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Articles Posted by aquila48

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  • Lil Boosie Says We’re The Worst Race In The World And We Feel Disrespected

    05/02/2015 11:21:03 AM PDT · by aquila48 · 9 replies
    Urban Daily ^ | Oct 2, 2014 | Michael Arceneaux
    I care about Lil’ Boosie only in select locations: the club, the gym, or a drunken state. He’s had a few political musings here and there that I find interesting – i.e. speaking against the Iraqi invasion in “Do The Ratchet – but for the most part, I give not a single damn about his political musings because they’re probably about as valuable as a peso in a Chinese take out spot in the hood. Unfortunately, that is the not the case for everyone else. So, it was with great sadness that I tackle Lil’ Boosie’s audition for #NewBlack currently...
  • Sheriff Joe warns amnesty judge on 'defiant' Obama

    02/27/2015 9:01:59 PM PST · by aquila48 · 4 replies
    wnd ^ | 2/27/15 | BOB UNRUH
    An attorney for Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona’s Maricopa County is asking the judge who ordered federal bureaucrats not to implement President Obama’s amnesty-by-memo plan to order a hearing over the administration’s apparent refusal to abide by the order. A notice and recommendation was filed Friday in the Texas case, which was brought by 26 states, by attorney Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch on behalf of Arpaio, who has his own lawsuit against Obama over amnesty but joined the Texas case in a friend-of-the-court filing. “Several reports indicate that the executive branch under the Obama administration has not complied with...
  • An A-to-Z guide to the new PC

    02/21/2015 12:24:31 PM PST · by aquila48 · 15 replies
    Spectator ^ | 7 February 2015 | Brendan O'Neill
    Anyone who thought political correctness had croaked, joining neon leg warmers, mullets and MC Hammer in the graveyard of bad ideas from the late 1980s and 1990s, should think again. When even someone as gay-friendly and Guardian-hued as Benedict Cumberbatch can be hounded for incorrectness, you know no one’s safe. So what can you say? Here’s an A-to-Z guide to the new PC. A is for America. One-time land of the free, founded by un-PC white dudes partial to a drink and sex with slaves, but more recently the birthplace of identity politics (see under I) and 21st-century taboos (see...
  • March 4, 2014: Dave Barry Learns Everything You Need to Know About Being a Husband From Reading 50 S

    02/14/2015 12:17:19 AM PST · by aquila48 · 26 replies
    Time Mag ^ | March 4, 2014 | Dave Barry
    So I read Fifty Shades of Grey. This is the book written by female British author “E. L. James” that became a huge bestseller, devoured by pretty much every woman on Earth except my wife (or so she claims). I think I might be the only man who read this book. I did it sneakily, hiding the cover, especially when I was on an airplane, which actually is a good place to read this book because you have access to a barf bag. I say this because of the writing style, which is . . . OK, here’s one tiny...
  • The slums of Davos

    01/29/2015 9:54:55 PM PST · by aquila48 · 14 replies
    CNN ^ | January 27, 2015 | Fareed Zakaria
    Video - A fake slum was built in Davos at the gathering of the ultra rich so they could experience poverty first hand during a break from their 7-star vacation.
  • The 9/11 of Freedom of Speech in Europe

    01/11/2015 10:47:43 PM PST · by aquila48 · 5 replies
    Arutz Sheva ^ | January 09, 2015 | Giulio Meotti
    Now Europeans all say "We are Charlie Hebdo". Lies. Lies. Lies. Ask "the invisible". They appeared in a hit list of Islamic terrorism alongside the director of Charlie Hebdo, Stephane Charbonnier, killed in his Paris'office. They are cartoonists, journalists and intellectuals involved in the publication of the cartoons. Today, most of them have become ghosts, untraceable, living in hiding, hidden in some country house, or have retired to private life to defuse the fatwa that branded them, victims of an understandable self-censorship. Yesterday, the director of the Independent, Amol Rajan, had the courage to confess that he decided not to...
  • Why Elizabeth Warren does not equal Ted Cruz

    At the height of the debate over a $1.1 trillion spending bill last week, we examined the similarities and differences between Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who protested the measure from opposite ends of the political spectrum. Later, as the bill approached passage and won approval over the weekend, we saw a key distinction emerge: Cruz was willing to hold up the process to make his point. Warren was not. Warren opposed the bill because of a provision that would relax a restriction on Wall Street banks. In press conferences and Senate floor speeches, Warren spoke out...
  • The bracelet that turns your ARM into a touchscreen

    12/14/2014 2:42:02 PM PST · by aquila48 · 21 replies
    UK Mail ^ | 12 December 2014 | SARAH GRIFFITHS
    From Apple’s forthcoming smartwatch to the Fitbit, there is fierce competition to get consumers hooked on wearable devices. And soon there will be a bracelet that turns your skin into a touchscreen using a tiny built-in projector. Wearers of the of the Cicret bracelet will be able to check an email or watch a film that’s projected onto their forearm, and control the picture by using their skin like a touchscreen.
  • Clever 7-year-old discovers how to bypass Apple’s Touch ID...

    12/02/2014 2:44:39 PM PST · by aquila48 · 47 replies
    Yahoo Tech ^ | December 2, 2014 | Brad Reed
    While we’ve been reading about elaborate hacks of Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint identification system for more than a year now, one clever 7-year-old boy has figured out the simplest way to bypass the system without knowing one line of code. CNN Monday reports that Harrison Green, the 7-year-old son of Johns Hopkins University professor Matthew Green, smartly snuck into his father’s room while he was asleep and...
  • "What A Feeling" - The NEW singing nun

    06/09/2014 11:00:01 PM PDT · by aquila48 · 6 replies
    cnsnews ^ | June 9, 2014
    'What a Feeling' Nun Wins Italy's 'The Voice' Video at link.
  • Poll to Freep - Cinco de Mayo protest, Morgan Hill, CA

    05/04/2014 9:45:58 PM PDT · by aquila48 · 26 replies
    Gilroy Dispatch ^ | April, 2014
    Do you support or oppose the Gilroy-Morgan Hill Patriots group that is planning an American flag-waving rally in front of Live Oak High School on Cinco de Mayo?
  • Hi-tech goggles 'detect cancer cells'

    04/28/2014 12:24:18 AM PDT · by aquila48 · 1 replies
    BBC ^ | 11 April 2014 | Bahman Kalbasi
    A US trial of hi-tech goggles could reduce the need for secondary operations for cancer patients. Surgeons are not always able to tell if they have removed all the cancerous tissues and many patients face a follow-up operation to remove more. The goggles create an augmented reality, showing cancerous cells as glowing.
  • How Italians Learn to Talk

    03/25/2014 9:23:22 PM PDT · by aquila48 · 24 replies
    youtube ^ | Sep 12, 2013 | Trevor Chapman
    If you're in need of a smile on your face - check this out. At a young age (2), Leah is already very aware of her cultural trait of Italian hand speaking.
  • Catholic Group Slams de Blasio for Transition Team’s ‘Insult’

    01/28/2014 1:03:19 PM PST · by aquila48 · 11 replies
    Politiker ^ | 11/21/13 | ROSS BARKAN
    Bill de Blasio might need to say a few “Hail Marys” after his new transition team offended a Catholic group just a day after its announcement. Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, blasted the mayor-elect this afternoon for not including any priests in his 60-member transition team, which was rolled out yesterday afternoon. “Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio announced the appointment of 60 New York leaders to his transition committee. He instructed them to ‘identify women and men from every part of our city and walk of life’ that wants a better New York. He...
  • Do as the Belgians Do? The Country that went 589 Days Without a Government

    10/02/2013 11:18:30 PM PDT · by aquila48 · 3 replies
    TownHall ^ | Oct 02, 2013 | Sarah Jean Seman
    Senate leaders alleged the government freeze could stretch for several weeks, but some countries have weathered even longer deadlocks — take Belgium for instance. Between 2010-11 the democratic country of Belgium was run with no elected government official. While the United States shutdown was caused by dissent over Obamacare funding between the House and Senate, a rift between the Dutch-speaking North and the French-speaking South caused Belgium to go rogue. Given the fact, it seems rather ironic the country’s motto is "Unity Makes Strength.”
  • On Appeasing Envy

    07/30/2013 11:50:04 AM PDT · by aquila48 · 5 replies
    mises.org ^ | July 30, 2013 | Henry Hazlitt
    Any attempt to equalize wealth or income by forced redistribution must only tend to destroy wealth and income. Historically the best the would-be equalizers have ever succeeded in doing is to equalize downward. This has even been caustically described as their intention. “Your levellers,” said Samuel Johnson in the mid-eighteenth century, “wish to level down as far as themselves; but they cannot bear levelling up to themselves.” And in our own day we find even an eminent liberal like the late Mr. Justice Holmes writing: “I have no respect for the passion for equality, which seems to me merely idealizing...

    07/18/2013 10:07:50 PM PDT · by aquila48 · 18 replies
    http://libertygb.org.uk/ ^ | 20 June 2013 | Paul Weston
    Hello. My name is Paul Weston and I am a racist. I know I'm a racist because I'm told I'm a racist by a great deal of people. The hard Left think I'm a racist, the Labour Party thinks I'm a racist, Conservatives think I'm a racist, Liberal Democrats think I'm a racist, the BBC thinks I'm a racist. So I must therefore be a racist. Why am I a racist? It's very simple: I wish to preserve the culture of my country, I wish to preserve the people of my country, and in doing so that makes me a...
  • Impressive Russian Bear

    07/15/2013 11:12:12 AM PDT · by aquila48 · 21 replies
    A respite from all the insanity. Video at link
  • Tour of International Space Station (Fascinating)

    01/29/2013 11:37:18 AM PST · by aquila48 · 9 replies
    Youtube (NASA) ^ | Nov 19, 2012 | Sunita Williams
    In her final days as Commander of the International Space Station, Sunita Williams of NASA recorded an extensive tour of the orbital laboratory and downlinked the video on Nov. 18, just hours before she, cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko and Flight Engineer Aki Hoshide of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency departed in their Soyuz TMA-05M spacecraft for a landing on the steppe of Kazakhstan. The tour includes scenes of each of the station's modules and research facilities with a running narrative by Williams of the work that has taken place and which is ongoing aboard the orbital outpost.
  • Hong Kong parking space prices zoom to record

    11/25/2012 9:29:46 PM PST · by aquila48 · 3 replies
    South China Morning Post ^ | 26 November, 2012 | Ray Chan
    The soaring price of a parking space in Hong Kong is raising fresh concerns that money flowing into the city could further inflate the red-hot property market. Despite a subdued economy and a new 15 per cent stamp duty on non-resident and corporate buyers, prices paid for parking spots in Tai Wai have reached over HK$1.3 million - topping the heights reached by the market before the 1997 property bubble. Some owners of parking slots are reselling newly acquired spaces for profits of up to HK$300,000.
  • Palestinians: Israel demands 15-year lull, Morsi guarantee

    11/18/2012 10:40:54 PM PST · by aquila48 · 14 replies
    Ynetnews ^ | 11/19/12 | Elior Levy
    Some Hamas figures have declared that the ceasefire negotiations have failed, while Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the cessation of rocket fire on Israel is a prerequisite for starting talks, but Palestinian sources who are familiar with Cairo's efforts to broker a truce said it was too soon to announce that the talks have collapsed.... On Sunday senior Fatah official Nabil Sha'ath arrived in the Egyptian capital and met with Hamas politburo chief Khaled Mashaal. Sha'ath said Mashaal informed him that the negotiations have entered a serious stage but expressed doubt that an agreement...
  • Tim Tebow Scores In the Game of Love with Gorgeous Brazilian

    11/06/2012 12:23:45 AM PST · by aquila48 · 15 replies
    Fox News Latino ^ | October 31, 2012
    Tim Tebow is no longer playing the field. The hunky New York Jets' back up quarterback is finally stepping out in public with new girlfriend, actress Camilla Belle. First reported by TMZ, the NFL player has scored in the game of love with the gorgeous Brazilian beauty. The two were spotted on Tuesday in Jacksonville, Fla. in a group outing with friends. Witnesses said the duo was cozy...
  • Couple Endures Death Threat, Vandalism Over Romney Sign

    10/09/2012 2:44:55 PM PDT · by aquila48 · 27 replies
    Godfather Politics ^ | September 28, 2012 | Tad Cronn
    Business owners Dee and Gene Liboff of Woodland Hills, California, just wanted to show their support for Mitt Romney in the coming election by putting up a handmade sign in front of their home. But what they were shown in return is the ugly side of some Obama supporters. Ever since putting up the sign, the Liboffs, who are members of the San Fernando Valley Patriots, have been engaged in a running war with vandals who have cut, pulled down, torn apart and ripped the sign out of the ground. Every time it happens, the Liboffs...
  • Open Your Eyes, SWEDEN (US too!)

    09/24/2012 6:21:08 PM PDT · by aquila48 · 3 replies
    Youtube ^ | Sep 13, 2008 | Sina Tehranchi
    Islam in SWEDEN. Islam is an outdated and now dangerous ideology because highly incompatible with today's values as : secularism, democracy, freedom, justice, peace, equality, science and all religions. Video at link.
  • A word to rioting Muslims

    09/23/2012 10:19:32 PM PDT · by aquila48 · 39 replies
    Youtube ^ | 9/20/12 | pat condell
    We don't care if you're offended, and we never will. Get used to it.
  • CNN obtains journal of slain ambassador....

    09/22/2012 7:31:09 PM PDT · by aquila48 · 30 replies
    yahoo ^ | Wendy Carpenter
    A personal journal belonging to U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens was obtained by CNN, and The Wall Street Journal is reporting that it "broadcast reports based on its contents against the wishes of the Stevens family, according to relatives and State Department officials who were asked to intervene by the family."...... On Wednesday, CNN talk show host Anderson Cooper told Sen. John McCain on "Anderson Cooper 360," that "a source familiar with Ambassador Stevens's thinking told us that in the months before his death he talked about being worried about the never-ending security threats that he was facing in...
  • Alleged US spy crucified in Yemen

    09/16/2012 1:14:16 PM PDT · by aquila48 · 12 replies
    Times of Israel ^ | August 30, 2012 | Staff
    An Al-Qaeda-affiliated group in Yemen crucified an alleged US spy, and posted a video of the crucifixion on YouTube, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) said on Wednesday. MEMRI posted the clip, but only to subscribers and with a viewer discretion warning. The Washington, DC-based media watchdog said the man had been crucified by Al-Qaeda-affiliated Ansar Al-Shari’a for allegedly directing US drones targeting terrorists in Yemen. It said the YouTube clip was posted on Monday.
  • Karzai, Muslim Brotherhood Condemn Anti-Islam Movie (Not Attacks)

    09/12/2012 10:47:44 PM PDT · by aquila48 · 7 replies
    Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Egypt's ruling Muslim Brotherhood Wednesday angrily denounced a U.S.-produced film harshly critical of the Prophet Muhammad, raising fears that a new wave of violent protests will follow Tuesday's attacks on U.S. diplomatic installations in Cairo and Benghazi, Libya. Shortly after news emerged that the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other American diplomats were killed in Benghazi, the Afghan presidential palace released a statement condemning the "desecrating act" by the makers of the film, saying that its release "stoked interfaith enmity and confrontation, and badly impacted the peaceful coexistence between human beings."
  • France eyes layoffs clampdown as unemployment climbs

    07/04/2012 12:51:14 PM PDT · by aquila48 · 17 replies
    Reuters ^ | Jun 7, 2012 | Leigh Thomas
    France's new Socialist government is planning to ramp up the cost of laying off workers for companies in the coming months, its labour minister said on Thursday after data showed the jobless rate hit the highest level this century at 10 percent. President Francois Hollande rode to power in a presidential runoff last month on a promise to tackle soaring unemployment, which has reached the highest level since 1999.
  • Euro 2012: Mario Balotelli blows away his bad boy image with a simple hug

    06/29/2012 11:46:04 PM PDT · by aquila48 · 7 replies
    The Telegraph ^ | 29 Jun 2012 | Jason Burt
    The image of the night in Warsaw on Thursday wasn’t Mario Balotelli ripping off his shirt and, despite his best efforts, failing to keep an ice-cool straight face after he scored the goal of the tournament to take Italy into the final of Euro 2012. It was following the referee’s final whistle. And it involved Balotelli again — of course — as he buried himself deep into the hug of his adoptive mother, Silvia, her face creased in emotion as he whispered that the two goals to defeat Germany were dedicated to her.
  • Hospital closures inevitable and NHS operation rationing will continue, warns think-tank

    06/29/2012 11:23:31 PM PDT · by aquila48 · 4 replies
    The Telegraph ^ | 29 Jun 2012 | Stephen Adams
    NHS patients should expect continued rationing of common operations for years to come, while hospital closures are “inevitable”, according to an influential think-tank. John Appleby, chief economist at The King’s Fund, also warned services in some hospitals could seriously deteriorate due to the impact of the economic crisis. He said it was highly unlikely the NHS budget would be significantly increased in the foreseeable future. Against this grim financial background...
  • Debt crisis: Germany caves in over bond buying, bank aid...

    06/28/2012 11:05:46 PM PDT · by aquila48 · 6 replies
    The Telegraph ^ | 29 Jun 2012 | Bruno Waterfield
    On Thursday night, Italy and Spain plunged an EU summit into disarray by threatening to block “everything” unless Germany and other eurozone countries backed their demands for help. Mario Monti, the Italian Prime Minister, celebrated the agreement, reached in the early hours of Friday, as a “very important deal for the future of the EU and the eurozone”. He could not resist reminding Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, that Italy had also won on the football pitch, by defeating Germany two goals to one for a place in the finals of the European Championship.
  • Euro 2012 SF: Italy 2 Germany 1

    06/28/2012 7:48:50 PM PDT · by aquila48 · 10 replies
    The Daily Star ^ | June 29, 2012 | Kenny Laurie
    Italy took advantage of some woeful German defending to book a date with Spain in the final of Euro 2012, winning 2-1 in Warsaw Thursday. The Italians went into the game as the underdogs but Mario Balotelli’s clinical finishing in a stunning first half was enough to secure Italy a place in Sunday’s final. Only ineptitude by Italy’s attackers in the second half stopped the game from being a total rout as Germany’s defenders put in a horrible performance. Read more: http://www.dailystar.com.lb/Sports/Football/2012/Jun-29/178663-super-mario-downs-inept-germany-sends-italy-to-final.ashx#ixzz1z99bh7hi (The Daily Star :: Lebanon News :: http://www.dailystar.com.lb)
  • Greece under the leftists: Debt-free, well-paid and a proud people

    06/03/2012 10:25:05 PM PDT · by aquila48 · 39 replies
    Gulf Times ^ | 6/4/2012 | AFP/Athens
    No debt repayments, higher salaries and freedom from EU-IMF tutelage: Greece under the radical leftists, who are poised to win a June 17 election, seems a world removed from its current recession nightmare. The Syriza party has pledged to tear up Greece’s loan agreement with the EU and the IMF, which is currently keeping the country on its feet but at the cost of an unprecedented wave of austerity cuts and structural reforms. If implemented, such a programme, which would also mean the nationalisation of banks and a halt to privatisation, could well mean Greece’s ejection from the eurozone, potentially...
  • Man who had 30 kids with 11 women wants child-support break

    05/18/2012 11:29:46 PM PDT · by aquila48 · 19 replies
    LA Times ^ | May 18, 2012 | Rene Lynch
    You have to say this much for Desmond Hatchett: He has a way with the ladies. The 33-year-old Knoxville, Tenn., resident has reportedly set a Knox County record for his ability to reproduce. He has 30 children with 11 women. And nine of those children were born in the last three years, after Hatchett -- who is something of a local celebrity -- vowed "I'm done!" in a 2009 TV interview, saying he wouldn't father more children. But Hatchett is back in the news this week because...
  • Italy Introduces Ferrari on Rails

    05/17/2012 11:23:24 PM PDT · by aquila48 · 8 replies
    Spiegel online international ^ | 04/24/2012 | Hans-Jürgen Schlamp
    Italy's burgundy red Ferrari on rails is finally going into service. Starting on April 28, the "Italo" will travel at speeds of up to 300 kilometers per hour between Milan, Rome and Naples. The new high-speed train is more environmentally friendly and also cheaper than its competitors -- on both the rails and roads.
  • Francois Hollande looks set for French election victory but will markets vanquish him?

    05/06/2012 6:41:00 PM PDT · by aquila48 · 10 replies
    Telegraph ^ | 06 May 2012 | Martin Vander Weyer
    Assuming Francois Hollande triumphs over Nicolas Sarkozy in today's second round of the French presidential election – the odds against a late Sarkozy comeback being very long indeed – then the Socialist victor faces another contest in the very near future. Next he has to take on the opponent that he himself called in campaign speeches "my real adversary, the world of finance". That could be a bitter encounter – though you might not think so from early indications. Markets have been in wait-and-see mode in the run-up to today's poll, as well as the less talked-about general election in...
  • Bay Area's Biggest Wealth Gap Is in Berkeley

    12/28/2011 9:37:51 PM PST · by aquila48 · 25 replies
    The Bay Citizen ^ | November 19, 2011 | AARON GLANTZ
    Berkeley, the leftist city whose University of California campus erupted in protest this week as part of the Occupy Wall Street movement, has the widest gap between rich and poor in the Bay Area, according to recently released data from the Census Bureau. The city that features famous restaurants like Chez Panisse and hilltop mansions with breathtaking views of San Francisco Bay is also one where 10 percent of households subsist on less than...
  • Silvio Berlusconi's top 10 gaffes, japes and pranks

    11/13/2011 7:14:01 PM PST · by aquila48 · 4 replies
    The Telegraph ^ | 11/14/11 | The Telegraph
    10. He advised investors in New York to relocate to Italy because the secretaries were better looking than their American counterparts. "Another reason to invest in Italy is that we have beautiful secretaries ... superb girls." He also told the New York stock exchange: "Italy is now a great country to invest in ... today we have fewer communists and those who are still there deny having been one."

    10/30/2011 8:09:41 PM PDT · by aquila48 · 22 replies
    The Blaze ^ | October 30, 2011 | Madeleine Morgenstern
    A lesbian student was crowned her high school’s homecoming king Friday, a first for the San Diego, Calif. public high school. In fact, Rebeca Arellano, a senior, and her girlfriend Haileigh Adams could be the first lesbian homecoming royal couple in the country if Adams — one of two female students nominated for homecoming queen — is crowned as well.
  • Toyota Develops New Electric Car Battery(1000km per charge)

    10/23/2011 9:57:17 PM PDT · by aquila48 · 49 replies
    The Chosunilbo ^ | 10/24/11 | The Chosunilbo
    Toyota Motor has developed a secondary electric car battery that can last up to 1,000 km per charge, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported Monday. That is five times the energy storage capacity of existing batteries. Toyota came up with the prototype in collaboration with the Tokyo Institute of Technology and the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization. The new battery is based on a solid core and its simplified structure means it does not require fire-retardant materials. It eliminates the disadvantages of lithium-ion batteries, which are based on an easily heatable and combustible liquid core. Toyota plans to improve the battery...
  • Steve Jobs: 'Death Is the Single Best Invention of Life'

    10/06/2011 12:25:33 PM PDT · by aquila48 · 30 replies
    TheStreet.com ^ | 10/06/11 | Marilen Cawad
    When I was 17, I read a quote that went something like: "If you live each day as if it was your last, someday you'll most certainly be right." It made an impression on me, and since then, for the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: "If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?" And whenever the answer has been "No" for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something. Remembering that I'll be...
  • The Lost 1984 Video: young Steve Jobs introduces the Macintosh

    08/26/2011 2:21:03 PM PDT · by aquila48 · 15 replies
    youtube ^ | 1984
    A seminal moment of Steve Jobs' career that defined what he's all about - insanely great! See video at source.
  • Egypt's revolution means nothing if its women are not free

    03/09/2011 12:16:06 PM PST · by aquila48 · 13 replies
    The Guardian ^ | 3/9/11 | Jumanah Younis
    A demonstration commemorating International Women's Day was attacked on Tuesday afternoon in Cairo's Tahrir Square. More than 200 men charged on the women – forcing some to the ground, dragging others out of the crowd, groping and sexually harassing them as police and military figures stood by and failed to act. It was a shocking wake-up call. Even in Tahrir Square, the symbol of Egypt's newfound freedom, it seems that it's going to take much more than a revolution to overhaul the deep-seated misogyny that some Egyptian men so freely and openly impose on the country's female population.
  • The Less Discussed Part of Walker’s Wisconsin Plan: No-Bid Energy Assets Firesales.

    02/21/2011 7:07:08 PM PST · by aquila48 · 25 replies
    Rortybomb ^ | 2/21/2011 | Rorty
    The fight in Wisconsin is over Governor Walker’s 144-page Budget Repair Bill. The parts everyone is focusing on have to do with the right to collectively bargain being stripped from public sector unions (except for the unions that supported Walker running for Governor). Focusing on this misses a large part of what the bill would do.... The bill would allow for the selling of state-owned heating/cooling/power plants without bids and without concern for the legally-defined public interest.
  • Pension reform vote: Views from France

    10/22/2010 10:25:03 PM PDT · by aquila48 · 3 replies
    BBC ^ | 22 October 2010 | Heidi Garnier, Charenton-le-Pont
    The senators approved President Nicolas Sarkozy's plan to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62, following a week of blockades, protests and strikes led by trade unions. Three residents in France give their views on the continuing strikes and the pension reform bill..... ....France seems to be the only country in Europe where people want to retire as soon as they have left nursery school.
  • Taliban warns Dutch government

    10/18/2010 12:14:08 PM PDT · by aquila48 · 18 replies
    A senior Afghan Taliban official has warned of an attack against the Netherlands if its new government implements the agenda of anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders, the Volkskrant daily reported Monday. "If the Netherlands maintains or intensifies its anti-Islam policy, it is certain that the Netherlands will be the target of an attack by a jihadist group," Zabiullah Mujahed, a long-time Taliban spokesman, is quoted as having told the newspaper.
  • ‘No Pressure’: New Environmental Campaign Glorifies Eco-Fascism (DISGUSTING!)

    10/04/2010 5:51:59 PM PDT · by aquila48 · 3 replies
    The Blaze ^ | 10/1/10 | Meridith Jessup
    The people behind the “10:10″ campaign, a movement encouraging people to reduce their carbon consumption by 10 percent in 2010, have been forced to pull their controversial new advertisement from the internet after widespread public outcry. The gruesome 4-minute ad depicts global warming skeptics being literally blown to pieces after their tree-hugging friends insist they’re under “no pressure” to modify their carbon consumption. Warning (via Sad Hill): “Do NOT watch this video if you wish to avoid portrayals of extreme violence, genocide, child murders, demonic practice and terrorism — all in the name of environmentalism.” Video at the link.
  • Ever Wonder How Obama Became President of the Harvard Law Review?

    10/01/2010 10:04:29 PM PDT · by aquila48 · 147 replies
    NYT ^ | February 6, 1990 | FOX BUTTERFIELD
    The Harvard Law Review, generally considered the most prestigious in the country, elected the first black president in its 104-year history today. The job is considered the highest student position at Harvard Law School. The new president of the Review is Barack Obama, a 28-year-old graduate of Columbia University who spent four years heading a community development program for poor blacks on Chicago's South Side before enrolling in law school. His late father, Barack Obama, was a finance minister in Kenya and his mother, Ann Dunham, is an American anthropologist now doing fieldwork in Indonesia. Mr. Obama was born in...
  • Carl Paladino pulls no punches: Pataki's a 'degenerate idiot,'...

    09/21/2010 1:31:31 PM PDT · by aquila48 · 23 replies
    NYDaily News ^ | September 16th 2010 | Douglas Feiden
    Here was Carl Paladino, marching around the state, promising bloody insurrection in Albany - and calling himself heir to the heroic Americans who killed Nazis and Taliban. "I'm the wartime leader," he recently told one hooting, hollering Tea Party crowd in this decaying Rust Belt city. "I'm the Gen. Patton, the Tommy Franks, the Gen. Schwarzkopf . . ." Before he trounced Rick Lazio to become the GOP's candidate of choice for governor in Tuesday's primary, the Daily News went behind the scenes with the mad-as-hell multimillionaire.