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  • Pa. Gov. Tom Wolf rejects GOP's redrawn Congressional maps; may choose to submit his own plan..

    02/15/2018 4:23:37 AM PST · 22 of 34
    AuH2ORepublican to Impy; LoveUSA; fieldmarshaldj; Galactic Overlord-In-Chief

    Republican redistricters in 2011 should have placed Allentown and Bethlehem in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre/East Stroudsburg/Easton PA-17 to make it even more Democrat (and thus make the PA-15, PA-10 and PA-11 safely Republican), but they wanted to place conservative Schuylkill County in the PA-17 because it was Democrat Congressman Holden’s home base (and they were afraid that he’d win even a GOP-leaning CD that included Schuylkill, as he had done in 2002 when he beat Congressman Gekas) and thus drew a CD that wasn’t all that heavily Democrat. The PA-17 actually voted for Trump due to the swing towards him on the part of blue-collar white voters in Anthracite Country.

    But given that the PA Supreme Court has thrown out the 2011 maps under the ridiculous theory that taking politics into account invalidates districts created by a state legislature, the PA Legislature should have taken the opportunity to unpack the PA-17 and draw separate, comfortably Trump-majority CDs based in each of Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Allentown, and Bethlehem. Sure, Gov. Wolf was likely to disapprove of the maps, but we know that he would oppose whatever map the PA legislature presented.

  • Pa. Gov. Tom Wolf rejects GOP's redrawn Congressional maps; may choose to submit his own plan..

    02/14/2018 4:11:04 AM PST · 18 of 34
    AuH2ORepublican to Impy; fieldmarshaldj; BillyBoy; Galactic Overlord-In-Chief; LS; NFHale

    The Democrat cities of Harrisburg and Allentown were not combined into a RAT vote sink in either the 2012 GOP redistricting plan or the 2018 GOP proposal. It would be stupid for the GOP to have done so, since there is so much GOP turf in between those two cities.

    The judges will now appoint a “special master” to draw a Democrat gerrymander, far more partisan than the 2018 GOP proposal, and will certify the map. Hopefully, President Trump will get to replace Kennedy or Ginsburg in the next few years and, at that point, the PA legislature can sue in federal court to reclaim its right under the U.S. Constitution to draw congressional districts; SCOTUS shamefully ruled in the Arizona case from two years ago that the word “legislature” in the Constitution could mean voter initiatives or other things that are not the state legislature, but it was a 5-4 vote with Kennedy joining the liberals, so we can get that reversed if Kennedy or Ginsburg get replaced by a conservative who knows how to read.

  • GOP congressman declines to challenge Dem senator in North Dakota

    02/13/2018 10:31:19 AM PST · 114 of 116
    AuH2ORepublican to Impy; Republican Wildcat; fieldmarshaldj; BillyBoy; Galactic Overlord-In-Chief; LS; ...

    This just in ... it looks like Cramer has changed his mind and will run against Heidkamp after all:

  • Anti-Trump ESPN star Jemele Hill's former co-host: They silenced us

    02/09/2018 6:16:18 AM PST · 36 of 41
    AuH2ORepublican to Impy; Rummyfan

    Yiddish is absolutely fascinating. And the phonetics and cadence are absolutely hilarious—it’s no wonder that first- and second-generation Jewish Americans were so prominent in stand-up comedy throughout the 20th Century. This glossary cracks me up, particularly the explanations in the introduction prior to getting to the actual definitions:

  • Holocaust denier poised to claim GOP nomination in Illinois race for Congress

    02/05/2018 9:46:12 AM PST · 81 of 86
    AuH2ORepublican to TheNext

    Yeah, that’s what Neo-Nazis say. Thanks for letting me know where you stand.

  • Holocaust denier poised to claim GOP nomination in Illinois race for Congress

    02/05/2018 2:41:35 AM PST · 76 of 86
    AuH2ORepublican to TheNext

    Yes, facts are stubborn things, yet Neo-Nazis and other Holocaust deniers continue to spread lies that run into the teeth of the facts. Anne Frank’s diary was written with ink commonly used in Amsterdam at the time:

    “Mainly, Miss Frank used a gray-blue ink for fountain pens in which iron was clearly present. At the time, the report states, ink with a strong iron content was in general usage. Only after 1950 were inks with much less or no iron introduced, the study said.

    Challenged by Neo-Nazis

    During a criminal trial for defamation against neo-Nazis held in Wiesbaden, West Germany, in 1980, Mr. Barnouw said, the defendants maintained that the diary was a fake because corrections had been made in black, blue and green ink with a ballpoint pen and that such pens were not produced until 1951. The defendants could not produce any examples of such corrections, however. Mr. Barnouw noted that changes in the diary by Otto Frank, Anne’s father, were made in pencil.

    Although the ballpoint theory was discredited, it continued to be used by neo-Nazis in Europe and the United States. Anti-Semitic pamphlets cited in the book show that the neo-Nazis had a larger aim in trying to discredit the diary as a hoax: to ‘’prove’’ that there had never been a ‘’final solution’’ plan to exterminate the Jews.”

  • All Signs Point to Big Democratic Wins in 2018 [fakenews barf alert]

    02/02/2018 3:40:16 PM PST · 66 of 71
    AuH2ORepublican to campaignPete R-CT; NFHale; fieldmarshaldj; Impy; BillyBoy; PhilCollins; LS; stephenjohnbanker

    Montenegro is my pick for AZ-08. I like everything that I’ve heard about him, and his record is right there for everyone to see, so we don’t have to speculate about how he would vote. He’s a conservative’s conservative, and in the AZ-08 there is no such thing as someone being too conservative. And a pro-border-security, bilingual Hispanic Congressman from AZ would be a huge asset for the GOP.

    AZ-01 is a swing district, and if it’s a two -person race I would go with the more experienced (and apparebtly very conservative) Smith. But wasn’t there a Navajo Republican running (not the ex-Democrat Begay; it was a different Navajo)? I think that his last name is Redd (not a joke). If the GOP nominee can cut into the usual RAT margin among Navajo voters, it should be enough for the win.

    The AZ-09 is a Democrat-oeaning district, having voted for Obama over Romney by 4.5% and by Clinton over Trump by a whopping 16.3%. The GOP is at a big dusadvantage there, so while I’m not saying that we should nominate some pro-abortion or open-borders RINO, we definitely shouldn’t reject candidates just because they’re not to the right of Jim DeMint. President Trump is very unpopular in the portion of the Phoenix metro area in AZ-09, so we shouldn’t be looking for the candidate with the most MAGA caps.

    AZ-02 is a swing district that swung from Romney towards Hillary in 2016, but McSally was able to win comfortably and Marquez-Peterson would have an excellent chance of winning that increasingly Hispanic district.

    I’m not sure about who would be best for NM-02 (should be a GOP hold) or ID-01 (safe R). In the RAt-leaning NV-04, I think that Hardy is the clear choice; hopefully he can catch lightning in a bottle again as he did in 2014.

    As for the swing NV-03, I was really impressed with Teijeiro last time—very conservative and with a compelling life story, as I recall—and I would be inclined to support her this year. She’s lagging in fundraising, but then again I’m not sure if she even has filed officially yet.

  • Jeanne Ives Routs Rauner With 90% of the Vote in Wheeling Township

    01/31/2018 10:01:45 AM PST · 25 of 26
    AuH2ORepublican to vette6387; Impy; fieldmarshaldj; BillyBoy

    “Issa hasn’t actually quit. He’s going to run in the adjacent district where he has a chance of winning now that Ed Royce, the current incumbent in that district has decided to call it quits.”

    That’s the first I’ve heard of Issa being interested in running for Royce’s seat. I’ve read quite a bit about CA-39 and CA-49, and, by all accounts, Issa is retiring, not switching races, and former Royce aide Young Kim is the consensus GOP choice in Royce’s CA-39 (Board of Equalization member Diane Harkey has gotten the most attention among Republicans seeking the CA-49 seat).

  • California Republican Rep. Ed Royce won't seek reelection

    01/20/2018 2:51:26 PM PST · 25 of 26
    AuH2ORepublican to Impy

    Wow. Good thing that he handed his toupee to Gonzales, who is playing it straight instead of beclowning himself.

  • Donald Trump: Democrat Shutdown a ‘Nice Present’ for One Year Anniversary as President

    01/20/2018 2:49:46 PM PST · 52 of 61
    AuH2ORepublican to Impy

    Once a fiscal year? Because the tax cit was approved before Christmas, so if it’s once per calendar year we’d be fine.

  • CNN Gets Called Out for Mocking Indian-American WH Official's Name

    01/15/2018 11:42:08 AM PST · 29 of 51
    AuH2ORepublican to Kaslin

    To be fair, Cuomo might have trouble remembering such a long and complicated name. I mean, “Shah” is, like, a whole syllable. And it’s a really obscure name—merely the third most common Indian surname in America.

    (BTW, my 9th-grade class had like 52 students, three of whom were Indian-Americans ... and two of them (who were not related to each other) had the surname “Shah.”)

    What a maroon. Even his idiot brother Andrew would have avoided screwing up so badly.

  • GOP congressman declines to challenge Dem senator in North Dakota

    01/14/2018 6:35:45 AM PST · 83 of 116
    AuH2ORepublican to Impy

    When mentioning the possibiliy that Manchin might lose a Democrat primary, I think that you’re better off saying “hey, stranger things have happened” than pointing to how he once lost a Democrat primary *in 1996*. I think that Manchin has built up a bit of goodwill during the past 21 years. And no state has changed more electorally since 1996 than has WV.

  • GOP congressman declines to challenge Dem senator in North Dakota

    01/12/2018 5:20:48 AM PST · 71 of 116
    AuH2ORepublican to Impy; Republican Wildcat; fieldmarshaldj; BillyBoy; Galactic Overlord-In-Chief; ...

    The GOP helped Regina Seltzer win the RAT nomination by running billboards in which the party thanked Congressman Michael Forbes (who had been a Republican until maybe a year before) for his votes in favor of the Contract with America. Given that Heitkamp and Manchin have been RATs throughout their Senate careers and haven’t voted with the GOP on anything important, it would be very difficult to tout their respective voting records publicly in a way that would be effective in convincing ND and WV Democrats to vote for their moonbat challengers. Besides, I don’t want anyone even to imply that those two faux-moderate Communists have voted anywhere close to how a Republican would have voted. Even the worst RINOs in the Senate have far better voting records than those two (the most liberal RINO in the Senate is Susan Collins, and even she voted for the nuclear option to get rid of the filibuster for SCOTUS nominations, while Manchin and Heitkamp voted to keep the 60-vote requirement to get the Gorsuch nomination to the floor).


    01/10/2018 9:25:05 AM PST · 176 of 208
    AuH2ORepublican to HombreSecreto

    You’re welcome.


    01/10/2018 8:17:04 AM PST · 138 of 208
    AuH2ORepublican to HombreSecreto

    That definitely isn’t Katy Perry.

    I did some research, and her name is Rita Ora. She’s a British singer who was born in Kosovo to ethnic-Albanian parents:

  • California Republican Rep. Ed Royce won't seek reelection

    01/10/2018 4:22:48 AM PST · 20 of 26
    AuH2ORepublican to Impy; fieldmarshaldj; LS

    Royce has endorsed a former aide, former state assemblywoman Young Kim.

  • California Republican Rep. Ed Royce won't seek reelection

    01/09/2018 5:52:59 AM PST · 18 of 26
    AuH2ORepublican to Impy; clintonh8r; fieldmarshaldj; BillyBoy; scrabblehack; Galactic Overlord-In-Chief

    Yeah, that Tweet has got to be from a different Stu Rothenberg. Inside Elections (formerly the Rothenberg Report) rates the race a toss-up:

    There’s a boatload of Democrats running for the CA-39. Let’s see if we can run just two Republicans and maybe they’ll finish 1-2 in the blanket primary and we’ll be guaranteed the seat in November. Had a third GOP candidate not run and gotten 7% in CA-31 in 2014 we would have finished 1-2 in the district (and held the seat) for the second cycle in a row despite GOP candidates getting below 50% combined,

  • Run Away, Claire: McCaskill Refuses To Comment On Local Bank Doling Out Bonuses Thanks To Trump’s...

    01/07/2018 2:09:08 PM PST · 35 of 37
    AuH2ORepublican to fieldmarshaldj; BillyBoy; Impy; NFHale; LS

    You are ignoring the multiple precedents of already dead people finishing first in an election, all of which (as far as I know) resulting in the dead person being declared the winner and a vacancy being declared. Besides the congressional examples that I provided, it has happened many times at other levels. Being unqualified for office means that one may not take the seat, not that the votes that one receives don’t count.

    And neither the U.S. Constitution nor federal law require that candidates on the ballot be constitutionally qualified for the office. Yes, Article I requires that a Senator have been an inhabitant, on Election Day, of the state that he represents, but that us a requirement *to hold the Senate seat* (not to appear on the ballot), and the entity entrusted to enforce such requirement—the U.S. Senate, which is the “judge of the qualifications of its Members”—can only enforce the requirement by judging the Senator-elect unqualified and thus excluding him from the Senate. Each state has its own rules for ballot access, and some states even permit persons who admittedly are not natural-born citizens (or even U.S. citizens)’ to appear on the ballot as presidential candidates; you may recall that, in 2004 and 2008, the Socialist Workers Party nominated Roger Calero, a Nicaraguan immigrant who was a U.S. permanent resident but not a U.S. citizen (much less a natural-born citizen), as its candidate for president, and Calero appeared on the ballot in dozens of states (nine states did exclude those who aren’t NBCs, and Calero was replaced on the ballot in those states by James Harris).

  • Run Away, Claire: McCaskill Refuses To Comment On Local Bank Doling Out Bonuses Thanks To Trump’s...

    01/06/2018 10:13:20 PM PST · 32 of 37
    AuH2ORepublican to fieldmarshaldj

    If it was too late to remove Mel Carnahan’s name from the ballot under MO law, then his name stays on the ballot. I’m sure that the Democrats would have preferred to replace his name on the ballot with that of his widow (new Gov. Wilson had promised to appoint the widow if Dead Mel won, but at least some voters wouldn’t countenance voting for a dead man), but the law didn’t permit them to do so.

    And in any event, Ashcroft didn’t win the election, so he could not be seated on January 3. When there’s a vacancy in a Senate seat, the Constitution permits states to empower the governor to appoint a temporary senator (to serve until an election is held), and MO law so empowered Gov. Wilson. Wilson could appoint whomever he wished, so long as he or she met the constitutional qualifications to serve in the U.S. Senate (which Jeanne Carnahan met). An unfortunate turn of events, but not an illegal, much less unconstitutional, act. Ashcroft shouldn’t have taken such a long break from campaigning after Mel died.

  • Run Away, Claire: McCaskill Refuses To Comment On Local Bank Doling Out Bonuses Thanks To Trump’s...

    01/06/2018 8:18:48 PM PST · 30 of 37
    AuH2ORepublican to fieldmarshaldj; BillyBoy; Impy

    Even if Missouri law didn’t specify that a U.S. Senator must be a resident of the state on Election Day, Article I of the U.S. Constitution sets such requirement. But it is simply false to claim that when an unqualified candidate finishes first in an election that the second-place finisher is entitled to the seat. There have been a lot of candidates who have won an election posthumously, and in every case that I’ve seen it has resulted not in the second-place finisher winning, but in a vacancy (within the past half century, it happened after the deaths of Congressmen Hale Boggs, Nick Begich and Patsy Mink, and it also occurred several times previously, plus in many non-congressional elections). So the Widder Carnahan was not appointed illegally or unconstitutionally.