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  • Independence referendum: Top economists spell out 13 ways a Yes vote will hit us in the pocket

    09/15/2014 8:48:47 PM PDT · 10 of 11
    Apogee to the scotsman

    A point was made a few weeks ago on the John Batchelor show (I believe it was) that Great Britain would have to get rid of its nuclear capabilities if the break was successful.
    Considering the influx of radical Muslims (/reduntancy) into the Kingdom, a little reflection makes me think that removing them would be a good thing.
    No need to have an Islamic State which inherits a decent nuclear force.
    Of course, the talk now is to move them to a country which has its own problems with Muslims in the highest places...

  • John Kerry’s Stupid Condescension

    09/15/2014 8:26:21 PM PDT · 24 of 26
    Apogee to gov_bean_ counter; Travis McGee

    I keep thinking of amassing a post of pics that illustrate the point, a la Travis McGee, but he as already done an admirable job, and I fear someone might think I was pushing my own set of “no more hesitation” targets.

  • John Kerry’s Stupid Condescension

    09/15/2014 8:19:22 PM PDT · 21 of 26
    Apogee to gov_bean_ counter

    We hear (or see) it all the time actually, just employed against citizens.

  • Texas Police Pepare to Defend International Bridges from Militia Groups

    09/15/2014 7:18:02 PM PDT · 67 of 77
    Apogee to BuckeyeTexan

    My thought on that was that afaik, if the agent had been expecting real Mexican trouble, he would have been armed with bean bags.
    As he was not thus armed...

  • John Kerry’s Stupid Condescension

    09/15/2014 7:15:56 PM PDT · 14 of 26
    Apogee to smoothsailing

    “It’s not hundreds of thousands of people. It’s not that kind of mobilization....–if they think a counterinsurgency operation is enough–they are living in a fantasy world.”

    Hmmm. CIA analysts state that the number of active IS-IS “fighters” is around 30k.
    Standard counter-insurgency teaching holds that you must have about a ten to one ratio to insure victory. John “Nam Vet” Kerry should know that a counter-insurgency op indeed requires hundreds of thousands, alongside efforts to divorce the population from the insurgents.

    You don’t go to war unless the alternative is unthinkable. If you must go, make the other side decide that continuing the war is unthinkable. Don’t waffle.

  • Rely on deterrence, not on understandings with Hamas

    07/23/2014 8:53:53 PM PDT · 8 of 8
    Apogee to faithhopecharity

    “letting a crazy enemy arm itself either within your land or on your borders, is insanity”

    Myth or not, DHS certainly is arming itself.

    And as far as your typical politicians are concerned, they agree, only they think we are the enemy.

  • DOD to provide space for 5,000 more migrant children until next year

    07/23/2014 7:53:08 PM PDT · 13 of 21
    Apogee to llevrok; JRandomFreeper

    This has been a major concern of mine.
    We are talking the equivalent of a mid sized city’s worth of people, and this administration can’t manage a small office, much less a city full of food, sewage, feminine supplies... (what is that meme about malevolence and incompetence being indistinguishable at a certain point?)

    It seems as likely that they are not allowing anyone to see what is going on because they are totally blowing it as it is that they don’t want us to see that the vast majority of these youngsters are teen gang-bangers and not little children.

    I fear we may eventually find that we have officially sponsored concentration camps on our hands.

    Any thoughts, jrandom? Seems you have made comments here and there about being in logistics. Think their diaspora is hiding the supply chain, or do you think they are totally blowing it?

  • The ruling class ignores at its peril two important anniversaries coming up

    06/19/2014 9:51:27 AM PDT · 9 of 15
    Apogee to markomalley

    “To this day, it has been fashionable for the western intelligentsia to pose as being against authority, even as they tighten their own fingers ever more firmly around the reins of power at society’s key institutions. “

    People think that wild children and rebels are “free” spirited when they are children then become authoritarian as parents. It is more likely that they simply wanted to be in control all along, rebelling when they don’t have power, and doubling down when they do.

  • Brit jailed after telling girlfriend to plunge daughter's head in bucket of water

    05/16/2014 9:44:14 PM PDT · 27 of 31
    Apogee to Junk Silver

    At first, when I heard a program on the radio that said that the UK might have to give up its nuclear arsenal if Scotland voted to leave the union, I thought it was NOT a good thing.
    Then I considered demographics such as the one you mention and thought it can’t come soon enough.

  • Teachers protest new Catholic teacher contract prohibiting gay “lifestyles,” IVF

    04/25/2014 3:23:03 PM PDT · 19 of 38
    Apogee to NYer

    I suspect, too, that many organizations need to shore up their bona fides regarding such issues and Obamacare or other challenges present or future.

  • Nevada Republicans Drop Pro-Life, Traditional Marriage Stands From Party Platform

    04/21/2014 10:30:09 PM PDT · 28 of 31
    Apogee to Windy City Conservative

    Not a good sign. I would not have expected it, either, given the fact that so many there just stood up to tyranny again this week.
    Picking the date that should be most remembered for American dedication to the cause of liberty is almost an insult and a reversal - even a begging for judgment.

  • BREAKING NEWS: Korean Cruise Ship Sinks - 260 lost

    04/15/2014 9:30:53 PM PDT · 64 of 90
    Apogee to SkyDancer

    Looked at your page just for fun.
    Do you like Nevil Shute? I have enjoyed several of his Outback/Aviation novels, figured if I met an Aussie Pilot, I’d have to ask.

  • Constitutional Carry possible in Tennessee?

    04/15/2014 1:31:52 AM PDT · 11 of 11
    Apogee to marktwain

    Never mind, search engines can be our friends:

  • Constitutional Carry possible in Tennessee?

    04/15/2014 1:29:42 AM PDT · 10 of 11
    Apogee to marktwain

    Slightly off topic, did Haslam sign the knife rights bill a couple of weeks ago? I read it was going to him, but no followup.
    His reasoning ability being suspect, I have not held my breath.

  • Armed guards surround Bundy, supporters fear imminent threat

    04/15/2014 1:17:18 AM PDT · 133 of 245
    Apogee to Georgia Girl 2

    It looks more and more like they will push until someone snaps, or until someone, even not wanting to give them the excuse, will have no choice but to resort to force to protect the weak or innocent.
    If this is the case, perhaps we should consider that the longer we wait for that to happen, the more prepared they will be for it, and the more worn down we will be, not to mention the more observed, vilified, legally encumbered, disarmed, disheartened...
    On the other hand, any leadership on our side does not seem ready to step up, be acknowledged, and lead. Perhaps they will be ready when the time comes.
    My thought has been evolving on this. I do not want things to break out the way they seem likely to do so. But if it is inevitable, why delay overlong?

  • 5,000 Americans answer the call to defend Bundy and the BLM stands down!! [FReepathon thread IX]

    04/12/2014 1:41:17 PM PDT · 148 of 586
    Apogee to RedMDer

    “57 locations total”

    That, my FRiend, is priceless.

  • VIDEO: BREAKING Cell Towers Shut Down @ Bundy Ranch Siege

    04/12/2014 4:24:55 AM PDT · 257 of 280
    Apogee to Paladin2

    Generally can find a good opportunity to make them need cleaning on that date! Find one near you, if events haven’t rendered practice moot.

  • BREAKING: Airspace Over Bundy Ranch Now A No-Fly Zone (NOTAM Issued!)

    04/12/2014 3:35:03 AM PDT · 389 of 555
    Apogee to matthew fuller

    You’re probably right, though they may serve for intimidation purposes, the real snipers are in countersniping mode, looking for whomever has these jokers in their crosshairs.

    I can’t say I support the rancher’s position fully, but I don’t know enough about the situation or ranching in general to make a judgment on that.
    I can judge that this continuous escalation of force is way over the top, and agree with the people who have come in to keep an eye on things, as it were. We should allow no more Wacos.
    While I don’t want people to pick up arms without thought, believing it may only play into a greater plan to destroy us, they seem to be looking to put people in a situation that will allow no other choice.

  • Real Americans Are Ready To Snap

    04/12/2014 3:02:04 AM PDT · 77 of 165
    Apogee to dragnet2

    I think the next voting booth the fraud will be so evident that it will be time to go on to use of the next box, but I am willing to give it a chance if we make it that far.

  • Real Americans Are Ready To Snap

    04/12/2014 2:59:48 AM PDT · 76 of 165
    Apogee to Pox

    I desire a peaceful solution. There may be one miraculously available.

    However, we have allowed perverse people in power whose machinations are such that refusing to try to stop them will bring about the ruin of this country - for that matter, I have been convinced for a long time that That Man will not stop his rain of destruction until we are nuked - and trying to stop them will lead to utter dissolution.
    The die certainly seems to be cast.

    A prudent man sees trouble ahead and covers himself.

  • Real Americans Are Ready To Snap

    04/12/2014 2:52:45 AM PDT · 75 of 165
    Apogee to caww

    I believe Cruz’s statement bears some thought. We are incredibly close to enough of a backlash at the polls that no amount of media spin or fraud can stop it.
    They are scared to death this is so, and trying to make us snap before that can happen.
    We must avoid this if at all possible. We need a way to have a leadership who can direct modern “sons of liberty” before and after (if) that happens, but anyone who steps into that role will be vilified, infiltrated, and RICO’d to death, most likely.
    In the meantime, we have to contend with foolish notions being bandied about that targeting the families of our evident enemies is somehow 4th Generation warfare rather than barbarism and anarchy.
    Our enemy wants us to implode and has been working at it for a long time. I am not altogether sure I can’t say that there is a Higher Conductor orchestrating us to our well deserved judgment through such a destruction, but we must strive to avoid it if possible.

  • Banned: Woman’s Photo Rejected from Beauty Contest Because Of Handgun: “Inappropriate Content”

    04/10/2014 11:28:59 PM PDT · 47 of 48
    Apogee to Apogee

    And I have suspicions about post 12. They are crisp, both have rings on right hand (only one looks like a wedding combo). The weapon ejects right, but I don’t see the distinctive shadow under it elsewhere in the picture, though I can’t say any are contrary.
    Then there is the fact that the dudes behind them are totally minding their own business...

  • Banned: Woman’s Photo Rejected from Beauty Contest Because Of Handgun: “Inappropriate Content”

    04/10/2014 11:19:47 PM PDT · 46 of 48
    Apogee to MileHi

    I suspect a Photoshop.
    The bench is correct, look at the advert on it. This “lefty” is stark against the background, has a left-handed shotgun, and wears her rings on her right hand - or not.

  • Sergeant dismissed for saying ... nothing

    08/16/2013 7:42:22 PM PDT · 75 of 104
    Apogee to SoFloFreeper

    Or as Cervantes puts it quoting a contemporary Spanish saying in his introduction to Don Quixote:
    “under my cloak the king is a joke” (one translator - appropriate in other news today) which is more accurately translated “under my cloak I kill the king”
    No one is subject to the king for what he thinks in his heart - until now.

    “y estás en tu casa, donde eres señor de ella, como el rey de sus alcabalas, y sabes lo que comúnmente se dice, que debajo de mi manto, al rey mato.”

    “thou art in thine own house and master of it as much as the king of his taxes and thou knowest the common saying, “Under my cloak I kill the king;”

    now watch that get me audited or something...

  • Supreme Court Asked to Rule on EPA's Ethanol Mandate

    03/27/2013 9:39:03 PM PDT · 41 of 43
    Apogee to G Larry

    My experience has been that pollutants per mile must be worse, as it takes more straight gas, PLUS extra corn to go the same distance.
    More gasoline = more pollution in air, no?
    People always say “a couple” of mpg lost - but even if it is “a couple” we are talking around 10% for most vehicles.
    My late nineties vehicles burn gas a lot faster when corn is in them.

  • VIDEO: AR-15s to protect crops from hogs (CNN Agonizes over use)

    03/27/2013 9:07:56 PM PDT · 41 of 46
    Apogee to spel_grammer_an_punct_polise

    Not just escaped - people in the mountains of Southern Appalachia at least, used to let them run til it was time to harvest them. Some would mark them for identification as belonging to a specific family. Of course, they bred...
    I am surprised they are not as much of a problem here as in the more western states. Rather run into a black bear any day, and never go out in the woods without the means to take one down.

  • VIDEO: AR-15s to protect crops from hogs (CNN Agonizes over use)

    03/27/2013 9:00:06 PM PDT · 39 of 46
    Apogee to PJ-Comix; JRandomFreeper

    Really, really good. Depending of course, on the cook.
    I have heard ;) we have a cook on the forum, who has probably weighed in by now.

  • Doctor refutes research about gun laws, deaths

    03/13/2013 10:30:54 PM PDT · 11 of 15
    Apogee to Travis McGee

    Have been contemplating some thoughts from Clausewitz on disarmament - for the uninclined, fortunately in the very beginning of the book:


    Violence arms itself with the inventions of Art and Science in order to contend against violence. Self-imposed restrictions, almost imperceptible and hardly worth mentioning, termed usages of International Law, accompany it without essentially impairing its power. Violence, that is to say, physical force (for there is no moral force without the conception of States and Law), is therefore the MEANS; the compulsory submission of the enemy to our will is the ultimate object.
    ***In order to attain this object fully, the enemy must be disarmed, and disarmament becomes therefore the immediate OBJECT of hostilities in theory. ***
    It takes the place of the final object, and puts it aside as something we can eliminate from our calculations.


    Now, philanthropists may easily imagine there is a skilful method of disarming and overcoming an enemy without great bloodshed, and that this is the proper tendency of the Art of War. However plausible this may appear, still it is an error which must be extirpated; for in such dangerous things as War, the errors which proceed from a spirit of benevolence are the worst...
    Clauswitz. On War. Introduction, section 2 ff.

    The ***bolded*** part is something for us to consider. By the very definitions of terms, a person you seek to disarm is your enemy. As evidence of this, Schumer et al, do not wish to disarm their select bodyguards, police forces with whom they agree (a few sheriff’s offices maybe), themselves, or the United Nations, among others. Nor do they actually seem as though they are seeking to disarm specific criminal individuals or even the Muslim Brotherhood, forthat matter. Their actual actions seem aimed at disarming the Public.

    Now we have a logical puzzle here, if elected “public” officials consider the public to be their enemies, how can they be representatives of the people? How can a government which exists at the will of the people declare the people its enemy? If anyone or the whole does so, does it not declare himself or itself illegitimate? Should we not immediately call for the resignation or impeachment of any public official who declares himself the enemy of the people by saying he wants to disarm them?

    I included some portions around it just for context, and the last line for our self declared enemies (I did not declare them thus, by these definitions) - these “philanthropists” are greatly, and gravely, mistaken in their opinions of their own wisdom and the nature of the conflict they are seeking to commence.

  • Is this even legal ? (OBAMA to bus people in to protest NRA in Albany. This is a big deal)

    02/25/2013 7:10:16 AM PST · 183 of 200
    Apogee to Celerity


  • Cerabino: Florida sheriffs edge closer to law interpreting than law enforcing

    02/05/2013 3:14:13 PM PST · 25 of 30
    Apogee to marktwain

    Just wondering exactly where in the chain of command a president lies, with regard to a sheriff’s deputy.

  • Assault Weapons Ban Has Rough Road Ahead, Grassley Says

    02/05/2013 3:07:58 PM PST · 21 of 22
    Apogee to ExSoldier

    I am going to go even further. Adjudicated is also potentially dangerous, depending on what is regarded as mental illness.
    I believe that Pro 2Am rights people have really missed it on this one. The event was particularly tragic, but in the attempts of some to sound “reasonable” or divert attention from the gun to the person (which is not an incorrect response in se) we are forgetting that “mental illness” was the standing accusation for nearly all enemies of the state behind the iron curtain.
    As we progress toward a socialist utopia, I fear we could be hoisted by our own petard quite easily, with the statists pointing to our own insistence on protecting us from crazy people, and picking us off one by one with a complicit or easily duped media being happy to point out just how much of a nutjob the latest target was.

    Then there is this whole armed police officer (SRO) on campus thing. Government schools are already training grounds for police state/jail compliance, with their dull cinder block construction, few or no windows, cameras everywhere, jail nomenclature (wings are often called “blocks” or “pods”) and so forth. Add to this uniformed armed officers stalking the halls and telling the students they are watching them on camera*, and generally being the presence of Authority in all the students lives, perhaps the only one, and you have a recipe for acceptance of cradle to jail to grave totalitarianism.

    IMHO it is far better to simply allow concealed carry by the Adults who are already there.

    *this was related to me by relative students of an elementary school with a School Resource Officer.

  • Nunc Pro Tunc: The Coming Day of Burn Barrels and Blessings

    01/30/2013 1:37:05 PM PST · 8 of 15
    Apogee to Jack Black; CodeToad

    I can see how this would get any store owners whose forms are missing in hot water.
    At the risk of drawing down preemptive confiscation of them, I suggest another page from the Sons of Liberty playbook:
    “They wuz dressed as Injuns (though the Guy Fawkes injun seemed to be in charge, now as I think about it)! I did not resist ‘cause it seemed useless to do so, we was outnumbered and outgunned and could only watch in horror as they broke open our filing cabinets...”

    or: “way I see it, anyone who purchased a firearm here coulda done it. Only thing is, can’t tell you who those people were anymore - ‘ceptin’ for Andy, of course - but you know all about him anyway; he practically put JoBelle through school. Was just thinking about upgrading to offsite security cam storage, but the tapes went up too.”

    We should be careful about making any actual such suggestions. It is imperative to protect the lives and livelihoods of the dealers and employees, who have been on the front line between us and the grabbers/infringers already. So, CodeToad, I think your later comment is pushing it a bit. But we must be aware that any attempt to confiscate forms 4473 and so forth, would be an ominous sign.

  • Kroger Gun Stunt Sparks 2nd Amendment Debate

    01/29/2013 10:17:47 PM PST · 55 of 72
    Apogee to SoFloFreeper

    Well, if you’re old enough to recollect expecting trouble from the redcoats, we can forgive you for getting a little off base from time to time.
    At least you have an excuse...

  • Rahm Emmanuel to major banks: Stop serving gun manufacturers

    01/27/2013 6:22:00 PM PST · 53 of 53
    Apogee to 2ndDivisionVet

    They used to take the beams out of the houses of such people (different construction methods back then). Perhaps now they would surround their car, make it clear this was a nonviolent political statement, and take off the wheels, preventing them from another day of damage at work?


    01/10/2013 12:32:09 AM PST · 43 of 57
    Apogee to A Navy Vet; Windflier

    “There is NO safe place for you, me, our loved ones, our friends, nor the tyrant wannabes. We are all vulnerable to anyone with a scope. “

    This is the problem. I know many well armed Southern Democrats who sing the praises of that man in office, some of them, I am reasonably sure, would use those arms to defend liberty, regardless of their otherwise unqualified support. Others, I am also sure, will use them against those who are against the “man who has saved this country” (I kid you not).
    I have also met my share of former military hippies, deadheads and rainbow people who have stated they would use their training to do what was necessary to defend their own, and their own understanding of liberty (which may be radically different from ours).
    Not all the guns are on “our” side - even here, we see that “our” side has many fracture points when it comes to defining what rights trump others, and I would not be surprised to find fellow freepers, perhaps unbeknownst to one another or not, on opposite ends of a field of fire.
    Popular novels such as “Unintended Consequences” champion the idea that conservatives have the upper hand in the weapons category, and that sniping all our leaders will fix the problem.
    Morally, this seems to me more akin to the guillotines of the French Revolution than the generally considered Just War of the American one. [Aside, check out “The French and American Revolutions Compared” by Friedrich Gentz, a relatively short treatise now available in e-format on line, complete with translator John Quincy Adams’ introduction]. Furthermore, it violates the idea that the lawful resistor must have some legitimate authority of its own - eg the “lesser magistrate” acting to defend the people from the abuses of those above him. Even the French used the guillotine under color of authority. A million people acting as a law unto themselves, judge jury and executioner in one, would be greater lawlessness than we have now.
    Once that genie is out of the bottle there may be no putting it back.

    (Windflier, post32: Please tell me what army Obama has up his sleeve that can conquer a force like that?)

    We may be making a mistake in assuming that “conquering” or “winning” is the goal of the people in charge of this administration. Remember, it has been reported that Ayers, et al, once schemed ways of taking out 10% of the population. Looking at numerous reports of how the Dems “focus group” and psychoanalyze using even the nuances of various words to influence public perceptions on issues, one might wonder about the long running propaganda campaign to divide us into so many splinters against one another.
    If we were to be invaded by a foreign enemy, there would be many cases of “Jamal” and “Bubba” getting each other’s backs. Even if our own government overreached its position carelessly, they would do the same. But we could easily destroy ourselves in the millions, and/or be rendered ineffectual on the world stage, if we do not proceed very carefully from this point.

    I pray regularly for the repentance of That Man in office, and his protection. The big Lincoln fad right now has me particularly worried, to be honest. First, it has been decided to put him in the public consciousness with several movies, specials and books. Then we have this foolish (on many fronts) notion of making comparisons between the two. To many it seems evident that the current president was put in office for the purpose of the destabilization of our country and the world. Nothing would enhance that goal more than seeing all the so called parallels between the two carried out in extremis. If we survived the immediate aftermath, we would have a hard and bitter Second Reconstruction, and it would be extremely difficult for the message of conservatism to be divorced from the purposeful conflation with racism and extremism that would surely ensue.
    The founders were very careful to list their grievances out of “a decent respect to the opinions of mankind.” We need to do the same, or we will have only chaos and death for an untold and indeterminable time.
    A just conflict, with clearly spelled out, even shall we say “self-evident,” reasons and goals, could have a hope of being also a limited one. If we cannot have a reasonable hope of success in winning the conflict and limiting its scope, we only create more evil than that we seek to ameliorate.

  • Obama to Use Executive Order on Gun Control

    01/09/2013 10:47:08 PM PST · 74 of 128
    Apogee to GBA

    I’ll take “B” for 200 Alex.

    It seemed that the entire nation was caught up in a willing blindness and deception this time around - and I speak of the supporters of either final candidate.

  • Nightmare on Main Street: The Power Grid Version Of Bomb Shelters

    12/10/2012 9:57:01 PM PST · 13 of 14
    Apogee to meatloaf

    I am not sure of your assessment of which would be easier t take out or have longer term disastrous effects.
    I was concerned to see two articles in a week which spoke of the transformer problem.
    Anyone who is out and about or lives in proximity to those things should keep an eye out for people who appear to be casing them, IMHO.
    In the meantime, we would do well to not consider our grid superior to everyone else and think it could never fail us. Ask our North-Eastern brethren if they would have some more options if given a Sandy do-over, for instance.

  • Why Does It Have To Cost Over $100 Million To Swear In A President?

    12/10/2012 9:45:28 PM PST · 14 of 16
    Apogee to Apogee

    Of course, the correlations between 08 and the primaries are rough, and vary depending upon what time the primary was held. Other factors, such as Mormon population and ABO skew things a bit by the end, and certainly in the general.
    But the upper midwest section of the country is interesting when looked at from that perspective.

  • Why Does It Have To Cost Over $100 Million To Swear In A President?

    12/10/2012 9:28:56 PM PST · 13 of 16
    Apogee to patriot08

    Here is a thought I just put together:
    Compare the map of voter fraud you have in your post with the map of Romney’s wins in the Republican primaries.
    See any similarity? I have pointed out numerous times that the counties he won in the primaries were ones that Obama won in 2008 (by and large) - but only just considered that they were a practice run...
    Look at MI - the pockets that were O in 08 were Rommey in primaries, then O again in the national. Should I believe that the all the voters that those counties are simply liberals, such that even (R)’s can’t vote for a conservative, or should I consider some other factor at play in those districts?

  • High Gasoline Prices and the 2012 Recession, Part II

    10/28/2012 10:23:10 PM PDT · 8 of 21
    Apogee to NaturalBornConservative

    If my anecdotal evidence means anything, we can reduce demand approximately 10% and save a lot of corn costs by taking the corn out of our cars and putting it back on our tables.

    Imagine that a million miles of driving my vehicle (if only!) takes around 45,000 gallons of gasoline.

    That same million miles takes about 50,000 gallons of gas, plus about 5,000 gallons of corn liquor, when my gasoline is diluted with vegetable matter.

    We would rid the air of that many gallons of pollutants, too, if you are ecologically minded.

    Stupid, for everyone but people who get a feel good from burning a renewable resource regardless of the actual outcome, and for big oil and OPEC, which enjoy the price uptick from the artificially increased demand.

  • Dee Snider lashes out at politician for using Twisted Sister song

    08/23/2012 7:50:32 AM PDT · 29 of 91
    Apogee to butterdezillion

    BMI and ASCAP - buy a license, pay for using it in a public setting. Not sure if an artist can say he gives permission to license music through either of these parties to anyone but x person or venue.

  • 2,362 Millionaires Got Unemployment Benefits

    08/14/2012 9:50:40 AM PDT · 27 of 28
    Apogee to Brookhaven

    I never did see the sense in it, especially for allowing those students to take two months off while paid, then return to their same position.
    Perhaps it might be reasonable for an adult who was using the limited appointment position as a stop gap while seeking a real job, but the ever so helpful secretaries were always shoving you out the door with directions to the unemployment office in hand, regardless of the circumstances.

  • 2,362 Millionaires Got Unemployment Benefits

    08/14/2012 9:00:19 AM PDT · 22 of 28
    Apogee to 4rcane

    Not all humans.
    It was common for college students working in the cafeteria to be given unemployment papers at the end of spring semester. Same for people in limited appointment government positions such as I held on several occasions.
    I figured I knew the gig before I signed up for it, and it would be wrong to take “unemployment” money from those who actually lost their jobs.
    I have known many people who did not understand that position, it is true, but I have also known many people with more honor who would be ashamed to take any money they did not earn.

  • America Has Too Many Teachers

    07/16/2012 3:04:14 PM PDT · 33 of 33
    Apogee to Fraxinus

    “The Cartel” is an excellent documentary on the very subject you reference:

  • Shots fired in Spfld MA Bay neighborhood leads to arrest of 3 men, confiscation of handgun

    06/19/2012 8:29:26 PM PDT · 6 of 6
    Apogee to matt04

    The thing I wonder about in this story is the “shotspotter” - how many locales have these, and do local citizens know of their existence beforehand?
    Kind of like I wonder when the news shows us a pic of a carjacker going through a McD’s parking lot...

  • DA: Judge Blackwood wrong to order new Christian/Newsom trials (Judge ignores St Supreme Ct)

    06/04/2012 11:01:59 PM PDT · 23 of 23
    Apogee to cva66snipe

    No, he is not the only judge in East TN with a sobriety problem, by a long sight.

    There is at least one circuit court judge who has had alcohol problems, and most recently an appeals court judge with a pending DUI, but it thus far has not impacted his ability to be a judge, and may never.

  • Ask Foghorn: Is .22lr The Best for Self Defense?

    06/04/2012 10:36:03 PM PDT · 124 of 169
    Apogee to domeika

    I have carried a weapon of some sort for over thirty years, generally bigger than may be necessary, certainly bigger than most would expect. Right now, and for the foreseeable future, we’ll put my weapon in the “or greater” category you mentioned.

    People condition themselves for all sorts of things - long sleeve dress wear in the southern sun comes to mind - and do what it takes to live within those parameters.

    I believe that almost anything (reliable) will do for meeting the needs of most personal self defense situations. However, having been at times in a position where I could only afford one of each type of tool (or less) in the box, I have always opted for the full size service pistol. Good up close, good farther away for those perhaps less “defensive” type situations as well, good when a high cap response is the only one that will do.
    Once I got used to the idea and the weight, I feel as though I am wearing less than my best if I opt for a pocket gun.
    Generally IWB. Occasionally hip pack, especially if water is involved.

    My decision tree may look like this:
    What type of weapon are you going to carry?
    How or where will you carry it?
    How or where, on your person, will you carry it?
    How much concealment is necessary?
    What clothing and other choices are necessary to do this?
    I suppose I never really put the weight of the weapon in the rubric (for a handgun), that just came with the answer to number 1.

    You may have to experiment a lot to find a comfortable holster for you. Then you get used to it. I hardly notice it is there most of the time.

    Back on the holster thing - that probably has a lot to do with whether you adapt to comfortably carrying a larger weapon. On the hip, I have found that ones that position it vertically tend to dig into my lower ribs, which bugs me more than the weight, so I took one I generally liked and had one made which was angled so the curve of the grip met my ribs instead of the hammer or beaver-tail. That worked a lot better, and made carrying less burdensome.
    I am still trying to find just the right adjustment for a shoulder rig, so I can’t speak to that. If anyone has any tips, feel free to pass them on.

  • Greek sex industry battered by economic storm

    05/27/2012 7:48:31 PM PDT · 7 of 16
    Apogee to RobertClark

    No - the inn keeper got screwed by the prostitute. Everyone else received something of value for services rendered.

  • Mom ends up in jail after son's baptism

    05/27/2012 6:36:30 PM PDT · 42 of 42
    Apogee to OneWingedShark

    I was referring specifically to the list of points to consider when determining the best interests of the children.

    He is really over the top, though.

    The courts think they are a special case, re this nonresistance stuff...
    They may need as much of a correction as the executive, though they will never accept it.

  • Mom ends up in jail after son's baptism

    05/27/2012 6:35:06 PM PDT · 41 of 42
    Apogee to OneWingedShark

    I was referring specifically to the list of points to consider when determining the best interests of the children.

    He is really over the top, though.