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  • Former KLA members arrested in Preševo

    12/26/2008 4:10:38 PM PST · 8 of 20
    Banat to BabaYaga

    That’s what Muslims do—they cry foul when the hand of justice (finally) grabs them by the scruff of their necks. Albanians are no different than any other Mohammedan heathens.

  • Tbilisi alleges 'massacres' near South Ossetia

    08/30/2008 7:42:16 AM PDT · 67 of 67
    Banat to Freedom of Speech Wins
    If the Ossetian separatists are radical Muslim terrorits then does this shows that Putin has learned nothing from the Moscow theater incident.

    Kosovo Albanians are Muslim terrorists/separatists, too. The US has supported them, despite their Muslim radicalism (not limited to Serbia/Kosovo)... and 9/11.

  • Tbilisi alleges 'massacres' near South Ossetia

    08/30/2008 7:36:56 AM PDT · 66 of 67
    Banat to Thunder90
    Yosif DZHUGASHVILI - or იოსებ ბესრიონის სტალინი if you prefer - does not sound Russian to me.
  • Tbilisi alleges 'massacres' near South Ossetia

    08/30/2008 7:33:51 AM PDT · 65 of 67
    Banat to nkycincinnatikid
    The big secret is that Kosovo is overwhelmingly inhabited by people neither Serb nor Christian and it has been that way for centuries.

    Dude, please brush up on your history of the region before you come out with stuff like this. Up until the 60s (1960s, that is), the population was roughly evenly split - half Serb, half Albanian. Then the Albanians got their "autonomy" (1968, expanded in 1974) and the Serbian population began steadily declining. By 1989 every 10th person in Kosovo-Metohia was of Serbian descent, as opposed to every other. That was the only ethnic cleansing occurring in Kos-Met.

  • Albanians form "movement for unification"

    05/25/2008 10:50:13 AM PDT · 70 of 71
    Banat to old-and-old
    The passage is irrelevant. It mentions "leaders" of Serbia (not by name, btw). The citizens of Belgrade/Serbs overthrew their government on March 27, 1941 PRECISELY because the government was not exactly anti-Nazi (their pro-Nazism is questionable, too. They just wanted to keep Yugoslavia out of the war). One week later, Hitler ordered complete destruction of Yugoslavia, and especially Serbia/Belgrade. Look it up under Operation Punishment. It's not like the Belgraders welcomed the Nazis with know, the way Croats in Zagreb did. End of story.
  • Albanians form "movement for unification"

    05/25/2008 10:42:55 AM PDT · 69 of 71
    Banat to Bokababe

    He’s an Albanian shill. Been here 3 weeks, will be gone by the end of the month. Hit-and-run.

  • Albanians form "movement for unification"

    05/25/2008 10:41:45 AM PDT · 68 of 71
    Banat to old-and-old

    It’s not about Albania! It’s about the “state” of Kosovo! The Albanian terrorists and Al-Qaeda darlings in Pristina will run the show. Kosovo will annex Albania, not the other way around.

  • Albanians form "movement for unification"

    05/25/2008 10:38:49 AM PDT · 67 of 71
    Banat to old-and-old

    Welcome to FR. The Radicals will never be in power, so your concerns are rather unfounded. And when did Serbia “start 4 wars”?

  • US Veteran Removes His Kosovo Medal

    05/12/2008 9:55:04 PM PDT · 158 of 272
    Banat to buwaya

    my sincere apologies to the apes.

  • US Veteran Removes His Kosovo Medal

    05/11/2008 3:23:52 PM PDT · 118 of 272
    Banat to buwaya
    Because I know what's been transpiring in Kosovo since 1945 and I see no hope. It's a backward hellhole run by illegal immigrants doing all kinds of illegal stuff (white slavery, arms, drugs...). Serbia needs to go back in and take these monkeys out.


  • US Veteran Removes His Kosovo Medal

    05/10/2008 6:17:02 PM PDT · 115 of 272
    Banat to buwaya
    Accomplished businessman and practicing Muslim Luan Berisha told me that 90 percent of Kosovars support Israel in the Arab-Israeli conflict. I don’t know if that’s really true. But if so it means Kosovo is more pro-Israel than even the United States.

    Oh, is that why they ethnically cleansed all the Jews from the province? Albanians are a bunch of mediaeval heathens, and they'll be falling over themselves kissing your arse -- but you'd better grow a pair of eyes on your back.

    Comment - Kosovo looks like an American success and there is no Caliphate there.

    Sure, if by America you mean the worst ghetto in Flint, MI. Kosovo's unemployment is at around 70% and not even the basic services exist (garbage collection, for example). The prices have gone up 50% over the last 2 months (i.e. since the illegal, unilateral separation from Serbia).

  • Another WWII Veteran Salutes Mihailovich in 2008

    03/09/2008 12:50:00 PM PDT · 13 of 33
    Banat to FormerLib
    They slept in farmhouses and small villages. Walpusk said people who barely had enough to feed their families went without food to feed the Americans. They let the airmen sleep in their beds while they slept on dirt floors and in barns.

    The Serbian nation, in a nutshell.

  • Thousands rally in Sydney against Kosovo independence

    03/09/2008 6:14:06 AM PDT · 43 of 46
    Banat to Tailgunner Joe
    You bitch and moan about how evil America is, but for some reason you choose to stay here in the greatest and most prosperous country in the world.

    Unsubstantiated claim alert.

  • Thousands rally in Sydney against Kosovo independence

    03/09/2008 6:12:36 AM PDT · 42 of 46
    Banat to Oztrich Boy

    Oh, and those traits are exclusively Byzantine? Since when? I am proud that the Byzantines/Eastern Romans once ruled my native land. It was a civilization second to none!

  • Serbia - Serbian government collapses over EU and Kosovo

    03/09/2008 6:07:25 AM PDT · 50 of 97
    Banat to Lucius Cornelius Sulla
    The people who disagree can argue to change the policy or to change the government at the next election.

    You still believe that? You're way too optimistic, Sulla. "The people" NEVER mattered. What *they* think is irrelevant. Certainly, no U.S. government will ever fall over what it's done in the Balkans...or elsewhere in the world. Nixon went down over Watergate, not Vietnam.

  • Serbia - Serbian government collapses over EU and Kosovo

    03/09/2008 6:01:35 AM PDT · 49 of 97
    Banat to Lucius Cornelius Sulla
    The U.S. national interest? Everything the U.S. has done in the Balkans since 1991 runs contrary to that interest (whatever the heck it is!). It boils down to appeasing the world's Muslims at the expense of Christians and pleasing the Real Boss - Riyadh. Two-bit State Dept 'diplomats' have hijacked America's foreign policy and are sowing the seeds of yet another bloodletting in the Balkans.

    Everytime the foreigners start meddling, a war breaks out. The peoples of the Balkans are no less civilized than you, Mr. User of Pompous Nicknames.

  • Serbia - Serbian government collapses over EU and Kosovo

    03/09/2008 5:53:13 AM PDT · 48 of 97
    Banat to HAL9000

    No they’re not. Leave the invectives at the door.

  • Serbs Struggle to Understand Western Support for Kosovo Independence

    03/07/2008 10:44:02 PM PST · 102 of 111
    Banat to prometheus1982
    Bull$hit. While nobody here claims that Albanians didn't exist prior to the census in question, it is an absolute fact that there were (almost) no Albanians in Kosovo-Metohia before the Turkish invasion/conquest (1457).

    The Illyria myth is nice, but baseless, ridiculous and preposterous. The Romans had long since wiped most of the Illyrians off the face of the earth (see Illyrian Wars; 229BC and 219BC; final destruction 169BC). The Albani were just one of the dozens of Illyrian tribes (who sharedthe Balkans with some Celtic and Venetic tribes, such as the Histri, Liburni, Colapiani...) and they NEVER inhabited any lands north of the present-day south-central Albania. Therefore, their historical "right" to Kosovo-Metohia is non-existent.

    The Serbs certainly weren't the first ones to live in Kosovo, but they got there at least 750 years before any Albanian ever set foot in Kosovo-Metohia. The Serbian towns and the names of those towns, as well as of Kosovo's rivers, valleys, mountains, hills, etc; the hundreds of churches, monasteries, etc all bear witness to the Serbian origin and ownership of today's Kosovo-Metohia. It has been inhabited by Serbs since the 6th century.

    To this day, the Serbian government has the deeds to some 60% of Kosovo-Metohia, whereas the Serbian Orthodox Church owns the rest (Metohia; private property donated to the SOC by Serbia's mediaeval nobility and/or state).

    Kosovo is Serbia. Plain and simple.

  • Serbs Struggle to Understand Western Support for Kosovo Independence

    03/07/2008 6:02:57 PM PST · 100 of 111
    Banat to GAB-1955
    Well, what are those administrative divisions in Kosovo?

    They're called municipalities (opshtinas). Bosnia has cantons. You might've meant Bosnia, not Kosovo.

    A “Kosovar” is a resident of Kosovo. Most of them are ethnic Albanians, yes. But it's a useful concept if you reject the concept that every ethnic Albanian must be in Albania.

    Nope. Again, they can be Albanian-Serbians (just like, say, Irish-Americans, Dutch-Americans...) or, simply, Albanians ("Shiptar",borrowed from the Albanian "Shqipetar", is the name used to refer to those Albanians living in Serbia, so as to differentiate them from those living in Albania).

    "Kosovars" thus don't exist as a people or a nation. (Much like "Bosnians" -- you're either Croat, Serb or a mix of the two exhibiting the tendency to use Turcisms in your speech). You can be any of the minorities (well, not any more -- they've all been ethnically cleansed from the Albanian-dominated parts of Kosovo), but that does not make you a "Kosovar." If you meant "Kosovar" as a term describing one's geographic background -- like "Bostonian," "New Yorker," etc -- then you're the rare exception. In the real world, the term is loaded.

    I'm sorry you don't like my point of view, but calling me stupid or imply I'm ignorant of the history. I've been watching this area since 1992, sadly.

    I apologize if it seemed like it was my intention to insult you. It's not that I don't like your point of view -- it's just plain not based on facts.

  • Serbs Struggle to Understand Western Support for Kosovo Independence

    03/06/2008 4:45:05 PM PST · 54 of 111
    Banat to prometheus1982
    Nope. We had an orchestrated break-up of a country that was a thorn in the side of the Empire and the Serbs just happened to be the most numerous and the most stubborn... not to mention the most dispersed of all the tribes (i.e. a potential threat to the new statelets). So, in the name of multiethnicity and in order to destroy nationalism once and for all, a multiethnic Yugoslavia was destroyed and a multiethnic Serbia is being destroyed. What is left in their wake is a patchwork of ethnically pure entities (full of rabid nationalists, but our nationalists mind you) incapable of self-sustenance.

    History buff my a$$. Utterly, appalingly clueless more like.

  • Serbs Struggle to Understand Western Support for Kosovo Independence

    03/06/2008 4:36:20 PM PST · 53 of 111
    Banat to prometheus1982
    History grad here.The fact that SOME third tribes (or even civilizations, such as the Romans) lived in "Serbia" prior to the arrival of the Serbian tribe(s) there obviously means that the Serbs aren't the first people to inhabit those lands. But, suffice it to say, no one's even disputing that.

    However, they were there before the "Albanians," because the "Albanians" (a non-existant name at the time, obviously) represented a statistical error in Kosovo's population according to the Turkish census conducted some 8 centuries after the Serbian arrival. Actually, the population is almost exclusively Serb.

    Furthermore, I was talking about the last 60 years when I said "illegal aliens." It was a well-known policy of the Communist rulers of Yugoslavia to have an open-door immigration policy toward Stalinist Albania. God knows who entered Serbia during those years. Conveniently enough, they created (the autonomous region of) Kosovo and kept expanding its jurisdictions and powers in order to further weaken Serbia. When the Minister of Interior of Serbia at the time started asking questions, he was promptly removed by Tito (1966).

  • Serbs Struggle to Understand Western Support for Kosovo Independence

    03/06/2008 1:29:24 PM PST · 45 of 111
    Banat to GAB-1955
    Serbs have fought Catholic Croats was well as Muslim Bosnians and Kosovars. The claim that Serbia is fighting Islamic terrorism is window dressing. Serbia wants every canton with a majority of Serbians to be part of Serbia. Fine. That implies allowing the rest of Kosovo to got its own way, and allowing Croat cantons to join Croatia, and so forth. They haven’t allowed that.

    What the hell are you talking about? Cantons? What cantons? Before you start shooting your mouth off, learn a thing or two about the history of the region. "Kosovars" don't exist -- much like "Palestinians." It isn't a nation, a people. There are Serbs (indigenous) and there are Albanians (illegal aliens / occupiers).

    Regarding the fighting, the Serbs were only trying to defend themselves (learning a thing or two the hard way in 1941/2) and trying to prevent the sequel to WWII (which never really ended in Yugoslavia).

  • RALLY in LOS ANGELES this Sunday - Confront the Jihad, Kosovo today, Dearborn tomorrow?

    03/04/2008 8:07:29 AM PST · 29 of 42
    Banat to CaliFReeper1

    You smelled a Croat. Close though.

  • Kosovo: A Crying Shame

    03/03/2008 8:28:21 AM PST · 112 of 125
    Banat to Jacob Kell; Diocletian

    A Serb and a Croat talking to each other? They would use their own respective languages. If you speak one, you speak them both.

  • Kosovo: A Crying Shame

    03/02/2008 4:20:22 PM PST · 32 of 125
    Banat to wideawake
    No, there isn't such a language. There is Serbian and there is Croatian. Serbo-Croatian is a bastard langugage that somehowe existed without anyone ever speaking it.

    As I said. I.e. "hanjar/hanzar" is not a verb meaning to "slit the throat" but a noun meaning "sword."

    Maybe it has a different meaning. Maybe it could be used as a verb. I don't know. I don't speak Turkish nor Arabic.

    If it was governed directly by the Germans, why did Nedic exist?

    Because they needed a puppet. Serbia was run by Berlin through Nedic, as was its northern region of Banat (run by a certain Josef Schpiller, a Gestapo officer; Banat was actually annexed to the Reich). Croatia did not need Nazi oversight. They were plenty capable of being more Nazi than their overlords.

    Nedic governed Serbia for just over three years, not one month.

    Exactly my point. If the Nazis hadn't been there to back him up on the ground, he wouldn't have lasted a month.

    In point of fact, Nedic's Serbian followers were Hitler's ally, not America's - and the anti-Nedic Serbs, who eventually coalesced into the most important stabilizing element of Tito's postwar Communist regime, were largely pro-Soviet - they were allies of America only insofar as the Soviets were allied with America.

    Bullshit revisionism. Most of Serbia's citizens were pro-Britain and pro-US and supporters of the Serbian Monarchy. To call them Communists is ridiculous. Most of them supported the Royalilst Chetniks who saved 500+ U.S. and other allied pilots shot down during the attacks on Ploesti and the other oil fields in Romania. They were the first anti-Nazi guerrilla army in occupied Europe.

    The Communist minority eventually prevailed following a campaign of disinformation against the Allied leaders. The Communists in the British secret service who were deployed in Yugoslavia fed London all kinds of fairy tales. Churchill fell for it hook, line and sinker. The Royalists were abandoned soon thereafter and London and Washington began supporting Tito and his Communists.

  • Kosovo: A Crying Shame

    03/02/2008 3:11:31 PM PST · 14 of 125
    Banat to wideawake

    There is no such language as Serbo-Croatian. Hanjar is the Turkish-style sword similar to the scimitar. Nedic did not enjoy popular backing. Serbia was the only occupied territory in the Balkans governed directly by the Germans — I wonder why. Could it be because the Serbs were anti-Nazi and no puppet-regime could survive one month on its own? Serbs are not Croats. Serbs were America’s ally, unlike Croats who murdered 750,000 Serbs and Jews and fought the Allies on quite a few fronts.


    03/01/2008 11:16:17 PM PST · 24 of 26
    Banat to Tailgunner Joe
    Joe, reading thru your posts here, the only thing you feel Serbia has done wrong is selling the NIS to Russia instead of selling the co. to the West. And my response still stands: had anyone in the West/U.S. had any brains, they would have been in the position to reap the economic/financial benefits of supporting Serbia. Instead they opted for being Serbia's enemy.

    Nabucco is dead. Bulgaria and Hungary, as you know, have signed on the dotted line re. the South Stream. Russia controls 45% of the EU's energy supplies. Other EU countries would be well advised to turn to Russia and stop being the pawns of the U.S.

    As someone who knows Serbs very well, they don't like Russia more than they do America. However, given America's policies towards Serbia over the last 2 decades, Serbs feel betrayed beyond belief. They feel dissapointed by America and saddened by the fact that a bunch of corrupt bureaucrats have hijacked America's foreign policy and have made America, Serbia's great ally in two world wars, their country's enemy. Serbs still consider their saving of over 500 U.S. and other Allied pilots in 1944 a deed worth the Serbian deaths it caused. They never, ever forget.


    03/01/2008 6:13:00 PM PST · 8 of 26
    Banat to Tailgunner Joe

    No, Serbia had no choice but to turn to Russia. If the US State Dept had any brains, they would’ve beat Russia to it. But I guess idiocy prevails over there. Quite sad, given the relationship the U.S. and Serbia once had.


    03/01/2008 5:57:27 PM PST · 6 of 26
    Banat to Tailgunner Joe

    Lol! Shut up.

  • Kosovo revives Serbian split between 'patriots' and 'traitors'

    03/01/2008 5:33:02 PM PST · 8 of 8
    Banat to joan

    He was and she wasn’t. He risked his life and she was holed up at an unknown location. That’s the “problem.”

  • Welcome To Kosovo! The World's Newest Narco State

    03/01/2008 7:27:31 AM PST · 20 of 23
    Banat to hosepipe

    Every nation has its drug dealers (most of whom get their goods from Kosovo Albanians, anyway). Not every nation has a mafia that’s as ruthless as the Kosovo Albanian mafia.

  • KOSOVO:How a 'Success Story' Became Such a Mess

    03/01/2008 7:00:50 AM PST · 21 of 22
    Banat to Tailgunner Joe
    If Kosovo independence is illegal, then so would Mitrovica independence be illegal. For Serbia to recognize Mitrovica independence, they would have to recognize Kosovo independence first.

    No. Northern Kosovo isn't going to proclaim independence. It is going to proclaim that it doesn't wish to separate from Serbia. Since it is majority Serbian, I think those people have the right to decide for themselves where they want to live, following the example set by Kosovo Albanians. However, given that pretty much all the mineral wealth is situated north of the Ibar (i.e. North Kosovo)...

    It's up to the international community to decide whether they want another Middle East or Northern Ireland or a frozen conflict such as Cyprus, where the two sides can work it out in peace, at the table.

  • Kosovo will almost certainly be a failed state

    02/29/2008 8:06:54 AM PST · 16 of 20
    Banat to Publius6961
    Kosovo's GDP is on par with that of Rwanda. That's speaking volumes about the viability of this "state." $2B has poured into Kosovo since 2000 and it has had absolutely no impact whatsoever. Bush has just earmarked $300M for Kosovo this year. Talk about wasting taxpayers' money. The Albanians there have traditionally been hostile to the rule of law (any law that's not clan-based and rooted in mediaeval times, that is), any form of authority, voluntary payments (utility bills, for example)... Due to the fact that corruption is rampant whilst the Serbian province is being governed by equally corrupt UN bureaucrats who don't want to rock the boat in fear for their lives, and the fact that unemployment is around 60%, I will become a viable state before Kosovo ever does.
  • Kosovo will almost certainly be a failed state

    02/29/2008 7:55:30 AM PST · 15 of 20
    Banat to canuck_conservative
    And you're siding with terrorist Albanians who planned a terrorist attack on Ft. Dix, sold the explosive to the London & Madrid terrorists, run THE most ruthless mafia in the world and smuggle drugs, arms and people (young women mostly) while burning churches and raping nuns. There. Suddenly, Russia doesn't seem so bad.

    Anyway, your rather uninformed opinion isn't worth much, given your recent B92 embarrassment.

  • Basque leader: Kosovo feeds our resolve

    02/28/2008 7:46:09 PM PST · 10 of 12
    Banat to canuck_conservative
    This is the proof that you're as slow as a trainload of molasses, Canuckistan. When it comes to the Balkans, you're better off absent from these threads. The B92 you're calling "pro-Serb" is a Soros-sponsored outlet that is as pro-Serbian as the Wehrmacht once was. Don't embarrass yourself any further. Go do something useful.
  • Serbia's Pro-Western Liberals Threatened (Soros funded Liberals Threatened)

    02/28/2008 11:09:35 AM PST · 8 of 9
    Banat to DTA

    That sow Kandic was present in Kosovo’s provincial “parliament” in Pristina when the stillborn non-state was proclaimed. I give her 6 months, if that.

  • More Than the Heart and Soul of Serbia

    02/27/2008 10:06:40 PM PST · 10 of 12
    Banat to NoLibZone

    The Serbian Orthodox Church has been autocephalous since 1219.

  • Expect the Worst in the Balkans--It's the "powder keg" of Europe for a reason.

    02/27/2008 8:55:31 AM PST · 18 of 23
    Banat to FormerLib

    Ecaxtly what I was going to point out. Also, the author’s ridiculous claim that the ME is ‘tranquil’ compared to the Balkans is beyond stupid. Every time a foreign power (or foreign powers, as has been the case) meddles in the Balkans, the sh_t’s bound to hit the fan. And then all the subsequent carnage and bloodletting get blamed on “centuries-old hatreds.” BS!!!

  • Poland recognizes Kosovo as an independent state

    02/26/2008 8:44:14 PM PST · 23 of 33
    Banat to agere_contra

    Plumbers? :-)

  • Draft Kosovo constitution eliminates protection for unborn, marriage

    02/26/2008 8:28:40 AM PST · 10 of 13
    Banat to ToastedHead

    Bear in mind that ‘conservative’ and ‘liberal’ have completely different connotations in Europe. Euro Liberals are far more rabid/left-leaning than the U.S.-based ones, and conservatives are, without any proof or merit, referred to as ‘fascists.’ All you need in order to be labeled a fascist is to be, say, pro-life. Or anti-immigration. Or anti-big spending. Europe’s damned.

  • Bush's Kosovo policy, like Chamberlain's Munich policy, could lead to war

    02/25/2008 9:04:37 AM PST · 144 of 199
    Banat to HAL9000
    Serbia is incapable of controlling Kosovo. In the last few years, they've had a prime minister assassinated, a bunch of goons from the "Radical Party" elected to parliament, and rampant alcoholism. Nobody has any confidence in Serbia. They need to get their act together before they become a failed state entirely. NATO has the resources and standing to get the job done in Kosovo. I trust NATO much more than Serbia.

    Are you serious? You can't be serious. "Rampant alcoholism"? LOL! You missed the "bayonetting of Albanian babies" part. The only places in the Balkans approaching a failed state are the ones run by NATO/UN: Bosnia & Kosovo. Serbia has had a 6%-7% growth per year since 2004, unemployment is falling, FDI stood at $5B last quarter, the Belgrade Stock Exchange is white hot and tourism is booming again. Meanwhile, Albanians in Kosovo can't even take care of the garbage collection duties. The fact that the Radicals are in the Parliament is proof that Serbia's democracy works. You win the votes - you get the seats.

    Oh, btw, the electricity and half the water needs in Kosovo for the past 9 years have been provided by Serbia. Free of charge.

  • Bush's Kosovo policy, like Chamberlain's Munich policy, could lead to war

    02/25/2008 8:57:11 AM PST · 140 of 199
    Banat to HAL9000

    Oh, is that why they have strict orders not to engage either of the sides and if serious violence breaks out (say shooting), they are to evac the international staff and retreat into their compounds?!

  • Bush's Kosovo policy, like Chamberlain's Munich policy, could lead to war

    02/25/2008 8:52:08 AM PST · 137 of 199
    Banat to JasonC

    Hey, Jason, did your mom drop you on your head when you were little? Bigotry isn’t welcome here.

  • Bush's Kosovo policy, like Chamberlain's Munich policy, could lead to war

    02/25/2008 8:50:24 AM PST · 136 of 199
    Banat to HAL9000

    Wow, that’s your proof? It’s like saying, “The Americans are incapable of governing their country — just look at the 1992 LA riots or Seattle!”

  • Israel breaks ranks on Kosovo

    02/24/2008 2:27:20 AM PST · 48 of 56
    Banat to atomic conspiracy

    LOL :))

  • Israel breaks ranks on Kosovo

    02/24/2008 1:37:04 AM PST · 46 of 56
    Banat to bvw
    Canada's Scott Taylor of Esprit de Corps has traveled extensively over there and covered the Balkans for the past 15 years. Not only is the unemployment rampant (in addition to corruption and crime), he says voluntary payment for services (utilities and such) is non-existant, as is garbage collection.

    Canada has not (yet?) recognized this stillborn "state" created on Serbia's sovereign territory, and 90% of newspaper op-eds are vehemently opposed to the Islamofascist-run "independent state" of Kosovo.

  • Israel breaks ranks on Kosovo

    02/24/2008 1:18:58 AM PST · 44 of 56
    Banat to americanophile

    The terrorist Albanians/KLA (the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army) living in Kosovo/Serbia have ethnically cleansed 90% of this Serbian province. For the first time in centuries, Kosovo is Jew-free. The last Jew was expelled in 2001. Israel will eventually follow suit and recognize this “state,” thus bringing to an end its relationship with Serbia — Israel’s staunchest ally in the region. Sad.

  • Fresh violence in Kosovo Serb protests (more drunken Serbian thugs)

    02/23/2008 7:16:33 AM PST · 234 of 284
    Banat to 1rudeboy
    This must be a trick question, because I've never heard of a "Serb-Nazi". Albanian Nazis, Croatian Nazis, Bosnian Muslim Nazis - yes. "Serb-Nazi"?!
  • Fresh violence in Kosovo Serb protests (more drunken Serbian thugs)

    02/23/2008 7:04:40 AM PST · 233 of 284
    Banat to Jedi Master Pikachu
    The embassy was attacked when no-one was there. No US diplomats, let alone their families, were threatened in any way, shape or form. Watch the videos and you'll see that it was a bunch of 20-somethings who couldn't pass up the opportunity to vandalize foreign property (and Serbian, too -- mass looting of stores also took place; no different than L.A. 1992 or Detroit 1968) whilst 90% of the city's cops were tied-up securing the rally (according to James Lyon of the Soros-sponsored ICG, close to 1.5 million people were in downtown Belgrade). What these idiots did is understandable, but stupid and counterproductive.

    The U.S. has played this one like a bleeding amateur. Instead of supporting the Serbs (who were one of the staunchest U.S. allies in both World Wars, saving upwards of 500 Allied pilots in 1944 at a great cost to their civilian population among other things) and the inviolability of national borders, Washington sided with drug-smuggling, nun-raping and church-burning Islamofascist scum who have ethnically cleansed all of the Serbian province of Kosovo... well, except for a little patch in the North where Serbian and other communities live in fear for their lives.

  • Fresh violence in Kosovo Serb protests (more drunken Serbian thugs)

    02/23/2008 6:42:00 AM PST · 232 of 284
    Banat to wideawake
    They are ideological descendants of the Balli Kombetar, yes. A bunch of mediaeval heathens who ought to be sent packing to a large cave complex somewhere in Central Asia.