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Posts by Apple Pan Dowdy

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  • Pope Francis: 'Christians and Muslims are brothers and sisters' [1 Cor 5]

    11/30/2015 10:49:59 AM PST · 31 of 50
    Apple Pan Dowdy to theBuckwheat

    Well said, Buckwheat.

    I also like what another FReeper said on another thread I once read..... The god of Islam commands his followers to die for him. I have a God who died for me!

  • Dr. Ben Carson Condemns Pro-Lifers, Pro-Lifers Return the Favor

    11/30/2015 7:25:23 AM PST · 34 of 85
    Apple Pan Dowdy to springwater13
    "we want to destroy those with whom we disagree"

    No! We don't want to "destroy" them, we just want to stop them from murdering babies.

  • Scientists still can’t settle on what killed the dinosaurs

    11/25/2015 6:43:01 AM PST · 44 of 54
    Apple Pan Dowdy to tacticalogic

    tacticalogic, so then you agree that dinosaur bones are not millions of years old? If it is not the carbon dating then what proof is it that they point to to claim that dinosaurs all died out before man came upon the earth?

  • Scientists still can’t settle on what killed the dinosaurs

    11/25/2015 4:18:49 AM PST · 30 of 54
    Apple Pan Dowdy to tacticalogic

    tacticalogic, common sense will tell us that tissue does not stay soft for millions of years, it decays. Evolutionists want to say that carbon testing proves that it is millions of years old, yet carbon testing has been proven to be inaccurate. So in dating the soft tissue found, is it logical or scientific to assume it is eons old just because we have been brainwashed by evolutionists to think evolution is more than just a THEORY?

  • Scientists still can’t settle on what killed the dinosaurs

    11/25/2015 3:50:45 AM PST · 28 of 54
    Apple Pan Dowdy to Berlin_Freeper

    Scientist, Mark Armitage, found soft tissue in a dinosaur bone. If the bone was millions of years old, there would be no soft tissue left. See the following article and youtube video.......... http://blog.drwile.com/?p=13176. http://youtu.be/wxk3gts8PuA.

  • UC Merced holds ‘teach-in’ to help students understand stabbing attacker Faisal Mohammad

    11/23/2015 2:20:21 AM PST · 24 of 33
    Apple Pan Dowdy to Jack Hydrazine
    "The Left so desperately wants everyone to “understand” criminals, Muslim terrorists, thugs, dictators, and tyrants. Why is that?"

    It's because Satan is running their show. That's what Satan does to people who do not follow the One True God, and possess the Grace of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in their lives.

  • I went to church w/ Ted Cruz, he's building an army of young Christian voters in Iowa-"scary stuff"

    11/21/2015 9:06:26 AM PST · 134 of 153
    Apple Pan Dowdy to papertyger

    Papertyger, Thanks for the explanation. I do see what you are saying now and can somewhat agree.

    BTW.... My “specific authorization from God” is the Holy Scriptures (the Bible) which is the living WORD of God.... nothing less and nothing more. And even there, I guess we have to account for possible mis-translations from the original manuscripts.

  • I went to church w/ Ted Cruz, he's building an army of young Christian voters in Iowa-"scary stuff"

    11/21/2015 3:19:37 AM PST · 43 of 153
    Apple Pan Dowdy to papertyger
    "Whats so scary about Cruz building a Christian political base? Consider the multiplicity of Christian sects, and ask yourself that question again."

    papertyger, are you saying that Christians are scary to you? If so, then I would be interested in knowing why? What is it about Christianity that is scaring you?

  • I went to church w/ Ted Cruz, he's building an army of young Christian voters in Iowa-"scary stuff"

    11/21/2015 3:05:49 AM PST · 37 of 153
    Apple Pan Dowdy to thesligoduffyflynns
    "My question would be to the audience here on FR- if The Donald chose Ted Cruz as his running mate as VP would it not change the face of the VP?"

    My 2 cents:
    I always thought that Vice President meant someone who would qualify to be President in case something happens that he be needed. This would seem to require that the VP be presidential material, and as highly qualified. Lately it seems that in this backwards political world we have created, a President wants a VP that will assume the boot-licking stance, follow meekly, and do nothing. It would be wonderful to have a VP, for a change, who is "presidential", and active, and ready to step in if needed, and ready to carry on after the President's 2 terms are ended. Imagine if Trump had 8 years to clean up the worst of the mess, and then Cruz had 8 more years to carry through with it.

  • Will other insurers bail out of Obamacare?

    11/20/2015 4:39:43 AM PST · 5 of 10
    Apple Pan Dowdy to 762X51
    "They'll have no choice. They'll bail or go under."

    And wasn't that Obama's plan from the start.... to force the people to beg for a single payer system and move us one more step towards complete Socialism?


    11/10/2015 10:24:02 AM PST · 27 of 111
    Apple Pan Dowdy to St_Thomas_Aquinas
    "Wrong Bush. Nevermind."

    No problem. They are both peas-in-a-pod anyway.


    11/10/2015 10:21:23 AM PST · 22 of 111
    Apple Pan Dowdy to Alfred O. Bama

    A Christian just does not “mellow” on belief in the Holy Scriptures, God’s Word. You either still believe it or you never did believe it the first place. George W Bush never was a Christian in the first place.... something that is finally becoming apparent.

    Think about it, if he was “mellow” on becoming a member of scull and bones, then he was NOT a Christian!

  • When Bon Jovi Started Praising God On Stage, I Didn’t Expect The Audience To React Like This!

    11/08/2015 2:38:12 PM PST · 27 of 32
    Apple Pan Dowdy to DainBramage

    You are right about that....most songs are about sex, I guess. I actually love the tune of this song, bought the score, and play it on my dulcimer. It just sort of rubbed me wrong when the article wanted people to believe that Bon Jovi was “Praising God On Stage” with this song because he wasn’t.

  • When Bon Jovi Started Praising God On Stage, I Didn’t Expect The Audience To React Like This!

    11/08/2015 11:00:07 AM PST · 16 of 32
    Apple Pan Dowdy to UMCRevMom@aol.com

    Does anyone actually believe those lyrics are praising the Lord?

  • When Bon Jovi Started Praising God On Stage, I Didn’t Expect The Audience To React Like This!

    11/08/2015 10:54:04 AM PST · 15 of 32
    Apple Pan Dowdy to UMCRevMom@aol.com
    Leonard Cohen's song "Hallelujah" is NOT a religious song. The lyrics are certainly NOT praise for the God of the Bible, and Cohen never intended it to be.

    Though there are several people who have rewritten very beautiful and moving religious lyrics to this music and sung them.... that is NOT what Bon Jovi sang. He sang Cohen's original version.

    Here are Cohen's lyrics (in case you have never heard them):

    Now I've heard there was a secret chord
    That David played, and it pleased the Lord
    But you don't really care for music, do you?
    It goes like this
    The fourth, the fifth
    The minor fall, the major lift
    The baffled king composing Hallelujah
    Your faith was strong but you needed proof
    You saw her bathing on the roof
    Her beauty and the moonlight overthrew her
    She tied you To a kitchen chair
    She broke your throne, and she cut your hair
    And from your lips she drew the Hallelujah
    Hallelujah, Hallelujah
    Hallelujah, Hallelujah
    You say I took the name in vain
    I don't even know the name
    But if I did, well really, what's it to you?
    There's a blaze of light
    In every word
    It doesn't matter which you heard
    The holy or the broken Hallelujah
  • War Eagle!

    11/08/2015 4:42:29 AM PST · 27 of 39
    Apple Pan Dowdy to Qwackertoo
    "My daughter is engaged to a Bama student. Oh Dear Lord help us all!!!"

    Don't worry too much about it, hang in there, Qwackertoo. There is always hope. I went to Bama my freshman year, and it was even the year of Joe Namath and Natl championship .... but I saw the light, transferred, graduated from Auburn, married an Auburn man.... WAR EAGLE!

  • Would the pyramids have made good grain stores?

    11/07/2015 9:42:57 AM PST · 104 of 112
    Apple Pan Dowdy to sparklite2

    When I visited Cairo and toured the pyramids there, it seemed obvious that the Giza Pyramids were not built as tombs as were others in Egypt. And ever since I have been very interested in reading theories and research about this.

    Of course, I am not an historian, nor an archaeologist, so I can’t say with any authority. The one authority that I do hold up to any of these theories is the Holy Bible which I believe to be inspired by God and literally true and accurate. I have yet seen no evidence in the Bible to even remotely suggest that the Giza Pyramids were the grain storage structures that Joseph built, not does it seem plausible having toured them.

    One of the very BEST documentaries I have seen on the evidence presented that the Giza Pyramids were not tombs, and were built long before the Egyptian dynasties, and possibly pre-Noah’s flood is:

    Enjoy, and let me know what you think of it.

  • Merkel threatens WAR if countries oppose Muslim invasion and close borders

    11/05/2015 5:43:12 AM PST · 27 of 133
    Apple Pan Dowdy to stars & stripes forever
    "Have the leaders of the Western World converted to Islam?"

    Possibly they are being bribed with the promise of wealth and power if they cooperate with radical Islam, and threatened with death if they do not.

  • Franklin Graham Just Made a Major Announcement About Tonights GOP Debate!

    10/28/2015 10:48:20 AM PDT · 31 of 63
    Apple Pan Dowdy to Kartographer
    "I tell you what some FReepers told me when I said I wanted a devoted Christian as our next President:'Jimmy Carter was a Christian President and look what that got us.'"

    Here is an answer you can give to them.... Jimmy Carter may have once thought himself to be a Christian, but he sold out his soul when he used his power as president to support abortion and much more.

    Once during a meditation on the temptation of Christ, Carter muses over the attractiveness of Satan's offer to allow Christ to rule the world if he rejected God, and he said this:

    What a wonderful and benevolent government Jesus could have set up. How exemplary justice would have been. Maybe there would have been Habitat projects all over Israel for anyone who needed a home. And the proud, the rich, and the powerful could not have dominated their fellow citizens. As a twentieth-century governor and president I would have had a perfect pattern to follow. I could have pointed to the Bible and told other government leaders, "This is what Jesus did 2000 years ago in government. Why don't we do the same?"
    In other words, Jesus could have been just like Jimmy Carter, had He not been squeamish about selling Satan His soul.
  • Can Ben Carson Really Take Out Donald Trump?

    10/27/2015 4:53:02 AM PDT · 105 of 135
    Apple Pan Dowdy to dp0622
    "Isn’t he a 7th Day Adventist? aren’t they a lot different?"

    Just look into the writings of their proclaimed prophetess, Ellen G. White, whom they revere and believe without question, and you will see just how "different" they are.

  • We are watching the death of open frontiers in Europe

    10/27/2015 4:15:12 AM PDT · 24 of 32
    Apple Pan Dowdy to justa-hairyape
    "All the western governments need to be replaced. They are corrupt to their core. They are delusional and they are committing suicide.

    I have said it before and I will continue to say it...... this is what happens when people who once professed belief in the one true God, enjoyed His blessings, then turned their backs on Him.

    I don't expect those of you who also have turned your backs on Him to understand this, never the less, it is true.


    10/23/2015 5:53:06 AM PDT · 39 of 63
    Apple Pan Dowdy to RC one

    About the video posted at post #6....
    I learned something yesterday while watching the hearing on a live feed.

    In the above linked video, Hillary said, “I also want to take a minute to address the video circulating on the Internet that has led to these protests in a number of countries.” Then she goes on to talk about the video saying America had nothing to do with it and we have tolerance, blah, blah, blah.

    So yesterday when questioned about the fact that she blamed the Benghazi attack on the video, she said that No, she only referred to a video that was causing riots in a number of places, but no where did she say it was the cause of the Benghazi attack.

    Do you see how carefully crafted her LIES are. She worded the original statement so that everyone hearing it would think that the video caused the Benghazi attack. News media would even say it, and she never corrected them. Now she can go back to the original statement, point to it and say, “I never said that the video cause this particular attack.”

    This kind of planned deception is a hallmark of this evil woman. She can say, for instance, “I didn’t even have a computer on my desk at the State Department.” But perhaps she had a computer available on a credenza behind her desk, an arrangement seen in many fancy offices, but many people will think the lack of emails the year of the attack was because she had no computer in her office, not the truth that she deleted them. She can say, “Sidney Blumenthal was not my adviser.” and when asked about the many emails he sent to her, she could claim they were “unsolicited”, leading us to think that she didn’t pay any attention to them so in essence they didn’t “exist.

    And the lies go on and on.....

  • Professor: Left has secret weapon to kill gun rights

    10/22/2015 5:25:11 AM PDT · 27 of 33
    Apple Pan Dowdy to grcuster

    Our Declaration of Independence and Constitution are based on “unalienable rights” that were given to us by our Creator and which the government was formed to protect.

    When we import in people who do not believe in that Creator or “unalienable rights”, then the entire system naturally falls apart. We can only absorb so many of that kind of immigrant, and we have about reached the maximum number.

    I truly believe that uncontrolled immigration is the MOST important issue in this election. If we do not stop this invasion, then getting a handle on the economy, healthcare, taxes, foreign policy, education.... will be a mute point..... because the very definition of “getting a handle on” will have changed to something we will not recognize as freedom.

  • Nicholas II's Doctor, Servants May be Canonized

    10/08/2015 11:26:56 AM PDT · 11 of 12
    Apple Pan Dowdy to NRx

    Yes, NRx, I read that in Wiki too. Just words, no real explanation as to why or how. Millions of people bravely face death, but were not declared “passion bearers”.

    It is said that Nicolas faced his death in a Christ-like manner”. No he did NOT actually. Christ died as a “sacrificial lamb” for your and my sins. Christ went willingly to the cross to accomplish this act of atonement which affords us Grace. Nicolas’s death did in no way atone for anyone’s sin. If you believe he faced death in a Christ-like way, then you really do not fully understand what Christ did when he died on that Cross.

  • Nicholas II's Doctor, Servants May be Canonized

    10/08/2015 11:15:26 AM PDT · 10 of 12
    Apple Pan Dowdy to Campion

    I never said that the Lenin was better than the Tsar, nor do I think the murder of the Tsar and his family was in any way right or good. I was just trying to point out that I have a difficult time imagining how anyone can think of Nicolas as a “Saint” ..... why would this man be elevated to such a position in God’s eyes? And furthermore, declaring this sinful man “Canonized” shows the ridiculousness of the whole Canonization process.

    By the way, you seem to have excuses for most of his brutality. Do you also have an excuse for his anti-Semitic pogroms?

  • Nicholas II's Doctor, Servants May be Canonized

    10/08/2015 11:00:47 AM PDT · 8 of 12
    Apple Pan Dowdy to NRx
    "Actually the Imperial Family are officially considered to be “Holy Passion Bearers."

    Thank you for that info. Can you explain to me exactly what a “Holy Passion Bearer" is and how one attains that title? I am curious. Thanks

  • Nicholas II's Doctor, Servants May be Canonized

    10/08/2015 4:45:49 AM PDT · 2 of 12
    Apple Pan Dowdy to marshmallow

    Oh my..... the Russian Orthodox Church as an odd definition of who they Canonize (or choose as “Saints”).

    They say the Tsar and his family and loyal servants died as martyrs. I assume that means they died for a cause. There is no evidence that the “cause” they died for was Jesus Christ. Their cause was “the Tsar and his rule”. Did he lead a Christ-like life? Wikipedia says, “he was called Nicholas the Bloody because of the Khodynka Tragedy, anti-Semitic pogroms, Bloody Sunday, his violent suppression of the 1905 Revolution, his execution of political opponents and his perceived responsibility for the Russo-Japanese War.”

    So if this is their definition of “Saint” and thus someone who they pray to hoping for intervention with the Savior, just what does that say for the practice of Canonization?

  • The Next Big Science vs. Church Battle: Can Transhumanism and Christianity Co-Exist?

    10/05/2015 6:27:36 AM PDT · 13 of 18
    Apple Pan Dowdy to DannyTN

    Danny in post #11 is right. There are some aspects of “Transhumanism” that are not morally objectionable or anti-Christian. The problems arise when in the hands grossly unmoral society or government this science is used for perverted reasons and with horrific and morally dangerous results.

    For instance:
    (1)Transplanting an eye from a deceased baby to help a living baby see is a good thing. But when greed leads people to encourage painful murder (abortions) (with no regard for the human life they are extinguishing) in order to harvest the eyes to sell them for profit.... it all then becomes morally wrong.

    (2)To some scientists the goal of Transhumanism is Transcendence or to become something other than human. To what are they trying to transcend to? The answer is as old as the forbidden tree in the Garden of Eden, they seek to become “gods”. We already know what our God thinks of this, and what His inevitable punishment for it is. The truth is that no one will become a “god”, that is merely the same lie that Satan told to Adam and Eve. But it is a big enough temptation that when a world government becomes able to convince people that if they, for instance, take the offered nanobot injection they will be invincible and live forever, few people will reject it, and they will become totally controlled.

    If you do not think that Transhumanism is dangerous watch this video of a talk given by Chuck Missler, evangelical Christian, Bible teacher, engineer, and former businessman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkJe9re-8AI

  • Allegations of discrimination will cost Fifth Third $18M

    09/29/2015 6:03:58 AM PDT · 5 of 8
    Apple Pan Dowdy to Verginius Rufus
    "Anyone know where the bank’s name came from?"

    The Bank of the Ohio Valley was bought out in the late 1800s by the Third National Bank. In the 1900s the Third National Bank and the Fifth National Bank merged, and it was called the "Fifth Third Bank."

  • Never mind Muslims ... Can a Catholic be president?

    09/28/2015 4:26:24 AM PDT · 16 of 26
    Apple Pan Dowdy to dfwgator
    "Well there was the IRA."

    Oh YES! You beat me to it. I was just thinking the same thing when I read post #6. Also, I seem to remember something about "the inquisition" as well when protestants were tortured and put to horrible deaths for something as innocent as possessing and reading a Bible or daring to worship the All Mighty God differently than the Catholic Magisterium dictated.

  • Facebook Fail. Anyone else getting the White Screen of Death?

    09/27/2015 6:28:56 AM PDT · 18 of 78
    Apple Pan Dowdy to Lazamataz

    I am in Alpharetta, GA and it’s working fine for me. Try this: http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/

  • ISIS Fears This Story About the Antichrist So Much They Never Mention It to Recruits

    09/27/2015 6:17:53 AM PDT · 17 of 25
    Apple Pan Dowdy to The Final Harvest

    Question: If God's win in the big battle occurs before the Tribulation, then why would there be Tribulation AFTER the battle?

    Doesn't it make more sense that the Tribulation (great trouble or suffering)will happen BEFORE God wins the last great battle? I think theologians agree that the first the Tribulation, and then at the very end of it, the big battle in the Valley of Miggido.

    The remaining question that they do not all agree on is where the Rapture falls (before, during, or at the end of the Tribulation. Personally I want to believe that the Rapture comes BEFORE the Tribulation begins. And there are several reasons that I believe this point because scripture seems to confirm. However, that is entirely a different discussion, so suffice it to just point out to you my point that first the Tribulation, then the Battle of Armageddon.

    I am always ready to hear other opinions, and would like to hear your amswer to my above question.

  • GOP Rep. Peter King: The crazies have taken over the party

    09/27/2015 5:30:59 AM PDT · 72 of 86
    Apple Pan Dowdy to RC one
    You said: "America is a representative Democracy."

    NO! The United States is a Republic. Its citizens elect representatives (the Congress). The founding fathers warned of the problems of democracy and the tyranny of the majority in many early writings. Think of the Pledge of Allegiance, "... and to REPUBLIC for which it stands..."

    You will find no mention of democracy in the US Constitution.

  • Criticism of Glenn Beck here reminds me.

    09/27/2015 4:41:43 AM PDT · 17 of 68
    Apple Pan Dowdy to 1raider1

    Glen Beck cannot be a profit of God when he does not understand who God is. He is a Mormon.

    Mormonism teaches that God the Father has a body of flesh and bones and that Jesus is a creation who was begotten in heaven as one of God’s spirit children (See the book, Jesus the Christ, by James Talmage, p. 8). This is in strict contrast to the Biblical teaching that He is God in flesh (John 1:1, 14), eternal (John 1:1, 2, 15), uncreated, yet born on earth (Col. 1:15), and the creator of all (John 1:3, Col. 1:16-17). Jesus cannot be both created and not created at the same time. Though Mormonism teaches that Jesus is God in flesh, it teaches that He is “a” god in flesh, one of three gods that comprise the office of the Trinity (Articles of Faith, by Talmage, pp. 35-40). These three gods are the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. This is in direct contradiction of the Biblical doctrine that there is only one God (Isaiah 43:10, 44:6, 8, 45:5).

    Because Mormonism denies the Biblical truth of who God is, who Jesus is, how forgiveness of sins is attained, and what the Gospel is, Mormonism is not Christian.

  • Clock Made by Muslim Boy All Part of a Hoax?

    09/24/2015 8:11:27 AM PDT · 11 of 59
    Apple Pan Dowdy to HomerBohn

    One question that I have been wondering about.... news media keeps reporting this as a science project, as if it was part of an assignment. Was doing a project an assignment, or did the kid decide to do this little project on his own out of the blue. Doing it out of the blue would lend some credibility to the hoax theory.

  • Five Things Pope Francis Needs To Know Before He Addresses Congress

    09/24/2015 3:16:59 AM PDT · 12 of 32
    Apple Pan Dowdy to Biggirl
    The biggy, the point that points to the pope's depravity... "Gaia and God are not compatible. If you believe that God sent his only begotten son in order to die on earth for our sins you may have noticed something distinctive about Jesus. He took the form not of a sloth bear or a cockroach or a snail darter but a man. Presumably this is why God gave man dominion over earth. Because by making man in His image He implicitly recognised that mankind was supposed to be top dog. In his encyclical the Pope tries to argue his way out of this."

    The article speaks of his "popularity". Popular among who? Popular among the non-Christians and the watered-down Christians, the feel-good people who want someone to tell them that a pope's blessing can magically wave them into heaven, the people that feel that Christ's WAY to heaven is just too narrow a path for them.

  • Pope Francis Popularity Bridges Great Divides

    09/24/2015 2:59:26 AM PDT · 12 of 36
    Apple Pan Dowdy

    Who, indeed!

  • Ahmed, you didnt build that. Radio Shack sold it. #StandWithAhmed

    09/20/2015 4:20:43 AM PDT · 31 of 54
    Apple Pan Dowdy to libertarian27

    Wildcat, Those normal pencil boxes won’t work. To be Ahmed, you have to use a pencil box that looks like a suitcase so that it looks more like a bomb.

    BTW.... I am wondering if this kid actually had a suitcase pencil box lying around his room, or did he go shopping for one, or maybe did his Dad buy that one for him to use for the hoax?

  • Lawmakers promise best behavior for Pope Francis's visit

    09/15/2015 4:46:52 AM PDT · 3 of 6
    Apple Pan Dowdy to Biggirl
    "The State Department further advises attendees in a papal audience to dress conservatively and in dark colors. Women’s shoulders and elbows must be covered, with hemlines falling below the knees."

    It's one thing to follow this dress code when visiting a Roman Catholic Cathedral or the Vatican. When visiting another's "house" we show respect by following their rules. But in this case the Pope is coming to our "house", why should our congress be made to follow his rules? Though it is acceptable tradition that the congress dress in "formal business" attire, that does not mean (for instance) that elbows must be covered and only dark colors worn.

    Are we as a country already bowing to this man, Francis, and treating him as if he is a god? Does he require this if us, or is the State Department giving him more admiration and nobility worship than he deserves?

    I am all for someone addressing congress to warn America for our growing immorality and wickedness, and advise us to turn back to God and embrace Jesus Christ as our Redeemer. Somehow I doubt that will be the Pope's message. Would the congress allow someone like Billy Graham to give such a message, somehow I doubt that too.

  • 'Strange signs' on Shemitah's final days: One occurred at Ground Zero, another in Mecca

    09/13/2015 4:46:28 AM PDT · 59 of 99
    Apple Pan Dowdy to applpie; Perseverando; steve86
    "...Even going to the point of calling a person a prophet who interprets several patterns..."

    If you listen to Jonathan Cahn you would hear him say that he is WARNING because the signs seem so overwhelming. For months now he has said that the signs seem to point to God's possible judgement.

    He is not calling himself a "profit", just as the guys at the National Hurricane Center are not "profits", yet when they see convincing signs of a hurricane approaching, they warn. They tell people to prepare, board up, maybe even evacuate, and intelligent people listen and act accordingly. If the predicted hurricane does not come ashore, people don't condemn the guys at the NHC of being a false profit and stone them, now do they?

    The signs Cahn speaks of are a warning to us. You can listen and prepare just in case, and that preparation just might be good for you for many other reasons, or you can party-on, make fun of God, think yourself invincible, and risk it all. It's your choice. Personally, I have spent a good deal of time lately on my knees praying that whatever is coming our way, God will prepare me spiritually for it.

  • WAPO: The Clinton campaign puts the moron into oxymoron

    09/12/2015 4:18:00 AM PDT · 17 of 32
    Apple Pan Dowdy to FamiliarFace
    ".....rather than taking a high-paying job after law school"

    I seem to remember that she had a high-paying job as partner in the Rose Law Firm.

  • Investigators: Georgia officer likely shot by other officers

    09/02/2015 4:42:09 AM PDT · 82 of 85
    Apple Pan Dowdy to Half Vast Conspiracy
    Just to give you all a glimpse of what the Dekalb County Police department is like... From an article dated 07/02/2012 titled: "Dekalb County Has a Serious Cop Problem".....
    "Anyone who has dealt directly with Dekalb County cops already knows how these 'officers' 'conduct' themselves. Rude, antagonistic, abusive, and often downright violent, Dekalb County officers have earned a devilish reputation among those they have confronted. These brutish and sadistic cops have jurisdiction over an area containing roughly 700,000 people, which envelops places as diverse as Clarkston, where about 20% of the population lives below the poverty line, and North Decatur, home to Emory, one of the wealthiest university enterprises in the nation. Given recent developments, more and more Dekalb County inhabitants are wondering what to do about their cop problem.

    Dating back to at least 2000, the perfidious acts of Dekalb County thugs have been extravagant in scope and lethal in consequence. In that year, acting Dekalb County Sheriff Sidney Dorsey (1996-2000) murdered the man elected to replace him as sheriff, Deriwn Brown. Dorsey confessed to the murder from jail in 2007.

    A similar top-level turf war exploded years later. In 2003, Terrell Bolton was fired from his position as Dallas County's Chief of Police after myriad corruption scandals, from domestic violence to planting fake drugs on targeted immigrants, all the while crime rates escalated rapidly. Despite this (or because of this?), in 2006, Bolton was given the same #1 spot, Top Dog Police Chief, but this time in Dekalb County, Georgia. Not surprisingly, Bolton's time as leader of Dekalb cops ended in a dangerous, absurd, and costly fiasco. After being investigated for corruption, as active police chief, Bolton hid out in an unregistered RV at Stone Mountain for 9 months.

    In 2009, Dekalb County Sheriff Deputy Derrick Yancey initiated an international manhunt after he killed his wife and another man.

    The above is just the tip of the iceburg. READ MORE
  • Democratic Party shuts their fair booth over Confederate-flag sales

    08/30/2015 5:46:53 AM PDT · 47 of 62
    Apple Pan Dowdy to Secret Agent Man

    Interesting factoid about rainbows.....
    The rainbow is a creation of Almighty God symbolizing His covenant promise and it has 7 colors (remember how we use to learn the acronym ROY G BIV: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet).

    There are 6 colored stripes on the gay pride flag (6 is the spiritual number of Satan while 7 is the number of completion, a number of God). The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of gay marriage came on a Friday – the 6th day of the week, in June – the 6th month of the year, and on the twenty-6th day of June. Satan is thumbing his nose at God, using one of God’s own creations, the rainbow, as a symbol to provoke Him.

  • Book number 8 is launched! 'EMP: Heading Home' is finished.

    08/25/2015 5:29:43 AM PDT · 3 of 26
    Apple Pan Dowdy to Anitius Severinus Boethius

    Where can we buy your books?

  • Edward Snowden:UFOs Come From Ultra-Terrestrial Civilization in Earth Mantle

    08/25/2015 4:20:01 AM PDT · 125 of 129
    Apple Pan Dowdy to UCANSEE2
    "Of course. But we were speaking of Gen. 6. The other sources are even more 'limited'. They don't even use the word Nephilim. Is this not true as well ?"

    You are making the same mistake that the 3 blind men did when they each felt of the elephant and described it differently. They each "saw" just a tiny part of the whole and though that was all there was.

    You have to read all of the Bible, study it verse by verse, precept by precept, and most importantly ask God to give you understanding. Satan has done a very remarkable job hiding this from us, he does not want us to know that he tried to infiltrate earth with the offspring of his fellow fallen angels, that he almost accomplished his goal and would have, but God destroyed them all in the flood and began the earth again with Noah's family. Matthew 24:37 says: "As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man." The scripture is telling us that in those days just preceding Christ's second coming, it will be as in the days of Noah, Nephilim (fallen angel's offspring once again attempting to dominate and many many people obeying and following their evil degenerate nature).

    Matthew 24:37 does not mention the word Nephilim, yet we know what "in the days of Noah" means if we study the scriptures about Noah and the flood..... verse by verse, precept upon precept (by the way, God teaches us the "precept upon precept" lesson in Isaiah 28:10)

    This whole Nephilim topic has been shoved to the back of the burner by our pastors for a long time. They admittedly know the truth, but they hesitate to teach on it for some reason. Perhaps they have been led by God to do so. But more and more of them are seeing that the time is fast approaching that we need to understand this topic. That is why I linked a good video that is well done and based on Bible Scripture and will be a good introduction for you, then you can delve into the Scriptures your self and confirm.

    Here is the link again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zz8_MxcnzY

  • Edward Snowden:UFOs Come From Ultra-Terrestrial Civilization in Earth Mantle

    08/25/2015 3:40:38 AM PDT · 124 of 129
    Apple Pan Dowdy to Reverend Saltine
    "they are not aliens from space"

    I agree that they are NOT space aliens. I said that, and you must not have bothered to watch the video that I linked or you would know that. It was your choice whether or not you watch the video, but please do not comment back pretending to know what my message was if you didn't listen to it.

  • As Hillary implodes, the Democrats have no real Plan B

    08/24/2015 4:25:21 AM PDT · 6 of 30
    Apple Pan Dowdy to lbryce

    This is indeed good news. However we can’t give up the fight and allow Bernie to win.

    Talking to a crowd of young people (20 and 30 somethings)they are all a-fire for Bernie. They think he will crush “Big Business” and bring back the jobs to them (totally not understanding that it is business that provides the jobs.... they don’t see a big difference in what they lump together as “Big Businesses” and “Crony Capitalism which the government allows to much persuasive power to.)

    Nothing I could say to them swayed their minds, as they simply tuned it all out. I said, “Bernie is a communist”, they said, “no, he’s a socialist (as if that is a difference) and the happiest people live in socialist countries like Switzerland, Sweden, UK, Australia.” They are convinced that is true. So sad!

  • Edward Snowden:UFOs Come From Ultra-Terrestrial Civilization in Earth Mantle

    08/23/2015 7:45:26 AM PDT · 101 of 129
    Apple Pan Dowdy to onedoug
    "There is but One God. Not two, or four, nor thousands. There is no evidence whatsoever for a devil in the universe until Man abstracted him from his own mind. And if you think these “beings” come from within the earth, it is your head that is hollow. Not it."

    You must have NOT actually read what I posted.

    1. Where did I ever say or allude to there being more than one God? I am a devout Christian who believes the Bible to be the true and Holy word of the One and ONLY God.
    2. The evidence for Satan (the devil) and his fellow fallen angels is recorded very adamantly in the Holy Bible. It was Satan who tempted Adam and Eve to disobey God, telling them that if they disobeyed then they too could become as gods, and it was a lie. Man didn't abstract Satan, Satan is very real and woe be to the person who is not aware of this truth for that person will be deceived by Satan and led to destruction.
    3. I clearly said that the “beings” we are discussing do NOT come from within the earth, go back and read what I said, I said, "they are not UNDER the earth as Snowden says, although it may appear to some that they are". Perhaps I was not clear enough using the word "under", I meant inside, under, within, etc.The truth is that they are able to move between our dimension and the spiritual realm, just as the angels God sent to bring messages to people such as Peter and Mary (the Mother of Jesus) ..... then I gave you a link to a video that lays out the case much better than I am able to do. I challenge you to watch the video before you further misunderstand what I am saying.
  • Edward Snowden:UFOs Come From Ultra-Terrestrial Civilization in Earth Mantle

    08/23/2015 6:55:45 AM PDT · 96 of 129
    Apple Pan Dowdy to UCANSEE2
    "You said it was covered in the Bible in Gen. 6. I stated that the 'coverage' about the Nephelim in the Bible in Gen. 6 was very limited. This is true, is it not?

    It is true that Gen 6 quickly spoke of the Nephelim as being the result of Fallen angels breeding with human women. But do not think that this is the only reference to this truth found in the Bible, there are others. For instance Jude 1:6 says, "And the angels who did not keep their positions of authority but abandoned their proper dwelling--these he has kept in darkness, bound with everlasting chains for judgment on the great Day."

    To learn more please refer to my post #93 and the link to a video that may be a helpful explanation.

  • Edward Snowden:UFOs Come From Ultra-Terrestrial Civilization in Earth Mantle

    08/23/2015 6:21:36 AM PDT · 93 of 129
    Apple Pan Dowdy to Lazamataz; lbryce; onedoug; Fungi; ConservativeMind; rikkir; Reverend Saltine
    "What it does show me is that demons exist and that spiritual warfare is real."

    I totally agree with Laz on this.

    Make fun of it if you will, however one day the government will announce to us that "aliens" are here and they have come in peace to help us if we obey and bow down to them and worship them. Will YOU fall for their lie, or will you know the truth that "demons exist and that spiritual warfare is real"?

    If you want to learn more about what the Bible has to say about the Nephilim, who they are, where they came from, what is the physical proof we have today, why people confuse them with Space aliens, where they are now (hint: they are not UNDER the earth as Snowden says, although it may appear to some that they are)... this may help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zz8_MxcnzY