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  • NSA to Destroy Records Collected Under Phone Spying Program

    08/01/2015 10:26:40 AM PDT · 21 of 30
    Apogee to Oldpuppymax

    So if they are going to have phone companies store the data, and the courts have made rulings that seem to say that our data in other people’s hands is not “ours” to be protected by our 4th and 5th amendment rights, and not “theirs” do defend their rights, so no warrant is needed, just a request...
    How does this make us more secure in our privacy?

  • Wal-Mart sued for denying health insurance to gay worker's wife

    07/15/2015 12:07:54 AM PDT · 16 of 17
    Apogee to Oldeconomybuyer

    Sure, “gay” marriage was “legal” in MA prior to the plaintiff’s injury, but as the SCOTUS did not “make it constitutional” until recently, her case has a bit of an ex post facto feel to it.
    But what do I know?

  • Wal-Mart sued for denying health insurance to gay worker's wife

    07/15/2015 12:03:51 AM PDT · 15 of 17
    Apogee to backwoods-engineer

    While a disaster from outside ourselves might be more merciful to us, in that we may be more likely to join together to fight it, and perhaps even repent, than if we simply go all Kosovo on each other, I am personally praying that the repentance comes first, so that neither form of disaster may overtake us.

  • Court: Nuns Must Comply with ObamaCare’s Contraceptive Mandate

    07/14/2015 11:59:51 PM PDT · 28 of 46
    Apogee to Talisker

    Lack of incorporation (unless you consider a marriage license a form thereof) has not protected home schooling families or vaccine questioners, or farmers, or non helmet wearers, or the people in Kelo, or... from infringements on their liberties in the name of the needs of the government.
    I am not sure incorporation has all the specific pros and cons some seem to think.

  • Filing Reveals Details of Ben Carson’s Campaign Fundraising, Spending

    07/14/2015 11:46:35 PM PDT · 7 of 10
    Apogee to iowamark

    72 percent of 5.8 million spent is about 4.1 million, or roughly 39 percent of all money raised so far being spent on fundraising.

    Unfortunately, I am not sure that places them all that high on the list of fundraising organizations who mostly exist to raise funds.

    The way the article states it makes it sound really bad, but I would like to see comparisons to other campaigns (especially her’s who name shall not be mentioned, but who seems to have some truly problematic fundraising methods...)

  • Donald Trump campaign ad appears to show NAZI SOLDIERS marching beneath the White House

    07/14/2015 11:32:24 PM PDT · 26 of 32
    Apogee to smokingfrog

    As German soldiers is part of the description, the intern is either stupid, or working for another team.

    Rather like someone else we know...

  • Scalia Dissent: I write separately to call attention to this Court’s threat to American democracy

    06/27/2015 1:46:02 PM PDT · 251 of 274
    Apogee to Sioux-san

    People have failed to understand, in spite of the history of lawfare you cite, and the examples of people accused of “hate crimes” by our northern neighbors, that the “gay” rights movement is an existential threat to freedom.
    The opinion of the court is absolutely wrong in framing the question as being whether homosexuals have the right to marry like everyone else. Of course they do - which is why the court wishes to frame it that way. The question is whether you can call the sexual union of two people of the same sex marriage.
    All this re-defining of words, and dehumanizing those who disagree with the new definitions, is the issue. It will not end well.

  • New Poll Backs View to Leave Confederate Battle Flag in Rear Window

    06/25/2015 1:21:52 PM PDT · 27 of 30
    Apogee to WayneS

    See what happens when I spend an hour trying to figure out a bit of HTML?

    Of course, that is one of the reasons I so seldom post anymore. If what I have to say has any merit, it is likely someone else will post it instead. If not, I am spared having posted that much more drivel in the world.

    This issue always makes me laugh when I cross the GA line, though, so I had to chime in.

  • New Poll Backs View to Leave Confederate Battle Flag in Rear Window

    06/25/2015 1:18:14 PM PDT · 26 of 30
    Apogee to Kaslin
    "Years later, another brave Georgia governor, Roy Barnes, successfully pushed through what Miller started and totally revamped Georgia's flag"

    The author may be from Georgia, but he doesn't seem to have been well educated while he was there.

    It's so revamped that it is now the official state flag of the CSA, with Georgia's seal inside it. Including "In God We Trust" for good measure.

    Every time I see one, I snicker at the complete idiocy of people who count the removal of an unofficial symbol of the Confederacy and replacement with the official one to be a victory.


    Revamped Georgia Flag:

    (My apologies, I thought I knew how to make the sizes smaller, but it does not seem to be working.)

  • Peering through the haze

    04/22/2015 9:08:24 PM PDT · 15 of 21
    Apogee to jjsheridan5; antidisestablishment

    So you are saying that cigarettes, not nicotine, or cigarettes in conjunction with nicotine are what is addictive. That would be a new one on me, I will research that further for my own understanding.

    Since nicotine poisoning is not uncommon, I will not try to parse the wording. Not enjoying smoking may be another way of saying can’t hack it, perhaps a more inclusive way of putting it. Keeping in mind your assertion that it is not the nicotine alone that is addictive, I have known many people who tried and did not enjoy it, many who worked through the initial discomfort of smoking and became addicted (whether chemically or habitually is debatable and perhaps irrelevant), and some who were addicted with their first cigarette. As I have told my children, you don’t know which type you will be until you try...

    Yes, I have seen good in it from people who have been lifetime smokers who used it to quit. I am not sure I see any good in high school age kids using it for kicks.

    antidisestablishment - note I did not state “there ought to be a law” anywhere in my posting. I maintain my position that “vaping” seems to have become a craze that does not seem to have been fully examined beyond its money saving and tar saving aspects. To my way of thinking, anything that reaches such as state of faddishness requires closer examination, with the default position being that someone is marketing something to us, which may not be all good.

    You have a point, especially if the information in the above post stands up, regarding nicotine vs caffeine, sugar, or whatever one may choose as a vice (if they are even that - not sure where you get the “crime” inference out of my post). Any or all of those things can be used in moderation, or can control you and rob you of your status as a man exercising dominion over creation. (aside, the individual for many reasons can be the last person to notice when that line has been crossed - I don’t know you, and therefore can only make the charitable assumption that you have a enjoyable activity which does not hinder your personal walk or life - your friends and family may give you a different take, or may affirm that).

    It seems that our culture has completely done away with even the hint of an idea of moderation versus life controlling addictions of many kinds. So when I see a popular delivery system for a drug which has removed he icky smell, social stigma, and many more obvious health concerns for perhaps only hidden ones, I want to say “what’s going on here?”

  • Senate Approves a Bill on Changes to Medicare

    04/22/2015 7:16:11 PM PDT · 109 of 109
    Apogee to kabar

    Thank you, belatedly, for several good counterpoints.

    The first one, of course, troubled me a bit, but I didn’t have time to try to make a formula that accounted for increasing the savings over time to match the Medicare rates. It is a rabbit trail in any case.
    I had forgotten altogether the family eligibility issue.

    You are correct, we simply can’t afford the program. I fear that only a cataclysmic reset will accomplish any sort of return to sanity on many fronts.

  • Peering through the haze

    04/22/2015 7:08:39 PM PDT · 6 of 21
    Apogee to jjsheridan5

    I don’t see e-cigs increasing tobacco use, but certainly see them increasing nicotine addiction.

    I fail to see how removing the tar from a toxic, highly addictive substance is a necessarily good thing.
    Many people avoided the addiction in the past because they could not hack the smoke.

    Now, if used as a step in the direction of getting rid of the habit altogether, I can see that. And I appreciate the fact that it has saved a lot of people a lot of money over the traditional route.

    But I am amazed that no one seems concerned that we are making it easier for people to remain or become addicts.

  • Senate Approves a Bill on Changes to Medicare

    04/15/2015 9:12:58 AM PDT · 89 of 109
    Apogee to kabar

    That makes me think a little about my disagreement with a certain radio economic advisor who thinks it is wrong to get all your parents’ assets safe before Medicare can take them away.

    On the surface, that seems to undercut my general assent to the “getting back what they paid in” argument you raise.

    But it is not getting what I paid in, it is getting a return on my investment.

    But then I have to wonder, how much would these hypothetical recipients have if they had invested that 55k steadily over their working lives?

    Now, my figuring may have some issues, which I would like to have pointed out to me by anyone who can think this through more knowledgeably, but here is what I am thinking:

    This is 55,000 put in total over the person’s working life, adjusted for inflation, etc, in 2010 dollars (note no wage gap assumed for male versus female!:)?

    If I divide that 55k by 30 years then I have put in an average of 1833 per year, or 152.78 per month.
    Going to moneychimp’s compound annual growth rate calculator yields a CAGR of 7.69 for the S&P 500 for the years 1980-2010, and an “average” return of 9.16.
    Dave Ramsey’s Investment Calculator says that 152 a month for 30 years at 7% would yield over 184,000 - at 9% it would be 271K.

    Now, if the individual worked for 40 years before retiring in 2010, the CAGR and “average” returns are lower (5.39 and 7.03 respectively), but the additional ten years of investment yield over 173K for the low figure, and 292K for the higher “average.”

    In any of these scenarios, the taxpayer would have come out about the same at worst, and way ahead at best, to have invested that 55K in the market, with a lot more choice for how his health care was run.

    Of course, my understanding of the figures may be completely off base, but given that the projected expenditures for men and women over the course of their remaining (future) lives is based on completely unknowable factors, it is probably at least as meaningful of an interpretation of what’s going on.

    I also admit that hindsight calculations are irrelevant to making a past decision (forced) to invest in a government backed and guaranteed (maybe) insurance plan. On a certain level, the guarantee would be worth the lost possible income (if it were run by competent people), as no one wants to have uncertainty about their healthcare in their latter years. But we still have that uncertainty with Medicare and the ACA.

    Further, if it is viewed as insurance, not an investment, no one pays a monthly premium their insurance company hoping “they will get back what they paid in,” they pay it knowing (hoping) that they will get back *more* than they paid in if there is a catastrophic occurrence in their lives. Otherwise they would simply save the money themselves, or not bother.

    It is up to the actuaries at the insurance companies to determine the risk and likelihood of their product being needed. If they fail to make accurate predictions, they go under or get bailed out. If they are government, they print more money, or change the rules, or steal from the public at large or doctors in specific.

    But any thoughtful person should have realized from the inception that Medicare was neither an investment nor an insurance program, but a forced Ponzi scheme with kickbacks and votes on the line for the enforcers.

    We need to find a way to scrap it while honoring previously made payments, not kick the can further down the road.

  • Haslam not among army of speakers at NRA event in Nashville

    04/06/2015 9:39:27 PM PDT · 9 of 9
    Apogee to Hugin

    Not to mention his incredibly convoluted reasoning on why it would be better for gun owners in Knoxville to be unable to carry their weapons in a city park.

  • Dianne Feinstein says the Anarchist’s Cookbook should be “removed from the Internet”

    04/06/2015 9:04:50 PM PDT · 48 of 55
    Apogee to R. Scott

    Or an early to mid seventies Britannica...
    Lots of things in those that are no longer in today’s touchy feely soft sciences version.

  • Creepy, Calculating, And Controlling: All The Ways Big Brother Is Watching You

    02/19/2015 10:00:16 PM PST · 23 of 25
    Apogee to Georgia Girl 2

    “We are living in a virtual police state.”

    Welcome to the silicon curtain, citizen number ####

  • The Republican Wisdom of Machiavelli

    02/18/2015 11:01:06 PM PST · 119 of 145
    Apogee to Jacquerie


  • Obama readies war powers pitch

    02/05/2015 9:26:06 PM PST · 50 of 54
    Apogee to Apogee

    2 2/3....


    find the memory hole on that last figure - say, did you know that unemployment is down?

  • Obama readies war powers pitch

    02/05/2015 9:24:59 PM PST · 49 of 54
    Apogee to Paul R.

    A U.S.-led coalition has also conducted 2,264 strikes in Iraq and Syria, killing more than 6,000 ISIS fighters.

    I figured if I scrolled down, someone would have posted this before me, but it bears repeating.

    Roughly 2 1/3 killed per strike (undefined term), at what cost for each one?

    I’m still not convinced that man’s direct oversight of drone missions was not to ensure the least important possible target was selected.

  • Bureaucrats With Berettas

    01/15/2015 8:10:01 PM PST · 42 of 42
    Apogee to Sherman Logan

    Its been a long time, but IIRC the shot was clear, the order was take out any adult, and she qualified, baby in her arms notwithstanding.

  • ‘Quartet of Truth’: Adult children of gay parents testify against same-sex ‘marriage’ at 5th Circuit

    01/14/2015 7:33:36 AM PST · 15 of 37
    Apogee to wagglebee


  • Pelosi shocked that GOP is doing what they said they would do on DHS

    01/14/2015 7:28:29 AM PST · 10 of 14
    Apogee to SeekAndFind

    “Republicans still say ‘no’ to passing a clean bill unless they can be a menace to immigration,” Pelosi said.”

    language matters. Apparently a “clean” bill is one that has no encumberances on every little thing the Democrats want, whether related to the subject at hand or not.

    Now, me, I would think a “clean” bill was one that was succinct, clear, and dealt with one narrow aspect of legislation or funding.

  • Pelosi: Time is now for gas-tax hike

    01/14/2015 7:21:44 AM PST · 31 of 70
    Apogee to EBH

    “”I can’t respond to their proposal because I don’t know what it is,” Pelosi said....”

    That is funny, right there.

  • Pelosi: Time is now for gas-tax hike

    01/14/2015 7:20:57 AM PST · 30 of 70
    Apogee to Democrat_media

    I don’t know about that - seems I heard a Republican on the radio (Corker? sorry I can’t say for sure) float the idea that the higher gasoline tax would be offset elsewhere, and so would be revenue neutral.
    If that is the case - why bother? Who is getting the cut while the typical driver gets to pay more to commute?
    Give the new congress a chance - it will be passing all kind of measures that the Democrats of a few years ago only dreamed of passing.

  • Is the Album Dying? If You Ask Me, Yes

    01/12/2015 8:57:37 PM PST · 61 of 139
    Apogee to Squawk 8888

    My kids quit sharing their music when I ask them what they like about a song. Apparently it is possible to really like a song without realizing it is about getting really drunk and laid by a strange guy, or killing your abusive step-father, (we won’t even mention some really racy lyrics that they seemed clueless about) among other things.
    However, deconstructing the lyrics has proven a good way to get them to quit the current tripe for some new tripe.

    There is some good music being produced now, I even heard some dance tune the other day that I enjoyed once I was able to hear the words.

    Changing the subject of the post a bit - albums as a concept are trending out right now, but as a medium can not be beaten - no square sine waves for me, please.

  • A Sensible Strategy to Curtail Ebola in US

    10/15/2014 8:45:47 PM PDT · 15 of 15
    Apogee to ClearCase_guy

    I think you see the problem.
    It is not necessary for “them” to win, only for us to lose, and unless we suddenly grow some wisdom, the ways of bringing that about are numerous and indefinite, to quote another.
    If serious opposition were raised against our first multicultural person, we lose. If it is not, we lose.
    It is too much to hope that somewhere behind these apparently evil machinations is the desire to push the people to the point they refuse to accept anymore (read Taylor Caldwell’s “The Devil’s Advocate” sometime, for an eerily prescient dystopian depiction of what we are facing, all the way down to a homeland security department).
    Instead I think a certain person wakes up every morning wondering why he is still able to do so, and what else he can do to the contemptible people who won’t even stop him.
    To quote someone else, mere incompetence would at least occasionally seem to work in our favor.

  • Outlaw bikers fighting ISIS in Iraq

    10/15/2014 10:15:30 AM PDT · 21 of 24
    Apogee to ansel12

    That could be an interesting scenario. Both sides understand and respect the notion of disproportionate response.

    In some former work I had decent amount of contact with an organized motorcycle group. I still do not have a good idea as to how much of the persona is protective colorization and how much is legit, but I am not one to test it.
    I did have a “disagreement” with one once. Since I was aware that doing what was necessary to survive the moment might get me incarcerated (if I were successful), and had a suspicion that being unarmed in a cell would be the last place I would wish to be after such an event, I determined to find a diplomatic solution to the problem (after the fact). The club (and I presume he) made restitution, which they would not have been able to do had I chosen a less respectful approach.
    There is a lot of “face” involved, and making sure everyone is aware and accepts that the fight would involve hundreds of participants if it goes that route.
    I am not sure the opposition team is really desirous of the response hitting a club could get.


    09/28/2014 7:48:25 AM PDT · 67 of 79
    Apogee to PastorBooks

    ““...and now the biggest share of them use fetal tissue.”


    What? indeed:
    you will find links in the top left frame to pdf’s which list vaccines that are built using materials from aborted fetal stem cell lines. Other links of interest give further information on the cell lines’ sources, along with other issues.
    Dig in, browse around.

    To all the anti-anti-vaxers out there, please note that the producers of this site bill themselves as “World Leaders of The Campaign *For* Ethical Vaccines, Medicines and Consumer Products”

    There are ethical vaccines for several diseases which are not “available” in the U.S.

  • Independence referendum: Top economists spell out 13 ways a Yes vote will hit us in the pocket

    09/15/2014 8:48:47 PM PDT · 10 of 11
    Apogee to the scotsman

    A point was made a few weeks ago on the John Batchelor show (I believe it was) that Great Britain would have to get rid of its nuclear capabilities if the break was successful.
    Considering the influx of radical Muslims (/reduntancy) into the Kingdom, a little reflection makes me think that removing them would be a good thing.
    No need to have an Islamic State which inherits a decent nuclear force.
    Of course, the talk now is to move them to a country which has its own problems with Muslims in the highest places...

  • John Kerry’s Stupid Condescension

    09/15/2014 8:26:21 PM PDT · 24 of 26
    Apogee to gov_bean_ counter; Travis McGee

    I keep thinking of amassing a post of pics that illustrate the point, a la Travis McGee, but he as already done an admirable job, and I fear someone might think I was pushing my own set of “no more hesitation” targets.

  • John Kerry’s Stupid Condescension

    09/15/2014 8:19:22 PM PDT · 21 of 26
    Apogee to gov_bean_ counter

    We hear (or see) it all the time actually, just employed against citizens.

  • Texas Police Pepare to Defend International Bridges from Militia Groups

    09/15/2014 7:18:02 PM PDT · 67 of 77
    Apogee to BuckeyeTexan

    My thought on that was that afaik, if the agent had been expecting real Mexican trouble, he would have been armed with bean bags.
    As he was not thus armed...

  • John Kerry’s Stupid Condescension

    09/15/2014 7:15:56 PM PDT · 14 of 26
    Apogee to smoothsailing

    “It’s not hundreds of thousands of people. It’s not that kind of mobilization....–if they think a counterinsurgency operation is enough–they are living in a fantasy world.”

    Hmmm. CIA analysts state that the number of active IS-IS “fighters” is around 30k.
    Standard counter-insurgency teaching holds that you must have about a ten to one ratio to insure victory. John “Nam Vet” Kerry should know that a counter-insurgency op indeed requires hundreds of thousands, alongside efforts to divorce the population from the insurgents.

    You don’t go to war unless the alternative is unthinkable. If you must go, make the other side decide that continuing the war is unthinkable. Don’t waffle.

  • Rely on deterrence, not on understandings with Hamas

    07/23/2014 8:53:53 PM PDT · 8 of 8
    Apogee to faithhopecharity

    “letting a crazy enemy arm itself either within your land or on your borders, is insanity”

    Myth or not, DHS certainly is arming itself.

    And as far as your typical politicians are concerned, they agree, only they think we are the enemy.

  • DOD to provide space for 5,000 more migrant children until next year

    07/23/2014 7:53:08 PM PDT · 13 of 21
    Apogee to llevrok; JRandomFreeper

    This has been a major concern of mine.
    We are talking the equivalent of a mid sized city’s worth of people, and this administration can’t manage a small office, much less a city full of food, sewage, feminine supplies... (what is that meme about malevolence and incompetence being indistinguishable at a certain point?)

    It seems as likely that they are not allowing anyone to see what is going on because they are totally blowing it as it is that they don’t want us to see that the vast majority of these youngsters are teen gang-bangers and not little children.

    I fear we may eventually find that we have officially sponsored concentration camps on our hands.

    Any thoughts, jrandom? Seems you have made comments here and there about being in logistics. Think their diaspora is hiding the supply chain, or do you think they are totally blowing it?

  • The ruling class ignores at its peril two important anniversaries coming up

    06/19/2014 9:51:27 AM PDT · 9 of 15
    Apogee to markomalley

    “To this day, it has been fashionable for the western intelligentsia to pose as being against authority, even as they tighten their own fingers ever more firmly around the reins of power at society’s key institutions. “

    People think that wild children and rebels are “free” spirited when they are children then become authoritarian as parents. It is more likely that they simply wanted to be in control all along, rebelling when they don’t have power, and doubling down when they do.

  • Brit jailed after telling girlfriend to plunge daughter's head in bucket of water

    05/16/2014 9:44:14 PM PDT · 27 of 31
    Apogee to Junk Silver

    At first, when I heard a program on the radio that said that the UK might have to give up its nuclear arsenal if Scotland voted to leave the union, I thought it was NOT a good thing.
    Then I considered demographics such as the one you mention and thought it can’t come soon enough.

  • Teachers protest new Catholic teacher contract prohibiting gay “lifestyles,” IVF

    04/25/2014 3:23:03 PM PDT · 19 of 38
    Apogee to NYer

    I suspect, too, that many organizations need to shore up their bona fides regarding such issues and Obamacare or other challenges present or future.

  • Nevada Republicans Drop Pro-Life, Traditional Marriage Stands From Party Platform

    04/21/2014 10:30:09 PM PDT · 28 of 31
    Apogee to Windy City Conservative

    Not a good sign. I would not have expected it, either, given the fact that so many there just stood up to tyranny again this week.
    Picking the date that should be most remembered for American dedication to the cause of liberty is almost an insult and a reversal - even a begging for judgment.

  • BREAKING NEWS: Korean Cruise Ship Sinks - 260 lost

    04/15/2014 9:30:53 PM PDT · 64 of 90
    Apogee to SkyDancer

    Looked at your page just for fun.
    Do you like Nevil Shute? I have enjoyed several of his Outback/Aviation novels, figured if I met an Aussie Pilot, I’d have to ask.

  • Constitutional Carry possible in Tennessee?

    04/15/2014 1:31:52 AM PDT · 11 of 11
    Apogee to marktwain

    Never mind, search engines can be our friends:

  • Constitutional Carry possible in Tennessee?

    04/15/2014 1:29:42 AM PDT · 10 of 11
    Apogee to marktwain

    Slightly off topic, did Haslam sign the knife rights bill a couple of weeks ago? I read it was going to him, but no followup.
    His reasoning ability being suspect, I have not held my breath.

  • Armed guards surround Bundy, supporters fear imminent threat

    04/15/2014 1:17:18 AM PDT · 133 of 245
    Apogee to Georgia Girl 2

    It looks more and more like they will push until someone snaps, or until someone, even not wanting to give them the excuse, will have no choice but to resort to force to protect the weak or innocent.
    If this is the case, perhaps we should consider that the longer we wait for that to happen, the more prepared they will be for it, and the more worn down we will be, not to mention the more observed, vilified, legally encumbered, disarmed, disheartened...
    On the other hand, any leadership on our side does not seem ready to step up, be acknowledged, and lead. Perhaps they will be ready when the time comes.
    My thought has been evolving on this. I do not want things to break out the way they seem likely to do so. But if it is inevitable, why delay overlong?

  • 5,000 Americans answer the call to defend Bundy and the BLM stands down!! [FReepathon thread IX]

    04/12/2014 1:41:17 PM PDT · 148 of 586
    Apogee to RedMDer

    “57 locations total”

    That, my FRiend, is priceless.

  • VIDEO: BREAKING Cell Towers Shut Down @ Bundy Ranch Siege

    04/12/2014 4:24:55 AM PDT · 257 of 280
    Apogee to Paladin2

    Generally can find a good opportunity to make them need cleaning on that date! Find one near you, if events haven’t rendered practice moot.

  • BREAKING: Airspace Over Bundy Ranch Now A No-Fly Zone (NOTAM Issued!)

    04/12/2014 3:35:03 AM PDT · 389 of 555
    Apogee to matthew fuller

    You’re probably right, though they may serve for intimidation purposes, the real snipers are in countersniping mode, looking for whomever has these jokers in their crosshairs.

    I can’t say I support the rancher’s position fully, but I don’t know enough about the situation or ranching in general to make a judgment on that.
    I can judge that this continuous escalation of force is way over the top, and agree with the people who have come in to keep an eye on things, as it were. We should allow no more Wacos.
    While I don’t want people to pick up arms without thought, believing it may only play into a greater plan to destroy us, they seem to be looking to put people in a situation that will allow no other choice.

  • Real Americans Are Ready To Snap

    04/12/2014 3:02:04 AM PDT · 77 of 165
    Apogee to dragnet2

    I think the next voting booth the fraud will be so evident that it will be time to go on to use of the next box, but I am willing to give it a chance if we make it that far.

  • Real Americans Are Ready To Snap

    04/12/2014 2:59:48 AM PDT · 76 of 165
    Apogee to Pox

    I desire a peaceful solution. There may be one miraculously available.

    However, we have allowed perverse people in power whose machinations are such that refusing to try to stop them will bring about the ruin of this country - for that matter, I have been convinced for a long time that That Man will not stop his rain of destruction until we are nuked - and trying to stop them will lead to utter dissolution.
    The die certainly seems to be cast.

    A prudent man sees trouble ahead and covers himself.

  • Real Americans Are Ready To Snap

    04/12/2014 2:52:45 AM PDT · 75 of 165
    Apogee to caww

    I believe Cruz’s statement bears some thought. We are incredibly close to enough of a backlash at the polls that no amount of media spin or fraud can stop it.
    They are scared to death this is so, and trying to make us snap before that can happen.
    We must avoid this if at all possible. We need a way to have a leadership who can direct modern “sons of liberty” before and after (if) that happens, but anyone who steps into that role will be vilified, infiltrated, and RICO’d to death, most likely.
    In the meantime, we have to contend with foolish notions being bandied about that targeting the families of our evident enemies is somehow 4th Generation warfare rather than barbarism and anarchy.
    Our enemy wants us to implode and has been working at it for a long time. I am not altogether sure I can’t say that there is a Higher Conductor orchestrating us to our well deserved judgment through such a destruction, but we must strive to avoid it if possible.

  • Banned: Woman’s Photo Rejected from Beauty Contest Because Of Handgun: “Inappropriate Content”

    04/10/2014 11:28:59 PM PDT · 47 of 48
    Apogee to Apogee

    And I have suspicions about post 12. They are crisp, both have rings on right hand (only one looks like a wedding combo). The weapon ejects right, but I don’t see the distinctive shadow under it elsewhere in the picture, though I can’t say any are contrary.
    Then there is the fact that the dudes behind them are totally minding their own business...