osama bin Laden, leader of the al-Qaeda terrorist group, appears to have become far more adept at evading the manhunt. The US is unshaken in its resolve to find its other most-wanted fugitive. Earlier this month, General Richard Myers, chairman...
  • CIA building case 2001 anthrax attacks were international terror plot

    12/26/2003 1:34:47 PM PST · by Angelus Errare · 35 replies · 1,541+ views
    Washington Times ^ | 12/26/03 | Bill Gertz and Rowan Scarborough
    <p>The CIA has been quietly building a case that the anthrax attacks of 2001 were in fact the result of an international terrorist plot.</p> <p>U.S. officials with access to intelligence reports tell us the information showing a terrorist link to the anthrax-filled letters sent by mail in the weeks after the September 11 terrorist attacks is not conclusive. But it is persuasive.</p>
  • Istanbul: Gateway to Terror

    11/25/2003 7:06:07 AM PST · by Angelus Errare · 6 replies · 52+ views
    Asia Times ^ | 11/25/03 | Syed Saleem Shahzad
    The recent bomb blasts in Istanbul are neither isolated incidents nor simply local actions. All indications point towards global Islamic radicals determined to create a Muslim backlash against the West through more suicide attacks in both Turkey and Europe. Initial European intelligence reaction suggests that the Istanbul suicide blasts were the work of the Tauheed group led by a Jordanian national of Palestinian origin, Abu Mosub al-Zarqawi, who, it is speculated, planned, helped finance and executed the attacks in conjunction with Turkish counterparts. Al-Zarqawi, known in senior al-Qaeda circles, has recently been the focus of revived United States attempts to...
  • Severe fighting in western Sudan

    11/14/2003 1:09:22 PM PST · by Angelus Errare · 12 replies · 120+ views
    BBC News ^ | 11/13/03 | Andrew Harding
    The international community should pay more attention to continued clashes in western Sudan, the head of the United Nations refugee agency has said. Diplomats have described the fighting in Darfur as "ethnic cleansing" with Arab militias, possibly backed by the government, destroying entire villages. UNHCR chief Ruud Lubbers says some 500,000 people have fled their homes. The chaos there is in contrast to the situation in the south, where an end to 20 years of civil war is now in sight. "There is severe fighting there. There are people driven out of their houses," Mr Lubbers said. "It is a...
  • PKK-Al Qaeda Link Feared

    10/31/2003 8:02:25 PM PST · by Angelus Errare · 13 replies · 291+ views
    Turkish Daily News ^ | 10/31/03 | Ilnur Cevik
    PKK-Al Qaeda link feared Both Iraqi Kurds and Turkish intelligence sources agree that bringing the PKK down from the mountains of northern Iraq is mission impossible. They say a PKK-Al Qaeda link may give Bin Laden's people a foothold in the Kandil Mountains and create nightmare for Turks, Iraqis and the US. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ilnur Cevik ANKARA - Iraqi Kurdish officials have serious fears that Turkey's PKK terrorists holed up in the mountains of northern Iraq will join forces with Osama Bin Laden's Al Qaeda men in Iraq to form a dangerous unholy alliance which will be a nightmare for Turkey...
  • Possible Al-Qaeda bio-weapons found! (Cotabato, Philippines)

    10/20/2003 8:25:14 AM PDT · by Angelus Errare · 51 replies · 1,454+ views
    Sydney Morning Herald ^ | 10/20/03 | AFP
    Security forces recovered a bio-terror manual and traces of possible biological weapons in a raid on a Jemaah Islamiah hideout in the southern Philippine city of Cotabato, the army said today. Local police said up to eight local and foreign JI suspects escaped yesterday's raid in central Cotabato but left behind what vice chief of staff Lieutenant General Rodolfo Garcia described as possible residues of a "tetanus virus-carrying chemical". A "bio-terror manual" was also recovered, Garcia said over ABS-CBN television. The raid on a Cotabato apartment unit was launched a day after the visit to Manila of US President George...
  • Rumors of Bin Laden's Lair

    08/31/2003 3:39:16 PM PDT · by Angelus Errare · 31 replies · 233+ views
    Newsweek ^ | August 2003 | Sami Yousafzai & Ron Moreau
    Rumors of Bin Laden’s Lair Some believe life on the run has made it impossible for Osama bin Laden to control and lead Al Qaeda. In Afghanistan’s Kunar province, people tell a different story. Sept. 8 issue — Gray-bearded and almost toothless, Khan Kaka lives in a mud house with a weather-beaten pine door beside a little plot of corn and vegetables. But to his neighbors in this corner of Afghanistan’s remote Kunar province, the gangling, tobacco-chewing old man is one of the most respected figures in the Pech River valley.
  • Eritrean Official Accuses Sudan Of Supporting Groups With Links To Al-Qaeda

    08/25/2003 7:18:39 PM PDT · by Angelus Errare · 1 replies · 94+ views
    al-Hayat ^ | 8/23/03 | Faez al-Sheikh al-Slik
    An Eritrean official accused Sudan of supporting groups with links to Al Qaeda, led by Osama bin Laden, implicitly admitting to confrontations between the Eritrean army and these groups. The Gash district governor, Baraka Mustapha Nour Hussein, told Al-Hayat upon his return from the Sudanese city of Kasla, where he supervised the arrival of aids to those affected by Gash river's floods: "the support has nothing to do with the deteriorating relations between the two countries." Adding, "Eritrea' aids is an expression of good intentions and a confirmation of the depth of relations between the two people." After pointing to...
  • 7 Kurds, 2 Turkish Soldiers Die in Clash (PKK)

    08/24/2003 7:28:06 AM PDT · by Angelus Errare · 1 replies · 28+ views
    Kansas City Star ^ | August 22, 2003 | Associated Press
    ANKARA, Turkey - Turkish troops clashed with Kurdish rebels in the country's southeast on Friday. Seven Kurds and two Turkish soldiers were killed, the military said. The battle in Batman province came two weeks after the rebel Kurdistan Workers Party rejected a government amnesty that would give reduced prison terms to rebels who have engaged in violence if they provide information about the group. Two soldiers were killed and three were wounded, the military said in a statement. Earlier Friday, a military official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said nine soldiers were wounded. The outlawed PKK declared a unilateral cease-fire...
  • Forgotten Photographs of PKK/KADEK

    08/22/2003 1:27:34 PM PDT · by Angelus Errare · 20 replies · 271+ views
    Anadolu News Agency ^ | August 14, 2003 | Anadolu News Agency
    ANKARA - A web-site was prepared to explain massacres committed by terrorist organization PKK/KADEK, foreign supporters of the terrorist organization and Turkish Armed Forces' struggle against it. The web-site includes more than 300 photographs. The web-site '''' reminds its readers that Turkey had been exposed to terrorism for long years that had never been experienced before in any country, thousands of innocent people lost their lives in terrorists attacks while thousands of others were maimed, and the country had suffered an economic loss of billions of U.S. dollars. The site stresses that the terrorist organization KADEK had caused more pains...
  • Minutemen of the Third Reich: History of the Nazi Werwolf Guerrilla Movement

    07/24/2003 7:58:27 PM PDT · by Angelus Errare · 89 replies · 5,416+ views
    History Today ^ | October 2000 | Perry Biddiscombe
    Minutemen of the Third Reich.(history of the Nazi Werewolf guerilla movement) Author/s: Perry Biddiscombe Issue: Oct, 2000 AS WORRIES INCREASE about neo-Nazi and skinhead violence in Germany, it is worth remembering that this type of terrorism is a nasty constant in the history of the German radical-right. A case in point is the Nazi Werewolf guerrilla movement founded by Heinrich Himmler in 1944, which fought the occupying forces of Britain, America and Russia until at least 1947. The Werewolves were originally organised by the SS and the Hitler Youth as a diversionary operation on the fringes of the Third Reich,...
  • 4 Killed in Village Raid; KADEK (PKK) Suspected

    07/14/2003 8:00:07 PM PDT · by Angelus Errare · 3 replies · 11+ views
    Zaman Daily Newspaper ^ | June 12, 2003 | Abdullah Celik
    4 Killed in Village Raid; KADEK Suspected Bingol, TURKEY, July 12, 2003 - Four people were killed and one fatally wounded when gunmen attacked villagers near the East Anatolian town of Bingol yesterday. Governor of Bingol Huseyin Avni Cos said the incident might have been an inside job. Two gunmen pretending to be village guards came to eight-home Yenikoy village, 43 kilometers outside Bingol at 7,30pm. They gathered the villagers in the area by reading their names out loud before taking them to the fields in the mountains. The villagers were told that a list of people with the following...
  • KADEK (PKK) members behind fresh attacks in Germany

    07/09/2003 6:21:28 PM PDT · by Angelus Errare · 10 replies · 97+ views
    Kurdish Media ^ | 7/07/03 |
    The information is all copyright Kurdish Media, so just access the URL:
  • Islamic Militants may be regrouping (Ansar al-Islam)

    06/21/2003 10:58:38 AM PDT · by Angelus Errare · 9 replies · 171+ views
    Boston Globe ^ | 6/21/03 | Borzou Daraghi
    <p>TUWELLA, Iraq -- Beyond the ridge where the Zagros Mountains divide Iran and Iraq, several hundred Islamic militants vanished into the early spring snow.</p> <p>On the eve of the Iraq war in March, a barrage of US cruise missiles and a sweep by thousands of Kurdish soldiers cleared the fighters of Ansar al-Islam from mountain strongholds in northeast Iraq from where they had plagued the Kurds for years.</p>
  • Videocassette warns of more attacks

    06/21/2003 10:44:53 AM PDT · by Angelus Errare · 72 replies · 156+ views
    USA Today ^ | 6/21/03 | Associated Press
    <p>Videocassette warns of more terror ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) — An Arabic-speaking guerrilla, his face wrapped in a black turban, said the al-Qaeda terror network was behind suicide bombings in Saudi Arabia and Morocco and warned of more attacks in a new videotape. If authentic, the video would be the first al-Qaeda claim of responsibility for the bombings of foreign housing compounds in Riyadh, which killed 35 people, and the attacks in Casablanca that killed 43 people and 12 suicide bombers.</p>
  • Alleged al-Qaeda Tape Urges More Strikes (al-Zawahiri)

    05/21/2003 8:30:22 AM PDT · by Angelus Errare · 27 replies · 204+ views
    Associated Press via Yahoo! News ^ | 5/21/03 | Nadia Abou el-Magd
    CAIRO, Egypt - The pan-Arab satellite station Al-Jazeera aired excerpts Wednesday of what it said was an audiotape of Osama bin Laden (news - web sites)'s top lieutenant calling on Muslims to imitate the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks in strikes on the United States and its allies in the war on Iraq (news - web sites). "Consider your 19 brothers who attacked America in Washington and New York with their planes as an example," a strong voice could be heard saying as the station showed a file photo of the lieutenant, Ayman al-Zawahri, wearing a white turban. Children's voices could...
  • Philippines Tables Talks With Rebels

    05/06/2003 3:08:30 PM PDT · by Angelus Errare · 2 replies · 103+ views
    Kansas City Star ^ | 5/5/03 | Teresa Cerojano
    MANILA, Philippines - The Philippine government withdrew Tuesday from informal talks with Muslim rebels after a guerrilla attack killed 22 soldiers and civilians. Government negotiators were scheduled to meet with Moro Islamic Liberation Front rebels Friday in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo said the meeting will wait "until we can establish more auspicious circumstances to move the peace process forward." The government cannot tolerate "terrorism in the guise of a fight for freedom," Arroyo said. Malaysia's envoy to Manila, Mohamed Taufik, said the postponement was disheartening. "We're hoping that the talks would proceed ... We're ready anytime," he...
  • World al-Qaeda Warning

    05/06/2003 2:53:41 PM PDT · by Angelus Errare · 11 replies · 52+ views
    CBS News ^ | 5/5/03 | CBS News
    (CBS) The al Qaeda terror network remains a serious threat, with sleeper cells and agents who "are always ready to act," the world's top justice and interior ministers said Monday. "Terrorism continues to present both a pervasive and global threat to our societies," ministers from the Group of Eight nations said in a statement. They also warned of a risk that terrorists may use chemical, biological or nuclear weapons in attacks. "We must address ways to anticipate and respond to such threats," the statement said. The ministers also said al Qaeda still appeared to have terrorist bases. "The threat from...
  • Al-Qaeda may be rebuilding

    05/06/2003 2:49:32 PM PDT · by Angelus Errare · 21 replies · 31+ views
    Christian Science Monitor ^ | 5/5/03 | Faye Bowers
    WASHINGTON – As the US has focused on the war in Iraq, Al Qaeda may have been lying low - watching and waiting for the right opportunity to strike. To be sure, the US has accumulated a string of successes in combating Osama bin Laden's umbrella terrorism group. At least five top-tier Al Qaeda operatives, who may provide information that helps authorities head off future attacks, have been apprehended since March 2001. Overall, the news on terrorism has been good. Terrorist attacks worldwide dropped by 30 percent from 2001 to 2002, according to a new State Department report. But some...
  • Political Profile of Abu Mazen

    04/29/2003 9:08:47 PM PDT · by Angelus Errare · 1 replies · 71+ views
    Middle East Media Research Institute ^ | April 29, 2003 | Yael Yehushua
    Introduction One of the main requirements for reform in the Palestinian Authority was the appointment of a prime minister with actual powers. Both the Europeans and the Americans saw Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) Executive Committee Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, also known as Abu Mazen, as the appropriate candidate who, if appointed, could play a major part in leading the Palestinians towards renewed negotiations known as the "road map." The Basic Law, the PA's temporary constitution, was modified to establish the executive position of Prime Minister and following the changes, on March 19, 2003, Abu Mazen was appointed prime minister of the...
  • Missing Tourists held by Islamists

    04/29/2003 11:24:08 AM PDT · by Angelus Errare · 18 replies · 218+ views
    The Guardian ^ | April 29, 2003 | Giles Tremlett
    Algeria has made an important breakthrough in its search for 31 missing European tourists with the discovery of one of their vehicles and confirmation from a senior army official that they are in the hands of more than a dozen Islamists. The tourists have been separated into two groups and are being held in canyons and gullies near the town of Illizi, which lies near the Libyan border some 900 miles south-east of Algiers, a senior security official told the French newspaper Le Monde yesterday. The 15 Germans, 10 Austrians, four Swiss, a Dutchman and a Swede who, while travelling...
  • US Forces Pull Out of Saudi Arabia

    04/29/2003 11:11:32 AM PDT · by Angelus Errare · 48 replies · 308+ views
    BBC News ^ | April 29, 2003 | BBC News
    The United States has said that virtually all its troops, except some training personnel, are to be pulled out of Saudi Arabia. The decision was confirmed by US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld during a joint news conference with Saudi Defence Minister Prince Sultan. Both men stressed that there were no differences between their countries and their co-operation would continue. Ever since the 1991 Gulf war, the US has had about 5,000 troops stationed in Saudi Arabia - a figure that rose to 10,000 during the recent conflict in Iraq. The BBC's Middle East analyst Roger Hardy says this is a...
  • Iraq recruits suicide army from neighboring states (al-Qaeda alert)

    03/19/2003 11:31:33 AM PST · by Angelus Errare · 33 replies · 465+ views
    World Tribune ^ | 3/19/03 | World Tribune
    Iraq recruits suicide army from neighboring states SPECIAL TO WORLD TRIBUNE.COM Wednesday, March 19, 2003 LONDON — Iraq has mobilized thousands of Islamic volunteers from nearby countries for suicide missions in defense of the Saddam Hussein regime.. Iraqi opposition and Western diplomatic sources said the Islamic volunteers were recruited by Iraqi intelligence agents in Jordan and inspired by Al Qaida and its war against the United States. They said the volunteers have been given a range of duties by Iraqi security forces. They include digging trenches in and around Baghdad and filling them with oil to block the path of...
  • Pakistani scientists, Osama planned nuclear strikes against the US

    03/15/2003 11:53:54 AM PST · by Angelus Errare · 13 replies · 238+ views
    Sify News ^ | 3/15/03 | UNI
    Pak scientists, Osama planned N-strikes against US: report New Delhi, March 15 In an attempt to carry out nuclear strikes against the US, Pakistani nuclear scientists had met Osama bin Laden barely two months after the September 11 terrorist attacks thus confirming concerns of Pakistan's nukes falling into the hands of the jihadis, says a media report. "At least six Pakistani scientists including Sultan Bashiruddin Mahmood, a leading nuclear scientist, met September 11 mastermind Osama and his close aide Ayman Zawahiri along with Al Qaeda and Taliban leaders in Kabul in November 2001 to plan a possbile nuclear attack on...
  • US officials fear nuclear attack by al-Qaeda

    03/14/2003 2:48:58 PM PST · by Angelus Errare · 40 replies · 427+ views
    Atlanta Journal Constitution ^ | 3/14/03 | Knight Ridder News Service
    U.S. officials fear nuclear attack by al-Qaida Search for bin Laden takes on new urgency Knight-Ridder News Service WASHINGTON -- The manhunt for Osama bin Laden has become more urgent because of growing fears among intelligence officials that he is obsessed with building a nuclear bomb to explode on U.S. soil. Federal intelligence and energy officials worry that bin Laden's terrorists will build an improvised nuclear weapon and smuggle it into the U.S., possibly in a container ship, according to well-placed sources. His goal, they believe, is a nuclear hellstorm like the 1945 Hiroshima blast that killed 140,000 Japanese. Unlike...
  • MILF ordered $2 million in arms from North Korea

    03/13/2003 12:36:58 PM PST · by Angelus Errare · 48 replies · 7,627+ views ^ | 3/13/03 | Fernan Marasigan
    AFP officials say MILF ordered $2-M in arms from Nokor spy By FERNAN MARASIGAN TODAY Reporter The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) has ordered more than $2-million worth of armaments and sophisticated weapons from an alleged North Korean intelligence officer, as part of rebel plan to launch an all-out war against the government, military officials said Thursday. The officials said the rebels also plan to purchase minisubmarines to augment its fighting capability. These orders and plans were revealed, the military added, by documents seized from the house of MILF chairman Salamat Hashim, when the military overran the rebel camp in...
  • Pakistan, US deny capture of Osama's sons

    03/07/2003 11:57:28 AM PST · by Angelus Errare · 38 replies · 295+ views
    Hindustan Times via AFP ^ | 3/7/03 | Hindustan Times
    Pakistan's Interior Minister Faisal Saleh Hayat on Friday denied reports cited by a provincial minister that two sons of Osama bin Laden had been arrested in a joint operation by Pakistani, Afghan and US forces in southeast Afghanistan near the Pakistani and Iranian borders. "There is absolutely no truth in this report. There has been no arrest of this nature," Hayat told AFP, dismissing claims by Baluchistan province's home minister home Sardar Sanaullah Zehri. A report from Quetta said the provincial minister in Baluchistan said he has been informed that two sons of Osama bin Laden were captured in a...
  • Osama arrested near Pak-Afghan border area?

    03/06/2003 10:18:29 PM PST · by Angelus Errare · 18 replies · 73+ views
    Pakistan Tribune ^ | 3/7/03 | Pakistan Tribune
    QUETTA, March 07 (Online): The American and local agencies Thursday arrested 9 Al-Qaeda suspects who may include Osama Bin Laden or his son near Shamshi airport near the Pak- Afghan border areas, sources said. The sources added that the agencies were quite active in search operations for the last two days. They maintained that at least one "very important" Al-Qaeda man (who may be Osama Bin Laden or his son) was also among the detainees. The sources suggested that the operation near Chaghi could well be the follow up of reports that arrested Al-Qaeda suspect Sheikh Khalid Mohammed had told...
  • Al-Qaeda Scorecard (Long)

    03/02/2003 4:57:49 PM PST · by Angelus Errare · 14 replies · 527+ views
    Regnum Crucis | 3/02/03 | Dan Darling
    Updated al-Qaeda scorecard ... SHURA MAJLIS These are the first-tier guys and the actual members of al-Qaeda's board of directors. Any one of them is a possible successor to Osama bin Laden. Name: Osama bin Laden Function: Emir-General Status: Unknown, possibly killed at Tora Bora in December 2001, now believed to be at large Name: Ayman al-Zawahiri Function: Second-in-Command/Egyptian Islamic Jihad Emir-General Status: At Large Name: Mohammed Atef Function: Supreme Military Commander Status: Dead Name: Abu Zubaydah Function: Global Operations Chief Status: Apprehended Name: Rifa Ahmed Taha Function: Gamaa al-Islamiyyah Secretary-General Status: At Large Name: Thirwat Salah Shirhata Function: Egyptian...
  • Turkey Deal on Troops

    02/27/2003 5:03:53 AM PST · by Angelus Errare · 26 replies · 189+ views
    Sky News ^ | 2/27/03 | Sky News
    Turkey has delayed a debate on whether US troops can be deployed until Saturday. Earlier Turkey's Defence Ministry said it had reached an agreement with the US on troop deployment ahead of a the vote on the issue. The US wants to base 62,000 troops, aircraft and helicopters in Turkey in the event of military action against neighbouring Iraq. They would be used to open up a second front, which analysts say would shorten any war and limit casualties. In return for its cooperation, America is offering Turkey $24bn worth of aid. Defence Minister Vecdi Gonul said: "Agreement is complete...
  • Turkey set to admit 62,000 troops

    02/25/2003 8:21:36 AM PST · by Angelus Errare · 7 replies · 100+ views
    BBC News ^ | 2/25/03 | BBC News
    Turkey set to admit 62,000 troops The motion, which would enable US forces to use Turkey as a springboard for an attack on Iraq, had been scheduled for debate on Tuesday, but one report suggested it may not now be put to a vote until Thursday. US and Turkish officials negotiated through Monday night on a multi-billion-dollar aid package from Washington, and the role Turkish troops might play in northern Iraq, but some details remained unresolved. The Turkish cabinet finally agreed to the US deployment request on Monday after weeks of mounting pressure from Washington, which wants the option of...
  • US and Turkey reach $15 billion agreement

    02/24/2003 6:17:01 AM PST · by Angelus Errare · 31 replies · 193+ views
    New York Times via Arizona Star ^ | Steven R. Weisman and Judith Miller
    WASHINGTON - The United States has reached an agreement with Turkey on a package of $15 billion in immediate economic and military assistance that is expected to lead to approval in Ankara next week for American troops to use Turkey as a base in a war against Iraq, administration officials said on Friday. The aid is to include $6 billion in cash up front, with roughly $1 billion of this money used to leverage another $10 billion in American loans available for Turkey's immediate needs, the officials said. A few details on the timing and makeup of the loans remain...
  • Turkey moves to allow in US troops

    02/20/2003 12:20:43 PM PST · by Angelus Errare · 80 replies · 142+ views
    United Press International ^ | 2/20/03 | Seva Ulman
    ANKARA, Turkey, Feb. 20 (UPI) -- Ankara moved Thursday to end a standoff with Washington by announcing it would send to parliament a motion to allow U.S. troops to deploy in Turkey, but U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell said he wanted a reply by the end of the day. The Turkish move was intended to ease a crisis in relations between the two NATO allies. The bone of contention has been the terms for allowing U.S. and possibly other "coalition of the willing" forces into the country on their way to form a northern front in neighboring Iraq. The...
  • Bin Laden Tape: Text

    02/11/2003 8:10:16 PM PST · by Angelus Errare · 125 replies · 560+ views
    BBC News ^ | 3/12/03 | BBC Monitoring
    Bin Laden tape: Text The following is the full text of an audio message purported to be by al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, broadcast on Arab television station al-Jazeera on 11 February. In the name of God, the merciful, the compassionate. A message to our Muslim brothers in Iraq, may God's peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you. O you who believe fear Allah, by doing all that He has ordered and by abstaining from all that He has forbidden as He should be feared. Obey Him, be thankful to Him, and remember Him always, and die not except in...
  • Report: New Bin Laden Statement slams Arab leaders

    02/11/2003 11:07:29 AM PST · by Angelus Errare · 15 replies · 89+ views ^ | 2/11/03 |
    Al Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden has issued a new statement on the current military buildup in the Middle East, to coincide with the Muslim pilgrimage and festival of Hajj. The statement, consisting of an audio recording and an English transcript, have been released by Al-Ansaar News Agency in Birmingham, UK. The statement highlights a number of points, including the lack of action by Arab leaders. (
  • North Korean arrested in Lebanon in anti-US plot (al-Qaeda/NK link?)

    02/07/2003 3:09:05 PM PST · by Angelus Errare · 10 replies · 227+ views
    World Tribune ^ | 2/7/03 | N/A
    . Korean arrested in Lebanon, charged with anti-U.S. plot SPECIAL TO WORLD TRIBUNE.COM Friday, February 7, 2003 NICOSIA — A North Korean "extremist" has been arrested by authorities at the notorious Ein Hilwe Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon. The Fatah movement led by Yasser Arafat has arrested two men accused of having planned attacks against U.S. and British targets in Lebanon. The plot was allegedly led by the North Korean who frequented the Palestinian refugee camp near Sidon which has been the focus of surveillance for suspected members of Al Qaida. Palestinian sources said Fatah agents also arrested a Syrian...
  • Administration: Al-Qaeda in Baghdad

    01/30/2003 8:25:51 PM PST · by Angelus Errare · 9 replies · 269+ views
    Fox News ^ | 1/31/02 (I don't understand it either) | Carl Cameron
    <p>WASHINGTON — Al Qaeda is not just in northern parts of Iraq outside of Saddam Hussein's control, but is actually operating in Baghdad, the deputy secretary of state told a Senate panel Thursday.</p> <p>Offering a startling and cryptic preview of some of the intelligence information the Bush administration is expected to provide to the U.N. Security Council next week, Richard Armitage cited a specific case of Al Qaeda's recent activities originating from the Iraqi capital.</p>
  • Al-Qaeda's Links to Iranian Security Services (Al-Qaeda/Iran Primer)

    01/23/2003 9:13:38 PM PST · by Angelus Errare · 7 replies · 801+ views
    Al-Qaida's Links to Iranian Security Services Yael Shahar ICT Researcher Since the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran, terrorism has served the regime of the ayatollahs as a tool of both domestic and foreign policy. This policy was directed against Iranian citizens inside Iran, as well as against advocates of opposition views in exile. Iran's sponsorship of terrorism has bridged ideological gaps and political divides; Teheran has provided arms and training to such groups as the Gama’a al-Islamiyah, the Egyptian al-Jihad, and the Algerian G.I.A. Al-Qaida too, has benefited from Iranian support and expertise for more than a decade. More recently,...
  • Trinidad and Tobago Challenge UK Terrorism Warning (Trouble Near Our Shores Alert)

    01/23/2003 9:23:42 AM PST · by Angelus Errare · 11 replies · 631+ views
    The Black World Today ^ | 1/23/03 | Peter Richards
    Trinidad And Tobago Challenges U.K. Terrorism Warning By Peter Richards IPS Article Dated 1/23/2003 E-Mail This Article Printer-Friendly Version PORT OF SPAIN - The government is scrambling to undo damage done by a British travel advisory that warns ''there may be an increased terrorist threat'' in this Caribbean country. While Prime Minister Patrick Manning has been vehemently denying the advisory, which he says was inflated by false allegations from the political opposition, senior ministers are being dispatched to London, Washington and New York to lobby officials. Reaction to the warning, which was issued in December but only became an issue...
  • Al-Qaeda Supporters Threaten Nuclear Attacks

    01/17/2003 1:15:28 PM PST · by Angelus Errare · 77 replies · 1,075+ views
    Al Qaida Supporters Threaten Nuclear Attacks Recently, the moderator of an Islamist Internet forum frequented by al-Qaida supporters wrote that Al-Qaida possesses, and will use, dirty bombs and "virus bombs" against the United States. The author, Abu Shihab al-Qandahari, is regarded by experts on the al-Qaida network as a figure of some importance, who appears to be fairly close to the organization's "official" propaganda apparatus. For this reason, the threat is seen as being important, regardless of whether it can be regarded as a concrete threat; it is important in what it reveals about al-Qaida and its supporters, and how...
  • Artists Needed - Conservative Pro-War Posters

    01/17/2003 1:03:34 PM PST · by Angelus Errare · 2 replies · 328+ views
    My Amazing Mind | 1/17/03 | Dan Darling
    Fellow Freepers, there is an anti-war movement gathering as we speak for a series of protests this weekend. While most reliable data shows that these individuals do not speak for all Americans, we know that the liberals and their allies in the media will attempt to paint it as such in order to discredit a prospective war with Iraq. As such, I have applied a great deal of thought on how to express our own opinions on these issues without being painted as fanatics or being ignored. This is by no means an end-all be-all to the problem of demonstrating...
  • Al-Qaeda claims responsibility for Kenya attacks

    12/08/2002 9:49:06 AM PST · by Angelus Errare · 14 replies · 210+ views
    BBC News ^ | 12/8/02 | BBC News
    Al-Qaeda 'vows fresh attacks' The al-Qaeda network has threatened more attacks on Israeli and US targets in a fresh claim of responsibility for last month's attacks in Kenya, which killed 13 people. "The Jewish Crusader coalition will not be safe anywhere from the fighters' attacks," said al-Qaeda's spokesman Sulaiman Abu Ghaith in an audio statement broadcast by the Qatari-based al-Jazeera television channel. The statement, dated 6 December, was also posted on an Islamist web site - just days after al-Qaeda first claimed responsibility for the Mombasa attacks. Kenyan officials say the country has been put on high alert following the...
  • Dean of Sha'riah and Islamic Law at Qatar University in Support of the US

    12/07/2002 12:37:38 PM PST · by Angelus Errare · 10 replies · 159+ views
    Middle East Media Research Institute ^ | January 29, 2002 | Dr. Abd al-Hamid al-Ansari
    January 29, 2002 No.337 Dean of Shari'a and Law at Qatar University in Support of the U.S., the War on Terror, and Curricular Reform Part I Dr. Abd Al-Hamid Al-Ansari, dean of Shari'a and law at Qatar University, is a prominent liberal voice in the Muslim religious establishment. Following September 11, he wrote a series of articles for the Qatari and Arab press in which he called for reform in the educational systems of the Arab world.[1] Recently, the Qatari daily Al-Raya published an extensive interview with Al-Ansari.[2] The interview focused again on his support for curricular reform in the...
  • Al-Qaeda's Chief Caught

    11/21/2002 11:59:10 AM PST · by Angelus Errare · 24 replies · 683+ views
    Yahoo! News ^ | John J. Lumpkin
    WASHINGTON (AP) - Al-Qaida leader Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, the network's chief of operations in the Persian Gulf, has been captured, senior U.S. government officials said Thursday. Al-Nashiri, a suspected mastermind of the USS Cole (news - web sites) bombing in October 2000, was captured in an undisclosed foreign country earlier this month and is in U.S. custody, officials said. He is the highest-ranking al-Qaida operative captured since the CIA (news - web sites), FBI (news - web sites) and Pakistani authorities captured bin Laden's operations chief, Abu Zubaydah, in Faisalabad, Pakistan, in March. U.S. officials had recently said a senior...
  • India links Bangladeshi militants to al-Qaeda

    11/20/2002 10:28:06 PM PST · by Angelus Errare · 3 replies · 129+ views
    IRNA ^ | 11/20/02 | BH/AR
    India links Bangladeshi militants to al-Qaeda New Delhi, Nov 20, IRNA -- The two Bangladeshi militants arrested on Saturday night by the Calcutta police in the eastern Indian state of West Bengal belong to the Islamic Aikya Front of Bangladesh, local media reported on Wednesday. According to the Pioneer, the outfit is a cover organization for al-Qaeda activists operating in Bangladesh, intelligence sources said, adding the arrested militants had been trained by Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence (ISI). Liaqat Hussein Liaqat and Arman Khan are dreaded history-sheeters of Bangladesh, operating from Dhaka, Chattagram, Rajshahi and Khulna on the other side of...
  • Thai Muslim Guerrilla at peace as fears of unrest mount (Syrian/Libyan terrorism alert)

    11/20/2002 10:09:03 PM PST · by Angelus Errare · 3 replies · 221+ views
    Reuters ^ | 11/19/02 | Dominic Whiting
    Thai Muslim guerrilla at peace as fears of unrest mount -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- By Dominic Whiting BA JOH, Thailand, Nov 19 (Reuters) - Yousuf "Pakistan" Longpi led a band of 11 men in darkness down the jungle-clad mountain, wielding Vietnam war relics -- an M-79 grenade launcher, two carbines and an M-60 machinegun. Their mission: to destroy a police station and grab as many weapons as possible for a struggle to create an independent Islamic state in Thailand's southernmost provinces. "We launched the first bomb and the attack started," the 54-year-old former guerrilla said. "But the second bomb didn't explode, so we...
  • Intelligence sure bin Laden had bio weapons: Newsweek

    11/17/2002 5:54:38 PM PST · by Angelus Errare · 7 replies · 349+ views
    Agence France-Presse ^ | 11/18/02 | N/A
    Intelligence sure bin Laden had bio weapons: Newsweek Posted: 7:51 AM (Manila Time) | Nov. 18, 2002 Agence France-Presse NEW YORK -- Senior US intelligence officials are "100 percent certain" Osama bin Laden had biological and chemical agents before the US invasion of Afghanistan, Newsweek magazine reported Sunday. Detained al-Qaeda and Taliban suspects held at a US base in Cuba said bin Laden is a "multiple plotter," according to a US official who spoke to Newsweek about tales to explode a so-called "dirty bomb" to spew radioactive material over an area of the United States. Officials have been paying special...
  • Islam Perverted (The Islamists have got it wrong)

    11/15/2002 8:52:56 PM PST · by Angelus Errare · 134 replies · 1,838+ views
    Australia/Israel Jewish Affairs Council ^ | October 2001 | Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi
    Islam Perverted The Islamists have got it wrong By Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi Western observers, both among the general public and the media, commonly make the mistake of thinking that Islamism is the same as traditional Islam. Even Western researchers describe Islamism as a resurgence of traditional Islam. In contrast, moderate Sunni Muslims are characterised as those whose faith is mitigated, influenced by syncretism, or diluted by a certain amount of secularisation and Westernisation. But this turns reality upside-down. In fact, Islamists depart in important ways from the Islamic tradition. Indeed, some outstanding traditional Muslim scholars, such as Sheikh Muhammad...
  • Al-Neda is alive and kicking again

    11/02/2002 6:02:04 PM PST · by Angelus Errare · 9 replies · 312+ views
    Al-Neda ^ | Right About Now | Angelus Errare
    Just click the link, these sure are resilient people. It looks like they hijacked another innocent website's image files to carry their propaganda.
  • Mufti of Chechnya Refutes Wahhabi "Pseudo-Mujahideen"

    11/02/2002 2:30:04 PM PST · by Angelus Errare · 21 replies · 184+ views
    As-salamu 'alaykum wa rahmat-Ullahi wa barakatuh Dear Brothers and Sisters, May Allah bless an protect the noble Mufti al-Mujahid Hajj Ahmad Kadyrov for his clear and uncompromising words and actions in defense of Islam, for the preservation of the 'aqidah of Ahlu-s-Sunnah wa-l-Jama'ah and in order to prevent the spreading of fitnah and fasad from Najd. Because of lack of reliable information, people who are misinformed about the Republic of Chechnya were supposing that the Chechen people are involved - astaghfir-Ullah al-'Azhim, in claimed "jihad against Russia." The reality is quite different from propaganda circulated by heretic sects who are...