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  • Tony Stewart case will be sent to grand jury to determine possible charges

    09/16/2014 1:58:42 PM PDT · 53 of 117
    Arlis to HamiltonJay

    Exactly - Stewart meant to spray him with dirt, but hit the throttle just a bit too soon....that was obvious when it happened. Yes, the kid was culpable too and was stupid to jump out on the track close to Stewart’s car.

    Both were hot-heads fueled by anger, and both are at fault. Don’t think it was murder (intentional), but probably was manslaughter.......

  • Florida spends billions on toll lanes, but public has little input into how money is spent

    09/15/2014 6:17:24 PM PDT · 9 of 16
    Arlis to Carl Vehse

    Quit complaining - you have no state income tax. I’m a Floridian, moved here in Virginia 43 years ago — we have a huge state income tax, county taxes, and more taxes than I can even count. And our state sales tax is almost the same as yours......

    Fla is bad, many more states are worse......

  • What Does the Church Most Need Today?

    09/14/2014 10:31:29 AM PDT · 9 of 11
    Arlis to SoFloFreeper

    This word is right-on. Most of God’s people do not know how to hear from God for multiple reasons: they do not personally know scripture, nor do they have such a close walk with God to hear the leading of His Holy Spirit daily. They are mostly dependent on men, hearing from men who purport to hear from God. Few do.

    John Piper and the late David Wilkerson are examples of those who do.

    To each of the 7 churches in Rev. 2 & 3, the Spirit says, “Let him who has an ear to hear, hear what the Spirit is saying......”

  • Ferguson tragedy becoming a farce

    09/13/2014 6:32:57 PM PDT · 37 of 54
    Arlis to skeeter

    Yup. The fix is in because the media and other liberals, totally for their own ends and purposes, have already lynched the cop, and woe unto anyone who dares present the truth.

    Interesting how the word “lynching” originated with blacks being tried and executed based solely on rumor and a made up narrative - and now it applies not to blacks, but to whites.

    Of course, the libs would say this is only poetic justice.......

  • (Personal Defense) Do You Think the M&P Pro Series CORE is Ideal for Your Nightstand?

    09/05/2014 5:28:15 AM PDT · 7 of 38
    Arlis to ThunderSleeps

    You copied my BR - exactly.......when did you sneak in? Cept the Mossberg has all #2 shot. Good plan, isn’t it?

  • Jury reaches verdict in case against Bob and Maureen McDonnell

    09/04/2014 12:39:39 PM PDT · 68 of 73
    Arlis to kabar

    Not going to argue, your points are well taken.

    But if he were a liberal, they would have ignored him unless there had been more direct evidence and major corruption........

    Good luck with seeing the same standards applied to Dems........

  • Jury reaches verdict in case against Bob and Maureen McDonnell

    09/04/2014 12:11:12 PM PDT · 49 of 73
    Arlis to messierhunter

    I’m shocked - but agree with the rest of your statement - the fix was in.....O himself may have had a hand in this.......

  • Jury reaches verdict in case against Bob and Maureen McDonnell

    09/04/2014 12:10:15 PM PDT · 45 of 73
    Arlis to messierhunter


  • Jury reaches verdict in case against Bob and Maureen McDonnell

    09/04/2014 12:03:31 PM PDT · 34 of 73
    Arlis to Arlis

    Color me WRONG. Guilty on Counts 1 -3, more coming.......

  • Jury reaches verdict in case against Bob and Maureen McDonnell

    09/04/2014 11:50:43 AM PDT · 18 of 73
    Arlis to ScottinVA

    McDonnell was naive and blind, but never gave Williams anything. He’s truly a good man and I believe innocent.

    Maureen is an immature, self-centered woman who was out for herself doing a lot of stuff behind her husband’s back. Messed up big, she is, she did. For all her stupidity, she succeeded in getting her sad life displayed before the world. My wife nailed her when this first came up.

    Williams is the real crook who got off scott-free for turning witness for libs that have been out to get any top VA Repub.

    Expect an innocent verdict. Yes, McDonnell’s were stupid. Not a crime.

  • Victoria Osteen and Her Joy-Robbing Brand of Cheap Christianity

    09/03/2014 12:23:40 AM PDT · 84 of 300
    Arlis to PapaNew

    Ah, dear friend - there is much truth in what you say. But it is a very shallow description of the truth.

    The clarification that is needed is that there are two kinds of happiness/blessing.

    One is that which the the unbeliever, the world knows. It is a blessing and happiness that comes from one’s circumstances and is dependent on material things, externals, and even very good things like family and friendships. Health and wealth.

    Jesus blew that definition of happiness and blessing to smithereens in Matt. 5:3 - 12 and the corresponding verses in Luke. His whole point was that the blessing and happiness of God was of another realm, and a result of the relationship with God Himself - and not due to circumstances. The religious Pharisees had their understanding of blessing and happiness - defined by externals. Jesus clearly destroyed this view.

    What He communicated in these verses is repeated throughout the NT - “Silver and gold have I none - but such as I have give I thee .....rise up and walk.....” Paul & Silas singing in jail where they possibly faced torture and death.

    In fact, Jesus mildly rebuked John the Baptist when, imprisoned, not knowing what he faced, waivered in his faith in the Lord to where he asked, “Are you really the Messiah?” after having proclaimed his Messiahship loudly and strongly for a long time. John’s mindset had apparently become, “How could this be happening to me if Jesus really is the Messiah? This isn’t what I expected....” To which Jesus responded, “Blessed is he who is not offended in Me....”.......when things don’t turn out like you expected, and the going gets rough.

    Was John blessed? Yes. Happy? No. Were Paul & Silas blessed? Yes. Happy? Yes - but only in the Lord. Not based on circumstances which change like the wind. Sometimes we are happy due to externals - sometimes the externals make typical happiness impossible.

    Are we still blessed in the Lord if everything is going wrong? Yes. We are blessed with every blessing that is in Christ. It’s a fact.

    There is no man alive more blessed than I am. Above and beyond imagination. But not because of my circumstances. Because I am in Christ, and am one of His beloved’s.

    The error is to equate what the world and unbelievers call happy with what the NT calls happy - blessed.

    Paul wrote of once despairing even of life itself, and “to this present hour we are both hungry and thirsty, and are poorly clothed and are roughly treated, and are homeless.” II Corin. 4:7-10 is revealing of true blessedness: “ But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the surpassing greatness of the power may be of God, and NOT of ourselves; we are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not despairing; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed, always carrying about in the body the dying of Jesus, THAT THE LIFE OF JESUS ALSO MAY BE MANIFESTED IN OUR BODY.”

    This is the blessedness and happiness of the kingdom of God, not the kingdom of this earth.

    Even more are described in the Hebrews 11 “hall of faith” who wholly contradict the shallow, worldly view of happiness and blessedness (36-39), after a list of those who lived great victories of faith that we all want to live and be - a list that turns to faith and blessings of another kind: “and others experienced mockings and scourgings, yes, also chains and imprisonment. They were stoned, they were sawn in two, they were tempted, they were put to death with the sword; they went about in sheepskins, in goatskins, being destitute, afflicted, ill-treated (men of whom the world was not worthy), wandering in deserts and mountains and caves and holes in the ground. And ALL THESE, HAVING GAINED APPROVAL through their faith, DID NOT RECEIVE WHAT WAS PROMISED.” They received it not in this life - but in the next.

    In fact, this passage best describes the life of our Lord Jesus - our example. Yes, He never ceased to be blessed and happy - except perhaps in Gethsemane and on the cross - but He was always in the center of His Father’s will.

    A whole different aspect too long to address is the groaning and agony that are the calling and the life of an intercessor before God who cries out to Him day and night over either the lost in the world or over the terrible, sad condition of God’s church today that has no spiritual depth or character, that lives and looks just like the unbelieving world, that is dominated by leaders who lust for power, position, control and glory like Diotrophes who “loved first place among the brethren.” Such people literally agonize in prayer because they share the very agony found in God’s heart for His own. Is this the “happiness” as defined by the world?

    No. The “happy and blessed” of the New Covenant is something completely different from and in contrast to the world’s definition of the word.

  • Israel Might Be Forced To Destroy Hamas

    09/02/2014 7:04:24 PM PDT · 22 of 32
    Arlis to blueyon

    Here’s the problem: a majority of the Palestinians (Arabs - never were a people called that, and Palestine was a region of Arabs, never more....) have a Hamas mindset. Their beliefs and culture breed and multiply the Hamas mindset.

    Thus, Israel would have to literally destroy the majority (80%?) of the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians.

    If they did that, the world would then unanimously converge on attacking Israel for genocide......not just verbally, but with armies.

    Sounds like Armageddon, no?

  • Beck: Hillary 'Will Be the Next President of the United States'('Nobody Remembers Reagan')

    09/02/2014 6:41:39 PM PDT · 54 of 143
    Arlis to LucianOfSamasota

    Ditto -

    The issue here isn’t Beck, but what he said and the basis for his saying it.

    Our nation - apart from divine intervention - is gone. As Rush said, we now have 3 generations of voters brainwashed from kindergarden in Marxism/atheism, dumbed down who haven’t a clue to what’s beyond their text messages and tweets, movies and video games. What little news they get is from other Marxists/atheists. The ‘12 election proved that, and it’s only worse now.....

    Add to that the fact that the Repubs are liberals lite or conservative wimps with few exceptions like Cruz & Lee.....but so fragmented and leaderless that they don’t have a hope. And they are likely to renominate Romney. Or Jeb Bush.

    Yes, our populace is dumb enough to put Hillary in office.

  • Victoria Osteen and Her Joy-Robbing Brand of Cheap Christianity

    09/02/2014 6:29:34 PM PDT · 21 of 300
    Arlis to Gamecock

    NOWHERE in scripture can it be found that God wants us to be “happy”!

    He does want us to find all our joy and satisfaction in Him, in knowing Him, having a relationship with him.

    That may end in my death - not my happiness! John the Baptist nailed it when he said, “May He increase and may I decrease...” - not knowing that his decrease would be the ultimate decrease - death.

    To see a proper perspective on the joy of knowing Christ I think of two great books: John Piper’s “Desiring God” and Chuck Colson’s “Loving God”. Both solid, scripture-based perspectives of what God is after including what was done on the cross in our the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus.

    The Olsteen gospel is truly a false gospel........with bits of truth mixed in........

  • Why I Will Start Social Security At Age 62

    09/01/2014 8:01:17 AM PDT · 9 of 141
    Arlis to shove_it

    When 61 I ran the numbers and clearly it’s to your advantage to take it early for multiple reasons.

    Waiting until 65 did not benefit until I reached age of 75, and then only marginally so. You have to live well into your 80’s for it to really pay - and who has that guarantee? No one.

    If you are very active, which I am, you will need more income in late 60’s/early 70’s than in your 80’s.

    Add to all that the chance that SS will either become worthless because of inflation or a complete failure of the SS system itself, and one takes a huge risk to wait instead of taking what you can at 62.

    There is no guarantee of tomorrow, and the instability of our SS system’s sources of funding say - take it sooner rather than later. There may be no “later”, or “later” could be a mess.

    Just my opinion, of course.......

  • Basic Mechanisms of a Fire Control Computer (1950's Navy Training Film)

    08/31/2014 6:00:36 AM PDT · 33 of 42
    Arlis to DemforBush

    One son is Fire Control officer in Navy, another a civil engineer, another a multi-degreed computer genius/software engineer, another a pilot working on advanced ratings and A&P license (aircraft mechanic), and another an advanced manager/electrical contractor.

    All will greatly appreciate this! Thanks! As Dad was a Navy officer in WWII, wish he were here to see it too......

  • Plane crashes into Atlantic Ocean off Virginia coast

    08/31/2014 5:27:20 AM PDT · 37 of 46
    Arlis to Moonman62

    I was just repeating what the instructor told me......

    Yes, 172 is great plane to fly and to learn to fly in - very forgiving with the CG below the wing. Son got his ticket in one and that’s what he’s using to get his advanced ratings......great view too! My uncle instructor checked me out flying one from Gainesville to the Bahama’s a thousand years ago......

    But since I learned in low-wing singles, it’s funny how I have always felt a tad more secure in a low-wing than high-wing - not technically true of course. Just like the feeling of a wing beneath me - but love the visual pluses of the low wing.

  • Plane crashes into Atlantic Ocean off Virginia coast

    08/30/2014 5:41:19 PM PDT · 17 of 46
    Arlis to Steely Tom

    Yes - and at $650k each, a very expensive plane - I know a Cirrus instructor.......and the parachutes have saved the planes and their passengers several hundred times......when I said the planes must have a high failure rate, he pointed out that actually the failure rate was exceptionally low.....

  • Waldo cops say they've been under ticket quota by Chief Mike Szabo

    08/30/2014 6:40:57 AM PDT · 19 of 79
    Arlis to The Working Man

    Lived in Gainesville, then Virginia. Even up here everyone knows about the Waldo speed traps - there are even billboards on 301 north and soutn warning - “Waldo - Speed Traps ahead!” No excuse for getting a ticket there.

    Warned my kids many times on their trips to see grandpa and grandma in So. FLA, but some had to leard dad was right the hard way.

    Florida got so sick of Waldo cops they jumped on them with laws.

    But Walso isn’t the only one - just the worst. Every town on 301 between I-10 and Ocala is a radar trap......but the local logging trucks have a free pass or pay the cops because they ignore the limits......

  • Army quits tests after competing rifle outperforms M4A1 carbine

    08/29/2014 6:36:01 AM PDT · 35 of 72
    Arlis to sten

    Incredible. But still think the impact energy on vital organs would be lethal from a .50cal due to the massive energy.

    Only way to test that would be on a pig perhaps.....

  • So, Really, Where Is The .22 Rimfire Ammo?

    08/29/2014 5:12:09 AM PDT · 28 of 65
    Arlis to MikeinMotley

    Mike - many thanks......

  • So, Really, Where Is The .22 Rimfire Ammo?

    08/29/2014 5:08:48 AM PDT · 27 of 65
    Arlis to MikeinMotley

    Saw 550 rnd. bricks at last weekends gun show for $55.00 and said, “no way I’m paying that price. I’ll just keep checking Walmart.....”

    Guess I shoulda grabed a couple boxes......

  • Rick Perry: Flip Senate control to GOP to solve problems

    08/29/2014 4:41:08 AM PDT · 10 of 25
    Arlis to afraidfortherepublic

    As Rush so well pointed out yesterday, the Repubs winning in Nov. does nothing. Like scoring a first down when your team is down 49 -0.

    Without a strategic plan, nothing will happen. The Dems have a determined strategic plan: socialism/destroy the Constitution. The Repubs see no further than winning the next election.

    Our nation desperately needs a conservative leader with vision and a plan - and more than anything, who can communicate that to the public and win hearts and minds.

    I don’t see him or her out there....

    If they do win the Senate, then what? Probably nothing. Probably just make enough of the population mad to vote the Dems back in with a Dem president in ‘16.

    Apart from divine intervention, our nation is pray for divine intervention......

  • Army quits tests after competing rifle outperforms M4A1 carbine

    08/29/2014 4:34:20 AM PDT · 16 of 72
    Arlis to sten

    Anything that would stop a .50 cal would have to take all that energy and the impact alone would probably destroy all bones and organs within a 12” or greater radius - I’d think.........

  • Report: Hamas Leader Haniyeh Hospitalized

    08/27/2014 7:19:08 PM PDT · 4 of 22
    Arlis to holden

    Mossad needs to poison each of the Hamas leaders.

  • ‘Sons of Guns’ canceled after Will Hayden’s daughter accuses him of rape

    08/27/2014 7:17:39 PM PDT · 16 of 21
    Arlis to Blood of Tyrants

    Ditto. An arrogant jerk.

  • 5% continues to support 100% of FR

    08/27/2014 7:10:51 PM PDT · 36 of 533
    Arlis to ButThreeLeftsDo

    Spent a decade as a grateful lurker, then became a member. Another decade before I felt brave enough to post.

    And then I became convicted that I was taking, but not giving, to one of the most important websites in the world. I happily repented and have become a monthly supporter.

    Please consider doing the same - even if it’s a small amount. It quickly adds up.

    Thank you Jim for your hard work, and your son’s too.

  • Stop the assault on salt

    08/27/2014 10:57:47 AM PDT · 7 of 24
    Arlis to jmaroneps37

    Anecdotal stories prove nothing and can be found as “evidence” for almost anything.

    That being stated, mine is that I am almost 70, have been a salt-a-holic all my life, and my avg. BP is 117/75, and liver is tested regularly with no evidence of any issues ever there.......

    Sure, excessive salt surely has a negative effect on some.

    Everyone? I doubt it..........

  • Why Israel's bombardment of Gaza neighborhood left US officers 'stunned'

    08/27/2014 10:46:08 AM PDT · 55 of 62
    Arlis to epow

    We’re on the exact same page, bro.........

  • Why Government Researchers Think We May Be Living in a 2D Hologram

    08/27/2014 7:35:32 AM PDT · 24 of 40
    Arlis to Ghost of SVR4

    Scripture clearly communicates that we live in a spiritual world that cannot be seen or known by the 5 senses, and occasionally God gives glimpses into that world. II Kings 6:16,17. But most of us know it’s there.

    C. S. Lewis and others have suggested that there actually may be 5 or more dimensions to reality.

    NOTE: For Christians to say they can “feel” God’s presence, I believe that to be not true most of the time. God is spirit said Jesus, and spirit cannot be sensed by the 5 senses. Much of what is attributed as being feeling God’s presence is nothing more than man’s feelings which are never a reliable source of information for anything. Feelings always are a result of something. One cannot “feel” God’s presence any more than one can taste it or see it.

    That’s not to say God cannot be sensed - but it is almost always in the Spirit, by the Holy Spirit, and not in the realm of the 5 senses. Unless there is a physically manifest presence as in Acts 2 where it was outwardly seen, known and experienced by all......also in Acts 4 at the end. Another example is I Kings 19:12, 13. God does speak audibly at times.

  • Why Israel's bombardment of Gaza neighborhood left US officers 'stunned'

    08/27/2014 5:54:34 AM PDT · 19 of 62
    Arlis to bert

    Simply the liberal mindset of how to wage (and lose) war. No such thing existed in WWII - it was win or die.

    Israeli’s know that’s the situation with Hamas - win or die.

    We are doomed trying to fight wars under liberal rules of engagement and if things ever get bad for us, we’ve already lost with this mentality.

    Just like the shooting in Ferguson - cop shot Brown too many times. No, he shot him until the threat no longer existed as cops are properly trained to do.

    Only God can save this nation at this point........

  • On the Death of My Father

    08/26/2014 6:29:29 AM PDT · 21 of 26
    Arlis to Kaslin

    Prager is one of my favorites. Incredible insight and wisdom.

    And now we see where it originated.

    My parents closely parallelled his. Dad born 1917, died in his sleep peacefully with no disease other than a bad memory at 93, loved my mom above all for almost 69 years....told her he loved her every day - and was a model for me to do the same. He also was WWII Navy, becoming a Captain in the reserves.

    I wasn’t going to say much at his funeral, but in preparing, I realized what God had given me as never before. My dad wasn’t just a good man, a moral man, a man of deep character that was beloved by almost everyone who knew him. Everyone respected him.

    He was a great man. Yes. Great. I’d eulogize him all over again, but this isn’t the forum for that. It’s enough to say, he was a great man. Only the grace of God that I would have such a father.

    We had our issues, battles, misunderstandings and more. But the last 3 years were perfect and made up for the rough ones.

    I tried to get him to tell his story with someone else doing the recording, but he never did it. I wish he had.

    This thread pushes me to tell my kids my story since I am now pushing 70......

  • Could Key West Reach the Ferguson Flashpoint?

    08/24/2014 6:17:23 AM PDT · 51 of 87
    Arlis to Elle Bee

    I agree. Was just trying to make a point on how ridiculous things have become.

    Now it’s whites being lynched by blacks.....all in the name of justice.....

  • Could Key West Reach the Ferguson Flashpoint?

    08/24/2014 5:49:08 AM PDT · 43 of 87
    Arlis to Elle Bee

    I have a simple solution - tho admittedly it may be logistically difficult to implement.

    Only have black police officers police in black communities..........

  • What Is The Real Danger To Black People?

    08/15/2014 7:39:08 AM PDT · 31 of 64
    Arlis to Citizen Zed

    Someone needs to do the stats on:

    Blacks murdered by blacks
    Blacks murdered by whites - then for fun, add all blacks shot by white cops to see what that number is

    Whites murdered by whites
    Whites murdered by blacks

    At least that might put it all in perspective - though facts won’t change one liberals mind - regardless of race......

  • Paramount launches flight trials with low-cost AHRLAC (South African aircraft)

    08/13/2014 6:49:32 AM PDT · 4 of 9
    Arlis to Bobalu

    My dad had a “push-me/pull-you” 337 after many years/hours in an Apache and Twin Commanche - only because he couldn’t find a co-owner for either of those when he moved from one part of the country to another and wanted a twin.

    He had every rating possible for years and didn’t need it’s “no critical engine” benefit at all, but the 337 was a fun airplane for sure.

    Clearly they took a lot of points from it leaving out the front engine probably for weapons purposes......

  • Woman fired from Black Educators Association because she was ‘not really black enough’

    08/12/2014 1:36:00 PM PDT · 21 of 26

    His father was not African-American. He was African.

  • Feds arrest 4 Israelis for manufacturing $77 million in fake bills

    08/12/2014 7:00:10 AM PDT · 6 of 31
    Arlis to SoFloFreeper

    Sign at local (east coast) popular ice cream shop:

    “We no longer accept $100 bills due to the large number of counterfeits in circulation.”

    Wondering who pays for ice cream cones with $100 bills???????

  • Rand Paul: Traditional marriage has been ‘the foundation for civilization for thousands of years’

    08/12/2014 6:56:19 AM PDT · 7 of 41
    Arlis to wagglebee

    To destroy society, destroy the family.

    To destroy the family, destroy marriage....

    To destroy marriage, either make it unnecessary it. Doing BOTH does it best.

    Communists knew this and planned it in the ‘40’s......or earlier......

  • CNN's Don Lemon Agrees With Bill O'Reilly: 'He Doesn't Go Far Enough' In Criticizing Black Culture

    08/12/2014 6:50:25 AM PDT · 2 of 44
    Arlis to grundle

    Listed in reverse order of importance.......IMHO........

  • More Bad News for the Middle Class and Their Health Care

    08/07/2014 7:03:07 AM PDT · 19 of 42
    Arlis to tanknetter

    Yes, for sure.

    I’d think the protestation would be to get gov. out of healthcare - but my friend in the business and all those he knows in healthcare (mostly docs) are pretty convinced the dominant cry will be for single payer - the original goal of O and his Marxist comrades everywhere.......

  • More Bad News for the Middle Class and Their Health Care

    08/07/2014 7:00:31 AM PDT · 17 of 42
    Arlis to Oberon

    This will be true of those with more $$$ for sure, but the average citizen on average income probably won’t consider it.

  • More Bad News for the Middle Class and Their Health Care

    08/07/2014 6:43:55 AM PDT · 7 of 42
    Arlis to Hojczyk

    Further support for what is exposed in this article:

    A good friend has done quite well in the joint-replacement business with the #1 supplier of artificial joints. Business is WAY down.

    Reason: middle class and older citizens are avoiding joint replacement because of the high deductibles. They are getting this straight from their clients - the docs and the hospitals.

    He’s predicting a huge even greater decrease in business in January when all the Obamacare insurers jack their rates up to where many of their market clients will not have the surgery simply because they cannot afford it.

    He expects an outcry from the population that will demand a single-payer solution.

    Put your seatbelts on.

  • Michelle Obama: ‘Women are smarter than men’

    08/06/2014 2:16:58 PM PDT · 66 of 132
    Arlis to chessplayer

    PROVING that she is wrong and isn’t smarter than a man.

    She’s a brain-washed Marxist idiot. Anyone with a 99 IQ knows some women are smarter than some men and vice versa - and that intelligence is not related to sex. Her statement proves her wrong in itself.

  • Ebola Doc's Condition Downgraded to 'Idiotic'

    08/06/2014 2:09:16 PM PDT · 77 of 160
    Arlis to austinaero

    Yes, Ann has lost it. Ok, if the doc saved 4 lives of patient’s that had Ebola, how much is each of those lives worth? Huh?

    You cannot place a value on human life. If he saved one, it was worth the money.....

  • Theology Question

    08/01/2014 2:57:14 PM PDT · 23 of 64
    Arlis to MNDude

    God the Father did NOT abandon the Son in His crucifixion: “God was IN CHRIST, reconciling the world to Himself......”

    Jesus the Son, by choice limiting Himself to human flesh (as He still is now), lost the AWARENESS of His Father’s presence for the first time in eternity, thus crying out, “Father, why hast Thou forsaken Me?”. The Father and Son were never separated as many teach. The Father was with the Son through the whole of His crucifixion, death, burial - and resurrection.

    Did the Father experience pain through the suffering of His Son?

    I doubt it not, though indeed there is no “proof-text” of scripture to verify this. At the same time, Isaiah says, “But the Lord was pleased to crush him, putting him to grief....”, but the reason is explained in the following verses after 53:10, as the Father foresaw the fruit of His Son’s death - the redeeming of mankind and the exaltation and glorification of His Son.

  • Theology Question

    08/01/2014 2:47:04 PM PDT · 19 of 64
    Arlis to miserare

    Scripture is FULL of God expressing His emotions! Too many to list here......any student of scripture knows this.

    Emotions originated in Him and as man is created in His image, He had emotions first. Only He is pure and holy, and his emotions not affected by sin or a sinful nature. Our emotions are often - but not always - due to our sinful nature.

  • Does God Harden Human Hearts?

    08/01/2014 5:29:14 AM PDT · 17 of 22
    Arlis to Tax-chick

    Absolutely right-on.

    While God is incomprehensible, He has indeed revealed Himself in scripture - but primarily in His Son - who is the full revelation of who He is.......

    Because He is God, there is much more to Him than we can comprehend, and indeed, scripture says it will take all of eternity for Him to reveal Himself to us.....

    But the revelation that we now have in scripture and the Lord Jesus are all we need.......for this life.......and there are volumes more that He wants to reveal to us here and now, just as Paul wrote in Philippians 3:9 ff........

    As someone said, we can have as much of God as we want........

  • How Ebola could head out of Africa

    08/01/2014 5:24:09 AM PDT · 16 of 25
    Arlis to Fai Mao

    My thought exactly.......

  • Does God Harden Human Hearts?

    08/01/2014 4:48:11 AM PDT · 12 of 22
    Arlis to trebb

    Read Romans 1:18 - 32. Seems it gives some clarity to the issue.

    Continuing in sin once warned by God (as Moses warned Pharoah) results in a hardening of one’s heart - a willful blindness perhaps. God made man this way - the more he resists any revelation from God - the blinder he becomes, and the harder his heart becomes.

    The converse is also true. The more one receives revelation from God, and acts upon it, the more light is given to one.

    Did God have an active part in this? Scripture clearly says so. BUT, it does not exclude man’s part. And his reaction to God’s truth (light, revelation) will always bear the fruit of man’s reaction.

    What is God’s part and what is man’s part is a mystery that we probably will never comprehend until we see His face and are with Him.

    Our insisting on comprehending something beyond us results in our taking one of two sides: The hyper-Calvinist ultra-predestination view, or its opposite - that man decides everything. Both are error. If they exclude the other.

    Scripture clearly presents both as being concurrently true, and our finite minds cannot comprehend this.