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  • Today Is Chuck Norris Birthday !

    03/10/2018 6:29:15 AM PST · by beebuster2000 · 34 replies
    Beebuster News Service | March 10 | beebuster2000
    The MAN has his Bday today! 77! Chuck Noris blood type is Type A-K47
  • Countdown to Death Wish 3: this thursday

    02/25/2018 12:03:38 PM PST · by beebuster2000 · 23 replies
    Beebuster2000 News Service | february 25,2018 | beebuster2000
    Movie is out this thursday. So pumped. Loved Bronson and the originals, Bruce looks like he wont disappoint.
  • Incredible but true factors that led to the Florida Shooting

    02/17/2018 1:40:14 PM PST · by beebuster2000 · 30 replies
    Beebuster2000 News Service | februrary 17,2018 | beebuster2000
    1-Was expelled from School after being identified as a potential threat and found with ammunition in his backpack.The police were not called because in Broward County liberals have severed the school-jail pipeline by forbidding reports to police. 2-Apparantly the gun was obtained from a gun safe in a friends house. The safe was a key entry model, the owner had what he thought was the only key. It wasnt. comment here: key entry gun stafes are the stupidest thing you can do. That is why the expensive ones are combination lock.The owner of the gun should go to jail. 3-The...
  • Official Super Bowl Snack Thread. Ex: RO-TEL and Velveeta

    02/03/2018 5:13:30 AM PST · by beebuster2000 · 46 replies
    beebuster news service | Feb 3 2018 | Beebuster2000
    RO-TEL and Velveeta, with original Fritos Cocktail Franks in BBQ sauce Tacos, beef of course Fajitas, pork or chicken Ruffles Original with Onion Dip Cheetos thats a start. My mouth is watering just typing.
  • McCain has been deep into the "dossier" and soft coup vs Trump from the beginning.

    12/28/2017 7:00:24 AM PST · by beebuster2000 · 72 replies
    powwerLine ^ | dec 28, 2017 | scott Johnson
    House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes has issued a subpoena to David Kramer, a former State Department official who, in late November 2016, traveled to London to receive a briefing and a copy of the Trump dossier from its author, former British spy Christopher Steele. Kramer then returned to the U.S. to give the document to Sen. John McCain. Kramer is a senior fellow at the McCain Institute for International Leadership at Arizona State University. McCain later took a copy of the dossier to the FBI's then-director, James Comey. But the FBI already had the document; Steele himself gave the...
  • Revisiting CV-59 USS Forrestal fire July 29 1967

    11/18/2017 1:47:46 AM PST · by beebuster2000 · 50 replies
    various ^ | Nov 18, 2017 | beeuster2000
    With all the discussion of John McCain, and with the recent spate of Naval accidents, I found it most interesting to re-vist one of the most catastrophic accidents of the last 40 years, the fire on the USS Forrestal, which killed or injured 300 sailors and came close to losing the ship. Like recent Naval accidents, it was a series of unplanned and unforeseen events, combined with training lapses and poor judgements, all combined with insanely bad luck. And like recent Naval events incredible sailor heroism and self sacrifice when it counted. PS: there has always been rumor about McCain...
  • This Just In: Mueller ID's Trump Acquaintance who had Russian Dressing on Salad 10 years Ago

    11/05/2017 4:38:29 PM PST · by beebuster2000 · 32 replies
    be buster news service | November 5 2017 | Beebuster2000
    The always reliable Beebuster News service scoops the CNN leak machine from the Mueller impeachment cadre with this important news. Inidictment of the individual and the company that made the Russina dressing expected monday.
  • Report on Fitzgerald and McCain incidents: incompetence lack of emergency response

    11/02/2017 6:01:56 AM PDT · by beebuster2000 · 18 replies
    USN report ^ | november 2 2017 | USN
    this report plus other sources show incredible lack of training. in the case of the McCain collision, the crew on deck, with the Captain present became confused on how to helm the ship and veered into a commercial vessel. in the case of the Fitzgerald, the Officers on the bridge became confused with identified oncoming commercial vessels and had multiple near collisions before colliding with the container ship. it appears the Navy is unprepared to fight a war, and has trouble merely driving the ships. then there is this one liner: Navy will now limit work week to less than...
  • The Foreigner: new Jackie Chan movie. good.

    10/14/2017 5:19:32 AM PDT · by beebuster2000 · 18 replies
    Beebuster2000 News Service | october 14, 2017 | beebuster2000
    Saw jackie Chan movie "the Foreigner". Interesting side note: he has ben off and on the highest paid actor in the world, mainly due to huge success China, plus his big hits in US. Movie was interesting since some of it was in mandarin with subtitles. Tthe rest takes place in Ireland. Movie itself is a tried and true formula: terorists kill the daughter of just some regular nobody guy running a Chinese restaurant in London. Except-oh oh- he isn’t a regular guy but a retired special forces guy with bomb making, survival, firearms, kung fu, etc etc. Couple good...
  • Blade Runner 2049: Review by Your Faithful Correspondent

    10/08/2017 12:23:44 PM PDT · by beebuster2000 · 55 replies
    Beebuster News Service | october 8,2017 | Beebuster2000
    Just saw BR 2049. Awesome, highest recommendation, but with these caveats: -I am a stone SciFi fan, old enough to have seen and loved the original 1982. Which was also totally awesome, but it should be noted, bombed at the box office, before going on to be a cult fave. -also a total Ridley Scott Fan, anything he does is good. Ok maybe Kingdom of Heaven wasn't, but everything else was. For this BR re-boot he was involved but not a director With that in mind: BR 20149 is a film for all time in cinematography and music. They captured...
  • Velveeta and Rotel. When all else fails....

    10/01/2017 1:43:22 PM PDT · by beebuster2000 · 102 replies
    beebuster news service | October 1, 2017 | beebuster2000
    With everything going on in the world and politics. North Korea, NFL issues, congressional faceplants, with all that, consider this: we still have Velveeta and Rotel. plus a nice fresh bag of chips. the world won't be any improved, but you will be....
  • Wind River Movie: good

    09/01/2017 6:52:37 PM PDT · by beebuster2000 · 25 replies
    Beebuster2000 News Service ^ | sept 1 2017 | beebuster2000
    Good movie. Some good shooting, pretty accurate. Jeremy Renner is great, if you are a fan
  • First glimmer of explanation on Fitzgerald USN incident that makes sense.

    08/23/2017 10:01:49 AM PDT · by beebuster2000 · 52 replies
    American Greatness ^ | august 23, 2017
    On the bridge of the Fitz, the OOD was in charge. OODs on duty receive exact, timely, information from the ship’s sensors, including Combat Information Center (CIC) about the location, course, speed, and trajectory of all objects on, above, or below the surface. the Fitz’s OOD had precise warning, perhaps 45 minutes before the collision happened, that he was on a collision course. The OOD either removes the problem by changing course by one or two degrees on his own authority, or, notifies the captain who then makes the course adjustment. Surely, this OOD did none of the above. we...
  • How does the chain of command work on a USN Combat Vessel for Emergency Helm Correction?

    08/23/2017 7:05:21 AM PDT · by beebuster2000 · 58 replies
    beebuster News Bureau | August 23, 2017 | beebuster000
    Can a Freeper with experience "weigh" in please? I am beginning to think the common problem in the recent USN accidents is a totally calcified chain of command where no one has the authority to take action in a moment of crisis. someone knows there is a problem but has to ask someone who has to ask someone for permission to act. Isn't there ONE OFFICER on deck with the total and absolute responsibility and authority to alter course in real time to avoid collisions? Or is there no one person until way up the chain who can make a...
  • This Just in: NAACP calls for Kaepernick honor boycott of NFL, wants Heisman Trophy Statue torn down

    08/18/2017 7:47:30 PM PDT · by beebuster2000 · 30 replies
    beebuster news service | August 18, 2017 | beebuster2000 News
    Heisman was of German descent and coached in the South at GeorgiaWhat other reason is needed?
  • Fitzgerald Naval Commander Relieved: still no explanation of what happened "mistakes were made"

    tales of heroism, but still no coherent explanation of what happened. I can't imagine how a US combat vessel did not see and avoid a container ship. terribly sad loss of life, as usual the crew responded with heroism.
  • Is Charlottesville Trump's Katrina?

    08/16/2017 1:01:44 PM PDT · by beebuster2000 · 85 replies
    bee buster news | August 16, 2017 | beebuster2000
    Katrina wasn't Bush's fault anymore than Charlottesville was Trump's fault. But it didn't prevent Bush getting pasted with it, and he never recovered. History may show this as DJT tipping point.
  • Death Wish 2 with Bruce Willis, I can't wait to see this movie

    08/04/2017 4:53:46 AM PDT · by beebuster2000 · 58 replies
    self ^ | august 4, 2017 | beebuster2000
    This will be the biggest movie of the year, I just can't wait. so excited to see this. PS: as an added bonus it is already being trashed as "alt right". It just doesn't get any better.
  • re-posting the most amazing memorial day BBQ rib recipe ever.

    05/28/2017 10:11:47 AM PDT · by beebuster2000 · 64 replies
    Dr. Maurice Codd | may 28,2017 | Dr. Maurice Codd
    I came across Dr. Maurice Codd’s rib recipe and tried it. Codd was a nobel prize winner in chemistry so I would imagine he understands the chemistry of this better than I do. But the ribs are amazing. Enjoy! I am quite certain that after a long development process I have finally reached the perfection point in pork rib bbq. For years I hated rib recipes that slather ribs with gooey sweet sauce, and I preferred the dry rub ribs. Now, after countless hours in the “lab” I have captured both the crunch and tang of the dry rib, and...
  • Was That the Hand of God Showing Displeasure at End of Oscars?

    02/27/2017 5:11:28 AM PST · by beebuster2000 · 57 replies
    self | February 27, 2017 | beebuster2000
    Just thinking. After all the bashing and snarking and hysteria, did God show his hand? I mean LaLa Land is slang for Hollywood. Did God just show "Enough" and trash Hollywood? Think about it.