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  • Dole says he wants Romney to run again in 2016

    10/30/2014 2:52:57 PM PDT · 121 of 123
    BlackElk to Norm Lenhart; Finny; Windflier
    Thurston must be a little guy, physically as well as mentally, since he claims to reside rent free in other folks' heads or maybe that means that Thurston is no more than a figment of our imaginations.

    If Thurston turns TEA, won't he be thrown out of all the best polo clubs and tiddlywink tournaments as a social pariah for having functioning brain cells? Also, I think that would be "sheer self-contained id" rather than ego that he operates on.

  • Dole says he wants Romney to run again in 2016

    10/30/2014 12:14:56 PM PDT · 118 of 123
    BlackElk to Norm Lenhart

    AAAAAHHHH! But does Thurston agree?

  • The Notre Dame Scandal Just Got So Much Worse

    10/30/2014 12:01:28 AM PDT · 31 of 48
    BlackElk to shibumi


  • U.S. SEN. JEFF SESSIONS: Electing David Perdue would foil Obamas immigration plans

    10/29/2014 11:21:24 PM PDT · 4 of 8
    BlackElk to ObamahatesPACoal
    Jeff Sessions is a youthful fellow for 67 years of age and as sound as senators or Republicans get to be. Should we not consider him potential POTUS material? He is uncontested by ANYONE in the 2014 election which makes his Senate seat as safe as can be.

    His accent would drive liberals nuts. If not a candidate, make him responsible for the Southland and its periphery in the election and for reconstructing the federal judiciary thereafter. No approval by Sessions, no nomination.

  • Dole says he wants Romney to run again in 2016

    10/29/2014 10:51:43 PM PDT · 116 of 123
    BlackElk to Finny; EternalVigilance

    I voted for Tom Hoefling, FR’s own Eternal Vigilance. Tom convinced me as he apparently convinced you of the GOP shell game in which the conservatives ALWAYS lose and, in some way, the ruling class GOP-E always claims a win at least over us peasants and serfs.

  • Planned-Parenthood-Supporting Catholic Politicians: “A Pathetic Spectacle”

    10/29/2014 6:37:41 PM PDT · 48 of 50
    BlackElk to campaignPete R-CT
    Again, what is the evidence that Pontius Pilate had a well-formed Catholic conscience to violate?

    As a Roman pagan, Pilate would have seen his obligation to his emperor Tiberius and then to himself. Nonetheless, he extended himself repeatedly in efforts not approve the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

    I get the impression that he did not want to execute Jesus but finally decided not to anger Annas and Caiaphas and the crowd before him. So, he refused to cooperate by sharing in the murderous passions of the crowd.

    Every year, in most abortion mills in the USA, secularists commit murder against a total of 1.3 to 1.4 million innocent pre-born babies and cooperate in inducing the moral degeneracy of most of the mothers and others who are morally complicit. Dare I suggest that their sins outweigh any alleged culpability of those who refuse to choose and vote either for Obozo or for Myth Romney? Those who refuse to choose between such dreadful alternatives are quite unlikely to be secularists in any event.

  • Planned-Parenthood-Supporting Catholic Politicians: “A Pathetic Spectacle”

    10/29/2014 4:58:12 PM PDT · 47 of 50
    BlackElk to campaignPete R-CT
    Those "duties" of citizens sound nice in a society in its right mind as the USA used to be. As a Catholic, catechism or no catechism, I have no obligations to Obozo other than his destruction. That goes double for quislings in the GOP, the nominal opposition party which normally serves as Obozo's footstool.

    Obozo eagerly supported by such noted "Republican" toadies as Myth Romney, John McCain, Robert Dole, anyone named Bush, Weeper of the House John Boehner, Kevin McCarthy, John Cornyn and all too many other "Republican" quislings share a passion to sell this nation down the river to the same sort of Wall Street barons who gave Connecticut the likes of Lowell Weicker and his state income tax.

    My duty is, by any means necessary, to offer full resistance to such quislings. Most of these quislings favor baby-killing, "gay" everything, gun grabbing, reducing citizens of modest means to conditions of misery, and, inter alia, ever escalating taxes burdening everyone other than themselves.

    The simple answer to the three cited catechism sections is that when the choice is between Hitler and Stalin, the response should be organizing an underground against both not sitting around weighing the respective merits of Hitler and Stalin to decide who should be the blood-soaked dictator du jour. By a narrow margin, no doubt. Likewise, military service is owed to neither but, if the opportunity presents, perhaps military service, uniformed or not, against both.

  • Planned-Parenthood-Supporting Catholic Politicians: “A Pathetic Spectacle”

    10/29/2014 4:04:55 PM PDT · 46 of 50
    BlackElk to campaignPete R-CT
    Bear in mind also that the Belleville Diocese was mismanaged to moral ruin by its then Bishop Wilton Gregory who also proved to be a gutless wonder as head of the USCCB and is now wrecking the Atlanta Archdiocese. He was one of the late and unlamented Joseph Cardinal Bernardin's pets and served him as Auxiliary Bishop in the bad old days in Chicago. Now that Francis has chosen Cupich for Chicago, the bad old days are about to return.

    The Demonrat in the most trouble is said to be Bradley Schneider of IL-10, a thoroughly social revolutionary upper class enclave of materialist and mostly nominally "Republican" airheads. The GOP candidate is babykiller former one term Congresscritter Robert Dold. Neither Dold nor Schneider is remotely worth electing. The 10th District is an empty hole in the suburbs north of Sickago. The 10th was long the district so addled as to elect Mark Nancyboy" Kirk to Congress five times.

    Every district deserves a pro-lifer. If none are available, it seems obvious that none deserve votes from pro-lifers. In Illinois, we have all we can do to resist a state party leadership that seems determined to enact the entire gay agenda and the entire babykilling agenda and the gun grabbing agenda if they could get away with it.

    The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals substitutes so far in enforcing the Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Thank you, Judge Posner, and no thanks to the spineless worms who run the state GOP into the ground here in the Land of Lincoln.

    I will vote against Nancyboy in 2016 if he runs again. His opponent in 2010 was Alexei Giannoulias, a thug and gangster and bankster from the somewhat conservative sliver of the Chicago Machine. Voting for Giannoulias is the most efficient way of eliminating a state level disgrace like Nancyboy Kirk who is fully competitive with such trash as Myth Romney or Whackobird McCain. I hope Giannoulias runs in 2016. If not, there will be several respectable third party candidates to choose from.

  • Planned-Parenthood-Supporting Catholic Politicians: “A Pathetic Spectacle”

    10/28/2014 10:52:50 PM PDT · 35 of 50
    BlackElk to campaignPete R-CT

    I don’t know much about Enyart because he comes, I believe, from the Belleville area at the other end of the state. I do know that I would be a lot more enthusiastic about former Congressman Bobby Schilling defeating Cheri Bustos who defeated him two years ago. Bustos has the Democrat parts of Rockford and is only the second Democrat to represent any substantial part of Rockford since 1850. This constitutes a local scandal. Bustos once babysat for Comrade Dick Durbin. She makes believe she is a Catholic despite her eagerness for Obozocare.

  • Planned-Parenthood-Supporting Catholic Politicians: “A Pathetic Spectacle”

    10/28/2014 10:20:50 PM PDT · 34 of 50
    BlackElk to campaignPete R-CT

    Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and unto God the things that are God's.

    You are making a false idol of government. No one has any obligation to vote. Not even when it is Ronald Reagan vs. Jimmuh Peanut or Ronald Reagan vs. Walter Mondale much less when it is Myth Romney vs. Obozo or John Whackobird McCain vs. Obozo.

    Bishop Tobin is the Ordinary of the Diocese of Providence, Rhode Island. His letter to a Rhode Island Catholic voter, republished, I believe, in the diocesan newspaper is the Church document you seek.

    Pilate was a pagan and a Roman governor. He gets a bad rap in history when the historians do not stand in his shoes. It was not every Tom, Dick and Julius who became a Roman governor. One got one year to rape, loot and pillage one's domain as governor to pile up money to support one's family during the ensuing six years working as a bureaucrat at Rome without pay. One also, at all costs, had to keep the emperor's peace while being governor. Pilate was faced with a mob of about 300 troublemakers organized by Annas and Caiaphas, masters of the Temple, demanding that Jesus be crucified. Pilate sent Christ to Herod Agrippa in the hope of being relieved of the decision as to Jesus Christ by a merciful decision. No such luck! Pilate had christ brought forward with Barrabas, a genuine notorioso, and assumed that the crows would choose Jesus for pardon but, again, no such luck! Was Pilate a hero? Hell no! Was he some sort of horrible criminal from a pagan Roman point of view? Again, no!

    John the Evangelist, then about fifteen years old, was certainly the only one of the Twelve to be at the crucifixion. The Romans would have had no way of knowing John's stature in the Faith and would have regarded him as a young fellow present to support Mary.

    If there are no candidates for an office other than bad candidates, one ought not vote among the bad candidates. Do that too often and you will soon vote for a Myth Romney over Obozo because it is better to protect Muffie's trust fund than not even if both candidates will kill babies, support "gay""marriage," grab guns, etc., etc., etc., ad infinitum ad nauseam. Caesar has no right to expect us to vote for Caesar's candidates.

  • Planned-Parenthood-Supporting Catholic Politicians: “A Pathetic Spectacle”

    10/28/2014 9:50:43 PM PDT · 29 of 50
    BlackElk to campaignPete R-CT
    If Connecticut Catholic voters in the middle mill towns were convinced that Romney is pro-life:

    a. They are and were wrong because Myth Romney is no more pro-life than Margaret Sanger was;

    b. They would therefore have not a clue on Suzio who had a bit less publicity; and

    c. There is every chance that they voted for Myth Romney because he was white and therefore, in their minds, more trustworthy whereas Len Suzio IIRC had an Italian-American opponent.

    It certainly was not my experience as a GOP Town Chairman in Connecticut that 90% of Catholics did not vote in primaries. In the rather Catholic town where I lived, there was a tradition of high turnout at primaries and elections. There was no reason to believe that non-Catholic voters were any more or less likely to vote than Catholic voters. In a period of forty years leading up to my election as Town Chairman, all but two chairmen were Catholic.

    I cannot imagine why Fr. Liptak does not vote. As I recall, he is a fine man. I am not acquainted with Sr. Suz Gross. As to Carl Anderson, the Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus traditionally keeps his voter registration in the state wherein he resided at the time of his original election as Supreme Knight. His predecessor was Virgil Dechant who served for decades on the GOP State Central Committee in Kansas before being elected Supreme Knight. He was a conservative.

    I always voted and I bet you always voted as well even though both of us attend Mass at least weekly.

    So long as Adam Kinzinger is the only Congressional candidate on my election ballot, I will either write in or refrain from voting that office. If he is opposed in a primary, my vote goes to his opponent. Kinzinger is nominally pro-life to the extent that he cares about the issue at all. He is also a mindless footstool of John Boehner and a dishonest slimebag. Too bad. Sooooo sad!

  • Planned-Parenthood-Supporting Catholic Politicians: “A Pathetic Spectacle”

    10/28/2014 9:19:58 PM PDT · 28 of 50
    BlackElk to campaignPete R-CT
    Esty or Roraback? No meaningful difference. Esty would not vote for Boehner as Speaker, or Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy as Majority Leaders. Neither would I. Of course, I would not have voted for Pelosi or Steny Hoyer either.

    Surely, Roraback's overwhelming sense of upper class entitlement would have had him claiming "his" US Senate seat long before 20 years had elapsed. Sort of Like Weicker with a slightly worse voting record and a slightly more modest public demeanor.

    As to the revenge of the Rorabackers, Comrade Andy Roraback is required to keep his yap cemented shut on all matters political so long as he wears judicial robes. Greenberg looks like a good candidate and he showed the good sense to tell Jailbird John Rowland to shove off when offered a deal of corruption as usual by Jailhouse John.

    Pro-gun Democrats are better than anti-gun Democrats and Democrats should be encouraged to be pro-gun and pro-life and pro-sexual normalcy and anti-tax, anti-spend, and anti-regulation. The more progress the better and the sooner the better. Let Democrats compete for OUR votes and be held responsible to OUR agenda as was the case in the time of Ella Grasso and her legislative leaders.

    What matters is not the partisan divide but rather the ideological divide. If the purpose of this exercise is not to translate our ideals and ideological preferences into political reality through political activity, what IS the purpose? Jobs? Contracts? Never!

  • Dole says he wants Romney to run again in 2016

    10/28/2014 8:32:52 PM PDT · 89 of 123
    BlackElk to Norm Lenhart

    “the smartest man in any empty room he walks into” is also our Thurston.

  • Dole says he wants Romney to run again in 2016

    10/28/2014 8:26:51 PM PDT · 88 of 123
    BlackElk to Norm Lenhart

    Sanctimonious bleating is a very precise description of the of the meaning and pattern of the used food droppings of our Thurston who parts his name on the left.

  • Planned-Parenthood-Supporting Catholic Politicians: “A Pathetic Spectacle”

    10/28/2014 7:46:56 PM PDT · 23 of 50
    BlackElk to campaignPete R-CT
    If those voters could vote for Myth Romney, they could have voted for George McGovern or John French (Did you know he served in Vietnam?) Kerry or Algore or for Obozo for that matter (the only apparent differences are age, party and complexion). It could be that those Romney voters were leftists who just weren't sure that Len Suzio's opponent was far enough left.

    There will be a Roman Catholic Church long after the State of Connecticut is but a bad memory---and a good thing too! I think Lenny would agree even if his Catholicism is a tad more liberal than my own.

    If a political party run by the likes of Jerry Labriola, Jr., fails to convince Catholics to vote Republican, is that a surprise. Labriola is most of what is wrong in politics. Joe Markley and Len Suzio and a tiny handful of others command a high level of respect but even they have to make sure that their constituents know where they stand. Casting votes (or not casting them at all) consistent with a well-formed Catholic conscience is not bad religion but is what should be expected of us by our Savior.

    Being amateur theologians is yet another task of lay people since the mistake that was Vatican II and the resulting spate of awful professional theologians and their accursed fictional "spirit" of Vatican II.

    Not every Catholic needs to be obsessed with politics as are you and I. Some, like Dr. Zhivago, will never belong to the "party," but will just live and, in so doing, will keep society, their patient, alive. Removing the tumors of injustice is still deep surgery. Each of us is responsible for his/her own vote which is owed to no man and no party and no candidate.

  • Planned-Parenthood-Supporting Catholic Politicians: “A Pathetic Spectacle”

    10/28/2014 5:28:03 PM PDT · 18 of 50
    BlackElk to campaignPete R-CT
    The good bishop specifically told his correspondent that it was not his function as bishop to tell her whether to vote or for whom, that he recommended that she inform her conscience according to Catholic Church principles and act accordingly. He also told her that, if all candidates were pro-abortion to one degree or another, there were three approaches to choose from: voting for the less objectionable candidate, voting for a pro-lifer not a candidate, i.e. in the bishop's diocese "Baby Angela," or not vote for the specific office or at all. What Catholic can reasonably and comfortably disagree with the bishop?

    It is true that we often have a wider choice of candidates in a primary than in a general election. We ought to vote in a primary for a well-qualified PRO-LIFE candidate in the primary but there is no moral excuse for voting for a candidate who is generally a pro-abort in the primary or the election. I am tempted to vote for Bruce Rauner for Illinois governor but only because Pat Quinn is such a public policy disgrace on so many levels including abortion, taxes, spending, personal and systemic political corruption and his support of "gay" everything including "gay""marriage" because "his Faith demands it to which Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield responded: "And what Faith is that? Certainly not the one I represent!" And yet, Bruce Rauner is a Lutheran and not a Catholic (presumably the very liberal ELCA), would be a lot better on taxes and spending and a lot more competent manager and, though a supporter of legal abortion and "gay""marriage," Rauner seems for now not inclined to support further degeneration. We have several third party pro-lifers on the final ballot. My "Republican" Congressman and State Senator are not worth voting for and the Congressman is unopposed at an early age, regrettably. I find myself asking conservative Democrat friends including a deacon who was a long-time pro-life and pro-family and anti-tax state rep before he gave up his seat to become a deacon, if it is not possible to arrange a pro-lifer's Democrat nomination against the GOP Establishment stooge and sock puppet but no luck so far. The GOP primary with a good candidate against the Stooge Adam Kinzinger came out with the good candidate drowned in Establishment $$$$$ and losing about 2-1.

    The Body of Christ is not really involved in these contests just a bunch of sinners presented with bad choices and the bad choices.

    I have very seldom consciously voted for a pro-abort in my life. Only Joe Lieberman comes to mind. I believed that he was SUCH an Orthodox Jew that he was good for a pro-life vote to be named later. Weicker was good for absolutely nothing. Rauner may be the second but I won't know until my pen is on the ballot in the voting booth. Realistically, my vote won't make the difference, If the election comes down to a one vote margin, Rahm Emmanuel will just find an extra thousand ballots in some campaign workers' trunk and they will be unanimously for Quinn. Then my morals are intact. I'll know next Tuesday night.

    One final note. Even when he was still generally a liberal Democrat, Hartford's Archbishop John Whealon (then your bishop and mine) made no bones about delivering the message that Reagan was the candidate for Catholics to vote for. He also wrote columns in the archdiocesan newspaper about how the Democrats had been right on all the little issues in American history: taxes and spending, defense and war, labor, etc., but that there really were only two BIG issues in American history: slavery and abortion---and the Democrats had blown both. The Archbishop then wrote that he was giving scandal by being a registered Democrat in the age of abortion. He re-registered as a Republican and gave public favor to Reagan because of the pro-life issue.

    God bless!

  • Dole says he wants Romney to run again in 2016

    10/28/2014 4:02:11 PM PDT · 80 of 123
    BlackElk to C. Edmund Wright; Finny; Norm Lenhart; Windflier; RitaOK; Diogenesis; Dr. Sivana; ...
    C. Edmund Wright:

    What absolutely absurd BS! Other than a few of your posts here, I don't know who you are. I don't care who you are. It does not matter in the slightest who you are. Either your ideas can stand on their own or they cannot and they certainly cannot.

    Romney certainly did not win. If the sorry POS runs again, he may again BUY the nomination but he will not win the election. He will do worse because his act is worn out and the better voters get to know Myth Romney the less likely they are to EVER vote for him.

    Additionally, actual conservatives are in an increasing rebellion against the GOP-E. If the GOP-E continues to BUY nominations which will be worth less and less, we will get to the point where the GOP is again a third party just before it disappears. When it disappears, remember such stellar GOP leaders as Gerald Feckless Ford, George H. W. Bush (New World Order Man), Robert Dole, George W. Bush who seems to have mislaid his veto pen, John Whackobird McCain, and Myth Weathervane Romney who can point in any direction but governs only to the leftmost.

    When I voted for POTUS last year, I voted AGAINST Obozo and also AGAINST Myth Romney. I voted for Eternal Vigilance and I will vote for him again unless the GOP nominates a candidate worth voting for. If the Demonrats nominate the Arkansas Medusa, that's their business. If the "Republicans" and Wall Street and K Street nominate $$$$$ grubbing trash like Romney, that is their business.

    Whom I vote for is MY business and I will vote for someone other than the Demonrat or the $$$$$can. Your vote is your business. I don't OWE my vote to any old leftist POS that the Demonrats or GOP-E care to nominate. Not to beat Hillary or Obozo or any other Demonrat. Unless and until the GOP again nominates candidates worth voting for, they will do it without my vote and without the votes of a rising vanguard on the actual Right.

    Job #1 is the elimination of the privileged ruling class Republican windtunnels. They can go back to their clubs and their polo matches and their tiddlywinks tournaments and their watercress sandwiches. They won't be missed other than by the Demonrats who depend on using them as punching bags.

    When the GOP-E is eliminated, we can have it out with the Demonrats. Conservatives will protect Muffie's trust fund in proportion to GOP-E contributions to hard line campaigns. No contributions, oh well..... Too bad for Muffie's trust fund. With or without the ruling class GOP-E, we will build a truly populist GOP or third party as makes sense under the circumstances prevailing. The US Chamber of Crony Socialism will NOT be pleased.

    Romney most certainly IS responsible for any and all excesses of Obozo's administration since Obozo's re-election was secured at the moment that Myth Romney was nominated. That is a fact you should bear in mind as we approach 2016. Paul Ryan was willing to play second banana to Myth Romney which means Ryan is out. Ditto New Jersey Fats. Undoubtedly numerous other candidates will prove unacceptable by the time of the convention. If so and if nominated, oh well....

    What are the non-negotiable issues? The babies; guns, normal marriage; no butt-smooching the "gays;" strong foreign policy as military as necessary or desirable; rebuilding the military including the officer corps; hard-core conservatives only for judicial nominations and various bureaucratic posts capable of crippling unconstitutional agencies; permanent reform of the Justice Department and IRS; elimination of at least one federal cabinet level bureaucracy: choose from Education, Energy, Housing and Urban Development, Labor and Commerce (both); balance the federal budget; stop borrowing from Red China.

    Anyone who voted for Obozo has direct responsibility for his depredations. Anyone who voted for Romney even if just to oppose Obozo is guilty of encouraging Romney or others like him to seek the nomination against Hillary and, if successful in obtaining the nomination for another leftist, will be responsible for the presidency of Hillary Rodham Clinton or of Fauxcahontas or for whichever Marxist and social issue revolutionary the Demonrats choose to nominate.

    If you and other Romney voters in the 2012 general election would prefer a candidate who is a moral person, an American patriot and consistent with most (ignored) GOP platforms, we will be there during caucuses and primaries to share that goal. Lose again at the nomination stage and we bid you Sayonara in the general election, taking even more conservatives out with us. Bear in mind that the GOP Senate caucus is also a RINO rich target environment. And Cantor was not the last vulnerable traitor to GOP ideals in the House leadership or in the House caucus either.

    I could say that you are too stupid to realize that a Romney CANNOT win no matter what in the general election. I would not believe that you are too stupid because you are not. I do believe that you prefer ideological suicide immediate or on the installment plan to ever missing the opportunity to vote even for some second-rate whore like Myth Romney running as a Republican and sharing no beliefs with the base. If you realize that and continue in the same rut, I feel sorry for you. If you don't realize that, maybe you will someday in the bye and bye.

    Your attack on Finny was entirely unwarranted and, if you don't recognize that, then the argument of any actual conservative will fall on your deaf ears. I have responded to you on the assumption that you are something more than a party hack. Maybe I was wrong? Maybe I was right? Time will tell.

  • Charlie Baker for governor (Boston Globe endorses!)

    10/27/2014 8:35:17 PM PDT · 69 of 71
    BlackElk to Finny

    Thank you! God bless you and yours!

  • Charlie Baker for governor (Boston Globe endorses!)

    10/27/2014 8:32:15 PM PDT · 68 of 71
    BlackElk to EternalVigilance

    What is Lively’s party called? What are his credentials? What are his specific issue proposals?

  • Charlie Baker for governor (Boston Globe endorses!)

    10/27/2014 6:56:03 PM PDT · 67 of 71
    BlackElk to Ann Archy; EternalVigilance; Finny; RitaOK
    Ann Archy:

    Having been where you are now but that was at least four years ago, I am going to mostly refrain from shouting at you here. You are always free to join us in rebellion as I always was but refused to acknowledge the rebellion as the more sensible course until Eternal Vigilance patiently persuaded me when no POTUS election was immediately pending.

    Most of us who are rebelling were once and often for decades loyal Republicans. When I was growing up in the 1950s and early 1960s, my family were Labor Democrats whether they registered as Democrats or not. John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and even Hubert Humphrey did not seem so bad. Johnson and Humphrey were taxaholics but that was only money and had little to do with my family. They believed in a strong military and aggressive foreign policy which seemed sufficient at the time. Goldwater made me, as a high school student, a conservative Republican.

    I was not old enough to vote until Nixon ran in 1968. I voted for him twice. Although I was a Reagan State Chairman against useless Feckless Ford, I held my nose in 1976 and voted for that miserable leftist excuse for a "Republican" who was married to abortion cheerleader and all purpose social revolutionary Betty Ford. That Gerald and Betty are no longer with us makes us a better party and a better nation. Otherwise, the Wall Street and K Street Corrupticans would be dragging them out at national conventions to be admired by people who ought to know better. Naturally, Ford, having not a shred of conservative principle to his name, got beaten in an embarrassing fashion by Jimmuh Peanut who carried every Confederate state other than Virginia.

    Nevertheless, although Ford refused to invite Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn to be welcomed at the White House in a year when that great man of letters was the commencement speaker at Harvard University. Ford was a scared widdle wabbitsa fearful that the soviet authorities might not wuv him anymore. What a maroon! What a total embarrassment to American patriots and other anti-communists!

    Fortunately, Ford did not dare to try to run against Jimmuh Peanut in 1980. One whuppin' was enough for Ford. Instead, the GOP-E sent George Herbert Walker Bush and about five weaklings (Comrade John Anderson, Robert Dole, Phil Crane, John Connolly and I forget who else) up against Ronaldus Maximus. The Reagan nomination was saved by movement conservatives at the grassroots and by actor Jimmy Stewart in his Air Force Reserve General's uniform addressing an Amway rally with an impassioned speech for Reagan. Once nominated, Reagan used his movement instincts, his stage presence, and his relentless principled attack on all things liberal and Cahtuh to reduce Jimmuh Peanut to 49 electoral votes and mashed Mondale even worse in 1984 when Mondale carried only DC and Minnesota.

    Poof! there went the reputation of the timeless Wall Street Republican hysteria that any conservative would be destroyed in a POTUS election and that the only chance of GOP victory was to nominate a $$$$$ mushball utterly wedded to the money agenda and nothing else! 1988, the Establishment struck back, nominated totally clueless Bush the Elder, George Herbert Walker "New World Order" Bush. Running in the afterglow of eight years of Ronaldus Maximus, old George squandered the legacy in less than four years. [Read my lips! No new taxes! and he was promptly rolled by Tip O'Neill] Here was Gerald Ford II! Oh, isn't it wonderful, Percival, one of US is POTUS again!!! No, Muffie, not really. He may have graduated Yale Phi Beta Kappa in economics but he does not have a clue!

    So, Poppy Bush was defeated in 1992 by the Arkansas Antichrist who at least believed in something other than $$$$$. 1996: Bob "Tax Collector for the Welfare State" Dole. Wasn't that a thrilling contest? No, it was not. The Demonrats could have run Monica if she was old enough and elected her over Dole.

    Then, Percival, we had the sand to nominate Bush the Younger who at least had more brain cells than his old man and generally avoided his dad's idjit advisers and elitist embarrassments. Of course, he had some of his own like Tokyo Rove. Six decent years and then a total collapse followed by subsidizing each and every Ivy League yuppie incompetent enough to trigger the disaster. Massive amounts of taxpayer money were shoveled into saving mansions in the Hamptons while unemployment became the new normal for those who were not Masters of the Universe. McCain assured us )before the election of 2008 that Obozo would make a fine POTUS. McCain was my last vote for a GOP POTUS candidate while holding my nose. From Nixon to McCain, I voted for each and every GOP POTUS nominee and held my nose on each other than Reagan and, maybe, Bush the Younger.

    I voted for Eternal Vigilance in 2012. I am thankful that he gave me someone to vote for. I will never again vote for second worst. The dwindling rank and file of the GOP will have to elect the increasingly useless GOP nominees without me and without millions of former Republicans who have had enough, now and forever.

    Myth Romney retired the trophy. He deserved absolutely no votes from anyone who imagined him/her self a Republican, much less a conservative. He is and always has been a rampaging pro-abort, pro-homosexual agenda, anti-gun, never part of the military, always an envirowhacko, fashionable to the nth degree and absolutely, utterly useless in politics. He bought the nomination with BIG NY money and he could not get elected to save his donkey. Now, he is getting the old itch again! He just knows that he and the presidency were made for each other.

    If the GOP wants its voters back, it will nominate candidates worthy of our votes. If not, not! Until it does, we shall keep on peeling voters off the corpse of the GOP.

    No one can, with a straight face, tell God that voting for the likes of Myth Romney was an attempt to salvage this country, etc. Romney and Obozo are two of a kind. Unless you think that God is a double secret Republican or that Myth Romney is any better than Obozo (other than for Muffie's trust fund), we are indeed at a tipping point. That tipping point has to do with how long conservatives must be divided by the rotting corpse of the GOP.

    One more chance???? We have as many more chances or none at all as God cares to give us and not one more. There are still those who put their faith in the GOP rather than in the one and only God.

    The Federalists are gone due to greed and were replaced by the Whigs. Then the Whigs were gone due to greed and were replaced by the Republican Party which has had a long run and seems on its deathbed due to the same old greed. The sooner it disbands the better, in favor of a principled new party to restore the republic left to us by the Founding Fathers. Let us know when you are ready to rebel.

    A vote that was not for Myth Romney and not for Obozo is NOT a Demonrat vote. It is a vote AGAINST Obozo and AGAINST Myth Romney. It is a vote FOR whomever one actually votes for. I don't OWE my vote to the Demonrats or to the likes of Myth Romney or to you or to any other Republican or Demonrat who feels entitled to my vote. You have a vote of your own. Use it as you see fit and examine your conscience so that you may defend its use to the very Highest Authority when the time comes.

    You apparently are a reflexive GOP POTUS vote. You voted for Myth Romney. Therefore, you certainly CAN be more conservative, a LOT more conservative than you can byputting your soul in trust with Myth Romney as trustee.

  • Charlie Baker for governor (Boston Globe endorses!)

    10/27/2014 10:07:19 AM PDT · 54 of 71
    BlackElk to fieldmarshaldj; Ann Archy; EternalVigilance; Norm Lenhart; Finny; RitaOK; Tennessee Nana; ...

    I have no doubt that Ann Archy is strongly pro-life as are you and I. She has a long and honorable track record on FR as a pro-lifer.

    That having been said, she is not the only pro-lifer still going with the idea that our (GOP) idiots and baby-killers can more easily be pressured than their (Demonrat) idiots and baby-killers. On that fantasy, you and I and a rising number of FReepers and of conservatives generally dissent from the spineless mushball GOP $$$$$ overlords. WE are estimated to have reached 4 million voters strong by 2012 and have had enough of two-faced, duplicitous trash like Romney and McCain BUYING the nominations of the GOP with Wall Street and K Street backing.

    Political victory consists of someone with whom we have substantial on most issues and on ALL the important ones receives a plurality or majority of the vote (or for POTUS, a majority of the electoral vote). Two examples were the massive Reagan victories of 1980 and 1984 in which he won 44 states and 49 states respectively. To review the nonsensical notion that only "moderates" have a chance and that the Northeast is inevitably lost, we recall that in BOTH of those elections, Reagan carried California, but also New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and, needing 270 Electoral votes to win in 1980, Reagan received 489 and liberal incumbent whackjob Jimmuh Peanut got 49. In that election, Reagan nearly carried New York City and came closer (lost NYC by only about 30,000 votes) than any GOP POTUS candidate since Coolidge in 1924.

    Four years before that, Feckless Gerald Wimpy Ford (a major pro-abort and married to Betty who was an even more serious pro-abort) was beaten by the same Jimmuh Peanut who carried each and every Confederate state other than Virginia and enough Northeastern EV rich states including New York and Pennsylvania and a few other states to make 297 Electoral votes. The GOP-Establishment Ruling Class Republicans held onto the 1976 nomination for Ford by warning conservatives that ONLY a "moderate" like Ford could be elected and that Reagan would surely be viewed as sooooooo extreme would take a beating approximating the one suffered by Goldwater.

    And yet the myth of "moderate" electoral strength in the GOP continues even in the era of Myth Romney. No conservative has ever influenced Myth and none ever will and yet the myth continues. Myth just HAS to listen to US if we elect him. No, he doesn't and no, he won't. Every Taxachusetts governor since Ed King left office has been a rampaging pro-abort and, in Romney's case, a militant purveyor of the anal sex agenda of the lavender queens.

    Some pro-lifers, some pro-gun folks, some pro-normal marriage folks, some constitutionalists, some believers in an aggressive foreign policy as military as necessary, some opponents of environmental whackoism, some enemies of Common Core, some other actual conservatives (feel free to fill in other worthy causes that I may have forgotten) will be slower than others to recognize that the GOP is not OUR party but a bought and paid for special interest group (and NOT our interests) that throws up inferior POTUS candidates every four years committed to absolutely no part of the platform other than those parts that line their corrupt pockets.

    The looming divorce of principled conservatives from the GOP has reached the point of the inevitable. No longer a question of whether but of how soon. The money-grubbing tycoons who control the GOP care only for their $$$$$ agenda. They will, at best, give dishonest lip service to the rich and varied tapestry of conservative causes on non-money issues. They feel embarrassed by actual conservatives whom they regard as an all too numerous bunch of rubes (bitter clingers to their guns and bibles as their elitist Demonrat ally and alter ego likes to say).

    Some of us are the vanguard. Some lag behind in the forlorn hope that the GOP can be salvaged. Year by year our numbers increase and theirs fade. Eventually, we shall be united again as a movement. Hopefully that will not be in an American gulag. The GOP-Elitists would gladly help establish that gulag to shut us up.

    If it is possible at this late date for this nation to be re-established as a constitutional republic envisioned by our Founding Fathers, it will be because God stayed His Hand and gave us enough time, time for which we pray. We have not earned that time in any way. Over just the last four decades, we have sat idly by while our nation fostered the murder by dismemberment of nearly 60 million utterly innocent pre-born babies.

  • Bishop Lynch optimistic after Vatican meeting on divorced and gay Catholics

    10/24/2014 9:54:05 PM PDT · 5 of 66
    BlackElk to ebb tide
    Bishop Robert Lynch is a total embarrassment to those who are Irish Americans, to those who are Irish, to those who are Americans and particularly to any Catholic who has any business calling him/herself Catholic. Fortunately, he will turn 75 years of age on May 27,2016 and will have to submit his resignation to whoever may be pope at that time. I am betting that, if Francis is still pope, there will be footdragging on accepting the resignation.

    OTOH, most bishops either retire at 75 or soon thereafter or, as my wife is fond of noting, sometimes God removes them whether they serve as bishop of St. Petersburg or bishop of Rome. In any event Christ will be with His Church all days until the end of this world. We have survived worse than Bishop Lynch (for example: Archbishop Talleyrand) and worse than Francis (for example: Alexander VI).

    There is a dismal article in this week's Newsweek on Francis and how he moved leftward while Archbishop of Buenos Aires. Sophomoric nonsense by reporter and subject. Both have the overwhelming "smell of the sheep" about them.

  • Vince Sheheen on Nikki Haley: "We're Going To Escort Whore Out The Door"

    10/24/2014 1:44:21 PM PDT · 32 of 40
    BlackElk to twister881; Extremely Extreme Extremist; GeronL; Nachum; A_Former_Democrat; Dilbert San Diego; ...
    IIRC, Rush's comments on Ms. Fluke were a reaction to her faux "testimony" before Demonrat Congresscritters that she needed $3,000 per month worth of contraceptives. She was just OUTRAGED that nominally (verrrry nominally Catholic) Georgetown was not using student medical insurance to pick up the tab for her, ummmm, protection from pregnancy. She did not remark on any presumed obligation of Georgetown to pick up the tab for ski vacations in Chile during our summer and their winter months. Bummer!

    Rush said something to the effect that $3,000 per month would buy an impressively large number of condoms; that Ms. Fluke must have inspired a truly extraordinary stamina in one boyfriend or suggested an unusually promiscuous way of life. Also, given her status as a student at Georgetown Law School at the time, one was left to wonder where she was finding the time to attend classes, take exams and accomplish the large amount of reading necessitated by the study of law AND the time for such an extensive, ummmm, social life. Perhaps, insomnia was also a treatable problem.

  • Jackie Kennedy believed Lyndon Johnson killed JFK

    10/22/2014 1:42:34 PM PDT · 148 of 192
    BlackElk to the_Watchman

    The cover story for assassination week in Time magazine was about Kennedy trailing Goldwater everywhere but New England and New York and New Jersey. The actual hard copy of that issue should be available at significant public or academic libraries.

  • Kansas: Pro-Abortion Greg Orman Literally Run’s Away From Voter’s Abortion Question

    10/20/2014 9:48:43 PM PDT · 28 of 29
    BlackElk to centurion316

    ping for later

  • The case for voting Republicans, even those you think are Rinos

    10/19/2014 3:25:40 PM PDT · 756 of 767
    BlackElk to chrisnj; EternalVigilance; RitaOK; Norm Lenhart; Finny

    Understand that your seeming inability to distinguish between your money-grubbing and money-obsessive leftist RINOs like Myth Romney, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Mark Nancyboy Kirk, LAMAR!!! Alexander, Bob Corker, and Thad Cockroach OTOH and actual full spectrum conservatives on the other like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Jim DeMint, Alan West and Louis Gohmert means you and I are not parts of the same movement.

    Conservatism is not, whatever its enemies may hallucinate, a money-grubbing movement. There have been sooooooo many tax breaks of such magnitude showered upon the Romneyite greedheads in recent decades that freezing a floor under their current rates should be tax job #1 until the rest of us catch up.

    The remainder of the tax issue should be reducing the burden shifted from Romney and from Muffie's Trust Fund to the working class kid flipping burgers at Mickey D's, putting it back where it belongs.

    What self-respecting Romney gives a crap about the burger flipper? The flipper does not spend his earnings on fashionable charities, art exhibits of Mapplethorpe photos(Ooooooh! Aaaaah! Whip Crackaway!), swank fundraisers or hobnobbing down at the polo club, after all. He also does not romance some Junior League airhead.

    This a bit more of a gap between normal Americans and the spoiled pigs than to be described as "not strictly conservative" to my standard. There are spoiled rich brats in BOTH parties whose policies are largely identical. As a previous elitist "GOP" Senate Leader Hugh Scott famously said: Don't listen to what we say. Watch what we do. The GOP-E proudly lying to the party base and the general public for many decades interrupted only by Reagan.

    Global warming or climate change or whatever BS term applies this week? Check! Kill by abortion the babies of folks of modest means or babies who are Muffie's whoopsies? Check? If Bruce wants to marry Lance, who are these philistines to object to what Muffie's brother wants to do? AND, that marital status helps uber rich queers to be tax subsidized by the normal kid at Mickey D's! Gun grabbing! If the uber $$$$ set want guns, their dependent politician slaves will damn well provide the permits and meanwhile disarm the peasants JUST IN CASE! Check! First class medicine for the elites and death panels and big deductibles for the peasants. Check! Create Romneycare and inspire Obamacare. Same crappy care and high expense for the peasants and subsidies for that all important 1%. Both also shift the cost of employer provided health insurance to the peasants themselves. Check! Bigger and bigger PROFITS!!!! Check!

    Ain't politics grand!!!! Especially when "investors" can buy the nominations of BOTH major parties and there are some people still gullible enough to think that it matters whether Elitist A defeats Elitist B or vice versa. There is really only ONE primary for both "parties" and that is the $$$$$ primary: $1 million, one vote!

    Free speech is measured in dollars, don'tcha know? It is a shame that the peasants can still spoil responsible elitist planning by being able to cast their petty little votes at all. Who OWNS this damn country anyhow?

    If you party hacks want to attack actual conservatives as defeatists, then it would help your credibility not to crawl into a fetal position in the corner of your cell whimpering about the alliance between the lame stream media and those demonrats whose party name is Democrat, then wrap that alliance into a shit sandwich with voter fraud (that GOP-E flees in terror from investigating lest someone call them unpleasant names), vote-buying through government (as though the GOP-E leadership in Senate and House has not PROMISED in advance to pass shamnesty if the GOP(-E) wins an electoral majority and other matters where the GOP-E is absolutely no better than the Demonrats but sure does promise a lot at election time while plunging the old stabamatic between the ribs of conservatives gullible enough to believe their crapola. But YOU "are not assuming that the conservatives have no chance of success????"

    Actual conservatives (the kind who CAN distinguish between Myth Romney, John McCain, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Mark Nancyboy Kirk, LAMAR!!! Alexander, Bob Corker, Thad Cockroach, Lindsay Grahamnesty, and their sorry leftist ilk on the one hand and OTOH Jim DeMint, Scott Walker, Joni Ernst, Justin Amash, Ben Sasse, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Ronald Reagan, Louie Gohmert, Alan West and those splendidly similar to them) are quite willing to engage in a lengthy (less lengthy than you imagine) battle to gain control, FIRST over a genuine opposition party (a completely torn down and rebuilt GOP or an entirely new party to first DESTROY today's limp-wristed sissified surrender monkey GOP) and only THEN to go after the internally contradictory Demonrat Party.

    What is the limp-wristed GOP-E plan as to the Demonrats? We are just like Obozo only a smidgeon less so! Vote for the GOP-E because we will wreck the USA as surely as the Demonrats only at a more stately and dignified pace! Join the GOP-E and we will vote you into our polo club!

    Wow! Feel the excitement! There ARE some wars worth driving to. Of course, the GOP-E does not know how to drive which is why they are transported by chauffer-driven limos!

    Oh, did I forget how the public is also indoctrinated by our enemies? Surely the elitists have a plan for that too. They intend to continue to gag themselves lest they be vilified, or crucified or EVEN criticized (as Mayor Daley the Elder used to say). We certainly cannot expect the Myth Romneys of this world to do anything more vigorous about that indoctrination than wrongfully trusting that his fellow zillionaires at a fundraiser could be relied upon not to report to the media his embarrassing faux pas that no Republican can get the votes of the income tax free lowest 47% of taxpayers. See Myth only cares about money and Myth sees himself as Everyman. No one in HIS social set cares about babies, marriages, guns, freedom of worship and other interests that old Myth regards as too plebeian to bother noticing. No profits at the bottom line in THOSE issues. Why bother?

    I will rise to your bait on one "issue"--- the natural born citizen issue. I used to live in Connecticut. I was born there. I lived there from birth to 2000. I hated Lowell Weicker there and proudly played a role in driving him from the Senate and then from public life. I was a Reagan state chair there when he challenged that gross spineless embarrassment Leslie King, errr, Gerald Ford (like William Jefferson Blythe, King was so poor that he could not afford to keep his actual name).

    Imagine my reaction when I heard that LoLo, as he was known, announced that he was considering running for the Republican nomination for POTUS. We who hated him intensely were well aware that he was born in Paris, France while his parents were there on business (probably for Squibb Drug). We also had a vague awareness of the natural born citizen clause. LoLo's father was an American citizen as was LoLo's mother. He happened to be born in France. One parent holding American citizenship would suffice.

    Famously, after 2008, conservatives made the same initial error. Obozo had half the credentials of Weicker at worst. Obozo's father was a British/Kenyan subject BUT his mother, a pathetic creature who was apparently further left that Obozo himself (and than Myth as well), was an American citizen by birth and therefore at the time of Obozo's arrival. That is quite sufficient. Given one parent who is an American citizen, so Obozo was a naturally born citizen. He also CLAIMS to have born in Hawaii. If so, it would not matter if both of his parents were space aliens.

    Looking forward, since several dozen "birther" lawsuits on this issue were filed and dismissed by each and every court to which those actions were brought, that will serve as the precedent proving Ted Cruz's right to run, be elected and serve. Cruz was born in Canada. His father was a Cuban citizen. His mother was an American citizen. Cruz has renounced his triple citizenship status choosing American over Canadian or Cuban. I suspect that you raised this issue tongue in cheek. I certainly hope so. That "issue" is as dead as the proverbial doornail.

    On the off chance that someone eager to vote for RINOs to further degenerate what little is left of what, only 26 to 34 years ago was the Republican Party is actually serious about the birther issue as opposed to the baby-killer, gun grabber, marriage-wrecking, medical system filching and ongoing sale of the nation to its financial elites, limit who you vote for as you see fit. I certainly will and I don't give a crap about the "birther" issue and more than I care for 9/11 conspiracy theories or hallucinations about international bankers' conspiracies (we have plenty of the domestic ones to worry about).

    Not voting for RINOs OR voting for RINOs has the same result: Demonrats (with or without Demonrats in GOP drag) in total power. You are deluding yourself to imagine otherwise. Crush them ALL. Apply ample doses of weed killer to finish them ALL politically and then rip them ALL out roots and all.

    Finally, if the bimbos of the GOP-E would like to do something useful for a change, they might start to read something other than Barron's or the daily stock market reports, something like Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich von Hayek, Milton Friedman, Robert Nozick, James I. Robertson (esp. his biography of Stonewall Jackson), Paul Johnson, James Michener (esp. Centennial, Alaska, Texas), Malachi Martin, SJ (esp. Final Conclave, Keys of This Blood, Windswept House). More available on request.

    Make the Demonrats and RINOs choose between the interests of native born blacks and the Hispanic wave of immigration, between American workers and either the immigrants or folks in other countries soaking up American jobs, between single women clinging to "abortion rights" and "security moms" who are reluctant to have their children struck down by ebola and other foreign viruses or foreign recruited terrorists' bombs, between crammed classrooms with plenty of Central Americans arriving illegally and more comfortably modest numbers of children per classroom by excluding illegals. Rage against the use of not just American military but even national guard troops to "fight" (and contract) Ebola in West Africa. Add issues on most other fronts in which the coalition building Demonrats and RINOs can be struck down by internal contradictions.

  • The case for voting Republicans, even those you think are Rinos

    10/18/2014 4:29:20 PM PDT · 680 of 767
    BlackElk to chrisnj; Norm Lenhart

    Myth Romney: Abortion: Since a cousin of his died of a botched illegal abortion in 1962, Myth Romney, like his daddy and mommy before him, has been a supporter of abortion. On occasion, he may have denied it or obfuscated about it, but Myth has been cheer leading abortion for 52 years at least. He also included abortion funding in Romneycare, grandfather of Obozocare.

    Myth Romney: Agenda of "Gay" Everything: When Myth was governor of Taxachusetts, its State Supreme Judicial Court handed down a decision saying that the STATE Constitution (written by John Adams in the 18th century) prohibited Taxachusetts' laws limiting marriage to a heterosexual couple but making a point to NOT set a timetable for changing the state laws and leaving the matter to the Taxachusetts legislature. Myth called immediately for his photographers, his newspaper and media reporters and editorialists and his legal staff (and his fiddlers three?) to write up a memorandum to all Taxachusetts town clerks ORDERING them to immediately prepare and issue upon demand "gay""marriage" applications OR ELSE.

    Since, as you say, that means that Myth Romney is not EVEN a Rino. You may apologize for voting for Myth and all will be forgiven.

  • The case for voting Republicans, even those you think are Rinos

    10/18/2014 4:02:55 PM PDT · 664 of 767
    BlackElk to Dan in Wichita

    Do YOU think that Myth Romney will resist abortion? Resist the agenda of “gay” everything? Protect religious liberty? Protect freedom of speech? Resist illegal immigration? Foster real jobs at real wages for Americans? Maintain a firm foreign policy? Fight the envirowhackos? Appoint constitutionalist judges and no others? Need I go on?

  • The case for voting Republicans, even those you think are Rinos

    10/18/2014 3:57:29 PM PDT · 662 of 767
    BlackElk to Yardstick; Norm Lenhart; Finny; RitaOK; Tennessee Nana; EternalVigilance

    So? Don't listen.

    Watch your GOP-E spineless wretches and enemies of the republic lose by ever increasing margins each and every election. When you (that's YOU, not we) have lost often enough and had your taxes raised high enough and regulations tightened hard enough, perhaps you will get the message that it is time for some new navigation. $$$$$ is not enough of a reason to elect a candidate. Nor is the fact that the candidate, however horrible, is NOT Obozo or the Arkansas Medusa.

    If you nominate a radical leftist like Myth Romney to run against a Demonrat radical like the Arkansas Medusa, the base as well as the public gets the message. We will have a radical left regime one way or the other, Do we want the competent brand name article: Hillary? Or do we want the phony knockoff radical incompetent Myth Romney? The base will suffer nausea and refuse to vote. The public will choose competent radicalism.

    Keep on letting Wall Street and K Street nominate unprincipled trash like Myth Romney and keep on being beaten by Demonrat radicals. Republicans love people TOOOO is not as successful a slogan as See the USA in your Chevrolet! Never has been. Never will be!

    Conservatism most certainly CAN WIN. Reagan did it twice by landslides. The problem is that conservatism has to be tried in order for it to win. Wall Street and K Street and the US Chamber of Crony Socialism exist to see to it that conservatism is NEVER tried again. It worked far too well under Reagan not to be a clear and present danger to each and every corrupt, tax-funded, special interest and business crook in the land.

    AND, that's CONSERVATIVES not "purists."

  • The case for voting Republicans, even those you think are Rinos

    10/18/2014 3:33:39 PM PDT · 658 of 767
    BlackElk to chrisnj

    If we vote for them, they will have lived to fight for another re-election. They will KNOW that we are not serious and they will repeat the same old stale arguments again in the next cycle and you, or others like you will make the same unsupportable pose of “seriousness.” It is the song that never ends!

  • The case for voting Republicans, even those you think are Rinos

    10/18/2014 3:24:54 PM PDT · 653 of 767
    BlackElk to Dan in Wichita; Norm Lenhart; Finny; RitaOK; Diogenes; Dr. Sivana; WesternPacific; chrisnj; ...
    Dan in Wichita:

    There are CONSERVATIVES to whom mere Republicans reference as "purists." There are "Republicans," such unprincipled creatures as McCain, Myth Romney, Robert (Tax Collector for the Welfare State) Dole, Bush the Globalist Elder, Weeper of the House John Suntan and Scotch Bonehead, Mitch the Turtle McConnell.

    If any of the "Republicans" or their ilk have any position of principle, it is either absolutely demanded by their constituency or sheer accident. They exist to slavishly service the US Chamber of Crony Socialism types and the Wall Street/K Street crowd. $$$$ uber alles. They buy nominations, rig party rules, expect to piss all over the base and then have the gilt-edged nerve to demand conservative support for their spaghetti-spined (at best) political whore nominees.

    When CONSERVATIVES go to the sidelines and refuse to play the brainless servant of the RINO game just this ONE MORE TIME to keep the Demonrats out of office in this hour of OUR PERPETUAL GREATEST HOUR OF NEED (which arises anew every two years), if "we" win, that just maximizes the profits of the soulless RINOs by giving THEM a place at the bargaining table to line their pockets at OUR expense, they chuckle up their sleeves at conservatives for being such stupid rubes as to fall for their RINO nonsense one more time. Then the RINOs hop in bed eagerly with Obozo, Pelosi, Harry Reid, et al. and carve up the profits for ANOTHER two years.

    If CONSERVATIVES walk away from the stupidity of voting for the bought and paid for GOP-E whores, at least we take their personal profit increases away for two years. If we take away our votes long enough, perhaps, they will get the message and find new hobbies. Polo? Tiddleywinks? They won't be able to aspire to be called Mr. President, or Mr. Senator or Mr. Secretary or, for their cubs, Mr. Congressman.

    Yes, it IS true that the practitioners of Hackerama will be left "on the battlefield to be politically slaughtered by the" left. Tooooooooo baddd!!! When you have been slaughtered by the Demonrat left, you will at last recognize that you have been slaughtered by the left. You HAVE already been slaughtered by the left if you have voted for the left in the form of Whacko John McCain or Myth Dudley Do Wrong Romney. If you cannot recognize as meaningless the distinction between Demonrat left and GOP-E left, then conservatives need to bring that home to you by destroying your useless candidates.

    It is true that when conservatives are the last men standing, we who ARE conservatives are at jeopardy of losing important rights: RTKBA, RtL, Freedom of Religion, you name it. What else is new? That has been the status quo for an extended period of time, thanks to the degeneration of the Democrat Party into the Demonrat Party and the eager co-operation of the GOP-E as junior partners to the usual Demonrat majority. Myth Romney was going to be a pro-lifer? Would stop being a gun grabber? Would stop violating religious rights? Would stop being an enthusiastic cheerleader for "gay" everything? Would be committed to ANYTHING conservative whatsoever other than protecting Muffie's trust fund? No more so than Obozo on all counts. For technocrats, Myth might, by default rather than intention, be marginally more competent (at ramming through the bipartisan leftist agenda and preening for the cameras and therefore be marginally more dangerous than Obozo).

    When CONSERVATIVES refuse to submit to Wall Street, K Street, USCoC and the insufferable whores who run the GOP through the GOP-E, we are not pouting. We are on strike and an ever increasing number are on strike with each passing year until the GOP EARNS our votes by nominating candidates WORTH VOTING FOR in their own right not just because they are not Obozo or not Hillary.

    Even Goldwater the pro-abort noticed these problems with the GOP-E leftists as long ago as the 1950s when he called the Eisenhower regime a "Dime Store New Deal."

    After the Republiwimps have been slaughtered, the CONSERVATIVES will, if we notice, have no one else to defend our rights. That is already the status quo. How will conservatives notice the absence of allies? Who in his or her right mind, expects protection of conservative principles by trash like Myth Romney?

  • Planned Parenthood tweets a picture of baby carriages for its 98th birthday

    10/16/2014 10:51:23 PM PDT · 13 of 14
    BlackElk to Morgana

    Thank you sooooo much for all the wonderful work you do here. May God bless you and yours!

  • Kansas: Pat Roberts Calls Greg Orman “Unconscionable” on Abortion

    10/16/2014 9:32:19 PM PDT · 22 of 22
    BlackElk to Slings and Arrows
    A difference between thee and me is that you believe that our republic is still in force. I don't. Secession is a fine alternative in theory. Lifelong fan of the Confederacy though I am, that did notwork out very well last time in the 1860s. This time, I see no Stonewall Jacksons, no Nathan Bedford Forrests no J.E.B. Stuarts, no Robert E. Lees out there and the federales have a LOT more impressive weapons than last time.

    How do you see SCOTUS protecting your rights if Clarence Thomas or Antonin Scalia is disabled by heart attack or stroke, Obozo appoints Eric Holder and Mitchy McConnell and the usual gang of "Republican" $$$$$ obsessives decide that POTUS gets to have his nominees confirmed. How many GOP quisling senators voted against Sotomayor and Kagan and Ginzberg for SCOTUS. Bad habits die hard.

  • Kansas: Pat Roberts Calls Greg Orman “Unconscionable” on Abortion

    10/16/2014 9:11:31 PM PDT · 21 of 22
    BlackElk to okie01

    When Childers crosses the beltway, Thad Cockroach will have been admitted to a home for the hopelessly senile. Cockroach will not be able to resign to allow Haley Boss Hogg Barbour to name some similarly soulless creature of US Chamber of Crony Socialism to screw over the citizens of Mississippi and 49 other states. Childers will be a one-term Senator in Republican Mississippi. Whoever defeats him will be far, far better than Cockroach. Maybe Boss Hogg will have donned his asbestos suit and headed off for his final “reward” by then.

  • Kansas: Pat Roberts Calls Greg Orman “Unconscionable” on Abortion

    10/16/2014 8:59:02 PM PDT · 19 of 22
    BlackElk to Slings and Arrows
    None of the following is meant as disrespect.

    Assuming that such federal legislation saves one baby per year or per month or per day and that any such legislation is only necessary because of the rank lawlessness of SCOTUS run amok and roughshod over the constitution that they are sworn to uphold, what is the moral justification for failure to act resulting in the preventable death of even ONE innocent?

    How would you restrain the ongoing lawlessness of SCOTUS? Shall we just sit down, shut up and allow SCOTUS to destroy innocent babies? Shall we sacrifice THEIR lives on the altar of the Tenth Amendment by our failure to act?

    The old saw as to whether "the end justifies the means" requires more than mere repetition. If Lenin justified the killing of innocent Russians because "to have an omelet, one must break eggs," Lenin's goal (his end as it were) was as immoral as his means of killing as many innocents as necessary or convenient to establishing the communist USSR. If he had advocated "liberating" the eggs produced by egg farmers to keep young children and their adults nourished and alive, the means would be immoral but the ends would be moral. If he accepted as a legitimate gift those same eggs from those same farmers and used them to nourish Red Army thugs, keeping up their strength to kill innocents for Lenin to consolidate soviet power: moral means, immoral ends.

    If the end does not justify the means,just what the hell does? Specific circumstances require specific analysis. Some means are NEVER justified: abortion of a viable infant for example. Some ends are NEVER justified: abortion of a viable infant for example. Neither proposition is a slippery slope. The slippery slope is sitting around with one's thumb where the sun shineth not and saying: Don't blame me! I submit to SCOTUS on the law and put my morals in trust to do so. OR: Don't blame me! No matter how many innocent people die, I recognize the philosophical purity and abstraction of the Tenth Amendment as ruling over any and all other societal values.

  • Label Obama a Democrat

    10/16/2014 3:23:26 PM PDT · 9 of 11
    BlackElk to cblue55

    It is a fine idea but hold the GOP equally liable for nominating trash like McCain and especially Myth Romney.

  • Kansas: Pat Roberts Calls Greg Orman “Unconscionable” on Abortion

    10/16/2014 3:16:13 PM PDT · 7 of 22
    BlackElk to Slings and Arrows

    The “constitutional justification” is one of many necessary responses to the usurpation by Black and White and the Seven Shades of Grey (aka 1973 SCOTUS) of enacting their desire that unborn babies be killed by their mothers hiring paid killer doctors to carry out mom’s temporary whim that the baby must die. But, I bet you knew that already since Roe vs. Wade was handed down over the signature of Herod Blackmun from Mt. Olympus by the nine “gods” of SCOTUS forty-one years ago.

  • Republicans: Immigration reform is more likely to happen if we take the Senate

    10/16/2014 3:00:59 PM PDT · 108 of 123
    BlackElk to odawg; Iscool; EternalVigilance; Norm Lenhart; Finny

    And, on what basis do you presume to tell iscool that he addressed the wrong person. You took the position of RINOs from the time that the GOP was founded. You posted that some folks (4 million of us) were just a little "too pure" to vote for Romney. That means too pure to vote for a baby-killing, "gay" everything promoting, gun grabbing, tax-raising, medical services socializing, envirowhacko total $$$$$ obsessed POS like Romney. In yeas gone by I was too pure to vote for George McGovern as well. It does not matter if the POS bears the "R" label because he and his crony socialist friends BOUGHT the GOP nomination. He has and had no business receiving a single conservative vote NO MATTER WHOM HE WAS STANDING AS A STATUE AGAINST! Not then. Not EVER!!!

    You are apparently a supine Romney bootlicker. Don't expect actual conservatives to join you in supporting the old Dudley DoRight image assumed by Dudley DoWrong. I have a difference or two with iscool but not on this. You were precisely the right target insofar as you advocate voting for any R candidate no matter how bad since Romney is the very WORST ever.

  • Republicans: Immigration reform is more likely to happen if we take the Senate

    10/16/2014 2:30:54 PM PDT · 107 of 123
    BlackElk to odawg; Norm Lenhart; Finny; RitaOK; Tennessee Nana; Dr. Sivana

    Anyone not "a little too pure to vote for Romney" (at the very least and more likely MUCH too pure to vote for the POS) has no business misappropriating the honorable name of "conservative."

  • Dem Deutsch Makes Case for Romney: 'We Kind of Made a Mistake Four Years Ago'

    10/15/2014 1:38:40 PM PDT · 59 of 64
    BlackElk to petercooper; Finny; EternalVigilance; Norm Lenhart; RitaOK

    You make the obvious mistake of assuming that conservatives somehow are obligated to vote for any old leftist piece of shit (spelling it out sometimes seems necessary) that uses Wall Street $$$$$ to BUY the GOP POTUS nomination. Actual conservatives don't share that assumption. My vote is my vote. Your vote is yours. We can argue at leisure after casting our respective votes as to whose votes demonstrates conservatism.

    I do not vote for baby-killers. Romney is and always has been an enthusiastic baby-killer because his mommy and daddy were and, because he had this cousin who died of a botched illegal abortion in 1962, AND because Myth actually serviced abortion mills by creating a corporation to dispose of the dismembered tortured little corpses. To you and the late Barry Goldwater that may seem to be "conservative." I beg to differ.

    I do not vote for gun grabbers. I do not vote for supporters of the "gay" agenda. I do not vote for those who would expand government control over a full one sixth of the US economy; i.e. our medical care system (and Romneycare was even MORE radical than Obozocare). I do not vote for candidates who support further carving up the nation's economy among the Wall Street powers that be at the expense of the largely unemployed American people. I do not vote for candidates embracing a limp-wristed foreign policy. I do not vote for candidates who dream of satisfying the global climate change and envirowhacko nutcases. These are a few examples that obviously mark the boundaries between thee and me (and I suspect Finny as well) and an increasing number of FReepers and other actual conservatives. Romney can be counted on to be on the wrong side of each and every cited issue. If you vote FOR the sorry likes of Romney, you take your piece of the responsibility for his Demonrat in GOP drag act.

    A vote (in my case) for a third party candidate like FR's own Eternal Vigilance is exactly that. It is no more a vote for Obozo (or in 2016 for the Arkansas Medusa) than it is a vote for Myth Romney. As Finny points out, you vote FOR not against. You are apparently willing to vote FOR Myth Romney. I am not. Nor will I urge others to vote for Myth Romney when I will not vote for the POS myself. It should seem self-evident that no actual conservative will EVER vote for unmitigated leftist trash like Obozo, Myth Romney or the Arkansas Medusa.

  • Can’t quit Mitt: Friends say Romney feels nudge to consider a 2016 presidential run

    10/13/2014 6:17:00 PM PDT · 75 of 120
    BlackElk to WestCoastGal; EternalVigilance; Norm Lenhart; Finny; RitaOK; Dr. Sivana; Darksheare; Jane Long; ...
    The GOP made the grave error of nominating this moneyed POS once and the nation paid the price. He is sooooo competent that he lost to Obozo who was running for re-election as POTUS. The same Obozo who took Romneycare (a somewhat LESS radical version of same relabeled as Obozocare) national! The same Obozo who saw to it that Dodd-Frank became law, who blocked the Keystone pipeline, who appointed Sotomayor and Kagan to SCOTUS and a host of revolutionaries to lesser courts, destroyed the middle class economically and socially, gutted the leadership of the military, is an envirowhacko crank, who put in place a virulently anti-American foreign policy, and just as virulently anti-American domestic policies, etc,. etc., etc.. Somewhere in that universe of issues that I have stated or in the issues, I have not stated, there are enough policies that even a leftist turd like Mittens (or John McCain before him) could cobble together and drive Obozo back to his daddy's Kenya. But NOOOOO, all we got was this lousy T-Shirt and bumper sticker that say Vote for Romney! He's Rich!!!

    Romney bought the nomination with Wall Street and K Street $$$$ and was effectively never heard from again once nominated except when he stuck his foot in his mouth pathetically yapping about the 47% and being interviewed about his inevitable election loss (since a sizable and growing part of the party base would not cast a vote for Romney even when he was running against Obozo.

    Remember that Obozo's other nickname is Zero. In specific response to your post, Anything (even a million) times zero is still zero.

    Neither one of them (or John McCain) was EVER worth electing. If you liked the last POTUS election result, nominate Myth again and see how much worse it will be next time even against the Arkansas Medusa. Those of us who merely voted against Romney AND against Obozo last time, will gladly persuade others to do the same honors against Myth Romney and Hillary Rodham Rodham in 2016. Try us!

  • Malloy leads by 8 in Connecticut Governor's Race

    10/09/2014 9:12:27 PM PDT · 44 of 45
    BlackElk to Impy
    I have known Tom Scott since he was a high school kid. It may be that his formal name is Thomas but his parents Walter and Dorothy were a bit casual about names and did not give Tom a middle name or even a middle initial. I have no idea why. These links are, I think, the only instance of him being called Thomas. It is confusing that the Demonrats actually found someone named Thomas Scott to run against Tom in the 14th Senate District in an obvious attempt to confuse voters. The Demonrat lost by about 2 to 1, proving the base Demonrat vote in the District.

    Tom knew how to connect with Democrat blue collar voters like no other Republican I ever saw this side of Ronaldus Maximus. When Tom first ran for State Senate in 1980 against a veteran Democrat John Prete, people questioned whether a candidate like Tom, being only 21 or 22 years old and still a college student was really ready for the responsibility of being a State Senator, Tom's answer was that he was part of a balanced ticket: Tom's youth and enthusiasm slated under Ronald Reagan's age, wisdom and experience. Another slogan used throughout his career was: Tom Scott: He says what he means and he means what he says. He was never a champion of upper class tax cuts, though a number of his towns were silk stocking and a larger number were blue collar like Tom and his family. One year, Tom painted my house and did a superb job.

    When Tom ran tax protest movements oriented against such horrors (in Connecticut) as a tax on wages and salaries, it was a career long commitment and always featured ordinary men and women who worked hard with their hands for a living. Connecticut had substantial taxes on capital gains and interest and dividends and valuable estates but NOT on wages and salaries. The drumbeat in anti-tax campaigns was a question as to why Mr. and Mrs. Megabucks should have their taxes slashed in half by shoving the burden onto some kid flipping burgers at Mickey Ds, waiting instead to slash wasteful state spending in an amount matching ALL tax cuts including those for blue collars. Blue collar folks ate it up because NOBODY but Tom spoke forcefully in politics for blue collars.

    Tommy even started one Congressional campaign by holding a free hot dog and hamburger roast at a Revolutionary War Memorial Park (where a battle had occurred in New Haven. The undoubtedly Democrat neighborhood was leafleted for about a week inviting everyone. It was all over the newspapers and media and featured ghetto kids having the time of their lives, filling the park along with their adults, wolfing as much food as they wanted, climbing all over the bronze statues of the Revolutionary War heroes and their cannons. The park is smack dab in the middle of the toughest ghetto in New Haven. No violence that day just a lot of happy Black kids. I had known many Democrat Machine leaders for years. When they saw the press and media coverage, they needed mass medical care.

    Tom was trusted on Israel like no other local politician in Connecticut. He had to go to address the men's club at a verrrrry liberal congregation in a wealthy suburb to prove his bona fides. Most of those present agreed with him only on Israel and national defense (the weapon system not funded cannot be sold to Israel). One liberal in the audience asked Tom about abortion and why he was actually pro-life and not an advocate of "women's rights." About ten guys in the audience turned on the questioner telling him that abortion was not why Tom had been invited and, if the questioner could not limit his questions to Israel and national defense and weapons, the questioner should leave.

    His campaign song was "I'm proud to be an American" by Lee Greenwood. Bob Dornan came from California and campaigned for him. Tom was asked (and agreed) to go to Tennessee to help Marsha Blackburn's campaign for Congress. Dick Armey invited him to his office in DC after a very successful tax protest in 1991 drew 60,000 people to the state capitol lawn.

    The costs of the tax protest were largely borne by the United Food and Commercial Workers' Union, headed up by a man we had never met who was a refugee from Cuba to the US. They provided the stage and the powerful sound system. There were members of many other unions enthusiastically attending. Governor Weicker threatened to take away the registrations of any school buses used to transport adults to the rally. The Teamsters Union offered to send its men out to ride on each side of each bus. The state troopers' union told Weicker to go fry ice because they refused to harass the buses,. Electrical workers showed up in force. Many union guys wore satin jackets with their union logos attached. A high point of the event was the arrival of an oversized tractor (tractor trailer variety) Forest green in color festooned with anti-income tax and anti-Weicker slogans in absolute white. This is a famous vehicle used in labor protests in Connecticut and it has a name: The War Wagon. Teamsters had often supported Weicker previously but this message was well understood as: Resign Weicker and Go Home to Greenwich! You Rich anti-Labor Bastard. Weicker never ran for office again. He had tried to create an alliance between labor and the GOP as a US senator. Tom Scott took even Weicker's friendly unions, turned them against him and rubbed his nose in it.

    Tom said in 1994 after the loss as an Independent for the governor's office, that he would retire from public life. He says what he means and means what he says. It has been twenty years since he retired at about 36 years of age and, having married, began to raise a family.

    When the same liberals who drove Ed Koch from the New York City mayoralty to install the hapless David Dinkins as mayor came and begged Koch to run for mayor again, Koch said "no, you have been very naughty and now you have to be punished." Koch never ran again. Without saying those words, Tom Scott seems to have made the same policy implicit at a much earlier age and stuck to it.

    If Republicans and conservatives would learn the simple courtesy of just talking to as many kinds of voters and as many voters as possible respectfully, honestly, asking probing questions as to what they suffer at the heavy hand of government, how is the local school system doing, etc., and most importantly, what do YOU want your state senator or representative to do or not do and why.

    The winter after his first election fell very shortly after election day. There were single digit temperatures in the daytime. Tom slogged on foot, door to door in that weather all through November and December until the legislature convened. People were flabbergasted. Tom looked like a beardless youth. Women on his journeys wanted him to stay and warm up while they made hot chocolate for him. Most of all they were nonplussed by the fact that he introduced himself as their newly elected state senator coming to their house to find out what they wanted him to do in Hartford. And this was immediately AFTER he was elected!

    Politics is a lot of work but, if the candidate and his supporters work at it, he can make allies of supposed enemies, and find allies in the strangest places. Democrats will talk to anyone. Republicans want to talk to the already convinced. That is not enough.

  • Rep. Adam Kinzinger is a CLUELESS Member of Congress who is Aiding and Abetting Enemies of U.S.

    10/08/2014 7:21:24 PM PDT · 8 of 8
    BlackElk to InterceptPoint; chicagolady
    Kissinger is elected to represent IL-16, one of the most Republican districts in this country. He is a vacant headed footstool for: GOP leadership which collected about $600,000 to subsidize a slick and unrelenting direct mail campaign of lies about his predecessor here, Don Manzullo. Don had written a letter to the Coppertoned alcoholic of the House John Boehner asking that the House be called back into session in order to pass a resolution telling Obozo that the debt ceiling would not be raised again during the remainder of Obozo's presidency.

    That did it. Manzullo had to be purged. I have never voted for Kinzinger and I never will. He is a corrupt whore who deserves to be run out of Washington. He is no Tea Party type. That was his claim in his previous Chicagoland district that the Demonrats gerrymandered to grab another Congressional seat. Kinzinger is also a faithful servant of the Main Street Coalition which is an enemy of most values of FR.

  • Ferguson Protest Leader: We Will Murder People if Darren Wilson Does not Face Criminal Charges

    10/08/2014 1:56:18 PM PDT · 118 of 128
    BlackElk to therightliveswithus

    This why God invented the Missouri National Guard. If they riot and murder, make Ferguson nothing but a bad memory. In case of moral confusion as to the “victims,” in the immortal words of St. Dominic: Kill them all. God will know His own.

  • Malloy leads by 8 in Connecticut Governor's Race

    10/08/2014 1:28:41 PM PDT · 40 of 45
    BlackElk to campaignPete R-CT

    Granted that the vote stealing will continue in Bridgeport, New Haven and Hartford while Labriola sleeps peacefully oblivious of the fraud and uninterested, the Quinnipiac poll out today has this governor’s race has it as a dead heat.

  • Malloy leads by 8 in Connecticut Governor's Race

    10/08/2014 1:18:25 PM PDT · 39 of 45
    BlackElk to Impy
    Tom Scott was the State Senator from the then competitive 14th District along the Long Island Sound shoreline and slightly inland west of New Haven (typically Milford, part of westernmost West Haven, Orange, Woodbridge, Derby). That district with some redistricting changes is now held by a woman named Schlossberg, a leftist Demonrat. Tom was elected in 1980 and served until the early days of 1991 when his last term expired. He had run against Rosa (My other car is a broom) DeLauro in 1990 and lost narrowly. The Demonrats got their act together and took Tom more seriously in 1992 and DeLauro won decisively as she has ever since.

    In that district, in 1976, John Pucciano ran a close race against Robert Giaimo (first elected in 1958) in the 3rd District. When Giaimo retired in 1980, liberal Republican State Senator Larry DeNardis was elected as the only GOP Congressman since 1958, defeating then State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Lieberman who, was eventually elected to four terms in the U.s. Senate. DeNardis was defeated by Bruce Morrison in 1982 after a single term.

    Tom Scott ran for governor as an independent candidate in 1994. Although he garnered some serious labor union support, (Food and Service Workers, Electrical Workers and others) and it took less than a week to petition him onto the ballot, Tom got about 15% of the vote. The winner was Republican John Rowland who was recently convicted of his second set of federal corruption charges, having been forced out as governor by a prison sentence during his third term.

    "Our campaigns" is totally confused. However, they have Tom Scott being crushed by DeLauro (as he was) in 1992. They omitted the much closer 1990 race. DeLauro's predecessor was Democrat Congressman Bruce Morrison who ran for governor in 1990, lost, and never ran for office again. He had been Executive Director of New Haven Legal Assistance Association before being elected to Congress.

  • Malloy leads by 8 in Connecticut Governor's Race

    10/07/2014 8:03:53 PM PDT · 36 of 45
    BlackElk to fieldmarshaldj

    Yeah, but I know Labriola and I don’t know Nassour, Whoever the Illinois GOP state chair may be, he/she is probably as bad but, totally anonymous. I listen to as many as 6 hours M-F of locally generated (in Chicago) conservative talk on WLS 890, Bruce Wolf and Dan Profft from 5 AM to 9AM and John Kass and Lauren Cohn 9AM to 11 AM. The Illinois GOP has a chairman in all likelihood, but I have not heard his/her name. Probably just as well. One less person to despise.

  • Malloy leads by 8 in Connecticut Governor's Race

    10/07/2014 6:58:18 PM PDT · 33 of 45
    BlackElk to campaignPete R-CT

    Yeah, but the Republican party organizations in most of the other 49 states are not chaired by brainless, unprincipled twits like Gerry Labriola, Jr.

  • Malloy leads by 8 in Connecticut Governor's Race

    10/07/2014 6:55:12 PM PDT · 32 of 45
    BlackElk to fieldmarshaldj; AuH2ORepublican
    Probably the last serious social conservative Republican Congressman from CT was Tom Meskill elected in 1966 and 1968 who was then elected governor in 1970 over leftist Demonrat Emilio Q. "Mim" D'addario. Elected as an unapologetic conservative, Meskill nonetheless had the major flaw of getting the legislature to enact Connecticut's very first general income tax. Public rebellion forced its repeal in a special session before one nickel could be collected. It was left to Lowell Weicker to cram that tax down Connecticut's collective throat twenty years later by bullying and bribing (with good paying state jobs and whatnot) as many legislators as necessary.

    Surprisingly, a more recent Democrat Congressman Bill Cotter who replaced D'Addario from the Hartford based district, though something of a liberal generally, was a very dependable pro-lifer and general social conservative. He served from 1971 until his death in 1981.

    Tom Scott a five term state senator from a swing district, lost by 1,500 votes to the execrable Rosa DeLauro in 1990 when the New Haven area Third District fell vacant. I may be wrong but I think the votes totaled about 100,000 in which case, Tom lost by 1.5 % The New Haven Demonrat Machine stole more fraudulent absentee votes than that before the polls opened. Likewise West Haven Demonrats.

    Tom was not only pro-life and opposed to all things lavender, but was strongly pro-military, a leader in English First, the #1 proponent of restoring the death penalty, the unparalleled anti-tax leader in the state, etc. He was also quite young, dropping out of college to take his seat in the state senate in 1981.

  • Is Pat Roberts really 10 points behind in KS Senate race? (Democrat running as liberal leads him)

    10/06/2014 3:35:20 PM PDT · 15 of 21
    BlackElk to Jim from C-Town

    Or even to rent a studio apartment?