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  • Japan Is At Risk Of Fading From Existence

    07/20/2015 6:23:52 PM PDT · 13 of 87
    BJ1 to blam

    Lower birth rates and declines in marriage are falling across the west. Why it’s so hard to understand for people I do not know. Marriage is less worthwhile to men than it was in the past. Simultaneously, being single has never been better for a man. Here is my attempt to reason it out.

    1) Marriage is dumb for men on a macro level. You have a contract that can be broken by either party, at any time, for any reason. BUT, typically the man is on the hook to pay his ex a lot of money and for many years. I mean she is not providing you any service (no more sex, house cleaning, cooking) but she still cost money. And as a bonus, you will probably be alienated from you children if you get divorced.

    2) Singleness isn’t so bad. Modern life has it made it so men can cook their meals relatively easy. Washing clothes, dishes are all automated too. And you don’t need marriage for female affection. Just saying.

    So why buy the cow.....when the cow is likely to cost you dearly, when you can get free milk?

    It may not be moral, but we live in a post Christian western world.

  • Why Great Women Marry Total (Edited)

    06/26/2015 2:13:29 PM PDT · 15 of 42
    BJ1 to nickcarraway

    So all the times women complain they just want guy who will treat them well isn’t true?

  • Donald Trump bans Univision staff from his Miami golf resort

    06/26/2015 1:06:04 PM PDT · 32 of 67
    BJ1 to 1rudeboy

    >>>Better to be a moron than a Yankee, the Southerners say.<<<

    Well you guys do have Forest Gump.

  • After the Supreme Court's Decision: Here's What I Want GOP Candidates to Say about Marriage

    06/26/2015 10:39:53 AM PDT · 7 of 23
    BJ1 to SeekAndFind
    Here is a gallup poll of what people consider morally acceptable behavior.  The politicians are the wrong thing to focus on imho.  The folks are getting exactly what they want.


  • ‘Obama zombies’: Americans sign prankster’s petition to nuke Russia (VIDEO)

    06/11/2015 5:47:43 AM PDT · 1 of 9
    This is a story about a video you can see online of Mark Dice. He goes about doing man on the street interviews and asks random people if they would sign his petition. A petition with the president's name on it to launch a preemptive nuclear first strike against Russia. And nearly everyone signs it.

    Waiter, check please!


    06/09/2015 7:33:25 AM PDT · 20 of 32
    BJ1 to McGruff

    Was that a picture of them going nude in Malaysia? If so it’s really disturbing. A group of people go across the globe and then do that? That is what is important to them and I guess makes their lives better? I don’t get it at all.

  • Girlfriend tells man not to buy any more lottery tickets, he doesn't listen, wins $1 million

    06/08/2015 7:05:41 PM PDT · 15 of 50
    BJ1 to Sacajaweau

    >>>>And the girlfriend said....”Don’t you think we should get married?”<<<<

    Maybe. Maybe after he buys a house and gets her to sign a prenup. Of course maybe he can trade up to a trophy wife now. Eh?

  • Dennis Hastert: When It’s a Crime to Withdraw Your Own Money From Your Bank

    06/07/2015 6:58:01 PM PDT · 30 of 65
    BJ1 to Alberta's Child

    >>>I’ve said from the beginning that there is a lot more to this story than meets the eye. Why would a former elected official — who hasn’t been in office in years — pay $3.5M in hush money over an incident that: (1) occurred long before he was in public office, and (2) occurred so long ago that the statute of limitations for any criminal prosecution expired years ago?<<<

    Makes you wonder why he just didn’t say the hell with it and retire and keep all that money. What is the rationale for losing 3.5M? Does he have such a lucrative lobbying career that it is worth that price?

  • Is it possible to be a HAPPY spinster?

    06/04/2015 2:29:34 PM PDT · 1 of 36
    Three women give three differing views on being older and single. I am curious what the conservative ladies think about choosing a single life instead of marriage.
  • The 10 US metro systems that lose the most money per passenger

    06/04/2015 11:36:12 AM PDT · 62 of 67
    BJ1 to Buckeye McFrog

    They have bike lanes in Chicago where I live. I really fail to see how it helps (bicyclists) more than it hurts (cars). Especially considering we have bad weather here.

  • The 10 US metro systems that lose the most money per passenger

    06/04/2015 11:04:32 AM PDT · 60 of 67
    BJ1 to GeronL

    Well removing a lane for a train is stupid. I did see something interesting from South America several years ago. A tv show explaining how some cities down there work. Special high speed buses with special bus lanes. They operate in an express mode and don’t stop every other block. They have trackers that are computerized and the lights are synced to them. They simply move you from point a, to point b fast. They were saying LA was going to do a pilot program on that. I wonder how it turned out.

  • The 10 US metro systems that lose the most money per passenger

    06/04/2015 7:57:53 AM PDT · 17 of 67
    BJ1 to SeekAndFind

    I’m typically against this stuff. But, if these people don’t take mass transit, congestion will get worse for autos. So in this particular instance, subsidies don’t only affect the riders. And as the onion pointed out, 98% of people surveyed wished other people took mass transit.


    06/03/2015 9:52:38 AM PDT · 5 of 121
    BJ1 to C19fan

    From the article: By the time police launched their investigation in 2006, the statute of limitations had expired

    So what’s the actual news value of this story? This broke last week didn’t it?

  • Alabama moves to do away with marriage licenses

    06/03/2015 9:04:26 AM PDT · 47 of 63
    BJ1 to Alberta's Child

    >>>One big difference here is that our legal system gives a lot of protection for children as well<<<

    Well as far as I’m concerned, best interest of the child talk is half the reason men are scared of marriage in the first place. What does that mean? In the real world it means whatever the judge wants it to mean. Of course the other half is no fault divorce. Some deal. Stick to it as long as both parties want to be married. If for any reason whatsoever, it can be dissolved and there is no appropriate compensation or justice. Have a wife who wants to dump you for your best friend? No problem. The law will make that happen and you get to pay for their lifestyle. Of course, it’s in the best interest of the children for you to spend the money. But your ex wife does as she will with the money and your former best friend gets to enjoy your ex wife and live with your kids.

    So yeah the marriage contract sucks out loud.

  • Alabama moves to do away with marriage licenses

    06/03/2015 8:37:37 AM PDT · 43 of 63
    BJ1 to US_MilitaryRules

    >>>I think they should have a bunch of contracts. They should have them with a percentage. The people who want to can pick 10% for you 90% for me or 50/50 or 60/40 etc. for when they get separated. Let the people pick which one. Then there is no haggling or hiring lawyers. Judge divides it all.<<<

    They basically do that in Sweden. Fill out the form, pay a nominal fee and mail it in. Wait a little time and you are divorced. There is nothing to fight over as the law clearly states how things go. While you might not like the ease of such a system, it does remove a lot of the acrimony that goes along with divorce as we see it here.

  • ‘TowIt’ App Publicly Shames Drivers Of Badly Parked Cars

    05/30/2015 9:47:51 PM PDT · 5 of 39
    BJ1 to MediaMole

    >>>Sounds like an app for self-important jackholes to annoy people.<<<

    Imagine what the East German secret police could have done with modern technology.

  • How the militantly pro-gay Golden State Warriors evaded the wrath of God

    05/28/2015 3:41:23 PM PDT · 5 of 6
    BJ1 to WayneS

    Yeah what you said!

    I can’t even figure out why the wrath of God was evaded.

  • 84% of Women Worldwide Dealt With Catcalls Before Age 17: Study

    05/28/2015 3:32:34 PM PDT · 4 of 47
    BJ1 to BenLurkin

    Realize this only has to be true in the respondent’s mind.

  • Tesla is apparently recharging ’emissions free’ electric cars with a diesel generator

    05/28/2015 2:31:03 PM PDT · 51 of 56
    BJ1 to Resolute Conservative

    Why are you saying you are free? Does everything have to be political? If I am saying one day I think electric cars are going to be good, does that mean I’m some left wing disciple of Al Gore?

    I’m simply talking about the future where electric cars stand a good chance of being superior to gasoline or diesel.

  • Tesla is apparently recharging ’emissions free’ electric cars with a diesel generator

    05/28/2015 11:33:08 AM PDT · 32 of 56
    BJ1 to Resolute Conservative

    There is nothing wrong with electric motors. Trains are essentially electric with diesel providing the juice. If, as many people seem to think, we get batteries that are both cheaper and higher capacity, we just may see good practical electric cars. Internal combustion engines are just one way of turning energy into motion. And not terribly efficient, so there may be a better mouse trap built so to speak. The amount of energy per volume is unmatched in petroleum products. But simply changing how much energy can be stored in batteries will make electric vehicles much cheaper to operate. Look no further than natural gas being used as a fuel source for vehicles. Gasoline or Diesel is expensive per mile.

  • Tesla is apparently recharging ’emissions free’ electric cars with a diesel generator

    05/28/2015 10:44:11 AM PDT · 6 of 56
    BJ1 to Cincinatus

    I’m gonna look at the glass half full on electric cars. I think they have the potential be much cheaper to both purchase and maintain if there is a revolution in battery storage. Electric motors are cheap and durable, I’ve read on this topic. So if the industry would switch over, I would think cars would both cost less to purchase and less to maintain. Further, if there was a corresponding new source of cheap electric, such as a new generation of nuclear power plants, the cost per mile would be less than gasoline cars.

    Yes it’s silly and hypocritical to own such a car today if your aim is to be an environmentalist. But the potential exist for this to just be a good development in the evolution of the car.

  • 'Bachelorette' Kaitlyn Bristowe: I'm 'Not Ashamed' Of Having Sex On The Show

    05/23/2015 1:36:02 PM PDT · 47 of 52
    BJ1 to sten

    >>> 30 years old. 12 year sexual history, at least. 1 new boyfriend ‘compartmentalized’ per month... at least.

    144+ compartments and counting. <<<

    Now why would a man want to marry any woman with a string of men in her past and be the one to be faithful to her, provide for her and risk losing everything if she gets bored and runs off for another man? I mean, she’s a “good girl” right? right?.....hello is this mic on?

  • First Air Warfare Destroyer launched at ASC, Osborne (Australia)

    05/22/2015 10:28:34 PM PDT · 5 of 17
    BJ1 to Cry if I Wanna

    Don’t submariners say there are only two type of ships. Subs and targets?

  • As a White Man, I'm Surprised More Women Aren't Tweeting the Hashtag #KillAllWhiteMen

    05/22/2015 8:10:01 PM PDT · 49 of 75
    BJ1 to HiTech RedNeck

    Yeah true his real life was not what his screen personal showed. But you gotta agree that the definition of what being a man is has changed radically and for the worse over the last 50 years. Now what does being a “man” mean to the average 20 year old today? I do not think most of these men will say getting married and raising a family. I am guessing (only because I am not old enough) that that is exactly the response you would have heard from the typical 20 year old man 50 years ago. Maybe some old timers can confirm or deny this.

  • As a White Man, I'm Surprised More Women Aren't Tweeting the Hashtag #KillAllWhiteMen

    05/22/2015 8:03:09 PM PDT · 47 of 75
    BJ1 to Norm Lenhart

    Save ourselves lol. Nobody really addresses the birth control pill. That little thing has transformed society more than anyone seems to talk a about. Feminism would just be something of a dream for spinsters if birth control wasn’t around.

    Now that it is here, I see men who want their wives to work so they can have a more cushy life. I’m sorry, but I just don’t see men being more “manly.” The days of young men aspiring to be like John Wayne are over.

  • The quirky online world of male shaving enthusiasts

    05/22/2015 11:55:35 AM PDT · 6 of 25
    BJ1 to rickmichaels

    I’m going to add this to my long list of things I’m not doing right.

  • Disgrace: 51% of Democrats, 37% of Republicans support making “hate speech” a crime

    05/20/2015 1:25:13 PM PDT · 25 of 41
    BJ1 to SeekAndFind

    The problem with telling the average person you don’t agree with an opposing point of view shows how stupid so many of them are. In this instance are very likely conversation would go something like this:

    Conservative: I really disagree with this law. It’s an unconstitutional attack on free speech.

    Retort: Why do you support hate speech? Are you a racist?

  • Utah s new custody law aimed at giving both parents equal responsibility

    05/19/2015 3:31:10 AM PDT · 13 of 30
    BJ1 to maine-iac7

    >>>People just need to grow up and make marriage decisions based on more than sexual attraction<<<

    That’s not the issue as far as I see it when it comes to this stage. Marriage is not what it used to be. One person can end it over the objection of the other. And I’ve heard stats that around 70% of divorces are imitated by women. What is that old conservative dogma about getting more of what you subsidize and less of what you tax? Child support in my state takes off 20% of your gross income for just one child. When women divorce a guy for no other reason than he is boring or she would like something different, I find rewarded her with his income to be incentivizing her to choose divorce. And if ya thing I’m full of it, here is an interesting peek from a therapist. Of course she spins this story in the best possible light for women. But it’s plain enough. She clearly states she sees a lot of women divorcing nice husbands and fathers.

  • A generation of Peter Pans

    05/17/2015 7:16:55 PM PDT · 24 of 25
    BJ1 to Figment

    I’m simply pointing out the reality that uneducated low skill jobs pay much less than they did 45 years ago. You can argue a different point, that people need to do x, y and z. I’m only stating life is different.

    And, I think we have too much education already. Albeit not in the right areas. But generically I think we have way too many college graduates than the country actually needs. Thus, employers can be lazy and require a college degree to screen out the stupid and or those without ambition. Even tho the job may not require any specific skills past what should be taught in the eight grade. So more education or any advice for that matter only really works on a subset of the population. The whole can’t follow your advice because its simply not possible. There are a finite number of good jobs out there.

    Anyways, the book you referenced sounds interesting and I personally agree with the points you shared. I’m only really arguing that on a macro level we are in worse shape. Charles Murray has a book where he argues the opposite. I believe it’s titled Coming Apart. He looks at census data and shows a static income for high school educated “households” between 1970 and 2010. But he doesn’t bother to tell us the percentage of two income households in 1970 vs. 2010.

  • A generation of Peter Pans

    05/17/2015 7:32:37 AM PDT · 16 of 25
    BJ1 to Leep

    I’ll agree with you rough is relative. But in terms of a man, supporting a family, I think its more difficult. Of course many things complicate that simple black and white analysis. Such as a better quality of life due to tech, health care and so on than earlier. But as far as a man getting the respect that comes from having and supporting a family, I think it is harder. Of course people can be less materialistic and live more like the WW2 generation and have modest homes, few possessions and be savers. But that is a different topic.

    As a side note, do men even have that urge that they need to provide for their family anymore as young millenials? Or has feminism made the two income household the default worldview?

  • A generation of Peter Pans

    05/17/2015 6:28:58 AM PDT · 14 of 25
    BJ1 to Figment

    Load of crap? What are you ignorant? Can’t u read real wages for a high school educated man has fallen by 40% since 1970? Because that fact is pointed out you gonna try to defame my character? get bent.

    I sourced my data. All you did was talk like some emotional putz.

  • Some congressmen are so paranoid of sex scandals they refuse to be alone with female staffers

    05/16/2015 10:07:56 AM PDT · 13 of 70
    BJ1 to SaveFerris

    A smart and beautiful woman is pretty dangerous in my world view.

  • Some congressmen are so paranoid of sex scandals they refuse to be alone with female staffers

    05/16/2015 10:03:23 AM PDT · 2 of 70
    BJ1 to MinorityRepublican

    If more men did this there would be less infidelity.

  • A generation of Peter Pans

    05/16/2015 9:32:27 AM PDT · 11 of 25
    BJ1 to Grampa Dave

    >>>We have managed our money and funded good education for our kids.

    In spite of our ages, we both get job offers and enjoy our lives with zero financial help from anyone.<<<

    I’m Gen X. And to be blunt I’m tired of what you said being applied as if that holds true today. I remember what your generation was like when you were my age. And I can see how much harder it is for the young than when I was their age. This is not just an anecdotal musing from one guy.

    Read this article for yourself. The part I want to point out is this in particular: Men with less education face an even bleaker picture; earnings for the median man with a high school diploma and no further schooling fell by 41 percent from 1970 to 2010.

    So yes, some youth can be very successful today. However, I think the typical young person has a much harder time than my generation or your generation.

  • Spinsterhood Gets a Modern Makeover

    05/15/2015 5:18:14 PM PDT · 21 of 23
    BJ1 to Old Grumpy

    You’re living the dream Old Grumpy!

  • Spinsterhood Gets a Modern Makeover

    05/15/2015 4:14:54 PM PDT · 18 of 23
    BJ1 to PrincessB

    Issues: It’s why I went abroad to find a wife (I simply wanted a traditional woman that wasn’t obsessed with materialism). Marriage seems like a scam to me as a man. The man MUST pay child support and divide his assets. But the woman can leave at any time for any reason.

    So I think that it may be easier for an older woman to get married once the fear of child support is over because the woman can’t have any kids. And that is one less stumbling block for a man. Of course by the time the woman is 40ish, will a 40ish man be interested in her back? Or will she have to settle for a 50ish man......hence going back to your point about unrealistic expectations.

  • Spinsterhood Gets a Modern Makeover

    05/15/2015 3:00:50 PM PDT · 12 of 23
    BJ1 to PrincessB

    >>>Actually the worst comments and “pity” generally come from other single women. I don’t hang around with them because everything devolves into a disfunctional support group about not meeting anyone.<<<

    What do they say? And why do you suppose these women are still single when they obviously don’t want to be single?

  • Spinsterhood Gets a Modern Makeover

    05/15/2015 2:43:35 PM PDT · 5 of 23
    BJ1 to Tijeras_Slim

    What is the ratio of cats per children? Is it 1:1 or do you need more than 1 cat per?

  • Spinsterhood Gets a Modern Makeover

    05/15/2015 2:39:28 PM PDT · 1 of 23
    What do you guys think of the attempt to change perception of being an older single woman?
  • Demanding appropriate dress at the high school prom is now “slut shaming”

    05/15/2015 5:41:19 AM PDT · 6 of 26
    BJ1 to Old Sarge

    >>>my girls refer to as “Slutty McSlutslut”<<<

    If you are a decent fellow and young you would be hard pressed not to take advantage of the goodies available to you. Not saying it’s right, just what is. But, whom should a guy trust when he wants to start a family?

    The way I do the risk vs. reward thing, is that it is probably best to go MGTOW for young men. I’ve heard the dating stories that if you don’t have sex with a woman by date 3 you are going to be dumped. Why? You are making the woman feel you do not desire her. And she just can’t cope with that feeling or doubt.

  • Feminism and Frozen 'Huevos'

    05/15/2015 5:27:58 AM PDT · 3 of 20
    BJ1 to BlackAdderess

    >>>What’s she doing freezing embryos with her BOYFRIEND?!<<<

    I assume you are upset about having children outside the covenant of marriage. That doesn’t hold water with most men and women of child bearing age.

  • Venezuelan currency tanks; inflation seen near 100%

    05/14/2015 3:18:17 PM PDT · 9 of 30
    BJ1 to Uncle Miltie

    >>>This is impossible because Venezuela has free healthcare for all.<<<

    Equally important is to have a society with a low income disparity. Fairness and social justice for all.

  • Time To Worry: Americans Are Turning Away From Christianity

    05/12/2015 2:13:33 PM PDT · 21 of 50
    BJ1 to skams19

    >>>Not where I live. Evangelical church that I attend are over flowing.<<<

    I have my doubt there is any area that isn’t being affected by a growing segment of non religious: Atheists, agnostics or spiritual but not religious (as I read on a dating site once).

    Please share with me where you are from.

  • Illinois Justices Overturn State's Landmark 2013 Pension Law

    05/08/2015 9:13:17 AM PDT · 2 of 40
    BJ1 to GIdget2004

    I have a problem with one aspect of this decision. A past law and legislature can impose it’s will on the future with a simple majority. But a simple majority can’t override that decision. Something isn’t right about that!

  • Why men won't marry you

    05/08/2015 9:04:55 AM PDT · 349 of 380
    BJ1 to CatherineofAragon

    Am I? Not really as I’ve eaten too many cheeseburgers post divorce. But I did slim down a lot when I found my desire to date again. My complaint about these women being too picky is backed up I think just by reading their profiles. But let me give you one small piece of proof Catherine. I think popular wisdom is that men are more visual than women. But according to OK Cupid, no. On a 1 to 5 scale, men rated women pretty even. Most were a 3. Above average and below average got the next highest rating and were about equal. Women by contrast rated an incredible 80% of guys as worse-looking than medium.

    In addition to that, the typical woman wants a man just as successful or more so in his career than hers. The typical woman wants a tall man too. These are just some of the big universal things women as a gender seek when they are dating. While there are exceptions, this is the general rule the majority of women.

    In contrast, I was seeking a woman who was not fat and/or ugly, who didn’t have any children, before I would bother to read her profile. Depending on the site, I would also filter out liberal women (am I right, or am I right?). I am not sure why such a woman was in short supply. I had other criteria too, but I would probably be deemed a sexist for saying I was seeking for a traditional woman. I think a modern traditional woman is a fairy tale, like a unicorn.

    Here is that link to the OK Cupid study.

  • Why men won't marry you

    05/08/2015 6:03:08 AM PDT · 346 of 380
    BJ1 to Graybeard58

    >>>The clothes in my closet, socks and underwear etc are mine, although I have seen her wear a shirt of mine on occasion, way too big for her. Just about everything else is ours. We’ve never thought of it any other way.<<<

    You are happily married to say such a thing. But for millions of guys who thought like you, one day they found out their wife was leaving. Often for some pretty lame excuse like “I love you, but I’m not IN LOVE with you.” Then after you are dazed and confused that the woman you thought you would grow old with together doesn’t feel the same way, you get the joy of watching her proceed to tell you how much of “our stuff” actually belongs more to her.

  • Why men won't marry you

    05/07/2015 11:19:00 AM PDT · 296 of 380
    BJ1 to sitetest

    I read that book too. There is a bad consequence of this/women working. If women are taking more and more high paying jobs, that leaves more and more men with lower paying jobs. And their spouses are either forced to live on one reduced income or work too. And thus lower the pay scale for men even more. So what you end up with is a situation where very few Americans feel like they can survive on just the husband’s salary.

    That is progress for some: To force everyone into the labor market. Another consequence is to concentrate resources more unequally. Instead of two Doctors marrying two women and having four people live well, you have two Doctors marrying each other and having two people live very well. It’s beneficial to some. Detrimental to others.

  • Why men won't marry you

    05/07/2015 8:58:40 AM PDT · 278 of 380
    BJ1 to stephenjohnbanker; 2ndDivisionVet

    My 2nd wife is Filipina. In that country you can’t help but notice how different the women are over there. Here are just some of the big things I noticed.

    1) They are more pretty as a group of women than Americans. Longer hair and less fat especially.
    2) They are modest. You can find good time girls there. But you can also find women who are both drop dead gorgeous and who don’t act like bimbos.
    3) They are more chaste. If you want a virgin bride, it’s not far fetched to say you can get one over there. And she doesn’t have to be young. Even at age 30+, still virgins in large numbers.
    4) They are respectful to men.
    5) They (both sexes here) appear happier than Americans. This despite crushing poverty.

    Their culture isn’t perfect and I wouldn’t say it’s superior to ours. But if you want a wife, you can definitely find a nice one there. The downside is knowing she is marrying you for love and not a better life. I’m sure the money aspect can never be eliminated. So you are going to be liked more simply for being a foreigner. Knowing that she also loves you for you, is the risk going over there.

  • Why men won't get married anymore: Women complain chaps today won't settle down.

    05/07/2015 8:49:01 AM PDT · 130 of 165
    BJ1 to yefragetuwrabrumuy

    Didn’t we abolish slavery?

  • Why men won't get married anymore: Women complain chaps today won't settle down.

    05/07/2015 8:25:53 AM PDT · 124 of 165
    BJ1 to DoodleDawg

    >>>but if I don’t I’m not going to consider my life a failure.<<<

    Mind sharing your age? Because I have a feeling if you are unmarried and childless at 60, you might just change your tune.