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Posts by apoliticalone

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  • Death toll from U.S.-led strike rises to 52 civilians in Syria

    05/02/2015 5:00:06 PM PDT · 13 of 24
    apoliticalone to grania

    All this unrest is fomented and orchestrated and it could be that the USA is being set up the same way by the multiculturalists to do the same with us. I do not trust them because they and their media have been playing and pitting Americans against each other. The USA needs to be united and that scares the hxll out of the elites.

  • A Powdered Alcohol, Palcohol, Was Approved by the TTB On March 10 and Is Now Legal To Sell

    05/02/2015 4:50:12 PM PDT · 23 of 69
    apoliticalone to Stayfree

    Why do our politicians and government keep teling us we are a free country, when they grab every opportunity to make more laws that only restrict our adult freedom?

  • U.S. soldiers arrive in Turkey to train Syrian rebels

    05/02/2015 5:41:26 AM PDT · 25 of 26
    apoliticalone to Diogenesis

    Amen. They are either AQ or ISIS or some other anti-USA group. It is absurd to see the US borrow money from China to continue with our destabilizing forays in the ME that accomplish nothing for Americans. Our corrupt leaders are always looking out for outsiders instead of we Americans whether it be foreign policy or immigration.

  • Baltimore prosecutor: Probable cause to file criminal charges in Gray’s death

    05/01/2015 7:16:26 PM PDT · 499 of 548
    apoliticalone to Mister Baredog

    “I’m looking for the late 60s to be making a quick comeback”

    I’m thinking more surveilance and microphones inside the offices of our elected officials than on the citizens would make more sense. Also when public officials, are sued by their victims for abuse or other bad stuff the settlements need to come out of their pension fund instead of the wallets of taxpayers.

    Jade Helm anyone?

  • Ted Cruz to Hillary Clinton: Give the foreign government donations back

    05/01/2015 6:01:40 PM PDT · 23 of 24
    apoliticalone to SoConPubbie

    Foreign governments, lobbyists, and corporations should be restricted from ever lobbying OUR government and politicians. It is a huge conflict of interest that ends up giving us a government that is corrupt and works against US citizens.

  • Baltimore prosecutor: Probable cause to file criminal charges in Gray’s death

    05/01/2015 5:55:16 PM PDT · 492 of 548
    apoliticalone to eyeamok

    Absolutely we need a justice system that is fair and treats everyone equally. Without that and we do not have a country worthy of respect. What concerns me most is how we are seeing average taxpayers being put at the bottom of the barrel while the interests of public servants are given preference.

    As a forensic expert in homicides and trauma said.....if someone that is handcuffed and restrained and in police custody ends up with a broken neck, it can only be a result of abuse or a crime on the part of someone in officialdom? Someone has some serious explaining to do. If this type behavior is not checked now we will all become potential victims.

  • Baltimore prosecutor: Probable cause to file criminal charges in Gray’s death

    05/01/2015 5:22:03 PM PDT · 490 of 548
    apoliticalone to markomalley

    My view on all of this is changing big time. My suggestion is many of these problems could be eliminated by reducing our police by 50% and encourage every law abiding American to be armed like the Swiss. Use the resulting savings to pay down our national debt.. Too many police leads to a police state.

    It seems our public unions are bilking taxpayers so they can go off to retire in their 40s in the Villages of Florida while most taxpayers are working for another 25 years or more. Public servants shouldn’t have it better than we the public, but that’s how it now works in America.

    There are too many questions about overreaction

  • Jenner Sued for Wrongful Death Over Highway Crash

    05/01/2015 4:56:11 PM PDT · 20 of 22
    apoliticalone to nickcarraway

    I will surmise that the only reason he wasn’t charged is because the enforcers of political correctness (ie our MSM) have somehow obtained undue and unwarranted power to modify our national and legacy culture.

    If he was Mr Joe Average there would be no question that he would receive different and less forgiving treatment. Since he is a celebrity and makes money for the entertainment cabal he gets special treatment.

  • Muslim cleric: Jews “malignant tumor” that “can only be treated by eradication”

    05/01/2015 4:41:28 PM PDT · 13 of 26
    apoliticalone to markomalley

    And here I thought that liberal elites, mostly lacking any religion, believe that only white Christians need eradicated because of the absurd belief that average Americans have “privilege”. The left wing media typically hypes to its readership via daily headlines that only white Christians of privilege need removed from power in our government. That is the real racism that should also be a predominant story, that is if we have a democracy.

  • Fun Facts About Stephanie Rawlings-Blake [Baltimore]

    04/30/2015 7:22:54 PM PDT · 15 of 30
    apoliticalone to apoliticalone

    Sorry this was actually intended to address another thread discussing the unrest, and not another incompetent politician.

  • Fun Facts About Stephanie Rawlings-Blake [Baltimore]

    04/30/2015 7:19:36 PM PDT · 13 of 30
    apoliticalone to markomalley

    Forget what you hear from the media and owned politicians. In the end I blame much of the current turmoil and situation in the USA on dirty treasonous politicians and bankers that put their greed first and usurped patriotism and the integrity, unity and economic security of the USA.

    Our nation’s problems really began many years ago when bankers pushed to eliminate tariffs paid by importers and replace them with income taxes and eventually sell it as free trade. European nations moved production to the USA back then, to get access to our market. Tariffs worked in our national interest, but income taxes put us into national debt

    These mfers have purposely promoted poverty and destroyed what was a much more cohesive economic secure country where American CITIZENS had meaningful decent paying manufacturing jobs... through outsourcing, and importing illegals etc to undercut American workers. Their actions created the debt and dependent society we see. When the economy is purposely undercut by the policies of Harvard elites, the result is what we are seeing. It can not be denied that our leaders did this to our nation.

  • Bipartisanship Is Busting Out All Over

    04/28/2015 12:43:11 PM PDT · 6 of 13
    apoliticalone to stephenjohnbanker

    I used to think Carlin was a liberal but then I also believed that true capitalism meant people who took risks with their capital should be rewarded.

    That was before Americans were propagandized by globalism, by political elites and their crony lobbyists who pretend to serve us when the reality has become they use us. The system is now a stepping stone leading the elites and the few to corrupt riches via crony capitalism where they get bailed out, and all risk is borne by taxpayers.

    We have allowed a vile third rail of political ideology.... global corporatism to corrupt not only our system, but to contaminate conservatism and take away our national sovereignty and belief in real capitalism itself.

    Much that Carlin said applies with a large amount of relevance in today’s corrupt world.

  • Sen. Lindsey Graham: Send U.S. troops to topple Assad

    04/28/2015 12:26:18 PM PDT · 44 of 62
    apoliticalone to Theoria

    Toppling Saddam and Ghaddafi at the behest of neocons has has not worked out so well for Americans.

    Not only did we spend trillions making profits for MIC and private contractors, but we also lost huge quality of life for thousands of servicemen and families from grievous wounds and side effects that will require a lifetime of healthcare and support. This doesn’t include those thousands who lost the most of all - their lives.

    We didn’t even get access to the oil that was supposed to cover costs. Saddam kept the turmoil and Iran in check. Ghaddafi prevented the millions of illegal immigrants from using Libya as a port of entry for African immigrants going to Europe.

    There is an element about ISIS that should make us all very wary and suspicious. Who and why was it was created? The Shiites were never much of a problem in Iran, and in fact we put them as a majority in charge. The Sunnis as a minority killed many Americans. The Sunnis orchestrated 9-11.

    When minorities are allowed to have charge of and run countries the outcome is not ever going to be a democracy.

    The only solution I support is getting America out of the ME, and start hunkering in and rebuilding the USA for Americans and lowering our debt. We also need to defend our nation from being invaded so slick politicians can divide us and big business gets cheap labor. We the citizenry are being played as saps by the political elites.

  • ISIS Selfie With Woman's Severed Head: Take This Viral!

    04/27/2015 5:37:47 PM PDT · 24 of 54
    apoliticalone to Eleutheria5

    I don’t believe much of anything, except that most of the propaganda we are fed is orchestrated to benefit interests and countries, while most certainly taking money from taxpayers and rights from citizens.

    We’ve been conditioned to be very afraid and very hoodwinked.

  • Student 'Purge' Threat Shuts Down Baltimore Businesses, Schools

    04/27/2015 5:15:28 PM PDT · 287 of 670
    apoliticalone to kristinn

    I’ve become very skeptical about all such events. Who creates the violence and who pushes it? We in the public sphere are typically fed our points of view by intellectual elites with Harvard degrees. It doesn’t make them wrong, but it doesn’t make them honest or right either.

    In my view those that played a part in the original killing and severing of the spinal cord need to have answers and need to be fully investigated. The expansion of these riots and who caused it is an unknown, unless Al Sharpton is now on site.

    Anarchy is sometimes driven by an establishment that wants an end result that is beneficial only to them but anti-Constitutional to most Americans. There is a huge elitist constituency that wants all Americans afraid and disarmed. Think not? Think again. What better way to move this forward than to promote anarchy and martial law. Establishment provocateurs have a history of infiltrating peaceful demonstrations in an effort to turn them violent and give an excuse to get public support so as to bump heads.

    I only wish I was not as cynical of the system, but I am. We will never know the truth. Search for provocateurs in peaceful demonstrations posing to change public opinion.

  • GoFundMe shuts down another donations page for a Christian business owner accused of discrimination?

    04/27/2015 4:43:45 PM PDT · 20 of 53
    apoliticalone to markomalley

    The danger of these various “Go Fund Me” gimmicks is that they run a political and self serving agenda for themselves, and that they capture wealth that doesn’t belong to them, and that they shut down independent efforts to help those that were not anointed by the establishment.

  • GoFundMe shuts down another donations page for a Christian business owner accused of discrimination?

    04/27/2015 4:34:43 PM PDT · 19 of 53
    apoliticalone to markomalley

    Those of Christian heritage representing our founding fathers, and still represented as a huge plurality and majority in America have oddly become the lowest caste in America, especially if they are white.

    Those of us that are WASPS that were once a foundation of America have outrageously been excluded from our own US Supreme Court. We have become the victims and the impoverished and the time has come to demand WTF is going on?

    We have liberal usurpers that are working feverishly to kick out WASPS. Is it because they believe we are inferior? I’m a believer in appropriate and balanced representation in a democracy, and definitely not a believer of superiority by any group. Yet liberal elites that want more power, money and representation for their own clique attempt to make themselves superior.

  • Pressed by Young Republicans, Scott Walker Sticks to Tough Immigration Stance

    04/27/2015 4:43:18 AM PDT · 83 of 84
    apoliticalone to GrandJediMasterYoda

    It absolutely baffles me why any conservative would support foreign corporations or governments handing money anonymously or otherwise, in bottomless buckets to our politicians, and expect that these same politicians will then actually do what we the people and most of us want, or what is best for America. I see it as a corruption issue not left or right.

  • Pressed by Young Republicans, Scott Walker Sticks to Tough Immigration Stance

    04/27/2015 4:36:21 AM PDT · 82 of 84
    apoliticalone to RitaOK

    Pat Buchanan is one of the few that has spoken the truth on the issue of Immigration and losing the West and he gets marginalized by media and economic elites in both left and right.

    These politicians will say whatever you want to hear and then do what those few that own them want, regardless of what the people that elected them want. It’s all a scam.

  • Money In Politics

    04/26/2015 6:17:24 PM PDT · 6 of 7
    apoliticalone to Vaduz

    When I said Congress I meant both Houses. They work for us and we really need to verify what they are doing. The Party leaders are the real problem because they do not care what the people think or want. Illegal immigration is proof.

    If I could afford to donate $200K and get back $200M in contracts it’s a good deal, and as they say - they are cheap dates and will sell us out on the cheap. My takes is get the money out of politics, and then all Americans, unions and CEOs can express their freedom by spending their time working for them going door to door, and they will get no special priviledges on our dime. The media loses out because their gravy train ends.

  • University of Florida suspends fraternity over abuse of wounded veterans

    04/26/2015 5:50:58 PM PDT · 71 of 74
    apoliticalone to pabianice

    Privileged college losers that know they will never ever serve or have a uniform on. Bring back the draft and put these muther #$%@ers in a role where the same might happen to them.

    I support a mandatory draft and its use to eliminate overpaid contractors in many types of jobs like moving materiel, and to reduce our defense costs and give all our youth some needed grounding and respect for America.

    These kids will never have any respect because they won’t have to serve. Publish their names too so that when they apply for a job this article comes up.

  • Money In Politics

    04/26/2015 7:11:19 AM PDT · 2 of 7
    apoliticalone to Kaslin

    Transparency is always needed, but we always get less of it. I favor body cameras and microphones on all of those in Congress so we can see the deals and favors that the few get, while the many get the bill.

  • Magnates who won't leave wealth to kids

    04/25/2015 9:37:23 AM PDT · 35 of 37
    apoliticalone to mountn man

    Thanks, and I understand that IRAs, etc are tax deferred and that is why those in Congress don’t worry about the “death tax” on average Americans. It is because they forget in their quest to appease a select few that many of those with the most wealth got rich only because taxpayers subsidized their wealth. It is called crony capitalism and it has infected our economic culture.

    Goldman and JP Morgan would be bankrupt if not for taxpayer bailouts. Farmers have for years been handed taxpayer money. The owners of most of the professional sports teams would have much less of an estate had not taxpayers been assessed to build their stadiums. Wal-Mart gets special taxpayer handouts to build warehouses for Chinese stuff.

    If there should be no death tax for a few, then there should be none for the many that were forced to subsidize those few.

    The day when many of the richest in America got rich on their own without major help from taxpayers was over some time ago.

  • Magnates who won't leave wealth to kids

    04/24/2015 5:52:12 PM PDT · 15 of 37
    apoliticalone to SoFloFreeper

    Kids that win the parent lottery would be much better off and more respected if they had to work and create their own success. I don’t buy into the need to make my kids rich or to be handed the needed pocket change to buy their own legislator.

    The kids of those with great affluence already have a leg up on most with connections and a paid off Ivy League education. I don’t support creating royal oligarchies. People should be encouraged to give their wealth to good charitable causes that will make the USA a better country for all, but that is just me.

    If we are going to eliminate the death tax why not get rid of the tax on the more modest nest aid that most Americans will hand down to spouses or kids - their IRAs. Instead it is taxed as full earned income.

  • Ted Cruz Is Guest of Two Gay Businessmen

    04/24/2015 5:04:58 PM PDT · 100 of 102
    apoliticalone to re_nortex

    Americans are in dire need of a national motto like ....trust but verify, and be more cynical and less gullible, because the agenda of the con artists that have come run the USA into the ground (and they have almost succeeded) has been to make us believe the propaganda they tell us.

    I don’t trust any of them, but I will eventually vote in November 2016 for the candidate that has best displayed honesty and a desire to make the USA (not the world) great again.

  • Statue of Liberty being evacuated

    04/24/2015 4:55:42 PM PDT · 53 of 65
    apoliticalone to rotstan

    Be very afraid, because they might claim we need another Patriot Act 2 so that every aspect of our private lives including in-home, in car mics and cameras are up for toal surveillance and review. Many of the same Harvard policy makers who failed to defend our rights, from illegal visa overstays, and our borders on 9-11 are making these decisions to take freedom from Americans.

  • Male student accused of rape by ‘mattress girl’ sues Columbia University

    04/24/2015 4:46:55 PM PDT · 4 of 14
    apoliticalone to markomalley

    Good! The only good thing about such law suits is that they change behavior.

    Freedom and equality should mean exactly that. We have an special faction in America that sees freedom and equality as a threat to only themselves. They specialize in wanting only what benefits them and what fragments America.

    How many times do we need to accept dumb axx activists wearing a mattress on their back as anything but a fool with a private self serving agenda, or a ho?

    The media strangely portrays her as special and the guy as a rapist, when they both were likely drunk. Maybe since she has a affinity for mattresses on her back, she raped him. Assumptions and he said, she said are impossible to prove.

  • Ted Cruz Is Guest of Two Gay Businessmen

    04/24/2015 4:36:31 PM PDT · 96 of 102
    apoliticalone to nickcarraway

    So what did they actually want from Ted and is it in our USA’s national interest?

    Those with enough money to invite major ambitious politicians into their home are like those representing a courteous mob. There are always agendas and they are rarely in the national interest. Chief Justice Roberts gave us a preview of how that private agenda works.

    When politicians and others meet they should be required to wear body cameras and microphones so the all in the public will know exactly what promises were made on our dime. I simply do not trust any of them, and Harvard on a resume is not something I will necessarily automatically respect and bow down to.

  • Fleet of Iranian ships heading to Yemen turns around after being tracked by US warships

    04/23/2015 5:29:15 PM PDT · 49 of 62
    apoliticalone to Blood of Tyrants

    The issue is so complicated with cross currents and cross interests and foreign entanglements in the ME and Africa that if we somehow lost a ship or had it clandestinely attacked, would we even know who did it?

    I’d prefer the USA pull out of the ME and start putting our country back together, paying down debt, as opposed to a another risky potential setup that could lead to WW3.

    The first step is removing the corruption and fraud in our government that leads to bad decisions like inviting immigrants from ME, Africa and elsewhere to get food stamps and SSI, and fraud by Medicare providers and no competition for big Pharma for starters.

  • Jeb Bush evades attacking charity issue surrounding Hillary Clinton

    04/23/2015 5:20:15 PM PDT · 5 of 34
    apoliticalone to jimbo123

    They protect each other. It’s a club and most of us aren’t in it. Corruption and lack of ethics is a serious issue like a communicable cancer and it endangers our democracy even above L/R politics. I’m at the point I’d vote for honesty and ethics over politics if I was fairly confident on that point. The problem is that so many are absolute con men or women and with an ability to make you believe.

  • Petraeus sentenced to 2 years' probation for military leak

    04/23/2015 5:11:00 PM PDT · 25 of 93
    apoliticalone to caww

    “I think he walks, basically walks, because not only was he set up...but I think he was working against Obama and has enough on him and this administration to make them more than squirm. So the deal was...Probation....the money won’t ever be paid.”

    The crux of the problem is that our country has become immersed with a culture of corruption where everyone in the loop has something on those up and down the ladder, and so no one ever is punished, as in criminally prosecuted and fired. They all carry a get out of jail free card, just as the DEA and SS agents that get wrist slaps instead of fired or sent to federal penitentiary. It is like they know too much.

  • Petraeus sentenced to 2 years' probation for military leak

    04/23/2015 5:06:17 PM PDT · 23 of 93
    apoliticalone to xzins

    The problem in America is that we’ve created a cultural belief amongst those on the upper rungs of influence and power that they are never held fully accountable for their actions, in-actions or their incompetence. They have a club where the rules are different for them than for most.

    If some crypto clearance E4 had spilled his guts about top secret intelligence to his mistress he would be in prison now or worse. No special probation treatment and fines for him. The only reason Snowden isn’t in prison now is because he is in Russia.

    Is anyone else fed up with the double standards that have taken over this country in the name of PC, ethnicity, race, hate crime, gender, LGTB, status, or politics? We must see prosecutions without favoritism and double standards.

  • Wal-Mart mysteriously closed 5 stores and now there's a conspiracy theory explaining why

    04/23/2015 2:11:38 PM PDT · 45 of 47
    apoliticalone to Rides_A_Red_Horse

    What I really dislike about Wal-Mart is how corporate treats their customers. They don’t give a sxxx what customers think or want, or might find frustrating. Most (and especially) retailers have a number listed where customers can voice a broad complaint about anything, but not Wal-mart. They think they know what is best and they do not wish to hear from customers

    They have one number that does not give callers that option except for addressing specific stores or orders. Then you are “gigging” individual managers or workers when it is the CEO that really deserves the gig.

    They do not even have a zero option to give live assistance to such a customer. If you use “0” they say no such option and hang up. I rarely ever shop there for a lot of reasons.

  • Virginia Cop Detains Washington D.C. Television News Videographer [Title Shortened]

    04/23/2015 5:00:03 AM PDT · 16 of 55
    apoliticalone to Timber Rattler

    It seems our politicians have been on a mission to take away citizen freedoms with ever more security and surveillance against Americans (not illegals), when their mission should be maintaining our Constitutional rights and freedoms.

  • Military ops on U.S. soil raise martial-law fears ( Jade Helm )

    04/22/2015 6:13:55 PM PDT · 29 of 31
    apoliticalone to george76

    I’ve never heard of Jade Helm before tonight. I find it concerning because we haven’t had the “news” media discussing it and the government objectives and rationale. It has been kept under wraps.

    Ever since 9-11 we need to fully understand through jaded eyes that times are different, and that we now live in a time where what we thought we knew and trusted, may no longer be factual. There is an element in control that may not be trustworthy and truthful. They want the citizenry under constant surveillance. 9-11 changed everything and we need to demand freedom, rights, and explanations about everything.

  • Wal-Mart mysteriously closed 5 stores and now there's a conspiracy theory explaining why

    04/22/2015 5:59:07 PM PDT · 42 of 47
    apoliticalone to GraceG

    “Indeed, I think the wal-mart thing is just union busting by wal-mart, but they cannot say it”

    Why cant they say it if that is what it is?

    I don’t even shop at Walmart. I find the customers, employees and the corporation itself highly depressing and their imported products of lower quality than I wish to purchase.

    They have illustrated many times how they want us taxpayers subsidizing their illegal immigrant cheap labor and their import and pro commie Chinese policies.

    I’ve not heard of this plan to martial law the USA using Walmart stores.

  • Iranian Warships Arrive Near Yemen

    04/22/2015 3:58:09 PM PDT · 53 of 104
    apoliticalone to Grampa Dave

    By the way our politicians have always talked a good game of protecting our servicemen, when we know most of them play politics first instead of actually protecting our servicemen. The pols sit in their plush offices scheming on how to create public opinion and blame it on others. I was reading a book about the Lusitania and how some claim but can’t prove Churchill used its sinking and loss of innocent civilians to deliberately involve us in WW1. I’ve lost trust in those who should be most trustworthy.

  • Iranian Warships Arrive Near Yemen

    04/22/2015 3:51:59 PM PDT · 51 of 104
    apoliticalone to Grampa Dave

    Americans need to learn to be very very cynical of events as reported by the establishment politicians and media...regardless of Party. They make Soviet Pravda of 40 years ago look like Disney. Average Americans and our freedoms and our Treasury have become a disposable commodity as illustrated by our trillions in debt, much of it defending others.

    We do not have a clue as to what country and what motives are out there to intentionally create anarchy in the Middle East, except that somehow the USA always pays and USA servicemen always die.

    I wouldn’t like to see it because of the major global economic impact, but if the entire ME turned to molten glass I wouldn’t lose much sleep. I even might sleep better. But the sleep I’d lose might be because they’d want to take the rest of us down with them.

  • Here’s Mitch McConnell’s bill to extend PATRIOT Act surveillance techniques for 5 years

    04/22/2015 12:04:48 PM PDT · 30 of 39
    apoliticalone to RedStateRocker

    “Just for giggles, I went back to pre 2008 posts about the Patriot Act.”

    The people need to trust their common sense more than the propaganda that too often emanates from the political establishment. As we become aware of this our opinions change.

    Something else that conservatives are finally discovering and that is that the boot lickers of big global business are not your conservative friend. The global businesses want trade pacts intended to supersede our Constitution and want open borders and they want to eliminate this nuisance concept of sovereignty that gets in the way of their profits. They want surveillance of the serfs too.

    There is another issue I’ve changed on. Unless we find a way to Constitutionally get big money out of our politics we will be screwed on such money making freedom stealing legislation as the Patriot Act. A good conservative friend has always told me we need public funding of elections, so that the impetus and power goes to individual citizens. Those candidates who can get volunteers to go door to door deserve to trump those with a few very deep pocket friends. The candidate that has the most support should win, not the one that brings in the most big donations from foreign countries.

  • Here’s Mitch McConnell’s bill to extend PATRIOT Act surveillance techniques for 5 years

    04/22/2015 10:53:34 AM PDT · 14 of 39
    apoliticalone to yuffy

    It was government incompetence towards illegals and visa overstays that gave us 9-11. Average taxpaying American citizens had nothing to do with 9-11, yet this same government that failed to defend us and our borders can’t seem to buy or implement enough surveillance and theft of rights over average Americans.

    Every member of Congress should wear a constant camera and microphone so that we the people that they claim to work for, can keep an eye on what they are really doing.


    04/21/2015 4:45:12 PM PDT · 66 of 69
    apoliticalone to Velveeta

    TPP and all the other corrupt trade pacts that have crushed the USA are a direct result of crooked politicians of both Parties who are in the bag to and favor big global business over US sovereignty and the USA Constitution.

    Corporatists are not conservatives. Corporatists are the enemy because they put their profits and money ahead of the USA.

  • US Navy Confirms Aircraft Carrier, Warships To Intercept Iranian Weapons Shipments In Yemeni Waters

    04/20/2015 5:10:57 PM PDT · 98 of 147
    apoliticalone to Former Proud Canadian

    For Americans there is always enough money for another war in some far off place, but never enough political stamina to secure our own borders and save us billions.

    The reality is that the Saudis and Sunnis created AQ and they did 9-11, and somehow our current absurd policies are about giving them whatever they want, while we go after the Shiites. AQ and the Iraq Sunnis killed how many American GIs? We have a allowed a corrupt manipulated govt and a media of propaganda to work against the USA interest.

  • Pew first: Gun rights top gun control in major public opinion shift

    04/20/2015 5:01:19 PM PDT · 5 of 13
    apoliticalone to E. Pluribus Unum

    If more Americans were armed and trained we’d need about half the cops. It would mean savings to our treasury and rights. The citizens are apt to take care of and keep our communities safe. However the elites want most Americans unarmed and the police under their thumb.

  • Book on ‘Clinton Cash’ reportedly claims foreign donors got State Dept. favors

    04/20/2015 4:56:49 PM PDT · 5 of 17
    apoliticalone to Signalman

    Foreign entities buying our USA politicians is a huge issue that needs corrected.

    Global corporations owned by the Russians, Chinese and Japanese, Mexico, Americans etc. should have no right to lobby our Congress.

    When these international companies sell ownership and employ the world and send profits off shore they should have no right to influence or mold our government policies for their benefit. They are not American companies nor citizens.

  • Christie to propose overhaul of Social Security benefits (means-testing)

    04/20/2015 4:50:34 PM PDT · 116 of 134
    apoliticalone to justlurking

    Social Security works as an insurance policy, not an investment. It would work better if we had honest competent government that didn’t sell out other Americans.

    When we can’t trust our government to keep a promise because they are corrupt and incompetent who do we blame? As my profile has stated from my first post I don’t trust either Party. They serve their elite masters and not we the people nor do they represent average working Americans.

    What about the 60 year old illegals or invitees from Yemen that came here a year or 10 years ago ago at the invitation of Obama and Bush and the US Chamber of Commerce and the DNC and RNC for cheap labor and votes that will soon be sucking on our Social Security trust? What about the SS trust money that was used from everything from war in Africa to tax cuts to food stamps, but not to defend our borders?

    If it was a perfect world we’d be taking care of ourselves and our own families instead of waiting for politicians. Since it isn’t a perfect world, we’ll still be taking care of others that were irresponsible. It is why we need a system that gives a baseline support to those who funded much of it aside from welfare. But we shouldn’t be giving the funding away to run an incompetent government and fighting wars.

  • Waffling toward the starting gate: Jeb Bush doubles down on an unsalable immigration solution

    04/19/2015 4:25:31 PM PDT · 3 of 14
    apoliticalone to jimbo123

    Most Americans are astute enough to understand that another Bush or Clinton in the White House in not in America’s or their interest. Their Bush /Clinton agenda is more about Singapore GM and TPP and turning the USA in Mexico lite than rebuilding America.

    I will not vote for any President unless they make the USA their unadulterated total priority. Not the Middle East, not war with Iran, not BS free trade, and not immigration reform and not scams to give Wall St oligarchs or multi-national corporations more clout. It is time to rebuild the USA for hard working Americans.

  • Report: Eagles reach agreement with Tim Tebow

    04/19/2015 4:16:42 PM PDT · 4 of 75
    apoliticalone to E. Pluribus Unum

    Why did the media and NFL elites do everything in their power to put Tebow out to pasture? Was it a concerted effort because he was an overt Christian? It seems that the benefactors of tax money for stadiums frown on Tebow type Christians except when they are handing over their hard earned tax dollars to make the recipients richer.

  • Democrats’ civil war over free trade

    04/19/2015 6:33:55 AM PDT · 22 of 23
    apoliticalone to TexasFreeper2009

    Any conservative that supports trade pacts like TPP really need to examine the underlying motives. These trade pacts are not about free markets. Their goal is undermining our national sovereignty, and our Constitution, and most importantly our endowed American rights- for the sake of profits for global (not American) corporations. Conservative and corporatist views may have been somewhat in alignment in 1960, but not in 2015 when big business has no specific US citizenship.

  • Immigration News 2015: All US Undocumented Immigrants Could Contribute $2.2B in Taxes, Per Year

    04/18/2015 8:58:08 PM PDT · 16 of 42
    apoliticalone to Rusty0604

    Figures don’t lie but liars figure.

    So what happens when they get access to tax credits, Section 8, and SS disability because they can’t speak English.. That so called economic positive turns a big negative? Not to mention the costs for medicaid, education, access go our retirement SS trust when they paid virtually nothing. The costs go up astronomically when they can better play our system..

    We already know how it was done after Reagan’s amnesty.

  • Act of Love: Jeb Bush Pushes Republicans to Cave to Obama Executive Amnesty, Approve Loretta Lynch

    04/17/2015 7:55:34 AM PDT · 28 of 57
    apoliticalone to 1010RD

    Like most of us on here we only give unpaid opinions.

    The right to incorporate as an entity of property was granted and not by God. Before big business went global they were American. That is the major difference between 1960s corporations and those of today. Now they view all countries as a means to an end, and not as a loyal American citizen. They now view sovereignty as an obstruction to that end.

    They are essentially like mercenaries serving only those who pay, buy or invest in them whether they be in USA or a sovereign wealth fund of China or Yemen, or Brazil. . I don’t have problem with global corporations serving global shareholders, but I do when they get to buy our politicians. Like it or not that leviathan is us and if it is corrupted we get screwed.