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  • 'Sesame Street' unveils muppet to teach kids about hunger -- PHOTO

    10/05/2011 7:31:49 AM PDT · 11 of 38
    AngryJawa to Hodar

    It’s going to be some serious must-see TV when Lily the Hungry Muppet hunts down Big Bird, guts him, and roasts him on a spit.

  • Opposition To Obama Grows — Strongly

    10/05/2011 7:22:20 AM PDT · 9 of 13
    AngryJawa to SuzyQue
    Only 4 in 10 Americans are conscious?

    The other 6 drool uncontrollably and should be forceably sterilized. I've been to Wal-Mart.

  • Congressional Letter asking Dumb0 for Special Prosecutor

    10/05/2011 6:38:09 AM PDT · 60 of 61
    AngryJawa to PhilosopherStone1000
    On the plus side, he’s buried “Messiah” politics for a generation and probably doomed the Democrat party to extinction.

    Yeah, right. Even if he loses, he'll still pull 45% of the vote. I increasingly find that kind of dependence, racism, and abject stupidity to be a permanent feature of the people of this country and it saddens me to no end. Rust, cockroaches, corruption, and Democrats will forever infest this house.

  • Congressional Letter asking Dumb0 for Special Prosecutor

    10/05/2011 6:29:47 AM PDT · 59 of 61
    AngryJawa to PhilosopherStone1000
    What a waste of two perfectly good sheets of Congressional letterhead.

    SCFOAMF will wipe his backside with it and send it back to Issa postage due. Rule of Law and Good Governance do not and never will matter when the 405 of the population plus the media will love you no matter what you do. Oh, and you're a racist too.

  • Angella Reid, first woman named chief usher at the White House (also first black female)

    10/05/2011 5:48:49 AM PDT · 19 of 22
    AngryJawa to The Sons of Liberty

    I am really, really getting sick of this drift toward the overall appearance of monarchy in the White House - Democrat and Republican alike. We had better think about getting someone in the Oval Office who will dial this waaaaay back and inject some effin’ humility into the Federal Government.

  • Herman Cain Knocks The Socks Off NY Money Crowd At 'Monday Meeting'

    10/04/2011 12:26:03 PM PDT · 17 of 28
    AngryJawa to SeekAndFind
    Why not make it in Part 1 then?

    Herman can't come out and flat say it, but Boortz has many times. It comes down to the fact that Cain thinks (I think he's right) that a the Donkeys would demagogue the living hell out of it by screaming "CAIN WANTS TO RAISE THE COST OF EVERYTHING YOU BUY BY 23%!!!". Of course, the Donks wouldn't have the decency to add the fact that that would only happen after the repeal of the federal income tax ammendment. Low-information voters would take it in hook line and sinker, unfortunately.

    9-9-9 is a transition to Fair Tax. It's less likely to be demagogued (not that they won't try) and would prove to Joe Six Pack that April 15 can be just another day on the calendar without the nation imploding.

    This Honkey's Voting for Herman

  • ESPN pulls Williams from MNF opening

    10/04/2011 7:07:41 AM PDT · 51 of 68
    AngryJawa to SwatTeam
    not a bunch of fluff and crap just to satisfy the pc police.

    I suspect it's more about some genius Ivy League programming consultant who promised that the NFL would get higher ratings if they could just do something to attract women viewers. What a low opinion they seem to have of the intelligence of the fairer sex.

    Yeah, it's teetering on the unwatchable at this point. The rank hypocrisy of the treatment of Rush Limbaugh and Hank Williams certainly does not help.

  • ESPN pulls Williams from MNF opening

    10/04/2011 5:40:04 AM PDT · 24 of 68
    AngryJawa to New Jersey Realist
    How about this for a crazy idea:

    Maybe they should just show the freaking game sans all the song-and-dance routines, animated robots, inane sideline reporterettes, and gauzy sob stories about the 350lb nosetackle's sick kitten. NFL football can surely hold its own as entertainment without all the BS. Between that list of crap and the number of ED commercials, it's getting hard to watch.

  • Mike Vanderboegh & David Codrea Awarded JPFO’s David and Goliath Award 2011(gunwalker)

    10/04/2011 5:26:27 AM PDT · 2 of 10
    AngryJawa to marktwain

    Vanderboegh & Codrea richly deserve this accolade as well as the many, many others that will hopefully follow.

  • Ron Paul Condemns Killing of al Qaeda’s Awlaki

    09/30/2011 2:26:06 PM PDT · 59 of 80
    AngryJawa to fretzer
    This is a slippery slope...

    No, not so much.

    Look, if you think it's necessary to treat a man who has declared violent jihad on The American Devil (you and me both)and waged it from the badlands of Yemen as anything other than an enemy combatant, be my guest. Strap it on and go boots-on-the ground. Risk your life, the lives of your support crew, and the future welfare of your and your crew's family all for a Capital L Libertarian masturbatory confusion between "war" and "policing". I think it's a failure to see the forest for the trees.

    This was and is a problem best solved by a (hopefully female) Reaper driver sitting in a nice air-contitioned trailer out in Nevada between sips of coffee. I hope she gets a commendation in her file.

  • Ron Paul Condemns Killing of al Qaeda’s Awlaki

    09/30/2011 1:07:37 PM PDT · 53 of 80
    AngryJawa to fretzer
    So it’s ok for the US Government to make war on and kill its own citizens?

    No, it's not.

    But in the case of this particular jackass it'd be good for the Ronulans amongst us to put aside their reflexive, zero-critical-thinking reactions and consider a few realities of planet Earth.

    This latest particular AQ lump of charred meat may have been born here, but the facts are: (1) He was an active enemy with a long, self-admitted list of attacks on American targets. (2) For the better part of a decade, he had no interest in surrendering to legal warrants and stated contempt for the notion of turning himself in to stand trial in front of his peers, and (3)He has continued to plot attacks while hiding in a hostile area of a foreign country. I'm sure the list can be expanded.

    By his actions, he was an enemy combatant by any reasonable standard. RP's standard on this issue IS NOT reasonable - it's madness. Awlaki richly deserved it, American by birth or not. To deny this as an adjunct to anyone's (including my own) well-deserved libertarian issues with the US Government is foolish. Should we have dispatched a chopper full of FBI agents to Yemen to go bring him in unharmed just to make it seem fairer or more "civilian"? I say no - not even close. This piece of garbage was not worth even the risk of one more drop of American blood.

    Paraphrasing a great line I read about RP, "he's like a strange stopped coo-coo clock that's dead on accurate 23 hours a day, but at a certain Foreign Policy midnight he pops out, howls at the moon and smears himself with feces."

    For the record, I hope Awlaki died screaming in agony. RP can suck it if he has a problem with that.

  • EMP: The Greatest Threat to America, and What We Can Do about It

    09/29/2011 2:01:29 PM PDT · 26 of 79
    AngryJawa to Roklok
    Buy an old car...

    An old car is just the tip of the iceberg in order to be prepped for a One Second After scenario.

  • EMP: The Greatest Threat to America, and What We Can Do about It

    09/29/2011 1:45:47 PM PDT · 19 of 79
    AngryJawa to buccaneer81
    One Second After scared the carp out of me.

    Now, I think the extent of the damage inflicted by an EMP attack may be overblown in the book. But I also think that a much-reduced version of that damage could roll this country in just a week into the a horror show not seen since the Civil War. Civilization is a veneer that is only so thick and we *are* vulnerable as a result of our over-reliance on electronics.

    There are very, very few Americans who do any amount of prepping, let alone the amount necessary to deal with the worst case scenario.

  • Obama faces a white flight

    09/27/2011 6:47:24 AM PDT · 37 of 81
    AngryJawa to rockrr
    ...when essentially the entire black population voted for a person because of the color of his skin

    Ah, the elephant in the room that nobody is allowed to address.

    The SCFOAMF got about 96% of the black vote in 2008, IIRC. Hell, Kim Jong Il doesn't even get 96% in his "elections" and that dude is a way better golfer than Zero.

    When you have 96% of any group voting in lockstep, I think it's safe to say that you have some serious deficiencies in individual thinking at work.

  • Michael Moore Threatens The Rich: Let's "Deal With It Nonviolently Now" (or violently later)

    09/23/2011 11:44:11 AM PDT · 87 of 91
    AngryJawa to calex59
    There were torries and patriots and it was hard to tell them apart.

    ..unless, of course, that Tory was your brother, or father, or uncle.

    The thought of taking up arms against my lib parents (and vice versa) is a nightmare that makes me physically ill just in typiing this post. We had better pray to God that He sends us the wisdom, strength, and courage to do what is necessary to marginalize and control idiots like Moore and get madness under control before some fool starts something we can't stop.

  • Michael Moore Threatens The Rich: Let's "Deal With It Nonviolently Now" (or violently later)

    09/23/2011 8:05:34 AM PDT · 68 of 91
    AngryJawa to ctdonath2
    Problem is: there are a lot (on both sides) itching for a fight.

    Yes, there are.

    The difference is that those voices on the "Right" are generally anonymous and confined to internet forum posts and backwater blogs. The Left, however, is proud to trot out their name brand bombthrowers like Moore in the MSM and encourage them to fling sparks at the powderkeg.

    As with Harpers Ferry and Sarajevo 1914, these people have absolutely no idea of the depth of bloodshed they're in for once it starts and what freedom (should it still exist) will look like once it stops. These people have no clue of the horror that is neighbor killing neighbor. They think the depredations of Men At War are limited to "those people" on the other side of the planet.

    What they advocate has no other logical end outside of acre upon acre of corpses.

  • Georgia: Macon City Council Wants to Ban Your Guns

    09/13/2011 12:49:18 PM PDT · 21 of 27
    AngryJawa to B4Ranch
    I don’t see anything in the announcement that this law will only apply to Blacks.

    Given the demographics, it will apply roughly twice as much to blacks than whites, but that's neither here nor there.

    This crap will most likely be slapped down by the courts in a big hurry. The fact that the racist idiot city council (seated by racist idiot voters) knows this foolishness is headed to the scrap heap just shows you the lack of regard they all have for the 2A and the US Constitution in general. But I suppose there aren't many votes to be had in addressing the true underlying reasons that Macon, like most GA cities, is a crime-ridden, third-world hellhole.

  • Taliban attacks Afghan capital, U.S. Embassy

    09/13/2011 5:31:59 AM PDT · 30 of 73
    AngryJawa to Lil Flower
    I don’t know, the Japanese were pretty savage at one time.

    ...and we had to kill literally millions of them - military and civilian alike, and resort to nuclear weapons to make them understand that they were beaten and had no choice but to change their ways or become extinct.

    Islam, radical or otherwise, has no such threat hanging over their heads so they will keep fighting and expanding their influence until we The West re-develop the stomach to truly do what needs to be done. Whether or not we can set aside our bread and circuses long enough to prevent our own extinction as a culture is an open question.

  • Happy Ending

    09/11/2011 4:53:25 PM PDT · 31 of 35
    AngryJawa to Shimmer1
    Obviously, the perp had never seen this basic USMC instructional. The thug got off lucky.

    Warning! NSFW Jarhead Language and Beverage/Monitor Alert

  • Happy Ending

    09/11/2011 4:53:08 PM PDT · 30 of 35
    AngryJawa to Shimmer1
    Obviously, the perp had never seen this basic USMC instructional. The thug got off lucky.

    Warning! NSFW Jarhead Language and Beverage/Monitor Alert