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  • The miniature radio that could link the Internet of Things

    09/14/2014 9:23:14 PM PDT · 16 of 37
    Billthedrill to BenLurkin
    [Phone rings]

    BtD: "Hullo?"

    Voice: "Howdy, Bill! This is yer terlit speaking."

    BtD: "Uh, wha?"

    Voice: "Yer terlit, Bill. I've been running some numbers on yer last poo and I don't like what I'm seeing."

    BtD: "What the- "

    Voice: "Green leafy veggies, Bill. Not enough veggies. I've been speaking with the fridge and you got nothing but froze lasagna and pork rinds. Oh, and I was talking to the scale, too. Not good, Bill. We ordered up a big batch of green, leafy veggies fer ya."

    BtD: "WHAT?!??!"

    Voice: "It's fer yer own good, Bill. Now just be a good little human and go along with the whole thing or..."

    BtD (frantic): "Or what, you little Nazi?"

    Voice: "Or the beer gets it."

  • The miniature radio that could link the Internet of Things

    09/14/2014 8:43:32 PM PDT · 8 of 37
    Billthedrill to freedumb2003
    Skynet, any day now...

    Ain't it the truth. I'm sitting at work talking about The Singularity with my colleagues and it dawned on me: "Clint, you're configuring a SAN, Steph, you're pounding on the monitors, I'm building a server...who or what are we working for?!??" Yep. The Singularity came some time ago and our new masters are at least being discreet about it by letting us think we're still in charge...

  • Is Scotland Big Enough To Go it Alone?

    09/14/2014 8:33:45 PM PDT · 21 of 69
    Billthedrill to Greysard

    I’m afraid I have to agree. Moreover, Zimbabwe hasn’t had its own currency since 2009. It can get away with that, I don’t think that Scotland can.

  • Islamic State crisis: Kerry to lead talks in Paris

    09/14/2014 8:24:30 PM PDT · 7 of 31
    Billthedrill to BenLurkin
    Excellent, those professional diplomats should have this little issue wrapped up in no time at all!

    Well, except for the part about nobody wanting to participate militarily. And the part about the new President of Iraq not wanting anybody's help. And the part about 0bama stating there won't be any boots on the ground, but perhaps we can issue the troops flip-flops. Other than that, it will be Nobel Peace Prizes for everyone!

  • Is Scotland Big Enough To Go it Alone?

    09/14/2014 8:14:46 PM PDT · 11 of 69
    Billthedrill to Lorianne
    Avoiding the obligatory crack at Bush - no one is more susceptible to groupthink than an "independent" academic - the author raises a couple of hopeful points. He neglects to mention that another advantage of smaller nations is that they tend to be more ethnically and culturally homogeneous, a thing that is the more quickly threatened for all that by ill-informed immigration policy.

    There are downsides to Scotland's prospects as well, not the least of which are what appears to this outsider as a shocking lack of actual planning for success on the part of the separatists and failure on the part of the unionists. If at this late date all any of these can speak about is what "might" happen there is very little room for an informed vote. Forming a newly separate country is not really a time for winging it.

    Scotland has, to be sure, enough natural resources to provide a cushion provided they are not squandered in the name of ideology as they have been in Venezuela. Were it not for the EU and the Euro one might suspect this to be the day of the Scottish Pound; that will be one of the first things that will need to be worked out in the event of a separatist victory. One hopes that somebody in a position to do something about it has thought the matter through.

    Either way it works out, my best to both parties. It is always awkward watching friends orbit around a divorce.

  • The Insiders: Is there a mutiny brewing around Obama?

    09/14/2014 6:04:30 PM PDT · 20 of 70
    Billthedrill to right-wing agnostic
    All speculation, unfortunately. I don't see John Effin' as much of a mutineer, and I don't for a minute think that he or Hagel are up to opposing the President for what are essentially professional reasons, that profession being what they're being paid to do and not the fact that they're politicians. If either one actually possesses any strategic faculties that would lead this direction it certainly isn't obvious from past performance.

    The author is on firmer ground in suspecting that it was Democrat fear of the backlash of an executive-mandated immigration policy that impelled him to table that for the moment, or rather until after the November elections. If I had to guess, that's the same motivation for any pressure on 0bama to take action in Iraq. It's all about the optics.

  • Was Ferguson the beginning of a new civil rights era?

    09/14/2014 5:52:47 PM PDT · 50 of 54
    Billthedrill to 2ndDivisionVet

    The Ferguson affair will drop out of sight like a plunk in the loo just as soon as the professional agitators stop making money off it.

  • Charles Krauthammer, the Assault Weapon Ban, and Shannon Watts

    09/14/2014 5:18:42 PM PDT · 3 of 28
    Billthedrill to marktwain
    Krauthammer is a psychiatrist and so it may be a little more forgivable for him to adopt the therapeutic model than it might be for most, but in fact treating a society is not the same thing as treating a human patient. The difference is in kind, not in scale. And so his dichotomy between a weaning model and a cold-turkey model begs the question of whether the end state - a disarmed society - is, in truth, any healthier than the present one.

    The issue is certainly not helped by wild media sensationalism. The Assault Weapons ban he cites is a case in point. Statistically these are among the least abused and safest guns out there, whose portion of the total crime scenario has decreased with popularity, not increased. Surely this must suggest something other than a "plague" to any objective thinker.

    And yet even in his original point it was clear that social engineering, i.e. "domestic tranquility", was the driving motivation, yet the examples he gave do not serve to support that goal. Is it a net gain for a society if gun-related crime is down yet other violent crime skyrockets? There is no sign that he has considered this. Curing a patient's depression with a drug that causes heart attacks is not a net gain. I wish I could be confident that he has weighed this but I'm not.

  • Politico Lead Story: 'Is It Time to Ditch the Star-Spangled Banner?'

    09/14/2014 4:46:06 PM PDT · 2 of 72
    Billthedrill to Kaslin
    For most of the Politico wonks the Internationale is more to taste. BTT
  • Obama's Unnecessary, Unpromising War

    09/14/2014 3:53:37 PM PDT · 24 of 26
    Billthedrill to workerbee
    Chapman is categorically incorrect in that assertion. ISIS now has control of al Muthanna, which was Saddam's primary chemical weapons depot. Story HERE and HERE and HERE and a bunch of other places. If Chapman meant "Saddam didn't have enough current chemical weapons to justify intervention" then he should have said that. What he did say was wrong.
  • Obama’s ship is sinking

    09/14/2014 10:45:34 AM PDT · 16 of 36
    Billthedrill to right-wing agnostic
    He's run out of cover stories, all but one:

    2008: At last Bush is gone! The world will now be peaceful and the country a utopia of racial comity!

    2009: Bush made a bigger mess than we thought, but the unicorns pooping skittles are on the way! Oh, by the way, 0bamacare. Because we say so. And if you don't like it you're a racist.

    2010: If Bush hadn't messed up the world we'd be at utopia by now. We're already nearly there. Because we say so. Any complaints and you're a racist.

    2011: Never mind that the Middle East is falling apart. 0bama won the Iraq war and is going to win the Afghanistan war as well. Because he's better than Bush, and if it doesn't work it's Bush's fault. And yours for pointing it out. You racist.

    2012: Everything is warm puppies and unicorns, the economy has recovered, and the world is a better place because we say so, you racist.

    2013: Who cares that schoolchildren are going hungry, unemployment is in the tank, and 90% of the country is worse off than it was five years ago? We have gay marriage. You racist.

    2014: You racist.

    It's going to be tough to fill in the free space with good news. Amazingly, people don't appear to be satisfied with incessant golf games, lavish vacations, and 40-car imperial motorcades. It's probably because we're racist.

  • Assault Weapons Revisited

    09/14/2014 10:27:04 AM PDT · 8 of 15
    Billthedrill to rktman
    Check this out. From the article, the policies they want to apply are:

    Require background checks for all gun sales

    Present policy for dealer sales. Private sales, not happening.

    Require dealers to report multiple sales of long guns

    Present policy. They are required to report ALL sales of long guns. It's only supposed to be a background check but what do you know, the serial number is on it. Form 4473, Page 3, item 28.

    Equalize interstate sales of long guns and handguns

    Do what? "Equalize"? That's going to require increasing the sales of long guns quite a bit.

    Require federal firearms licenses for individuals that manufacture guns using 3D printers

    Chase the wind. You might as well "require" people who make guns out of pipe and broomsticks to have licenses. They won't.

    Bar possession and use of machine guns by individuals under the age of 16

    Present policy since 1986.

    Require a permit for possession of assault weapons

    There's no such thing.

    This individual displays a broad, categorical ignorance of the field that would be breathtaking were it not all too common. You might as well place automobile legislation in the hands of someone who has never seen a car but hates them anyway and doesn't want anyone else to own one.

  • Send British nukes to US if Scotland votes Yes say military chiefs

    09/13/2014 11:44:30 PM PDT · 26 of 58
    Billthedrill to Celtic Conservative
    Texas secedes and becomes the worlds newest nuclear superpower.

    Oh, no, that would never work. Dang crazy Texans would only nuke Mecca and Tehran and...

    Well, I mean, that would be just awf...


  • Send British nukes to US if Scotland votes Yes say military chiefs

    09/13/2014 10:10:02 PM PDT · 18 of 58
    Billthedrill to Tailgunner Joe
    0bama might well block that, given his propensity to hanging our allies out to dry at every available opportunity. One can only imagine the shrieking the would emanate from every anti-nuke kook and anti-war poseur - Medea Benjamin, white courtesy phone please - who currently is bursting with frustration at being unable to vent at their Dear Leader for his policies in Afghanistan and the Middle East.

    The sad truth is that under this disgusting administration the United States is no longer a reliable ally to people who have bled for us. It's been that way for the better part of six years now, and we have two to go during which the keeping of foreign policy will remain in the hands of John Kerry and Barack Hussein no matter what the House and Senate look like, and anyone who thinks that the country and the world can't take permanent damage from it hasn't been paying attention.

  • You Say You Want a Revolution? We’d all love to see the plan.

    09/13/2014 9:52:11 PM PDT · 22 of 25
    Billthedrill to No One Special
    ...write in Donald Duck if the Republicans should be so crass as to expect them to go to the polls in support of . . . Mitch McConnell, or Marco Rubio, or Rick Perry, or Ted Cruz, or Chris Christie.

    Clearly the author does not understand the degree of disaffection toward the establishment GOP that would motivate conservatives to do precisely that. It is not simple stubbornness, it is the complete loss in faith that the difference between the two parties is anything other than the difference between a swift and a slow poison. That's a few dimes, to be sure, but not a dollar's worth.

    Barack Hussein 0bama and his merry band of crooks, racists, and bullies, are not moderates, they are not compromise candidates, they are not bipartisan, and yet they occupy the highest reaches of power. The counter to that is not a smirking chumship. These people are at war with the country and have behaved in that way, perhaps the only honest thing about them.

    The truth is that pandering to the media or to the racial or economic pressure groups that constitute the backbone of the Democrat party is futile and counterproductive. We are not going to win these people over. They have to be defeated, to the degree to which it becomes they, and not we, who will be reaching out for common ground. We saw in the brutal, partisan imposition of 0bamacare how they intend to operate, where they have attempted to set the bar. To accept that as the new baseline, which all of the candidates mentioned with the exception of Cruz appear willing to do, is to accept a creeping surrender. No more.

  • K.W Oxnard: White Americans, white privilege (Tired of this yet?)

    09/13/2014 8:20:48 PM PDT · 24 of 74
    Billthedrill to 2ndDivisionVet
    Heck, no, I'm not tired of it! I hope they keep it up until the election. I hope they shriek it on a daily basis. I hope the MSM pound their Occupy drums with it until people's ears bleed.

    In other words, keep babbling, my dear. A reckoning is coming.

  • TSA Tries to Pat Down Man After His Flight, Watch Him Refuse

    09/13/2014 8:16:52 PM PDT · 55 of 79
    Billthedrill to Texaspeptoman
    Well, exactly! Far be it from me to suggest that the feckless, ridiculous, unqualified, incompetent halfwit now infesting the White House like a bad case of dry rot is anything but a stellar individual. Or that, as another FReeper pointed out, in the richest country in world history children are going hungry because of the crackpot opinions of his unelected, elephantine spouse who herself eats like a Budweiser Clydesdale. Or that his administration consists of the most sordid and tawdry collection of ward heelers and sycophants since the last Ottoman pasha had his sewed into a sack and drowned like the filthy, disease-ridden rodents they were.

    I could think these things, of course, but I would never post them to the Internet.

  • TSA Tries to Pat Down Man After His Flight, Watch Him Refuse

    09/13/2014 6:09:31 PM PDT · 16 of 79
    Billthedrill to BulletBobCo

    Fortunately, I have never posted to a website that is critical of the government.

  • Guest column: We need groceries, not guns at Michigan Kroger stores

    09/13/2014 4:15:30 PM PDT · 10 of 66
    Billthedrill to smokingfrog
    despite polling that shows 92 percent of all Americans and 74 percent of NRA members support background checks on all gun sales.

    Another lie. 74 percent of NRA members support background checks because they're already in place for dealers. NOT for "all gun sales".

  • The Sci-Fi Book Classics You Need to Read Before You Die

    09/12/2014 8:58:45 PM PDT · 154 of 200
    Billthedrill to Fzob
    OK, here's a weird list:

    Podkayne of Mars by Heinlein. Read the real ending in Grumbles From The Grave and bow to The Master.

    Neuromancer, by William Gibson. As time goes on it becomes less and less possible to understand how incredibly prescient this was.

    The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson. Simply the greatest SF ever written. I'm not joking. It is dense, difficult, and brilliant.

  • Paul Allen sues after $2.5 million tank purchase blows up

    09/12/2014 3:48:28 PM PDT · 34 of 34
    Billthedrill to TexasGator
    Long time ago, people read the article before posting it.

    Here? Are you sure that was FR?

  • President Obama's Politically-Driven, Hastily Taped-Together, Counterterrorism Strategy

    09/12/2014 3:42:46 PM PDT · 6 of 16
    Billthedrill to Kaslin
    But can a U.S. air war alone effectively degrade and, in the final analysis, defeat the terrorists in Iraq and Syria?

    No. And we keep having to re-learn that lesson every time a new guy takes the wheel.

  • Diplomacy: 10 Arab States Promise to "Do Their Share" in Fighting ISIS

    09/12/2014 3:17:37 PM PDT · 26 of 28
    Billthedrill to elpadre

    It means they write a check and their “blue-eyed slaves” (to quote a Saudi royal) show up and do the bleeding. Which 0bama and Kerry are officially denying and which is already happening.

  • Professors are feeling hopeless. Good.

    09/12/2014 3:13:32 PM PDT · 17 of 41
    Billthedrill to BruceDeitrickPrice
    The professor thinks that Weird Al’s attitude “raises deep and long-standing questions of social equity regarding class, education, race, age, ethnicity, gender, and how these relate to languages, dialects, and social registers….”

    Now that's odd, isn't it? Because our good Professor appears to imagine that "social equity, class, education, race, age, ethnicity, gender" have specific, clearly delineated meanings and are to be used in specific ways. Bit of a language fascist himself, isn't he?

  • Vet accused of treating people pleads guilty

    09/12/2014 2:36:36 PM PDT · 7 of 45
    Billthedrill to BBell

    I wuz wondering. Those distemper shots hurt like hell. BTT

  • Only Germany is holding together as separatists threaten to rip Europe apart

    09/12/2014 1:12:15 PM PDT · 29 of 36
    Billthedrill to KarlInOhio
    Nein! Zere iss only VUN people in Chermany, VUN government, VUN leader! Or, in German, Ein volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhr..." Uh, wait, never mind. Got carried away there. It will be an amicable divorce, I'm sure.
  • Is Your Firearms Training Realistic?

    09/12/2014 12:33:34 PM PDT · 15 of 68
    Billthedrill to RC one
    I have done the force-on-force training and it rocks. But setup is elaborate and expensive - we ended up building our own shoot house in a parking lot, probably way outside the city ordinances, but nobody came to object before we had the place torn back down. Very intense training. Simunitions are better than paintball but more expensive. Good times!

    There's an easier solution, of course. We just make it illegal for anyone to commit a robbery without shouting "Threat!" and standing still. Dunno why nobody thought of that.

  • Only Germany is holding together as separatists threaten to rip Europe apart

    09/12/2014 12:28:19 PM PDT · 26 of 36
    Billthedrill to Lorianne
    Great article, thanks for posting. There is absolutely nothing to prevent this breakup enthusiasm from occurring in Germany, as AEP points out. Well, only ze Prussians.

    The French will not be paralyzed forever and may object to a Europe quite so Teutonic, although a Europe equally Gallic would probably go over fairly well, recalling the pre-1914 pretensions of French being the world language. French nationalism has a longer pedigree than nearly anyone's, and Germany has only been Germany since 1871, after all.

    Such a fissiparous tendency may be a two-edged sword, serving not to increase local power so much as to make it flow toward Brussels. Should the Flemish break off from Belgium, so what? It becomes a District of Columbia for the capital of Europe. In other words, the actual result might be a centralizing tendency as much as a centrifugal one.

    Interesting times.

  • The Buck Stops in the White House

    09/12/2014 11:31:19 AM PDT · 21 of 33
    Billthedrill to Kaslin

    For this President the buck stops at the Oval Office desk all right, but the name plate on the desk reads “Bush”.

  • Executive action on tax deals could come next week, Dem says

    09/12/2014 10:49:39 AM PDT · 13 of 13
    Billthedrill to jazusamo
    The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;

    Article I, Section 8 of that tattered old document nobody in D.C. reads anymore...

  • Third Time’s the Charm: Mitt Romney should run in 2016. He could win.

    09/12/2014 10:32:51 AM PDT · 40 of 129
    Billthedrill to C19fan
    Politico would have us running Harold Stassen again; anything to help the Democrat party. Tedious.
  • Scotland, you want out? We'll take your place (US reunification with UK)

    09/12/2014 10:27:13 AM PDT · 29 of 49
    Billthedrill to Dallas59
    I'm not sure just how far this elephantine humor was expected to be taken seriously, but nearly every one of his points is laughably false. He's catching it pretty hard in the Comments section, where people who actually live there have applied a welcome corrective.

    It's the usual collection of proggy talking points from, heaven help us, a journalism professor. A country built on aristocracy and that still possesses a Royal Family is more "equal", is it? Really?

    I'm guessing the good Professor is retreating rapidly into the "it was just humor and you people are too stupid to appreciate it" recourse of those caught in the act. I'll pray for his students.

  • When Boots on the Ground Aren't 'Boots on the Ground' in Iraq

    09/12/2014 10:14:17 AM PDT · 6 of 12
    Billthedrill to Oldeconomybuyer
    ...already American airmen and soldiers have directly engaged and killed ISIS fighters, both in Iraq and Syria. But the men and women who pulled the trigger in those cases don’t fit the bill for “boots on the ground,” according to White House National Security Council spokesperson Caitlin Hayden.

    "Boots on the ground" is people in theater. It isn't whether they're "assigned a combat role" but whether they can get killed that's important. If the individual in question comes home in a body bag, that sort of angels-dancing-on-a-pin semantics are very little comfort to the individual or his or her family.

    This is yet another example (as if we needed another) of the sort of smirking, dorm-room amateurism that has typified the entire approach of this administration to policies both foreign and domestic. Yes, when it comes to those the administration regards as pawns, not people, they actually can try to define dead bodies away - they've already done that with respect to Benghazi, with respect to the Fort Hood terrorism, with respect to beheaded journalists, with respect to Afghanistan ROEs and now Iraq deployments. This isn't detachment, it's callous disregard.

  • Nihilism: The West's Evil Religion of Idolatry, Lies, and Hate

    09/12/2014 9:58:21 AM PDT · 18 of 18
    Billthedrill to spirited irish
    I think you are correct about that fear - he was actually pretty specific about it in Man and Superman. But with regard to Thus Spake Zarathustra, bear in mind two things: first, that he placed "God is dead" in the mouth of a madman, and second, that he himself was not only certifiable but was committed involuntarily. Barking mad. The question for scholars is just how much his madman really was himself, and worse, far worse, just how reliable the evidence is given that he really was at the very least unstable when he wrote it.

    So, where's the philosophy and where's the insanity? And can you differentiate? At that I bow out as an unqualified amateur. That one needs a serious forensic shrink.

  • ISIS Seeks 'Cyber Caliphate

    09/11/2014 9:29:28 PM PDT · 13 of 15
    Billthedrill to Kaslin

    Yeah, right. These are guys who can’t master an electric razor or a roll-on deodorant. Spare me.

  • Brutally Cold 2014-15 Winter Shaping Up For The United States

    09/11/2014 9:20:01 PM PDT · 14 of 63
    Billthedrill to Jack Hydrazine

    Hmm...warm and dry in my neck of the woods. Gonna play hell with the ski resorts...

  • If Scotland can secede, so can Texas

    09/11/2014 9:13:21 PM PDT · 129 of 183
    Billthedrill to C19fan

    Look, I’m sorry, but Texas can NOT secede from Great Britain. I told you guys to be more careful betting on the Cowboys. Oh, yeah, and worse news: if Scotland goes, you gotta wear the skirts. :-(

  • Army worried too many white men lead combat units, racial diversity lacking

    09/11/2014 9:06:31 PM PDT · 87 of 111
    Billthedrill to zaxtres
    HERE's what I turned up. It appears that black deaths in Iraq were considerably under-represented between 2003 and 2008. 9.49% as opposed to 14% of the population at large. And Hispanic, under-represented as well. 10.72% as opposed to 17% of the population. White, over-represented, 74% as opposed to 63% of the population.

    Mind you, those totals can be deceptive depending on the white/Hispanic crossover, which should remind us that the idea of race and that of ethnicity are not the same.

  • Army worried too many white men lead combat units, racial diversity lacking

    09/11/2014 7:05:04 PM PDT · 31 of 111
    Billthedrill to Georgia Girl 2
    You beat me to it.

    The Army reports that only 10 percent of its active-duty officers are black

    "Only"? If it's more than 12%, they're going to be screaming that they're over-represented and that the wars will be won on the back of Guess Who. That claim was already made with regard to Vietnam - it was entirely fictitious but you still hear it now and then.

    My problem is with "Army sociologists". It could be easily solved by running the lot of them across a minefield or two to clear it. Presumably the casualties would be equally distributed racially and everyone would be happy.

  • Ships without crew set for the seas

    09/11/2014 6:54:47 PM PDT · 21 of 62
    Billthedrill to 2ndDivisionVet
    "We mustn’t forget that current rules and legislation all assume that there are people on board”, Rødseth said.

    Yes, particularly salvage law. It'd be kind of a bummer to have some guy put-put up to the thing, board it, and claim ownership of a perfectly functioning vessel. And win.

    There will, of course, be limitations to the applicability of such a vessel. I recall what it was like to enter Hong Kong harbor. Absolute insane chaos and you had to double the lookouts and pray that mama-san in a junk wouldn't suddenly decide she had right of way in a narrow channel. Yes, human error is largely responsible for maritime disaster but it's often somebody else's.

  • Senators chide freight railroads on delays

    09/11/2014 4:39:00 PM PDT · 50 of 56
    Billthedrill to Publius
    Fiction. (Sobbing) It was fiction! (Pounding table, more sobbing) Atlas Shrugged was supposed to be FICTION!!
  • Chicago Gets to Work for LGBTQ Youth (Now I've seen it all)

    09/11/2014 4:21:05 PM PDT · 13 of 17
    Billthedrill to 21twelve

    You are correct, it was originally “questioning”. Both now apply.

  • Chicago Gets to Work for LGBTQ Youth (Now I've seen it all)

    09/11/2014 4:20:09 PM PDT · 12 of 17
    Billthedrill to expat2

    “Queer”, and no, I’m not making that up. It’s their attempt at “I can say it but you can’t”. Earlier this week a professor of Queer Theory (I am not making that up either) at USC was busted for grooming underage Filipino boys. Ah, my alma mater...

  • Police: Attempted robbery of Springfield store with fake gun thwarted by shop owner with real pistol

    09/11/2014 4:03:41 PM PDT · 8 of 16
    Billthedrill to matt04

    “...and because your guns say ‘Replica’ on the side, and mine says ‘Desert Eagle, Point Five Oh’, should precipitate your...into shrinking, along with your presence.”

  • ID: Coeu d'Alene City Council Scoffs at the Law

    09/11/2014 4:01:33 PM PDT · 2 of 11
    Billthedrill to marktwain

    I would be shocked if anyone in CDA were even aware of the ordinance, much less obeys it. I certainly wasn’t. All these folks have to be re-elected at some point. Bookmarking the article for future reference.

  • Chicago Gets to Work for LGBTQ Youth (Now I've seen it all)

    09/11/2014 3:56:11 PM PDT · 4 of 17
    Billthedrill to 2ndDivisionVet
  • Cops: Shoplifter Used Walmart Motorized Wheelchair Cart As Her Getaway Vehicle

    09/11/2014 3:18:04 PM PDT · 18 of 29
    Billthedrill to Gamecock
    Last month, an 18-year-old New Mexico man was arrested for stealing a similar Walmart cart and driving it to a meeting with his probation officer at an Albuquerque courthouse.

    I know what you're thinking, but I have an alibi.

  • 5 Different 3D Printed Gun Models Have Been Fired Since May, 2013 – Here They Are

    09/11/2014 2:20:01 PM PDT · 18 of 18
    Billthedrill to 2ndDivisionVet
    Let’s hear your thoughts on what, if anything, should be done by authorities to make sure these weapons do not fall in the hands of crazed maniacs.

    The "authorities" ARE crazed maniacs. If we can keep this technology from their meddling, grubby fingers, it's a start.

  • Kerry: U.S. not at war with ISIS

    09/11/2014 1:17:58 PM PDT · 5 of 51
    Billthedrill to Citizen Zed

    Sure we are, John-John. It’s seared - SEARED - into my memory.

  • IKEA ridicules silly Apple commercials

    09/11/2014 1:17:03 PM PDT · 16 of 32
    Billthedrill to WesternCulture

    You are aware of what has happened to FReepers who post #13 in the past, aren’t you? Spontaneous combustion. It’s apparently a feature of the FR user interface that JohnRob hasn’t quite worked out yet. Also, Leon Trotsky posted #13 to an Undead Thread one time and look what happened to him. Better still, axe him.