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  • Halal Slaughterhouse Operators Charged With Human Trafficking

    12/02/2016 1:26:33 PM PST · 10 of 13
    Ben Ficklin to Bodega; Candor7
    Do you remember GW Bush's raid on the Kosher slaughter house in 2008, in Postville Iowa?

    Bush had raided those slaughter houses in 2006 and that turned into big mess so when they raided this kosher plant in Iowa they were well prepared.

    They rented the natl guard armory ahead of the raids and took a bunch of judges, prosecuting attorneys, a large pool of plaintiff's attorneys with them and convicted 300 of the illegals within 4 days

    Here's the Wikipedia page on the Postville raid

  • Ace Hardware Says It Is Selling Supplies To Pipeline Protesters

    12/02/2016 7:26:52 AM PST · 18 of 34
    Ben Ficklin to AbolishCSEU

    If Ace Hardware is selling stuff to the injuns, then it is likely that they are also selling stuff to the homosexuals.

  • Trump Has Options for Undoing Obama’s Climate Legacy

    11/25/2016 7:26:38 PM PST · 11 of 20
    Ben Ficklin to jospehm20; jcon40
    The authority to regulate CO2 flows from a SCOTUS decision.

    In the case of Mass v EPA, SCOTUS ruled that CO2 is a pollutant(2007) and if EPA determined there was a risk, then EPA should regulate CO2 with the Clean Air Act. EPA needed nothing from Congress.

    Everybody agreed that it would be better if Congress preempted EPA and pass legislation to regulate CO2 so they tried in 2009 and 2010 with cap and trade but failed.

    So in 2010 Obama would move forward with using the Clean Air Act to regulate.

    Its important to recognize that they treated mobile sources and stationary sources separately. Tailpipe CO2 would be reduced by raising the CAFE standards with a negotiated agreement and EPA signed off on that.

    So Obama would issue his first CO2 regs for stationary sources, which are mainly power plants but included cement kilns and steel mills. Anything that emitted 100,000 tons of CO2 per year.

    The first regs in 2010 would apply only to new permits.

    This set off numerous lawsuits with many, many plaintiffs and the case had to go all the way to SCOTUS, who ruled for Obama in 2014.

    About that same time, in 2014, Obama would issue his second set of CO2 regs and these applied to existing permits and only power plants. These regs are called the Clean Power Plan

    This set off numerous lawsuits with many, many plaintiffs, who were able to get a stay to prevent Obama from implementing until the courts handed down a decision. Which is where it stands. The DC Court has heard the case and will rule in 2017, after which it will go to SCOTUS.

    Trump has options but unless SCOTUS reverses its 2007 decision the enviros will sue.

    If the GOP is wise, they need to implement a mild carbon tax while they control the govt. Even Exxon is agitating for a carbon tax.

    Another problem has arisen with the Clean Power Plan. Even though the courts have issued a stay preventing EPA from implementing the Clean Power Plan until the courts rule, numerous states and tribes(democrats) want to implement the Clean Power Plan and have insisted that the EPA assist them and move forward with implementing the Clean Power, if only for their states.

  • In 2006, These Democrats Still in Office Voted to Build a Wall

    11/22/2016 4:17:46 AM PST · 5 of 8
    Ben Ficklin to Avalon Memories; Libloather
    "The hypocrisy of the Left knows no bounds"

    This article relies on you not having a memory or a brain.

    The dems, including Shumer and Hillary, supported the Secure Fence Act because it was just one part of Comprehensive immigration reform.

    They supported amnesty as well. They supported Ag Jobs, They supported raising the quota on the H1B and H2B. They supported the Dreamers. They supported Real ID.

    For the full story on this, you need to go back to that time and look at the actual legislation the senate passed which was called Hegel-Martinez. What all was in it and how the McCain-Kennedy legislation morphed into Hegel Martinez.

    You also need to recall that Secure Fence Act turned to be far less effective than what they said.

  • UN Delays Global Warming Treaty 2 Years As Trump Takes Over

    11/21/2016 7:24:15 AM PST · 46 of 67
    Ben Ficklin to Gaffer; lacrew; Mr. K; MrEdd; rktman
    The treaty was ratified by the Senate in 1992. The UN Convention on Global Warming.

    The Conference of Parties(COP) is an add on to the treaty. We went thru 21 COPs and nobody ever claimed that COP was a treaty. Only with COP 22 in Paris comes the claim that it is a treaty that needs to be ratified.

    Nobody ever claimed that Kyoto(COP 3) was a treaty needing ratification by the Senate. Instead, GW Bush unsigned it.

    Likewise, Trump can unsign the COP 22 Paris agreement. Or, if he wants to, he can take the US out of the 1992 Treaty.

  • John Kerry lands in Antarctica, highest US official to visit

    11/11/2016 2:42:54 AM PST · 48 of 59
    Ben Ficklin to FlingWingFlyer; Sub-Driver; garjog
    "Lots of stuff for a Secretary of State to do in Antarctica is there?"

    The problem is that the Fox news article posted is not very informative and left out the fact that Kerry had a very big role in the international agreement to create the Ross Sea marine reserve announced a couple of weeks ago, which is now the largest in the world. Kerry went to Ross Island in Antarctica.

    The Patagonian Tooth fish, aka Chilean Sea Bass, became very popular and was fished out. So the world started fishing the Ross Sea for the toothfish there and it was on the way to being fished out.

    Don't forget about the Marine National Monuments that GW Bush created and Obama enlarged.

  • Benghazi guards turned on US diplomats in 2012 attack, sources say

    11/07/2016 11:09:30 AM PST · 9 of 17
    Ben Ficklin to GLDNGUN; RummyChick
    "This should be headline news on every network"

    Not likely because Tom Fitton and Clare Lopez are not credible sources.

  • Vanity-Clinton seriously considering naming Joe Biden as Secretary of State.

    10/28/2016 6:06:58 AM PDT · 28 of 40
    Ben Ficklin to silverleaf; DrDude; JLAGRAYFOX
    Biden's main qualification is his many years on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee where he was "joined at the hip" with republican Dick Luger. Luger and Biden are foreign policy Realists. Luger was replaced by Bob Corker who is a top candidate to be Trump's SecState.

    Biden was also a key advisor to Obama on foreign policy and did a lot of heavy lifting. He was more influential than Hillary. Obama followed Biden's advice in Afghanistan to do more Counter-Terrorism and less Counter-Insurgency and focus more on Pakistan and less on Afghanistan in 2009 and 2010.

    In Afghanistan, Obama followed Bush. Bush put Gen Petreaus, General Allen, and ambassador Ryan Crocker in charge of Iraq in 2007 and Obama would put those three in charge of Afghanistan in 2010. Also keep in mind that Obama had named Allen to be the top US General at NATO before his "womanizing" problems arose, which forced Allen to retire and Obama to hire Allen as a special assistant to John Kerry at State.

    If you look at the details, Gen Allen's role in Iraq(Bush) then Afghanistan(Obama), and back to Iraq as Obama's envoy to the Global Coalition against ISIL makes him a strong candidate to be Hillary's SecState, especially since he has broken military protocol and officially endorsed Clinton.

    General Alexander Haig was Reagan's SecState and General Powell was GW Bush's SecState. Gen Allen can serve Hillary in the same capacity.

    The cornerstone of Clinton's foreign policy will be Multi-Lateralism (UN, NATO, Arab League)and Gen Allen has that experience.

    Another one is Victoria Nuland. She's a NeoCon who worked for Dick Cheney and Obama and Clinton gave her a job in the State Dept and put her in charge of Libya and later over Ukraine. Nuland's husband, Robert Kagan, was the first NeoCon to endorse Hillary.

  • 'I have nothing to say': Lady Gaga leaves viewers cringing as she refuses to talk...(about Clinton)

    10/21/2016 3:00:35 PM PDT · 41 of 59
    Ben Ficklin to dp0622; GilGil
  • Russians in Syria 'act like Nazis in Guernica'(drum beats are starting)

    10/15/2016 4:29:12 AM PDT · 31 of 34
    Ben Ficklin to Parley Baer; virgil; BenLurkin; Lurkina.n.Learnin; zaxtres
    The US's intervention in Syria was a two step process.

    The first step was in May 2013 when the Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 15-3 to arm the rebels(tow anti tank weapons) .

    Senate panel delivers bipartisan rebuke to Obama with vote to arm Syrian rebels

    So the CIA would begin vetting, training and arming the rebels.

    Then after ISIS came on the scene, Congress would pass legislation to deal with that, but that legislation contained a sizable increase in the money allocated to arm the rebels and it transferred the duty from CIA to the military.

    Gradually, these weapons turned the tide and the rebels began to gain the upper hand against the Syrian army.

    Because of this, Putin had to send in his military(aircraft and missiles) to help Assad defeat the rebels.

    But, Putin has been there over a year and he still hasn't captured Aleppo so he has had to ratchet down a couple more notches

  • Nations, Fighting Powerful Refrigerant That Warms Planet, Reach Landmark Deal

    10/15/2016 3:22:23 AM PDT · 29 of 48
    Ben Ficklin to Dilbert San Diego; kaehurowing
    The Montreal Protocol was ratified in 1987 and Obama can commit to this Kigali agreement based on that.

    The US ratified the UN Framework on Climate Change(UNFCCC) in 1992. Based on that ratification, Bill Clinton committed the US to the Kyoto Protocol, but GW Bush withdrew the US from the Kyoto Protocol.

    Likewise, Obama committed the US to the Paris Agreement based on the 1992 UNFCCC ratification, but Trump has said he would withdraw the US from the Paris agreement. Or, if he wanted to, Trump could withdraw the US from the 1992 UNFCCC.


    10/14/2016 12:32:19 PM PDT · 16 of 16
    Ben Ficklin to pissant
    In the second article(US News), he doesn't even mention Syria.

    In the first article(Newsmax) his position was no different from the general public. His position was no different from Obama's position at that time, opposed to intervening.

    If you had to pick or chose, you could say his position was closest to Rand Paul's position.

    Objectively, I have to give Trump some credit for being generally opposed to the NeoCons' influence on foreign policy. This is why the NeoCons have led the charge against Trump being president.

  • Why more undocumented students in California are pursuing grad school

    10/14/2016 5:18:08 AM PDT · 17 of 17
    Ben Ficklin to artichokegrower
    "If you are the spouse of a military member transferred to California you will pay out of state tuition."

    Not accurate. A military member is allowed to claim his home state and many military members in CA claim other states(like FL and TX) to avoid paying CA's state income tax. Consequently, they don't qualify for CA's instate tuition.

    But they do qualify for instate tuition in the state that they claim, like TX or FL.


    10/14/2016 4:12:43 AM PDT · 14 of 16
    Ben Ficklin to cynwoody; pissant; caww
    "Look at the timestamp: Sept 5, 2013."

    On that date, the US was actively debating how the US would respond to Assad's use of chemical weapons. That was a very contentious issue

    At that time, Obama had already said that Congress would have to authorize the use of force to "punish" Assad for gassing the innocent.

    The issue was ultimately resolved by an agreement between Russia and the US(Sept 10, 2013) that Assad would turn over his chem weapons(which he did) and the US would incinerate them at sea.

    So this statement by Trump deals only with how the US would react to Assad using chemical weapons.

    The decision to arm the Syrian rebels(with Tow anti-tank weapons) was made by Congress on May 21, 2013. If Trump had been opposed to arming the rebels, he would have said so in May or June of 2013.

    Or, if Trump was opposed to how the US would respond to ISIS, he would have said so in Aug 2014 when Congress passed legislation.

    Wiki page on Ghouta chemical act

  • I-69 construction woes lead to another bond downgrade

    10/11/2016 4:30:32 AM PDT · 9 of 16
    Ben Ficklin to VRWC For Truth; Tolerance Sucks Rocks; HarleyD
    "Pence hit piece??"

    No, it transcends Pence. It was and is about privatizing the roads, and that was/is actually part of the republican plan.

    Gov Daniels sold the Indiana turnpike to private investors in 2006. They eventually went bankrupt and sold it to another group of private investors. The company mentioned in the article(Isolux Corsan) is made up of investors from Spain. Back in those days the two main investment groups were Macquarie from Australia and Cintra from Spain.

    In Texas, it was organized as the Trans Texas Corridors

    Also in 2006 there was the meeting of Bush, Fox, and Chretian and the conspiracy theorists were saying that privatizing the roads would lead to the North American Union.

  • Hillary Clinton Demands The US Build A Wall At The Mexican Border

    09/30/2016 6:23:52 AM PDT · 21 of 22
    Ben Ficklin to trebb
    ".....and how to go about the process for those deemed worthy of citizenship"

    You mean amnesty? Amnesty onto the path to citizenship? Trump supports amnesty? That's what he said. So he started out saying build the wall and deport them all, but would later say he was willing to compromise and look at amnesty.

    What did Hillary support back then in 2006 when she made the statements. She supported Hegel-Martinez, which the senate passed and she voted for:

    1. Those illegals who had been in the country longer than 10 years would be given amnesty onto the path to citizenship.
    2. Those illegals who had been in the country less than 10 years, but had arrived prior to Jan 1, 2014, would be given amnesty to guest worker(no citizenship).
    3. Those illegals that arrived after Jan 1, 2014 would have to leave.

  • Hillary Clinton Demands The US Build A Wall At The Mexican Border

    09/30/2016 4:01:02 AM PDT · 5 of 22
    Ben Ficklin to Fresh Wind; gaggs
    "Hillary has endorsed Trump's border policy"

    Most people recognize that Hillary supported immigration reform and the Secure Fence Act was just one part of that.

    She also supported the Real ID act, AgJobs, and the immigration reform bill which began in the Senate as CIRA but passed out of the Senate as Hegel-Martinez.

    There is no comparison between those congressional attempts in 2006 and the Trump plan.

    Most people also recognize that the immigration bill passed by the Senate in 2013 would have built 350 more miles of pedestrian fence.

    There is no comparison between the 2013 Senate bill and the Trump plan.

    The issue has not changed. On one side are those who say the immigration problem can be solved by "enforcement only" and the other side that say the problem can only be solved by enforcement and reforming immigration policy.

    Your problem is that since Trump made his initial statement about building the wall and deporting all the illegals, he has made numerous statements that he would be willing to compromise.

  • Climate fight targeting cows may reshape California dairies

    09/29/2016 7:22:50 PM PDT · 56 of 63
    Ben Ficklin to Eva
    "cow pie converter"

    Follow the link in reply #49

  • Climate fight targeting cows may reshape California dairies

    09/29/2016 6:33:49 PM PDT · 49 of 63
    Ben Ficklin to Mariner; UB355; ssaftler
    This in not unique to California, it is happening thru-out the US. The manure digesters are relatively new technology but advances are being made.

    Here is an article on a manure digester in Wisconsin, which leads the nation in using the digesters.

    Anerobic Digesters Aren't Just for Large Dairy Farms

    Keep in mind that manure, besides releasing methane to the atmosphere, is also a major source of run-off pollution that creates algae blooms and dead zones in rivers, lakes and oceans.

  • Morocco turns on what will become the world’s largest solar power plant

    09/24/2016 5:38:37 AM PDT · 26 of 28
    Ben Ficklin to mazda77; aquila48
    "Just how in the H are they going to regulate cattle farts..."

    You have been mis-informed. The rightwing media has focused on the one line in the legislation that says the regulators can regulate cattle farts if the technology is available. But the technology doesn't exist.

    The legislation is about cow manure and landfill gas.

    It provides funding to lower the cost of a manure digester. Once you know that, you can get up to speed on manure digesters.

    Cow manure also causes run-off water pollution which creates algae blooms and dead zones in rivers, lakes and the ocean. Like wise with hog/chicken/veal manure and fertilizers.

    The legislation also requires composting of organic material rather than disposing in landfills where they emit methane.

    Some disagree. Rather than pay these huge subsidies to produce cellulosic alcohol to be blended into gasoline, it would be better to use this material to produce landfill gas to generate electricity because that process already exists without subsidies

  • Donald Trump, in Pittsburgh, Pledges to Boost Both Coal and Gas

    09/22/2016 6:36:16 PM PDT · 23 of 47
    Ben Ficklin to Innovative

    Meanwhile, in Iowa, they just announced the construction of a thousand more windmills.

  • Wrigley Fact-Checks Trump Jr. Meme: ‘Skittles are Candy, Refugees are People’

    09/20/2016 12:50:18 PM PDT · 31 of 80
    Ben Ficklin to WKUHilltopper; Bullish
    Wrigley is owned by Mars, Inc, which is one of the largest privately owned companies in the US, and they own many brands and they operate around the world.

    Many in the right wing dislike the company because of their commitment to renewable energy, 100% renewable by 2040.

  • Can Reusing Spent Nuclear Fuel Solve Our Energy Problems?

    09/20/2016 4:42:26 AM PDT · 9 of 19
    Ben Ficklin to sphinx; Brad from Tennessee; wita
    "aka political risk"

    That is what killed off thorium research decades ago.

    This article is very brief but it does point out that the early research was at Oak Ridge. It was killed in the early 70s by the hawks in Congress and the US military, led by Admiral Rickover who was head of the govt's nuke program, because you can't make nuclear weapons from thorium. The head of Oak Ridge, who was a supporter of Thorium, got fired from his job. Nobody else wanted to get fired so it was completely dropped.

    All the data developed was stored away in a warehouse and forgotten.

    In more recent times all the data was re-discovered at Oak Ridge because NASA needed a power source other than PV.

    Some of it had already been destroyed but what they did find was open source published on the internet.

    Wiki page on Thorium-based nuclear power

    Thorium: The NASA Story -a 2 hour documentary

  • Quit crabbing: Obama creates major no-go zone for fishermen in the Atlantic

    09/17/2016 5:49:42 PM PDT · 36 of 45
    Ben Ficklin to DownInFlames
    A nation's territorial waters extend out 12 nautical miles and the contiguous zone extends another 12 nautical miles.

    The Exclusive Economic Zone(EEZ) extends out 200 nautical miles. But if a nation's shelf extends beyond the 200 mile EEZ, that can also be claimed as EEZ.

    Obviously, there can be overlapping claims such as between Florida and Cuba in the Florida straits or the Bering Straits between Alaska and Russia.

    The US unilaterally established her maritime borders in 1976 with the Magnussen Act. The rest of the world did so in accordance with the UN Convention on the Law of the Seas.

  • Quit crabbing: Obama creates major no-go zone for fishermen in the Atlantic

    09/17/2016 4:56:24 PM PDT · 23 of 45
    Ben Ficklin to WMarshal
    "While I believe Obama's action is illegal..."

    Presidents have been designating national monuments since Congress passed the Antiquities Act and Teddy Roosevelt was the first prez to do so.

    GW Bush was the first to designate a marine national monument, and he designated two of them. Earlier, Obama enlarged the marine national monument that Bush designated.

  • Ex-French president questions global warming(ruh roh!)

    09/17/2016 10:18:54 AM PDT · 15 of 15
    Ben Ficklin to rktman

    He won the primary. If he had run in the primary as a global warmist he probably would have lost the primary.

  • Ex-French president questions global warming(ruh roh!)

    09/17/2016 9:59:33 AM PDT · 13 of 15
    Ben Ficklin to rktman
    "Links to infowars"

    And infowars links to the English language French paper that is talking about an article they read at AFP.

    So I gave up on that route and started searching, and, it turns out, Sarkozy is losing in his primary election, and has had to "shake it up".

    In earlier times Sarkozy was a firm believer in global warming, but now that he is losing the primary and his opponent is a warmist believer, Sarkozy has changed horses.

    Remember Mitt Romney? In earlier times he had been a warmist believer but had to change to being a denier when he ran in 2012.

  • (Mulberry, Florida) Mosaic pond leaks 215M gallons of 'slightly radioactive' water

    09/17/2016 6:00:41 AM PDT · 15 of 23
    Ben Ficklin to aces; DocRock
    "now that's epa compliant"

    I don't mean to downplay this event at the fertilizer plant but Florida's real problem is the fertilizer run-off pollution problem.

    This fertilizer plant is making fertilizer for the sugar and citrus industries in florida who use large amounts to grow their crop.

    The fertilizer run-off(nitrates and phosphates) have heavily polluted Florida's surface waters and algae blooms are a major problem.

    The municipal water supply companies spend sizable sums cleaning the phosphates and nitrates out of the water before they sell it to consumers.

    Many in Florida want agribusiness to pay for this, but politicians get mucho campaign money from agribusiness.

  • "A Summer Song" - Chad & Jeremy (1964)

    09/15/2016 8:11:31 AM PDT · 5 of 6
    Ben Ficklin to V K Lee
    Here's a couple more Brazilians, both sung by Andrea Motis.

    A Felicidade

    Samba Em Preludio

  • Is China the world's new scientific superpower?

    09/14/2016 5:26:27 AM PDT · 15 of 17
    Ben Ficklin to Right Wing Assault
    You are free to believe whatever you want to believe. The problem for you is that the objections used in the links you furnished have been shot down numerous times.

    The renewable energy business all over the world is booming and those nations that have positioned themselves to profit from this will benefit.

    In the US, states such as Texas, Iowa, and California will benefit much more than Florida.

    The man that wrote the letter to the editors at WaPo and talked about the offshore windmills off Rhode Island failed to mention that they were manufactured in France.

  • Is China the world's new scientific superpower?

    09/14/2016 4:09:48 AM PDT · 10 of 17
    Ben Ficklin to aquila48
    "fudge climate data to get a hockey stick"

    The hockey stick is a growth curve. You calculate that using the same math formula that you use to calculate interest earned or interest paid.

    There is another way of measuring that using doubling rates or tripling rates, or any rate.

    How long will it take to double the money in your investment or how long will it take to double the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

    Doubling is 2x so you find the natural logarithm of 2 which is 0.693147, which you round off to 0.7. Then you divide that by the interest rate or growth rate.

    If you are earning 10% then you will double your money in 7 years. If CO2 emissions are growing at 10% then you double the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere every 7 years.

    At 7% the doubling is 10 years
    At 1% it is 70 years.

    Consequently, to extend this we try to reduce emissions of CO2. Stationary sources of CO2 such as power plants are converting from coal to natural gas and renewables. Mobile sources of CO2 such as auto tailpipes are being reduced by raising CAFE standards.

    The price of solar, wind, and batteries keep falling and will replace coal, natural gas, and oil so the investors are jumping up and down wanting to invest in solar, wind, and electric cars.

    Which brings us back to China. In 2015 China invested more money in renewables that the US did. If the US needs offshore windmills then we have to buy them in Europe or China. GE Waukasha moved their generator plant from Wisconsin to Canada because of the ExIm bank dust-up. HVDC transmissions lines are being built all over the world, except in the US where none are being built.

  • Maps: Dramatic Growth of Immigrant Population at County Level

    09/12/2016 4:24:43 PM PDT · 12 of 23
    Ben Ficklin to kabar; dragnet2
    Here is the Pew Hispanic report published a few days ago.

    U.S. Latino Population Growth and Dispersion Has Slowed Since the Onset of the Great Recession

    "South still leads the nation in growth overall, but three counties in North Dakota top list of fastest-growing"

  • Is the decline of the Latino community bad news for the US?

    09/11/2016 4:52:51 AM PDT · 19 of 20
    Ben Ficklin to Lurkinanloomin; sheana; max americana; Grams A; Extremely Extreme Extremist
    "We are still flooded with illegals"

    The report doesn't have to do with illegals.

    Follow the link above to the article and at the bottom there is a link to the lengthy report, which was published the 8th.

    The righthand column of the report has links to other and previous reports including the 2010 report on illegals. For several years Pew was publishing yearly updates to that 2010 report but I don't know if they are still doing it.

    In the 2010 report they measured illegals in 3 ways:

    As a percent of population
    As a percent of the workforce
    As a percent of children in the public school system

    Nevada was #1. California #2. Texas #3.

  • Trump closes in on Clinton's projected electoral lead: Reuters/Ipsos Poll

    09/10/2016 8:17:36 AM PDT · 8 of 25
    Ben Ficklin to ripnbang
    If you were to actually read it, it says that Hillary had a 95% chance of winning by 108 electoral votes but now she has an 83% chance of winning by 47 electoral votes.

    BTW, Yahoo is reporting nothing because they have no reporters. Its a Reuters article.

  • Senate leader set to jam House conservatives in spending fight (what Mitch does best!)

    09/08/2016 3:08:13 AM PDT · 4 of 18
    Ben Ficklin to cotton1706

    Are you raising campaign money for Ryan’s democrat opponent?

  • Federal judge denies Oregon standoff defendant Ryan Bundy's motion to ditch his standby counsel

    09/07/2016 10:34:20 AM PDT · 19 of 20
    Ben Ficklin to Eagles6
    Here's an article from July

    These are the guilty pleas for Oregon and more recently two have pleaded guilty in the Nevada case

  • Federal judge denies Oregon standoff defendant Ryan Bundy's motion to ditch his standby counsel

    09/07/2016 4:57:25 AM PDT · 9 of 20
    Ben Ficklin to Raycpa; novemberslady
    The great thing about the internet is that if you don't like a particular article, you can quickly find another article on the subject. And if you want, you can post a link to the second article on the Free Republic thread.

    The article does not mention that 11 of the defendents have accepted a plea deal with the prosecutors and all 11 have the potential of testifying against the Bundy Boys and others who have refused a plea deal.

  • The Cost of Keeping Companies in the United States [BUILDING A WALL TO KEEP US IN!]

    09/07/2016 4:31:49 AM PDT · 12 of 47
    Ben Ficklin to Neoliberalnot; Redmen4ever; Steven Tyler; wastoute
  • 80 Percent Captured at Border Set Free in U.S., Says Agent

    09/05/2016 1:10:38 PM PDT · 11 of 11
    Ben Ficklin to stocksthatgoup; Mr. Mojo

    When a Mexican is apprehended in the border zone, he can be returned to Mexico.

    When an OTM is apprehended, they can't be sent back to Mexico because Mexico won't accept them.

    Instead, OTMs have to be given a hearing that will lead to their eventual return to their country of origin, but we don't have the detention facilities to hold all of them until the hearing so they are released with an order to appear for their hearing.

    It is even harder to hold women and children OTMs because they must be held in a "home like setting". You cant put them in a cell with bars.

    Today, Mexican illegal immigration is way down and central Americans are way up and many/most of them are women and children.

  • The Court That Rules The World

    09/05/2016 12:30:32 PM PDT · 2 of 2
    Ben Ficklin to Lorianne
    Here's an old article from the 1990s in which they talk about some of the earliest cases: MetalClad v Mexico; Ethyl Corp v Canada; and Methanex v California.

    Wikipedia page on Investor-State Dispute Settlement

    They are called free trade agreements but are actually investor-state trade agreements.

    When the arbitration panel hands down a decision, that becomes a precedent. Over time, the arbitration hands down many decisions/precedents, and these add up to become a body of laws called Investor State Law.

  • People of Mexico, where have you gone?

    09/01/2016 9:46:27 AM PDT · 12 of 26
    Ben Ficklin to Riflema
    The CIA Factbook has a lot of demographic data but it is data only from the current year or last year calculated.

    The website Index Mundi started in 2000 and they accumulate data from the CIA Factbook.

    Other good sources are the World Bank and the UN.

    Another good source is Wikipedia. the problem there is how you search. You can use the Wikipedia search function or search Wikipedia using a Google search, such as: "Wikipedia Mexico immigration rate"

  • Is 'Transparency' In Trade Talks Just A Smoke Screen?

    08/30/2016 6:54:44 AM PDT · 11 of 12
    Ben Ficklin to ConservativeMind
    "Next Argument?"

    Argument? I was merely trying to explain it to you. If you don't like the way it is done, then you need to make argument with those who are in policy positions.

    But let me warn you, they don't give a shit what some unknown person in a chat room thinks.

  • Is 'Transparency' In Trade Talks Just A Smoke Screen?

    08/30/2016 5:20:43 AM PDT · 6 of 12
    Ben Ficklin to ConservativeMind
    "What does it benefit either side to keep them hidden"

    If the investors know what is in it they will try to preposition themselves. If the union knows what's in it and don't like it they will try to pick it apart.

    NAFTA was done in complete secrecy. Congress didn't know what was in it until it was signed in Oct 2002 by the trade representatives. And it was not known who would win the presidency.

    Many in Congress Thought that the investor protections were to strong and the protection for labor and environment were lacking, but they can't change it. They can only approve it or kill it.

    They didn't want to kill it because so much time was put into it. So when Clinton won the presidency they all decided that Clinton would negotiate side agreements which would contain the protections for labor and environment, which he did in 1993. Those were all ratified and went into force on Jan 1, 1994.

    But these side agreements that Clinton negotiated turned out to be toothless because the arbitration panel refused to honor them because they weren't written into NAFTA.

    So when GW Bush began negotiating CAFTA he would be transparent and not negotiate any term that would kill the deal in Congress. And CAFTA was easily ratified.

    In the case of Obama and TPP, the GOP knew what was in it before they gave Obama fast track authority, except they didn't know absolutely everything because some of it is decided by negotiations. From the investors perspective there are few objection to TPP. The drug companies are complaining.

    OTOH, the unions and enviros are absolutely sure that Obama is cutting their throats. And they know that Hillary is lying when she says that she objects to it. This is why Maureen Dowd proclaimed Hillary to be the perfect GOP candidate for the presidency.

  • Wind Turbines, Rusting Giants of the Environmental Watermelon Religion

    08/28/2016 1:58:57 PM PDT · 39 of 41
    Ben Ficklin to US_MilitaryRules; left that other site; Bob Mc
    "Go to google earth"

    No, just do a keyword google search and you will find, among others, the wiki page, and on the wiki page you will find the same photo that is posted in reply 11.

    Those were installed in the 1980s and were the small ones. Same as in Texas and California.

    All those windmills were replaced with the larger ones and yes the smaller ones were removed.

    This story about the abandoned windmills began with Tony Ardvark in Australia and supposedly there were 14,000 in Hawaii and California that were abandoned when the subsidies ran out.

    That story was shot down long ago but some people talk like it is fact.

    Common sense tells you that the steel gets recycled. The shafts and gears are really high dollar steel. Even the blades get recycled.

    OTOH, the oil and gas industry uses a huge amount of steel that never gets recycle. Every well drilled has steel casing that is cemented in. Even the dry holes have steel casing. Oil and gas pipelines don't get recycled either.

    The modern windmill business in Texas really began in 1997 when Enron bought the California wind company Zond Corporation, which they owned until they went out of business when it was sold to GE.

    Enron got the Texas lege to implement the first renewable standards in 1999. Then the first natural gas shortages hit the US in 2000-2001 and that set off the first wave windmill building in Texas. Katrina in 2005 set off the second wave

    In 2008 the decision was made to build all the new windlines in Texas which were completed in 2014($7 billion). That set off the third wave.

  • Palin: ‘No Matter What Trump Does on Immigration, It’s Going to Be Better Than What Hillary Will Do’

    08/26/2016 11:56:25 AM PDT · 37 of 47
    Ben Ficklin to itsahoot
    The Prez can enforce the law to the degree that congress appropriates the money to enforce the law.

    And Congress doesn't appropriate enough money.

    Trump's solutions are based on going around Congress.

    He doesn't need Congress to appropriate the money to build a wall and says he can get Mexico to pay for it.

    He doesn't need more money from Congress to hire enough agents to round up the Mexicans and administer due process because he is going to create an auxiliary force of volunteers who will capture the illegals and all due process will be suspended.

  • Palin: ‘No Matter What Trump Does on Immigration, It’s Going to Be Better Than What Hillary Will Do’

    08/26/2016 11:29:26 AM PDT · 30 of 47
    Ben Ficklin
    Based on history: 2006-07 under Bush and 1986 under Reagan, The Prez doesn't have a lot of authority over immigration reform. It is mostly the prerogative of Congress.

    In congress, there is the traditional battle between republicans and democrats plus the battle between republicans.

    One group of republicans says immigration problems can be fixed with enforcement only while the others says the visa programs have to be reformed.


    08/26/2016 8:09:38 AM PDT · 11 of 23
    Ben Ficklin to goldstategop
    Since Johnson and Stein are drawing 8%, it is likely that neither Trump nor Clinton will win with a majority.

    With 6% still undecided, Clinton(44%) could theoretically reach 50%.

    As for 2012, Obama won Florida by less that 1%, not 4%. Because the florida race was so close, it was called very late and Obama had already won by virtue of taking Virginia.

    Trump or any GOP candidate has to win Florida to be elected. Clinton or any dem candidate can lose Florida and still win the presidency

  • 1,690-Page ‘Climate Change’ Reg Increases Cost of Tractor-Trailer Up to $15,119

    08/22/2016 11:56:51 AM PDT · 15 of 29
    Ben Ficklin to HarleyLady27; Olog-hai
  • Think black people aren't voting for Trump? Guess again

    08/22/2016 5:12:59 AM PDT · 22 of 44
    Ben Ficklin to NTHockey
    Voting rights were opposed by southern democrats and Midwestern republicans but supported by northern democrats and moderate republicans. In that vein Goldwater was the first to adopt a "southern strategy" and consequently won only AZ and a handful of southern states.

    Also important was Eisenhower integrating the schools and sending the national guard to Little Rock. The little rock high school today is designated as a historical site and is a popular destination for black tourists.

    Outsider Ross Perot did relatively well with blacks.

    The last shift was the 2006 midterms when the GOP's campaign cost benefit analysis said that they should spend their money on motivating white voters.

  • Think black people aren't voting for Trump? Guess again

    08/22/2016 3:53:47 AM PDT · 10 of 44
    Ben Ficklin to Prov1322