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  • Path to certain failure: NeverTrump + NeverCruz = NeverWin = LostSCOTUS = LostFreedom = LostNation

    04/13/2016 7:42:49 PM PDT · 328 of 514
    Big E to MaxistheBest

    Trump is a successful businessman. So is Michael Bloomberg, but I wouldn’t want him for President. My point is, I don’t believe Donald Trump’s illegal immigration rhetoric. I simply don’t think he’s serious. But, that’s me.

  • Path to certain failure: NeverTrump + NeverCruz = NeverWin = LostSCOTUS = LostFreedom = LostNation

    04/13/2016 7:08:30 PM PDT · 320 of 514
    Big E to CottonBall

    Not honest? How so?

  • Path to certain failure: NeverTrump + NeverCruz = NeverWin = LostSCOTUS = LostFreedom = LostNation

    04/13/2016 7:03:06 PM PDT · 317 of 514
    Big E to MaxistheBest
    Well, you've got me there, I haven't read Trump's books. Even if he did write about it, what else has he done? Cruz voted against the Gang of 8 bill. He's been beaten from pillar to post during the campaign because of what he said while debating the bill, offering poison pill amendments, and what not. Where was Trump when all that was going on? If illegal immigration is your issue, and you believe Trump, then he's probably your guy. I'd rather have the guy who's going to cut government and repeal Obamacare.
  • Path to certain failure: NeverTrump + NeverCruz = NeverWin = LostSCOTUS = LostFreedom = LostNation

    04/13/2016 6:47:43 PM PDT · 304 of 514
    Big E to Tammy8

    I don’t know much about Mormons. I think Cruz would have won Utah no matter what, because it was such a large margin. I hate illegal immigration, but it’s not my primary issue. It’s probably in the top 3. I’m concerned about the debt and the never-ending growth of government. Cruz has been good enough on illegal immigration for me. He’s been consistent on the need to cut the size of government. I’ve heard enough from Trump to think he’ll do nothing on that front. Just run the government better, but not cut it.

    To me, if Trump was a true crusader on illegal immigration, why haven’t we heard anything from him prior to him running for President? If Trump wins the Presidency, I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think he’s going to do jack to the illegal immigrants.

  • Path to certain failure: NeverTrump + NeverCruz = NeverWin = LostSCOTUS = LostFreedom = LostNation

    04/13/2016 6:28:13 PM PDT · 286 of 514
    Big E to Tammy8

    I’m just curious. What caused you to change your mind about Cruz?

  • Path to certain failure: NeverTrump + NeverCruz = NeverWin = LostSCOTUS = LostFreedom = LostNation

    04/13/2016 6:26:54 PM PDT · 283 of 514
    Big E to CottonBall

    That’s fine, you’re entitled to your opinion. If Cruz was pro-illegal immigration, he would have voted for the Gang of 8 bill.

  • Path to certain failure: NeverTrump + NeverCruz = NeverWin = LostSCOTUS = LostFreedom = LostNation

    04/13/2016 6:21:35 PM PDT · 273 of 514
    Big E to Vigilanteman; MaxFlint; CottonBall

    I don’t think Trump and Cruz are teaming up in any way, shape, or form. If Trump wins, Cruz will politely shake his hand, but that’s about it. If Cruz wins, you probably won’t even get that out of Trump. I don’t see how Trump would make Cruz his VP, especially after he’s declared he’s basically ineligible to be President. Plus, Trump’s declared Cruz is a liar, so is he really going to make a ‘liar’ part of his team?

  • Path to certain failure: NeverTrump + NeverCruz = NeverWin = LostSCOTUS = LostFreedom = LostNation

    04/13/2016 5:06:25 PM PDT · 198 of 514
    Big E to Tammy8

    You might be right about scorched earth if Cruz wins. In 1952, Eisenhower had less delegates than Robert Taft at the convention, but the convention nominated Eisenhower. I’m sure the Taft people weren’t happy about it, but I don’t think they refused to support Eisenhower.

    This year, I think the chances of Trump supporting Cruz if Cruz wins are zero. But why should I support Trump? About the only thing I agree him on is... well, nothing. I don’t believe him for a second on illegal immigration.

  • Path to certain failure: NeverTrump + NeverCruz = NeverWin = LostSCOTUS = LostFreedom = LostNation

    04/13/2016 4:59:19 PM PDT · 194 of 514
    Big E to Uncle Miltie

    “And the answer is some agreement by Trump to Cruz for actions on behalf of conservatism. Some Supreme Court picks, pre-announced, for example.”

    I like that. If Trump ends up the nominee, I’m going to have to think long and hard about whether to pull the Trump lever in November. If Trump pre-announced the Scalia replacement prior to the election, then I would feel much better about voting for him.

  • Path to certain failure: NeverTrump + NeverCruz = NeverWin = LostSCOTUS = LostFreedom = LostNation

    04/13/2016 4:19:00 PM PDT · 160 of 514
    Big E to Tammy8

    I agree; Cruz will not get 1,237 before the convention. I disagree that he needs to. Months ago, I told myself the polls were lying. There couldn’t be this many GOP voters supporting Trump. I have accepted the polls are not lying. However, it’s these same polls which consistently say Cruz would outperform Trump in the general election. So, I disagree that Cruz can’t win in November, but Trump can. If Trump can, so can Cruz.

  • Path to certain failure: NeverTrump + NeverCruz = NeverWin = LostSCOTUS = LostFreedom = LostNation

    04/13/2016 3:52:41 PM PDT · 134 of 514
    Big E to Jim Robinson

    If there was only a small difference between Trump and Cruz, I could see the argument for Cruz uniting behind Trump. But there’s a big difference between the two. Cruz wants smaller government. Trump just wants to run it, and make it great. Trump criticized Scott Walker for cutting spending. That wasn’t years ago in some off-hand remark to Howard Stern, that was 3 weeks ago. You’re not going to get smaller government with Donald Trump.

    I hate illegal immigration. If I thought for a second Trump would actually start deporting all the illegals leeching off the system, maybe I’d consider him. I don’t believe him. I actually trust Cruz more. At least he voted against the Gang of 8 bill.

    The last betting market odds I saw had Cruz and Trump with about equal chances to get the nomination. The bookmakers almost always have it right, and I think they have it right this time. Cruz or Trump could be the nominee.

  • Path to certain failure: NeverTrump + NeverCruz = NeverWin = LostSCOTUS = LostFreedom = LostNation

    04/13/2016 3:36:45 PM PDT · 108 of 514
    Big E to Jim Robinson

    I disagree with your premise: that Cruz cannot get a majority of delegates on a 2nd or subsequent ballot. Cruz has been working these delegates for some time now. Plus, these delegates are not some monolithic entity, taking marching orders from some dark Lord of the Establishment. My county commissioner is running for delegate here in PA. He’s been in office for a number of years. He’s always held the line on taxes, and been a solid conservative. I completely believe he would vote for Cruz. I think the delegates will be, on the whole, slightly more conservative than your run-of-the-mill GOP primary voter. Cruz definitely has a good chance to get 1,237 votes at the convention.

  • Ryan Broadens Path for Cruz By Dampening GOP Nomination Chatter

    04/12/2016 9:10:50 PM PDT · 10 of 25
    Big E to 2ndDivisionVet

    I think the Establishment has already cut a deal with one of the remaining 3 candidates, namely Trump. That’s why Kasich is still in. He’s in to keep Cruz from catching Trump. Trump will either get the 1,237 on his own, or he’ll get there in Cleveland with Kasich and the Establishment’s help. To me, this statement from Ryan, an Establishment spokesman, just backs up my theory.

  • Trump Just Attacked Scott Walker For Being Too Conservative

    03/31/2016 3:03:16 PM PDT · 44 of 161
    Big E to DrewsDad

    I heard him say this in a radio interview. This is the major reason I do not support Trump. I think he’s a liberal. When he says things like this, it just confirms my opinion. Government is way too big, and I already pay way too much in taxes. Government always runs a deficit; it’s what government does. And Trump’s solution to fill the hole is to raise taxes even further? Hell no! The solution is to cut! Cut everywhere!

  • Question for discussion - Should Cruz Drop Out?

    03/16/2016 1:17:03 PM PDT · 115 of 208
    Big E to ifinnegan

    I don’t want to see Cruz drop out. From my way of thinking, of the remaining candidates, Cruz is far and away the best one remaining. Pennsylvania votes in 5 weeks. This will be the first time in my life I will have a chance to cast a vote for a candidate I believe in, who has a chance, albeit small, to win.

    I don’t think it matters, though, because Trump has it locked up. Short, not short, doesn’t matter. The GOP will consolidate around him at the convention. This contested/brokered convention stuff is nonsense. The GOP has already made their choice, and it’s Trump. I make this judgment based on Kasich, one of their agents. If they wanted to get rid of Trump, they’d force Kasich out, and let Cruz go for it, one-on-one. They don’t want that, because then Trump could win it by himself, or worse yet, CRUZ could win it, and that’s the absolute last thing the elites want.

    So, they keep Kasich in. That freezes out Cruz, and gives them leverage at the convention. They won’t drop in Paul Ryan, as that would jeopardize the GOP majority, and all their cushy committee chairmanships. They’ll cut a deal with Trump (behind the scenes no doubt), come on stage, hug, and away we go with Donald Trump as the nominee.

  • Is Donald Trump Creating a Mafia-Like Culture of Thug-followers?

    03/14/2016 8:59:51 PM PDT · 137 of 210
    Big E to Wpin

    I’d like to debate the merits of Cruz and Trump, but I have an early morning. I’ll leave you with this. If Trump wins the election, I sincerely hope you are right about him, and I am wrong. Good night.

  • Is Donald Trump Creating a Mafia-Like Culture of Thug-followers?

    03/14/2016 8:37:57 PM PDT · 119 of 210
    Big E to Sasparilla

    Oh, I agree. The Left will attack Cruz, if and when they perceive him as a threat. I thought the article was talking about Trump people being thugs. I don’t think the Trump people are thugs, but I think the Trump-Cruz rhetoric is getting way overheated right now. Some of us are going to have to work together in a few months to beat Hillary. That’s going to tough if we all hate each other.

  • Is Donald Trump Creating a Mafia-Like Culture of Thug-followers?

    03/14/2016 8:29:11 PM PDT · 107 of 210
    Big E to Wpin

    “we don’t need cowards or fools”.

    I’m neither, but I don’t support Trump. You say you don’t need me; you will in the general election. Just like Cruz and I will need you if he’s lucky enough to win the nomination. If I thought for a second that Trump was going to do anything about illegal immigration and the size of government, I might support him over Cruz. I don’t believe Trump, though. Not for a second. Just my opinion. You do believe Trump, and you’re entitled to your opinion. Our difference in opinion doesn’t make you or me a coward or a fool.

  • Is Donald Trump Creating a Mafia-Like Culture of Thug-followers?

    03/14/2016 8:14:49 PM PDT · 73 of 210
    Big E to Tolerance Sucks Rocks

    I support Cruz. I know it’s a longshot for him to win the nomination, but I still hold out hope. If he does win, he’s going to need a good share to the Trump voters to beat Hillary. I think it’s stupid to call them thugs, and then hope they vote for Cruz.

  • Here’s Why Several Journalists Got Caught in the Michelle Fields Media Hoax

    03/14/2016 7:31:26 PM PDT · 54 of 57
    Big E to JewishRighter

    “Trump good. Everyone one else, slime.”

    Hahaha. That’s a good one. I support Cruz. I still come here occasionally because I recognize Cruz likely will not be the nominee; Trump will. Just a matter of math. I am looking for a reason to vote for Trump in the general election. This place is Trump Central, so I figure if I want to get the Trump version of things, FR is the place. I sure don’t agree with the Trump version of this story, though.

  • Death of a salesman: If Trump becomes Prez, his supporters will soon experience epic disillusionment

    02/28/2016 4:15:10 PM PST · 108 of 271
    Big E to House Atreides

    ‘My biggest fear is that his (well meaning) supporters will regret “what could have been”.’

    That’s not going to happen. The Trump supporters are not in for a penny, they’re in for a pound. Trump cited a poll saying 2/3’s of them would stick with him no matter what. I believe that poll 100%. When he starts cutting deals and chopping away at the Constitution, they’ll just shrug and say, ‘well, we need to get things done’. I figure he’s probably got at least 15% of the general population in his pocket, and they’re not going anywhere. No matter what.

  • Former CIA Chief Says Military Could Defy Donald Trump's Orders

    02/27/2016 7:22:27 PM PST · 18 of 145
    Big E to TigerLikesRooster

    Hahahahahaha! Now that’s funny. Career military men are going to defy the most powerful man in the world? No, they are not. This falls along the same lines of this supposed mass walk-out by the FBI, if there’s not a Hillary indictment. No way career government employees are going to put their jobs and families at stake over politics.

  • (Vanity) What if Romney DOES get in..? How would you react..?

    02/27/2016 7:04:14 PM PST · 38 of 127
    Big E to Pearls Before Swine

    “can’t anyone’s name be placed in nomination?”

    That’s a good question, and I don’t know the answer. I think you’re right, after the first ballot, the GOP makes the rules, and if it suits them, there are no rules. They can’t win, though. Even if they put a Romney, Rubio, or even Cruz in there, Trump will go 3rd party. It’s possible, but unlikely, Trump could win it all as a 3rd party candidate. There’s no way the GOP candidate will win with both Trump and Hillary against them.

  • Political Prediction Market: Donald Trump's odds at capturing GOP nomination at 68%

    02/27/2016 6:40:17 PM PST · 13 of 43
    Big E to GilGil

    I don’t know if Trump will be the GOP nominee. He very likely will be. If he isn’t the nominee, he will run 3rd party. The only way he doesn’t win the nomination is if he ends up head-to-head with Rubio or Cruz and very soon. And then he still probably wins going away. If he somehow ends up short of the delegates, and loses in a brokered convention, he’ll go 3rd party. One way or the other, Trump will be on the ballot in November.

  • 10 VP Picks Donald Trump Is Likely to Consider

    02/25/2016 3:55:31 PM PST · 64 of 82
    Big E to Popman

    Yeah, I agree with you on Palin and Carson. Still, I doubt I’d be more inclined to vote for Trump, no matter who is his VP. I like Cruz. If it’s a Trump-Cruz ticket, it doesn’t move me closer to voting for Trump. I’m more interested in the Supreme Court nominee. Although I doubt I’ll get it, I would like the nominee announced in advance of the election. I see no reason why he couldn’t do that.

  • 10 VP Picks Donald Trump Is Likely to Consider

    02/25/2016 3:38:36 PM PST · 59 of 82
    Big E to Popman

    I’m just curious. Who in your opinion would be the wrong VP pick, and show he’s not serious?

  • How President Trump would govern

    02/25/2016 2:03:29 PM PST · 29 of 34
    Big E to tacticalogic

    Ha. It doesn’t matter if he actually does the things he promises. He only needs us to believe he’s doing them.

  • 10 VP Picks Donald Trump Is Likely to Consider

    02/25/2016 1:53:18 PM PST · 12 of 82
    Big E to TangledUpInBlue

    I could care less who Trump selects as his VP. I want to know who he is going to select to fill Scalia’s spot.

  • How President Trump would govern

    02/25/2016 1:47:36 PM PST · 22 of 34
    Big E to Citizen Zed

    Yeah, I see it the same way this article sees it. Trump will do whatever he thinks will keep him popular. That might be marginally better than Hillary Clinton. We might get some border security. Certainly not a Wall, not by our definition. To me, a Wall would be complete security on the southern border, where no one can come in who isn’t supposed to come in. I think there’s zero chance Trump does that. I suspect we’ll get a partial Wall, and be told it’s the greatest Wall ever. Maybe. It will probably be better than nothing.

    Of course, Trump may also gravitate to other ‘popular’ ideas. I suspect we will get some kind of millionaire’s tax, which I can’t imagine will help the economy. Probably some kind of tariffs, probably unevenly applied to whoever has pissed off Trump this week. What if Trump decides gun registration is popular? I’ve seen polls saying that it is. Maybe that’s how he gets votes in Congress for his partial Wall. I highly doubt we’ll have any kind of budgetary restraint. That’s not popular. Spend it, and worry about the consequences later.

  • Donald Trump Floats Idea of a Third-Party Run Again

    02/15/2016 1:06:01 PM PST · 74 of 220
    Big E to justlittleoleme

    I hate illegal immigration. I also hate the big banks. If I thought Donald Trump would do anything about either, I might vote for him. I have concluded he will not. He donated to Democrats repeatedly. His answer is, ‘I had to in order to run my business’. That’s fine, although that means he put his interests above our interests. Now, he runs for President, and he tells us, ‘trust me, it’s not like that anymore, I have your best interests at heart’. Really? Or is he just telling us what we want to hear? Or did he donate to those Democrats because he really is a Democrat? Either way, he’s not someone I trust to limit government. At all.

  • 3 Questions for Freepers-especially the "old timers"

    02/07/2016 5:22:37 PM PST · 103 of 230
    Big E to icwhatudo

    1. Cruz. Haven’t decided who to support between Trump and Rubio, if that’s my choice.

    2. This is the worst primary season I have seen.

    3. Debt (and as part of that, strangling taxes and regulations), Obamacare, illegal immigration, don’t care about the rest.

  • Graham: Cruz worse than Obama

    02/05/2016 2:15:41 PM PST · 32 of 73
    Big E to 2ndDivisionVet

    I can’t think of any bigger endorsement of Cruz, and to a lesser extent, Trump, than the hatred of Lindsey Graham.

  • Rand Paul suspends presidential campaign

    02/03/2016 8:26:08 AM PST · 43 of 43
    Big E to WhiskeyX

    When this began, Paul was my number one candidate. Cruz was a close second. I gave Paul the edge over Cruz because of Cruz’s vote on the TPP, which I oppose. However, as time went on, it became clear Paul had no chance. He could gain no traction in the debates. He had no money. He compromised a few times with the Establishment, such as endorsing McConnell. It lost him Ron Paul voters, and gained him nothing. In a huge field of candidates, Paul was just never able to stand out, especially when Trump garners all the media attention.

    I gravitated to Cruz some time ago. I suspect at least some of the remaining Paul voters will go to Cruz. Rubio, Trump, and the Establishment guys favor more NSA data collection, so that’s a non-starter with Paul voters. I do think it’s interesting that Paul would drop out now, before NH.

  • Free Republic Caucus 2016 01/23

    01/23/2016 2:46:46 PM PST · 344 of 424
    Big E to DoughtyOne

    Vote Cruz

  • Free Republic Caucus 2016 01/21

    01/22/2016 7:12:17 PM PST · 354 of 362
    Big E to DoughtyOne

    Vote Cruz

  • Ted Cruz's Former Roommate Calls Him an 'A**hole' in Epic Two-Day Twitter Rant

    01/21/2016 5:22:45 AM PST · 58 of 90
    Big E to a fool in paradise

    I also like twitter. I agree that re-posts of news articles, or your expression of grief that David Bowie died are not useful. However, first-hand posts of facts without the filter of a news article are great. This guy is a witness to Ted Cruz’s college freshman behavior, and he’s reporting the events as he saw them many years ago. That’s interesting to me. It gives me insight into whether or not I want to vote for Cruz. There is no filter; it’s up to me to determine whether what he is saying is credible or not.

    I read through this guy Mazin’s twitter feed. There are no specifics about why Ted Cruz is an a**hole. He says Cruz used the snooze button a lot, which I guess could be annoying. Other than that, nothing, other than just repeating over and over again what a jerk Cruz is. Was he cruel? Was he violent? Did he lie? Did he cheat? None of that. I suspect the real jerk is Mazin, who obviously has an opposite worldview compared to Cruz. I imagine Princeton probably had a 10-1 liberal to conservative ratio, and no doubt Ted Cruz was not shy about speaking his mind. No wonder they didn’t like him.

    Something else I learned in the Twitter feed. There’s a link to someone from Cruz’s high school, who posted something out of Cruz’s high school yearbook. Apparently, he wanted to be President as far back as high school, and he was part of some kind of Constitutional club in high school. After reading this, I have concluded I like Cruz even more than I did before.

  • Explaining Trump is Easy

    01/20/2016 9:38:39 PM PST · 55 of 67

    Maybe, but that’s not what I hear from him. I don’t hear him talking repeatedly about slashing spending. I hear the Wall, making better trade deals, and making America great. Slashing spending? Not so much.

  • Explaining Trump is Easy

    01/20/2016 8:40:40 PM PST · 22 of 67
    Big E to Williams

    This is one my biggest issues with Trump. When I hear him speak, I hear, “Government is broken. Bureaucrats are stupid. Politicians are stupid. I’m smart. I will get smart people, and run it better”. I don’t want it run better. I want it cut, and not with a knife, with a chainsaw! I don’t think Trump intends to cut anything out of the Federal budget. I think Cruz is much more likely to cut the budget.

  • Free Republic Caucus 2016 01/20

    01/20/2016 3:52:15 AM PST · 199 of 477
    Big E to DoughtyOne

    Vote Cruz

  • If Trump doesn't win will you vote for Cruz? If Cruz doesn't win will you vote for Trump?

    01/19/2016 5:28:49 PM PST · 152 of 432
    Big E to free_life

    I support Cruz. Would I vote for Trump, should he win the nomination? If he sticks to his current positions, yes. If he moves to the left, probably not.


    06/11/2015 10:54:16 AM PDT · 83 of 138
    Big E to Norseman

    I disagree. I think the outrage is warranted. This process they are voting on is to lower the bar on passing this secret trade agreement. Why? What is in this trade agreement, which deserves the bar to be lowered? Why shouldn’t it go through the normal process? Perhaps this is a completely legitimate trade deal, and all U.S. citizens will benefit, but keeping it secret leads me to believe it is not. I have yet to hear a compelling argument as to why this needs to be kept from the public.

  • USA must lead on trade: Congress should pass Trade Promotion Authority(TPA) & advance free markets

    06/10/2015 9:07:00 PM PDT · 64 of 74
    Big E to 2ndDivisionVet

    I have read the Congressman’s op-ed. I also just read the Cruz/Ryan op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. My opinion? It’s all crap. This bill is SECRET. What else do you need to know? Their argument is basically a whole bunch of double-talk, which comes down to: “trust us, we’ll make things better”. Do you trust them? I do not, and that includes Cruz. If this is such a great deal, why is it not public? I did not see that in either op-ed. I think that speaks for itself.

  • Are There Any Freeper Truck Drivers Out There? (Vanity)

    05/31/2015 5:53:05 PM PDT · 17 of 53
    Big E to Vigilanteman
    I am in the trucking industry. I am not a driver, but I work with trucking companies, and truck drivers. It is a tough job. You may make $60k, or even more, but that's not a 40 hour work week. It's more like a 60 or 70 hour work week. Over the road drivers probably get paid a little more than local drivers, but then they're home maybe once every 2-3 weeks.

    The upside is there is definitely a truck somewhere with your name on it. If you have a CDL, even if you have no experience, if you demonstrate you can drive without hitting anything, and if you can even remotely show up on time, you've got a job. Every carrier I know has 10 trucks sitting against the fence, empty. Drivers are impossible to get, which probably means that pay will at some point go even higher.

    Send me a private FReepmail if you want more details. Good luck!

  • 'Disgusting' ads turning off York County voters

    03/17/2014 6:07:53 AM PDT · 21 of 36
    Big E to lightman
    I respect your opinion. Personally, I don't know Todd Platts from Adam, and he may very well be a fine human being. For me, though, I am not supporting any more Republicans who vote for more government. My taxes (Federal, State, local, sales, property, etc, etc, etc) are half my income. I don't think that's fair, to put it mildly.

    Wagner's opponent Ron Miller is just more of the same, more government. The GOP in Harrisburg, just voted to increase our gas taxes, led by our GOP governor. $2.4 billion to be paid for through more gas taxes. Miller enthusiastically voted to raise taxes, saying the increased spending on roads will create jobs. It's pretty much the exact same nonsense argument Obama uses every time he wants to spend more infrastructure money. It's just another tax increase, done by the GOP who is supposed to be against taxes.

    You have issues with Wagner, and that's fine. Myself, I will not embrace taxing and spending Republicans anymore.

  • 'Disgusting' ads turning off York County voters

    03/17/2014 5:26:03 AM PDT · 11 of 36
    Big E to lightman
    I have been watching this race from Berks County, as it represents the real battle going on right now. The big government GOP establishment vs. the Tea Party. In this race, Scott Wagner represents the Tea Party. I don't know about Wagner flashing his money at Todd Platts. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. I know Todd Platts was a RINO of the first order, and I applaud Scott Wagner for bankrolling a primary run against him in 2010.

    The GOP-E is throwing around the word “millionaire” as if it's some kind of bad thing. As far as I know, those garbage trucks didn't appear out of thin air. Wagner worked for them, and worked to earn his millions. I respect that. I don't know why the GOP-E does not.

    Wagner will face Ron Miller (GOP-E candidate) for the State Senate seat in a special election tomorrow. Miller will win, as Wagner is a write-in candidate. However, they will face off again in the primary, where Wagner has an excellent chance of winning. If he wins the primary, he will almost certainly win in November, as this is a red Senate district. If I were in that district, I would enthusiastically support Scott Wagner.

  • Toomey: 'I think Gov. Romney's going to carry Pennsylvania'

    11/05/2012 4:02:23 PM PST · 28 of 54
    Big E to Anti-Hillary

    I think Toomey is right. While it is true that some of the SE PA counties are getting bluer, like Chester and Berks counties, the central and particularly the western parts of the State are getting redder. Much redder. In 2004, Kerry beat Bush 57-42 in Allegheny county (Pittsburgh). In 2008, when Obama swamped McCain everywhere, he beat him in Allegheny county 57-42. In fact, in some SW PA counties, McCain actually outperformed Bush. The only thing I can think of is not that they like John McCain, but that those counties are trending more heavily GOP. Or, it could be that PA basically hates Obama. Hillary easily beat him in the 2008 primaries, and he underperformed in the 2008 general election compared to other places in the country.

    This time around, Romney should be able to pile up huge vote margins in central and western PA to offset Philadelphia. SW PA is similar to West Virginia, and they hate Obama in West Virginia. I am upping my chances for a Romney victory in PA to 60%. Hope I’m not wrong.

  • Pennsylvania (positive signs)

    11/04/2012 8:56:02 PM PST · 34 of 44
    Big E to shoedog

    Well, as Rocco said in the Godfather 2: “Difficult. Not impossible.” Bush was the incumbent, the GOP turned out about as many voters as they possibly could in 2004, and he still lost by 2 points. Toomey, in a GOP wave year (2010) managed to only win by 2 points.

    Now that being said, some points in Romney’s favor. His moderate, touchy-feely nonsense will probably play better than either Bush or Toomey, so I would expect him to outperform them by a few points. Romney should do well in the Philly suburbs, which are voter-rich. Romney needs to beat Obama there to offset the massive lead Obama will pile up in Philadelphia. There are not enough votes in the rest of the state to offset the 400,000 - 450,000 vote hole Romney will be in if he can’t win Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, and Chester counties.

    A few more plus Romney points. I am gradually seeing a few more Romney signs. I think people are becoming more interested in voting for Romney, than against Obama. I myself will now happily vote for Romney, whereas at one point I said I would not vote for him. Also, Romney is blowing Obama right off the air. Since Romney made a play for PA, his ads outnumber Obama’s 3-1. That should help.

    If the independents significantly break for Romney, he will probably take the state. I would give him about a 40% chance of carrying PA. One last thought. Ed Rendell knows more about PA politics than anyone. He also will let the mask slip occasionally and tell you what he really thinks. He said Romney will outperform Tom Smith by a few points, presumably because Romney is more moderate. Smith is supposed to be within a point or two of Bob Casey, so Romney may actually be tied or ahead. I still give him a 40% chance.

  • Breaking: Romney ahead of Obama in Pennsylvania by Four

    11/02/2012 8:46:30 PM PDT · 127 of 301
    Big E to 11th_VA

    I had this premonition this morning. Tuesday night, the Obama networks will gleefully call Ohio for Obama around 10pm. And they’ll all dance around the May Pole, or whatever gleeful statists do. “But Pennsylvania is still too close to call!”, they’ll say. And then they will recite all the facts we know by heart... GOP never wins PA, it’s fool’s gold, it’s in the bag, what will Michelle wear to the inauguration?

    At 2am, they will admit, what they never thought possible... Romney wins the election, and PA puts him over the top.

  • Casey and Smith to Debate in Pa. Senate Race

    10/14/2012 8:03:53 AM PDT · 11 of 26
    Big E to sitetest

    Too bad no one will see it. Both the Eagles and Steelers play at 1pm.

  • Casey and Smith to Debate in Pa. Senate Race

    10/14/2012 8:03:33 AM PDT · 10 of 26
    Big E to sitetest

    Too bad no one will see it. Both the Eagles and Steelers play at 1pm.