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  • BREAKING: Embattled FBI Lawyer Lisa Page Has Resigned

    05/04/2018 6:51:04 PM PDT · 53 of 119
    antonico to janetjanet998

    Have to figure her usefulness has come to an end. She obviously stayed on at the FBI (as did Strozck, Baker, and a few others) because she was a cooperating witness with the Inspector General, along with the others. The OIG cannot compel former employees to testify to him, only current ones. So they cut a deal: stay on in a diminished capacity whereby they cannot do more damage, and they can keep pensions and reduced sentences. So now that the OIG has basically wrapped up his stuff, she’s no longer needed. Or, she felt like she betrayed Comey, McCabe, - was ashamed to stay but needed to save her hide - and her resignation is a worn out, too late protest to stand with her men (if Comey & McCabe can be so described). But it’s clear her departure means he utility has now expired. So to speak.

  • Washington Post Editor Advocates Eugenics Claiming It's Her Right to Kill Babies With Down Syndrome

    03/10/2018 2:59:09 PM PST · 27 of 43
    antonico to Kaslin

    So let me get this straight. According to Marcus, if a woman wants to terminate her child on the speciousness of a “test” (what if the result is wrong?), then it’s “unconstitutional” to abridge, abrogate or restrict it (I’m unaware of any amendment that enshrines the “right” to such a thing). But if the same woman wanted to buy a firearm for herself, which is an actually enumerated constitutional right, then the leftists like Marcus claim with the utmost zeal that such a thing must absolutely be abridged, abrogated, and restricted.

    Woman wants to kill her kid in the womb? Marcus says that’s a constitutionally protected right. Same woman wants to buy a gun for her own protection, then the Marcus crowd wants to take an actually enumerated constitutional right and gut it to the point of prevention. Is it me, or do these people clearly not see how deranged an argument this is?

  • Devin Nunes Asks Jeff Sessions What He’s Doing About FBI Violations of FISA Protocols

    03/04/2018 7:16:44 AM PST · 103 of 119
    antonico to PGR88

    Since they say part of the “strategy” is Trump & Sessions being so stealthily in control that everything has Trump’s approval (it would have to under their theory), then I hope the American Thinker can explain a couple of things that need some ‘splainin...

    *If Trump is puppet mastering his whole Exec Branch, then why did he approve Mueller’s appointment (again, if he’s puppet mastering this would have to be included because NOTHING happens in the Executive Branch without his knowledge)? Because of Mueller, Trump (and Kushner) have had to hire a battery of expensive lawyers to deal with all of the Mueller (and his hired team of Democrat Donors) demands for documents and witnesses - at hugely expensive lawyer fees. Or is this also part of Trumps grand scheme: to burn his own money at thou$ands a day for lawyers he doesn’t need?? After all, if Mueller is a Trump White Hat stealthily working for Trump & Sessions’ Master Plan, why does Trump have all the the expensive lawyers working for him?. So...this money burning is all for the sake of keeping up a smoky-glass concealment??

    *Since Devin Nunes pointed out in his letter to Sessions March 1st there are statutes violated in the FISC abuse process, then what are we to make of the fact Rod Rosenstein was actually one of the signers of the last FISC application to extend the existing spy warrant on Trump, and signed right about the exact time Mueller was appointed? If there are cases to be made that those who signed the application to the FISC using the now clearly fake “dossier” defrauded the court and thereby committed crimes (Comey, Lynch, McCabe and Yates), then isn’t Rosenstein also as guilty of the same felonies Nunes points out in his March 1st letter? This is the same Rosenstein whom Sessions cannot praise enough every time he gets in front of a microphone or camera. So, if the American Thinker claims Trump 7 Sessions are executing a plan, then it has to include Mueller’s presence and Rosenstein’s signing off on a court application that was apparently a criminal act. (This explains why Rosenstein was begging Paul Ryan to stop the Nunes memo’s release, citing “grave concerns” over the information in it regarding accuracy).

    So yeah, let’s have the tidying up on why Trump and Sessions designed a Master Plan to: hire Mueller, which produced huge legal expenses and possible legal jeopardy for both Trump and his son-in-law; why Trump and Sessions allow Rosenstein to stay in his job when he’s apparently committed a felony; and why Sessions basically tells Nunes to pound sand regarding his March 1st letter - he’ll have the toothless, slowpoke IG take 18 months to look into it and he’ll think about it after that. We must remember: Nunes and other committee chairs are not exactly fans of Rosenstein - who stiffed Congressional subpoenas for documents as long as 8 months, and only turned them over when threatened with contempt of Congress. Was that part of the Trump - Sessions plan too - stiffing the legislative branch from their constitutional authority? I’ll wait...

  • Mueller Marches Toward Impeachment

    02/24/2018 7:02:27 AM PST · 89 of 90
    antonico to Electric Graffiti

    You gave nothing near “facts on the ground”. You gave spurious assertions to sculpt a narrative you want to peddle on the grounds you want to be seen as the smartest kid in class.

    Your position that Pence, Comey, Sessions and Rosenstein are all conspirators to get Trump impeached is not a “fact on the ground”; it’s a castle in the air.

  • Mueller Marches Toward Impeachment

    02/23/2018 10:24:26 PM PST · 82 of 90
    antonico to Electric Graffiti

    Talk about something that’s not hard, and you still don’t grasp it. So according to you, Sessions, Rosenstein, Comey and Pence have all ingeniously conspired to fool Trump into being their stooge. Talk about a size XL Tinfoil Hat! If everything you say is true - then it has to be because Trump is the stupidest human who ever lived. Dumber than a box or rocks to be taken in by a bunch of garden variety half wits.

    Get a clue. Putz.

  • Mueller Marches Toward Impeachment

    02/23/2018 6:16:36 PM PST · 74 of 90
    antonico to Electric Graffiti

    Yeah, it’s cockamamie for this reason: you still fail to chart the PATH of this nefarious scheme. In order for you to be correct in your thesis, these things HAVE to be true (you cannot separate effect from cause, sorry):

    *Rosenstein is the high priest of the cabal, having named Mueller (there would be no SC but for RR).

    *Sessions also must be in on it, because RR would NEVER have appointed Mueller without Sessions knowing who it was to be.

    *Comey is the offstage ringleader in all this, duping Trump from the sidelines by getting the SC appointed after he “leaked” his memo to a guy who then gave them to the NY Times.

    For your theory to be true, all three of these things also must be true. You would not have Mueller but for Sessions, Comey and Rosenstein. That’s a fact. So you’re basically saying Trump is a clueless waif wandering around in limbo, completely unaware that this cabal has boxed him in all for the sake of getting rid of him and he had no clue. His entire executive branch is out of his hands and in the chaotic control of Rod Rosenstein. This is patently absurd. You cannot create your theory in a vacuum. If you’re saying Mueller’s sole purpose is to get Trump impeached, then this lies at the foot of Sessions, Rosenstein and Comey - because there would be no Mueller without them. Moreover, Sessions and Rosenstein would never be out to get Trump impeached because....THEY’D BE OUT OF A JOB!!! You think Pence would keep them if your “theory” was correct? Or are you claiming Pence is on on this too?? If you believe that Sessions, Rosenstein and Comey (who would have had to plan to be fired which is what triggered Mueller’s appointment to begin with) planned this scheme of betrayal from the start during the lame duck (and they would have had to) then I got a bridge to sell you. Because you’ll believe anything.

  • Mueller Marches Toward Impeachment

    02/23/2018 2:36:35 PM PST · 56 of 90
    antonico to Electric Graffiti

    “It’s an empirical observation known to anyone paying even cursory attention”.

    So if this cockamamie theory is true, and it is a theory & nothing more, what’s Mueller waiting for? If he has the goods on Trump - why the cat & mouse tactics? This isn’t a criminal investigation - as even Limbaugh himself pointed out. It’s a counter-intelligence investigation. Intelligence is precisely for the POTUS. Trump cannot obstruct by definition - according to Limbaugh himself just a mere week ago - because intelligence is all gathered for him! It’s the Presdient’s intelligence. Trump also cannot obstruct even by firing Comey; he’s constitutionally permitted to do that.

    Even if Manafort says “Trump colluded!!” - so what? Colluded to do...what? “Collusion” is not a crime. It’s also not impeachable, since it’s neither a “high crime or misdemeanor”. So whatever your “empirical observation” is, it’s clearly not on reality.

  • Mueller Marches Toward Impeachment

    02/23/2018 2:13:03 PM PST · 48 of 90
    antonico to Kaslin

    So for Limbaugh’s theory to be correct, one crucial element has to be in place that he didn’t address: Rod Rosenstein is one of the central plotters in this coup. There isn’t any other way to view this. If Limbaugh’s theory is that Mueller exists to eliminate Trump, it’s means that Rod Rosenstein and Comey cooked up the plot to execute this. Remember, Mueller showed up at the White House right after Comey’s firing. Everybody thought Trump was interviewing him to replace Comey. But Mueller already served the maximum 10 year term as FBI Director. That’s why he stepped down in 2013. The very next day after that White House meeting, Mueller was named Special Counsel by Rosenstein. So according to Limbuagh, Comey-Rosenstein-Mueller set a trap that Trump was too dumb to see through, and now his hangman has been put in place to do the dirty deed. Sorry Rush. This just doesn’t fly. Not on the face of it or anything else.

    It also means that Sessions is simply allowing this overthrow to happen. Which means the Trump Executive Branch is in total chaos. Is THAT what we’re supposed to believe? According to Limbaugh’s theory - yes. To contrast Limbaugh’s theory, Joe DiGenova is one who openly states Mueller is an honorable guy and seems to have no fear that any of Limbuagh’s concerns is even remotely accurate. DiGenova actually speaks as though he knows full well none of Limbaugh’s theory accurate, and as a former DOJ prosecutor he probably has much better info from those who still work in both FBI and DOJ. I know Limbaugh is all about his ratings. And he tries to jack up his audience in their concerns. But if his theory that Mueller real sole mission is to get Trump impeached, then the vast number of conspirators has to be far and wide for that to be true. He doesn’t convince me that Comey-Rosenstein-Mueller-Sessions, who are the decision makers in this scheme, collectively decided to be Brutus and thrust the knife. Rush has a lot more dots to connect before I can buy what he’s selling.

  • Wynn shares tumble 6% after reports of 'decades-long pattern of sexual misconduct' by CEO Steve Wynn

    01/26/2018 10:31:56 AM PST · 21 of 89
    antonico to EdnaMode

    Steve Wynn is an open and avowed trump supporter. No doubt this is the same leftist cabal paying women to come forth to try to take him out because of it. I bet if digging is done, we’ll find a lot of liberal money behind this. And once Wynn is toppled, the women totter off into oblivion, much richer than they were before.

    As proof: where are the Trump accusers from the campaign now? Where are the Roy Moore accusers now, after the election? Any of them file lawsuits? Nope. All slung their mud, and with the deeds attempted they are eerily silent. Don’t be surprised if the same applies here to Steve Wynn.

  • White House proposes path to citizenship for 1.8 million people

    01/25/2018 3:24:45 PM PST · 92 of 388
    antonico to janetjanet998

    Interesting wording though. They will grant amnesty to 1.8 million, but by asking to close legal loopholes making it easier to deport, it could be a free-for-all roundup by ICE and Homeland. The non-DACA illegals outnumber the DACA people by anywhere from 12-1 to 25-1. So getting rid of the non DACA illegals by the boatloads and letting the DACA people stay still gives a huge net loss of “voters” (yes, the illegals vote) to the Democrats.

  • Justice Department 'has FOUND and is recovering some' of the 50,000 missing text messages

    01/25/2018 10:40:05 AM PST · 89 of 147
    antonico to Red Badger

    Dan Bongino said they were never really missing. The announcement itself was bait, according to Bongino. It was meant to be the light coming on, so that it could be seen where the cockroaches would scatter. It was mean to find leakers and those who are complicit. All designed to watch the actions of those under suspicion. And it seems true, given that in a week “all” missing messages for months were “found”. In government NOTHING happens in a week. Especially recovering stuff that’s truly lost. Thinking Bongino was right. This was a trap. And those who sprung it are likely satisfied with the directional scattering.

  • BOOM! Devin Nunes Orders Investigators to Physically Remove Outstanding Documents From DOJ

    12/16/2017 6:30:33 AM PST · 77 of 108
    antonico to Enterprise

    This piece at TGP is dated 12/12/17. So Nunes says he’s sending investigators on the following Thursday, 12/14. Then on 12/15, both Luke Rosiak and report that in 72 hours, Congress, DOJ and the FBI are about to be “rocked”. Hmmm.... :)

  • US should do more to tackle far-Right extremism, Theresa May suggests

    11/30/2017 9:48:36 PM PST · 98 of 108
    antonico to BackRoads775

    Theresa May was once the Home Secretary in former PM David Cameron’s Cabinet. When he resigned, she was shoehorned into the Premiership. But her stint as Home Secretary - dealing with matters of UK Security, among others - led her to be a key player on helping none other than Christopher Steele compile his garbage dossier on Trump. For May, a guy like Trump is not a “suitable” world leader. She’s a left wing Tory as the day is long, and a pure political climber.

    And lest we forget, all of the actual surveillance of Trump during the campaign was done by none other than GCHQ - the British version of the NSA. That had to be done to hide the hoped for untraceable steps. But when Trump won, this all came to his attention. When May first visited, they were somewhat chummy. I’m thinking in the interim, Trump has discovered just how much May had a hand in the creation of the dossier and the spying on his campaign, all in the name of derailing him. So tweets like this are his payback to her for her own duplicity against him.

  • Scaramucci and His Wife Call Off Their Divorce

    11/30/2017 9:35:33 PM PST · 19 of 24
    antonico to nickcarraway

    Well, he’s still following a gay porn star o Twitter. Does she know about that??

  • Judge Roy Moore Sexual Misconduct Allegations | True News

    11/13/2017 11:04:01 AM PST · 3 of 32
    antonico to ThinkingBuddha

    true Pundit is reporting that there is a scenario to force Moore out of the race completely. It’s reported that Luther Strange can resign immediately from the Senate. If so, the Alabama governor can appoint an interim Senator, and the a special election can be held due to the Strange resignation (which by Alabama law has to occur within a certain number of days afterward). This in effect cancels the current December election, and Strange can basically re-run for his own seat again in January. He’d never win a primary, but this is how far the GOP is willing to go to stop Roy Moore.

  • Woman says Roy Moore initiated sexual encounter when she was 14, he was 32

    11/09/2017 10:18:45 AM PST · 12 of 138
    antonico to DCBryan1

    He’s been a judge for decades and run for public office many times before. And these allegations have been silent until - NOW? I want to know how much the Washington Compost paid these “women”. By the way, remember all the “women” who talked about Trump before the 2016 election - where are those women now???

  • George W. Bush comes out of retirement to throw shade at Trump as he denounces (tr)

    10/19/2017 9:34:19 AM PDT · 41 of 196
    antonico to be-baw

    I find it interesting that “Dubya” decides to resurface and make a speech about the evil of Russia the day after the sh*t hist the fan about the Russians gaining access to uranium all to enrich the Clintons. You know, the same Clintons “adopted” by Daddy Bush? Maybe “Dubya” has his own skeletons to hide :)

  • Report: Toxic Megyn Kelly Dragging Down NBC’s Ratings

    10/13/2017 9:13:27 AM PDT · 31 of 46
    antonico to Mr. Mojo

    Megyn Kelly might be the biggest example of the power of Trump. She went after him in the first debate, and after that - he came out swinging publicly against her. Up until that August 2015 GOP debate, she was basically killing in the cable news ratings. She almost owned cable news. Once Trump started his defense of himself against her obvious attempt to take him out right then (with the blessing of the Fox News Brass), she has become radioactive. I’m sure nobody in the media would have ever believed that a guy like Trump could destroy a career like the one Kelly had. They probably thought it would all blow over. But, no. Those steady stream of Trump tweets about her - forcing Ailes to call him and demand he stop it - shows just what kind of power Trump has.

    That’s probably why there’s such an urgency to take him out.She’s never been the same since going on her attack of him. And neither have many of the GOP who try to thwart him. Just look at the seething feedback given to people liek McConnell, Ryan, McCain and all the other swamp rats once they start attacking Trump. It’s incredible. And I submit the greatest example of Trump’s power to isolate and destroy is the total ruination of the career of Megyn Kelly.

  • McConnell, in Private, Doubts if Trump Can Save Presidency

    08/22/2017 5:25:37 PM PDT · 48 of 69
    antonico to springwater13

    What makes the Trump-McConnell feud even more hilarious is that Trump gave the Secretary of Transportation job to McConnell’s wife LMAO! So the McConnell household is pulling in double duty tax-payer funded salaries. That’s why the feud is hilarious.

  • Trump Tells Aides He Has Decided to Remove Stephen Bannon

    08/18/2017 10:04:01 AM PDT · 37 of 195
    antonico to reaganaut1

    So now it’s official: Javanka is now running the country.