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  • Judicial Watch: POTUS Trump Can Obtain Susan Rice Unmasking Records From Obama Library

    06/22/2017 9:07:39 AM PDT · 7 of 22
    antonico to davikkm

    I thought they were also obtainable by the DOJ/FBI is they are evidence in a criminal investigation that is active? The records don’t belong to Obama; they’re not his personal effects. So the documents are property of the US Government and therefore can be obtained by any criminal investigation. Yes?

  • Judicial Watch: Susan Rice ‘Unmasking’ Documents Moved from NSC to Obama Library

    06/20/2017 1:07:36 PM PDT · 16 of 52
    antonico to Cheerio

    Well there is a recourse. The response to Judicial Watch was a FOIA request, and even if they had the documents they don’t have to comply right away - if at all. But there is recourse, according to this link from Big League Politics. The records are currently at The National Archives, because there is no Obama library at this point. It hasn’t been built yet. But those records are still susceptible to a congressional or DOJ/FBI investigation subpoena:

  • Oh My: Former Attorney General Eric Holder Considering A 2020 Run

    06/20/2017 12:13:40 PM PDT · 5 of 63
    antonico to GuavaCheesePuff
    So now that Mueller's with hunt is not only established to nail Trump, it's clear now the Special Counsel is also in existence to shield the entire Obama regime from any prosecution at all by hiding, obfuscating or destroying evidence against him No way Hillary and Holder would even think of running in 3 years unless they knew they had a protector. That's what Mueller is - Obama’s protector.
  • Poll: Ossoff, Handel nearly deadlocked in Georgia race

    06/19/2017 9:05:05 AM PDT · 6 of 79
    antonico to Signalman

    What’s the count as of the early vote tallies? That’s what will tell the story. Because the Left’s only chance is to have Osoff so far ahead in the early voting that she cannot make up the difference.

  • Schumer to GOP: Defend Mueller

    06/15/2017 9:15:40 AM PDT · 22 of 62
    antonico to upchuck

    If anyone on this thread is an attorney, please feel free to correct my understanding. The FBI can - and usually does - make a request to the DOJ for a Special Counsel. What’s striking is that Comey could have asked Sally Yates - then the Deputy AG - to install a Special Counsel at any time. And she would have. But why did Comey not make such a request? And why did Yates not take the initiative herself if she’s empowered to? After all, these two were primary in publicly blathering about the “Muh Russian Collusion” narrative. So the fact they never did speaks volumes, I would think.

    Once Trump fired Comey, then a total panic had to have set in within the Deep State. He was their protetcor; he was their mop up guy, and he was going to keep that narrative open all the way up until 2018, when Democrats have 23 senate seats to defend and 10 of them in state Trump won. So that snake Neil McCabe, Deputy FBI director and whose wife is a huge lefty Democrat (as is he), had to act fast. I’m thinking McCabe went to Rosenstein with some sort of “evidence” (concocted or otherwise) to request a Special Counsel, and Rosenstein played along (or got played, maybe). But they needed a new gatekeeper since Comey was now out. And they decided Mueller would do just that - keep the cloud of suspicion over Trump to weaken him as an advocate against all of those Democrats who will be otherwise vulnerable in 2018. Can you imagine what’s at stake for the left is the GOP obtains 60 seats in the Senate and keeps the House? Over 100 years of progressive policy goes down in flames. The Deep State (which is the Left, both Dem and GOP leftists) have everything on the line. Their only hope is to have a populist like Trump be weakened if not destroyed (politically) by the time the mid terms happen. THAT’S why McCabe went to Rosenstein to ask for a Special Counsel. He’s trying to save Democrats from oblivion.

  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions suggested he could resign amid rising tension with President Trump

    06/06/2017 5:08:12 PM PDT · 35 of 66
    antonico to Jolla

    So is it any surprise this came Now that the MSM has figured out Comey is not going to say Trump committed a crime, they need a new narrative to hype. So this is it.

    Read one time that this rule always applies, no matter what: When the CIA and FBI want to leak , they always do so to CNN and The Washington Post; when the State Department and DOJ want to leak, it is always to ABC News and The NY Times. And that pattern never changes ever. So the fact ABC got this story means a low level in the DOJ told them this stuff about Sessions. Whether it’s true, or even accurate, is another matter altogether.

  • U.S. Launches Cruise Missiles at Syrian Air Base in Response to Chemical Attack (Late night info)

    04/06/2017 9:24:47 PM PDT · 11 of 49
    antonico to Ernest_at_the_Beach Trump proves he’s as unhinged as the left has been hoping for. He strikes a nation that perpetrated nothing upon the US, does not inform congress, and starts firing missiles into Syria for nothing but POLITICAL reasons. He didn’t drain the swamp. He’s now become the swamp.

  • Freedom Caucus reveals Trump is flexible but Paul Ryan is totally unwilling to negotiate healthcare

    04/02/2017 12:28:11 PM PDT · 50 of 80
    antonico to PK1991

    None of the leadership in the GOP wants ObamaCare dismantled - yet. And strictly in political terms, why would they? Since ObamaCare became law, Democrats have lost 1,000 legislative seats nationwide. It’s been the gift that’s kept on giving to the GOP everywhere. Small wonder then why they don’t want it dismantled before 2018, when 23 Democrat Senators are up for reelection, and 10 of them in states Trump won. Defeats of just 8 of the 23 means the GOP Senate will be filibuster proof. Small wonder then that they want ObamaCare to hang around a while longer yet - especially if it implodes this year as many predict it will. That monstrosity has nothing but Democrat fingerprints all over it. Let them own it.

    By January 2019, you could well have 60+ GOP Senators, meaning they can do anything and the Democrats will be powerless .to stop it. Major tax reform? Done? Free market Health Care? Done. And a whole host of wish list things Trump will sign.

  • Dick Cheney: Russian Election Interference Possibly ‘Act of War’

    03/28/2017 8:57:35 AM PDT · 34 of 150
    antonico to usafa92

    When has the warmongering neocon globalist-loving Cheney NOT wanted to go to war?? He was Sec Def in Desert Storm; VP when launching wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. This worthless globalist is about nothing but starting wars to finance them and get rich off of them. He’s the perfect fit into the repulsive Bush cartel. To hell with all of them.

  • Trump team communications captured by intelligence community surveillance, Nunes says

    03/22/2017 11:40:39 AM PDT · 59 of 209
    antonico to God luvs America

    The disclosure of Nunes makes another thing certain now. Once he says he has info that Trump was monitored and that such surveillance was legally done, it forced Comey’s hand. The surveillance may have been legal - but leaking Flynn’s name is not. Comey refused to answer whether there was an investigation into the leak of Flynn’s name - trying to hide behind the leftist meme that Trump’s tweet about being bugged was an outrageous lie. As long as nobody could prove Trump was wiretapped, Comey was safe not to look for anything. Now that Nunes has come out with this publicly, Comey will now HAVE to investigate. And he has to give what he finds to Sessions - all of it, and do his job diligently or get fired. Nunes basically forced Comey into ratting out the leakers by saying what he said today. Very clever of Mr. Nunes.

  • GOP’s New Plan to Repeal Obamacare: Dare Fellow Republicans to Block Effort

    02/27/2017 1:49:05 PM PST · 40 of 41
    antonico to DoodleDawg

    “The more likely reason is the GOP knows they will own the replacement, and haven’t a clue as to what that will look like. They know that Trump has said it would be better, cheaper, offer more choices, will cover everyone, and will be the best healthcare plan in the world, so they need to get cracking.”


    Yep. That one looks plausible too. In any event, it only helps Democrats electorally if they get rid of it (meaning, they get rid of the disasters they can legitimately pin to the Democrats). If you’re right them no wonder they’re terrified. They can’t agree on much of anything. Let alone what the replacement ought to have.

  • GOP’s New Plan to Repeal Obamacare: Dare Fellow Republicans to Block Effort

    02/27/2017 9:03:10 AM PST · 34 of 41
    antonico to GIdget2004

    One of the main reasons the GOP Leadership could be reluctant to get rid of Obama Care just yet is pure politics. Since the law was enacted, over 1,000 Democrats have lost their seats nationwide. All the review of election data shows that Obama Care is the central issue in taking down Democrats. It’s been the electoral gift that’s kept on giving. It seems logical the GOP Leadership wants to keep it a little longer because in 2018, 23 Senate Democrats are up for reelection, which is 50% of their Senate caucus. Ten of them are in states Trump won. They may want to keep it for just that much longer, create an actual 60-vote super majority in the Senate and then roll out whatever they want, with Democrats unable to stop anything. Much like when the Democrats had all of this in 2009. That could well be the reason they want it to hang around. It’s paid off handsomely for them, and they may want the last act climax to play out in 2018. Repealing it now only saves Democrats from having to defend their support for the disasters they unleashed when so many of them are sitting ducks two years from now.

  • Why the Acosta nomination is very bad news for conservatives [Levin]

    02/22/2017 5:31:00 PM PST · 14 of 52
    antonico to conservative98

    Levin still can’t believe Cruz lost the primary. He’s been bitter about it since. Now that Trump is president, Levin, Beck, Erickson and everybody at places like National Review are irrelevant. Their voices no longer matter in shaping policy - you know, the ego trip. So now all they have left is the ankle biting. Such as stuff like this. Yawn.

  • McConnell: ‘I didn’t think President Trump had a chance of winning’ (interesting admissions)

    12/20/2016 12:49:55 PM PST · 81 of 162
    antonico to eaglestar

    And adding to Trump’s genius: he appoints McConnell’s wife to a cabinet post. So now, he effectively owns the Senate Majority Leader. That’s brilliant.

  • Trump Heading Over - Should Give Victory Speech Tonight !!

    11/08/2016 11:31:54 PM PST · 21 of 38
    antonico to TigerClaws

    He can’t give a victory speech because he hasn’t won anything. It’s more corrupt media - they’re forcing the networks NOT to make the call. Try to get a fix in, or, she’s drunk again and passed out already.

  • Obama Destroys Clinton/Reid Narrative “Does Not Believe Comey Trying To Influence Election”

    10/31/2016 1:21:39 PM PDT · 33 of 75
    antonico to HarleyLady27

    Wow...there must be so much heavily incriminating stuff on Weiner’s computer that the attacker-in-chief is now a kitten. It could be truly scary as to what they found.

  • BREAKING: FBI Notes Reveal Security Concerns Over Huma Abedin

    10/30/2016 8:02:15 AM PDT · 101 of 186
    antonico to detective

    “You must read this article to have any understanding about Comey’s recent letter to Congress.
    1. Huma Abedin was in charge of setting up Clinton’s private server. But she told the FBI that she had no knowledge of Clinton’s server until it became public.

    2. Huma Abedin had an email account on the illegal Clinton private server, Abedin was the only State Department aide whose emails were hosted by the private Clinton server but Abedin told the FBI that she didn’t know the server existed until she heard about it in the news.

    3. FBI agents showed Abedin three separate email exchanges she had with an IT staffer regarding the operation of the private Clinton server during Clinton’s tenure at State. Abedin claimed she “did not recall” the email exchanges.

    4. Many State Department employees told the FBI that they considered emailing Abedin “the equivalent of e-mailing Clinton.” Abedin, in turn, “routinely” forwarded State government emails — including ones containing classified information — from her account to either her or her account “so that she could print them” at her home.

    5. Hillary Clinton required emails to be printed out for her to read.

    6. Another Clinton aide told the FBI that “Abedin may have kept emails that Clinton did not.”

    7. Abedin appears to have violated a Classified Information Non Disclosure Agreement she signed at the State Department on Jan. 30, 2009, in which she agreed to keep all classified material under the control of the US government.

    8. The FBI never searched Abedin’s laptop or Yahoo email account at any point in their year-long investigation into possible mishandling of classified information and espionage. There is no possible explanation for why this was not done.

    9. Huma Abedin clearly lied repeatedly to the FBI. This is a felony. Yet, the FBI never followed up on any of these obvious lies.

    10. Emails that Clinton had illegally deleted are supposedly found on Anthony Weiner’s computer. “


    Thanks for this - really well written out. I’d also wonder if the reason a lot of this stuff didn’t end up on his computer wasn’t about leverage - for both Weiner & Abedin. Things like this - especially at the criminal investigation stage - have a history of leaving many once-loyal bodies thrown under any number of buses. Abedin might have been saving herself just in case her name came up to be thrown under. She might even have copies of the emails the gang at HRC-land thought were Bleach Bit-ed out of existence. As for Weiner, irrespective of anything else, he’s looking at serious jail time for solicitation of sex with a minor. He might have had his own copies for leverage to use to try to limit punishments from any HRC DOJ prosecution of him. Regardless, it seems reasonable to assume the Weiner household had self preservation in mind when these emails appeared on both of their home computers.

  • Newt Gingrich Kicked Off ‘Fox & Friends’ Guest List After Megyn Kelly Blowup

    10/27/2016 8:35:42 AM PDT · 10 of 58
    antonico to wrrock

    He was on Hannity’s TV show the day after the Kelly show. So....

  • Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort resigns, according to a close associate

    08/19/2016 7:32:31 AM PDT · 42 of 94
    antonico to Bratch

    The street chat is that Mannafort is true and true Washington DC Establishment if there ever was such a thing. He worked for a lot of interests. The rumor was that he ingratiated himself into the campaign to get Lewandowski out, convince Trump he was as tough as The Donald, while silently sabotaging the campaign with suggestions that Trump be more genteel, more restrained, etc. In short, Mannafort fed the narrative that the GOP Elites & Democrats feasted upon almost the minute the shell game started. Trump - clearly nobody’s fool - used Mannafort to lock up the nomination. Then told him he was fired after his utility ran out. And Trump probably suspected Mannafort was basically undermining him all along, which is exactly what the elites wanted.

  • Republicans plotting a Donald Trump 'intervention' to rescue stumbling campaign

    08/04/2016 9:30:29 AM PDT · 28 of 83
    antonico to TangledUpInBlue

    Yes. Let’s intervene to stop a guy who’s drawing crowds by the thousands in stadiums everywhere he goes, running against a candidate who can only fill 1/3 of a high school auditorium alongside the 3rd or 4th richest American in his home state. The chutzpah of the globalist cartel is jaw-droppingly frightening.