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  • Jack Cashill's TWA 800: For a Mother, 20 Years Ago Is Yesterday

    06/24/2016 5:41:26 AM PDT · 17 of 18
    Article10 to DesertRhino

    another interesting factoid... since I was an aircraft structural engineer at a major airline and was on the NTSB support team list..just was not my rotation to do to twa 800.. every major protocol for crash investigation was ignored... US Navy did the crash survey and recovery... only other time that was done was for JFK Jr... splain that dude... splain the NDA on the engineers from industry... still enforce by the way. go watch the press conference... the one view of the industry types is very telling.

    If the fuel tank was issue every 747 flying in the far east and middle east, parked on the ramp in TX would just explode...not to mention every KC-135 formerly B707’s and B720’s... zero fuel tank grounding

  • Jack Cashill's TWA 800: For a Mother, 20 Years Ago Is Yesterday

    06/24/2016 5:31:46 AM PDT · 16 of 18
    Article10 to DesertRhino

    never said it was US Navy.. you did

  • Jack Cashill's TWA 800: For a Mother, 20 Years Ago Is Yesterday

    06/23/2016 5:31:46 PM PDT · 6 of 18
    Article10 to ronnie raygun

    agreed... former colleague.. Aerospace engineer was on the industry support Team for the NTSB on 800... worked on it for months then went to the final meeting... handed gift bag told to sit, sign non disclosure from FBI, 60month min jail time for violation, tv crews rolled in and the announcement was made it was the center fuel tank.. all bullshit

    Missile through wing and fuselage.. look as the pax list... lots of USG types that knew too much in my opinion..

  • The unending treachery of the “conservative” GOP

    06/19/2016 8:54:11 AM PDT · 7 of 43
    Article10 to COBOL2Java

    Uniparty... Repeal the 17th Amendment

  • Neanderthals built mysterious cave structures 175,000 years ago

    06/13/2016 4:21:37 PM PDT · 19 of 28
    Article10 to JimSEA

    Hmmm...OK,if you say so...

  • Neanderthals built mysterious cave structures 175,000 years ago

    06/13/2016 3:01:25 PM PDT · 14 of 28
    Article10 to JimSEA

    Pre flood humans...

  • U.S. Senate Democrats discussing new gun control push

    06/13/2016 10:13:42 AM PDT · 59 of 63
    Article10 to Just mythoughts

    The American Experience is supposed to be messy... read Jefferson and John Jay’s comments...

    for what it is worth, we are as a world economy, are dealing with a post industrial age, the information age is upon us... there will be upheavals and issues as the global economy adjusts... much like a blacksmith in 1902... the model T killed the smith industry. Watch how government will try to control information... Watch the education system as we know it disappear and the current brick and mortar colleges and schools demand support or more taxes to stay open... ala Bernie.

    that said, our issue as Nation can be remedied... Trump and the Tea party are fine, but not the permanent resolution... repealing the 17th and 16th are...

    The 17th put the parties in control, hence the hatred for the TEA Party and Trump... and the internet... for that matter... they can’t control the message via the “news” first scalp was BJ Clinton...

    16th Amendment: Fuels the growth of Government and party power...the average joe pay for it, every week via payroll taxes... Thank your unions and FDR communists for “health insurance” instead of a pay raise during WW2, I think 1943...The wealthy struck back at the masses/Unions and laughed all the way to the bank... the little guy pays for it... the wealthy still control it! FDR was boxed in... no money and the US was broke... FDR in the early 1930’s initialed the largest flight of capital from the USA due to taxes and gold confiscation. The wealthy hit back with payroll taxes. Read the history of Blue Cross Blue Shield and payroll taxes....

    JP Morgan and the elites wanted to rule with out the masses...clean it up, less drama, hence Wilson and his ilk... social Darwinism applied to the economy.. political Darwinism.. the living constitution bullshit I suppose..16th and 17th amendments

    can it be saved.. the USA.. I think so, but not with out the 17th Amendment being repealed, it will be impossible.

  • U.S. Senate Democrats discussing new gun control push

    06/13/2016 9:50:34 AM PDT · 54 of 63
    Article10 to Repeal 16-17

    sadly many here on FR do not understand the importance of the real solution to our current issues as a democracy... not a Republic... till the 17th is repealed...we are a democracy.. ruled by the uniparty and those who fund the uniparty.

    Interestingly, the internet and free exchange of information and news has certainly made life difficult for the parties that make up the uni-party.

  • U.S. Senate Democrats discussing new gun control push

    06/13/2016 9:42:38 AM PDT · 50 of 63
    Article10 to Just mythoughts

    Yep.... Uni party.. Repeal the 17th Amendment...

  • Giuliani Rips Hillary: 'Worst Secretary of State' in a Century

    06/04/2016 5:08:41 AM PDT · 8 of 33
    Article10 to exit82

    Easy...uniparty... Repeal the 17th amendment..

  • Say Good-Bye To Hinga Auto Repair, Killed Off With Zoning By Elitist Politicians

    05/19/2016 11:20:41 AM PDT · 16 of 28
    Article10 to Ray76

    South Park covered this very subject...SODA SOPA...all to get a Whole Foods... sad but reality is not too far off!

  • 11 Principles for a Free America After the Liberals Secede

    05/12/2016 10:03:48 AM PDT · 32 of 34
    Article10 to Adder

    yes but we have the court due to the Senate make up... the 17th Amendment is the issue...

    Least common denominator... root cause

    the entire system is now a democracy... no balance between the State Capitals and Washington DC...

  • 11 Principles for a Free America After the Liberals Secede

    05/12/2016 3:53:30 AM PDT · 15 of 34
    Article10 to Drew68

    The urban issue was around back when the Constitution was drafted.. hence the House and Senate...

    Zero of any changes in reducing the size of Fedzilla will occur till the 17th Amendment is repealed..

    Then then the 16th Amendment..

    Think of it this way..the 17th Amendment makes it really easy on lobbyist with cash to speak with the fewest people to make laws in the Uniparty and K street... voters and State Capitals are truly cut out and punished when out of line...TEA Party, etc....

    The 16th Amendment fuels the growth of Government...and all the negatives that go along with it and some positives.. like infrastructure and some defense spending..

    Till that is done, and we have a Republic once again, its going to carry on regardless of what the voters think..or do Trump or no Trump...the only variable that is out there is the free exchange of information via the internet. That goes away and all bets are off. Democracy’s never end well...

  • Romney To The Rescue Doing Everything He Can To Get Hillary Elected

    05/07/2016 8:03:42 AM PDT · 56 of 89
    Article10 to kabar

    GOPe is the symptom...uniparty

    Repeal the 17th amendment.. Restore the Republic

    Break the uniparty

  • Bush chief of staff: A Trump presidency scares me

    05/06/2016 8:57:04 AM PDT · 107 of 149
    Article10 to mkjessup

    Bush’s and RINO’s are the symptom... the disease is the 17th Amendment.. fueled by the 16th Amendment..

    Till those Amendments are repealed Trump or any other individual or movement that comes along with good intentions will be a box of band aids on a JFK head shot wound on the American Republic

  • FBI head: No timetable for completing Hillary Clinton email probe

    04/26/2016 3:31:49 PM PDT · 51 of 51
    Article10 to DrDude

    took 9 or 11 years under Rico to get Gotti convicted...just saying... this is way bigger in scope... 5-7 years to say Arthur Anderson did nothing to prosecute...This ain’t Martha Stewart

  • FBI head: No timetable for completing Hillary Clinton email probe

    04/22/2016 5:48:30 AM PDT · 40 of 51
    Article10 to DrDude

    Not defending the FBI....

    Petraeus.. one e-mail... admitted it and the investigation yielded no pattern of abuse so it went pretty quick

    Cankles...fighting it on all levels.. the first e-mails turned over... 130,000 printed sheets of paper... not files..more turned over e-mails...printed paper. Not till the FBI started hitting the US State Dept...wiped servers, State Dept civilians having to knuckle under subpoena’s, now other Agencies.. NSA, CIA

    Mean while Cank’s got the old losing relevance every day media running cover for her..

    Some portion of reality is, the FBI is dealing with the equivalent of a political nuke, with a serial and systemic offender that is fighting like hell on all levels in the most public forum on the planet.. running for the President of the USA. Couple all of this with all the due diligence required for a possible prosecution... its a ton of evidence with many patterns to follow/research and looks like a metric ton of possible felonies... not just classified information, now money laundering, etc... to include treason. This is a no joke scenario that the public knows is real and the FBI has one chance to make it right.

    Its going to take a while to determine the extent of what laws have been broken, evidence to support.

    Its not Petraues... willing to admit, did not fight it and it showed one e-mail in a rather embarrassing circumstance.

  • Ted Cruz: Trump Supporters ‘Might as Well Put a Hillary Sticker on Your Car’

    04/20/2016 9:46:50 AM PDT · 192 of 355
    Article10 to DrewsDad

    Polling: ERIC CANTOR

    Polling is flawed to be with and now more so than ever due to few people having land lines and their cell phones are not listed or they change numbers...or keep numbers and move to different states...

  • [1 Min Preview of ABC News Clip] Trump to Pittsburgh: 'We Are Going to Bring Back Your Coal Industr

    04/14/2016 2:16:17 PM PDT · 61 of 161
    Article10 to ronnie raygun

    Yes but till the 17th amendment is repealed no changes will be permanent.

  • Boston Marathon..Some Interesting Tidbits

    04/14/2016 10:57:44 AM PDT · 13 of 14
    Article10 to A CA Guy

    Simple.. it is too cold and New Englanders as a group demand a lot for a buck while still valuing time... hence the Boston driver and its evil twin.. a BMW with CT plates..

    Mostly the weather... it can still kill you here, summer and winter.

  • Donors trying to draft "Mad Dog" Mattis for presidential run

    04/11/2016 3:45:14 PM PDT · 27 of 30
    Article10 to jazusamo

    I have 2 employees that served under Mad Dog... both do not trust the man after Haditha... I trust their opinion, the man can not be trusted

  • This Woman Went Snowboarding While Being Chased by a Bear — And She Didn’t Even Know It

    04/11/2016 3:25:27 PM PDT · 51 of 56
    Article10 to Mase

    All three area’s than ban boarders.... all THREE... the rest understand basic economics and their clients with money and ignore the poor attitudes of a minority. Please stay at Alta... having you and all your types at 3 locations would be a dream...

    Ski Ballet... do your homework.. nothing to do with short ski’s...

    If boarding ruined skiing... then why do all the mountains, but three put up with us then? hahaaa you really should look in the mirror and ask that question again. You are too funny.

    What ruined skiing is people like you...can’t be happy the world is out side having some fun.. families with kids out in the fresh air and maybe making a few mistakes...its part of growing up.

    So glad I sprayed a young idiot skier this past weekend after chasing him down, for knocking over an older lady on ski’s and not stopping..then pointing out the carnage he created. Such fun.

    For the record, I have never been anti-social nor have my children, or think we own the mountain, we respect and ride it like all the other people out there having a good time...that is your bullshit label... Speaking of attitudes and labels.... How long have you been an arrogant, $ucking @sshole skier? How old are you? Are you a closet ski ballerina? Your attitude has ruined snow boarding... I hope more area’s ban skiing! I bet you drive a BMW. That is my label on you. Does it fit? How does that sound?

    I can make labels all day bub. And speaking of cowards.... I have helped recover more skier yard sale gear, blocked jumps while skiers recover stuff, gone to get Mt patrol and rendered first aid to more skiers than boarders by far... its what a normal human does on the people out and educate the idiots about poor behavior regardless of what they are strapped into....

    Did you ever think you might get the treatment you get because you are such a jerk to everyone around you? Did you just show up at the mountain a ski Jesus, perfect in every way...never once did a person wrong on the slopes or driving to the mountain to get first chair as a young buck or did your mom have a miracle birth, a Ski Jesus? Take the next opportunity to educate and help instead of being a bitter old label maker.

    Back when snowboarding was just starting, I am so glad my skier Dad knocked the teeth out of some skier jerk that took my board...for no reason, I was 11, at Killington, Vt with permission from the General manager of the mountain to hike one Dad made me ask for permission since snowboarding was so new and just starting out.. I guess that made me anti-social and disrespectful.

    It was a Wednesday, no skiers around, a quiet mid week at the beginning of March... said holier than thou skier jerk thought he was doing the skiing world a Dad cruised up on a snowboard tug of war which escalated to said jerk attempting to smash me with my board and then his his lecturing my Dad and refusal to hand me my board earned him 4 teeth knocked out. Thank you Dad for the mean jab and right cross! Theft is theft and attempted assault on a child is not acceptable... Dad I know you are looking down and smiling!

    Mase do visit on Instagram. You will see some great footy of skiers cutting off, standing in way, getting slammed for standing in the trail or landing area...etc and just being all around jerks, much like you are... by the way are you or your Dad missing 4 teeth?

  • This Woman Went Snowboarding While Being Chased by a Bear — And She Didn’t Even Know It

    04/11/2016 11:55:30 AM PDT · 43 of 56
    Article10 to Mase

    I started snowboarding in 1978, my son is well on his way to being a pro snowboarder.... he works hard and makes a fair amount of money as a teenager. I am so glad I am no longer part of your world... you all sound like a bunch of arrogant @ssholes. I see plenty of stupid people on skis every weekend.

    If not for snowboarding: you all would still be performing Ski Ballet... fags

    No terrain parks

    No X games

    Most of your current resorts would be shuddered due to having an average of 40% of the tickets/passes purchased by snowboarders...sking died in 1989, never quite recovered...

    Summary: go on Instagram and look up Jerry of the Day, you will find your portraits there! Hahahahaaaa

    Spray Skiers!

  • Ted Cruz: Donald Trump sees protesters as disloyal people who must be punished

    03/14/2016 10:19:00 AM PDT · 28 of 370
    Article10 to xzins

    understatement.... disloyal??? I see it as not taking crap from rude intruders or like a petulant teenager that needs a “smack up side the head” to get their attention... Wow.

    No wonder his daughter did not want a hug from this creep.

  • Hillary's America

    03/09/2016 3:26:17 PM PST · 13 of 17
    Article10 to HomerBohn

    Yep, Our old “White” and stiff, Founding Fathers knew what they were doing...I think you should be a land owner to vote...not a mortgage owner. Most people don’t understand mortgage means payment till death...Just me though...

    I really hope the anger Trump and Bernie are riding actually does something like, 17th Amendment repeal... with out that its just the same crap, different spoon.

    The anger out there is real...when Cantor lost I knew the fuse was definitively lit.... Politicians like Hillary are playing the game like the internet doesn’t exist and the media covers for them...We are now in the information age, the industrial age is over, it will be chaotic for a bit.

  • Hillary's America

    03/09/2016 2:57:06 PM PST · 8 of 17
    Article10 to HomerBohn

    Repeal the 17th Amendment...

    Direct election of Senators guarantees the Uni party

    the 16th amendment fuels the growth and power

  • Where Did China Get This F-22 Raptor?

    02/18/2016 12:36:45 PM PST · 60 of 74
    Article10 to PIF

    As did the Indian version... the theft occurred in the late 1990’s but only was acknowledged in 2010...

  • Where Did China Get This F-22 Raptor?

    02/18/2016 12:34:25 PM PST · 58 of 74
    Article10 to oldplayer

    Hellcat was the first plane the put the guns concentric to the rolling axis, thus you could turn and still keep the rounds on target... the Corsair not so much, still have to know your lead and lag plus the Hellcat was much easier to land on a carrier... I knew several pilots that flew both and hands down all chose the Hellcat

  • Where Did China Get This F-22 Raptor?

    02/18/2016 12:10:26 PM PST · 45 of 74
    Article10 to PIF

    Its mostly stolen....BAE UK in 2010 while paying up FCPA and related fines admitted some of the F22 design was stolen by India and paid additional fines to the US and Uk Gov.. about 480M pounds ... Look at the joint Indian/Russian F22 clone... I am sure the Chinese stole it from India...

    Hence, the reason congress wanted to cut the F22 budget...

  • If Trump Didn't Like the Cruz 'Supreme Trust' Ad He Will Have Another Melt Down Over the [TRUNC]

    02/18/2016 10:44:13 AM PST · 42 of 45
    Article10 to lormand

    Funny..not sure those are facts or an endorsement.... A liberal rag magazine article...

    This fish in the barrel found this nugget or turd in the referenced article:

    “In some ways, Cruz is a consummate insider. A graduate of both Princeton University and Harvard Law School​, he ​​has worked for all three branches of the federal government: Before his election to Congress, he clerked for a federal judge and then Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist. He also served in the Department of Justice and with the Federal Trade Commission under President George W. Bush.”

    Not a leader... just an insider... I’ll take your endorsement reference with a grain of salt and since its lunch time i will add, a Pan con lechón, a Cuban favorite, I am sure Rafael would approve.. cheers and don’t rage to hard you might get hurt.

  • If Trump Didn't Like the Cruz 'Supreme Trust' Ad He Will Have Another Melt Down Over the [TRUNC]

    02/18/2016 10:21:41 AM PST · 40 of 45
    Article10 to lormand

    Hated by who? Send some facts related to that hatred/endorsement you speak of.

    Look up Rafael’s paycheck/work record... 99% from tax payers.

    How is Trump worked by the Uni-Party? The special interests own Cruz and Trump was the special interest paying the Uni-party.... how is that make Trump more prone to Uni-party influence? Your zealotry is blinding you and others on the Cruz wagon... Cruz is in the machine...Trump buys the machine...big difference

    Cruz is great farm manager

    Trump owns many ranches... see the difference

  • Is minimum height for pilots unfair to women? (Germany)

    02/18/2016 10:12:48 AM PST · 14 of 42
    Article10 to PROCON

    and yes...wife with the full uniform on... hat and stripes, shoes, grey hair, wrinkles etc.. older people still think she is flight attendant...its funny to see it go down..hand her trash on the way out etc... or ask why a flight attendant is in the “cockpit” hahaaaa have to laugh..

  • If Trump Didn't Like the Cruz 'Supreme Trust' Ad He Will Have Another Melt Down Over the [TRUNC]

    02/18/2016 10:07:06 AM PST · 38 of 45
    Article10 to lormand

    Trump can’t pass anything as President, that lunacy comes from the Uni-Party in congress to include Cruz which is known as our current Gov’t in Washington DC..

    Cruz will get owned by his Pac’s and be another slightly less of a financial disaster the 8 years of bush/cheney/Uni-party republicant leadership was to the US Tax payer. Drunk sailors are pikers to that crew and gave us Obungo to boot along with McPain as the candidate in 08... Cruz has swam too long in the turd infested punch bowl to say he is clean..

    Trump owns and has provided many punch bowls... big difference. Cheers

  • Is minimum height for pilots unfair to women? (Germany)

    02/18/2016 9:52:56 AM PST · 8 of 42
    Article10 to PROCON

    My wife is a pilot at a major airline.... facts are you do have to be able to fully manipulate those rudder pedals... height matters... BTW she is 5’4”...

    Interestingly over the years we have met a few men that did not qualify for the majors due to height issues... is just reality

  • If Trump Didn't Like the Cruz 'Supreme Trust' Ad He Will Have Another Melt Down Over the [TRUNC]

    02/18/2016 9:37:28 AM PST · 35 of 45
    Article10 to lormand

    I see the flags on both Cruz and Trump...

    I choose Trump, Cruz belongs on the Supreme court or leading the Senate

  • If Trump Didn't Like the Cruz 'Supreme Trust' Ad He Will Have Another Melt Down Over the [TRUNC]

    02/18/2016 9:35:16 AM PST · 34 of 45
    Article10 to lormand

    Having been in business many years...I can tell you I have never seen a lawyer lead ever... endless ideas and options but never a choice made....ever. When told to do so.. it usually resulted in more questions or just being told I can make that decision... kinda useless at some point. That also concerns me about Cruz.

    I suspect if he makes it the White house.. lots of nice guy talk with a Christian demeanor and tone but no plans or skills to lead or frankly life experience as a leader to draw from.. its an issue for Cruz..much like Reagan being bullied by the Republicant Party to take on Bush... A James Dobson with a Law degrees is not what is needed right now... a pissed off business leader is what is needed. Tough times, tough decisions... Time for some blood and guts leadership.. not the country club style with a Christian tone...

  • If Trump Didn't Like the Cruz 'Supreme Trust' Ad He Will Have Another Melt Down Over the [TRUNC]

    02/18/2016 9:22:17 AM PST · 31 of 45
    Article10 to lormand

    Reagan worked for a Union and was a democrat...failed marriages too..

    I’ll over look some bankruptcies, fail personal life issues to get a leader... That is part of being in business... been there myself.. No risk, no reward.. Cruz never created a job in his positions in Government..

    If Reagan could be come a Conservative, I believe Trump can too...

    I have several friends that know and have done business with Trump.. what you see is what you get and he works 12-18 hours a day... not a slacker and remembers people and their stories with what my friends tell me with a tremendous memory for details.

    If Cruz has some track record outside of Government...I’d support him more.. he just doesn’t have it..

    Cruz worries me being part of the Uni-Party as already made member of the Washington DC cartel with no money so he will dance the tune demanded by those super pacs... I m tired of the Uni-Party...

    Trump is like Craig Benson, former Governor in NH... Pissing off the party.. Uni Party that is and making some changes.. Difference is Trump knows this as does his wife... Mr. Benson and his wife got hammered by the Republican Party worse than the Democrat party leaders in NH..the Bensons never expected it and left politics for good which is sad, Craig Benson was a great Conservative Leader.. Trump fully does know what he is dealing with and its driving them nuts...

    Wait till Trump as President Demands the 17th Amendment be repealed... hahahaa you will see who loves America more than the Uni-Party... won’t be pretty but then again, change is not pretty

    As to being rational.. depends upon who is asking, how much Scotch is left or if a snowboard is strapped to my feet.

  • If Trump Didn't Like the Cruz 'Supreme Trust' Ad He Will Have Another Melt Down Over the [TRUNC]

    02/18/2016 8:37:59 AM PST · 28 of 45
    Article10 to lormand

    We need a leader... that is not Cruz...nice guy in a lot of ways but a Senator, Lawyer, not much of track record outside of Government paychecks... I’d rather have a rough and experienced leader that knows how to create jobs, develop and hold on to wealth and knows what is wrong with Government... having had to “deal” with it for the last 34-40 years vs a Senator who has been part of Government... Cruz should be on the Supreme court...

    Lets not mention the loans and where Rafael’s wife works.....and the status of his Dad’s US Citizenship at the time of Rafaels’ birth in Canada... Dad was not a natural borne citizen and the issuance of his green card was not completed till later... slight issue..

    Besides... I am angry... I want an Angry leader that will hurt some feelings... cue Barry Manillow please

  • Trump Wins Every Demographic, Including Beating Cruz by 12% for "very conservative" voters

    02/10/2016 2:19:31 AM PST · 130 of 218
    Article10 to nickcarraway

    I’ve lived all over the US....sorry bub, there are are more very some conservative voters in NH tHan in most states..Cruz didn’t cut it with them due to his wife, lack of non government jobs, and being a Senator, not a leader...

  • Iowa Woman's Sad Story to Sanders Moves Mika

    01/26/2016 5:39:17 AM PST · 24 of 51
    Article10 to Tax-chick

    All proof the 17th amendment need to be repealed

  • Former GOP Rep. Joe Walsh: U.S. at beginning of third American revolution

    12/22/2015 10:44:31 AM PST · 67 of 80
    Article10 to Resolute Conservative

    We just have to focus on it and get it done...

  • Former GOP Rep. Joe Walsh: U.S. at beginning of third American revolution

    12/21/2015 9:36:55 AM PST · 2 of 80
    Article10 to 11th_VA

    Time to repeal the 17th Amendment... it is the foundation of the modern Uni-Party

  • College caught shredding Constitution in undercover video 'It's an oppressive document'

    11/03/2015 3:19:29 PM PST · 24 of 48
    Article10 to Nachum

    Vassar... hah.. Normal..many Connecticut and Metro NYC, BMW driving Trustafarians used to stink up Vassar on their way to polluting Vermont... was lefty loony in the early 80’s when i was rowdy teen...we often went Vassar to kick the cr@p out of hippies there for fun... the local boys even used sheep shears one particularly scurvy unit... protesting Reagan bombing Libya...

    Yeah it was wrong but dang it was fun!

  • America's Soft Tyranny is Hardening (Constitutional Republic Is Gone)

    10/31/2015 4:16:08 AM PDT · 42 of 76
    Article10 to nathanbedford

    Article V would be a Pandora’s box in this day and age...

    To restore the Republic, threaten Article V, and demand repeal of the 17th and 16th Amendments.

    The 17th Amendment allowed the Federal Gov to grow, concentrates power to the parties and a few offices...States are left completely out

    The 16th Amendment fuels the growth

    Article V would be disaster in my opinion if the two Amendments above could not be repealed,

  • White Americans Targeted, Labeled As Domestic Terrorists, Supremacists By New DOJ “Enforcement Unit”

    10/16/2015 8:10:29 AM PDT · 65 of 102
    Article10 to samtheman

    UniParty.. never happen... Republican Party is in bed with the Demoncrat party... more proof to repeal the 17th Amendment... time to restore the Republic.

  • GOP Chairman: Mitch McConnell ‘Needs to Resign’

    09/29/2015 11:14:44 AM PDT · 158 of 163
    Article10 to Norm Lenhart

    This is all Kabuki Theater till the 17th Amendment is repealed....

    Meet the new boss... same as the old boss..

  • Senate blocks effort to defund Planned Parenthood

    09/24/2015 1:17:01 PM PDT · 22 of 53
    Article10 to Amendment10


  • HRC Timeline, Coincidences, Overlaps Dec 2012-Feb2013

    09/22/2015 11:41:50 AM PDT · 20 of 21
    Article10 to SERKIT

    About that same time frame a US Navy SEAL officer died due to non combat injuries... Family was never told what occurred...prolly died in the C12 crash

  • Have you seen the "Hillary: 'She's Sick'" pic on Drudge? (barf alert!)

    09/22/2015 11:36:04 AM PDT · 95 of 117
    Article10 to Semper911

    yep... then a private jet to Switzerland or France to get the “best” care a some private clinic....

    Government officials in Switzerland and/or France will look confused because the Hilde beast showed up unannounced... with in 48 hrs multiple charges of felonies drop on Huma and others...

    Clinton will die in Switzerland and never face a US Court... a tabloid will show here skiing with friends in 2-3 years or full up drunk a a bar after skiing all day...

  • Fox News staffers warn Trump to back off of Megyn Kelly after feud reignites

    08/25/2015 10:37:24 AM PDT · 31 of 147
    Article10 to JohnBrowdie

    I would rather have a fighter than the likes of Yeb and Twit Romney.

    Turned off Fox news, will not click their website and only view it at the stores/restaurants to learn which advertisers to call or e-mail and tell them why I am no longer buying their products, due to being on Faux News.

    Keep hitting them Donald, Keep hitting till they stop flinching, then hit them again... just like a Jihad moron on a French train....put the boots to them as required.