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  • What the Media Won’t Tell You About the Pride Parade

    06/21/2015 12:35:45 PM PDT · 29 of 46
    Bellflower to Olog-hai

    We need to film them in all of their illicit, perverted shame and blanket youtube with the videos. The news media always likes to put respectable lovely to draw to pictures and videos of them out to the general public. I think the general public needs to know what they are really like at these parades.

  • What the Media Won’t Tell You About the Pride Parade

    06/21/2015 12:29:56 PM PDT · 27 of 46
    Bellflower to Olog-hai

    I once carried a sign that said “It’s not genetic, it’s demons, Let Christ set you free”, and walked through the crowds. While they ignored the Christians in a clump across the street with the usual messages they seemed to love me. Any number of them posed with me and had their pictures taken with my sign. It was fine with me as the message got out. I was able to share Christ with them and they listened. I think we need to learn to do things in fresh and living ways that aren’t the same old group thing holding the same old messages that they have learned to hate and marginalize. I think they also liked that I was brave enough to not huddle in a group, also considering I am a not a large female.

  • Feds Can’t Verify $2.8 Billion in Obamacare Subsidies

    06/18/2015 6:41:32 PM PDT · 25 of 25
    Bellflower to Signalman

    Does the word “embezzled” come to mind?

  • Trump Says He'd 'Win Easily' If He Ran With Oprah

    06/16/2015 6:55:42 PM PDT · 78 of 85
    Bellflower to GIdget2004

    He is ALL over the place. Doesn’t seem to have a clue

  • Haunting chalkboard drawings, frozen in time for 100 years, discovered in Oklahoma school

    06/14/2015 2:55:42 PM PDT · 153 of 154
    Bellflower to Jamestown1630

    I think that you are right about your theory that it is easier to do when you use the computer and are posting to others than it is when you are just writing for some reason. Whatever the reason it might make an interesting study about the brain and communication.

  • German Sub Sank the Titanic!

    06/02/2015 6:52:02 PM PDT · 120 of 120
    Bellflower to vikingchick

    This theory just doesn’t hold water.

  • Why young Christians can’t grasp our arguments against gay ‘marriage’

    05/30/2015 4:08:06 PM PDT · 64 of 68
    Bellflower to ctdonath2

    It is all about love. God designed a man, a woman and children as the ultimate facilitator of human bonding and the expression of love. Children are to be the wonderful outcome of the absolute miracle of love and the continuation of the property of true love into the next generations. This is why having a man, woman and children as family goes way beyond the mere purpose of the utilitarian function of reproduction. It is about God who is love, who built the family structure as the plant that love best blooms out from. Any other try at a structure that is not His fails miserably. The commodity of life is love. The sooner that people understand this, including and especially our young people the sooner they will understand that God knows what the blueprint of love is and if they want to experience the full meaning and purpose of life and love they must do it His way. If they don’t they miss out on the wonderfully amazing purpose of their whole existence which is to be an expression of God as love.

  • California’s largest lake is slipping away amid an epic drought

    05/29/2015 4:53:25 PM PDT · 49 of 50
    Bellflower to CedarDave

    They need to learn what repent means and pray God sends them the right amount of rain. Only He can. It’s all about His judgment, not “global warming”.

  • Obama: I Have Been Called "The First Jewish President"

    05/28/2015 6:27:40 PM PDT · 188 of 191
    Bellflower to Libloather

    Really, really, really need a gag alert!

  • The religious right is worried about Scott Walker

    05/18/2015 5:01:04 PM PDT · 39 of 39
    Bellflower to 2ndDivisionVet

    I recently read he is for dividing Israel, a two state solution. That really, really disturbed me about him. He doesn’t know his Bible or else he would know not to do this as God’s curses will be upon The USA. It’s fundamental.

  • Gov. Sarah Palin: "Jihad Is On The March"

    05/18/2015 4:42:18 PM PDT · 14 of 47
    Bellflower to KC_Lion

    The most reasoned political voice I’ve read in a long time.

  • GOP Worry: 2016 Field May Be Too Big to Succeed

    05/18/2015 4:34:18 PM PDT · 7 of 33
    Bellflower to 2ndDivisionVet

    Broad based candidate or other known as RHINO. We know their game.

  • How the Clintons Worked the Angles in Haiti

    05/17/2015 5:29:04 PM PDT · 13 of 22
    Bellflower to hosepipe
    I remember when not very long after the earthquake that more money had been raised for Haiti than had been raised for the tsunami. Later the amount raised had been dumbed down to greatly much less. I always wondered if huge amounts of the money raised was quickly offend off and the new small amount then reported as what was raised.

    What has gone on in Haiti has been purely criminal and it really makes me mad. Haiti is still a mess.

    After the tsunami with Bush in charge they had lots of help, the money raised was apparently used wisely and the area was soon recovered.

  • BIBLIANO and AMIGO: Discussions on Eschatology (Lesson #1)

    05/09/2015 5:54:49 PM PDT · 8 of 9
    Bellflower to grumpa
    That's a lot to go through to explain something that doesn't need it. Some of those folks are still alive. They may have been temporarily raptured out like Enoch and Elijah or are walking the earth still. Nothing is impossible for God. Jesus even told Peter that John didn't have to die. It's seems that some people just can't take the Bible at it's word and find it much easier to explain it away into something that they think is normal and understandable to the natural man.
  • The Cult of Amun [ancient Egypt and Nubia]

    05/08/2015 5:47:58 PM PDT · 13 of 18
    Bellflower to SunkenCiv

    I am confused about where Ethiopia was. Where was the Ethiopia of old?

  • US Condemns Israeli Singer for Comparing Obama to Hitler

    05/06/2015 6:15:56 PM PDT · 60 of 60
    Bellflower to Nachum

    Likely the US Embassy in Tel Aviv condemning the song was good publicity. Hope it really takes off!

  • Hillary Clinton Lampooned as Shrek in L.A. Street Art

    05/06/2015 6:08:23 PM PDT · 13 of 13
    Bellflower to PROCON

    It’s interesting that though he mocks them he doesn’t make them appear unfriendly. It is much more effective than making them look evil and mean because then you don’t feel like the artist is unfairly mean about them. It does get it’s point across though.

  • The Computers are Listening How the NSA Converts Spoken Words Into Searchable Text

    05/06/2015 6:03:18 PM PDT · 19 of 22
    Bellflower to Utilizer
    You would be surprised how many people still do not know that their laptop cameras or other webcams can be remotely accessed, along with any attached microphones as well.

    Do you have to be on line or can they somehow bypass you being online and listen to you anyway?

  • Obama Administration: Times Square’s Iconic Billboards Must Be Removed Or Else

    05/06/2015 5:48:34 PM PDT · 102 of 107
    Bellflower to Kickass Conservative
    Watch out Las Vegas, they’re coming for you.

    Maybe New York City needs to tell the Feds that if they enforce anything like this here they have to do it in Las Vegas or they are not being treated the same as them. They have a right to not be picked out and treated differently than other places.

    If it's intrinsically American than Obama and his ilk seems to hate it. He wants to destroy our individuality as well as every other aspect of our society. He is a destroyer.

  • A Prayer for Marriage

    05/03/2015 6:36:02 PM PDT · 14 of 14
    Bellflower to Kaslin

    Was just remembering and thinking about this song today.

    Paul Stookey– Wedding Song (There Is Love) Lyrics

    He is now to be among you at the calling of your hearts
    Rest assured this troubadour is acting on his part
    The union of your spirits here has caused him to remain
    For whenever two or more of you are gathered in his name
    There is love
    There is love

    Well a man shall leave his mother and a woman leave her home
    They shall travel on to where the two shall be as one
    As it was in the beginning, is now until the end
    Woman draws her life from man and gives it back again
    And there is love
    There is love

    Well then what`s to be reason for becoming man and wife
    Is it love that brings you here, or love that brings you life
    For if loving is the answer, then who`s the giving for?
    Do you believe in something that you`ve never seen before?
    Oh, there`s love
    Oh there`s love

    Oh the marriage of your spirits here has caused him to remain
    For whenever two or more of you are gathered in his name
    There is love
    Ah there`s love

  • CDC Report: 35,369 Vehicle Accident Deaths, 505 Gun Accident Deaths

    05/03/2015 5:39:38 PM PDT · 67 of 74
    Bellflower to rktman

    80% of deaths occur at speeds higher than 40mph. In a sane world that cared about human life speed limits would be 40mph and enforced. If I were king of the world it would be so.


    05/02/2015 4:44:40 PM PDT · 16 of 16
    Bellflower to nickcarraway
    I have a pretty good hunch that much of the fetid foul rot coming out of Washington comes from the State Department. It needs to be looked into and determined who exactly has been hired there and what are their agendas. While different Presidents and their staff come and go just how permanent are the workers at the State Department? I remember hearing that when Bush 2 got into office he left the SD as is. Just who has staffed the State Department? Does anyone know more about this unelected, very powerful group of people? We must somehow clean that department up.
  • Urgent Prayer Request for Johnny Random Freeper (Update at #237)

    05/02/2015 4:20:54 PM PDT · 280 of 313
    Bellflower to Tolerance Sucks Rocks

    And, of course, prayers in Jesus Holy Name going up for Johnny Random Freeper.

  • Urgent Prayer Request for Johnny Random Freeper (Update at #237)

    05/02/2015 4:18:04 PM PDT · 279 of 313
    Bellflower to dsc

    Amen. We must be Spiritually proactive concerning our bodies. Too often we Christians tend to ignore our bodies and not commit them to Christ as living sacrifices. God cares about our bodies, but for many they feel the body is somehow evil and at best to be put up with. God has made us His Temple including our bodies. His Temple is not evil. God is willing to heal us when we truly put His Word into practice and believe. It is never too late to begin to truly and mightily dedicate our lives to Him in a new and living way.

    Many times when the evil one has tried to put a new sickness on me (which he likes to see if he can get away with, but by God’s grace hasn’t been too successful) such as excessively high blood pressure, appendicitis, gallbladder problems, acid reflex, restless leg syndrome, not to mention many other maladies such as cancer I then go into action. I lay my hands on the problem site praying for it any number of times a day asking God to heal me in Jesus Holy Name, confessing that through Jesus’ stripes I am healed. Thankfully a few days later I realize that the physical problem is gone.

    I still have a few major physical problems that have been with me for years that I have recently decided to be constantly proactive Spiritually concerning. Sometimes it’s hardest to believe for a healing when the ailment has been with one’s self for years. But this too is not too much for God. He will prevail concerning me. Often, so far, He deals with the symptoms such as pain, tiredness etc. even though the full healing has not yet manifested itself. I am waiting on Him to complete His work in my body.

    There may be things that we need to repent of. There may be a fuller dedication to Him that the illness will lead us into. I have been cleaning my house of anything in it that may oppose His word. I am trying to make my home a squeaky clean place that the Holy Spirit has free reign in without anything in it at all that could grieve Him. This is the place I pray, make my confessions and my primary physical stronghold against the world. It is my starting out place each day for what God will have me do.

    So much of the world has infiltrated our mentality through the worldly things that we routinely take in. Modern Christians, especially through various media forms, have opened ourselves up to so much unbelief permeating our thoughts. We must guard our thoughts because our thought life is where the battle lies. Will we accept and believe truth or lies? Will we even know the difference between them when it comes to the subtle things of life in this world?

    We often want much from The LORD, but are we willing to truly live for Him on His terms? His terms are the best and we are foolish when we do not commit to them. No one can dictate what His terms are to another. One must read The Bible and seek His face daily if we are to learn from Him what it is that is required.

    We must also be careful not to become consumed with our own needs, even when they seem very overwhelming. We must remember that being saved, having our names written in heaven is the greatest thing that can happen to anyone. There are many that we know and love that are not so blessed. They are in far worse condition then any of us saved are. They haven’t found Jesus and put there trust in Him. They are in dire, dire need. They need our prayers, our testimonies, our faithfulness to share the gospel to them. We still have this calling while we have breath on this earth. We still have this purpose, to live for God and save the lost. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all else will be added onto us. Praise be The LORD.

  • Calling her ‘Hillary’ is now ‘sexist’

    04/18/2015 7:01:53 PM PDT · 99 of 110
    Bellflower to E. Pluribus Unum

    Since the race card works so well for Obama wouldn’t it be stupid not to pull out the sexist card for Hillary? They are so terribly predictable we ought to be able to figure out how to beat them. Maybe we ought to come out with the out of the box idea of judging someone by their actions. Wouldn’t that be different.

  • Kerry to visit Arctic amid concern over ice melt (Where does he find the time?)

    04/18/2015 6:56:04 PM PDT · 65 of 68
    Bellflower to NormsRevenge

    Oh no, oh no, with all that hot air up there when Kerry shows up will the ice stand a chance?

  • Teens shocked by graphic content at anti-bullying conference (WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT)

    04/18/2015 6:29:47 PM PDT · 50 of 51
    Bellflower to steve86

    Going that route requires a whole, whole lot of stealth and smarts. They are waiting to take out the dummy with his gun who makes himself a target for them. I think they are hoping for armed rebellion.
    If we are organized and determined we might still do it the nice way.

  • Muslim migrants threw 12 Christians overboard to their deaths during Mediterranean crossing

    04/17/2015 6:29:09 PM PDT · 10 of 10
    Bellflower to NRx

    What if Christians threw 12 Muslims overboard to die. Can you imagine the international outcry?

  • Teens shocked by graphic content at anti-bullying conference (WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT)

    04/17/2015 6:16:32 PM PDT · 41 of 51
    Bellflower to kingattax

    We must take our Country back and it starts at local level voting for Conservatives on school boards and other local offices. Most of the time Conservatives don’t even know who to vote for. Not so with liberals who use Unions and the net to get their info out. We need a National based internet site that lets Conservatives know who it indorses and what candidates stand for. It needs to be able to be used for national elections all the way down to local elections. All you would need to do to go from national election concerns to state, county and local election concerns is type in your zip code. Each area would have someone who compiles the local info with links to candidates individual web pages. One would need to prove that they are really conservative to get the sites endorsement. This needs to be done instantly. When we take back the local elections we take back control and also decide who enters into the political sphere at the beginning of the cycle.

    The site needs to be nationally available to everybody. If someone moves they just click on the same site but put in their new zip code. Soon Conservatives all over the Country will use it no matter where they live. Word of mouth will advertise it. The site will be feared by liberals as well as pseudo Conservatives alike. Let’s do it and take back our communities and our Country.

  • Why Is Obama Parroting Castro Talking Points?

    04/17/2015 5:58:04 PM PDT · 16 of 16
    Bellflower to Steelfish

    If Obama isn’t in direct communication with Satan I’d be surprised.

  • Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch launches ‘Hookers for Hillary’ Clinton

    04/17/2015 5:55:11 PM PDT · 49 of 62
    Bellflower to MHT

    I have read that many of the women disappear and are often found somewhere rotten and dead. Death is common among them.

  • [Response to 2013 WSJ article] Cultural Catholicism and the End of Life: “You Earned It”

    04/17/2015 5:49:06 PM PDT · 65 of 338
    Bellflower to RnMomof7

    Catholics practice church sanctioned idolatry. Anyone who knows the God of the Old Testament knows He would not put into practice the worship of bread and wine. The whole Old Testament reflects The God who abhors the worship of any material thing. He certainly would not establish the worship of bread and wine. It is a complete affront to who He is. But it does satisfy the deep drive of the fallen human nature to worship an object that can be seen.

  • This evangelist asked a gay bakery to make a traditional marriage cake. Now he may face charges.

    04/10/2015 8:44:27 PM PDT · 66 of 73
    Bellflower to mykroar
    But Cut the Cake’s owner, Sharon Haller, didn’t appreciate being made an example of by Feuerstein. She claims that as soon as Feuerstein’s video was posted, she began receiving dozens of phone calls from his fans and followers placing “fake orders” and telling her and the rest of her bakery staff to “kill ourselves.”

    Oh yeah, sure, did she record the calls? Never mind, their minions could fake them.

  • Bird flu confirmed at 1 ND turkey farm, 4 more in Minnesota

    04/10/2015 8:41:21 PM PDT · 3 of 7
    Bellflower to Olog-hai

    They should try putting silver colloidal in the water. It can do amazing things.

  • Obama commutes sentences of 22 people in federal prison

    04/10/2015 8:33:59 PM PDT · 44 of 44
    Bellflower to Oldeconomybuyer

    His signature looks like a caricature of someone giving the finger. And I won’t say what the O could symbolize.

  • Obama: Ban Parents from Having Children Counseled Not to be ‘LGBTQ+’

    04/09/2015 2:53:08 PM PDT · 227 of 319
    Bellflower to Lazamataz
    The fact that evil is so uninhibited in this man really makes one think he well could be the aC. He is blatantly evil and doesn't try to cover it up at all. He has no compuncture at all when it comes to evil. I expect soon to hear him making long hissing sounds and his tongue to be forked.
  • Obama: Ban Parents from Having Children Counseled Not to be ‘LGBTQ+’

    04/09/2015 2:43:07 PM PDT · 224 of 319
    Bellflower to Lazamataz
    He may actually be the Antichrist.

    He may very well. If he is watch for him to leave the Country even while President. The Bible talks about the idol shepherd who leaves the flock. The flock may well be the Christians still many in this Country. Many think he will go for a 3rd term. Maybe he will, but if he is the aC he will leave while yet "the shepherd" to possibly enter into the international scene.

  • Netanyahu: 'I trust the president is doing what he thinks is best for' the U.S.

    04/06/2015 7:21:25 PM PDT · 52 of 55
    Bellflower to E. Pluribus Unum

    If he trusts anything about this man He needs to have his eyes opened.

  • Obama defends Iran deal, tells Israelis if anybody messes with you USA will be there

    04/06/2015 7:18:43 PM PDT · 78 of 79
    Bellflower to SeekAndFind

    His talk is far, far different than his walk.

  • Obama says a weakened Israel would be 'failure' of his presidency

    04/06/2015 7:16:20 PM PDT · 53 of 53
    Bellflower to ArtDodger
    "His religion, using the term loosely, allows him to lie outright to non-believers."

    This fact about their religion needs to be brought out into the public ear. I don't think most people realize that lying is a religious tenant of Muslims.

  • Bibi Just Nailed It: The Real, Immediate Danger Of Obama’s ‘Bad’ Iran Deal Nobody’s Focused On

    04/06/2015 7:12:28 PM PDT · 23 of 23
    Bellflower to kingattax

    I’m really amazed that Israel or someone else didn’t take care of this little problem a long time ago. Makes me wonder if it is because someone has a role to play yet, probably or at least possibly as the anti Christ.

  • Pat Robertson: Gays Will Force Christians To Like Anal Sex And, Eventually, Polyamory And Bestiality

    04/06/2015 6:28:39 PM PDT · 35 of 35
    Bellflower to Tolerance Sucks Rocks
    Where is his faith? Christians are to suffer prosecution before they lie against the truth. With leadership like this who needs enemies?
  • Enraged Liberals Call for Murder of Memories Pizza Owners

    04/04/2015 7:13:17 PM PDT · 85 of 85
    Bellflower to therightliveswithus

    So these “gays” must realize that the best pizza, the best flower arrangements, the best most anything comes from blest, Bible believing Christians. Maybe that should tell them something.

  • Washington Post Touts 'Spa-Like' Abortion Mill's 'Unabashed Approach'

    03/30/2015 5:21:26 PM PDT · 14 of 16
    Bellflower to Osage Orange

    Why do not rich Conservatives start their own press, their own news shows, their own TV shows based on proselytizing people into reality rather than leftism. Their motivation doesn’t have to because of profit but because of the survival of Western civilization. You would think that there isn’t any money among Conservatives and if there is they are not willing to part with it for vital causes. All they seem to understand is giving some money to politicians. Life has many greater issues than just mere politics. Horrible people like Soros understand this and pump money into a world they try to shape. It’s time for us to do the same. Right now we are sleeping at the wheel.

  • A Protestant "comes out" (the effects of sola scriptura)

    03/29/2015 4:19:45 PM PDT · 117 of 117
    Bellflower to NYer
    Truth is. It is up to us to find it. A pope is not any better equipped to find it then any of us are. He does not hear the voice of God as those who spoke and wrote God's words did in The Bible. He doesn't necessarily know God any more than you or I, maybe less. Through out the ages one Pope says one thing and then another contradicts him. Many Catholics have been upset by this current Pope who embraces Muslims in the wrong way and has said other questionable things. It seems to me that Catholics out of one side of their mouth say the Pope is infallible and out of the other side of their mouth they say it is his office that is important but he makes mistakes. Which one is it?

    Way back in the OT Abraham wasn't under the law as we aren't. He paid his tithe to Melchizedek who was most obviously the preincarnate Christ. There wasn't a Temple nor a Church. There was God, Abraham and Melchizedek. It is after the order of Melchizedek that Christ is our High Priest. Not after the order of the Aaronic Priesthood.

    Jesus let the woman at the well know that worship would not be centered at a given place or really in anything earthly, but rather would be in Spirit and Truth, which has no locality nor denomination but is purely in the Spirit and the truth. He didn't say wait and the center for worship will be in Rome and will be in an organization called the Catholic Church with a Pope as it's head.

    Think about the message to the seven Churches in the book of Revelation. Each Church was treated as a separate Church and government. Each Church would be accountable to God as a Church. There isn't any reference at all to a central Church organization that all or any of the seven were accountable to. Each Church was accountable to Christ it's head. Each Church had it's own independence. There wasn't mention of any central Church nor any mention of Mary as being paramount to their worship. There wasn't a Catholic Church. This is very obvious to those with eyes to see.

  • Study Shows Humans Are Evolving Faster Than Previously Thought

    03/29/2015 3:54:22 PM PDT · 59 of 62
    Bellflower to pepsionice

    Why is it assumed that the bigger and/or taller you are the more evolved you are? It is more a matter of survival qualities (within a species). At a given time and place larger people may survive and flourish over smaller people. At a different given time and place smaller people may have the advantage. One, though, is not inherently more “evolved” than the other.

  • We Lost Soldiers in the Hunt for Bergdahl, a Guy Who Walked Off in the Dead of Night

    03/29/2015 3:02:09 PM PDT · 18 of 18
    Bellflower to ExNewsExSpook

    Soldiers desert for many reasons, often because of fear or a desire to go home. He didn’t just desert. He collaborated with the enemy. Why isn’t he being tried as a traitor too?

  • Horrifying footage shows teen drivers in near-death crashes as they check phones and chat [tr]

    03/28/2015 6:00:29 PM PDT · 27 of 27
    Bellflower to glasseye

    I’m glad you said “average”.

  • A Protestant "comes out" (the effects of sola scriptura)

    03/27/2015 5:22:05 PM PDT · 115 of 117
    Bellflower to TradicalRC

    When Jesus came He established a new order. Not one based on the law. Not one based on a place or building, and certainly not one based on a religious establishment of any kind. He based this new order on Spirit and truth. They that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and truth if they are to be the ones that Christ seeks.

    Much of what Jesus taught was opposite of the old order which was passing away. He didn’t have this old order pass away to replace it with one of a kind.

    His Kingdom is within us when we are His. It is Spirit and it is truth. This is the very thing that Christ preached and tried to get people to realize. He is The Kingdom. Each individual must come to Him that they might have life. The work of God is to believe.

    Once one believes they act accordingly out of belief. Not out of loyalty to the Church (not even the real church, which is His body made of believers in Him) but out of faithfulness to Him, because they love Him, believe Him and above all else, trust Him. That is what faith is, not adherence to a particular Church or denomination. It is having a living faith in Jesus Christ that directs and shapes your life. There isn’t a dichotomy between faith and works, but works do not create faith, but rather true faith brings forth works. Those works are a privilege to partake in, but they do not and cannot save, for only Christ Himself, personally can save. Come to Him with a sincere heart and ask Him for salvation. He will once and for all time save you. Then you can begin to serve Him as a child of God, not because you hope somehow serving Him will cause you to become accepted by Him.

    1 John 3:1 Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not.

    2Thessalonians 2:13 But we are bound to give thanks alway to God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth:

    1 John 5:13 These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God.

  • Is the church a pillar & pedestal of truth?

    03/25/2015 4:20:40 PM PDT · 23 of 32
    Bellflower to RnMomof7; sagar; LurkingSince'98

    “The Church” is the body of Christ. It is made up of those who are true believers in Jesus Christ, who is the head (the only head, the Church doesn’t have two heads) of the Church, which is his body. It isn’t a man made institution. It isn’t centered around a denomination of any kind. It isn’t a building. It is centered around Christ and it is empowered by the Holy Spirit. Where two or more are gathered in Jesus Name there He is, in the midst of them. That’s all it takes is two or more gathered in His name to be considered a called out Church. As long as those two are gathered together to worship and learn of Him then His Spirit will be there in a special way.

    As the group grows and there is more need for order then elders and a pastor will be appointed and set apart in a special capacity. The pastor will seek God and feed the little flock as a shepherd does. His primary job in life will be to seek God and study the Scriptures, directing the flock from a pure heart.

    Beyond this The Apostles were still alive during Bible times. The Apostles were directly called by Jesus Christ. They knew Him and were commissioned by Him personally. They were continued to hear His voice and be instructed by The Holy Spirit. Even Paul on the road to Damascus was personally picked and commissioned by Christ as a leader of the early Church. He heard directly from The Holy Spirit. No leader in The Catholic Church qualifies in these regards. They haven’t heard God speaking to them in a personal way that what He was saying was hearable and completely understandable. They haven’t been picked by Jesus Christ with His audible voice. They function like the rest in the church by trying to do their best with what God has revealed to us through Scripture. Any thing they add onto Scripture hasn’t come from the mouth of God, but their traditions and interpretations which often even contradict Holy Scripture. Scripture doesn’t contradict. They are wrong. They haven’t any special calling to be above the rest of us in the Church. If they contradict Scripture we shouldn’t follow them no matter who they tell us they are. No one will stand before God and be able to say but my Church told me this. Each person stands before God alone and each is responsible to know Him and truth individually. Your Church will not matter.