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  • The Edwards Love-Child Old Media Doesn't Want You to See (Photos)

    08/06/2008 9:00:38 AM PDT · 21 of 142
    bigred41 to ari-freedom

    “why is everyone so interested in these trashy stories from trashy magazines?”

    I don’t know. This isn’t a story- —yet. It may never be. Besides, whenever my husband visits a friend with a baby he holds it- does that make him the baby’s father? So far, this doesn’t pass the smell test.
    The NE may have been right sometimes- but they are wrong more often than not ( Bushes divorcing- W back on the bottle- the condi affair) just remember that. You can’t believe them when it fits your political views and think they lie when they go after your own.

  • LA Times slams the door shut on blogging on Edwards.

    07/25/2008 9:29:49 AM PDT · 2 of 11
    bigred41 to urroner

    Since the NE has also had covers stating that George Bush was back drinking again, a few covers about Laura Bush leaving him and/or divorcing him, and one that had Laura scratching his face, etc....- I don’t think that we should put to much hope that the story about Edwards is true. The NE isn’t trustworthy.

    Again, if they really had followed Edwards to the hotel and stayed for “hours” in order to get a scoop, they would have a picture of the incident. They don’t. Sorry, doesn’t pass the smell test for me....

  • Obama's Missing Thesis

    07/25/2008 9:00:54 AM PDT · 13 of 23
    bigred41 to Stephanie32
    This really doesn't bother me at all- I don't have my thesis anymore either. It's not uncommon to get rid of them. Some friends of mine were joking about everything we had ditched after college. Papers, books, pictures etc... we didn't keep anything. It's just clutter the minute you graduate.
  • What John Edwards Scandal? (Dinosaur Media DeathWatch™)

    07/24/2008 7:34:50 AM PDT · 52 of 67
    bigred41 to SlapHappyPappy
    “There is a lot more evidence to this story than to what Woodward and Bernstein used.”

    I don't believe this story- yet. I don't believe that the NE would follow Edwards, wait for him until the early morning, but NOT have a camera ready. They ALWAYS have a camera with them. Show me some proof- not just a NE “reporter” saying that's what happened, right now it just smacks of gossip.

  • US appeals court overturns CBS Janet Jackson case

    07/21/2008 7:39:40 AM PDT · 6 of 40
    bigred41 to gracesdad
    GOOD! It wasn't even a “flash” it was so short- and if you looked at the incident in slow motion you see nothing- she had a HUGE nipple ring ( a spider?) covering everything. The news “outrage” was silly and the fine was just stupid. Over reacting at it's finest.
  • New baggy pants law in Chicago suburb: Can't show more than 3 inches of underwear in public

    07/21/2008 7:28:37 AM PDT · 10 of 32
    bigred41 to Blueflag

    It’s a ugly look to be sure- but we should all be concerned that the government there is passing laws in regards to what people can wear. There is no nudity issue here- these boys and men are showing underwear. Bad taste cannot be fixed by a law.

  • Seattle to proposed Styrofoam ban and 20-cent fee for paper or plastic bags

    07/08/2008 7:51:48 AM PDT · 66 of 79
    bigred41 to madison10
    I use cloth bags- I have 5 and they will hold a giant grocery cart of food for my family. One of the bags is only used for meats to limit contamination. It's the best thing that I have done- instead of 10 or 12 crappy plastic bags that were hard to carry and broke or ripped when you looked at them- I have 5 strong usable bags that are easy to carry. The cashiers love them too-they are easier than the plastics to load
  • Study: Military Gays Don't Undermine Unit Cohesion (MEGA-BARF ALERT)

    07/08/2008 7:33:26 AM PDT · 75 of 239
    bigred41 to cammie
    “It may not be a legit study, but I work with college students — so people of military age — and they are exceedingly unfazed by people’s sexual orientation, so I would tend to agree with the results of the study.”

    I have to agree too- sexual orientation just isn't a big deal for the under 30 set much anymore. Not with the kids I work with and not with 2 of my best friends in the world- 20 year vets (1 Army, 1 Navy) told me last year that they had gays serving with them, everyone knew it, and no one seemed to care. Someone even tried to say they were gay to get out of going to Iraq and the CO told them it that wasn't enough to get thrown out anymore....
    Times are changing I think.....

  • An Open Letter to Obama and Campaign

    07/07/2008 10:21:40 AM PDT · 17 of 29
    bigred41 to Grampa Dave
    This story has no legs for good reason. You can beat that dead horse all you want- but it isn't going to get up and gallop into the sunset ( or the news cycle). There are a lot of reasons not to vote for Obama. A lot of good, valid reasons. This isn't one of them. This and the Larry Sinclair stuff won't get traction- it's conspiracy theory stuff- not fact. It makes us look silly. It gives them ammunition against us.

    We should keep the focus on important, true and real issues. Gas prices, taxes, oil supplies, the war, the supreme court. These are all important, real and true issues- and these are what people are going to vote for.

  • As supermarket prices spiral Brown tells families: 'Stop wasting food' (UK Nanny State)

    07/07/2008 9:47:18 AM PDT · 8 of 84
    bigred41 to do the dhue

    sorry, but he’s right. People should plan their meals so that there is less waste. No one wants to throw food away because it’s just like throwing money away. This isn’t a law- it’s just good common sense- even if it did come out a loon.

    I plan my meals for the week- clean my fridge every week too- check dates- use leftovers in a day or two- when they are still safe and good to eat. I want my money to be used wisely- and I want to teach my kids not to waste.

  • An Open Letter to Obama and Campaign

    07/07/2008 9:42:12 AM PDT · 12 of 29
    bigred41 to ANGGAPO

    This is a non story. He was born in Hawaii. He is an American citizen. It doesn’t matter if his parents weren’t married or if his mother was young. Born in Hawaii is the important piece of this puzzle. (Every document posted on the internet should be considered a fraud as far as I am concerned).

    What WILL be picked up by the media is why McCain hasn’t filled out a W-2G form with the IRS. He plays craps- big money craps from reports that are coming out- and he would have needed to fill out that form. This will get play in the media- loud and long if true - not a non story about a birth certificate that MAY have a different name on it or show his parents to be un married.


    06/30/2008 9:09:25 AM PDT · 15 of 18
    bigred41 to Think free or die

    “Britain may begin experimenting with programs under which households would pay a “garbage bill,” similar to an electricity or water bill, according to how much garbage they throw out.”

    “Sounds like a great way to encourage trash dumping along roadsides and elsewhere.”

    Where I live we have to purchase special garbage bags from the garbage disposal company- where I used to live we also had this program- it’s called pay-per-throw in some places. We didn’t dump our trash on roadsides. You just recycle more and pay for the garbage you do throw out.

  • What are these weird things that I found under the dirt in my yard?

    05/29/2008 9:47:47 PM PDT · 19 of 62
    bigred41 to wideminded

    I have them too- when I smash them with a shovel I feel a lot better. I thought that they might be related to grubs.

  • CNN’s Carol Costello: Cindy McCain ‘Stepford Wife’

    05/22/2008 5:47:53 PM PDT · 39 of 121
    bigred41 to americanophile

    Ya, if only Mrs. McCain were a caustic, preachy, America-hating, b*tch like Michelle Obama, then we could support her!

    Don’t jump on that Mrs. McCain bandwagon to quick- she’s an ex drug addict who stole her drugs from a charity. She has a few skeletons in that big closet of hers that no one should want to open.

  • Obama tells Tenn.'s GOP: 'Lay off my wife' [Barf Alert]

    05/19/2008 9:50:48 AM PDT · 55 of 94
    bigred41 to proudtobeanamerican1
    “they should be careful because that I find unacceptable, the notion that you start attacking my wife or my family.”

    Is this a threat?”

    Probably- Cindy McCain had a drug problem, stole drugs from a charity, threatened the whistle blower and won't release her tax information. Don't think those won't come up.

  • California Supreme Court overturns gay marriage ban (4-3)

    05/15/2008 3:49:56 PM PDT · 149 of 172
    bigred41 to purpleraine

    “Could you give a brief summary of why this is destroying marriage. Ever since Mass. started this stuff, my marriage hasn’t been effected one bit and I don’t see how it ever will.”

    THANK YOU! this doesn’t affect my marriage or my family for that matter. I think what destroys marriage are things like Brittany Spears and her 24 hour marriage and the like. 2 gay people wanting to be together doesn’t affect me in the least.

  • 26 illegals nabbed in Upper Peninsula

    05/12/2008 9:33:03 PM PDT · 5 of 11
    bigred41 to Fast Moving Angel
    No, they were mexicans planting trees in the national forest for a sub contractor.
    A trooper made a traffic stop —there was a chase and when he finally caught the vehicle and had the occupants on the ground waiting for backup- he noticed that a lot of other hispanic males were out in front of the cabins they were near- then they all took off into the woods. Border patrol chased them down with helicopters and atv’s
  • Feds: College OK for illegal immigrants[North Carolina]

    05/12/2008 8:48:15 AM PDT · 26 of 37
    bigred41 to GOPJ
    My Mr. is an admissions recruiter for a public university. Not only does the school take illegals but they give them the same scholarships that legals get (merit based).This is Michigan. When I ask him why- he says they have to- AND that the university wants to for diversity reasons.
  • Help with dog allergies!

    05/06/2008 11:09:03 AM PDT · 4 of 34
    bigred41 to Michelle Chandler

    My little dog has allergies and my vet recommended fish oil capsules mixed in his food.

  • Texas court: State can take sect children to foster homes

    04/25/2008 8:02:13 AM PDT · 32 of 210
    bigred41 to jch10
    “I’m missing something here. Exactly why are the babies and toddlers being removed?

    I can understand removing those in dangerous situations but not the little ones. Wouldn’t it be better to leave them with their mothers until the case has been tried?”

    When the state comes in and removes a child due to possible neglect or abuse, they take ALL the children in the household, not just the possibly abused ones. That is standard operating procedure for any case, not just this one. It's just the scale of this is larger than seen before, and since the kids don't know their biological parents, and the adults won't tell, it gets even harder.

    Since they believe that the girls are groomed to be plural wives and have babies at a very young age, and that they abandon their boys, it is very important to take the young children BEFORE they are groomed and abused.
    These kind of compounds and cults are well known in that area of the country. I lived their for years. I am glad Texas is finally doing something about it.