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Posts by BeauBo

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  • Poland summons U.S. ambassador over FBI head's Holocaust remarks

    04/20/2015 2:46:58 AM PDT · 46 of 70
    BeauBo to Brad from Tennessee

    What gets lost is that he did not say Poland or Poles,
    he said “the murderers and accomplices of...”

    So he was only referring to those individuals who did collaborate in the genocide - not the public or the Government. He was talking about how people rationalize heinous acts - it is a psychological study of criminal behavior, for which the FBI is famous.

    I admit that I read his excerpt several times, before I realized that he was specifically talking about collaborators, and not all of Poland. It jumps out at you when you hear “Germany or Poland”, like they were on par.

  • ISIS-trained man arrested in U.S., DOJ says

    04/19/2015 9:19:02 AM PDT · 82 of 88
    BeauBo to RipSawyer; DoughtyOne

    Can’t we all agree that the Obama Administration is stupid AND evil?

  • Iranian ship convoy moves toward Yemen, alarming US officials (administration has 3 theories)

    04/18/2015 8:25:30 AM PDT · 29 of 36
    BeauBo to wayoverontheright

    “It’s possibly just a message to their proxies within Yemen to keep up the fight.”

    Quite possible. Also, if an opening develops, the resupply will be prepared and positioned close by for quicker delivery.

    As this goes on, initial plans will increasingly be overtaken by events, and both sides will become more reactive to the changing circumstances. No plan survives initial contact with the enemy. We may well be there already, and the Iranians may be desperate to bail out their buddies in Yemen.

    Arabs are an emotional people. The big Saudi response may have been more than the Persians were anticipating. The new King suddenly changed the calculations. It is definitely getting hairy.

    Both sides might be looking to ramp up the pressure, to negotiate a more favorable settlement. No doubt the traditional wheeling and dealing are underway to buy off enemies.

    If the Saudis can buy off former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, perhaps by installing his son as President, or just with money, a lot of the Houthi coalition goes away. Without Saleh’s support, it would fall almost entirely on the shoulders of Iran to carry on the fight, and that would require a naval line of communication for resupply and insertion of more Revolutionary Guards. So this naval engagement is strategic.

    I am sure that the Saudis would dearly love to draw the US into direct war with Iran if they could.

  • Woman accused of telling ‘boyfriend’ she met online to close his eyes, hitting him with bat

    04/13/2015 10:34:37 PM PDT · 51 of 64
    BeauBo to Army Air Corps

    I’d hit it.

  • PA's Internal Conflicts Erupt in Samaria Gunbattles

    04/13/2015 2:40:34 AM PDT · 6 of 23
    BeauBo to Eleutheria5


    I like how the article always uses quotation marks, when referring to refugee “camps”. Now into the third and fourth generation; urban ghetto, or Government housing project, might be better terms.

  • Exclusive: Iraq's leader to seek arms with deferred payment on U.S. visit

    04/12/2015 7:45:43 AM PDT · 7 of 10
    BeauBo to Citizen Zed

    Denying the Iraqis what they need to retake Mosul would force them into the arms of the Iranians - it is their only other choice in a life and death struggle.

    The Iranians are taking control of parts of Iraq as part payment for their support (Diyala Province), and are shaping the situation for wider takeover later.

    The US condition for military aid should be strategic distance from Iran and specific steps to remove Iranian influence - which would threaten the Prime Minister’s very life, because they are playing hardball.

    There is just no telling which way this administration will go with this request, because they are capricious, are on both sides of the fence in these struggles, and all the bids are not yet in on who will offer what kinds of bribes.


    04/11/2015 7:38:20 AM PDT · 60 of 60
    BeauBo to kingattax


    Pretense aside, perhaps he will just lift the sanctions by executive dictate.

  • How stupid is State Department spokesperson Marie Harf?

    04/09/2015 8:12:06 AM PDT · 58 of 91
    BeauBo to PROCON

    I am always struck by how she seems to be a Saturday Night Live spoof of herself.

    Maybe it is the glasses that make her so caricature-like.

    But actually, it is her detachment from reality.

  • Did Harry Reid’s Brother Beat him up? (YES)

    04/08/2015 11:58:41 AM PDT · 60 of 80
    BeauBo to TexasCajun

    Looking at the tale of tape, it seems that Larry has about a hundred pound weight advantage on Harry.

  • Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Is Guilty in Boston Marathon Bombing Trial

    04/08/2015 11:31:49 AM PDT · 25 of 39
    BeauBo to BeauBo

    Update! Guilty 17 out of 17 death penalty charges, and the hits keep coming.

    At this rate, they might even find him guilty of things he wasn’t charged with

  • Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Is Guilty in Boston Marathon Bombing Trial

    04/08/2015 11:29:43 AM PDT · 23 of 39
    BeauBo to BigCinBigD

    Now...kill him!

    They are going down the charges now, and so far he has been found guilty of 13 charges that carry the death penalty, so they may have to kill him at least 13 times.

    Maybe they will need a new form of execution, like blowing him up, so they can just keep packing additional explosives for each charge.

  • Fort Bragg paratroopers deploying to Iraq for 9 months

    04/08/2015 11:21:30 AM PDT · 9 of 12
    BeauBo to WayneS

    “U.S. troops are not allowed to be in Iraq any more.”

    Sounds like most of them will be based at some other command post in the region, like Kuwait, Jordan or Qatar - hell, maybe even Saudi Arabia the way things are going. Some number (probably a small fraction, to be liaison officers) will be in Iraq.

    We have been running a command element out of northern Jordan, looking at the Syrian effort to overthrow the Iranian-backed Assad regime. In Iraq, we will be supporting the other side of the Sunni/Shia proxy war, which will be touchy for all involved.

    If we start putting hundreds of more troops into Iraq, the logistics footprint is going to have to grow with them - food service, guard forces, medical - and re-buying all the stuff that was abandoned when Obama ordered that hasty march to the border.

  • Shocking video shows S.C. cop fatally shooting black man in back

    04/08/2015 8:02:32 AM PDT · 122 of 143
    BeauBo to kjam22

    You can’t be sure if someone is going to die from being shot, if they will stop running or fighting, or if they have a lethal weapon hidden on them.

    Unless someone is knocked unconscious (shot in the head) or faints, it usually takes a minute or a few to die, sometimes hours.

    As an earlier poster noted an individual shot by an M2 (.50 cal) continued to operate for some short time. An M2 can blow someone’s leg off and send their body flinging 20 feet in the air.

    I knew a guy who was shot in the chest with a .45 in an elevator, and went on to live a normal life. Another young man I knew took five .38’s in the torso and recovered (similar to this incident - 5 hits out of 8 shots). I saw a guy take nine hits from a rifle (.223) and continue running around, although he died in a minute or two.

    A well known tough guy in the neighborhood threw a hefty beating on a guy and left him bleeding with broken bones, only to be shot dead while walking away from an opponent he thought was subdued, but who had a concealed gun he finally got a chance to draw.

    So it makes sense to me to cuff him, as long as his heart is beating.

    I was struck by the apparent cold bloodedness of the police officer. I assume that he shot him because he was upset over the confrontation and made this bad judgement out of anger and adrenaline, but I don’t really see it in the video. He will pay heavily for it.

  • Shocking video shows S.C. cop fatally shooting black man in back

    04/08/2015 6:19:17 AM PDT · 88 of 143
    BeauBo to from occupied ga

    Looks like the cop was angered by his suspects resistance and/or verbal incitement, and vented on him. It looks like second degree murder is the appropriate charge, and it might get downgraded to manslaughter if they buy that he was following Department escalation procedures, and then wrongfully opened fire due to excessive passion from a struggle.

    They were away from the vehicle in the traffic stop, indicating that the suspect walked away from the vehicle and was being non-compliant. It must have gone on for some time, for the incident to draw spectators to film it - probably some shouting, possibly some scuffling.

    If the suspect assaulted the officer prior to the video starting, he may have been fleeing a felony, which puts the shooting on a different legal footing.

    There are escalation procedures for subduing a suspect, e.g first give a command, second attempt to physically compel compliance or apply a restraint (handcuff), third might be non-lethal incapacitation like pepper spray or stun gun, and finally the use of lethal force.

    After the stun gun was deployed, the gun was the next and last escalation step. Clearly, the cop was not in danger when the suspect was running away, so self defense will not fly to justify the shooting. If he was legally authorized to shoot to stop a fleeing felon, he might beat the murder wrap on that basis.

    It is pretty clear that he tampered with the evidence, planting the stun gun near the suspect (a time-honored technique - many cops used to carry a small back up gun available to plant on anyone they might shoot). He might have also (likely) made false official statements which could get him fired, and possibly another criminal charge. The fact that he has already been fired, indicate to me that he did lie.

    In this case, I think that the officer is likely to go to jail for a long time. Many sentences are tripled on law enforcement personnel who are found to have violated their trust.

    This is clearly a much more serious incident than Ferguson, which was a complete fraud against an innocent police officer, or the Staten Island incident Eric Garner, where a suspect resisting arrest died from a heart attack and positional asphyxiation while normally restrained, due to his obesity.

  • Why Some Think Lowering Salt Intake May Do More Harm Than Good

    04/08/2015 5:04:53 AM PDT · 11 of 25
    BeauBo to Not gonna take it anymore

    Not everyone reacts to dietary salt the same way. Some folks experience a significant blood pressure rise in response to high salt intake, while others will show little or no change.

    It is pretty much of a normal distribution across the population, so only about a third of the population are really sensitive to salt for blood pressure, with a small percentage being very sensitive. For most people it is just not an issue for major concern.

    It may also change over time for an individual.

  • China Isn't Happy With Hillary Clinton

    04/08/2015 4:48:22 AM PDT · 7 of 9
    BeauBo to SoFloFreeper

    This is just a Mutt and Jeff routine for public consumption.

    The Clintons are the Chinese Communist Party’s best friends, and made them what they are today - rich and well armed with advanced American military technology. Admitting China into the World Trade Organization, and throwing open the doors Chinese espionage.

    Chinese communist leaders know that they could do no better than Hillary as US President, and will do anything they can to achieve that result.

  • Pakistan parliament resumes debate on joining Saudi-led Yemen operation

    04/07/2015 10:47:24 AM PDT · 3 of 3
    BeauBo to SeekAndFind

    Egypt seems to be on board, which is big.

    Turkey may be covertly working a Northern front against the Iranian-backed Assad Regime in Syria - activity has recently stepped up there with the capture of Idlib. They don’t seem willing to openly get into it directly with Iran, using surrogates against Iranian surrogates.

    If Pakistan is drawn into conflict with Iran, it could be the biggest of all - a real strategic shift.

    Pakistan has a long history of providing a Brigade to a Division for duty in Saudi Arabia, for their internal defense, but not to cross the border outside the Kingdom. If they were just planning to do more of the same, it would not be necessary to get into a big debate in Parliament.

  • Lawmakers question Navy chaplain's removal over intolerance accusations

    04/07/2015 4:36:07 AM PDT · 15 of 24
    BeauBo to GeronL

    Homosexuality is the new sacred.

    Christianity is the new profanity.

    It is like something from “1984”. Something called blackwhite in Newspeak.

    Blackwhite is defined as follows:
    “ ...this word has two mutually contradictory meanings. Applied to an opponent, it means the habit of impudently claiming that black is white, in contradiction of the plain facts. Applied to a Party member, it means a loyal willingness to say that black is white when Party discipline demands this. But it means also the ability to believe that black is white, and more, to know that black is white, and to forget that one has ever believed the contrary. This demands a continuous alteration of the past, made possible by the system of thought which really embraces all the rest, and which is known in Newspeak as doublethink. ”

    —Orwell, 1984

  • Student Suspended For Helping With James O’Keefe Video

    04/07/2015 4:17:55 AM PDT · 44 of 56
    BeauBo to MurrietaMadman

    Barry University President Sister Linda Bevilacqua is a Dominican, like the founder of Liberation Theology (Marxism in a priest’s robe).

    From Wikipedia:

    “Gustavo Gutiérrez Merino, O.P., (born 8 June 1928 in Lima) is a Peruvian theologian and Dominican priest regarded as the founder of Liberation Theology. He holds the John Cardinal O’Hara Professorship of Theology at the University of Notre Dame.”

  • Student Suspended For Helping With James O’Keefe Video

    04/07/2015 4:05:18 AM PDT · 41 of 56
    BeauBo to Ray76

    “How, precisely, have operations been disrupted”

    It disrupted their main operation - to covertly degrade and destroy the the American system.

  • Kenya was warned of Garissa attack, took hours to respond, source says

    04/07/2015 3:52:58 AM PDT · 19 of 21
    BeauBo to Kenny Bunk

    Yes Obama campaigned for Raila Odinga, in support of his coalition of hard leftists and Muslims. But not just because of his political affinity, Odinga is his cousin.

    Apparently, when Obama was there on his “fact finding” (AKA illegal campaigning), the planning for the post-election mob violence was also underway. Right in the wheelhouse of the community organizer who brought us Occupy Wall Street, Furguson Missouri, Trayvonmania and a host of smaller mob events.

    Odinga muscled his way into power and spent a few years stuffing his pockets with bribes and public money.

    Maybe thanks to the same reality Vs. hype dichotomy that has haunted Obama, Raila Odinga was defeated in the 2013 election, and replaced by the Catholic Conservative candidate Uhuru Kenyatta.

  • The Extinction of Eastern Christianity May Figure Europe’s Own Future

    04/06/2015 12:21:51 PM PDT · 9 of 13
    BeauBo to Sherman Logan

    “In fact, the civil war was largely a result of the change in population, not its cause.”

    That may be the plan here as well.

  • The Human Upgrade: Tech titans’ latest project: Defy death

    04/05/2015 1:41:25 PM PDT · 34 of 51
    BeauBo to angryoldfatman

    “I can’t wait for eternal dictatorship of Obama or Hillary. /s”

    That is one of the downsides mentioned in the article - dictators hanging on to power for hundreds of years. Many countries are led by such characters today.

    This period in history is more critical than most, because the powers of technology are growing so rapidly, that they could enable irresistible dictatorship - pervasive monitoring, mind reading, robot armies, and so on. If we let would be dictators consolidate power here, there may be no where left that can resist.

  • The Human Upgrade: Tech titans’ latest project: Defy death

    04/05/2015 1:04:18 PM PDT · 23 of 51
    BeauBo to RoosterRedux

    “But will anything good come of it.”


    They are putting big money against the problem, and hiring top talent. It is not all about charity - most of them expect to make huge fortunes from this, because they see the technologies becoming feasible, and the market is huge (every human will want to live, and to be young again).

    Genetics is advancing rapidly. We already know well a half dozen genes with major impacts on longevity (SIRT 1, TOR, etc.) and have lots of work underway on how to manipulate them. Similarly, hundreds if not thousands of genes related to diseases are known and being researched. Therapies are already beginning to emerge.

    There are so many major technologies emerging (nanotechnology, 3D printing of replacement organs, etc.), and each one will likely produce big profits as it takes its turn being the best option to treat some horrible ailment - such as death. People will be willing to pay premium prices, and prices will drop quickly as new therapies emerge.

    It is a coming tidal wave of change extending lifespans, curing diseases, and enhancing capabilities.

  • Army sued over plan to put women on front lines of combat

    04/04/2015 8:59:17 PM PDT · 11 of 47
    BeauBo to Perseverando

    First we should try unisex Olympic tryouts - no more separate slots for men and women, just the best performers.

    If we still need to shoehorn women into frontline combat, lets find a way to remove sex complications, (like gender unassignment surgery) to remove the potential for broken marriages, favoritism from fratenization, and all the other sloppy sexual relationship and competition issues arising from mixed gender sleepovers for months at a time.

  • Iraqi forces take back Tikrit from ISIS, official says

    04/03/2015 6:41:43 PM PDT · 35 of 39
    BeauBo to SeekAndFind

    Lots of reports out today, describing the situation in Tikrit the same:

    Looting and Lynching.

    Lots of pictures and video of atrocities. Doesn’t bode well for the future.

  • US officials: Iran's militias just failed in Iraq because they can't shoot or coordinate

    04/02/2015 7:42:36 PM PDT · 23 of 23
    BeauBo to SJackson

    “I’ve read different versions of this, many noting that the Iraqi Army taking Tikrit are mostly Sadr militias”

    Sadr was the last to send any militia, and the first to pull out. They have not been a big factor.

    The major militias involved have been the ones that used to be called Iranian Special Groups, the Asaib Ahl al Haq, the Hezbollah Brigades, and the Badr Corps. Although they are composed of Iraqis, they are loyal to Iran when Iran needs something. They were particularly active in killing American soldiers, and murdering/torturing Sunnis right after the 2003 liberation, and during the sectarian violence of 2006-7.

    They have significant portfolios within the Iraqi Government, long running and corruptly milking the Ministries of Finance and Interior.

    Badr Corps (or Badr Brigades as they are sometimes known) has consolidated control over Diyala Province in Iraq, along the Iranian border, just South of the Kurdish areas. They are making it into their safe haven, like the Bekaa Valley was made for Hizbullah in Lebanon. When they cleared ISIS out, they also ethnically cleansed Sunnis from Diyala, and destroyed their houses so they don’t come back. THe 5th Army Division of the Iraqi Army, which is based in Diyala, has also been packed with Badr loyalists up and down the chain of command.

  • Curiosity Has Hit a Martian Mineral Jackpot

    04/02/2015 12:56:36 PM PDT · 13 of 34
    BeauBo to BenLurkin

    Clearly the ruins of Atlantis...

  • Senator Robert Menendez Indicted on Corruption Charges

    04/02/2015 9:37:35 AM PDT · 42 of 46
    BeauBo to SoFloFreeper; Bluestocking

    “Because he challenged Hussein on Cuba.”

    It might well be a combination, but the nuclear deal with Iran is a more major effort that the Obama Administration has been working for a long time, and making a bigger investment. The Cuba opening was done hurriedly after the oil price crashed and Venezuelan aid to Cuba suddenly dried up. Obama’s foreign policy has been working on lifting Iranian sanctions since he first assumed office.

    Menendez went to the American Israel PAC (AIPAC), and made a major stemwinder of a speech against the Iran deal. The next day Attorney General Holder announced that charges would be filed (after three years of sitting on them).

  • U.S. Begins Airstrikes in Support of Effort to Liberate Tikrit From Islamic State

    04/02/2015 2:51:30 AM PDT · 41 of 42
    BeauBo to 21twelve

    It is true that most of the groups fighting it out in Iraq are anti-American (Kurds are a notable exception).

    Many of these groups are anti-American primarily because they want absolute power for themselves, not some bunch of checks and balances on their power.

    The one thing I would elaborate on from your post, is the role in ISIS leadership of former military from Saddam’s Ba’ath Party.

    The top leadership of ISIS is from the old al Quaeda in Iraq. They have incorporated several former Ba’athist military into their military command from meeting in prison, from religious recruitment, and from tribal connections; which has helped them be more successful militarily.

    Also, the main Ba’athist rebel groups, notably the Naqshbandi Army (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Army_of_the_Men_of_the_Naqshbandi_Order), collaborated with ISIS even though they ultimately don’t support them, mainly because they collaborate with anyone working to take down the government. They plan to take over in the Chaos, and to draw support by being seen as the technocrats who can bring order and make the trains run on time. The Naqshbandi Army is based on Ba’athism and Sufi Islam, which although Sunni, is opposed to the fundamentalist Wahhabi-style Islam of ISIS. They are also down on the Shia.

    Other Sunni groups and tribes also aided the ISIS incursion because they wanted to get rid of the oppressively Shia government of PM al Maliki. Many of them are regretting that now. A lot thought that they could use ISIS to get rid of the Shia, and overthrow ISIS later. ISIS proved to be a lot better prepared to brutally squash opposition than they expected.

    More of the complex mix of bad actors and changing alliances that make the Middle East so “interesting”.

  • U.S. Begins Airstrikes in Support of Effort to Liberate Tikrit From Islamic State

    04/02/2015 2:04:44 AM PDT · 40 of 42
    BeauBo to caww

    “Personally I would not want to see our troops on the ground at all in this fight. “

    Amen to that.

    Back to the old approach of installing a strongman who will do all the necessary headbanging on his own.

  • U.S. Begins Airstrikes in Support of Effort to Liberate Tikrit From Islamic State

    04/01/2015 8:36:01 PM PDT · 37 of 42
    BeauBo to BeauBo; caww; PGalt

    Here is a link to a CNN video, showing Shia militias break into celebratory dancing, with the recently severed head of of a prisoner. http://www.cnn.com/videos/tv/2015/04/01/exp-arwa-damon-in-tikrit.cnn

    One says to the camera that they are coming to Mosul.

    That should help ensure a greater and more brutal bloodbath there...

    Looks like four nights of American bombing opened large areas of the city for the Iraqi Army and Shia militias to move in. The video shows extensive damage to some of Saddam’s old palaces.

    ISIS must have taken significant casualties, but apparently there are still some fighting. They will be herded into smaller areas, and blown up. Seems to be winding down, with lots of booby traps to disarm, bodies to bury, and buildings destroyed. Not as bad as Kobane, but worse than the US invasion in 2003.

  • Evaluating the Pan-Arab "Joint Army"

    04/01/2015 7:15:04 PM PDT · 15 of 15
    BeauBo to SampleMan

    “what is preventing a large Iranian land army from charging across southern Iraq and into Kuwait and Saudi Arabia?”

    1,200 Saudi main battle tanks, a greatly superior air force, likely Egypt and Jordan, and quite possibly Turkey. There is also the strategic risk of Pakistan - which is airlifting troops now to Saudi Arabia. What would Israel do, facing the prospect of an Iranian superpower gorged on oil wealth?

    Over-extended and vulnerable supply lines through the open desert.

    Significant domestic political risk from the losses, and from diverting regime resources away from repression of their own population.

    Risk of a harsh international political backlash imposing crushing sanctions on their already struggling economy and government budget.

    The risk that one day the fickle Obama may think that he should do something to make himself look good somehow.

    The risks are huge for Iran. They are aggressive, but they are shrewd. A gradual approach works well for them, a full scale conflict could cost the regime everything. To paraphrase Machiavelli, if you strike at the King, be certain that you will kill him.

  • Evaluating the Pan-Arab "Joint Army"

    04/01/2015 6:53:52 PM PDT · 14 of 15
    BeauBo to Kaslin

    He who pays the piper, calls the tune.

    That would be the Saudi King Salman.

    It is up to him to ensure capable leadership of the whole military enterprise - by getting the best and letting them do the job with minimal interference.

    The Egyptian Army is a credible choice.

    But they will probably (they should, if they are wise) want significant augmentation where they can get it.

    The mercenaries fighting Boko Haram (formerly known as Executive Outcomes from South Africa) will probably be out of a job shortly after the newly elected muslim takes over as President in Nigeria.

    Eric Prince, of the company formerly known as Blackwater, now lives in the United Arab Emirates. Just add money, and these guys could deliver a tailored bundle of whoop ass, that would amplify the effectiveness of any coalition. It is the kind of thing that the other side won’t have, and likely can’t get.

    If the US has largely abandoned them, as it seems, (except for some search and rescue and such), then this is another avenue to bring some sophisticated Western military prowess to bear, and some additional tricks as well.

  • Obama-Backed Muslim Ex-Dictator “Wins” Nigerian Election (Boko Haram jazzed)

    04/01/2015 6:21:57 PM PDT · 10 of 18
    BeauBo to Libloather

    A former dictator and proponent of Sharia law takes over the oil and mineral wealth of the populous nation of Nigeria.


  • Grand jury indicts Robert Menendez on corruption charges

    04/01/2015 6:17:32 PM PDT · 12 of 26
    BeauBo to Brad from Tennessee

    What Democrat could Chris “Krispy Kreme” Christy appoint to that Senate seat?

    Cory Booker is already there.

  • Could we get to Mars in 39 DAYS? Nasa selects companies to develop super fast deep-space engine

    04/01/2015 3:22:32 PM PDT · 16 of 23
    BeauBo to C19fan; ckilmer

    The article says that this new type of engine (VASIMIR) would probably need a nuclear power source.

    In fact, whenever you want humans to go out far from Earth, or stay for a long time, nuclear is the only feasible solution to power needs - providing enough power per pound.

    They have some prepared some great options already, like the low-power DUFF prototype, only one foot at its widest: http://ansnuclearcafe.org/2012/11/30/matinee-duff-space-reactor/

    Russians have been putting up 10 KW reactors (TOPAZ) for decades. Wikipedia says (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_power_in_space): “In 2020, Roscosmos (the Russian Federal Space Agency) plans to launch a spacecraft utilizing nuclear-powered propulsion systems, which includes a small gas-cooled fission reactor with 1 MWe.”

    A small reactor could provide high power to a habitat for ten years without refueling.

    The bottom line is that nuclear reactors with plasma engines can really open up space for commercial activities and settlement, without any big technical breakthroughs needed - just the investment and government approval for the nukes.

    In ten years, it could be possible to have a base on the Moon, out in cis-lunar space, and on Mars with plenty of power and a bunch of robots working away, if it was a high priority, and in twenty years if it a second tier effort, where Government just assists commercial ventures. After that, it is off to the races.

  • The lost nuclear fusion reactor design? Robert Bussard, claimed he'd cracked the problem

    03/31/2015 8:12:11 PM PDT · 29 of 85
    BeauBo to ckilmer

    I don’t know why you feel so strongly that this is a partisan political issue, with Democrats being the visionary leaders and Republicans being opposed to cheaper energy or scientific research.

    It was the George W. Bush administration that reinvigorated the US Nuclear industry (After the Democrat environmentalists put a decades long halt to new reactor construction or design approval).

    As the Washington Post reported:(http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/05/24/AR2006052402072.html ):
    “Bush has been an ardent advocate of nuclear power since taking office, and he was introduced Wednesday as the industry’s most supportive president since Dwight D. Eisenhower.” “The Energy Policy Act of 2005, championed by Bush, provides a generous package of subsidies to build new reactors, including loan guarantees, federal risk insurance and tax credits. “ It also renewed work on new advanced reactor designs and sought to remove roadblocks to new design approval.

    Bussard’s work continued to be funded by the Navy, and now the company that he co-founded (EMC2) is able to garner private financing, as reported in the Wikipedia link in your referenced article:

    “2015 On January 22, EMC2 presented this work at Microsoft Research.[95] EMC2 is now planning a three-year, $30 million commercial research program to prove the Polywell can work as a nuclear fusion power generator.”

  • Iraqi forces take back Tikrit from ISIS, official says

    03/31/2015 12:41:59 PM PDT · 8 of 39
    BeauBo to SeekAndFind

    It looks like after four nights of American bombing, the Iraqi Army and Shia militias were able to sweep and occupy areas of the city that they could not before.

    Reports vary on how far they have gotten, but it seems substantial. Remaining ISIS forces will be concentrated into a smaller area, and therefor more vulnerable to additional air strikes.

    The last holdouts will likely be in one of the palaces, when it comes down on their heads.

    Then we will see if the Iranian/Shia militia death squads start a campaign to hunt and kill their opponents in the population. That is what the Sunni population of Mosul is watching for.

  • French Officials: Obama Plans To Make Iran His Key Middle East Ally

    03/31/2015 12:29:38 PM PDT · 13 of 80
    BeauBo to ColdOne

    Maybe he prefers Iran, because he sees them as the most consistently right on America and Israel.

    Yes of course, Death to America...

  • Bruce Jennner Wants to Compete on 'Dancing With the Stars' After His Transition (barf alert!)

    03/31/2015 12:24:08 PM PDT · 46 of 74
    BeauBo to drewh

    His thigh looks to have atrophied down to a frail twig.

    I would have thought that his athleticism would have made him more competitive as a dancer, but maybe he won’t even have that going for him. He could certainly surprise on that front though.

    It is shaping up to be a scary spectacle. Some trannies can make a convincing appearance as a woman, but this looks more like the Chaz Bono epic fail school of make believe.

    At 65, with sagging skin, he/she/it will probably need or get a bunch of plastic surgery on the face and neck, so may end up looking even more different.

    Even at 65, I expect this one to be better than Chaz Bono at dancing.

    I pity the presumably male pro dancer that has to take one for the team, and partner with Ms. Bruce for a lot of sweaty body contact.

  • Pakistani defense chief due in Riyadh, airlifts troops for Saudi Yemen war. Landings imminent.

    03/31/2015 1:57:22 AM PDT · 11 of 26
    BeauBo to concernedcitizen76

    “commitment to supporting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Saudi Arabia.”

    Maybe the Pakistanis are not willing to cross the border into Yemen.

    A previously unthinkable scenario might develop - Saudis doing their own fighting!

    Naw... Someone will take the check. Egypt needs money.

  • Saudi Arabia sends war planes into Yemen in terrifying clash with Iran

    03/31/2015 1:42:07 AM PDT · 23 of 32
    BeauBo to MrKatykelly

    “Is Obama Sunni or Shia?”

    Yes, he is.

    Whatever is convenient at the moment, or depending who he is talking to or what he is trying to peddle.

    His family are Sunni though, as was his education in Indonesia, and his sponsors for college.

  • ‘Black Brunch’ Protesters Hit Atlanta on Palm Sunday: ‘You’re Scaring the Children!’

    03/31/2015 1:30:54 AM PDT · 14 of 40
    BeauBo to 2ndDivisionVet

    Reminds me of the Red Guards during the cultural revolution in China - brainwashed youth, stridently repeating canned talking points.

  • US general: Iran-backed Shiite militias not in Tikrit fight

    03/31/2015 1:20:51 AM PDT · 16 of 17
    BeauBo to gleeaikin

    Welcome to Middle East.

    Friends on one topic are enemies on others, and shift on a relatively frequent basis.

    Everyone has to keep a knife sharpened for everyone else.

    As a culture, Arabs tend to be quite emotional. When they fight, it tends to get pretty nasty - far beyond Western rules of war. Nowadays, it is getting worse, with the breakdown of Westernized central governments, and the rise of reliogious,ideological movements.

    Kind of a cage match free for all developing.

  • Author provides inside look at Argonne National Laboratory’s efforts to build a ‘super battery’

    03/31/2015 1:06:28 AM PDT · 25 of 30
    BeauBo to ckilmer

    “this battery business shows the dems have a grand technological vision”

    I view the dems vision as fixed on contributions, kickbacks, ideology and their own power.

    They throw a lot of money at “green” things to pander to a segment of voters/contributors, but more to milk it for all its worth.

    Contributors and those who give kickbacks get the lion’s share, like Solyndra, and especially, like China.

    China is ruled by what are essentially crime families, who specialize in public corruption - the world leaders in this field. The democrats are eager students at the feet of these masters, and eagerly stripping anything of value to sell to them during their time in power.

    I think that it is safe to assume that China will have a front row seat for any technological developments from this investment - and may have requested it as one of their priority intelligence requirements. They have been targeting this field of advanced batteries for cars, as shown by their getting their democrat partners to grease the skids for their fire-sale purchase of the A123 battery manufacturer, after it got loads of “green” research funding from the Obama administration, and loads of classified info from the Department of Defense.

    I would anticipate that there is a mechanism in place to rapidly transfer any tech developed to Chinese competitors, like spies in the lab (remember Wen Ho Lee), and like the Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) in place to provide them advanced nuclear reactor technology. http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu/events/ornl-sinap-fhr-crada-colloquium

    The Republicans have a long history of funding research at the national labs and through other Government vehicles like the National Science Foundation. They often use the power of the purse to to attack specific democrat political and corrupt efforts with science funding, like global warming “research”; social science “research” with an emphasis on race, gender and sexual orientation; and green energy subsidies for kickbacks. Democrats in turn unfairly demonize them as anti-science, just to protect their little gravy trains.

    Just because individuals on the forum are averse to government spending on research, it does not follow that Republicans in congress are. Republicans have historically been big funders of such research.

  • US continues airstrikes in Tikrit despite involvement of Iranian-backed Shiite militias

    03/29/2015 8:55:10 AM PDT · 14 of 14
    BeauBo to stylin19a

    Iran still wants their folks to go in and wipe out the opposition. They are clear in their eventual goal to establish a Shii’te dictatorship that is allied with Iran.

    They want to win over the Shi’ite population by being their saviors and champions, and shape the future by killing, impoverishing, and ethnically cleansing their likely opponents.

    The US s trying to keep Iraq together, so that the groups keep each other in balance - Keep the Kurds in, don’t let Sunnis and Shia massacre each other, etc. Despite the tensions and the agitators, Iraqis still have a strong patriotic sense of themselves as Iraqis - even many Kurds, but desire for independence is most popular among Kurds.

    Even if (as seems clear) the Obama administration at the high levels is collaborating with Iran and making secret deals, the bureaucracy of the Defense Department and Department of State continue to work with longstanding policies and relationships in the area, as well as the fundamental opposition of vision and interests (i.e. reality).

    Lots of reporting out there, that there will be a deal unveiled with Iran between now and Tuesday, that gives away the store - lifts sanctions, Iran keeps all its nuclear and ICBM gear and facilities, without inspections. The only thing worse would be for the US to start paying for their program and send technical experts to help. So that is no doubt a big factor in what is going on.

    The reaction in the region is intense, with war spreading and more countries in the region mobilizing.

  • Thrift Store Shopper Finds Loaded Gun Inside Used Golf Bag

    03/29/2015 8:26:03 AM PDT · 6 of 67
    BeauBo to rktman

    Who knew Arizona golf courses were so rough?

  • Saudi Deploys 100 Fighter Jets, 150,000 Soldiers for Anti-Houthi Campaign (Yemen)

    03/28/2015 10:20:18 PM PDT · 140 of 148
    BeauBo to SunkenCiv

    I agree that China has some serious structural weaknesses, and I think that they have had their big run.

    Some of their bad practices are catching up to them, and the main things that propelled them seem to be running out, or in danger of reversing (e.g. they are not the low cost labor providers any more, and new money is going elsewhere to set up new business).

    One big difference between them and the Soviet Union, is that the Soviets (like the Russians today) were hugely dependent on oil for the lion’s share of their economy and income. Many have pointed to the collapse in oil prices as the shot that finally killed the ailing Soviet Union.

    Although China is extraordinarily dependent on export of manufactured goods (and import of raw materials and oil) as you point out, they are also exceptionally dependent on infrastructure investment. To keep high economic growth numbers, the government there has pumped out stimulus after stimulus for “shovel ready” jobs.

    They have been building roads, bridges and tunnels like never before in the world. Whole cities have been built, that no one seems interested in occupying. These “ghost cities”, and their “zombie factories”, also propped up with gov’t stimulus past the point where their business case had died, has produced a mountain of debt, secured by assets that are often decaying away without producing a return. That debt will have be written off at some point.

    In addition to malinvestment in projects that will never pay themselves off, these programs were rife with corruption and outright theft, which funded a diaspora of low-level Party functionaries fleeing the country with their families and new fortunes. The California real estate market is booming, driven by Chinese paying cash.

    The Federal Gov’t in China just put restrictions on local governments to prevent them from issueing new debt for most types of this “stimulus” (i.e., no new project starts). Just these restrictions on local governments, are estimated to take 4% off of GDP, starting to hit this month.

    It is interesting to see the timeframes that you pointed out, for the life of the Soviet Union, and that of Communist China. Even though many factors seem different, maybe there are some underlying commonalities, like the rate of corrosion - how long does absolute power take to corrupt a system absolutely? Maybe it is human lifespan - how long until the skills and spirit to really get things done dies out of the workforce?

  • U.S. Begins Airstrikes in Support of Effort to Liberate Tikrit From Islamic State

    03/28/2015 9:31:40 PM PDT · 35 of 42
    BeauBo to KC Burke
    The Iranian led militias reportedly have over 20,000 men - light infantry - with some Iranian soldiers firing some artillery and flying some helicopters for them. The Americans required them to be pulled back out of contact with ISIS during the bombing - which prevents them from getting accidentally killed, or committing a bunch of war crimes on the Sunnis and their houses.

    They had huge press in Iraq when they convoyed up from Baghdad and Samarra with flags flying and everyone twitting and posting. They attacked on 2 March, and got bogged down into a high casualty stalemate. There has been a lot of press about them pulling back for the Americans to show them how its done.

    Here is Internet media hog, Abu Azrael, who posts online as frequently as a Kardashian:

    He has been a big inspiration to the popular mobilization units (militias), and the Shia public.

    The Iraqi Army and paramilitary Federal Police have a few thousand each - but much better armed and trained - supported with very heavy air attacks, including the bunker busters which can defeat the fortress-like old palaces of Saddam, where ISIS has been safe until now. All the regular Army guys need to do is identify ISIS positions and call them in, then report how well they blew up. They can wait until the door is blown open and unguarded before advancing.

    Three nights will be pretty good, but a week of this will be very good for them. It is dawn in Tikrit now, after the fourth night. There were reports that the Army was probing more heavily on Saturday. The initial target sets have probably all been hit by now, so they are probably trying to provoke ISIS into firing, so they can see where to drop the next bomb.

    ISIS is reported to have from 100 to 800 hundred survivors, but consensus seems to be more like 200-400, or even less. They are probably losing a few dozen per day, with injuries mounting and guys getting punchy from explosions nearby, lack of sleep, and seeing all the gore and death close in on them. No surprise what is coming for them - they are trapped.