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  • We're Taking Larry Deer Hunting This Weekend. For The Last Time.

    02/13/2016 8:23:13 PM PST · 116 of 118
    BlackElk to dp0622
    Thank you for your kind words. Did you ever get a copy of Thomas a Kempis's Imitation of Christ? Antonin Scalia was a special man and my very favorite Justice of modern times and probably ever. He did his thirty years work against a lot greater degree of difficulty than burdened his predecessors. He had many children, one of whom is a Traditionalist priest.

    Our prayers should also rise to God for the comforting and spiritual healing of his widow, Maureen McCarthy Scalia, whom he married in 1960 and who bore him nine children. Truly an example of a genuinely Catholic marriage of nearly 56 years duration. And also for his children who must be bereft. I hope that Ruth Bader Ginsberg, his close friend, despite evident philosophical differences, will be allowed some role in the aftermath of his death. And Clarence Thomas, as well. Thomas will have to step up now and lead the conservatives on SCOTUS.

  • Senior U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia found dead at West Texas ranch

    02/13/2016 7:10:02 PM PST · 1,150 of 1,171
    BlackElk to Mr Apple
    No, a simple majority vote on confirmation is all that is required. It takes 60 votes to bring about cloture (force an actual final vote on the nomination) in the event of a filibuster (Jeff Sessions, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and many others are SURE to filibuster ANY attempt to confirm Obozo's nomination. OTOH, it is the Demonrats who want a vote and they don't have anything like 60 votes to invoke cloture.

    Additionally, any Obozo nomination can be tied up in the Senate Judiciary Committee until Obozo leaves office or Armaggedon whichever is first to occur.

    Additionally Mitchie McTurtle says that the nomination "should" not be voted on until the people have spoken in the 2016 election. Mitchie can refuse to bring up the nomination even if it clears Judiciary Committee (see behavior of Reid, Harry). Mitchie MUST at the very least keep the Senate "in session" until Obozo is gone. The SCOTUS ruled unanimously in 2014 on "recess" appointments that they are not allowed in the absence of a formal recess.

    Also see the final sentence of Article II Section 3 of the constitution as to recess appointments.

  • Senior U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia found dead at West Texas ranch

    02/13/2016 6:53:49 PM PST · 1,145 of 1,171
    BlackElk to Theodore R.

    For accuracy, it was Senate Republican Majority Leader of Michigan who stopped Fortas and the nomination for Associate Justice of LBJ crony and political hack Homer (?) Thornberry of Texas. Also, I believe that Earl Warren was from the Oakland area near San Francisco not from the California southern desert town of Bakersfield. Warren was Oakland County District Attorney prior to his election as governor.

  • We're Taking Larry Deer Hunting This Weekend. For The Last Time.

    02/13/2016 4:41:42 PM PST · 111 of 118
    BlackElk to dp0622; ButThreeLeftsDo
    As Larry was passing away, somewhere a brand new infant was born as another gift from God to us and as a gift from that child's parents to us. The child will not be another Larry or another Antonin Scalia or another JRandom Freeper. The child will be wonderful in his or her own right and have his or her own wonderful qualities and that child may or may not take advantage of the opportunity of life as well as Larry or Scalia or JRandom Freeper.

    As we pray for the repose of Larry's soul and Antonin Scalia's and JRandom FReeper's, let each of us pray for that newborn child that he or she live life as well as they did in conformity with the will of God.

    May God have mercy on Larry's soul and all the souls of the faithfully departed and welcome him into heaven.

    May God bless you and yours!

  • Feds Seek Home Visits, Calling Parents "Equal Partners"

    02/12/2016 6:38:56 PM PST · 42 of 42
    BlackElk to Dr. Sivana

    Ping for later

  • Breaking News: FBI moves in to end Oregon stand-off - Agents and armored cars surround militia

    02/11/2016 7:54:34 PM PST · 35 of 43
    BlackElk to Lurking Libertarian
    Your casualty list is accurate. I don't think of myself as a partisan in this matter either way. I want every scrap of credible forensic evidence in the government's possession to be made public and let the chips fall where they may.

    Many people who have reviewed the videos with sharper eyes than mine, claim that Finecum was NOT reaching for his gun. Some say he was instinctively reaching for his first wound.

    I want answers to or evidence of autopsy by a qualified coroner or medical examiner, transcripts of any interviews of those fired upon in the vehicle from which Finnecum fled only to be shot down by LEOs. Until such evidence is made public without reservations, I am reserving judgment and so should everyone else.

    Giving known events of Waco, Oklahoma City, Ruby Ridge and what happened on the Oregon highway BEFORE, during and after Finnecum was shot, the government MUST objectively prove that the actions of its agents were justified. ALL lives matter. I have previously noted here that I do not believe that the Oregon Eight were at all justified or wise in seizing the Wildlife Center. OTOH, government LEOs have the responsibility to act as the grownups. The legal standard is "That force and ONLY that force NECESSARY to achieve a legitimate law enforcement purpose."

    I reasonably suspect that the LEOs did not comply with that standard. I could be wrong. And so could you be wrong. Let's see the evidence and NOT rush to judgment. If the LEOs were acting in accordance with that standard, they deserve to be so recognized and exonerated. If not, they deserve to be indicted, prosecuted, defended, given due process of law, judged by a court or by a jury of their peers as they may prefer and, if convicted, punished accordingly. Is there a respectable reason to disagree?

    When I wrote last night, the last four said that they would leave only if all charges were dropped or when they were dead. They agreed to surrender only after I went to sleep for the night. Now that they have surrendered, the matter is properly in the courts for decision. They also deserve due process of law as does Finnecum's estate if it chooses to take civil action.

  • Please pray for Don-o's Mama (Update #68)

    02/11/2016 7:32:29 PM PST · 39 of 79
    BlackElk to Mrs. Don-o; don-o
    May our Heavenly Father Who lovingly formed Irene in her mother's womb and has observed her Faithfulness all the days of her life, grant unto her His healing as the Divine Physician of Bodies and Souls, taking due note of all of the wonderful things she has accomplished in this life as daughter, wife and mother (and grandmother?). If it be His will for her, may she enjoy additional time among her family and loved ones. Equally, if in His judgment, it is her time,may he grant her a speedy and happy and holy death and welcome her into paradise! We ask his in Jesus's Holy Name.

    Irene (and her loved ones) will be included in all of my future rosaries for her recovery or for the repose of her soul as may be appropriate.

    May God continue always to bless her and both of you and yours!

  • BREAKING VIDEO=> LaVoy Finicum FBI Murder Footage – With His Hands Up

    02/11/2016 7:38:32 AM PST · 591 of 591
    BlackElk to Cololeo
    The coup?????? Isn't FR a CONSERVATIVE website and not a refuge for the nutcase "Our noble Kennedy was murdered to keep us from having wonderful lives, the culprits being (pick your grudge) LBJ, international bankers, oil zillionaires, evil corporate malefactors...?"

    I though that particular leftist industry had finally died decades ago. I was in my senior year of high school when the JFK assassination occurred and also when President Ngo Dinh Diem was assassinated in Saigon with the active connivance of JFK's administration.

    Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated JFK. There were no gunmen on "the grassy knoll" which was in front of JFK and he was shot from behind. If the conspiracy theorists had let go of the grassy knoll fantasy, they might have had credibility because there MAY have been triangulated fire from behind. The usual gang of leftist lamestream media like Walter Cronkite just could not accept that rthe assassination was not some sort of right wing plot. Oswald was many things but NOT a secret right-winger.

    Finally, I would bet good money that the Oregon occupiers are not fans of the theory that JFK was assassinated by a right wing plot either. If you have evidence, make it known to the public and prosecutors since there would be no statute of limitations on POTUS assassinations. Otherwise, you are blowing smoke and should be ashamed of yourself.

    Go have some Bilderburgers with ketchup for lunch!

    If you perpetrate violence against a heavily armed government determined to stop you, you will not be triggering some nirvana resulting from romantic delusions of revolution but a destruction of remaining American liberties and a guaranteed gulag for your children and grandchildren and everyone else's. Thanks, but no thanks.

  • Breaking News: FBI moves in to end Oregon stand-off - Agents and armored cars surround militia

    02/10/2016 9:26:10 PM PST · 27 of 43
    BlackElk to Nachum
    I find it noteworthy that it seems that most of the news on this terrible situation comes from British newspapers. Maybe American papers are covering the story but all I have seen posted here are British accounts.

    The federales are obviously spoiling for a massacre. That is obviously wrong and this situation has to be resolved by courts and not by guns public or private.

    The four "protestors" who are occupying this Wildlife center are choosing the wrong hill to die on. What on Earth does their occupation of the building do to achieve their purposes? Publicity? Suicide by FBI? Sympathy over their deaths? I don't see the point.

    The "protestors" are now saying they will leave when charges are dropped or when they are dead. I have a hard time mustering much respect for their actions or attitude. I do think that the government should be forced to cough up the land they have grabbed all over the West, that any deals with Putin or anyone over Uranium rights should be fully exposed, that the government should be forced to explain why there was double jeopardy leading to second convictions for arson or whatever against ranchers who resisted the government and with whom these "protestors" are in apparent sympathy. That story is getting out effectively if publicizing it was their goal.

    Whatever their cause may be, it does not justify them being slaughtered for it. If Gerry Spence could get Randy Weaver off the charges against him after a federal marshal and Randy's ife and son were killed and could make the fedgov cough up a multimillion dollar settlement of Randy's legal claims, then there are still lawyers out there who can handle this situation.

    Unfortunately, it is too late for Lavoy Finnicum who was killed. Why does it have to unnecessarily become too late for these folks? Live to fight in other ways on another day.

  • 'Aggressive Elk' No Match for Norway Kids With Snowballs

    02/10/2016 8:17:54 PM PST · 20 of 20
    BlackElk to NormsRevenge

    Looks like a much better target for a skillfully thrown blizzard of snowballs.


    02/10/2016 4:21:27 PM PST · 15 of 18
    BlackElk to smoothsailing
    I can remember when Ann was a conservative before she became a one-issue border obsessive. That change has led her to be an enthusiastic cheerleader for the liberal likes of Christie and Romney and now trump, none of whom could be trusted as far as you could throw the Taj Mahal with one pinkie finger to be anything other than knee jerk liberals whenever the spot light is not bearing down on them with voters about to vote. In fact Moral Monster Mitt Romney, Annie's heartthrob of 2012, was a leftist and social revolutionary as usual even when the spotlight WAS on. Hence, Obozo's re-election.

    Annie has developed, shall we say, a certain lack of credibility in recent years.

  • U.S. Catholic-Muslim Dialogue Launched, Chicago Archbishop Cupich to Co-Chair

    02/10/2016 4:05:40 PM PST · 26 of 26
    BlackElk to opus1
    Or, no matter what happens, we may persist in calling him Your Irrelevancy which is how I have always viewed Roger Cardinal McPhony, Joseph Cardinal Bernardin, Archbishop Rembert Weakland and their ilk.

    God bless you and yours!

  • BREAKING VIDEO=> LaVoy Finicum FBI Murder Footage – With His Hands Up

    02/10/2016 4:02:41 PM PST · 589 of 591
    BlackElk to Cololeo
    When you act on this foolish idea, do you plan on being buried next to Mr. Finnacum (sp.?)?

    This is not a schoolyard fight between short-tempered six-year-olds, caught in the act and finger-ponting at each other saying: "HE started it!"

    Mature adults have no sympathy for the short-sighted who use "moral equivalency" to justify suicide by cop. Nor for those who, badge or no badge, would kill innocent family members to teach a lesson to resisters OR to law enforcement.

    Don't be in such a hurry to discard the protections of a civilized society, as created by the Founding Fathers, for the temporary emotional indulgence of quite unnecessary revolution. "Me want what me want and me want it NOW!" is not an expression of conservatism but rather resembles the New Left that many of us successfully fought in yesteryear.

    There are many legal avenues of redress of grievances that have not been exhausted and would have to be exhausted if you expect to broaden your resistance to folks who don't see seizing a federal wildlife center as a hill to die on.

  • 'Aggressive Elk' No Match for Norway Kids With Snowballs

    02/10/2016 3:37:55 PM PST · 14 of 20
    BlackElk to NormsRevenge


  • Supreme Omission in GOP Election Debate [The Judicial Branch Gets No Mention At All]

    02/09/2016 9:13:06 AM PST · 13 of 18
    BlackElk to enumerated
    Let us bother you some more and remove that varnish from the truth.

    The Donald, suddenly, after a lifetime as a pro-abort, discovered that he wanted to run as a "Republican" for POTUS. That ambition is not available to open pro-aborts in the GOP however much the GOP-E may fervently wish it were.

    What to do, given that The Donald was on record as favoring even partial birth abortion? The Donald constructed a useful fantasy to feed to zombies who might support him and yet, inexplicably, were "PRO-LIFERS" and generally outside his personal acquaintance or experience.

    The Donald spun a tale that he suddenly realized that he had been wrong on abortion while bouncing the REALLY AMAZING infant of a friend in his lap. Surely this REALLY AMAZING child ought not to have been aborted and thankfully was not. This would not survive unless the lamestream media were determined that this vulgar buffoon be the GOP nominee. The lamestream media IS his Superpac and no fundraisers are necessary. If and when he has secured the GOP nomination, that will change dramatically. See the 2012 campaign experience of Romney, Moral Monster Mitt.

    Media with integrity wuld ask:

    a) Mr. Trump, did you ever hold your own infants in your lap? Most were born before you expressed your commitment to Partial Birth Abortion and described yourself as being as "pro-choice" as anyone in the USA.

    b) Or were your own kids not REALLY AMAZING? What made, makes them inferior to that REALLY AMAZING infant responsible for converting you?

    c) Do kids who are just ordinary and not REALLY AMAZING also deserve to live? If not, why not?

  • U.S. Catholic-Muslim Dialogue Launched, Chicago Archbishop Cupich to Co-Chair

    02/09/2016 8:48:48 AM PST · 13 of 26
    BlackElk to NTHockey

    Did you actually have a problem with John Paul I, with Pope St. John Paul II, or with Pope Benedict XVI?

  • U.S. Catholic-Muslim Dialogue Launched, Chicago Archbishop Cupich to Co-Chair

    02/09/2016 8:47:14 AM PST · 12 of 26
    BlackElk to pleasenotcalifornia


  • U.S. Catholic-Muslim Dialogue Launched, Chicago Archbishop Cupich to Co-Chair

    02/09/2016 8:46:20 AM PST · 11 of 26
    BlackElk to YouGoTexasGirl
    As an Illinois Catholic, I can confidently tell you that you overestimate Archbishop Cupich. If the Islamolunatics blow up his cathedral while he is saying Mass and he survives, he will call a press conference to demand "understanding" for the poor oppressed Islamolunatics who were only expressing themselves by blowing up the cathedral and trying to kill them. He will then go on a grand falafel luncheon tour of as many parishes as he can to drive the point home. At the next meeting of the US Conference of Catholic Biahops, he will ask them to create a committee to consider whether Caatholics should become Muslims.

    Cupich would regard all of the above as far preferable to allowing his priests to lead an actual Catholic revival or to defend marriage as between one man and one woman for life or to effectively lead pro-life activities as priests. Cupich is the enemy within the Church, a new Bernardin, a "religious" treasonweasel with iittle enthusiasm for actual religion.

    Can I say anything nice about Cupich? Sure. He will turn 67 on March 19, 2016 and must, by Vatican rules, submit his resignation to a hopefully actual Catholic pope on March 19, 2024. Eight more years of suffering for Illinois Catholics and particularly those in the Chicago Archdiocese.

    Cupich has set a goal this week of closing 1 out of every three parishes in his Archdiocese by 2030 (though he won't be there that long). This is the leftist solution to the priest shortage. It means shrink the Church to death so long as the mindless leftist upper middle class booboisie can "feel" that they and their priorities are in charge. The conservative solution is for diocesan bishops to assert a robust and uncompromising Catholic orthodoxy which attracts the best young men to the priesthood in larger numbers more than adequate to replace retiring clergy.

    If we are fortunate, a new pope would be elected ASAP, create a new curial congregation on changing toilet paper rolls in Vatican porta johns and tell Cupich to accept its chairmanship and leave Chicago or be retired by papal decree.

  • ACLU poll: Illinois criminal justice system 'broken'

    02/08/2016 3:55:34 PM PST · 11 of 11
    BlackElk to nascarnation
    No, not quite that bad, yet.

    I imagine that you mean those who have left office.

    Pat Quinn's misbegotten governorship was terminated by the voters but he has not yet been charged, convicted or sentenced but hope springs eternal.

    Rod "Elvis" Blagojevich: What Am I bid for this fine and practically unused Senate seat held briefly by Obama? 14 years at Supermax in Colorado.

    Lyin' George Ryan was federally convicted and federally jailed for selling commercial tractor truck drivers' licenses for $$$$$$ among other things. As Speake of the Illinois House of Representatives, he was a pillar of social conservatism, joining with Phyllis Schlafly to prevent Illinois ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. As Secretary of State and as Governor, he became a gilt-edged crook.

    Jim Edgar: This POS never saw a social conservative position or a social conservative person that he would not gladly piss on. Living proof that only the good die young. What would I not give to see this bastard behind bars but it does not look likely.

    Big Jim Thompson: See the entry for Jim Edgar. Substitute Thompson's name for Edgar's.

    Those are the last five governors other than incumbent Bruce Rauner. Only two have been incarcerated to date. Before them, Walkin' Dan Walker and Otto Kerner were both imprisoned. Thus it is four of the last seven governors who have wound up in the federal slam but we can dream.

  • Marco Rubio gives the same memorized speech at every rally. Here he is in Derry NH on Friday night.

    02/07/2016 7:14:57 PM PST · 51 of 54
    BlackElk to campaignPete R-CT
    My knowledge of New Hampshire is very dated. Last night's debate revealed (without disagreement) that narcotics overdoses are the second leading cause of death there. Either NH has a verrrrry low death rate or that state has undergone truly monstrous change since 1972 when I worked the primary there.

    The Hew Hampshire I became familiar with had a Democrat Party which was largely made up of very conservative french Canadians who were called Grover Cleveland Democrats: Hard money, low taxes, socially conservative Catholics, etc. IIRC, New Hampshire allows Democrats to vote in Republican primaries. If Manchester Democrats are still what they were in 1972, might that not boost Cruz and/or Rubio? You have, no doubt, worked New Hampshire a LOT more recently than I. What do you think?

    It has been observed that the Democrat Party offers to such Manchester Democrats only a choice between a wild-eyed nutty socialist and Bernie Sanders. The Manchester Democrats to whom I refer were largely employed by the mills in Manchester. The mills are probably gone now and they are exactly the kind of folks most targeted for economic destruction by Obozo whatever he may say and they would know it. They may also have died out.

    God bless!

  • The Natural Born Citizen Clause as Originally Understood

    02/07/2016 3:08:41 PM PST · 113 of 144
    BlackElk to Arthur McGowan
    According to Birther theory, George Romney was born in Mexico of a mother and farther who fled Utah and the USA over Congress's insistence that Utah pass anti-polygamy laws as a condition of admission to the Union. They joined other fleeing Mormons to found a permanent Mormon colony in Mexico.

    The long-time Catholic President of Mexico, Santa Anna, had been toppled by then. The Catholic "Emperor of Mexico" and his wife, Maximilian Hapsburg and Carlotta, had been toppled by the godless Benito Juarez who could be trusted not to "impose" Christian morality.

    Many revolutions but no Christian governments in Mexico since Maximilian was waxed by a firing squad, shellacked by Juarez and sent home to Franz Josef.

    It does not appear that, at the time of George's birth, his parents had any intention of returning to the USA. It does not appear that George was born here, or had actual American citizens as parents, at least according to Birther theory. I am unaware of George or his parents filing paperwork for his naturalization as an American citizen.

    Thus, according to Birther theory, George was not eligible. However, if he was not a citizen but was the father of Mitt Romney (a veritable Antichrist), then, again according to Birther theory, Moral Monster Mitt Romney (hereinafter M3R) was also ineligible even though HE was born here because dad was not a citizen.

    Not only that but M3Romney's kids are also ineligible since M3Romney was never naturalized. None of their children born after today's date into an unknown future will be NBCs unless and until M3R's children are naturalized before the actual birth of such offspring and, of course, even then they will need to be born here no matter what.

    At some point the Birther theory gives rise to endless silly controversies that seem like Young Republican Credentials fights of my increasingly distant youth. Such fights were not about substance or integrity but about advantage. In Connecticut Young Republicans, at a very close fought state convention at which delegates were allotted by Congressional District, we disqualified one young lady as a delegate upon documenting that she had recently applied for a dog license in a town in an adjacent CD.

    If you apply what passes for Birther "logic" to even Jeb Bush, you could probably challenge his status as NBC though his mother is descended from President Franklin Pierce and his father and brother both served as POTUS. Don'tcha just know that somebody back there somewhere in the Bush or Walker or Bush's mom's family line since 1787 was born elsewhere and did not sweat the naturalization process.

    Trump's mama was born in Scotland. Was SHE ever naturalized? Was it before The Donald was born. Trump's paternal grandpa (original name Drumpf) came here from Germany. Was he naturalized? When? If Trump's father was born in Germany, ditto? Lincoln was closely descended from a British grandfather IIRC. Any naturalizations in his line? Or were his ancestors like mine of 100 years ago and more, people who never bothered with "naturalization" papers because they were too busy living their lives.

    With all the real issues that persist in our society and the cornucopia of headaches that are Obozo's proudest products, with a $19 trillion debt, an emasculated military, an anti-American foreign policy, an open invitation to millions of Islamofascist lunatics to come here and blow up Americans, gun-grabbing, 60+ million surgical abortions and counting, a devil's variety of perversions passing as "marriage" according to SCOTUS and sooooooo many more, all we have to worry about is the meaning of some obscure and undefined language in the Constitution about NBCs????? REALLY?

  • Marco Rubio gives the same memorized speech at every rally. Here he is in Derry NH on Friday night.

    02/07/2016 1:51:54 PM PST · 40 of 54
    BlackElk to spintreebob

    I never objected when Ronaldus Maximus gave the same speech, known as The Speech, over and over again.

  • Marco Rubio gives the same memorized speech at every rally. Here he is in Derry NH on Friday night.

    02/07/2016 1:50:07 PM PST · 39 of 54
    BlackElk to campaignPete R-CT
    That would be because they are the only conservatives in the race and hold similar views on most things. Rubio has probably fatally damaged his chances by supporting the Gang of Eight Bill to legalize the illegal aliens in an era of total Obozo lawlessness on the subject.

    Trump does not echo the speeches of Cruz or Rubio because he IS NOT A CONSERVATIVE. Instead, he is running Ringling Brothers/Barnum & Bailey campaign for POTUS. It is a campaign of distraction because there is very little substance.

    If someone points out that Trump, interviewed by Chuck Todd in 1999, claimed to be as "pro-choice" as anyone in the USA and specifically supported partial birth abortion, the Trumpettes chime in with: But that was 17 years ago and he is pro-life now! (After all, what reason would he hae to lie?) Or Ronald Reagan signed abortion into law in California and later changed HIS mind. These are the political equivalent of: Look, over there! That's a bearded lady! Have you seen our dancing bears? Look at the elephants! And the lion tamer! Wow!

    Trump's alleged moment of truth on abortion, according to Trump, was when he was holding the REALLY AMAZING infant of a friend in his lap and he realized that that REALLY EXTRAORDINARY kid ought not to have been aborted and The Donald was glad! Then the skies opened and a light shone down on God's other other son and we were expected to be satisfied. NOT!

    Did TRUMP ever hold his own infants in his lap? Didn't that convince him that abortion is unacceptable? Maybe he does not think his own kids REALLY AMAZING? We, as pro-life voters, need to know.

    Rubio has his flaws but his answer on abortion was pitch perfect and OUGHT to be repeated over and over again by each and every GOP POTUS candidate.

    Our attention was directed to the first of four videos of a campaign appearance by Rubio as an example of his repetitive campaign speech. In that clip, he told New Hampshirites that he really did not like snow (probably on the day TRUMP!!! cancelled his NH appearances and went to warmer SC instead) but he showed up in the snow AND he introduced his children. The first half of the clip was the audience applauding him and there was not much else

    In order to avoid repetition, should he introduce other children at other rallies as though they were his own? Or perhaps express indifference or an actual love for 12 inches of snow? Soon he would be no more credible than TRUMP!!!!

    How do you define "serious political people?

    BTW, I admit (mea culpa) that I agree with Rubio's approach although I prefer Cruz as candidate. Rubio flat out declares that he would rather lose an election than betray the pro-life cause, that each child's life takes precedence but that he would sign a bill with exceptions that prevented SOME additional exceptions. So would I but I recognize that as a moral flaw in me and in him. OTOH, it would also be a moral flaw to abandon any child that could have been saved. Thus a genuine dilemma but, as Rubio says: Err on the side of life.

    If TRUMP!!!! is nominated, I shall likely vote for him but it will be my most difficult vote since voting for a putz like Gerald Feckless Ford (and being relieved when he lost). The Demonrats have decided to give us only a choice between a wild-eyed raving socialist and Bernie Sanders. Our country's degeneration accelerates if TRUMP!!! is the GOP nominee.

    I shall watch the three other videos from that rally before further response.

  • BREAKING VIDEO=> LaVoy Finicum FBI Murder Footage – With His Hands Up

    02/07/2016 10:00:05 AM PST · 587 of 591
    BlackElk to Cololeo
    In answer to both your #585 and #586:

    You are barking up the wrong tree.

    Waco: No justification whatsoever for the murder of the inhabitants of the Waco Branch Davidian "compound." Koresh was an armed religious nut but, as P. J. O'Rourke observed at the time, wait....this country was founded by armed religious nuts!

    Koresh had previously been indicted for alleged federal firearms violations. The county sheriff called him on the telephone to tell Koresh that the sheriff had to serve Koresh with the arrest warrant or bill of indictment and asked where Koresh would prefer to be served at the "compound" or at a coffee shop in town. Koresh drove to the coffee shop, was served, showed up in court as scheduled, was tried and fully acquitted by a federal jury.

    Given that track record, the Clinton Administration/Janet Reno/FBI/Federal Marshal/military actions against Koresh that led to all those deaths was utterly inexcusable. Those who attacked the compound and its inhabitants should have been tried and, if convicted. punished with death.

    Janet "Shakes" Reno, the Attorney General, said she would take responsibility for Waco's results. Fine! Ms. Reno, have a seat in Old Sparky here and be patient while we attach the electrodes for you to ride the lightning straight to hell. Clean up Old Sparky and keep that assembly line rolling until all those responsible are no more.

    Do you think the Waco situation or our nation itself would be improved by private citizens hunting down and killing the wives and children of those who perpetrated the atrocity at Waco? I don't. We do not believe in guilt by family association. In fact, the Constitution forbids "bills of attainder" which was Britspeak for blaming the families of perps and punishing them too. Think of this paragraph as THE QUESTION. It will be so referenced below by analogy in other situations.

    Ruby Ridge: Randy Weaver, a decorated Army Ranger veteran of Vietnam, was noticed by the fedgov for operating under the delusion that he and his family were of the ten lost tribes of Israel and destined to march in the armies of the Lord at Armageddon. Hey, Americans are entitled to hold such views. The First Amendment protects them.

    Randy was FRAMED by the federales for reasons unknown (other than he was an "armed religious nut" which really disturbs liberals/see P.J. O'Rourke above). Some biker/drug dealer was arrested by the feds who offered him a deal of getting off in exchange for getting Randy Weaver to saw off two shotguns one half inch shorter than allowed by fedlaw. As a special extra the biker punk took Randy to a neo-nazi "church" and Randy told the biker punk that his father had fought the nazis in WWII and Randy was leaving NOW. Randy was arrested and promised to appear in fed court and did. He was again framed when his next appearance date was CHANGED by the fedjudge AFTER Randy left court. He was arrested then for failure to appear. Enter Gerry Spence as Randy's attorney after the carnage at Randy's home. Randy was acquitted and got a multi-million dollar settlement from the fedgov. No doubt, he would have rather kept his wife and his son and let the taxpayers keep the $$$$$.

    Federal marshals set up in hiding on Randy's property behind a large boulder. They were discovered by the family dog and Randy's 10-year old son Sammy (?). They shot and killed the dog. Sammy fired back with his .22 pea shooter. Then the marshals opened up on the kid, blowing off one arm at the elbow and then shooting him fatally in the back as he ran to the imagined safety of the family cabin. Randy and a young man living there were wounded in an exchange with the marshals one of whom was killed (and justifiably so).

    A fed sniper employed by the FBI and named Lon Horiuchi (an alumnus of West Point and Harvard), drew a bead on Vicki Weaver's head through a glass window in her back door and blew half her head off as she stood holding her infant in her arms. We settled the law at Nuremberg that "I was only following orders" is no defense and will get you executed. Mr. Horiuchi: Have a seat in Old Sparky. We will attach the electrodes momentarily. But Horiuchi should not have ridden that lightning alone. It should have been another assembly line, after due process, trial and conviction, to terminate every Ruby Ridge decision maker and actor against the Weavers.

    But again, THE QUESTION. See above.

    Let's go one step further. Timothy McVeigh was executed for the destruction of the Alfred Murrah fedcourthouse in Oklahoma City. He apparently believed that his truck bomb brought the building down. It did not, according to the fedcourt appointed expert on his behalf, a man who ran the explosives laboratory for the US Air Force for 35 years. He examined the remains of the building and found that it was brought down by explosive charges at three levels of EACH of the three support pillars that held up the entire 17-story building and that the truck bomb could only damage, at worst, a portion of the first floor but definitely not enough to bring the building down. Coincidentally (or not), the FBI office in Oklahoma City was in the Murrah Building and the Agent in charge took ALL of the agents across town for breakfast that morning, leaving the office secretarial staff behind. They died.

    Now, I don't like to be paranoid but the agent in charge at Oklahoma City was earlier the agent in charge at Waco AND later at Ruby Ridge by which time he had become Deputy Director of the FBI. I do not remember his name but he was hauled before the Senate Judiciary and interrogated by Arlen Spector, probably one of the top five trial attorneys in the US whatever we may think of his politics. Mr. Deputy Director quickly resigned and has not been heard from since. Too hot a potato for even the federales to protect. Mr. Deputy Director, have a seat in Old Sparky here and the festivities will begin any moment. Then, the real life zot! Ride the Lightning! AND make it another assembly line for all responsible.

    Again: THE QUESTION.

    Additionally, I would sharply restrict budget and personnel of FBI and Fed Marshal's Service and similar agencies. If they have so much time on their hands that they keep busy hunting and killing innocent American civilians, they could stand to be put on a severe $$$$$ diet.

    The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, as we know it, should be abolished altogether and the name given to a private sector chain of convenience stores where you can get your guns, your ammo, your gear, your liquor and your smokes at one stop.

    The fedgov should be forced to liquidate its land holdings ten per cent per year as well and to acquire no more land.

    I spent thirty years practicing criminal defense law and resisting "the king's minions" successfully. I occasionally defended some rank and file cops who were improperly treated by their "superiors" or in their divorce cases. I represented without charge 1130 arrested pro-lifers and any arrested NRA members referred to me without charge.

    Any of us may wind up in their crosshairs. Neither you nor I can control that. The best weapon against that is the scrupulous application of due process of law and the proper judicial resolution of the crimes they have committed.

    We CAN take responsibility for our own morality and NOT justify targeting the innocent wives and children of others. To justify targeting them would be to join in the guilt of the very Nazis you referenced.

    Revenge is a dish best served cold according to an ancient proverb. The slow and somewhat unsatisfyingly non-dramatic grinding of the wheels of justice creates more permanent solutions. See Hilary's E-Mails. We can posture all we want with meager results but, if the justice system worked properly, she would be indicted, tried, convicted and sewn into an orange jumpsuit for the rest of her life. Too bad they did not get her forty years ago.

  • Who won the Republican debate? Cast your vote

    02/06/2016 10:02:41 PM PST · 23 of 84
    BlackElk to Democrat_media

    If BS were $$$$$, Trump would be a trillionaire!

  • Who won the Republican debate? Cast your vote

    02/06/2016 10:01:33 PM PST · 22 of 84
    BlackElk to BigEdLB

    Did you make those numbers up or were they from Brits at the Telegraph who hallucinate that a sissy like David Cameron is somehow “conservative?”

  • I am 100% Behind Donald Trump For President- Who IS Your VP Pick?

    02/06/2016 9:54:55 PM PST · 42 of 142
    BlackElk to clippedwings

    Kim Kardashian or any of her sisters or the “woman” formerly known as Bruce Jenner. Double down on the celebrity factor. Each is a bigger celebrity than The Donald.

  • Statement of Met. Hilarion on the Conversion of the "Catholic Church of the East" to Orthodoxy

    02/06/2016 9:48:04 PM PST · 26 of 26
    BlackElk to Ransomed
    There is a so-called Thuc line of validly but illicitly consecrated bishops, named for the Archbishop of Hue, Vietnam, of the early 1960s, who was the brither of President Ngo Dinh Diem. He left the Church because he imagined the Church as complicit in the assassinations of three of his brothers including the President. IIRC, the Thuc line of bishops and their followers maintain quite traditional Catholicism other than their sedevacantist tendencies. No women priests.

    Splitting off from SSPX were nine priests who were open sedevacantists (even LeFebvre and his servants did not buy ff on that one). Like SSPX, they say only traditional Tridentine Masses, preach orthodox Catholic morality but, unlike SSPX, claim that Pope Pius XII was the last legitimate pope. No priestesses. Except for the sedevacatist nonsense, they would be exemplary Catholics just as would be SSPX except for their defiance and disobedience to papal authority.

    Polish National Catholics (in the USA) do not ordain women, maintain a reasonable level of orthodox belief but split from the Utrecht schism when it started ordaining priestesses in 1996 or so.

    May God bless you and yours!

  • Statement of Met. Hilarion on the Conversion of the "Catholic Church of the East" to Orthodoxy

    02/06/2016 9:36:44 PM PST · 25 of 26
    BlackElk to vladimir998

    This is always the problem with schismatic groups. They find some east end of a westbound horse with credentials as a validly consecrated bishop and then its off to the races with ordinations and consecrations to make permanent their schisms.

  • Statement of Met. Hilarion on the Conversion of the "Catholic Church of the East" to Orthodoxy

    02/06/2016 8:04:43 PM PST · 21 of 26
    BlackElk to vladimir998
    The link you provided substantiates the claim that the Utrecht schism dates to at least 1723. Live and learn! Thanks for the correction.

    The Utrecht schismatics did crank up their horsepower after Vatican I and rejected the dogmas of the Immaculate Conception and of the Assumption, body and soul, of the Blessed Virgin Mary into heaven.

    Apparently the now "progressive" Utrecht schismatics started "ordaining" women as "priests" in 1996. One result of that is that the "Polish National Catholic Church" withdrew its affiliation with Utrecht in 2004. PNCC will have to consecrate its own bishops now or they won't have priests when those ordained already and those to be ordained in the future run out. I am betting that they consecrate their own bishops from now on and ordain their own priests.

  • Who's funding this pro-Ted Cruz super PAC?

    02/06/2016 6:47:10 PM PST · 210 of 220
    BlackElk to Reagan Disciple

    No, Trump is God’s other son, don’tcha know?

  • Who's funding this pro-Ted Cruz super PAC?

    02/06/2016 6:45:49 PM PST · 209 of 220
    BlackElk to Jane Long

    No, no, no! Isn’t it obvious? It is a consortium of the Bavarian Illuminati, the Bilderburgers, the Warburgs, the Council on Foreign Relations, Skull and Bones, Scroll & Key and some other groups sooooooo secret that the groups have no names whatsoever.

  • Modern Baseball Traced to Ancient Greeks

    02/06/2016 6:05:23 PM PST · 21 of 26
    BlackElk to SkyDancer

    “Town ball” was played on Cape Cod in the Revolutionary War era and the local newspapers printed the box scores, remarkably similar to today’s box scores. Same nine positions plus a roving short fielder. There were minor differences as to number of balls needed to walk and strikes to strike out. Three outs per half inning.

  • The utter nastiness of Ted Cruz (and the utter ZOT-ness of the moron who posted this)

    02/06/2016 5:35:14 PM PST · 85 of 104
    BlackElk to ScottWalkerForPresident2016
    I had not realized that the late Mario the (im)Pious, his idjit offspring Andrew Cuomo, the late Geraldine Apostate Ferraro, current Mayor Comrade Bill de Blahblahsio, Kirsten Gillibrand, Hillary Clinton and a host of other plagues on the body politic including Trump himself were Jewish. That is because they are not.

    Now it is certainly true that there are and have been Jewish people in NY politics and California (Boxer and Feinstein), Connecticut (Blumenthal) and many others from other states. There have also been Jewish conservatives.

    Does Dana Milbank's WaPo have a clean bill of health in regard to the USA's only ME democratic ally: Bibi Netanyahu's Israel? As with so many other subjects, we haven't heard from Trump on Israel either.

  • Donald Trump rolls out the expletives at Portsmouth rally

    02/06/2016 3:57:32 PM PST · 275 of 275
    BlackElk to Lagmeister
    I guess we will be electing Cruz without you as well. If disaster strikes and Trump bullies, brags and celebrities his way to the GOP POTUS nomination, the behavior and attitudes of his supporters make it increasingly likely that he will prove to be a glitzier McCain or Dole and Her Satanic Majesty will be sworn in (or Comrade Bernie) in 2017.

    Amateur hour does not a POTUS make. When you make the ridiculous claim that Cruz is not more conservative than Trump, it brings to mind the mob scene in The Mummy as zombie like followers of the reincarnated mummy Imhotep wander through the streets of Cairo chanting mindlessly "Imhotep! Imhotep! Imhotep!...." Their minds have departed their premises and they are nothing but a mindless Egyptian version of a Greek chorus. No matter. Imhotep and his followers get their just deserts in the end. So will the ringmaster Trump and his dancing bears and elephants and jugglers and bearded lady.

    I don't have a crystal ball and neither do those who predicted a Trump victory in Iowa. No other votes are yet cast. As they say at the beginning of each baseball season, this is why they have to play the games.

    I have always viewed taxes as money stolen at the point of a gun by the government. If, as a "conservative," you admire taxation so, pay yours twice and help reduce the debt or do you also admire the national debt?

    Your "Mercer" reference is not at all obvious.

    Have ABC, SeeBS, NBC, MSNBC, the Fox Network, the New York Times, the WaPo, the Chicago Trib and other papers who share your opinions of Ted Cruz paid all THEIR taxes? They have served throughout this campaign as Trump's supportive PAC without Trump having to run a single fundraiser.

    Ted Cruz never had Slick Willie and the Arkansas Medusa as invited guests at his (one and only) wedding as The Donald had them at his third. Ted Cruz never ran a casino much less incorporated strip tease joints in them. He never insisted on a "transgender" contestant in Trump's Miss Universe contest as Trump did. Cruz has ALWAYS been a strict pro-lifer whereas Trump in 1999 told Chuck Todd he was as "pro-choice" as anyone in America and supported partial birth abortion. Then Trump adopts a cock and bull story about holding the REALLY AMAZING infant of a friend in his lap and that he was thereby converted to pro-life. Did Trump never hold his own infants in his lap? Were his kids not REALLY AMAZING? Do just ordinary kids have a right to be born rather than dismembered in utero or is it only the REALLY AMAZING kids who should live?

    Conservatives want to know before buying a pig in a poke.

    Long after the Trumponic Plague has run its course, actual conservatives will be here to pick up the broken pieces of the USA.

  • Statement of Met. Hilarion on the Conversion of the "Catholic Church of the East" to Orthodoxy

    02/06/2016 3:23:49 PM PST · 19 of 26
    BlackElk to vladimir998

    Precisely, although the Utrecht schismatics who apparently got bent out of shape over Vatican I’s decree on papal infallibility, HAVE carefully maintained apostolic succession.

  • Statement of Met. Hilarion on the Conversion of the "Catholic Church of the East" to Orthodoxy

    02/06/2016 3:21:24 PM PST · 18 of 26
    BlackElk to Mrs. Don-o
    That is apparently how the feminists have been able to purport to have womyn priests ordained and even consecrated as bishops. And I bet that not one woman so "ordained" or "consecrated" is fit to shine Mrs. Don-o's shoes. They also use "retired" bishops who modestly prefer not to take public "credit" by name.

    God bless!

  • Statement of Met. Hilarion on the Conversion of the "Catholic Church of the East" to Orthodoxy

    02/06/2016 3:17:17 PM PST · 16 of 26
    BlackElk to Wyrd bið ful aræd
    Is that why Pope St. John Paul II excommunicated Marcel LeFebvre, Castro de Mayer, Fellay, de Gallareta, de Mallerais and the ever remarkable Williamson and declared SSPX a schism in Ecclesia Dei. Granted that Benedict XVI, as an act of ecclesiastical mercy, reversed the excommunications of the Econe Four (Lefebvre and Castro de Meyer being dead could not be so rehabilitated), the declaration of schism has never been lifted since it based on their willful refusal to submit to the Church and the papacy.

    The reversal of the excommunications seemed to be a prudential error of B-XVI based on a naive belief that it might trigger their submission to legitimate authority rather than becoming blood in the water to justify ever more determined defiance and disobedience by the Econe Four. B-XVI showed them kindness and mercy and they pissed all over him with their incredibly nervy "demands" that the Church conform to the schismatics rather than the schismatics submitting to authority.

    Up until sometime just before Pius IX, the Papal States employed a headsman to deliver capital punishment. It is a shame that that salutary office was abolished when it could have come in so handy in terminating the Econe Four for cause.

    It is certainly true that the "Polish National Church" is outside the Church. Their original problem seems to be that about 20,000 immigrants from Poland could not understand English and wished to have Polish speaking priests as their preachers. The largely Irish-American and German-American hierarchy of the Catholic Church in the US at that time showed no sympathy and insisted on a pig-headed approach to what was bound to be a very temporary and absolutely non-doctrinal problem. Later on, the PNC decided that artificial birth control was OK and that their priests could marry (which is allowed in Eastern Rite Catholicism). The Polish Americans should have approached Pope Leo XIII respectfully on this and he likely would have smacked the American hierarchy for them since he had devoted an entire Encyclical to his being fed up with the liberal Americanist American hierarchy, condemning "Americanism" (the Church variety) as a heresy.

    SSPX apparently imagines that someone died and left them God to dictate terms to the pope. Not the way it works or ever will. Think: Martin Luther, John Calvin, Zwingli, et al. Ours is a hierarchical Church and not an anarchy.

  • Donald Trump rolls out the expletives at Portsmouth rally

    02/05/2016 8:27:13 PM PST · 225 of 275
    BlackElk to Lagmeister

    Better make an appointment with your optometrist pronto!

  • Donald Trump rolls out the expletives at Portsmouth rally

    02/05/2016 7:59:43 PM PST · 191 of 275
    BlackElk to Pelham

    Some in a younger generation of Patton’s family became Roman Catholic. One is a grand daughter who is a nun at the Abbey of Regina Laudis at Bethlehem, CT. I don’t think that Patton ever converted from being an Episcopalian. As a Catholic, I wish he had but he certainly was a believer in Christianity and prayed fervently to our Father in heaven and regularly. Like all of us, he was a sinner. He was also our greatest battlefield commander of the 20th century. His military relatives who were, to the best of my knowledge, Episcopalians as well, included Light Horse Harry Lee (Revolutionary War), Robert E. Lee, George Washington, Arthur MacArthur, Douglas MacArthur, “Chesty” Puller of the USMC (Guadalcanal and Chosin Reservoir) and others of great note. May their souls and all the souls of the Faithful departed, rest in peace!

  • Donald Trump rolls out the expletives at Portsmouth rally

    02/05/2016 7:48:10 PM PST · 167 of 275
    BlackElk to Jane Long

    The Des Moines Register is almost as liberal as The Donald. Are you really surprised? The New York Times, Boston Globe and Chicago Tribune, ABC, SeeBS, NBC, PMSNBC and CNN will surely agree any moment now.

  • Donald Trump rolls out the expletives at Portsmouth rally

    02/05/2016 7:44:23 PM PST · 159 of 275
    BlackElk to Lagmeister
    Ya know what? The Donald has no trouble being to foul language what Slick Willy was to adultery, If you guys want to get Rubio out of the race, let The Donald do his own dirty work. It seems increasingly obvious that for The Donald, disqualifying opponents more conservative than he is a major strategy. After all, with his track record, he can't stand being compared to anyone actually conservative.

    Rubio has the major fault of the Gang of 8 bill. Trump is a donald come lately to practically anything conservative. Some of us are not going to be dazzled by the lion tamer, the elephants, the bearded lady and the dancing bears. We want SUBSTANCE and that is not what the Manhattan zillionaire has to offer.

    Cruz is doing quite nicely choosing his own strategy. Ask Iowans. If Rubio becomes a "solid second," that probably means that The Donald will have become a fading third.

  • Donald Trump rolls out the expletives at Portsmouth rally

    02/05/2016 6:49:38 PM PST · 53 of 275
    BlackElk to Theo

    Trump/Any Kardashian in 2016! That’s his “reality show of the year.” Coming to a supermarket tabloid near you!

  • Statement of Met. Hilarion on the Conversion of the "Catholic Church of the East" to Orthodoxy

    02/05/2016 6:40:57 PM PST · 11 of 26
    BlackElk to NRx

    And thank you for your efforts here to patiently explain the Orthodox Church to many here (myself included) who do not understand your Church as well as we ought to understand it.

  • Statement of Met. Hilarion on the Conversion of the "Catholic Church of the East" to Orthodoxy

    02/05/2016 6:29:40 PM PST · 10 of 26
    BlackElk to NRx
    What is ROCOR? Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia? If so, that is the Church I almost joined in 1975-1976. Fairly or unfairly, I regarded the Russian Orthodox Church in Russia as too subject to influence by the soviets. The separate church in the US seemed to have been formed to retain the Mass and the sacraments and at least the appearance of tradition all of which seemed jeopardized by John XXIII, Paul VI and the infernal Second Vatican Council and the alleged "spirit" of Vatican II.

    I would also have had differences with Orthodoxy. While the differences over the Filioque did not appeal to me one way or the other (however God chose to arrange the Incarnation was fine by me and did not need my interpretation, I do believe in papal infallibility as closely limited by the First Vatican Council under Pope Pius IX and a few other things.

    When Paul VI died and then Pope John Paul I and Pope St. John Paul II were elected as successors, there no longer seemed to me to be a sufficient reason for seeking acceptance into the Orthodox Church.

    May God bless you and yours!

  • Statement of Met. Hilarion on the Conversion of the "Catholic Church of the East" to Orthodoxy

    02/05/2016 4:55:51 PM PST · 8 of 26
    BlackElk to NRx
    Nor is the "Polish National Catholic Church" which broke away from the Roman Catholic Church in 1897 and had become affiliated with the similarly schismatic Old Catholic Church of Utrecht by 1907.

    Apparently, the Polish National Church obtained and maintains valid apostolic succession through the Old Catholic Church. Its bishops are validly but unlawfully consecrated (like SSPX schismatics) and therefore its priests are validly but unlawfully ordained but enjoy no sacramental faculties from Catholic diocesan bishops. Their Masses are valid as is their Eucharist. It appears that their religious beliefs are largely the same as those of Roman Catholics except that they allow artificial birth control as being up to the individual. They share with Eastern Rite Catholics the allowance that priests may be married.

  • Phyllis Schlafly: Disqualify Rubio for Lying About Amnesty in Spanish Language Interview

    02/05/2016 4:18:51 PM PST · 48 of 49
    BlackElk to zerosix

    Is your friend’s first name Connie?

  • Phyllis Schlafly: Disqualify Rubio for Lying About Amnesty in Spanish Language Interview

    02/05/2016 4:14:29 PM PST · 47 of 49
    BlackElk to falcon99

    Thank you for your kind words. May God bless you and yours!

  • Phyllis Schlafly: Disqualify Rubio for Lying About Amnesty in Spanish Language Interview

    02/05/2016 4:12:16 PM PST · 46 of 49
    BlackElk to Georgia Girl 2

    Opus is Latin for work. I suppose #34 reflects work or labor but it is a labor of love for the conservative movement to which I have belonged since Ronaldus Maximus gave a nationally televised address supporting the candidacy of an ever ungrateful Goldwater.

  • Phyllis Schlafly: Disqualify Rubio for Lying About Amnesty in Spanish Language Interview

    02/05/2016 12:08:49 PM PST · 34 of 49
    BlackElk to zerosix
    The following is in support of your post and not a criticism.

    But....But....TRUMP!!!! is God's other son, not Don Imus. TRUMP was sent by God to build the WALL Almighty!!!!! There are little chihuahuas out there nipping at his divine heels complaining about nothing issues like the babies, marriage, a civilized and gentlemanly demeanor, taxes, regulations, envirowhackoism, his support for eminent domain to facilitate real estate developers like you know who, his payoffs to leftist icons like the Clintons and Rahm Emmanuel and so many, many other dictator wannabes, his having the Clintons as invited guests at his latest wedding. e promises to build THE WALL (all bow down and adore God's other son and THE WALL Almighty). The chihuahuas only care about all those total irrelevancies like the entire tapestry of the conservative movement! Those issues make the heads hurt of those afflicted by the TRUMPONIC!!!! Plague. Their minds are made up, dammit, and they want no criticism of God's other son.

    No more dull, boring old candidates like Ted Cruz or even Rubio who carry 96% conservative voting records in the Senate or, Rand Paul or Ted Cruz who filibuster for principles. Principles are overrated anyhow compared to Ringling Brothers/Barnum & Bailey POTUS candidate TRUMP!!!! Why, the jugglers! The dancing bears! The lions and lion tamers! The elephants! Bring up TRUMP's!!!! philosophical ignorance and poverty and it is the Greatest Show on Earth!

    Lose the Iowa caucuses and you get. On the evening of that day the one and only gracious statement of the Manhattan huckster's entire campaign. On the next day, the usual dog in a manger act that it was not TRUMP's manifest incompetence in trusting to the force of personality aided and abetted by the lame stream media to substitute for boring old methods like having a ground game, a get out the vote effort, and even ISSUE oriented advertising. No, No, he is The Donald, God's other son, and he is ENTITLED! Dadgummit! Cruz MUST have stolen those caucuses. The Donald was CHEATED! WAAAAAAAH! Another day or two goes by, The Donald is now in New Hampshire and says Cruz is again a good guy might even choose Cruz for VPOTUS and that Iowa stuff is behind him now and he is focusing on New Hampshire. Cue the dancing bears, elephants, jugglers, the bearded lady and all the rest.

    It is sad to see a great woman like Phyllis Schlafly being misused to support this charlatan.