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  • Yes, There Is a Coup On in America

    10/26/2016 6:38:12 AM PDT · 36 of 67
    Big Red Clay to DJ Taylor

    DJ Taylor,

    That is one of the best posts I have read on this site in the 16 years I have been lurking and posting.

    My big brother told me again recently of how he was treated at LaGuardia when he came home from Germany after getting out in 72 and your post reminded me of that. These scumbags have been traitors for for close to 50 years. They hold the levers of power in this country and they have to be stopped. This is the final phase of their coup. They gotta be stopped.

    And by the way, welcome home from me and thank you for protecting my freedom. I hold guys like you and my brother
    in the highest esteem. You and the generations of warriors before you are heroes to me. How the Vietnam vets and the military at that time were treated by the Marxist traitors is one of our counry’s greatest travesties.

  • What happened to video...

    10/22/2016 6:40:24 AM PDT · 14 of 36
    Big Red Clay to Hang'emAll

    That was an outstanding video. Thanks for posting it Friend. I intend to pass it along.

  • LIVE Final Debate in Las Vegas, NV--Live Thread

    10/19/2016 7:51:29 PM PDT · 2,418 of 3,142
    Big Red Clay to Freedom'sWorthIt

    Was Trump talking to Vince Neil from Motley Crue on the rope line thing? I rewound my dvr to look for big black flashlight man and saw a guy who, if it is not
    him, has to be Vince Neil’s twin brother. The timestamp on the Fox border says 739 pm pt when it is happening.
    This thing just gets weirder and weirder.

  • The likely leading causes of the NFL’s significant TV ratings decline

    10/13/2016 9:26:36 AM PDT · 39 of 43
    Big Red Clay to dfwgator

    That reminded me of a story. My wife’s assistant’s husband (who we hang out with on occasion) is/was a huge Bengals fan. I’m talking a fan that would travel to at least one Bengals road game every year from Omaha. Has loved them since he was a little kid. After the debacle from the playoff game last year he was so pissed that he swore off the Bengals and hasn’t watched them since. Got rid of all his gear and his kid’s gear as well. I was kidding him this spring that he would reconsider once the season rolled around. He hasn’t and says he won’t. I still can’t beleive it.

  • The likely leading causes of the NFL’s significant TV ratings decline

    10/13/2016 8:00:00 AM PDT · 11 of 43
    Big Red Clay to C19fan

    My offer of an alternate theory: Most of the games in the prime time spots have sucked. I watched MNF this week. I watched about a quarter and a half of the first half. It was a terrible game. It looked worse that those crappy FCS games they have on ESPN later in the season on Wednesday nights. I watched the kickoff Thursday night game btwn the Broncos and Carolina which was an outstanding game. I watched my Chiefs come back and win the following Sunday which was also a good game. Every game I have tried to watch since has been poor. Blowouts and bad play. Along with pissing off your core audience with the kneeling, closed fist stuff, no wonder their ratings are down.

  • In reversal, Sen. Fischer renews support for Trump

    10/11/2016 7:30:35 PM PDT · 50 of 57
    Big Red Clay to ameribbean expat

    Sorry Deb, the horse is out of the barn.

    I decided today, after hearing that the Republican nominee here in the first district of Nebraska had also crapped on Trump, that I would be voting only the top of the ticket. I was looking forward to getting rid of Brad Ashford but I decided that I will not be participating in this effort. This will be the first time since I went to vote for Reagan in 1984 (my first election) that I have not voted for a Republican for the House or Senate. I will not vote Democrat but I will not give my vote to a traitor.

    Screw you Don Bacon. Actions have consequences.

  • Survey: Millennials Believe Economy Is Failing Them

    10/06/2016 9:28:01 AM PDT · 35 of 60
    Big Red Clay to Brilliant

    I am hoping that if Trump wins and is somehow able to improve the economy that this will have a positive effect on the millenials as far as their political views. As a kid who saw what the 70’s were like (graduated HS in ‘82)opposed to what the 80’ were like and it’s effect on my political beliefs (along with my dad and some friends)I saw the stark contrast of everything sucking and everything being awesome in the 80s and that made me a Reagan conservative for life. Hope that wasnt too convoluted. Seeing it work first hand makes you a believer.

  • The 5 Most Influential Guitarists of the 20th Century

    09/29/2016 6:32:04 PM PDT · 22 of 175
    Big Red Clay to Brasky

    No EVH? Major miss there. Easily the most influential guitarist from the late 70’s going forward.

  • Class action against FEMA over nationwide arbitary flood zones (Vanity)

    09/20/2016 12:58:08 PM PDT · 37 of 37
    Big Red Clay to LambSlave

    He just said I was nuts for thinking about trying to take on the evil empire in court. He said kind of what someone else said upthread about the government having the deepest pockets on earth and all the time in the world. It is one of the things that has really peeved me about the Obama administration and all of the EOs. They do things that blatanly violate the constitution, yet it is up to the states, legal foundations or the individual to use their resources and time to fight back. Kind of shoots “of the people, by the people and for the people” right in the ass, doesn’t it?

    I was thinking about this after I posted and remembered that one of the local news stations had done a couple of stories about what happened. It actually affected a couple of other subdivisions besides mine so it got some traction. I called the reporterette and she tried to talk me into going on camera. I decided not to since I was about ready to put my house on the market and I didn’t want people to look at my house and say “oh this house belongs to the fat guy who is pissed at the government about flood insurance” and move along to the next listing.

  • Class action against FEMA over nationwide arbitary flood zones (Vanity)

    09/20/2016 9:10:48 AM PDT · 35 of 37
    Big Red Clay to LambSlave

    This happened to me as well. It was about 10 years ago. It was about 3 months before I was putting my house on the market so I had to get it done. I went and talked to the county surveyor and he said that the Feds arbitrarily decided to change their requirements but didn’t bother to actually go out and do a survey. They were unaware that the developer who had done my subdivision about 7 years previous had graded the entire area up several feet. I had to get the survey thing done at a cost of about $700 if I remember correctly so I could sell my house. All of my neighbors had to do the same and man were they pissed.

    Getting a letter from the Feds telling you that you need flood insurance right before you put your house on the market in a so-so market will definitely up the pucker factor by considerable measure. Reason number 1 million plus why I hate the federal government. I discussed suing them for the cost and the time and stress from their little move but my attorney buddy told me I was nuts.

  • Just felt an earthquake (7:05 C.S.T) - vanity

    09/03/2016 5:12:15 AM PDT · 14 of 92
    Big Red Clay to Robert A. Cook, PE

    I felt it too just outside Omaha. Slight shaking which caused the hanging light fixtures in my kitchen and living room to sway. This is the second one I have felt here in the last few years.

  • Who is the most Famous or influential person you've ever met?

    08/26/2016 8:44:42 AM PDT · 182 of 382
    Big Red Clay to gigster

    Sarah Palin
    Fred Thompson
    Bob Kerrey
    Ben Nelson
    Mike Johanns (former senator and secy of agriculture)
    Chuck Hagel (that guy is a major jerk)
    Karl Rove (ditto)
    Pete Ricketts (current governor of Nebraska and my former boss)
    Joe Ricketts (founder of Ameritrade and part owner of the Chicago Cubs)
    Hank Williams Jr.
    Frank Zappa
    Lee Greenwood
    Andrew Luck
    Johnny Rodgers (Heisman Trophy Winner)
    Eric Crouch (Heisman Trophy Winner)
    Bob Devaney
    Tom Osborne
    Neil Smith (All Pro Defensive end for the Broncos was a friend in college)
    Dave Rimington (Most decorated college lineman in history. Has an award named after him)
    Terence Simian (Zydeco musician who has won two Grammy awards)
    I have shaken hands with Michael Anthony and Sammy Hagar. I didn’t formally meet them but I am going to see “the Circle” next weekend. I sprung for the VIP deal so I am hoping there is some kind of a meet and greet.
    I was on Rockline back in the 80’s and spoke with the late great Stevie Ray Vaughan on the phone.

    My father in law has met a bunch of famous people. Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan. Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Whitey
    Ford, Johnny Unitas, John Mackey, Terry Bradshaw, Bart Starr, Pete Rose. He was friends with alot of the guys he played football with that went on to bigger things. Jim Walden (former head coach of Iowa State) Warren Powers (former head coach of Missouri), Monte Kiffin (one of the most influential defensive coaches/coordinators in NFL history and architect of the “Tampa 2” defense and father of Lane Kiffin who my wife babysat for when he as a toddler)

  • LIVE:Donald Trump in Ashburn, VA @ 11am ET and Mike Pence in Phoenix @ 7pm PT

    08/02/2016 9:52:31 AM PDT · 229 of 506
    Big Red Clay to Deo volente

    Here’s the headline from my local paper, the Omaha World Herald, this morning (Please note that our paper is owned by a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway).

    “In front of thousands in Omaha, Clinton plugs platform to woo ‘battleground’ 2nd district”

    Man what a blatant lie based on the pictures upthread. That looks like barely 200 people.

  • Songs That Remind Us Who The Democrats Really Are

    07/26/2016 1:39:08 PM PDT · 37 of 71
    Big Red Clay to Texas resident

    Yep. Lots of Pearts lyrics are starting to be a little too real now. (I am one of the nerds that listen to the lyrics I guess ;)

  • Songs That Remind Us Who The Democrats Really Are

    07/26/2016 1:30:04 PM PDT · 23 of 71
    Big Red Clay to EQAndyBuzz

    Red Barchetta by Rush

    I strip away the old debris
    That hides a shining car
    A brilliant Red Barchetta
    From a better vanished time
    We’ll fire up the willing engine
    Responding with a roar
    Tires spitting gravel
    I commit my weekly crime

    This tune is about a kid who sneaks out of his utopian society to drive an old sports car that his uncle has preserved for him that is now illegal to drive. Neal Peart saw the Climate Change Nazis coming 30+ years ago.

  • Comey is a genius

    07/06/2016 6:47:20 AM PDT · 87 of 146
    Big Red Clay to Travis T. OJustice

    I am listening to Laura Ingraham. She mentioned this thread a few minutes ago, citing “the folks at Free Republic...”

    That’s pretty cool.

  • Russian Jet Threatened U.S. Recon Aircraft

    04/17/2016 6:49:16 AM PDT · 33 of 36
    Big Red Clay to Vinnie

    These birds fly over my neighborhood on a daily basis.

    Offut Air Force base where they are stationed is about 13 miles straight east of me. It is interesting that they have been in the news quite a bit recently.

  • Denver rated best place to live in U.S. (Slideshow)

    03/02/2016 11:09:15 AM PST · 36 of 44
    Big Red Clay to MtnClimber

    “Denver! The sunshine state. Gorgeous!”

    Mitch “The Godfather” Martin

  • How Amazon Prime Is Crushing the Competition

    01/25/2016 12:06:32 PM PST · 5 of 83
    Big Red Clay to VanDeKoik

    Not to mention the streaming video, streaming audio and Kindle lending options.

  • We finally know what Peyton Manning’s ‘Omaha’ means

    01/24/2016 12:52:35 PM PST · 35 of 51
    Big Red Clay to IronJack

    The race track was torn down several years ago. There is a business park and shopping/entertainment area there now. The also just opened a new arena there where UNO hockey and and basketball play. El Presidente’ spoke there the day after the SOTU address. Lots of nice shops and restaurants in that area now.

  • Silverbacked Gorillas Engaged in Sparring Match

    01/20/2016 10:13:27 AM PST · 15 of 19
    Big Red Clay to Paul46360

    In the past when we would go there (Henry Doorly is in my town, one of the best zoos in the world, supposedly) I would sit and make unbroken eye contact with the big male gorillas. They would invariably get angry and then come up and slap the glass in front of my face. That was always enough to get the little nieces and nephews wound up.

  • David Bowie Dead

    01/11/2016 6:08:58 AM PST · 211 of 371
    Big Red Clay to DickBrannigan

    I saw Alice about a month ago, opening for Motley Crue. Not alot of difference as far as quality of performance from when I saw him in the mid ‘80s. He was awesome.

    RIP Bowie. Great songs and one of my wife’s absolute favorite artists. We had just discussed trying to catch a show if he went out this summer. Very sad.

  • Authorities responding to reports of mass shooting in San Bernardino, Calif: NBC Los Angeles

    12/02/2015 11:59:16 AM PST · 80 of 411
    Big Red Clay to Rio

    Heard earlier on the scanner. Three heavily armed individuals with vests and masks in a GMC SUV with stock wheels. All had AR-15s

  • What are you reading? (Vanity)

    11/22/2015 5:01:23 PM PST · 144 of 159
    Big Red Clay to leaning conservative

    Beware if you start this series. It is highly addictive. I got “Killing Floor” on the recommendation of my father in law and couldn’t quit after that. I read all 19 in order over the course of about 8 months and finished about a year ago. I was so happy when the new one came out last September.

    Jack Reacher is a great character and the books are well written with interesting and intricate plots. I would recommend giving the series a try. They are all available on Kindle.

  • What are you reading? (Vanity)

    11/22/2015 4:41:03 PM PST · 140 of 159
    Big Red Clay to Maine Mariner

    I am also reading “The Survivor” and agree with your assessment. I am only about 30% through it but I am really enjoying it. I have read all the other books in the series and it measures up.

    I just finished re-reading “The Sum of All Fears” by Tom Clancy. What a great book if you like that genre. Clancy is still my favorite by far.

  • Vanity - Has anyone seen "The Man in The High Castle"?

    11/21/2015 8:37:18 AM PST · 20 of 55
    Big Red Clay to Perdogg

    I’ve seen the first two episodes and they were excellent. Hoping that the rest is just as good.

  • Why the Paris climate treaty will be the flop of the year

    11/10/2015 9:57:26 AM PST · 26 of 27
    Big Red Clay to butlerweave

    My wife was telling me about a guy who works for her company who is from China. (She works for an international agribusiness company). He was here in rural Nebraska visiting one of their plants earlier this summer. Everyday he would go out and take a picture of the sunset with his phone. When someone asked why he was doing that he replied that they havent seen a sunset in his part of China for many years.

  • The Blessing, Curse, and Lost Lessons of Stevie Ray Vaughan, 25 Years Later

    08/28/2015 8:12:46 PM PDT · 66 of 68
    Big Red Clay to Yardstick

    Your mentioning Albert King reminded me of something I was talking with some friends about recently. After I got into SRV, I got really into blues. Since I was more into hard rock and classic rock it was a change for me. This was my junior year at Nebraska. Lincoln has a really cool blues bar called the Zoo Bar and my buddies and I started frequenting that place. We would go at least once a week. Now in my older years, I look back at some of the guys that I saw back then and wish I would have appreciated it more. I saw Albert, Buddy Guy, Pinetop Perkins, Charlie Musselwhite, Robert Cray, Albert Collins, Matt Guitar Murphy, Little Ed and the Blues Imperials, Luther Allison and Magic Slim who played there several times a year. There were a bunch of others but my memory is failing me.

    What I wouldn’t give to go back in a time machine and see those shows again.

  • The Blessing, Curse, and Lost Lessons of Stevie Ray Vaughan, 25 Years Later

    08/28/2015 7:50:57 PM PDT · 65 of 68
    Big Red Clay to rikkir

    This time of year is tough. My brother died suddenly and it was a terrible blow. It’s been a really difficult thing for my sister and me.

    That was a great image. I will have that in my head for a while and it will always make me smile. Thanks for that fellow Freeper.

  • The Blessing, Curse, and Lost Lessons of Stevie Ray Vaughan, 25 Years Later

    08/28/2015 9:15:44 AM PDT · 54 of 68
    Big Red Clay to rikkir

    Gotta chime in on this thread.

    I was lucky enough to see SRV live three times at the Music Hall in Omaha. The first time I was about 10 feet back right in front of his mic. When he came out and blew out Scuttlebuttin and Soul to Soul, I don’t think my jaw came off the floor for 10 minutes. One of the guys I went to that show with (30 years ago, wow) still jokes about that.
    He was sweating profusely and looked like hell,mass quantities of blow and Crown Royal will do that, but absolutely smoked that show. One of my best shows ever.

    I actually talked to him on the phone on Rockline. That was pretty cool as well.

    I saw him about 4 months before he passed with my older brother at the same venue. My brother was also a big fan. When my brother passed (3 years ago last Sunday)we played “The Sky is Cryin’ as the recessional at his funeral. I hope he was smiling down on that one and maybe joking with SRV about the looks on all the old folks faces.

  • EPA won’t face fines for polluting rivers with orange muck

    08/11/2015 10:04:08 AM PDT · 26 of 49
    Big Red Clay to jazusamo

    I was listening to Mark Levin last night on my old school, handy dandy headphone radio while I mowed my lawn. I heard the every half hour ABC news report three times. The spill was the lead story each time and they were all excited about how bad it was. They did not, however, mention even once that the EPA was responsible. It was like it just sorta happened. I assume they think that the LIV will likely mentally blame it on the horrible mine owners or something.

    The fix is in.

  • Jon Stewart's Lowest Moment: Hiroshima Makes Truman a War Criminal

    08/06/2015 10:19:46 AM PDT · 52 of 67
    Big Red Clay to ex-snook

    Mine too, indirectly.

    My old man was in the South Pacific on an LST when the bombs were dropped. He figured his odds of living through the invasion of the home islands would have been 50/50 at best, having to be on a ship that ran right up to the shore to drop off tanks. I believe that my siblings and myself owe a great debt of gratitude to Harry for doing what he did.

    To quote Capt. Frank Ramsey from “Crimson Tide”

    “Drop that f***er, twice.”

  • MTV is at death’s door

    07/24/2015 8:35:35 AM PDT · 223 of 252
    Big Red Clay to dfwgator

    That one fits too.

    What popped into my head after I posted is that at that time I didn’t know wtf Sharia was. I wish I still didn’t.

  • MTV is at death’s door

    07/24/2015 8:21:48 AM PDT · 221 of 252
    Big Red Clay to BlueLancer

    I finally figured out a few years ago that they were saying “Sharia don’t like it”. I had always wondered why some chick named Sheree had a problem with them rocking the Casbah....

  • Which Movies Make Grown Men Cry?

    01/14/2015 7:48:38 AM PST · 58 of 299
    Big Red Clay to Pearls Before Swine

    Saving Private Ryan

    Brian’s Song

    Field of Dreams (at the end when Costner plays catch with his dad. I watched this again a couple months after my Pop passed. Cried like a baby at that scene).

  • What concerts/musical performances did you attend in 2014?

    12/30/2014 8:14:38 AM PST · 34 of 93
    Big Red Clay to GSWarrior

    ZZ Top
    Rod Stewart
    Hank Williams Jr.
    Ted Nugent
    Doobie Brothers
    Cheap Trick

    Also saw Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy for $25 bucks. It was a benefit for Team Jack. That there is some entertainment value for your buck.

    On the docket for next year-
    Blackberry Smoke
    Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
    Van Halen (if the rumors turn out to be true)

  • The best movie ever made

    12/21/2014 8:18:59 AM PST · 42 of 115
    Big Red Clay to bigbob

    “Animal House”

    Thank you sir, may I have another!

  • Well I did it tonight....

    12/15/2014 5:07:32 PM PST · 26 of 51
    Big Red Clay to US Navy Vet

    I did it the day that McCain got the nomination in ‘08. I tried once before the day that GWB called me a racist for not supporting amnesty but I chickened out after sitting in the parking lot of the county election office for 25 minutes.

    It is really quite liberating. Like watching an old girlfriend that cheated on you whose life has turned into an ongoing train wreck.

    I still vote for them because I have no alternative but at least I don’t affiliate with them anymore.

  • Angelina Jolie’s new movie ‘Unbroken’ provokes Japanese outrage

    12/13/2014 6:05:57 AM PST · 30 of 107
    Big Red Clay to Cincinatus

    I was just getting ready to post the same thing when I saw yours.

    Some of the stuff in that book really shocked me. I was aware that the Japanese were quite brutal but reading it in first person accounts was very sobering. I would agree with the post above that what made it to the big screen is probably mild compared to what actually occurred.

    That is a great book for anyone interested in the history WW 2. I would highly recommend it to all Freepers.

  • Jonathan Gruber speaks to Noblis about Obamacare 01-18-2012

    11/12/2014 12:01:42 PM PST · 21 of 38
    Big Red Clay to machogirl

    I watched “1941” last night on Netflix. That same actor is in “1941” and I thought the exact same thing about Gruber’s voice sounding like him. Gruber is only slightly less weassally looking also. We can’t be the only ones who think that.

  • The big Cold Front Nov 10, 2014

    11/10/2014 6:29:58 PM PST · 9 of 89
    Big Red Clay to MtnClimber

    No snow yet here southwest of Omaha. The wind is howling and we are at wind chill of 13 degrees. It definitely feels like late fall. I sure wish I would have gotten the final mowing done on my yard yesterday when it was 60. That will be put off for at least a week the way it looks.

  • Joyful noise: U2's Songs of Innocence

    11/01/2014 6:21:22 AM PDT · 53 of 72
    Big Red Clay to 21twelve

    I blame the state of new music now on the freakin’ Disney Channel. Kids and the young people who are now in bands watch that crap with their manufactured sanitized “Partidge Family” music all the time. Like you said, not a lot of rebellion available in that environment and hence the crappy music.

    I grew up listening to my older siblings play the music that they were in to, Hendrix, the Beatles and Led Zeppelin. These kids got Miley. No wonder the new music being created today sucks.

  • Here's The Most Affluent Town In Every State

    09/09/2014 10:16:47 AM PDT · 32 of 45
    Big Red Clay to IronJack

    I live just outside Gretna and IronJack is correct on all points.

    I actually think Elkhorn would have been the winner had they not been annexed a few years ago by Omaha. Lot’s of $$ in that part of the metro but being thrown in with the rest of Omaha drags down the average.

    FYI to the posters above- Gretna is a great place to live. Still a small town with all the small town positives but with access to the larger city within a 15 or 20 minute drive.

  • Nebraska Medical Center to treat Boston doctor with Ebola

    09/04/2014 3:12:30 PM PDT · 1 of 22
    Big Red Clay
    Heads up Omaha area and Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa Freepers!
  • 8 Reasons Children of the 1970s Should All Be Dead

    08/15/2014 11:37:15 AM PDT · 193 of 333
    Big Red Clay to neefer


    When I was about 4 years old we were camping with a bunch of my Dad’s siblings and their kids at a big reservoir in Kansas. Our car was parked on a big hill up above the swimming beach where all of the moms and kids (my dad and uncles were fishing elsewhere)were swimming and sunbathing (and in the mom’s case smoking and drinking Old Milwaukee). I wandered away and went up the hill to our old Dodge. It had the pushbutton transmission on the dash. I was obsessed with the car radio and apparently started pushing the buttons on the transmission and got the car into neutral. The car rolled down the hill, narrowly missing running over my mom and Aunt Lois and went into the lake. My older brother (now deceased God rest his soul)pulled me out of the car as it filled up with water. I still hear about that one from my surviving relatives at the family reunions.....

  • MTV Anniversary (August 1, 1981)

    08/01/2014 5:09:47 AM PDT · 208 of 232
    Big Red Clay to DemforBush

    Man I forgot about the Producers. I just went in and bought that song on Itunes. It takes me back to my freshman year of college. Thanks for the reminder. I already had Martin Briley purchased. Great tune also.

  • Lone Ranger actor's outfit up for auction in Texas

    07/12/2014 8:30:38 AM PDT · 4 of 40
    Big Red Clay to rktman

    I see the mask is not for sale. That would be a cool thing to have.

  • Top 10 (CFB) coaching hot seats in 2014

    07/11/2014 11:39:33 AM PDT · 26 of 27
    Big Red Clay to cornfedcowboy

    Tom Osborne saved his bacon. At least that is what came to my buddy from two EXTREMELY reliable sources. T.O stepped in at the last minute and told AD Sean Eichorst and Chancellor Harvey Perlman that the tape had come to his attention sometime during the season when it was recorded. The tape was recorded before his postgame show after the Ohio State game in 2011. He said that he had disciplined Bo privately at that time and that firing him for the same deal would be like double jeopardy. Knowing the two guys my friend got this info from, I took this to the bank. Not sure if you are from Nebraska or not but for the rest of you out there, T.O. has that much influence even as the ex AD. As we are fond of saying “in Nebraska, Tom Osborne is less than a god but more than a man.”

    I still cant beleive he didnt get fired after the Iowa game. When Eichorst made his announcement that he had full confidence in Pelini, most of my friends and family were shocked. It was like he came back from the dead.

    I still maintain that if there are losses to FSU, Miami and or MSU that he will be dead man walking. Especially if there is another humiliating blowout on a national or semi national broadcast. The Husker fanbase is pretty divided right now and if the turnovers, special teams issues, penalties and defensive weakness manifests itself again, we will be seeing a new guy in 2015.

  • Top 10 (CFB) coaching hot seats in 2014

    07/10/2014 8:16:20 AM PDT · 12 of 27
    Big Red Clay to CommerceComet

    I also can’t beleive Bo is not on this list. I think he was sure he was going to get canned after the Iowa game. I know I thought he was gone as well.

    If they are 3-3 after the Michigan State game, the seat will be very warm under Bo’s backside. Fresno State, Miami and for sure Sparty are very loseable games especially if the turnover/special teams issues are not resolved.

    You are definitely correct about the fan base being lukewarm on Bo. Looking back on last fall, I would say my family/friend group was about 70-30 for Bo must go.

    Just a little inside info here for you. My best friend hangs out with a couple of people who are currently and formerly in the athletic department. These are guys whose names you would recognize if you are a NU sports fan.
    They both told him that the scuttlebutt was Eichorst and Harvey were going to fire Bo after Tapegate. They said that Coach Osborne stepped in and saved Bo’s bacon, saying that he had heard the tape shortly after it was recorded and had disciplined him at that time.

    That being said I am sure looking forward to the season. It’s the most wonderful time of the year.....

  • What Are You Reading?

    06/27/2014 9:15:06 AM PDT · 73 of 275
    Big Red Clay to Tax-chick

    Been reading the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child for a while. I started with the first book “Killing Floor” last year and I just finished “The Affair” which is book 16. It is a great series and Jack Reacher is an awesome character