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  • McDonald's launches all-day breakfast on Oct. 6

    09/02/2015 7:22:21 AM PDT · 19 of 61
    Arlis to Catsrus

    Ditto. And my stomach doesn’t wake up until 10am so when I do want to hit MickeyD’s, I’m always pressed to get there before the breakfast menu disappears.

    So this is really good news for me, tho I only eat breakfast there once a week - or less.......

    Love their Bacon, Egg & Cheese biscuit w/OJ, or their best-bang-for-the-buck Big Breakfast w/o hotcakes.....

  • Questions on Acts 4

    09/02/2015 7:14:49 AM PDT · 4 of 5
    Arlis to LearsFool

    The Bible, being a spiritual book, is locked and cannot be unlocked by the human mind - by itself. I Corin. 2:6 - 16. That is until the Holy Spirit gives light, revelation and understanding. The natural man cannot understand that which is spiritual.

    God is spirit (John 4), and only the Holy Spirit reveals Him to fallen man. This is why Paul so often spoke of the need for revelation, e.g., Eph. 1:15 - 17, and how he only came to his understanding of thing by revelation.

    This is why for the believer who continues to seek the Lord, the Bible never ceases to give new insights (NOT new “truth”) into who God is, who Jesus Christ is, and all that was done on the cross and the depths of His love for us. We will never know God fully, and it will take all eternity for Him to reveal Himself to us. Yes, when we see Him face-to-face, we will know Him in a fuller sense - but still, as He is God, His depths are infinite.

    So even we who know the Lord must always, when reading scripture, approach His word humbly, confessing our need for the Holy Spirit to open the “eyes of our understanding”, depending wholly on the Holy Spirit to teach us and let us see what is hidden from the natural eye and the natural mind.

    Much trouble has come in Christendom from men approaching and using scripture with their minds apart from the Holy Spirit - with the most common result being division amongst God’s people......”I have the truth......and you don’t......”, or “I see, and you don’t...” being the attitude. Like that of the Jews & Pharisees in John 9:39 - 41.

  • End all skin-color-based favoritism

    09/01/2015 5:30:05 AM PDT · 11 of 19
    Arlis to rktman

    Guess what?

    If every black was given $100,000, forever afterwards there would be incessant complaints........that it wasn’t enough....and should have been double that amount.

    And it one year 99% of the money would be gone.......and many would be begging for more........

  • If no classifieds on her server, where did she receive classified docs?

    09/01/2015 5:24:08 AM PDT · 24 of 42
    Arlis to Former MSM Viewer


    Over a month ago I heard an elderly woman point this out to Rush - and since then no one has picked this up - it’s the giant-killer question - someone has to ask her!

    “Mrs. Clinton - as Secretary of State, it was your duty and responsibility to daily handle known and marked classified material.

    If you didn’t handle this on your server, on what server did you handle it?”

    She’ll melt like the wicked witch she is if anyone asks this.........praying someone will step up to the plate.......


    08/31/2015 5:50:47 AM PDT · 108 of 116
    Arlis to exit82

    There is so much more.......getting married is “white”, so it is unacceptable for a black to do that - having many women and children by many women is a desirable; having children out of wedlock is desirable - to collect gov. money and get your EBT card; dropping out of school and getting bad grades is desirable - it’s whites that don’t do that; and so on.

    A young man I have been working with for about 15 years, now 30, still spends a lot of time in the hood where he does tats (he’s an artist) tells me how he’s always arguing with his friends there because they all believe all whites are racists. He knows better.

    But he can’t change their minds. The last 6 years have done more to destroy racial harmony in our nation than anything in our nations history since the Civil War - and it all lies at the feet of O and his buddies like Sharpton, Jackson and the MSM......the murder of that Houston cop and the reporters here in Virginia are things that will soon become normal - the stirred up anger in the black communities is off the chart........


    08/30/2015 5:42:31 PM PDT · 42 of 116
    Arlis to exit82

    Are you serious? You really don’t know why?

    It’s their way of giving the finger to the white world. Began even before turning baseball caps backwards many years ago, and every year the message sent has to be stronger than the year before.

    I say this with a deep love for my black brethren, having lived in the hood myself working with them, and continuing to work with them in many different ways.

  • Sciatica

    08/30/2015 5:34:04 AM PDT · 132 of 145
    Arlis to Maine Mariner

    Please see a doctor. Or good chiropractor first.

    I’ve had 3 back surgeries for sciatica and have been free from pain since 1992 - I’m 70.

    First and most severe case was successfully dealt with by a good chiro whose treatment had me well in 30 days. Pain was so severe I couldn’t walk one step as 10,000 volts would shoot up my leg to spine. He did something I’ve never found any chiro to duplicate, but said he used my tendons & muscles along my spine to push a bulging disc back into place. Like the Chinese finger tube that gets tighter the harder you pull it. All I know is it worked. Right leg.

    Years later I ruptured a disc pinching the nerve in my left leg. No chiro could fix it, and none knew of the method used by the first one. Osteopaths couldn’t fix it. Steroid injections couldn’t fix it.

    Swore no doc would ever touch me with a knife as I had tennis friend who had 3 back surgeries in a year and was left a cripple in a wheelchair. But I learned from him - never let an orthopedic surgeon cut you when dealing with nerves. Find the best neurosurgeon experienced with sciatica. BTW, I accused my friend of not telling me that sciatica was contagious as I had gotten mine from so much time visiting him in the hospital. ;-)

    Eventually I had to have surgery - couldn’t sleep - and you can only go without sleep for so long. I found the best neurosurgeon for sciatica in the area, and was walking without pain a few hours after surgery.

    The pain came back 4 years later, again, I tried everything but surgery - with each successive surgery, the liklihood of success drops by 50% they say. Nothing worked. Even an arthroscopic surgery.

    Finally I had the first doc do it - again, instant relief - that has lasted 23 years. This time is was scar tissue from the first surgery on one side of the nerve, calcified bone growth on the other side.

    A pinched sciatic nerve can have dozens of causes - some purely muscular. Those can be healed with things like stretching that have been mentions.

    But when you have a ruptured disc, nothing will fix it but surgery - or a divine healing. I was facing being crippled for life from atrophied muscles if I didn’t have surgery, even if I could have endured the pain.

    This is too complex an issue to try to fix yourself. See a chiro first - if that doesn’t work, get thyself to a good back doc and only let a neurosurgeon do the work.

    HTH - hope this helps....

  • Lawmaker wants Wisconsin DOT to slow down on traffic roundabouts

    08/29/2015 4:55:09 AM PDT · 44 of 84
    Arlis to afraidfortherepublic

    I LOVED roundabouts! In my Cayman S that is.......and when flow was light...........

    Until the day I saw a woman actually enter a roundabout and GO THE WRONG DIRECTION!

  • Rubio: Trump won’t be our nominee because we’re not an angry nation

    08/26/2015 4:58:50 PM PDT · 102 of 125
    Arlis to publius911

    Serious reflection and introspection? How about serious thinking?

    Trump has a lot in common with Obama - egotist, narcissist, and no fundamental set of core values. There is no indication he is a constitutionalist or that he wants to be ruled by it.

    Better than O? Of course. A million times. But not one to lead us back value-wise.

    The horror we have experienced over the last 6 years has everyone screaming for anybody they think can be a true leader to take us away from the disaster O has been. But many would take a tyrant who looked to be O’s opposite - which Trump is in many ways.

    And there’s still the issue - can Trump beat Hillary? - IF she isn’t destroyed by her email scandal........ or any other Dem? I’m not sure.

    One point someone else made that has value: Trump will never go into a deal he thinks he might lose. His ego will allow it, and especially at the biggest thing he has ever tackled. If he doesn’t see clearly that he can beat any Dem, I believe he’ll drop out - and support any conservative nominee. And that’s the same reason he won’t run 3rd party. He’d lose. And Trump doesn’t lose.

    I’m hoping Trump is setting up Cruz.

  • Rubio: Trump won’t be our nominee because we’re not an angry nation

    08/26/2015 3:20:32 PM PDT · 46 of 125
    Arlis to 2ndDivisionVet

    Yes we are angry - and rightfully so.

    A majority of our nation has elected twice the most anti-American president in our history, a full Marxist who detests everything about our nation’s history and values, and who, with the full support of all his Democrat co-conspirators and a totally passive opposition party brought our nation close to total collapse.

    All of these have all but ruined our nations future, destroyed the prosperity of the middle class, forced hundreds of thousands into poverty, and ........I could go on for hours.

    Yes we are angry. I don’t support Trump and frankly he scares me. But his success and popularity is simply because so many are so angry.

  • Are Republicans Happier in Their Marriages Than Democrats?

    08/26/2015 3:14:39 PM PDT · 17 of 19
    Arlis to detective

    Duh. Who woulda thunk it?

    Dems are anti-marriage, anti-family, anti-God, anti-Christian - not unlike the Marxists of old who they emulate more and more every year.

    All of their positions result in misery - and....they won’t admit it - guilt.

  • China's Rate Cut Failed To End The Market Chaos

    08/26/2015 4:40:07 AM PDT · 5 of 10
    Arlis to blam

    If you believe that this may indeed be the beginning of a major market crash, as I do, where in the world do you put your investment assets today?

    Gold and silver have their limits and while their prices are depressed, are not an investment - some are predicting a fall to $500/oz. when the SHTF.


    Yeah, I’ve read most of the books, but none have practical solutions. Sending my assets out of the country where it may never again be accessed? No way.

    Any wisdom is appreciated........

  • Every county in America, ranked by scenery and climate

    08/19/2015 2:01:09 PM PDT · 49 of 63
    Arlis to Resolute Conservative

    Double Dittoes.....

  • Old Lady Gets Hilarious Revenge On Pesky Telemarketers

    08/16/2015 4:53:56 PM PDT · 33 of 64
    Arlis to Jack Hydrazine

    I acutally pulled a duplicate of this on a telemarketer after hearing the original - it went great!

  • Will Making It Easier to Fire Feds Go Viral?

    08/16/2015 4:20:15 AM PDT · 7 of 45
    Arlis to Cowboy Bob

    Only problem is it hasn’t worked at the VA yet....all words, no reality.

    What have they fired? One person?


  • Do You Believe that Jesus Was the “Son of God”?

    08/15/2015 7:05:47 PM PDT · 60 of 88
    Arlis to verga

    No one can read the book of John without clearly seeing that Jesus, and this whole book, clearly declare his being the “only begotten” Son of God, and His unique relationship with his Heavenly Father is a major topic of Jesus own words in this book.

    Clearly stated throughout the NT, but especially in the gospel of John.

  • A sad but funny last request...

    08/14/2015 5:11:37 PM PDT · 9 of 9
    Arlis to eastforker

    Definitely - I’d just say Republicans instead of Democrats.

    Democrats never let me down because I know them and expect nothing but Marxism from them - which they faithfully deliver every hour of every day..........

    It’s the Republicans who we keep electing and who never do what they tell us they’ll do - except for a few like Cruz in the Senate and Dave Brat in the House......

  • Gold Jumps After China Reveals It Bought Another 19 Tons In July

    08/14/2015 7:32:41 AM PDT · 9 of 12
    Arlis to Bloody Sam Roberts

    Getting right with God should be first.........

  • The Arrogance Of Power: Megyn Kelly's "Good Journalism"

    08/12/2015 6:09:37 AM PDT · 18 of 28
    Arlis to McGruff

    For sure.

    Someone needs to warn her that “pride comes before a fall...”, e.g., Dan Rather, Brian Williams, etc.

    She has gotten arrogant indeed, and has now become offensive to normal was a fair question in an interview - but not in a national debate as a moderator.

    She may be smart - but in this, and other ways - she’s just another dumb blonde........

  • Ted Cruz Lists Five Things He’ll Do On His First Day in Office

    08/11/2015 2:01:11 PM PDT · 17 of 37
    Arlis to SeekAndFind

    First thing he should do is un-seal all of Obama’s personal records.

    Who knows what could result? Maybe every piece of paper he ever signed would become illegitimate and illegal..........

  • Fox News Chief Roger Ailes Will Report to Lachlan and James Murdoch (JM wife worked for Clinton)

    08/10/2015 5:29:31 PM PDT · 16 of 31
    Arlis to jimbo123

    Fox has proven one thing: the demand and market for a conservative and half-way balanced news source is far greater than that for all liberal propagandist networks combined.

    Go ahead, Fox - go the way of MSNBC. You’re signing your death warrant.

    Someone with megabucks will come along and replace you with a truly conservative perspective......hey, maybe even the conservative movement can come together and start a network itself!!!!

  • Humility is Hard

    08/10/2015 7:55:37 AM PDT · 23 of 28
    Arlis to Salvation

    Like I said, a good article......

  • Humility is Hard

    08/10/2015 7:10:56 AM PDT · 10 of 28
    Arlis to Salvation

    Humility isn’t hard.

    It is impossible.

    What is possible is to humble ourselves before God - and others.....

  • Humility is Hard

    08/10/2015 7:10:04 AM PDT · 8 of 28
    Arlis to Salvation

    A good word indeed, and I have pointed out to many that the one characteristic/trait of the Lord Jesus that is most lacking in today’s Christian leaders is.............humility.

    But the article lacks a couple truths:

    We can no more be humble than we can climb to the moon.

    We are proud. God hates pride, and “resists the proud.”, is against the proud. How wise is it to have God against you?

    What will bring humility?

    God tells us to HUMBLE OURSELVES which is an action that can, as the author points out, eventually result in humility being produced in us.

    Seeing God as He is will produce humility in us. Pride simply tells us (and others) that we do not know God.

    We must, in God’s light and revelation, see our own pride and how truly ugly it is. Like the little yapper dogs smaller than cats yapping at the elephant.....absurd.

    We have two choices: humble ourselves - or let God humble us.

    Luke 17:11 Jesus tells us the attitude we should have “AFTER WE HAVE DONE ALL HE HAS COMMANDED” (who can claim to have done such?) is, “I am an unprofitable servant, and unworthy slave.”

    Interestingly, that is His answer to the disciples question on how to have more faith............

  • Prayer request for my bone scan

    08/07/2015 8:17:35 AM PDT · 19 of 107
    Arlis to knarf

    So do I. God healed me of a large growth on my sternum & ribs that was going to require rebuilding my chest bones one knew said only Johns Hopkins and Mayo could come up with a solution.

    Healing wasn’t to make the growth go away, but to change it to benign - was removed in out-patient surgery of one morning - 3 hospital’s pathology dept.s could not figure out what growth was.

    That’s cause they had never seen a sarcoma growth that God transformed to benign.

    Praying the same for our friend here......

  • Carly Fiorina Eviscerates Ghost of Trump, Wins Fox News JV Presidential Debate

    08/07/2015 8:11:47 AM PDT · 55 of 138
    Arlis to Catsrus

    Because she changed her views? Like Reagan?

  • Carly Fiorina Eviscerates Ghost of Trump, Wins Fox News JV Presidential Debate

    08/07/2015 7:47:34 AM PDT · 12 of 138
    Arlis to Laissez-faire capitalist

    In my mind, Carly won BOTH debates last night - she out-performed all the men in the 2nd “debate” in every aspect.

    I can’t wait to see her on the same stage as the others. I think she will outshine all of them including Trump. And she’ll certainly have some Carson-esque zingers for him.

    I’m a big Cruz fan, but actually think Carly might be the best president of the whole lot because of her real-world executive experience - more than any of the governors including Perry. HP revenues may be slightly less that the Texas state budget, but she has managed a business, not a government, and would thus bring more practical management wisdom to the POTUS seat.

    I think she is “Thatcher-esque”.........


    08/07/2015 7:10:34 AM PDT · 112 of 133
    Arlis to Amagi

    Success in media results in arrogance and conceit, and Megyn has fallen and is now the female counterpart to her nemesis, Bill O’Reilly.....

  • 8 ways Ted Cruz could be the scariest debater on the Republican stage

    08/06/2015 3:07:48 PM PDT · 75 of 82
    Arlis to SoConPubbie

    Cruz & Fiorina!!!!

  • Vanity-How are you treating your osteoarthritis

    08/06/2015 11:02:09 AM PDT · 6 of 41
    Arlis to Farmer Dean

    15 years ago could no longer run or play guitar when 55 because of osteo.

    2000mg Glucosamine, 1500 mg Chondroitin, MSM daily and a month later I’m running and playing guitar painlessly.

    Pretty much the same today, but some rheumatoid under kneecaps keeps me from running now.....

    Arthro 7 is another great supplement, but more for rheumatoid.

  • The Sons of God (Evangelical/Lutheran/Protestant Caucus: Morning Devotional)

    08/06/2015 6:53:57 AM PDT · 7 of 46
    Arlis to Arlis

    The implicit contrast between “Sons of God” and “daughters of men” in the one phrase by itself strongly suggests beings that are very different in nature and make-up.

  • The Sons of God (Evangelical/Lutheran/Protestant Caucus: Morning Devotional)

    08/06/2015 6:51:31 AM PDT · 6 of 46
    Arlis to Gamecock

    I like R.C., and he’s generally right-on in most things, but here he’s stretching things a bit too far.

    Clearly the term “Sons of God” is meant to describe beings different from man, and no where else in the O.T. is the term used for believers.

    I’m not sure that it refers to angelic beings either, but R.C.’s exegesis is very weak here and a “bridge too far.”

    When scripture is not clear in what it is saying, we simply have to accept it, and accept not understanding its meaning. One day we will see clearly. Too arrive at a conclusion as R.C. does here, we need far more scripture to support the position.

  • Dr. Ben Carson Defends Birthers: Why Would You Go Through Such Lengths To Hide Past!?

    08/06/2015 1:42:31 AM PDT · 36 of 59
    Arlis to onyx

    Ok, my memory is bad. Give me a break - I’m 70!

    It was whenever FR started. I was thinking it was 1990.......


    08/06/2015 1:40:03 AM PDT · 8 of 17
    Arlis to Rummyfan

    In Central America family rape of children by family members is common, and why so many girls become prostitutes - simply to support their children that are the result of family rape.

    I personally spent time in Nicaragua with a wonderful woman missionary who went to there to help the prostitutes learn to sew so they could get off the streets. She had amazing success, totally removing all prostitutes off the 4 corners of one intersection that was the central location for prostitution in Managua.

    I spent time with Orphan Helpers in El Salvador where they did the same.

    I love Hispanics, work with orphans and street kids in Nicaragua, and speak their language. My son is married to a Nica and lives there.

    But it’s a sick culture where this is it’s greatest evil, I would say.

  • Dr. Ben Carson Defends Birthers: Why Would You Go Through Such Lengths To Hide Past!?

    08/06/2015 1:27:01 AM PDT · 34 of 59
    Arlis to ASA Vet

    Yes, I know. Been here since 1990, tho I was a lurker for a long time before I joined.........

  • Dr. Ben Carson Defends Birthers: Why Would You Go Through Such Lengths To Hide Past!?

    08/05/2015 7:21:31 PM PDT · 13 of 59
    Arlis to FR_addict

    IF a Repub wins the White House in ‘16 the first order should be to UNSEAL all of Obama’s records.

    Who knows? We just find out he was never really qualified to be POTUS, and all his actions would be illegal instantly........

    Of course, even if he is to be proven unqualified, the Dems will insist on all his actions remaining valid - and even if the Repubs have all 3 branches, they won’t have the guts to fight the liberals........

  • Almost Every Major Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Challenging or Defeating Clinton and Republicans

    08/05/2015 6:12:04 AM PDT · 24 of 67
    Arlis to T-Bone Texan

    But a majority of our nation has been dumbed-down and brainwashed by our educational system, and our media that Marxism is good - only they know it only as Democratic party world-view. Even Debbie blabbermouth Wasserman-Shultz doesn’t know what socialism is.

    They don’t know how to think, and are the real “mind-numbed robots”.

  • How Well Does Jeb Bush Habla Español?

    08/04/2015 5:19:45 PM PDT · 21 of 22
    Arlis to onedoug

    Mas o Portugues e’ mais belo!

    Especialmente a do Brasil!

    Have you ever heard Brazillian Portugues? Like music - kinda halfway between Spanish and French with a hint of Italian.......I was blown away as a Spanish speaker on my first trip there.

    BIG difference between Spanish-speakers and Portuguese speakers:
    Spanish speakers are used to gringos slaughtering their language and ignore it.

    Portuguese-speakers will not put up for one second with a mispronounciation of their beautiful language and will correct you in a heartbeat!

    Now, go find something that will say the name John in Portuguese - Joao with a tilde over the a.......took me months to be able to say it correctly!

  • How Well Does Jeb Bush Habla Español?

    08/04/2015 6:36:16 AM PDT · 11 of 22
    Arlis to jimbo123

    I speak Spanish fluently because my Advanced Spanish prof in college was from Spain. On the first day of class, he told us two things would be necessary to pass his class.

    “You think you know Spanish because you’ve had a lot to get to this class. But you don’t know a language unless you think in the language, and dream in it. You won’t pass this class at the end unless you are thinking in Spanish - and you can’t fool me. I can tell if you are thinking in Spanish or translating....”

    “Number two: my language is a beautiful language - and I cannot stand to hear it spoken with a gringo accent. If you speak with an American/gringo accent you will not pass this class. I will teach you two accents - Castillian and Mexican, and you must be good at both to pass this class.”

    Because I am also fluent - and more at home - in Brazillian Portuguese, many Latino’s think I am Brasillian.....

    As I’ve yet to live in a Spanish-speaking country, my vocabulary is limited, and I still have trouble understanding them when they are in native 100mph mode. Colombian, Ecuadorian, Peruvian, Chilean and Argentinian Spanish are easier for me to understand. Mas puro.

    My son lives in Nicaragua (Nica wife) and speaks Spanish far better than I, but for a couple years had a horrible gringo accent - I was always on his case about his horrible accent - but now he is much better and his gringo accent is fading.....

    I believe if you are going to learn another language, you must learn to speak it as the natives do.

    When I’m in Brasil, they ask me, “Where are you from? I know you are Brasileiro, but where are you from?” because I learned my Portuguese all over the country and do not have a regional accent - theirs are very distinct - Paulista, Carioca, do Sul (south), etc.

  • Trump third party run: 36% GOP supports, 19% of Democrats too (And 33% of Independents!)

    08/04/2015 4:16:37 AM PDT · 98 of 106
    Arlis to Deagle

    Right on.

    First law that should be passed is that with every new law, an old law must be repealed. Better yet, repeal 2 old laws........

  • IRS Commissioner Vows to Not Target Christian Colleges Opposed to Gay Marriage ... 'At This Time'

    08/01/2015 7:50:51 PM PDT · 13 of 23
    Arlis to SeekAndFind

    Koskinen is a snake and a very smart one at that.....when he was being interviewed by the committee, he was almost like the devil himself in his clever answers - but then, so was Lerner.......

    Don’t like calling people names, for that’s a liberal practice, but sometimes it’s just too true to avoid.......

  • Great Painting: The Demise of America

    07/27/2015 6:12:22 PM PDT · 12 of 27
    Arlis to Organic Panic

    Yup - and he should be laughing with joy - he has accomplished exactly what he set out to do..........

  • Where is "The Donald" Going?

    07/27/2015 6:53:43 AM PDT · 42 of 57
    Arlis to JudyinCanada

    Boy, do I hope you are correct. PASSIONATELY HOPE!

    But think it’s not really likely........

    Only God knows........and He ain’t tellin’..............

  • The Meaning of Life

    07/27/2015 5:18:52 AM PDT · 2 of 7
    Arlis to Kaslin

    Wonderful post.

    What a testimony of TRUTH.

    Thank you.

  • Your take on Donald Trump? (vanity)

    07/26/2015 2:51:46 PM PDT · 42 of 62
    Arlis to Attention Surplus Disorder

    I agree with you, and think no one knows his true motives - which are almost certainly mixed.

    I like his boldness to tell the truth without fear - his GOP competitors need to go to school on him.

    I fear his ending up as POTUS because

    a.) he’s proven to not have a moral foundation, nor a fear of God. He is NOT a conservative.

    b.) he’s clearly out for himself first - not unlike our current POTUS,

    c.) but unlike our current POTUS who is ideologically driven to intentionally destroy our nation, Trump does love our nation and truly wants to save it.

    d.) he’s a populist who is stirring up and taking the lead by playing on the deep angst in our populace - especially conservatives...not unlike Hitler;

    e.) with no solid moral foundation, he could be a great president in some ways, and very scary in others.

    So no one really knows.

    And I doubt if Trump knows himself at this point.


    07/25/2015 4:11:54 PM PDT · 44 of 44
    Arlis to central_va


  • McConnell and Reid may have just set a 51-vote threshold for passing Obamacare repeal

    07/25/2015 4:11:12 PM PDT · 132 of 146
    Arlis to US_MilitaryRules

    I’m sure our gov. knows, as well as the Russians and Chinese.

    They aren’t going to reveal the truth because O is the best thing that happened to both countries in history, and they love the USA being both diminished on the world stage and internally destroyed here.

    In fact, he may be their “Manchurian Candidate”.


    07/25/2015 7:05:26 AM PDT · 39 of 44
    Arlis to central_va

    Huh??????? Please explain.........

  • Stay Classy: Trump Used To Test His Dates For AIDS

    07/25/2015 4:28:04 AM PDT · 74 of 101
    Arlis to Sasparilla

    No need.

    She hasn’t let him within 10’ of her sexually for decades......decades........

    Everyone with any sense knows it’s a sham marriage, covering the truth for both of them - hiding his many ladies-in-waiting and her love for her girls.........

  • What does Trump mean for U.S. image?

    07/25/2015 4:19:06 AM PDT · 30 of 43
    Arlis to wetgundog

    The weakness is not in the system.

    It’s that passive conservatives, in spite of being well-warned, allowed the Marxists to take over the education system in toto, and then media - all as planned. That’s the root.

    Thus giving us now 2 generations of brainwashed, dumbed-down, immature voters who live in their little worlds of texting, twittering, video games, etc. and who will vote blindly for whatever Marxist is running.

    Until the root is dealt with, true conservatives will just be putting out fires while the left continues to feed our culture with Marxism......fueling the fire beyond putting out.

    It’s going to take someone like Trump - or Cruz - to deal with the truth......but I don’t see either of them dealing with root causes - only symptoms.

    The immigration issue is a symptom.........its origin is a Marxist world view pushed and promoted by our Marxist-in-Chief.........