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  • Did William Ayers Ghost-Write Obama Memoir?

    09/18/2008 3:11:56 PM PDT · by attiladhun2 · 168 replies · 1,512+ views
    World Net Daily ^ | Sept. 18, 2008 | Reynaldo Mahatma Smith
    According to Jack Cashill (see this link), there is mounting evidence to indicate that Barack Obama was not the author of his now famous memoir, Dreams From My Father. His research into Obama's literary background shows that, prior to 1990, Obama had written nothing of note. Then like a bolt from the blue, Obama produces a work described by Time Magazine as "the best-written memoir ever produced by an American politician."Cashill observes, "I had questioned whether the influential Muslim crackpot who paved Obama’s way into Harvard, Khalid al Mansour, might have greased his way into the world of publishing as...
  • Rumors of a Coup in Mexico

    08/14/2008 4:47:38 PM PDT · by attiladhun2 · 114 replies · 1,000+ views
    Hugh Hewitt Show ^ | 08-14-08 | attiladhun2
    Hugh was just notified by email that the Mexican army is preparing to mount a coup in Mexico City. Does anyone have any information concerning this?
  • The Two Faces of John McCain

    04/28/2008 6:30:09 PM PDT · by attiladhun2 · 12 replies · 75+ views
    None ^ | April 28, 2008 | Reynaldo Mahatma Smith
    John McCain reminds me a lot of a friend I once had as a young man. Let's call him "Jerry." Since Jerry's family was dirt poor, he was something of an outcast. Since I was quite a bit younger than he, I did not look down on him because his pants and shirts had holes in them. My family had recently relocated to the same town, and I felt like something of an outsider myself. The two of us naturally gravitated toward one another, inspite of our age difference. We spent a lot of time fishing, hiking, and just hanging...
  • Defeat In The War On Terror Is Now Almost Certain

    11/08/2006 11:13:03 AM PST · by attiladhun2 · 163 replies · 4,595+ views
    Personal ^ | Nov. 8, 2006 | attiladhun2
    This morning a great many of the talking heads are saying the Republican defeat could actually be a blessing in disguise, if it will motivate the GOP to return to its conservative principles. However, I believe it will turn out to be not just a political debacle, but a strategic defeat of monumental proportions. I doubt if OBL and his lieutenants are sitting around in their cave today telling each other, "Gosh! This Republican defeat might cause the GOP to return to its conservative core. We better be careful. Such a renewed party could regain power in '08 and we'll...
  • Will EchoStar/DISH Network Air Al-Jazeera International?

    10/28/2006 10:45:25 PM PDT · by attiladhun2 · 9 replies · 918+ views
    Joyzelle Davis of the Rocky Mountain News, in its April 22, 2006, edition, reports that, “EchoStar’s Dish Network is the only cable or satellite operator in the U.S. publicly willing to consider carrying controversial Arab news channel Al Jazeera’s planned English-language spinoff.” I have emailed EchoStar at to see if this is true. Perhaps you may want to find out as well. Their press spokesperson is Kathie Gonzalez, 720-514-5351. You may wish to remind her that: The Qatar-funded Al-Jazeera acts in support of global terrorist organizations such as al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah. Al-Jazeera International, the English-language version of...
  • Letter to Ken Mehlman Concerning Michael J. Fox Ad

    10/23/2006 10:40:37 AM PDT · by attiladhun2 · 346 replies · 8,461+ views
    Email to RNC Chairman ^ | 10-22-06 | attiladhun2
    Dear Ken: Michael J. Fox appeared this weekend in a political ad directed against Jim Talent. Although I did not see the ad myself, I did hear it on my local radio station. It has been described by those who have seen it as very effective. The ailing Michael J. Fox is made to look even more pitiful by the smoke and mirrors of the make-up artist and cameraman and perhaps even by the skills of the the actor himself. Although we sympathize greatly with this man's illness, we cannot abide his mischaracterization of President Bush's veto of a bill...
  • Qana Incident Does Not Pass the Smell Test

    07/31/2006 10:18:09 AM PDT · by attiladhun2 · 7 replies · 522+ views
    Lexlynx ^ | Aug. 1, 2006 | Reynaldo Mahatma Smith
    A pair of military analysts on FOX News have reported that the Kaytusha rockets fired by the Hizbollah terrorists are now coming into Israel at a high angle. This inidicates that the Israelis are having some success in driving the terrorists further away from their border with Lebanon. Then almost on que, the accidental Israeli bombing of an apartment building in the Lebanese village of Qana gave Hizbollah the ceasefire they needed just when the Israeli campaign against them seemed to be bearing fruit. I don't know about you, but I think this replay of what happened during the 1996...
  • Pro-Israel Rally in Los Angeles (07/23/06)

    07/24/2006 12:15:33 AM PDT · by attiladhun2 · 6 replies · 658+ views
    Apokrisis ^ | Jul. 23, 2006 | Attiladhun2
    The 4 pm rally in front of the Jewish Federation Building on Wishire Blvd was an inspiring and relatively peaceful affair. There were some pro-PLO counter demonstrators in the crowd and there was a heated exchange between them and the some of the supporters of Israel. There was one altercation that I could see and I think one of the PLO supporters was arrested. One media outlet said that about 10,000 people showed up for the rally. I think there were more than that in attendance, since people were coming and going all the time. A number of dignitaries were...
  • Fun Using the Acrostic D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T

    10/30/2004 10:28:16 AM PDT · by attiladhun2 · 30 replies · 876+ views
    None ^ | Oct, 30, 2004 | Attiladhun2
    Here are a couple of acrostics I made up using the word D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T.  They gave me a few chuckles, so I thought I’d share them with you, with apologies to Zel Miller and Ed Koch.   Demagogue  (deviant works well here too) Emotionally Manipulating Openly Communist Radicals And Traitors   Or:   Devil Empowered Maniac Obsessively Causing Riots And Trouble  
  • My Departure From The Savage Nation

    06/19/2004 10:42:54 AM PDT · by attiladhun2 · 71 replies · 594+ views
    Personal Archives ^ | June 18, 2004 | Reynaldo Mahatma Smith
    Have you ever been greatly impressed after moving to some new town only later to become disappointed? After driving around this new town for a time, you began to notice its seemy side. By the time you left this town for good, the good impression you first received was replaced by the impression of its seemy side, such that it is this impression that becomes your permanent view of the place. The Savage Nation is just such a place. My wife and I were driving across country about one month after 9-11. We were on our way to Florida on...
  • Saudi Kingdom Close to Unraveling

    06/05/2004 10:36:55 AM PDT · by attiladhun2 · 4 replies · 95+ views
    Ho Nous Mou ^ | June 7, 2004 | Attiladhun2
    I have been hearing from Saudi watchers lately, and the consensus seems to be that the kingdom is very close to being on the ropes. If radical Islam takes over Saudi Arabia and its eastern oil fields, we could be looking at $10.00 per gallon of gasoline. Nostalgists will long for the days when gas was a mere $3.00 a gallon. We need contingency plans to go into that country and take over those fields before the radicals have time to torch them. These developments are another excellent reason why we needed to go into Iraq. That will give us...
  • The True Extent of Evolution's Corruption

    02/22/2004 2:32:07 PM PST · by attiladhun2 · 293 replies · 402+ views
    Private Archives ^ | Feb. 22, 2004 | Reynaldo Mahatma Smith
     Whether a new trend or mode of thought has a generally beneficial or corrupting effect is not usually apparent for some decades or even centuries from the time it first becomes widely accepted. However, in the case of Darwin's hypothesis, the insidious nature of his doctrine was revealed within a very short span of time. Communists, anarchists, and other social revolutionaries of the nineteenth century were already confirmed materialists before Darwin began to espouse his ideas. What the Origin of Species did, however, was endow their atheism with something of a scientific aura. It turned an emotional attachment to...
  • 2004--A Sequel to 1992?

    04/12/2003 1:23:05 PM PDT · by attiladhun2 · 113 replies · 192+ views
    Private Archives ^ | April 11, 2003 | Reynaldo Mahatma Smith
    Lately, the Liberal pundits have been pointing out the similarities between the coming 2004 election and the 1992 election. They hope to recapture the White House and see parallels between these two elections. "After all," they reason, "another Bush is President, and the economy is in the tank." They also see probable victory in Gulf War II as another parallel. However, these parallels are no more than superficial similarities that ignore some fundamental differences between that era and today. First of all, in 1992 the alternative media was in its infancy. It had no discernible influence on the 1992 election....
  • The Maturity Quotient of the Left

    04/08/2003 6:44:31 PM PDT · by attiladhun2 · 13 replies · 337+ views
    Private Archives ^ | April 8, 2003 | Reynaldo Mahatma Smith
    By Reynaldo Mahatma Smith I have oft noticed the near-impossiblity of engaging in intelligent discourse with friends on the Left. If you bring a well-reasoned point into a discussion, they will make resort to some fragment of emotional drivel. As you bombard a Leftie with logical arguments, he will inevitably launch into ad hominem attacks that are remarkable for their invective and vulgarity, if not for their wit. I have concluded, therefore, that the subspecies Homo Sapien Sapien Socialismus, while more intelligent than mollusks, are far less so than Homo Sapien Sapiens in general. However, my scientific observations of...
  • Rescuing Our Lives from the Cesspool of the Left

    04/05/2003 1:56:27 PM PST · by attiladhun2 · 23 replies · 152+ views
    Private Archives ^ | April 5, 2003 | Reynaldo Mahatma Smith
    By Reynaldo Mahatma Smith A manager once saw his fighter lose a close bout by only a few points. He felt that the fix was in; the judges had unfairly awarded the bout to his boy's opponent. "We was robbed!" the manager shouted to the audience. I feel just like that manager. Liberal judges and politicians, leftwing lawyers, professional bleeding hearts, and an army of poverty pimps have by stealth and downright trickery seized an inordinate amount of power in this nation. More and more of us are, like that boxing manager, crying out, "We was robbed!" They have seized...
  • IslamoFascism and the Way of Death

    03/29/2003 1:24:35 PM PST · by attiladhun2 · 14 replies · 222+ views
    Private Archives ^ | March 28, 2003 | Reynaldo Mahatma Smith
    After the revolution described by Orwell in his classic work 1984, an ideology took over much of the globe. It was called "the Way of Death." It denied everything that had gone before it: the gains made during the Enlightenment, representative government, the rights of man, God, progress, history, and a host of other things we take for granted. Truth itself became a victim of this ideology. Facts were things that could be manipulated for the greater glory of the revolution. Since the 1960s the Western world has undergone a similar ideological transformation. Radical activists have turned society on its...
  • On Israel and the United States

    03/24/2003 7:58:09 PM PST · by attiladhun2 · 7 replies · 130+ views
    Private Archives ^ | March 24, 2003 | Reynaldo Mahatma Smith
    Why is there such a bond between Israel and the United States? There are a number of superficial similarities between our two nations. Both countries fought the British in order to gain independence. Both nations were founded by people primarily from Europe, who carved out settlements for themselves on the frontier during the 19th century. The settlements in both of these countries had to be defended from mauraders of various types. Both nations are dedicated to the concept of liberty. Both nations are ethnically diverse. However, there is something ineffable about the bond between these two nations. Israel and this...
  • That There Are Traitors Among Us Is Nothing New

    03/24/2003 7:49:29 PM PST · by attiladhun2 · 24 replies · 48+ views
    Private Archives ^ | March 24, 2003 | Reynaldo Mahatma Smith
    That Traitors Are Among Us Is Nothing New By Reynaldo Mahatma Smith In 1775 the American colonists began a long war to free themselves from foreign domination. It was a struggle for God-given rights that cost dearly in lives, property, and treasure. It is likely that only a minority of the inhabitants of the thirteen colonies actively supported this struggle for liberty. The majority of the population tried to stay neutral or were fair-weather patriots, supporting the cause only when it seemed to be going well. A significant minority, perhaps up to 25% of the population, supported the Crown. These...
  • The Stench of Vichy Has Not Left France

    03/23/2003 3:52:10 PM PST · by attiladhun2 · 5 replies · 198+ views
    Private Archives ^ | March 23, 2003 | Reynaldo Mahatma Smith
    After the French surrender of 1940, a Fascist puppet-state was set up in southeastern France headquartered in the town of Vichy. Aside from being a product of France's surrender, this government had a number of other characteristics not unlike the France of today. First of all, the leaders of the Vichy regime cooperated with the Nazis in undertaking one of the greatest mass-murders in history--the Holocaust. The French have never been subtle about their anti-Semitism. Thus, when it came time for Jews to be rounded up in France, the Vichy French were not exactly reluctant participants. Now I can just...
  • Some Thoughts on Two Former Presidents

    03/23/2003 1:35:07 PM PST · by attiladhun2 · 15 replies · 285+ views
    Private Archives ^ | March 23, 2002 | Reynaldo Mahatma Smith
    Recently, we have heard much from two former presidents of the United States, Jimmy Carter and William J. Clinton. Rather than fade silently into the obscurity of retirement, these two have begun to criticize the current administration. However, as the saying goes, "He who points the finger, has three pointing back at him." This is most evident in the cases of these two former presidents, whose ineptitude and just plain neglect is largely responsible for the current situation we now find ourselves in the Middle East. Let us begin with Mr. Carter, the Nobel Laureate. Mr. Carter has been most...