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  • The U.S. Could Switch to Mostly Renewable Energy, No Batteries Needed

    02/07/2016 1:53:08 PM PST · 60 of 64
    Ben Ficklin to Lorianne
    There are a number of interstate windline projects on the books but it is hard to get built becausae the state agencies have more authority over transmission lines than FERC.

    Clean Lines Energy Partners has 4 windlines planed and Tres Amigas has two. There is another from Wyoming to the west coast.

    Boone Pickens had it right in 2006 when he said the govt needs to get out of the way and let the private sector build these transmission lines.

  • Trump: Bush family used eminent domain to build a baseball park

    02/07/2016 1:19:14 PM PST · 50 of 92
    Ben Ficklin to cloudmountain; jimbo123
    "If the team had waited for the taxpayers........"

    They did. Arlington built the stadium and the voters approved a $135 million bond package to build it, which was retired 10 years ahead of time, in 2001.

    As always, Trump is full of shit.

    History of Baseball in Arlington

  • Utah files lawsuit claiming feds' sage grouse conservation strategy is unlawful

    02/05/2016 4:25:22 AM PST · 18 of 24
    Ben Ficklin to Myrddin
    The problem is not hunting, it is habitat loss and fragmentation.

    Hunting groups like Quail Forever and Pheasants Forever support habitat preservation and improvement for the sage grouse.

    Grazing eliminates the ground cover these birds need to hide from the coyote and hawk.

    Upland game birds are in decline all over the US.

    The question is who has the authority to manage these federally owned lands.

  • Utah files lawsuit claiming feds' sage grouse conservation strategy is unlawful

    02/04/2016 7:43:23 PM PST · 9 of 24
    Ben Ficklin to txnativegop
  • Adele Tells Trump He Can't Use Her Songs on Campaign Trail

    02/01/2016 4:30:59 PM PST · 65 of 105
    Ben Ficklin to DesertRhino
    "If she gets paid royalties and a campaign has paid usage fee"

    Not true. If Donald Trump wanted to record one of her songs, what you say is true.

    If a movie, TV show, or advertiser wants to use her music, they have to negotiate a deal and the artist usually charges out the ying yang for that.

    Back in their day, the TV show Glee performed a number of her songs. Not only did she charge them a fee, she required them to send her a copy of the performance for her approval before they could use it on the show.

  • Shawna Cox Testimony of the Death of LaVoy Finicum

    01/31/2016 1:11:23 PM PST · 15 of 77
    Ben Ficklin to ScubieNuc
    "he should not have reached into his jacket"

    There were a lot of things that he should not have done prior to reaching into his jacket.

    He should not have driven off.
    He should not told the world that he would rather die than give up.
    He should not have participated in taking over the govt building.
    He should not have participated in Cliven Bundy's armed confrontation.

    He should not have hanging out with the Bundys.

  • Feds target rancher after family worked land over 70 years (10/2015)

    01/30/2016 1:14:34 PM PST · 25 of 57
    Ben Ficklin to P-Marlowe; Mechanicos
    "Did they purchase it?"

    Yes. It was called the Louisiana Purchase(1803).

    The Red River was the border between the US and New Spain, which would become Mexico(1821), then Texas(1845).

    The US claimed the entire Red River bed and Spain, Mexico, and Texas never disputed. The river changes course and the federally owned river bed moves.

    This was all settled by SCOTUS back in the 1920s.

    In that case OK sued Texas because there were slant oil wells in Texas producing oil from in OK. The US govt entered the lawsuit to assert their ownership of the river bed.

  • US Marine vet sues high school, claiming daughter was all but forced to convert to Islam

    01/30/2016 12:23:54 PM PST · 68 of 72
    Ben Ficklin to ladyjane

    According to my dictionary, Feb-u-ary is the preferred pronunciation while Feb-ru-ary is the secondary pronunciation.

  • US Marine vet sues high school, claiming daughter was all but forced to convert to Islam

    01/30/2016 10:27:26 AM PST · 56 of 72
    Ben Ficklin to AllAmericanGirl44; Thoreau; HomerBohn
    "Can you perhaps give some insight into what is missing in this report?"

    I can, but it comes from Snopes.

    This has been going on since 2014, and filing the lawsuit is just the latest development. The man was banned from the school in 2014 for threatening an asst principle.

    He says she(daughter) was "forced to profess and to write out the Shahada in worksheets and quizzes.

    She wasn't required to profess anything but she did have to write out the Shahada as an assignment in the study of calligraphy.

    The assignment, under the heading of practicing calligraphy says: "Here is the shahada, the Islamic statement of faith, written in Arabic. In the space below, try copying it by hand. This should give you an idea of the artistic complexity of calligraphy."

    As the school has said, the course conforms to state curriculum. Statewide, how many other parents are complaining/filing suit.

  • 300 scientists send letter to Congress accusing NOAA of cooking the books on climate change

    01/29/2016 12:06:17 PM PST · 28 of 33
    Ben Ficklin to poconopundit
    "Have a look at the data..."

    When you cherry pick the data, you automatically lose.

    You left out the data on Pacific hurricanes and cyclones in the southern hemisphere.

  • 300 scientists send letter to Congress accusing NOAA of cooking the books on climate change

    01/29/2016 11:59:35 AM PST · 27 of 33
    Ben Ficklin to centurion316; Alas Babylon!
    "Once the President begins lying, ignoring, and committing criminal acts as a lynchpin of his policy"

    The lynchpin or cornerstone of Obama's CO2 policy/regs is the 2007 SCOTUS decision(Massachusetts v EPA) in which SCOTUS ruled that CO2 is a pollutant, told EPA to determine the risk, and regulate CO2 with the Clean Air Act. EPA needed nothing from Congress.

    Back then, everyone thought that it would be better if Congress legislated CO2 regs, but Congress failed at that in 2009 and 2010. Obama/EPA would issue their first CO2 regs in 2010 that applied to only new permits.

    That set off a flurry of lawsuits that had to go all the way back to SCOTUS, who ruled for Obama/EPA in June 2014.

    About that same time, Obama/EPA would issue their second set of regs that applies to existing permits. The final rule was issued well into 2015, which set off a flurry off lawsuits. This second set of regs is called the Clean Power Plan.

    The plaintiffs ask the DC court of appeals for an injunction to stop Obama from implementing until after the case(s) are heard by the courts, but were turned down, after which(within the last few days) they appealed that to SCOTUS.

  • Bundy And Other Militants Appear In Federal Court

    01/27/2016 7:42:34 PM PST · 61 of 70
    Ben Ficklin to Captain7seas; redreno
    It doesn't have anything to do with the constitution. Its about the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976.

    The first big case to come up after FLPMA was the Wayne Hage case, which set off the modern Sage Brush Rebellion. Previously, it was the Taylor Grazing Act in 1930 that set off the previous rebellion.

    These conflicted cases over the grazing leases are few and far between, but, FLPMA also changed the status of the RS 2477 roads so closing of those roads sometimes lead to conflicts. Many old time freepers will probably remember the Jarbidge Road conflict.

    No doubt about it, the number of grazing leases and the number of acres grazed has been reduced since FLPMA, but the cow-calf economy in the western states is still huge.

    OTOH, there are a lot more recreation areas and campgrounds, coal leases, archeological sites, wilderness areas and wilderness study areas, to name a few. Up until 1976 BLM was small, comprised of the General Land Office and the Grazing Service. After 1976, it has grown to be large

    A lot of people don't understand the conflicts that arose out of the Bundy brothers actions in Oregon.

    Many say the feds need to give up these lands, but they can't agree as to who gets these lands. Some say County/local control and others say state control.

    The Bundy brothers advocated for local/county control which generally means their group was posse comitatus, militia, or sovereign citizens, or some combination there-of.

    All western state govts opposed the Bundy Brothers, as did American Land Rights Assoc, Montana Policy Institute, ALEC, the Mormon Church, etc.

    ALEC wrote the model legislation that all the western states are using, but Utah is out in front. Utah's Transfer of Public Lands Act went into effect on Jan 1, 2015. But the feds didn't turn over the land, so now Utah has to figure out what their next move will be, or how much taxpayer money are they willing to spend to pursue this in court and/or Congress.

  • Policies Must Not Be Based On Error Or Deceit

    01/23/2016 6:15:08 AM PST · 5 of 7
    Ben Ficklin to alloysteel
    The science is ongoing. The best tools for earth system science are satellites that observe the earth and sun.

    The Jason 3 satellite was launched just a few days ago and is the latest in ocean topography science.

    The GOP is moving hard and fast to shut down these satellites down because they don't like the science or the data gathered by the satellites.

    The irony of that is that the GOP, back in the 1980s, pushed NASA towards exploring the earth.

  • O’Malley: Climate Change is ‘Greatest Business Opportunity’ in 100 Years

    01/19/2016 12:13:36 PM PST · 35 of 37
    Ben Ficklin to E. Pluribus Unum
    House Speaker Ryan's budget bill, signed by Obama before his vacation, extended the renewable tax credits for 5 years. It was a trade-off. Oil exports for renewable tax credits. The oil industry won and the renewables won.

    Coal subsidies are falling. Each year coal emissions(subsidy) are being reduced and Obama announced this past week that the dirt cheap coal leases on federal lands(subsidy) are going to be re-examined

  • O’Malley: Climate Change is ‘Greatest Business Opportunity’ in 100 Years

    01/19/2016 11:42:34 AM PST · 32 of 37
    Ben Ficklin to rktman; nascarnation; E. Pluribus Unum; EagleUSA; Iron Munro; nickcarraway; PATRIOT1876
    Renewables attracted record $329 billion investment in 2015

    China is leaving the US behind in the dust:

    China-$110 billion
    US-$56 billion
    India-$11 billion

  • How Obama Stole Dubuque [Fundamental Transformation of America's Local Governments]

    01/16/2016 10:38:04 AM PST · 3 of 17
    Ben Ficklin to Jan_Sobieski
    Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas and Metropolitan Statistical Areas have been in place/utilized for decades.

    It makes the Okies mad when you say that Oklahoma City is a Dallas suburb. The Okies often refer to Texas as Baja, Oklahoma.


    01/15/2016 1:09:06 PM PST · 75 of 93
    Ben Ficklin to TBP; paintriot

    When touchback was put into the Immigration bill in 2007, Congress also included setting up touchback centers around the US so they wouldn’t have to leave the country to touchback.


    01/15/2016 12:58:54 PM PST · 12 of 12
    Ben Ficklin to DNME
    Your next act is to take them to court, but you will lose, so you will say that you don't recognize the federal courts, and call the county sheriff, who will laugh in your face, which will force you call out the militia, posse comitatus, and sovereign citizens.

    The next big issue, if and when you wrestle the land away from the feds, is who gets the land, the state or the county, so maybe you better settle that dispute first.


    01/15/2016 12:51:54 PM PST · 11 of 12
    Ben Ficklin to DNME
    That is your poorly informed opinion. Have you ever heard of the Oregon Treaty?

    01/15/2016 6:02:15 AM PST · 7 of 12
    Ben Ficklin to zzwhale; Nextrush
    "Why can't some lawyer start a suit"

    First off, the Hammonds were convicted in court. Cliven Bundy lost in court, numerous times. Now, some don't recognize the court and are pursuing it with guns, like they do in Somalia, Yemen, and Afghanistan. Bundy is a warlord.

    Second, Utah's Transfer of Public Lands Act is the leading legal attempt. That act required the feds to turn over the land on Jan 1, 2015. And of course the feds didn't turn over the land. Now the GOP controlled govt of Utah needs to make the next move, what ever their next move will be, and how much money are Utah taxpayers willing to waste, to pursue the next move.

    You say the BLM is dictating use of the land, and/or the prez is using executive orders. Not true.

    Congress enacted the Federal Lands and Policy Management Act of 1976, which determines how the federal lands are managed. FLPMA started the sagebrush rebellion. BLM was created in 1947 by merging the General Land Office and the Grazing Service, and was a relatively small agency. After FLPMA, BLM grows into a very large agency.

    And it is other congressional act as well. Combine FLPMA and the Endangered Species Act and Cliven Bundy was required to reduce his herd.

    Combine FLPMA and the Wilderness Act. In 1976 there were no Wilderness Areas. Now there are huge numbers of acres as wilderness and wilderness study areas.

    There are also today a lot more recreation areas, campgrounds, and archeological sites than there was in 1976.

    Combine FLPMA with the clean air act and there is a lot more coal mining on these federal lands than there was in 1976.

    Combine FLPMA with the Wild Horse and Burro Act, and the grazing lease holders have to let these wild horses eat some of the grass and drink some of the water.

    One of the main complaints is that there are fewer grazing leases and fewer acres being grazed than there were in 1976. But FLPMA says these lands have to be managed for multiple use, so Cattle grazing is not King, although the Cow-Calf economy through-out the west is huge.

  • US Navy sailors released unharmed by Iran in less than a day

    01/14/2016 8:03:03 AM PST · 15 of 16
    Ben Ficklin to skeeter; skimbell; Fiji Hill
    "Released in LESS than a!"

    Compare this to the Hainan Island incident where China held Americans for an extended period and when they did release them they made Bush pay room and board, and a hefty fee for shipping the aircraft back to the US.

    In that case, the US aircraft was in China's EEZ, which is legal under LOST.

    In this case with Iran, the boat was in Iran's territorial waters, which is a violation of LOST.

    The irony of it is that the US and Iran are 2 of only a handful of nations that haven't ratified LOST. Those that oppose the US ratifying LOST always say that we have the world's most powerful navy so we can use gunboat diplomacy in situations like this.

  • Unions: Mikulski Sold Out American Workers

    01/10/2016 4:32:46 AM PST · 31 of 31
    Ben Ficklin to Jim from C-Town
    Keep your eye on congress, and don't get taken in by some one making campaign promises.

    Historically, Congress revises the immigration laws about once per generation and are overdue at this time.

  • Why Should Volkswagen be Investigated for Emission Deception, but not Government Agencies?

    01/09/2016 12:15:55 PM PST · 8 of 15
    Ben Ficklin to Original Lurker; raybbr; Kaslin
    "low-rent, public schooled morons"

    The man that wrote this article must be one of those morons because he is terribly confused about Volkswagen's emissions scandal.

    He writes about CO2 and global warming but the VW emissions were nitrogen oxide(NO2 or NOx).

    NOx reacts with volatile organic compounds to create ozone.

    Guv Reagan signed the legislation and CA was the first to regulate NOx. After the Clean Air Act the whole nation would be regulated.

    But if you wanted to point the finger at Obama, you could say that he lowered the ozone limit to 70 ppm after Bush lowered it to 75 ppm.

  • Keystone lawsuit spotlights climate politics

    01/09/2016 7:09:26 AM PST · 9 of 13
    Ben Ficklin to Paul R.; Dartman
    "If TransCanada wins either lawsuit"

    NAFTA disputes are not settled by lawsuits, they are settled by an arbitration panel and the judiciary in each of the NAFTA nations has to honor the arbitration panel's decision.

    There have been many decisions handed down by the NAFTA arbitration panel thru the years. And under TPP disputes will also be resolved by arbitration.

    This TransCanada dispute would be very similar to the MetalClad and Methenex disputes, which were also pursued under Chapter 11.

    When ever a nation doesn't honor the arbitration panel's decision, then the arbitration panel awards "sanctioned retaliation" to the offended country, which means that the offended country can legally retaliate by applying tariffs to goods from the offending country.

    There has been only one instance of "sanctioned retaliation" under NAFTA and that was over the US not letting in the Mexican trucks, which allowed Mexico to legally impose tariffs on other US goods such as apples, which made US apples more expensive than Chinese apples, and hurt US apple growers. However, Mexico took the US into arbitration under Chapter 20, and Chapter 11 may be different.

    Here is an older article where Investor-State dispute resolution mechanisms and the arbitration panel are discussed in regard to the Keystone pipeline.

    You can also find a lot of info by Google searching Investor-State trade agreements, or Investor-State disputes, or Investor-State law.

    A lot of people don't like the fact that the arbitration panel can trump US laws/regulations. The leftwingers don't like it because they think that investor protections in Chapter 11 give the investors too much power over labor, the environment, and social justice. That's why the unions are madder than hell at Obama over the TransPacific Partnership(TPP)

  • Muslim woman ejected from Trump rally

    01/09/2016 5:58:08 AM PST · 97 of 185
    Ben Ficklin to Libloather

    Out of sight, out of mind.

  • Unions: Mikulski Sold Out American Workers

    01/09/2016 5:35:58 AM PST · 29 of 31
    Ben Ficklin to Jim from C-Town
    I would say that I am better educated than you.

    You are wrong because you subscribe to the "lump of labor fallacy" aka the "zero sum fallacy". You think that there is a finite number of jobs and each immigrant will take the job of a native born. The reality is that a new worker produces and consumes, which increases output and creates more jobs. This is why it is best to have a positive population growth rate.

    Incidentally, another good way to grow the economy is to increase worker productivity, which usually requires capital investments, and is the basis of supply side economics.

    You are also wrong historically. The US has a very long history importing her underclass. We have always imported poor people without skills and that has always worked out successfully.

    It works well because these "poor immigrants" have a higher standard of living in the US than they did in their home country. And, thru time, the immigrants assimilate, become better educated and acquire skills, putting them on equal footing. The first generation immigrant is definitely at a disadvantage. The second generation immigrant's outlook is much better, and the third generation immigrant is on equal footing with native born.

  • Unions: Mikulski Sold Out American Workers

    01/08/2016 11:53:18 AM PST · 25 of 31
    Ben Ficklin to Jim from C-Town
    You don't have sense of scale.

    The US has a birthrate of 12.49 per 1000(CIA Factbook) and an immigration rate of 3.86 per 1000.

    Without immigration, the US would have a negative population growth rate. With our current immigration rate, our population growth rate is 0.79%.

    BTW, where did you get your economics degree? VooDoo College?

  • Unions: Mikulski Sold Out American Workers

    01/08/2016 9:22:19 AM PST · 18 of 31
    Ben Ficklin to Jim from C-Town

    I think you need to join the dem party so you can vote with the unions.

  • Unions: Mikulski Sold Out American Workers

    01/08/2016 4:17:46 AM PST · 14 of 31
    Ben Ficklin to Jim from C-Town
    "If the cheap import labor was dried up, they would be forced to do so."

    They would be forced to hire illegals. They main part of immigration reform is to reform and expand the guest worker programs so there is no demand for illegals.

    As for how much money an individual can make operating a leaf blower, that is limited. In my college days(60s) I worked as a groundskeeper one summer, but I also worked for a asphalt paving contractor, both being minimum wage jobs.

    Back in the 1980s, I knew two brothers who began as teenagers mowing lawns and grew that into one of the largest lawn care companies in Dallas. They hired lots of illegals.

    One of the problems with seasonal visas is that the season starts earlier and lasts longer in the southern tier of states so they are more likely to find H2B workers before the quota is reached, while those employers to the north have a much harder time.

    Oyster processors in Louisiana can get H1B workers but those processors around the Chesapeake Bay cannot. A hotel in FL is more likely to get an H1B worker while the hotel in Maine will not.

  • Unions: Mikulski Sold Out American Workers

    01/07/2016 7:12:33 PM PST · 9 of 31
    Ben Ficklin to Mr. Peabody
    "There's an opening for Trump here"

    Trump's hotels hire H2B workers. Lawn care companies hire H2B. In Maryland they are needed to shuck oysters.

    The H2A ag worker visa and the H2B non-ag worker visa are seasonal work visas.

  • Stolen valor: militiaman bodyguard of ranchers Cliven and Ammon Bundy falsely posing as US Marine

    01/07/2016 6:10:36 AM PST · 24 of 36
    Ben Ficklin to Texas Fossil; gaijin; Smokin' Joe; Cincinatus' Wife
    Elohim City was founded and headed by Robert Millar who was a Canadian and ex Mennonite. A Christian ID group. When he died in 2002 his son John became the leader.

    Robert Millar's first notoriety was from the armed stand-off between the FBI and another Christian ID group called the The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord(CSA), which was located in northern AR in 1985. Millar would negotiate the surrender of the group.

    It was Millar's role in the CSA stand-off that became the basis of the story that he was an FBI informant working with the Feds on the OK City bombing.

    CSA Wikipedia page

    Historically, these anti govt groups including Posse Comitatus, anti Tax, Christian ID, racial supremist/separatist, land use, etc run in parallel thru time, often with cross membership. When Cliven Bundy arose in 2014 the GOP jumped on the bandwagon because they thought he was pure, until he started talking about the Negro in America so they dropped him like a hot potato.

    You need to understand that there is a militant wing and a political wing that are co-ordinating events pertaining to the federal lands. The political wing includes the American Lands Rights Association(ALRA), the Montana Policy Institute, and numerous others working with ALEC, who has written the model legislation that each of the western states is using in their quest to take control of these lands.

    Utah is out in front and the other states are waiting to see what happens with their legislation.

    Cliven Bundy was in a stalemate with BLM, who was just waiting for Bundy to die before they moved but Bundy threw BLM a curve when he moved his stock onto the Lake Mead recreation area to graze, which forced BLM to take action in 2014.

    Bundy's action was coordinated with the political wing to take place in 2014 because the Utah legislation would take effect on Jan 1, 2015.

    Jan 1, 2015 came and went and the Feds didn't turn over the land so everything ground to a halt until the GOP controlled lege in Utah or ALEC can come up with their next move.

    Bundy's son's action in Oregon is merely to start the conversation

  • Federal judge: Drinking tea, shopping at a gardening store is probable cause

    12/30/2015 5:30:53 AM PST · 64 of 103
    Ben Ficklin to The All Knowing All Seeing Oz
    Radley Balko published a book a couple of years ago called "Rise of the Warrior Cop".

    At the time there were many reviews, articles about, and segments from the book published in the media and it was widely discussed at Free Republic.

    One of the main topics of the book was the proliferation of SWAT that first began only in large cities, but now are found in most all small towns/counties. He also pointed out how SWAT is now used for code enforcement.

    He also gave the reason why the police shoot dogs. They call it SWAT but is actually military weapons and tactics which requires that all distractions to the operation must be eliminated. A barking dog might not be a threat but can "distract" a SWAT or even an individual officer.

  • Terminal Confusion? DHS push could make some IDs invalid for flying

    12/30/2015 3:26:54 AM PST · 9 of 19
    Ben Ficklin to Iron Munro
    "The oppressive democrat run federal government"

    It was the GOP that pushed this.

    GOPer James Sensenbrenner would attach the Real ID Act to the defense supplemental spending bill in 2005(must pass to fund Iraq and Afghanistan).

    Bush needed Real ID to implement the reform and expansion of work visas that were part of immigration reform but by 2007 opposition to Real ID had organized so when the immigration reform bill of 2007 failed, Bush and then DHS secretary Chertoff would announce the "delay" in implementing Real ID.

  • The U.S. Uses More Electricity on Christmas Lights Than These Entire Countries Do All Year

    12/26/2015 3:25:20 AM PST · 15 of 101
    Ben Ficklin to Cincinatus' Wife
    This is called "conspicuous consumption".

    Generally, among humans, and especially among Americans, class is determined by consumption. The more you consume, the higher class you are.

    There is a subset of conspicuous consumption for those that are environmentally nuanced who are compelled to use renewable energy and drive electric cars because they are more expensive.

    Other terms used for these are limousine liberals or BoBos(bourgeois bohemians).

    Conspicuous consumers are offset by Spartans, who are "marked by simplicity, frugality, or avoidance of luxury and comfort". For the Spartans, lots of Christmas lights is merely "keeping up with the Joneses".

    Waste not, want not: if you use a commodity or resource carefully and without extravagance, you will never be in need.

  • Climate change shock: Burning fossil fuels 'COOLS planet', says NASA

    12/22/2015 6:38:21 AM PST · 31 of 43
    Ben Ficklin to Brooklyn Attitude
    Acid rain was also part of that problem. Pollution drift can be a problem with sulfur, mercury, etc so the Ohio valley was polluting the north east. This goes on today elsewhere with the cross state pollution regs, which were upheld by SCOTUS earlier this year.

    When congress amended the Clean Air Act for sulfur, they also included mercury, arsenic, and other metals, but EPA has not been able to bring them under national control. But numerous states now regulate them

  • Climate change shock: Burning fossil fuels 'COOLS planet', says NASA

    12/22/2015 6:15:19 AM PST · 27 of 43
    Ben Ficklin to Brooklyn Attitude; jpsb
    You are correct.

    If you read down aways, you find the key sentence: "Take sulfate aerosols, which are created from burning fossil fuels and contribute to atmospheric cooling"

    This was recognized in the 1970s and global cooling became the hot topic.

    The result was regulating sulfur in coal and gasoline. Congress eventually(1990) amended the Clean Air Act and now we burn low sulfur coal and remove sulfur from gasoline.

    The new Tier 3 gasoline with even less sulfur will be implemented in 2017.

    A coal fired power plant is allowed to emit 100 tons of sulfur per year before the regulatory threshold is reached, but if you use natural gas or wind/solar, no sulfur is emitted.

  • Tanks, house-to-house fighting as Turkey fights Kurdish rebels

    12/20/2015 4:10:25 AM PST · 13 of 24
    Ben Ficklin to Mariner
    "Are you saying there are Kurdish groups that align with Al Nusra and ISIS.

    PKK is designated as a terrorist group.

  • The Disappointing Omnibus Bill [National Review Editorial: "H-2B Visa "Most Egregious Proposal"]

    12/19/2015 5:32:13 AM PST · 12 of 13
    Ben Ficklin to Wolfie; Steelfish
    "Duh, that's what they're designed to do."

    This is a big dis-appointment to many young American men who had their hearts set on a career operating a leaf blower, shucking oysters, or being a dishwasher in Vegas.

    OTOH, this means 198,000 fewer jobs for illegals.

  • This Patient Wants to Live, His Hospital Wants to Take Him Off Life Support Without His Consent

    12/17/2015 5:24:52 PM PST · 10 of 19
    Ben Ficklin to Morgana

    Its called the Texas Futile Care Law

  • Planned Parenthood 'steam-cooked' aborted babies

    12/15/2015 3:50:29 AM PST · 25 of 38
    Ben Ficklin to JParris; Lil Flower
    "It's beyond comprehension or explanation"

    I'll explain it to you so you can comprehend.

    The first thing you need to know is that PP doesn't decide the process and protocols. That is done by the regulators.

    Medical waste is hazardous waste, whether it comes from an abortion clinic, a hospital, or dentists office, etc. and it has to be disposed of properly.

    A large generator would likely process their own waste but most such as PP contract with a company that is qualified, reliable or licensed.

    This adds cost and it is not uncommon for some to illegally dump their hazardous waste, including medical and industrial. Do a Google or Google image search of hazardous waste dump or medical waste dump. One very common problem is syringes washing up on the bank of a local lake, after someone dumped them, thinking that would settle on the bottom, but are made of plastic, which has a degree of buoyance.

    If you don't like the sanctioned and entirely legal method of disposal, then you should propose an alternative method, protocol, or process. But it will probably also affect the dentist and the doctor

    With-in the federal and state laws and regulations that vary, abortions are legal. Using fetal tissue in research is legal. Waste disposal is legal

    Faced with the fact of legality, the anti-abortion movement is about raising the cost and shaming the woman.

  • Ohio Planned Parenthood Clinics [illegally] Disposed of Fetuses in Landfills, Probe Finds

    12/13/2015 4:03:01 AM PST · 12 of 13
    Ben Ficklin to blackdog
    "just what is the authorized method of disposal"

    The more important question is what the authorized method should be?

    If you don't like the way it is being done, what do you propose?

    Should they(the clinic or the mother) be required to provide a shoe box sized or match box sized coffin, conduct a religious service, and bury the remains in a graveyard?

    Would you allow for cremation(incineration aka thermal oxidation) of the remains and require the mother to accept the thimble sized jar of ashes?

    Lets be honest. The modern anti-abortion methodology is to raise the cost and shame the woman.

  • Trump attacks Ted Cruz for not supporting ethanol subsidies

    12/12/2015 8:11:04 AM PST · 144 of 306
    Ben Ficklin to Cold Heat
    You sure have a lot of problems. You are either incompetent or exaggerating

    I have an eleven year old Nissan PU and I've never had to buy a fuel pump.

    My lawnmower(5 years old) is ok with up to E10 and E10 actually works better than straight gasoline because the E10 is fresher fuel. If you have old fuel it does not make any difference which fuel you are using, you will have problems.

    I have also found that if you run all the fuel out of the tank and carb, and put fresh fuel in everytime you use it, you have fewer problems. I never buy more than 2 month supply of gas for the mower.

  • Trump attacks Ted Cruz for not supporting ethanol subsidies

    12/12/2015 3:03:44 AM PST · 88 of 306
    Ben Ficklin to Finny
    "Then why does it have to be subsidized"

    Because the US subsidizes all forms of energy. The US economy is and historically has been subsidized by cheap energy.

    As for this ethanol, Obama is not meeting the mandates that Congress put in place with the legislation(2007), so you need to be praising Obama for this.

  • Trump attacks Ted Cruz for not supporting ethanol subsidies

    12/12/2015 2:23:04 AM PST · 79 of 306
    Ben Ficklin to Cold Heat; VideoDoctor; Cincinatus' Wife
    The greatest benefit of the ethanol mandate is to the trade deficit.

    Domestically produced ethanol as fuel replaces imported oil and a sizable portion of the US trade deficit is attributable to imported oil.

    At the time(2007), the US was importing 70% of her oil and the price of oil had tripled.

    This is the same reason that Brazil went the ethanol route. Back in the 1970s, the price of oil tripled so Brazil developed their ethanol industry rather than pay the rising cost of imported oil.

    Now, we are importing slightly less than half of our oil and the price has collapsed.

    As far as how it benefits producers, there are also programs in place to benefit fuel made from wood(2008). The members of Congress from the ag states and the timber states band together to protect these benefits

  • (Flashback) Obama bans eastern Gulf drilling for 7 years [2010: 11 Die, BO Did To Biz As Trump Does

    12/08/2015 12:49:12 PM PST · 14 of 14
    Ben Ficklin to bkopto; Resolute Conservative; SoFloFreeper
    The vast majority of the eastern gulf of Mexico is closed to drilling until 2022 by congressional moratorium.

    But, there is a narrow sliver along the western edge of the eastern gulf that congress opened to drilling in 2006 which is called Area 181 and South 181. But, in this area, Congress stipulated that all drilling has to be more than 125 miles from Florida's coast. This area is bound on the west by the central gulf and on the east by the military mission line, so, Florida, the US Navy, and Air Force are opposed to drilling on the east side of the military mission line

    Bill Clinton was the first to get Florida to agree to drilling in Area 181, but because oil prices collapsed in 1998, no leasing was done. George Bush was the first to actually auction leases in Area 181 but Congress overturned him because Bush didn't include royalty sharing in the leases.

    Presidents have the authority to defer leases, but he or a subsequent prez can change it.

    Obama stopped all off shore drilling after the blowout in 2010, so at the time of this article, no one knew how long it would last. It lasted about a year, but to late to make it into the 2011 fall lease auction. They have two auctions a year, spring and fall.

    So, the eastern gulf was put back in the auction rotation in 2012(2012-2017 program), and the first actual lease auction for the eastern gulf was spring of 2014. The next lease auction for the eastern gulf is spring 2016.

  • Heavy rainfall breaks all British records

    12/07/2015 3:06:40 AM PST · 11 of 26
    Ben Ficklin to RedHeeler
    "How amazing"

    It is amazing how much energy is transferred from water(aqueous atmosphere) to the air(gaseous atmosphere) from the evaporation process. A very small increase in water temperature results in huge amount of energy being transferred to drive a storm.

  • The Chennai Floods Are a Devastating Preview of Unnatural Disasters to Come

    12/05/2015 5:47:45 AM PST · 19 of 25
    Ben Ficklin to Little Pig; Cincinatus' Wife
    Silting of rivers and lakes are a function of high water, and historically, measured in geologic time, river beds shift/move around.

    The other thing is that the monsoons combine with nutrient run-off of the Himalayas so that rice farming in India and western China feeds half the people on earth.

    The Indian govt recognizes the problems they face with their fertility rate.

    India operates one of the largest constellations earth observational satellites. Not as many as the US but as the GOP tries to shut down these satellites being operated by NASA, NOAA, and USGS, India could end up with more than the US.

    India's EOS

  • The Chennai Floods Are a Devastating Preview of Unnatural Disasters to Come

    12/05/2015 5:14:18 AM PST · 18 of 25
    Ben Ficklin to Cincinatus' Wife
    Most, if not all, of the problems with coal powered plants in Texas revolve around the leveraged buy-out of TXU to create Energy Future Holdings/Luminant in 2005-2006. That LBO was the largest in US history and was predicated on the price of natural gas staying high, which collapsed in 2008, leaving EFH with a very, very high debt to equity ratio. That is nature of LBOs aka vulture capitalism

    Also, Obama threw them a curve ball. They didn't think that Obama would include Texas in the cross state pollution regs.

    The underlying problem was/is using the lignite coal in east Texas and EFH was so broke they couldn't afford to switch to Powder River coal

    Eventually EFH went into bankruptcy and has recently bought some court approved gas plants.

  • The Chennai Floods Are a Devastating Preview of Unnatural Disasters to Come

    12/05/2015 3:53:10 AM PST · 8 of 25
    Ben Ficklin to goldstategop; Cincinatus' Wife
    "If only we could stop breathing"

    You are entitled to make such statements, but it makes you look like an ignorant old fool, and re-enforces the Free Republic stereotype.

    OTOH, if you want to build and operate a new power plant, and emit 100,000 tons per year of CO2, you will be regulated.

    The best available control technology for such a situation is natural gas, which is why the majority of new electrical generating capacity in the US is natural gas fired, with wind being a distant second and coal a distant third, unless you live in Texas.

    Wind and Solar now leading Texas in Power Growth

  • Russia fuming as Nato expands military alliance with invitation to ex-Soviet ally

    12/02/2015 6:09:36 AM PST · 18 of 59
    Ben Ficklin to dp0622; Berlin_Freeper; Lowell1775; silverleaf
    "Why do we keep poking Russia"

    Because that has been US policy since 1992 and the Wolfowitz Doctrine. Paul Wolfowitz was the policy undersecretary and his deputy was Scooter Libby working under Cheney as SecDef in the GHW Bush years. All of those people who worked for Cheney would have key jobs in the GW Bush years. Wolfowitz would be deputy SecDef and Libby would be Cheney's chief of staff.

    Clinton would use the Wolfowitz Doctrine in the Balkans and GW Bush would use it in Iraq, and it would be called the Bush Doctrine.

    Notice the parts on Russia/Soviet Union.

    Wiki Page on Wolfowitz Doctrine

    The other part of this was/is the funding Civil Society NGOs which had begun in the 1970s when Carter funded the political opposition in Kabul which led to the Soviet invasion.

    In the early 90s US AID and US NGOs in the US began funding the Civil Society NGOs in eastern Europe, Georgia, Montenegro, and the Ukraine that generated the democratic revolutions. The Maiden revolution in Ukraine was the second Orange revolution. This revolution is still underway with the recent bombing of the powerlines that cut off power to Crimea, which was probably done by the Turkish Tatars in Crimea and followed up by Turkey shooting down Putin's jet.

    The Arab Spring was funded by the NGOs as was the political opposition in Moscow. McCain sent the tweet to Putin that the Arab Spring was coming to Russia. Putin cut off all the US AID funds flowing into Russia and threw Pussy Riot in jail in an attempt put down his political opposition. They are close to shutting down the several US NGOs operating in Russia including the Open Society Foundation which is partially funded by George Soros, who played a very big part in the Ukraine Orange revolution.

    The US has and will continue to promote democratic and capital market reforms around the world.