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  • Ever Been That Drunk?

    02/04/2012 9:37:06 PM PST · 107 of 135
    barkeep to coloradan

    “I could be mistaken here but I think you’re supposed to stick the skinny, long wood end into your anus and not the short, stubby, fused cardboard end. This might even be worth double-checking before the fuse is lit.”

    Thank you coloradan, something about the way you said that just set me off into hoo-haw, tear-leaking laughter.

    As to the original question, in the day I lived by the axiom that “No Irishman is ever drunk, so long as he can hold on to a single blade of grass and not fall off the face of the earth”. Yes, I’ve been “that” drunk, but shoving a rocket up me arse, either end, never ocurred to me.

  • LSU AD Alleva Deposed in Duke Lacrosse Suit

    02/04/2012 9:01:48 PM PST · 26 of 47
    barkeep to hinckley buzzard

    Of course shysters pile up billable hours, that’s their job! And where did you get the idea that in an adversarial judicial system “justice” is the shyster’s job!?

    Hypothetical: I get caught for felony theft. I hire an attorney. If I find out that rascal has taken my money and is working for “Justice” as opposed to getting me off, I’ll have him before the Ethics Board, have him on the wrong end of a civil suit, and might well get him disbarred!

    Actually Duke is a pretty good school. Just give them the SMU “death penalty” on all intermural NCAA sports as happened to SMUs football program.

  • Why Rick Perry's Not Quite Dead, Yet

    11/12/2011 12:38:10 PM PST · 31 of 42
    barkeep to Norseman

    “As long as I’m at it, here’s a sane plan that could be substituted for the insane individual mandate (my own idea, held, in print, since 1993.) This idea, by the way, would be incorporated within a system of private health insurance, not a government plan.”

    Perhaps I’m missing something, but this is not a mandate HOW? It mandates that insurers insure people at rates below actuarial break-even; it mandates that the Fully Insureable Individual make a decision within your timeframes.

    You don’t defeat a bad idea by meeting it halfway. Given the ‘93 date, I’m guessing you cooked this up in response to Hillarycare. Others fought it tooth and nail and flushed the whole deal.

    Perry: I’m a long time Texas Republican, but if Perry wins, it will be without my vote. If the press follows up on the Texas Enterprise Fund, they will find crony capitalism that the Occupy Whatever crowd has not the wit to discover.

    I haven’t forgiven him for the Trans-Texas Corridor, as envisioned the largest eminent domain land-grab and transfer (to a Spanish Corp. no less)in American history.

    Pardon me, he really is as dumb as he looks; smart enough to hire good handlers, but consider; Gov. of Texas and he forgets Dept of Energy? Gee, Texas has a huge interest in what?

  • News Cameraman Attacked, How Will Media Handle #OWS Cognitive Dissonance?

    11/12/2011 11:30:00 AM PST · 4 of 6
    barkeep to gorush

    Attaking the cameraman proved these guys are idiots. I have been involved in several political campaigns, usually for the underdog. Won some, lost more.

    The kind of free coverage these nitwits have gotten is to die for and not to be wasted! To attack the people giving them the publicity they otherwise couldn’t afford: LUNACY!

    Other hand, it fits. Look at the “demands”, essentially free everything, they clearly have no understanding of how the world works. Speaking of which, none of them “work”, at least not at anything constructive. Your local hooker or dope dealer contributes more to society; at least they generate economic activity, usually spent on consumer goods, a direct infusion of cash in a troubled economy.

  • Mexico and the War on Drugs: Time to Legalize

    10/22/2011 4:54:04 PM PDT · 42 of 50
    barkeep to MrEdd

    “This war on burglary has taken too long, cost too many freedoms, and stopped nothing.
    Legalize theft today.


    Unfortuate for your position, the “war” on property, personal crimes has been quite succesful. As more recidivists are kept “in” for longer terms, the streets become demonstrably safer. A lot needs to be done in gangbanger turf, BUT if the complainant can be made to feel safe from retaliation, we get more co-operation from residents and personal/property crime rates have declined significantly over ten years.

    Herein lies the problem with drug laws. If I knock you upside the head and steal your Rolex and cash, you will fully cooperate with the cops trying to catch me.

    Otra vez, I pay you cash to obtain X amount of an illegal substance, neither of us has any reason to cooperate with the WOD police, neither party feeling taken advantage of (well, unless I just bought $20 worth of oregano or baby laxative, but I ain’t likely to take that to civil court), neither side is inclined to uphold the law.

  • Mexico and the War on Drugs: Time to Legalize

    10/22/2011 2:33:47 PM PDT · 25 of 50
    barkeep to kingu

    “Make it legal to have massive coca fields near the border, and those fields will be under the armed control of the cartels, and nothing will have changed. Make it legal for huge marijuana plantations, and again, they’ll simply be armed cartel camps.”

    Couple of minor points: Hate to invest in “massive coca fields” in northern Mexico, it won’t grow there; my drug lord would probably torture me thouroughly before killing me for suggesting such a waste of money.

    Unlike oil, with legal status, America could become self-sufficient in pot or opium poppies almost overnight! No more dinero to cartels, terrorists or anyone abroad. I am reliably told that the finest quality pot in the world is grown here in the USA, some indoors, some in National Forests, never underestimate the ingenuity of the American entrepanuer!

    More serious note: Elliot Ness did not end the alcohol-related violence and corruption spawned by Prohibition: the end of Prohibition did. Yeah, Ness took down Capone (on tax charges, not rum-running) after a two year effort and three more as bad or worse immediately jumped in. The ultimate speak-easy consumer probably never noticed the difference.

    The criminality of drugs is EXACTLY what grew the cartels, and without that flow of illegal money they will wither away or shift to other businesses, possibly less lethal ones, as did American gangsters.

    I want a shred of evidence the “War on Drugs” does anything save fatten the wrong pockets. Cocaine and heroin are cheaper, purer, and more available today than in 1980. Meth-heads can get their stuff more easily than I can get psuedophedrin in allergy season. Legalization will not result in any significant increase in use: ANYONE who wants ANYTHING can get it now.

  • Bleach Fight Shuts Baltimore Walmart

    10/09/2011 8:31:37 PM PDT · 30 of 42
    barkeep to Ten Beers Gone

    Ten Beers; you refer to the everpresent proliferation of cell phones amongst our downtrodden and poor. OK are they also so stupid NONE of them got this live?

    I mean really, this truly toxic bit*h brawl could be worth bucks; I might pay a buck or so to watch it. My Wallyworld ain’t near this much fun!

  • Al Sharpton Gets Civil Rights History Wrong

    10/09/2011 8:14:07 PM PDT · 20 of 53
    barkeep to Yulee

    From kaslin: “I believe it was Muslim slave traders who captured Africans and sold them into slavery. Yet young Blacks take Muslim names and follow the cult of Islam and the cult of the Black Muslims (beliefs drastically different).”

    Actually, the initial capture was usually a more powerful African tribe taking anyone they could and selling to the highest or handiest bidder. Thomas Sowell mentioned that these African slavers sold roughly the same number of slaves to the Arabs as were shipped to the New World: about 15 million each way.

    America has millions of descendants of this shameful trade living free and many holding office (No, I do not include our President; black he may be, descended from American slaves, he ain’t).

    Where are the modern day remnants of the Arab slave trade? Easy answer, they outdid us as far as horrific treatment of slaves. They worked them to death. Literally. Each and every slave they marched across Africa died without legacy.

    And this “religion of peace” wants to rule the world.

  • ‘Bird-Brained’ Hypocrisy: Oil Companies Prosecuted for 28 Dead Waterfowl While Wind Companies

    10/02/2011 10:48:29 AM PDT · 27 of 44
    barkeep to volunbeer

    Tell me! I worked in the Texas oil field, I was there when we had to start “netting” open holding tanks to keep waterfowl from diving in. Really, I liked that rule. I remember one company in opposition put out a photo of a dead gull with talons caught in a net! Politics and the actuarial risk math do not mix well.

    We have in Texas more windmills than anywhere. I can drive from here to Oklahoma and never be out of sight of one. As soon as the industry can live without the two cent/KWH subsidy, I’m all for it.

    “bird-brained” is applicable. The modern three blade turbine fan (150’ radius) turns slowly, about 3 RPM, the blades “feather” to adjust to windspeed. Little birds, not so much. The dead birds we see are “gliders”; the larger species: Buzzards, hawks, gulls, and migratory birds.

    I will say this: No one knows “exactly” how many birds turbins kill. California pays people nearly 50K a year to tour towers and count dead birds, and that gives them a good guess. For sure, the fans kill birds; more fans, more dead birds. Classic risk/return decision.

  • Reports: Perry’s Texas Miracle Isn’t

    09/26/2011 3:38:02 PM PDT · 16 of 49
    barkeep to VU4G10

    If Perry wins the nomination, it will be without this Texan’s help.

    I still waiting for another shoe to drop on this former Democrat. Perry pushed for and did not give up on his Trans-Texas Corridor idea until the bitter end. It would have been the largest eminent domain property seizure in American history, and would have given that land to a Spanish toll road company for a minimum 50 years.

    How he plans to square that with “conservative principles” is beyond me.

  • Alameda raid mistakenly targets TV reporter's home

    09/17/2011 8:47:14 PM PDT · 15 of 17
    barkeep to hometoroost

    Thank God it was a reporter, not just the average innocent Joe! Joe would run about a 50% chance of being dead.

    Nevermind, acceptable collateral damage in the War on Drugs. At least we can take comfort in how effective that War has been. Ain’t no mo’ dope on the streets, all the junkies had to go straight, kids can’t get pot easier than beer anymore. Halleujah!

  • Mental Illness plagues half of all Americans: CDC

    09/05/2011 3:38:37 PM PDT · 42 of 69
    barkeep to SeekAndFind

    allow me a closely considered, rational response. I have been there, a school board tried to call my (really) lazy son ADHD and wanted to put him on meds.

    If I might re-iterate, BULLSHIT! The kid was gaming us, the school district was gaming me, but what did it matter, it was “free” money!?

    BTW, I kicked the kid (metaphoricly, lest the child abuse people go nuts) in the arse. Turned out what he needed was an option that did not involve a BA. He is now a manager at a local auto repair shop, makes about as much as I do. Kid doesn’t talk to me much, but I’m proud of him.

  • GOP wants White House papers on loan to failed solar company

    09/02/2011 7:24:15 PM PDT · 18 of 30
    barkeep to Attention Surplus Disorder

    “I want the GOP response to 0bama’s “jobs” speech to be broadcast from behind the closed chain link fence around Solyndra.”

    I admit to shamelessly stealing this idea from Charles Krauthammer; if Boehner weren’t brain-dead, he’d have said “fine, we anxiuosly await the revelation”. THEN moved the Republican debate on Wed. to after the joint session.

    Assuming all our candidates are not also brain-dead, we’d have had a couple hours with the whole panel of candidates taking shots at what they just heard. As it is, the Republicans will get a few minutes, one designated sucker (I mean spokesman) after the Obamathon, none of which will be heard as the audience changes channels to the Green Bay NFL opener.

  • AP Interview: Tough talk from Paul on Perry

    09/02/2011 6:36:55 PM PDT · 13 of 17
    barkeep to Marty62

    Why would Paul make issues, Paul never ran for Gov, and Governor Goodhair never ran for Congress.

    I look at people rushing to embrace Perry as the champion of conservative, limited gov’t and wonder where they were back when.

    I’m a West Texas conservative, been to every state GOP convention save one since ‘92 (back when Perry was campaigning for that famously conservative icon, Algore).

    Wish I could believe Perry, he’s making all the right noises now, BUT:

    First, I find his “day of fasting and prayer” event too coincidental to his Presidential announcement by half. I, a Church of Christ fundamentalist, found Matthew 6 blinking in my forebrain like a neon sign.

    “And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily, I say unto you, they shall have their reward.

    But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut the door, Pray to thy Father which is in secret, and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward you openly.”

    Perry fought tooth and nail for the Trans Texas Corridor, which would have been the largest single eminent domain land grab in American history and given the land to a Spanish company Cintas for a minimum 50 year term. Voter amnesia being what it is, many of the folks who signed anti-TTC petitions now support Perry. If you like gov’t subsidies for “high-speed rail”, you would have loved TTC, a half-mile wide swath of rail, truck lanes, auto lanes and gas&electric right of way cut through densely populated, very fertile East Texas landscape.

    BTW, we did get a substantial improvement in eminent domain this year; had an even better bil last session, but Perry threatened to veto if any part of it would have inconvenieced Jerry Jones, Cowboys owner, in getting the max in taxpayer dollars for his $1.2 BILLION stadium. The movie line from “Field of Dreams”, “Build it and they will come” moves to “Build it with taxpayer money and who cares if they come?”.

    Gardisil, a STD vaccine against HPV; Perry tried to make it mandatory (at $300 a pop), just happened to be made by Merck, a huge Perry contributor. Mind you, I’d have tried to convince my (sexually active, adult) step-daughter to take it, but I’d have resented the He** out of being told it’s mandatory.

    Texas Enterprise Fund: Perry had no problem using “rainy day” reserve money in 2009 to fund this bit of corporate bribery, again, a suspicious number of corporate recipients were substantial contributors.

    Perry had no problem turning down “stimulus” federal money when it suited his agenda, then whines like a love-sick drunk when the feds turn down his request for a “disaster” declaration after this summer’s wildfires. Come on guy, you go out of your way to pee in Obama’s Cheerios, then you think he’s gonna do YOU a favor?

    Much more, I’ve had 10 years of Perry and I trust him half as far as I could throw him. Have not decided who “my” candidate will be, but if Perry gets the nomination, it will be without my help.

  • Perry Says Vaccine Order Was Mistake

    08/18/2011 3:54:56 AM PDT · 39 of 100
    barkeep to Fred

    Folks, I am far from a RINO, been to every Texas Republican State Convention since ‘92, served two terms on Rules Committee.

    I didn’t oppose the Gardisil item on grounds of promoting promiscuity, I opposed it (while encouraging my step-daughter, an adult, to get it) because it was an intrusion on individual rights.

    You non-Texans need to take a closer look at Perry. This Conservative Republican has spent more time opposing Perry policies over the last decade than supporting them.

    Did you like the Kelo decision? You would have loved the Trans-Texas Corridor. Texas Conservatives fought this rascal through two terms of Legislature, would have been the largest eminent domain land grab in American history. Perry fought FOR that tooth and nail.

  • California Lawmakers Say They Need to Follow Texas' Lead on Business Regulation

    04/15/2011 10:13:04 PM PDT · 9 of 18
    barkeep to nickcarraway

    My local State Rep. told me Texas is seeing 200,000 Californians relocate to Texas every year.

    Yep, we have no income tax, a LOT less regulation, but let’s get to the elephant in the room: Texas does not allow publc employee unions. Radical idea, but it comes down to: here is your salary and the range you can expect, these are the benefits; don’t like the package, the private sector will welcome you with open arms (or not).

    Public sector unions have used union dues to buy enough legislators they are bullet-proof. They have perfected the trick of using the taxpayers’ money against the taxpayers’ interest. This unholy alliance has been prosperous for both Union members and the Legislators they’ve bought to the point the taxpayers are literally “voting with their feet”.

  • Elderly 'Teabaggers' Not Dying 'Fast Enough' Laments Libtalker Mike Papantonio

    02/23/2011 11:08:38 PM PST · 36 of 40
    barkeep to Travis McGee

    Actually, there’s a LOT of (unintended; maybe, I hope) truth here. The best favor we ol’farts can do society is die early, just push off on the ol iceberg!

    If Obama was serious about reining in deficits and upcoming deficits, obvious answer #1; repeal cigarette taxes, he!! subsidize the darn things, and buy smokers a free bottle of whiskey (American, with the “e”, don’t want to add to the trade deficit) a week. Any luck, we die before we collect!

    Seriously, that was FDR’s original bet. Retirement age was 63 because over half of payers would never live to collect and the heirs had no rights. More than COLAs, more than expanded coverage, more even than Congress spending a fictional “Trust Fund”, what is killing Social Security is we are rude enough to pure and simple LIVE TOO DAMNED LONG!

    Obama needs to subsidize cigarettes, and First Lady Michelle needs to visit schools explaing the joys of being “well-insulated” against the 2-3 ft. of “Global Warming” (snow, for those of you who wonder what that funny-looking white stuff is) that reached from International Falls to the Rio Grande

    Maybe your Waist equals or exceeds your height, that’s GOOD; youre helping the budget crisis by spending well-taxed dollars on food, preferably food with a lot of fat, and dying early from your mis-guided diet.

  • Legislator: State should create jobs instead of 'raping' taxpayers

    02/23/2011 10:17:35 PM PST · 10 of 14
    barkeep to bray

    I ran into it locally, commented on a regional airline that is very competitive when thay have competition, but absent competition “Rapes us with our pants on”. I was referring to a $700 difference in a flight from San Angelo, Texas to Greensboro, NC.

    Lord, one would have thought I stood in favor of everything from sexual assault to “Honor Killings”.

  • No junk food for food stamps, Rubio [D-CA] says

    02/12/2011 10:24:15 PM PST · 85 of 93
    barkeep to ChildOfThe60s

    Back in the day, 1972, there was a “commodities food program”. One did not get stamps, or cards one got an actual box or two of food, including a 5 pound brick of what looked like Velveeta, but was honest to God cheddar.

    Only time in my life I’ve committed welfare fraud. I tried, no way I could buy this stuff and it was so much better than sto’bought!

    Totally agree with the concept; provide food, not food stamps. In Texas we have a “card” instead of “stamps” Whoopee, the junkies still trade them at 50 cents on the dollar, just like the old days. Somebody at the bar gets cheap ribeye, junkie gets cash for (meth, coke, fill in the blank).

  • Texas Budget Mess Now as Bad as California's

    08/01/2010 12:46:02 PM PDT · 58 of 108
    barkeep to Republic of Texas

    As my state Rep. told us a month or so back, one thing we have in common is that nearly 200,000 Californians are moving to Texas every month!

    They move here looking for work, but they seem to neglect to leave the political baggage in Cal.

  • House Democrats face a dilemma with Rangel trial.

    07/29/2010 10:36:01 AM PDT · 26 of 26
    barkeep to Candor7

    Candor7; I think you are reaching. McCain? They didn’t need McCain’s help!

    Delay won’t be back and he knows it. He’ll make enough off a book deal to live “happily ever after”. A bit overused, but sometimes “it is what it is”.

    If it is any comfort, Ronnie Earle now resides on the “ashheap of history”.

  • House Democrats face a dilemma with Rangel trial.

    07/26/2010 8:50:15 PM PDT · 20 of 26
    barkeep to Candor7

    Reality, Rangel (who is pristine compared to Adam Clayton Powell) can hope for Delay’s fate. Has Tom Delay been to court yet? Has he asked for continuences or otherwise delayed the process? Has the Austin DA moved the case?

    May I note for the record the answer to all of the above is NO!

    Delay resigned his leadership posts due to a Republican Party Rule (A rule the Dems do not have) requiring resignation on indictment, not trial and conviction. The now departed Ronnie Earle got an indictment on his THIRD Grand Jury. Earle is gone, years have passed and Delay is still waiting for his day in court.

  • Appeals Court Rejects U.S. Bid to Keep Drilling Moratorium

    07/08/2010 6:22:25 PM PDT · 12 of 14
    barkeep to BornToBeAmerican

    In that the Feds have requested “injuntive relief”, there will be another hearing, surely full panel before the end of the month. Fifth Curcuit is about as conservative as they come, but I have learned not to bet the farm on a Circuit Court ruling.

  • Texas GOP ousts chair, wants Ariz. immigration law (and open carry)

    07/08/2010 6:06:47 PM PDT · 72 of 72
    barkeep to hocndoc

    Didn’t know that detail, had I been Nominations rep this time around I would never had made such a promise. It was obvious going in some serious horse-trading was going to have to be done.

    Frankly, I am as pleased with the horse-trading as I could have expected, my last communication with him, Tom Mechler is perhaps not as happy as winning, but is satisfied with the deal he got.

    I’d have preferred Tom of course, but Munisteri seems to be living up to the bargain, they actually make a good team.

  • Texas GOP ousts chair, wants Ariz. immigration law (and open carry)

    07/07/2010 11:26:43 PM PDT · 70 of 72
    barkeep to hocndoc

    First to bocndoc: “Our Senate District 25 delegate to the Nominations Committee had promised to stick with Cathie, but reneged on her promise on the second round of votes and switched to Munisteri.”

    I not only know Your Nominations Rep, the rule is clear: a Nom. rep votes as SD Caucus voted on FIRST round, after that they are on their own. I went as a strong Mechler supporter, I’ve known the man for years. Mechler carried more SDs frankly than I thought he would, after first round it was clear Cathie was not going to win. Then it was “Let’s makea deal” time.

    Here’s some numbers: Harris County SDs 7 of them, held 1,039 votes, next close was Dallas, 5 SDs with 619. Our “little” (actually the biggest geographically with 44 small population counties) SD 28 total voting strength of 338. Bexar county, SD 25 representing 180 delegate votes, but including 4 other SDs, 399 total. With Cathie gone, who do YOU think held the Ace high straight hand?

    NO ONE in this race was “liberal or RINO” Robin said as much. Why HE didn’t run is a mystery to me, he had at least been elected.

    Democracy in action ain’t always pretty, sure wasn’t this year in Dallas, but it is what it is, this is the sausage as she is made.

    I do object to some comments about my being able to be there from Tuesday. NOTHING until Friday was anything but temp. committees. Caucuses were free to overrule their temp Reps, replace them, and I’ve seen this done before. This year, despite an unprecedented number of minority report filers, not a single SD replaced its Temp Committeeman/woman.

    Sometimes it ain’t pretty, but this is a Republic in action. Thanks to everyone who attended, yeah we could have made it look more attractive, but by GOD we had one, and I thank everyone who bothered to attend: Your side, the other side, I know what kind of sacrifice it takes, if you were there at all, Thank You. A lot of us are working hard already to make the next one better..

  • 'Russia may have 50 deep-cover agents in US'

    06/29/2010 9:24:31 PM PDT · 58 of 65
    barkeep to patriot preacher

    My response as well: only 50? They must be getting short on bucks!

  • Hurricane Alex

    06/29/2010 9:15:46 PM PDT · 29 of 108
    barkeep to jpsb

    Here in West Texas, we PRAY for blown out storms, we need the water. Looks like this one is headed west, might inconvenience the Cartels for a day or two.

    We might get lucky and see some rain, but I’m putting long odds on it.

  • Should the Senate confirm Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan? (Freep this poll)

    06/29/2010 9:02:55 PM PDT · 34 of 57
    barkeep to ProtectOurFreedom

    Of course she will be confirmed. Probably the best of a sad litter of kittens. This is what happens when we lose an election. You thought Obama was going to appoint an Alito?

  • Texas GOP ousts chair, wants Ariz. immigration law (and open carry)

    06/14/2010 2:04:15 AM PDT · 39 of 72
    barkeep to hocndoc

    Seems you were at least there. Pardon BUT Credentials meets early as well. Challenges are to be filed early, but they are there to catch late glitches. This year we had exactly ONE challenge and the delegate was certified, after a minority report.

    Your section was dark? DUH! I was in SD28 south of the press box. People were using their cell phones to read! The lights didn’t come on until the CRC funding pitch came along, and that was so people could see to write checkes. Don’t have a figure yet, I will tomorrow, but my guess, WAY lower than in the past.

    I’m not a rookie, I’ve been to plenty of these. People who have been doing this before I started were beefing about the delay in business. Friday, we got a brief “call to order” just enough to hear the reports of the Temp Committees, and we only got that because it was necessary to elect permanent members to same committees. NO ONE recalled a convention at which business had been put off this long.

    Yes Sat. took a while because one SD took forever to recount its vote. I KNOW it was done, I knew the results two hours before the floor did. So what!? We could have had a permanent chair of convention Friday PM, as we usually did in the olden’ days. I remember San Antonio 96, permanent chair was right behind Credentials, you know, like it is in your County/SD convention. Like a real Convention. I was talking to real “big dogs”, SREC members, NOBODY was happy with this alleged “agenda”. We skated close to violating Election Code.

    Presidential years with Congressional Districts, yep, it gets complicated, bring a sack lunch and a bedroll. This year, no excuse for it. BTW, I started as a Tom Mechler supporter, and yes, I know part of the delay Sat was letting all three hammer out a deal once Cathie knew she was toast. Does NOT excuse the delay in business Friday.

    Order of Business for a State Convention should be roughly the same as you see in your SD/County Convention. And NO, I have spent 20 years scrapping against Robert X Johnson, I’m not to be dismissed as part of his faction.

  • Texas GOP ousts chair, wants Ariz. immigration law (and open carry)

    06/13/2010 9:20:47 PM PDT · 36 of 72
    barkeep to secondamendmentkid

    Ya had to be there. I did not vote Medina, but I was peeved that she was denied a booth in the exhibit hall, had to hold her function at a hotel several miles from the convention center.

    One of many beefs about this “closely scripted” convention. I have sat on Rules Committee twice, have been going to conventions since ‘94. I go for the full meal deal, temp. committees included, I was there this year from Tuesday on.

    The Platform Report was a joke. Eleven members of Platform Committee out of 31 signed a minority report that was promptly ruled “out of order”. Until 4:00 PM Sat. we did not have a “Convention” we had political theater. Only then were we called to order, complete with the approval of a permanent chair of the convention and actually allowed to do business rather than listen to cheerleading speeches and videos.

    The Platform Report did not use the always before format of striking amended language and underlining new language. Unless one came with a copy of the ‘08 Platform, a delegate had no idea what was new, what had been dropped, what the minority report referred to. Among other items, term limits had been totally dropped.

    By the time it came up after 7:00 PM Saturday, the remaining delegates were so worn out, the same body which had overwhelmingly voted FOR a Rules minority report to put term limits back on National Committeeman&woman was so confused it rejected an amendment putting term limits back in the Platform! Now Rules and Platform are in opposition, but Republican Candidates must sign off on Platform support to receive CRC funding.

    Absolutely absurd and I place the blame on the deposed Adams for setting the agenda with cheerleading first, business absolutely last. ALL candidates were solidly conservative and pro-life, I heard Adam’s
    vice chair Robin Armstrong say as much. BTW, I feel sorry for Armstrong, good man. He was at least elected last Convention while Adams was appointed by the 62 member SREC only last October when the last elected Chair Benkhiser “resigned”.

    Adams set the agenda to maximize her “face-time” and let business go until many, no most, delegates had to leave.

    It availed her nothing, she lost overwhelmingly. Perhaps in 2012 we can have a “real” State Convention. I am proud to have played a small part in the palace coup.

  • AFL-CIO Leadership Clashes With Union Members Over Arizona Immigration Law

    05/16/2010 8:03:15 PM PDT · 37 of 48
    barkeep to culpeper

    I seldom fail to bring up a point going back to Ceasar Chavez and his unionization effort. Point first; Chavez saw illegal crews as competitition, undercutting his clout. Chavez could never have made the modest progress he did without the “grape boycott” from the liberal left.

    Chavez would rat out a competing crew of “wetbacks”, a term Chavez was not too bashful to use, to the INS in a heartbeat. To Chavez, the distinction between legal/illegal was critical, he knew his LEGAL crews couldn’t compete.

    If we are to honor Ceasar Chavez, let’s do it properly and make the distinction between legal and illegal immigrants.

  • Israel plans shift to laser interceptors for air and missile defense

    04/11/2010 5:13:22 AM PDT · 6 of 14
    barkeep to Recon Dad

    Mind you, I’d love to see this work.

    Stick a fishing pole in a clear pond. Does it “bend”? Will a laser kill system work on cloudy days, through shimmering heat, high humidity? How much “high energy” will an effective kill beam require?

    I’m all for hopeful development work. God knows, unlike its adversaries, Israel does not have the area to soak up offensive hits. I would be slow to bet the ranch on a totally effective kill of incoming WMDs.

    Strategically, how can Israel NOT opt for pre-emptive strike against a theater nuclear power?

  • Westinghouse at core of nuclear power trend toward smaller reactors

    03/14/2010 7:10:59 AM PDT · 12 of 22
    barkeep to chainsaw

    See Gwyneth Cravens; “Power to Save the World”. We can thank our “Nookier Engineer” President Carter for making the reprocessing of nucler fuel illegal in America. It was going to prevent nuclear weapon proliferation, and my didn’t that work well.

    Cravens likens this prohibition to a wood burning technology where we go deep in the forest to get a huge log, then burn the bark off the tree and bury the rest. If “spent” fuel is hot enough to be dangerous, it is, by definition a better source of new fuel rods than any natural ore!

    Hate to give points to the French, but they beat us all hollow on nuclear energy. They get 70% of electricity from nuclear, using standardized plants. America insists on reinventing the wheel with every plant, and burying forever extremely valuable spent fuel.

  • Dying People Shouldn't Have to be Beggars

    03/14/2010 6:42:38 AM PDT · 2 of 10
    barkeep to Kaslin

    Thank you Mr. Chapman! I have, with less public reach, beaten this drum for nealy 20 years.

    Everybody else in the “food chain” exchanges money. The doctor is paid, the hospital is paid, the drug makers are paid, patients and their insurers pay, but somehow it is “immoral” to compensate donors? Somehow, since it relates to a purely elective procedure, I can be paid market rate to masturbate for dollars, but a kidney or marrow donation, way more inconvenient, the recipient can’t even give me gas money?

    And what of the “donations” that can only come from the deceased, heart, lung, liver etc. ? I’m not talking E-bay auctions, but perhaps a flat payment of enough money to pay for a funeral or asurviving child’s college tuition would encourage donations, save lives, and spread among multiple tranplant procedures, increase the cost minimally. Allocate the money through a self-replenishing fund and payments through the organ bank now existing.

    Our pursuit of moral purity in donations is costing thousands of reallives every year.

  • Only 8 percent say incumbents should be reelected

    02/12/2010 9:59:38 AM PST · 10 of 15
    barkeep to C19fan

    Absolutely! I am always suspicious of these polls unless they also ask respondent’s opinion of their own congresscritter. Always an amazing disconnect. Similar thing with “earmarks”. Congressman Foghorn two states away is a rascal for abusing earmarks. Our Congressman brings federal money to vital projects in the district.

    And we wonder why we have a debt that is seriously understated at $14 Trillion.

  • Perry, Hutchison, Sharp political lives have long been intertwined [Tx Elections]

    01/01/2010 12:09:05 PM PST · 6 of 10
    barkeep to freekitty

    Interesting post. I replied to it on the gosanangelo site this AM. I have voted for both Hutchison and Perry every time they appear on my West Texas ballot. Voted for Sharp in ‘94, simple reason he had done a good job as Comptroller regardless of Party.

    My Gov. vote is still undecided in primary, but between Sharp and Williams; no contest. I’ve met Williams, he’s a solid conservative who has resisted earlier opportunities to move to DC. Hard working, effective Railroad Commissioner (for non-Texans, RRC has virtually nothing to do with Railroads, it regulates the Texas oil&gas industry).

    An easy man to like, I hope this self-described-in-another-race “ugliest black man in America” is our next Senator.

  • As Revenue Plunges, Stadium Boom Deepens Municipal Woes

    12/25/2009 8:55:57 AM PST · 19 of 29
    barkeep to JohnEBoy

    The really sad thing is, it takes no time to show the numbers are bogus. City Councils across the country are folding to a weak bluff by owners. Take out LA and every city that has lost a franchise, has gained another, ie Texans in Houston, etc.

    The model is Green Bay. That franchise cannot move, residents own a majority of the stock. Divorce cases in Green Bay put season ticket rights in front of the kids, the cars and the dog! No dome, no eminent domain, a private business providing a good that sells out year after year. Not to mention, a decent football team. Whodathunkit!?


    12/25/2009 6:28:42 AM PST · 20 of 24
    barkeep to Springfield Reformer

    I reply to you as a candidate, because I see hope in this.

    In its single-minded pursuit of “Let’s-do-anything-in-time to-go-home-to-the-districts-and-sell-it” Obamacare and the Democrats have taken the low ground.

    Last Sunday on ABCs “This Week With Whoever” Dick Durbin was confronted with the Nebraska/Nelson deal. His vague response was, “No Congress can bind the next Congress”. In short, the Dem leadership is already looking to reneg on the Nelson “forever” promise.

    Following that train of thought past where Durbin took it, we have two elections before the mandatory buy-in takes effect. Qinnipiac Poll, which the White House has trotted out in times past as more favorable than Fox or CNN: 53% unfavorable, 36% favorable. If I were an incumbent Congressman seeking reelection, I would hate to hang my hat on a 36% peg.

    This is not a moment for despair, the Dems by over-reaching have taken a hard to defend position. If we toss a mitt-full of rascals out over the next elections, Durbin is right; but rather than just the Nelson deal, we can throw the whole damnable bill on the “dustbin of history”.

    “Lower the guns to deck level Mr. Grigsby, and load with grape”!

  • As Revenue Plunges, Stadium Boom Deepens Municipal Woes

    12/25/2009 5:56:38 AM PST · 11 of 29
    barkeep to reaganaut1

    I am a Dallas Cowboys fan from way back, liked them before they were winners.

    Disgusts me to listen to ESPN and others just gush over the new Jerry Jones Taxpayer Rip-off Memorial Stadium. Yes, it is lovely, probably the best in the league, and I would love it IF Billionaire Jones and company had paid for it.

  • 'Breakthrough' in deadly tropical disease

    12/25/2009 5:48:59 AM PST · 16 of 37
    barkeep to Jemian

    My Father was a Texas A&M Veterinary grad shortly after WWII. The screw worm fly was devastating South Texas cattle herds. They came up with the idea of releasing massive quantities of neutered male flies, females could not mate twice.

    Conventional wisdom of the day thought this a silly idea and a waste of money. Do we hear anything about the screw worm scourge today?

    Vector control is proven effective time and again. As to malaria, may the shade of Rachel Carson be condemned to carry tons of mosquito nets through Hell for eternity. Free DDT!

  • Health Care Not In Constitution

    12/24/2009 10:17:40 AM PST · 13 of 19
    barkeep to DesertRhino

    General Welfare is such a stretch few mention it. The poor, overworked interstate commerce clause SHOULD be a joke. A major health insurance reform I would support would allow me to shop for insurance across state lines.

    On its face, I hold this absurdity lacks Constitutional foundation, but the Constitution is whatever the SCOTUS of the day says it is. McCain/Feingold and Kelo taught me never to bet the farm on what Scotus will do.

  • The Best Gift For Paranoid Times: The Back-Up Bedside Shotgun Rack

    12/23/2009 8:49:18 PM PST · 38 of 44
    barkeep to ImJustAnotherOkie

    “39.95? All you need is some PVC and a blowtorch”.

    Easier yet, the doortop hangers for jackets or bathrobes? Glue a block of wood for spacers, two of them hung on the bedframe easily hold a shotgun. Also found, cut the barrel to legal minimum (in my state 18”) I got a pattern that at the angle from the bed neatly covers the whole doorway. Quite effective for an in- the-dark response.

    Caution; you might nudge with the inboard elbow, make sure the spouse is still in bed and not coming back from the bathroom! No kids here, adapt for circumstance as appropriate.

  • Schwarzenegger Presses U.S. for More Aid for Needy California

    12/23/2009 7:16:18 PM PST · 21 of 40
    barkeep to reaganaut1

    “No! California should improve its business climate and cut spending.”

    That was my reflexive response, but on further review, I must disagree.

    You see, Californians are emigrating from the nest they have fouled, and an unfortunate number make their way to Texas, something about our having jobs and lower taxes.

    Unfortunately, they STILL have not made the connection between California’s disasterous public policies and the result that makes Texas so attractive by comparison. They come, they register, and they lobby for the same policies that drove Ca. to bankruptcy. Commonly heard, “But in California X, Y, or Z was FREE, Texas needs X, Y, or Z.”

    No, I say! The contagion must be contained! By all means, we can pay whatever it takes, support California as the Land of Fruits and Nuts Asylum, an ideological leper colony if you will. One mandatory codicil; no current Californian shall be allowed to emigrate unless he/she has voted in a Republican primary and can correctly recite on demand, “There Ain’t No Such Thing as a Free Lunch”!

    Drastic, I know, some might even claim unConstitutional, but as has been said, “The Constitition is not a suicide pact”. Time’s a’wastin’ folks. Your state may be next!

  • Nelson Says More Senators Seeking Special Treatment in Light of Nebraska Deal

    12/23/2009 6:47:31 PM PST · 36 of 36
    barkeep to imskylark

    “Excuse me but didnt’ the Dems put a statement in this bill that states no congress can undo what this congress has done?”

    Yep, they sure did. And the next Congress will give that “statement” all the value of a fart in a hurricane. Short of an Amendment to the Constitution a new Congress can, and quite often cheerfully does disregard promises made by the preceeding body; even if 90%+ are the same members.

    For instance, the only way to get favorable CBO numbers was to present CBO with (among many others)the factors that: A) Medicaid payments to doctors will be reduced by 22%; and B) Such payments will not increase for ten years. Absolutely no one actually believes this, CBO included, but by law, if presented with such parameters, the relatively honest number crunchers at CBO must compute based on the moonbeams and pixie dust forwarded to them.

  • Texas attorney general challenges Senate health bill over "Nebraska compromise"

    12/23/2009 3:45:26 AM PST · 35 of 43
    barkeep to TexasRedeye

    What Texas does have is the right to unilaterally divide itself into five states. I remember some serious discussion of this during the 60s, would have added 8 presumably conservative Senators.

    On the challenge by Abbot, I approve, but maybe we should let SC carry the ball here. Nebraska will claim it is only fair “payback” for the UT magic missing second that allowed the Longhorns to beat Nebraska.

  • Nelson Says More Senators Seeking Special Treatment in Light of Nebraska Deal

    12/23/2009 3:34:41 AM PST · 6 of 36
    barkeep to jimtorr

    On the subject of lying, I saw Sen. Dick Durbin on “This Week without David Brinkly” commenting on the Nebraska deal, “No Congress can bind the next Congress”.

    The clear implication is that with the 60th vote bought and passage accomplished, the Dem leadership is already plotting to reneg on Nelson’s deal. Ben ought to be used to that, he is an Indian.

  • Tennessee Woman Charged With Spanking Kids With Belt

    12/22/2009 4:42:09 AM PST · 21 of 63
    barkeep to Titus Quinctius Cincinnatus

    Being a wayward child,inventive in my mischief, I was spanked with some regularity. A “Wait till your Father gets home” deal. First I got to dread it; then the reasonable explanation why it was coming, by the end of which I am thinking “OK, do it already!”. And this is in the day of thin belts and welts on the butt.

    Otra vez, a teacher slapped me in the face, hard. Mother raised enough cain, got her fired. The term gluteus maximus aptly describes the juvenile butt; an appropriate place for such discipline. I didn’t like spanking, but retrospect, I love my parents, they were right, and it did way more good than passing harm.

    Corporal punishment; no problem, it does get a child’s attention. Arms, chest and such, that crosses the line.

  • Tennessee Woman Charged With Spanking Kids With Belt

    12/22/2009 4:41:38 AM PST · 20 of 63
    barkeep to Titus Quinctius Cincinnatus

    Being a wayward child,inventive in my mischief, I was spanked with some regularity. A “Wait till your Father gets home” deal. First I got to dread it; then the reasonable explanation why it was coming, by the end of which I am thinking “OK, do it already!”. And this is in the day of thin belts and welts on the butt.

    Otra vez, a teacher slapped me in the face, hard. Mother raised enough cain, got her fired. The term gluteus maximus aptly describes the juvenile butt; an appropriate place for such discipline. I didn’t like spanking, but retrospect, I love my parents, they were right, and it did way more good than passing harm.

    Corporal punishment; no problem, it does get a child’s attention. Arms, chest and such, that crosses the line.

  • Skeptics score a win against alarmists

    12/02/2009 6:12:09 PM PST · 13 of 16
    barkeep to TigersEye

    And don’t forget a favorite: “climate change deniers”, an obvious attempt to lump all dissenters with Holocaust deniers, beneath contempt, let alone credibility.

    BTW, this whole CO2 fixation ignores one fact; as a greenhouse gas dihydrogen monoxide (water vapor) is roughly 100 times as efficient. Stick that “inconvenient truth” up your hydrogen-powered tailpipe AlGore!

  • Shoppers, beware the present peril

    11/27/2009 5:22:14 AM PST · 23 of 47
    barkeep to RU88

    I grew up half a continent from grandparents in Maine and Texas. Instead of wrong-sized sweaters from Maine and hats from Texas my sister and I got checks.

    No problems with redemtion/returns/poor selection, and I promise you, we appreciated it more than if grandma had used lots of time picking out something we would have buried in the back of the closet lest our friends even knew we owned such a geeky thing.

    Closing on on 60 myself, advice; unless you are so fortunate as to live nearby and KNOW what the kids/friends want, cash is king, nothing rude about it!