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  • Georgia State Senator Admits To Holding Bill Hostage

    03/10/2014 7:35:19 AM PDT · by Billlknowles · 17 replies ^ | 3/8/2014 | BillK
    Gwinnett County State Senator and chairman of the Health and Human Service Committee Renee Unterman openly admitted to holding 'Haleigh's Hope', HB 885 sponsored by Representative Allen Peake, hostage until the State House will consider bills that she has authored. WSB reporter Lori Geary asked Unterman point blank if this were the case, and to Unterman's credit, she did not deny it and was very candid in saying that she was. But then she went on to state that the parents of the kids who can benefit from the legalization of medicinal cannabis didn't understand how it works in the...
  • Georgia Representative Lee Anderson: Political Smoke and Mirrors? You Decide

    03/28/2012 9:44:39 PM PDT · by Billlknowles · 2 replies
    WeArePolitics ^ | 3/27/2012 | Bill Knowles
    In the Republican Primary for Georgia’s 12th Congressional District Lee Anderson has demonstrated he is very different from his three Republican opponents Rick W. Allen, Wright McLeod, and Maria Sheffield. And not in a good way. Lee Anderson has, in effect, made the primary a three person race for conservatives based on four instances where he demonstrated a negative approach to the campaign which disqualifies him from serious consideration. 1: Walking Away from Ethics Lee Anderson attended the press conference held by the Ethics Alliance, made up of various organizations concerned about the state of ethics under the Gold Dome,...
  • Fear And Loathing In Macon, Georgia

    03/09/2012 1:06:09 PM PST · by Billlknowles ^ | 3-8-2012 | Bill Knowles
    We should have learned our lesson here in Macon….If you dare ever to disagree with a African-American politicians’ political agenda you’re a racist, no matter what color you are. Or so says our old friend Elaine Lucas who again has poked her head out of her cave to try and ram the Dr. Romain Dallemand’s Macon Miracle plan down our throat (please read my other columns in The 11th Hour or at for more information about the plan itself) while at the same time keeping our community from evolving by consolidating the City of Macon and the Bibb County...
  • Will Dr. Romain Dallemand's Dream Become Macon's Nightmare?

    02/10/2012 10:17:39 AM PST · by Billlknowles · 3 replies ^ | 2-10-2012 | Bill Knowles
    Back in 2010 before the hiring of Bibb County School Superintendent Romain Dallemand, I wrote an article called ‘The Strange Case of Dr. Dallemand and Mr. Hyde’ warning the citizens about the good doctor and what he has done in the past. Unfortunately, the ‘Macon Miracle’ plan is proving me to be correct. Below is a few of the things that Dallemand did before he came to Bibb County but I’ve updated it to show some things he’s done while he’s been here. It appears from every source that I have checked Dr. Dallemand is not a problem solver, but...
  • Top Komen Official Resigns Over Planned Parenthood Reversal

    02/07/2012 10:10:18 AM PST · by Billlknowles · 6 replies Blog ^ | 2-7-2012 | Bill Knowles
    Former Georgia Secretary of State and Governor's candidate Karen Handel has announced her resignation as Senior Vice-President for policy from the Susan Komen Foundation because of the foundation's controversial funding of Planned Parenthood. reported that "Komen initially decided in December to revise its grant-making process to funds grants to agencies that provide direct health services for women — which would eliminate Planned Parenthood since it does not do mammograms. After Planned Parenthood, Democratic members of Congress and the media pounced on Komen for its decision, Komen clarified that Planned Parenthood would still be allowed to submit grant requests but...
  • An Open Letter To RNC Reince Preibus: Do The Right Thing With The Florida Delegates

    02/03/2012 9:45:14 PM PST · by Billlknowles · 39 replies ^ | 2-4-2012 | Bill Knowles
    Dear Chairman Preibus, I am writing an open letter to you in hopes that you will do the right thing and make the Florida Republican Party abide by the rules of the Republican National Committee. The state of Florida deliberately snubbed its' nose at the party and the rules several months ago when it voted to hold the Florida primary early, which has already cost if 49 delegates out of the original 99 delegates allocated by the RNC. Now they further give the party the middle finger by allocating the remaining delegates as "winner-take-all", instead of the proportional allotment that...
  • The Math of the GOP Nomination

    02/03/2012 6:52:52 PM PST · by Billlknowles · 12 replies ^ | 2/3/2012 | Randy Evans
    For all the 2012 GOP candidates, it is the math that makes securing the nomination so complicated. There will be 2,165 delegates to the Republican National Convention in August in Tampa, Florida. In order to win the Republican Nomination, a Presidential candidate must have 1,144 delegates. To put this in perspective, only 112 delegates (less than 10%) have been won. In fact, the candidate with the most delegates (former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney) has only 71 delegates. This seems rather amazing given all of the media attention so far. From the Iowa caucuses to the Florida primary seems like an...
  • Roseanne For President? Yeah...That Roseanne...

    02/02/2012 9:49:22 PM PST · by Billlknowles · 11 replies ^ | 2-3-2012 | Bill Knowles
    Just when you thought the 2012 Presidential sweepstakes couldn't get any crazier, Roseanne Barr announces that she is seriously seeking the nomination of the Green Party for President of the United States. God help us all.... I sincerely hope that she gets the nomination at the party's convention in Baltimore this coming July. The same loons that would vote for her would have voted for President Obama. Run Rosie Run!
  • Romney Quotes From Thurston Howell III and Ebenezer Scrooge

    02/01/2012 4:00:08 PM PST · by Billlknowles · 18 replies · 1+ views ^ | 2/1/2012 | Bill Knowles
    Ok....gang....Mitt is the front-runner....again....for now...Why the heck would he say something stupid like the dumb quote he made today about the poor? In his latest goof, Romney was quoted as saying that he is not concerned about "the poor...they have a safety net...if it needs repair, I'll fix it." Apparently Mitt has started channelling the ghosts of Ebenezer Scrooge and Thurston Howell III when he talks. Doesn't this sound eerily close to "A Christmas Carol"? First Collector: At this festive time of year, Mr. Scrooge, it is more than usually desirable that we should make some slight provision for the...
  • Florida Predictions: Closer Than You Think

    01/31/2012 2:56:42 PM PST · by Billlknowles · 31 replies ^ | 1/31/2012 | Bill Knowles
    Ok...I've been wrong before and I will be again....But here's my predictions for tonights' Florida Primary: Newt will fare much better than expected. Santorum will do a little better than expected as well. Romney may win this, but it will be a much closer race than most people think. Almost every poll in South Carolina put Romney almost exactly where he ended up and the same was true in New Hampshire. To me, this denotes that undecideds are going heavily toward Gingrich, or other candidates as was the case in New Hampshire. In South Carolina, most of the polls showed...
  • Former Gore Campaign Manager Donna Brazile: Gingrich is the ONLY Republican who whipped us in 1994"

    Democrat strategist and former Al Gore Campaign Manager Donna Brazile said on "This Week" that Newt Gingrich is "the ONLY Republican, that I've been in battle with, as a Democratic strategist and organizer, who whipped us in 1994." I think she's basically saying not to count Gingrich out yet... Don't miss out on the first part of this clip where radio talk show host Laura Ingraham unloaded by saying that there are "many people who wouldn't be in Washington had it not been for three people: Bill Buckley, Ronald Reagan and Newt Gingrich. He was the face of Conservatism in...
  • Newt's Path To The Nomination

    01/21/2012 8:15:33 AM PST · by Billlknowles · 14 replies ^ | 1/21/2012 | Bill Knowles
    A lot of things have transpired over the last 48 hours to completely change the dynamics of the race for the Republican nomination: 1. Rick Santorum was declared the winner in the Iowa Caucuses showing that Mitt Romney is in fact beatable. 2. Rick Perry has bailed out of the Presidential race, endorsing Newt Gingrich, and saying that he will actively campaign for the Speaker. 3. The most current polls in South Carolina show that Romney's support is starting to erode, while the same polls are showing that Gingrich's is growing daily. Four polls, Clemson/Palmetto, Public Policy Polling, Rasmussen and...
  • BREAKING NEWS: WAP EXCLUSIVE: State Senator Kevin Bryant has Confirmed He Is Supporting Ron Paul

    01/17/2012 5:22:04 AM PST · by Billlknowles · 18 replies ^ | 1/16/2012 | Bill Knowles
    I just recieved a personal message from State Senator Kevin Bryant of South Carolina who has confirmed that he will indeed be supporting Congressman Ron Paul for President. Quite honestly, I wrote to the Senator asking him to reconsider his support for Paul. He sent me the following gracious email: "Great to hear from you Bill, I have chosen to support Dr. Paul as I believe his message energizes our base. Interestingly, even though he's the oldest candidate, the young voters seem to be attracted to him. Thanks for your input." I responded back that I sincerely hopes that he...
  • Obama Warns Israel Not To Attack Iran

    01/14/2012 7:29:03 PM PST · by Billlknowles · 25 replies ^ | 1/14/2012 | Bill Knowles
    Apparently not content by merely insulting Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by suggesting that the Palestinians be given territory as it was before 1967, President Obama and hapless Defense Secretary Leon Panetta have given Israel several private warnings telling them not to take military action against Iran and the 'Madman of Tehran' Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. At a time where Obama should be giving unconditional support to our allies in the Middle East, he again chooses to rebuke them and snub his nose at them.
  • Confessions of a Neocon

    01/13/2012 7:47:07 AM PST · by Billlknowles · 19 replies
    WeArePolitics ^ | 1/13/2012 | Bill Knowles
    The first time one of Ron Paul's supporters called me a Neocon I was insulted and hacked off which was exactly the response the name caller was looking for. However since then, the more times I have been called that the more enamored to it I have become. Yes....I admit it...I am a Neocon. Thank you for labeling me as such, all you napalm spreading Paul-ites who are the self-proclaimed "Defenders of the Faith", "Proclaimers of the Truth" and "The Founding Fathers Favorites". Your name calling has finally produced something meaningful. The American Heritage Dictionary's definition of neoconservativism is "an...
  • The Future of the GOP and the Upcoming General Election

    01/11/2012 6:28:51 AM PST · by Billlknowles · 24 replies ^ | 1/11/2012 | Bill Knowles
    We have FINALLY gotten into 2012 and are right at the beginning of the primary season with the Iowa Caucuses behind us, the New Hampshire primary yielded little surprises and the South Carolina Primary lurks in the shadows of the very near future. The field of candidates have predictably dwindled and will continue skinnying down until we are left with our nominee to run against Obama. Tim Pawlenty was the first casualty of Iowa after the Ames Straw Poll, followed by Herman Cain who withdrew amidst false charges of sexual misconduct, Gary Johnson left the Republican race to tilt at...
  • My New Hampshire Predictions

    01/10/2012 3:49:23 PM PST · by Billlknowles · 11 replies
    WeArePolitics ^ | 1/3/2012 | Bill Knowles
    The gloves have come off by the other candidates now in response to all of the mudslinging being done at the hands of the Romney and Paul campaigns so the New Hampshire Primary is proving to be a little more contested than originally thought and is proving that it may not be the coronation that Mitt Romney expects. I came fairly close with my predictions for Iowa, correctly nailing that Bachmann would end her race by the end of the week and calling Mitt Romney the winner, albeit by 8 votes. I thought Santorum would run fourth, but did expect...
  • The Constitution, Iowa and Ron Paul

    01/02/2012 8:51:21 AM PST · by Billlknowles · 2 replies ^ | 1/2/2012 | Bill Knowles
    I have recently been very critical of Congressman Ron Paul on WeArePolitics for a myriad of different reasons that main one of which is that I feel that he is very detrimental to the Republican Party. A party that he has absolutely no loyalty to nor allegiance. Paul, as I have written before, has run a slash and burn campaign in Iowa, and it is certainly working for him....At the expense of a few of the other candidates and in particular former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Paul's campaign has been running non stop ads in Iowa about Newt that contain...
  • Ron Paul Photographed With White Supremacists Don and Derek Black

    12/30/2011 1:13:33 PM PST · by Billlknowles · 13 replies ^ | 12-30-2011 | Bill Knowles
    Fresh off of his endorsement from former KKK Grand Wizard and former Congressman from Louisiana David Duke, we find this photo of Congressman Ron Paul with former Klansman, former Nazi and current radio show host and moderator of Don Black. Pictured next to Black in the cool hat appears to be his radio sidekick and son Derek. (Here's an interesting note....Derek's mother is David Duke's ex-wife. Que the banjos.)
  • Is Ron Paul A Republican or a Libertarian?

    12/22/2011 12:33:42 PM PST · by Billlknowles · 31 replies
    WeArePolitics ^ | 12/21/2011 | Bill Knowles
    Thanks to glowing commentary from Ron Paul suppporters I have been called a coward, a traitor, a neocon, a nazi, that I'm sick and a 'demeanor' of the modern day Thomas Jefferson all because I said what a lot of Republicans are thinking but won't say: Ron Paul is a Libertarian and not a Republican. (For the record, with due respect to the Congressman, Ron Paul couldn't hold Thomas Jefferson's quill pen.) Congressman Paul turned his back on the GOP in 1987 and resigned. Instead of trying to fix the problems that he cites in his resignation, he bolts and...
  • Just What The Doctor Ordered? Ron Paul In Iowa

    12/21/2011 12:43:11 PM PST · by Billlknowles · 20 replies
    WeArePolitics ^ | 12/21/2011 | Bill Knowles
    I want to preface this by stating the obvious: I am not a Ron Paul supporter. I am, however, a supporter of former Speaker Newt Gingrich. Now that I got my disclaimer out of the way I want to make comments about the Iowa Caucuses. Over the past few weeks poll after poll have been taken in Iowa. For a while, Gingrich had a hefty lead there, but now it appears that Congressman Paul has surged to a top tier status in the Hawkeye state, even passing Romney and Gingrich in one poll. But how can this phenomenon be explained?...
  • Tak Show Host Michael Savage Offers Gingrich $1 Million To Drop Out Of PResidential Race

    12/13/2011 9:00:56 AM PST · by Billlknowles · 18 replies
    WeArePolitics ^ | 12/13/2011 | Bill Knowles
    Controversial radio talk show host Michael Savage, citing several reasons why he can't defeat President Obama, has offered presidential candidate and former Speaker of The House Newt Gingrich $1 million dollars to drop his bid for the GOP nomination. Savage goes on to tell Gingrich to 'put his ego aside' and 'if he really loves the country as much as he says' to 'do what's right for America' and 'take the money'. The problem is several of the reasons that Savage cites are just not true. According to Savage: •WHEN HE WAS SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE, GINGRICH FAILED TO DELIVER...
  • Georgia Tea Parties' Police Targets GOP

    12/13/2011 5:38:55 AM PST · by Billlknowles · 44 replies
    WeArePolitics ^ | 12/13/2011 | Charles Jackson
    A few years ago, I was an early, enthusiastic supporter of the Tea Party movement. Its essential belief in limited government and individual freedom form the core of conservative principles. The group's message of low taxes, deficit reduction and fidelity to the Constitution resonated with me. However, my Tea Partying days are over. The shot gun wedding between the Tea Party and the Republican Party after the 2010 midterm election has been consummated. It definitely wasn't a match made in heaven. Unelected Tea Party police chieftains are calling the shots. They demand acquiescence to their agenda and intimidate Republican officeholders...
  • Georgia AG Sam Olens Calls US Representative Hank Johnson 'Embarrassing To All Georgians'

    12/09/2011 5:53:35 AM PST · by Billlknowles · 14 replies
    WeArePolitics ^ | 12/09/2011 | Bill Knowles
    In a classic understatement, Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens sent out a Facebook message this morning calling the performance of United States Representative Hank "Guam Is Tipping Over!" Johnson at yesterdays' 'Fast and Furious' hearings 'embarrassing to all Georgians'. Quoting Olens, "Rep. Hank Johnson's performance at AG Holder's hearing was embarrassing to all Georgians."
  • Listen To The Call That COuld Have Saved The Cain Candidacy

    12/07/2011 12:44:19 PM PST · by Billlknowles · 21 replies
    WeArePolitics ^ | 12/7/2011 | Bill Knowles
    I've got some flack about supporting former Speaker Newt Gingrich since Herman Cain's sudden departure from the race for the Presidency, but just because I have been so quick to move my support does not mean that I still don't feel that Herman is the best man for the office. Further, as you can hear below, the charges against him have been completely unfounded and certainly in this case, not true at all. This call to the Roger Hedgecock Show comes from Biff Naylor, who, like Herman, was Chairman of the National Restaurant Association and was there when Herman was...
  • Gingrich Up By 15% In Latest Gallup Poll Over Romney

    12/07/2011 7:45:52 AM PST · by Billlknowles · 16 replies
    Gallup ^ | 12/7/2011 | Bill Knowles
    Newt Gingrich 37% Mitt Romney 22% Ron Paul 8% Rick Perry 7% Michele Bachmann 6% Rick Santorum 3% Jon Huntsman 1%
  • Romney's 'Dark' Past...Tobacco and Beer

    11/22/2011 12:48:15 PM PST · by Billlknowles · 13 replies
    WeArePolitics ^ | 11-22-2011 | Bill Knowles
    Before you get the idea that this will be an article slamming former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, I hate to disappoint you. It's not. Romney isn't my first choice for the GOP nomination or even my second as most of you know, however I want to commend him. Here's why: It has been reported today from Michael Falcone, the Deputy Political Director and reporter from ABC News that in an interview with People Magazine, Governor Romney has admitted to trying out a cigarette one time and even tasting a beer, two vices that are completely against his Mormon faith. Am...
  • Cain Accusers Boyfriend Affirms Story-He's Also Just Filed Bankruptcy and Lost 300K Gambling

    11/14/2011 9:40:41 PM PST · by Billlknowles · 21 replies ^ | 11-15-2011 | Bill Knowles
    The mainstream media, as well as publicity hog attorney Gloria Allred, is leaving no stone unturned as they have gone after former Godfather Pizza CEO Herman Cain. However, WeArePolitics has learned that the former boyfriend of one of Cain's accusers might have a great deal of motivation for backing up his ex's claims: cashing in on the story. Oh yeah...and the mainstream media conveniently has not checked into this guys past... It seems that Dr. Victor Zuckermann has had a great deal of money problems over the last few years and might be looking on a quick payday to get...
  • James Carville: 'Herman Cain is not going to be President of anything."

    10/26/2011 11:46:14 AM PDT · by Billlknowles · 37 replies ^ | 10-26-2011 | Bill Knowles
    In an interview yesterday with Scott Hennen, former Clinton campaign manager James Carville admitted he was worried that President Obama can't dig himself out of the hole he has dug for himself and the country. He then went on to completely dismiss the candidacy of Herman Cain. Carville: "Everything worries me in this environment. Nobody's gotten elected with these kinds of numbers. So, I'm worried in the general election." When asked about the chances of Cain replacing the President, the 'serpent-headed' Carville said "Herman Cain is not going to be the president of anything.... Herman Cain is a salesman." I...
  • Mr. Ahmadinejad or: How I've Continued To Learn To Stop Worrying About The Bomb And Love It

    10/24/2011 3:37:13 PM PDT · by Billlknowles · 9 replies
    WeArePolitics ^ | 10-24-2011 | Bill Knowles
    A little over a year ago, I wrote the article below telling everyone of the evils of Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the threat he poses to not only the Western World but especially to Israel. Nothing has changed except now the madman of Tehran is thought to be behind the thwarted terrorist attack planned on the Saudi Ambassador in the United States as well as the Israeli embassy located in Argentina. Add to that the fact that Iran has attempted to launch a Kavoshgar-5 missile carrying a monkey, which did fail by the way, and that an Iranian naval...
  • Idealogy

    10/21/2011 10:34:36 AM PDT · by Billlknowles · 2 replies
    WeArePolitics ^ | 10-21-2011 | David Johnson
    For years we have been told that ideology doesn’t matter in American politics. The media proudly proclaims that voters vote for the candidates and not their political philosophy. This explained why such ideological candidates as Barry Goldwater and George McGovern were defeated by their so-called more moderate opponents. It was also used to explain why Ronald Reagan was elected twice (voters liked the man but not his beliefs). With the election of Barack Obama, the media dropped this canard. Rather, America had seemingly come back to its senses with Obama and was returning back to liberalism. Obama would be the...
  • Obama's Jobs Bill--Is It Really A "Fig Leaf" To Hide Campaign Financing

    10/17/2011 6:26:31 PM PDT · by Billlknowles · 1 replies
    Useful Discourse ^ | 10-17-2011 | Jeffrey Klein
    President Barack Obama is on a three-day bus tour with "Motorcoach One", traveling through Virigina and North Carolina , still trying to convince everyone that his $447 billion "American Jobs Act" bill should be passed--especially after it was defeated in a floor vote in the Democrat-controlled Senate last week. Unlike his last bus tour through the midwest, this time the President Obama is holding his "speeches" in "smaller" towns--not served by "major airports"--perhaps thinking they may not have never heard or read about one of his famouse "pass this bill" speeches around the country so far. At the regional airport...
  • Sean Penn Becomes The Latest Liberal Celebrity To Bash The Tea Party On The Piers Morgan Show

    10/15/2011 11:11:30 PM PDT · by Billlknowles · 24 replies
    Useful Discourse ^ | 10-16-2011 | Bill Knowles
    Apparently British talk show host Piers Morgan is still hacked off about the Boston Tea Party and looks at the Fourth of July as a day of mourning instead of a national holiday, as yet another guest on his show "Piers Morgan Tonight" has used it as a sound board against Conservatives and the TEA Party. Sean Penn (aka Hugo and Fidel's Pal) echoed previous guests actors Morgan Freeman and Alan Cumming (the night before the Penn interview, Cumming said that the TEA Party was driven by 'homophobia and racism.) in his their hatred of the TEA Party by remarking...
  • GOP Nomination: Wild Ride Ahead

    10/15/2011 12:38:06 PM PDT · by Billlknowles · 16 replies
    Useful Discourse ^ | 10-15-2011 | Randy Evans
    Okay, it is officially political chaos out there. For months, Republicans have flirted with having a 'frontrunner' for the GOP nomination. Sometimes, the 'frontrunner' has not even been a candidate - like Donald Trump and Governor Mike Huckabee. There have been 'if she or he ran' frontrunners like Governor Sarah Palin and Governor Chris Christie. There have been the 'comings and goings' of various candidates as leaders in the latest political polls like Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann and Governor Rick Perry. And, there is the latest frontrunner, businessman Herman Cain - the author of the 9-9-9 plan. So far, nothing has...
  • Four Reasons Why the GOP Nomination Will go to Herman Cain or Newt Gingrich

    10/13/2011 8:30:22 PM PDT · by Billlknowles · 56 replies ^ | 10-13-2011 | Doug Deal
    Political fortunes can turn on a dime and for many reasons. At this point four years ago the nominees were obviously going to be Giuliani and Hillary and McCain was going to drop out at any second. Time disproved these assumptions. For a time, the race has seemed to alternate between Romney and some upstart. Each time, the upstart would peak for a couple weeks and crash back down to reality, only to be replaced by another a little later. The one constant has always been Romney. This consistency to stay near at top has given people the mistaken belief...
  • For Every Argument Against Herman Cain Winning, There Is An Equally Strong One On Why He Will Win

    10/13/2011 10:51:04 AM PDT · by Billlknowles · 3 replies
    WeArePolitics ^ | 10-13-2011 | David Johnson
    As Americans suffer through the economic crisis since the Great Depression, anger continues to build. Not the manufactured anger and protests that we see at the Occupy Wall Street protests but an anger in middle America, what Richard Nixon described as “the Silent Majority”. These are voters who in 2008 elected Barack Obama and believed in his promise of hope and change. In 2010, after feeling betrayed by the leftward direction of the Obama Administration , they voted Republican believing that a Republican House would rein in the Obama Administration. Their anger continues to build. It is an authentic anger...
  • Is Congressman John Lewis A Witch?

    10/10/2011 4:07:56 PM PDT · by Billlknowles · 9 replies ^ | 10/9/2011 | Robert Adkerson
    As I watched this video of the Atlanta version of Occupy Wall Street there are a few key points that jump out at me. The first is that I would like to personally thank this group of Leftist misfits for proving beyond the shadow of a doubt why our Founders did not establish a true democracy. Despite the fact that all on the Left and sadly even some on the right continue to refer to us as such, we are a Constitutional Republic. Thank God that is the case, because as these fine citizens demonstrate here, minorities have zero rights...
  • Obama Dividing United States

    10/09/2011 3:39:18 PM PDT · by Billlknowles · 13 replies ^ | 10-7-2011 | Ann-Marie Murrell
    For a president who campaigned on the fact that he would be the great unifier of America, he has proven to be the exact opposite. Besides the fact that he has pitted political parties against each other in the most intense, ferocious ways since the American Revolution, he has also inflicted policies and programs that are fiscally murdering our country. He instigates social, economic and class warfare at every turn and his administration constantly and unjustly accuses Conservatives of racism. The only way our states have been united lately was when 27 of them filed lawsuits against Obamacare. Here are...
  • Vanity: Lawrence O'Donnell Proves He Is The Biggest Jackass In The History Of Television

    10/07/2011 8:27:50 PM PDT · by Billlknowles · 70 replies
    MSNBC ^ | 10/7/2011
    This is the most offensive interview I have ever witnessed. I cannot believe that MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell lectures Presidential Candidate Herman Cain about Civil Rights and then chastises Cain for not being a more active participant in the movement. Herman handled himself very well although you can tell he is clearly aggitated by the accusations and idiocy of this buffoon. Where is Al Sharpton on this? Jesse Jackson where are you hiding? Why isn't the NAACP standing up and screaming? I'll tell you why: Herman is a Republican. This clown O'Donnell is a hack who thinks he is God's gift...
  • The Electability of Herman Cain

    10/05/2011 6:59:40 PM PDT · by Billlknowles · 20 replies
    WeArePolitics ^ | 10/05/2011 | Bill Knowles
    As most of you have heard by now, former Godfather's Pizza CEO Herman Cain is now in the top tier of candidates running for the Republican nomination for President. It comes of no surprise to me, but it may shock many of you out there that in the most recent CBS poll just released, Herman has pulled into a tie for the lead with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and has leap-frogged over flash-in-the-pan and former frontrunner Texas Governor Rick Perry. The question most people have as well as the political pundits out there is now is Herman Cain an...
  • ANOTHER LIBERAL LIE EXPOSED: The Myth of the Southern Strategy

    10/03/2011 9:35:26 PM PDT · by Billlknowles · 1 replies ^ | 10/3/2011 | Carl Reed
    Recently, Herman Cain made the comment that, “Many African-Americans have been brainwashed into not being open-minded, not even considering a conservative point of view.” For this statement he was vilified, especially by the black liberal establishment. It may have been imprudent for him to say, especially if he wishes to garner a significant portion of the black vote, but it is the truth. Blacks have been brainwashed by the myth of the Southern Strategy. There was a point in our history in which the black community voted overwhelmingly Republican. After all, the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, freed the slaves....
  • ANOTHER LIBERAL LIE EXPOSED: The Myth of the Southern Strategy

    10/03/2011 7:58:51 PM PDT · by Billlknowles · 7 replies
    Contagious Transformation ^ | 10/03/2011 | Carl Reed
    “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” Mark Twain (attributed) Recently, Herman Cain made the comment that, “Many African-Americans have been brainwashed into not being open-minded, not even considering a conservative point of view.” For this statement he was vilified, especially by the black liberal establishment. It may have been imprudent for him to say, especially if he wishes to garner a significant portion of the black vote, but it is the truth. Blacks have been brainwashed by the myth of the Southern Strategy. There was a point in our history...
  • Fox News Poll: Romney Still Frontrunner..Perry Dropping Fast...Cain Gingrich Surging

    10/02/2011 6:14:50 AM PDT · by Billlknowles · 73 replies ^ | 9/29/2011 | Bill Knowles
    A new poll released by Fox shows the national frontrunner is still former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney who is maintaining a lead over Texas Governor Rick Perry. Former Godfather Pizza CEO Herman Cain has vaulted out of the second tier of the pack to be in the 3rd position while former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has almost four times the support he had just one month ago.
  • Dick Morris: It's 'Very Possible' Obama Bails Out Of Presidential Race

    09/30/2011 10:14:09 PM PDT · by Billlknowles · 69 replies
    WeArePolitics ^ | 9/30/2011 | Bill Knowles
    On Hannity today, former Clinton advisor turned Conservative pundit Dick Morris said that after speaking with a Democratic strategist he feels that President Obama may just pull a Lyndon Johnson and leave the 2012 Presidential race to leave the door open for a future run at the White House. It's not so far fetched, but I personally think Obama's arrogance and pride will stop him from doing this. LBJ was certainly a narcissist, but he's not even in the same league as Obama. Further, 'Landslide Lyndon' had several other reasons to drop out of the race that King Barry I...