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Posts by Blackyce

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  • The Rick Santorum Record: The original Ted Cruz, but with George W. Bush baggage

    05/27/2015 2:55:48 PM PDT · 19 of 23
    Blackyce to 2ndDivisionVet

    Can anyone imagine anyone confusing Cruz with Santorum? Santorum was a key man in RINO leadership before his loss in 2006. His support for Specter wasn’t accidental, it was party line. He was one of the favorites for WHIP in the next session going into the 2006 campaign. In more recent times, he not only failed to support the tea party movement, but he spent most of the early Tea Party years accusing them of being a Libertarian putsch within the Republican party. Santorum is basically a straight down the line establishment guy, who’s a bit too openly religious for their tastes.

    On policy, Cruz is everything movement conservatives have always wanted, why waste time and energy splitting our votes again?

  • After years of setbacks, the embattled F-35 fighter jet could soon be ready for combat

    05/27/2015 1:11:32 PM PDT · 13 of 21
    Blackyce to DesertRhino

    Which potential adversaries are you talking about?

  • General Election 2015: Voters Decide [UK Election Night]

    05/08/2015 7:10:24 AM PDT · 151 of 156
    Blackyce to bert

    “I’m wondering...... how is one seat an impressive showing? Am I missing something?”

    Because of the funky nature of UK districting, the SNP won 4.7% of the vote and got 56 seats. UKIP won 12.6% of the national vote and won one seat. I suppose that getting an eighth of the votes in the country is still impressive for a minor party, however ineffective the effort was. I still think they’d be better off trying to takeover the Conservative party internally, but I can understand their disdain for Cameron and Co.

  • Netanyahu, Bayit Yehudi strike coalition deal just before deadline (Bibi forms 61 seat coalition)

    05/06/2015 3:50:35 PM PDT · 10 of 19
    Blackyce to Nervous Tick

    Right and Left don’t really mean the same things in Israeli politics. Netanyahu’s coalition is a complete mess. He’s allied himself with all of the religious parties, most of whom are socialist leaning welfare statists and a centrist party that wants more government intervention in the national economy. He’s lost Avigdor Lieberman in the negotiation process, which means he’s ruling by one vote. He’s going to be herding cats from day one to get even the most basic functions of government to move along. If Lieberman stays out of the coalition, they’ll be having new elections within a year.

  • Will the Freddie Gray Story Go the Way of the Gentle Giant Meme?

    05/01/2015 9:14:07 AM PDT · 29 of 29
    Blackyce to zzwhale

    “seems facts indicate........... FREDDIE WAS A REPEAT SCUMBAG”

    So homicide while in police custody is okay as long as it’s a bad guy? Nothing to see here I guess.

  • FREDDY GRAY’S ARREST RECORD: Here’s The Rap Sheet Of The Dude They’re Destroying Baltimore Over

    04/30/2015 7:07:13 AM PDT · 74 of 82
    Blackyce to navyguy

    “Of course there are questions about how this man died. But saying that a lengthy arrest record for violence and drugs isn’t ‘that bad’, as the other posted stated, is in my view completely insane. Of course it’s bad. It’s a terrible record. That doesn’t mean this wasn’t a wrongful death, it may well have been. But that is a separate issue from my comment.”

    It’s just not relevant. Every time there’s a discussion of a police related homicide on FR, random freeper starts a side conversation about what a bad person the decedent was. The government doesn’t get to kill people for being bad citizens. If the government arrests someone without a physical altercation and then that person ends up dead with his spine nearly severed, I’d like to know what happened to him. This isn’t Moscow, we’re supposed to care how the government behaves here.

  • FREDDY GRAY’S ARREST RECORD: Here’s The Rap Sheet Of The Dude They’re Destroying Baltimore Over

    04/28/2015 9:54:29 AM PDT · 8 of 82
    Blackyce to yuffy

    What in the world does his rap sheet have to do with the circumstances of his death in police custody? I don’t think there’s any dispute over whether he should’ve been arrested.

  • Stance Against Chick-Fil-A Costs Man $200,000-a-Year Job, Now Living in an RV/Food Stamps (VIDEO)

    04/24/2015 1:06:45 PM PDT · 59 of 70
    Blackyce to nickcarraway

    What kind of dbag goes through a drivethru for a cup of anyways? If you’re going to berate a minimum age worker for something way above their paygrade, then at least have the decency to buy something.

  • New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez indicted on corruption charges

    04/01/2015 1:30:58 PM PDT · 24 of 40
    Blackyce to laplata

    “Political pay back.”

    Absolutely. There are at last half a dozen administration officials who deserve this before Menendez. You won’t convince me that this about anything other than his positions on Israel and Iran.

  • Liberty U. Students Forced to Attend Ted Cruz Speech, Make Stand for Rand

    03/26/2015 6:37:13 AM PDT · 51 of 52
    Blackyce to Citizen Zed

    “If Federal law has called something like illegal immigration or illegal drug use or same sex marriage unlawful, choosing not to enforce the law seems like a dereliction of duty. Now if you want to rally the country to change the law or repeal the law via proper legislative change, that’s another thing.”

    It wasn’t federal statute that made marijuana(medical or otherwise) illegal. It was the DEA classifying it as a schedule I drug, which is ridiculous. Cocaine, Opium, and Morphine aren’t even schedule II drugs. They can reschedule the drug any time they like. It’s within the Executive Branch’s authority to alter the regulations or change how they’re enforced. There’s no need to repeal any laws at all, as congress never passed any. That’s without going into whether the controlled substances act is even constitutional in the first place.

  • Liberty U. Students Forced to Attend Ted Cruz Speech, Make Stand for Rand

    03/23/2015 1:23:34 PM PDT · 41 of 52
    Blackyce to Citizen Zed

    “Me thinks the journalists at Reason are afraid Cruz would enforce Federal pot laws.”

    At the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) last week, Ted Cruz responded to a question about marijuana legalization in Colorado by endorsing a federalist approach to the issue. “I actually think this is a great embodiment of what Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis called ‘the laboratories of democracy,’” the Texas senator said. “If the citizens of Colorado decide they want to go down that road, that’s their prerogative. I personally don’t agree with it, but that’s their right.”


  • Martin Luther Playmobil Toy is Fastest-Selling of All Time

    02/13/2015 8:10:43 AM PST · 41 of 112
    Blackyce to Vigilanteman

    I think it’s important to not underplay his anti-semitism as I think it’s had a lingering effect on European thought through the centuries. The Nazis used the treatise “On the Jews and Their Lies”(1543) as a key part of their propaganda campaign in the run up to the war and throughout it. Section XI of the treatise urged Christians:

    to burn down Jewish synagogues and schools and warn people against them;
    to refuse to let Jews own houses among Christians;
    for Jewish religious writings to be taken away;
    for rabbis to be forbidden to preach;
    to not offer protection for Jews on highways;
    for usury to be prohibited, and for all silver and gold to be removed, put aside for safekeeping and given back to Jews who truly convert; and
    to give young, strong Jews flail, axe, spade, spindle, and let them earn their bread in the sweat of their noses.

    The shocking thing is that this is the same man who had written in 1523: “If I had been a Jew and had seen such dolts and blockheads govern and teach the Christian faith, I would sooner have become a hog than a Christian. They have dealt with the Jews as if they were dogs rather than human beings; they have done little else than deride them and seize their property. When they baptize them they show them nothing of Christian doctrine or life, but only subject them to popishness and monkery... If the apostles, who also were Jews, had dealt with us Gentiles as we Gentiles deal with the Jews, there would never have been a Christian among the Gentiles ... When we are inclined to boast of our position [as Christians] we should remember that we are but Gentiles, while the Jews are of the lineage of Christ. We are aliens and in-laws; they are blood relatives, cousins, and brothers of our Lord. Therefore, if one is to boast of flesh and blood the Jews are actually nearer to Christ than we are...If we really want to help them, we must be guided in our dealings with them not by papal law but by the law of Christian love. We must receive them cordially, and permit them to trade and work with us, that they may have occasion and opportunity to associate with us, hear our Christian teaching, and witness our Christian life. If some of them should prove stiff-necked, what of it? After all, we ourselves are not all good Christians either.”

    Luther was a great man, but as he aged he grew bitter, jaded and hateful towards Jews and Judaism. I think younger Luther was convinced that the conversion of the Jews was just a matter of time if Christians would just treat them nicely. When he realized they weren’t going to leap into the arms of Jesus any time soon, he started to see them as the enemy.

  • Why Did This Republican Vote Against The Keystone Pipeline?

    02/12/2015 11:38:06 AM PST · 19 of 30
    Blackyce to aimhigh

    “Looks like he’s preparing to take McCain’s ‘moderate’ media spot when McCain retires.”

    He’s no McCain. He’s a Paulista libertarian type. He might take idiotic stances from time to time, but he’s consistent, he doesn’t betray conservatives and play for the camera like McCain and Graham.

  • Fewer debates designed to stymie conservatives, Jindal says

    02/10/2015 5:40:29 AM PST · 5 of 11
    Blackyce to cotton1706

    We had like 50 last time. Didn’t help us.
    We don’t need more debates, we need our candidates to get out of the way of each other as the process progresses.

  • Egypt court rules Hamas armed wing 'terror group'

    01/31/2015 8:09:08 AM PST · 9 of 10
    Blackyce to sanjuanbob

    They already have full diplomatic relations with Egypt and Jordan. Obama is a mutual headache for all of them.

  • Saudi King Abdullah Dies

    01/22/2015 5:44:26 PM PST · 151 of 310
    Blackyce to plain talk

    “Good is ALWAYS a relative term. Saudi royal family is better than ISIS. Lets hope it stays in their hands”

    The problem with the Saudis is that they helped to create the fundamentalist branch of Islam that is destroying their region and radicalizing their religion.

    They never intended to create the current situation, but they’re responsible for it just the same. The House of Saud has protected and promoted the Wahhabist sect for centuries now. Initially used an alliance with the Wahhabis to consolidate their power in Arabia and they have kept up their end of the bargain ever since. They’ve promoted that peculiar brand of fundamentalism globally for the last century or so, and it’s been bearing fruit for the last few decades. On the one hand they fight extremism as ruthlessly as anyone, on the other hand they’re building mosques globally which are used to spread the messages of many of the same men who are provoking attacks on them and the west. The regime’s behavior is senseless.

  • Pope on Charlie Hebdo: There are limits to freedom of expression when faith is insulted

    01/15/2015 5:58:51 AM PST · 5 of 141
    Blackyce to DaveMSmith

    Honestly, if I were Catholic, I’d have to just sit this pope out. I’m sure there’s a freeper gathering himself to come on here and tell us what he really meant and how reasonable it really is, and that’s fine, but it seems like it’d be exhausting to have to do that every other day. At some point you’ve just got to let it go.

  • Why Russia’s Evangelicals Thank God for Putin

    01/08/2015 8:03:30 AM PST · 16 of 32
    Blackyce to wbarmy

    “It could also be that Evangelicals in Russia have freedom to promote Christ and hold their meetings and services, while holding the line on homosexuals and Muslims.”

    Well, that’s certainly not true. You have all the freedom in the world to practice Russian Orthodoxy under the Moscow Patriarchate, everything else is at the regime’s discretion.

  • US ambassador to Switzerland sparks flap over Swiss ski 'chaos'

    01/07/2015 5:45:11 AM PST · 7 of 46
    Blackyce to DeaconBenjamin

    I’m not a fan of the President or his ambassadorial minions, but this is less than a non-story.

  • Japanese Leader to 'Express Remorse' (but not apologize) for World War II

    01/05/2015 7:54:26 AM PST · 23 of 47
    Blackyce to dhs12345

    “What is the purpose of making such a statement at this point in time?”

    They’ve never actually directly admitted to being wrong and they teach their children that they were simply the victims of circumstance in the early 20th century. The best they can bring themselves to do is state that they regret the poor relations they had with certain countries in the past and the related suffering. By most accounts there’s actually more self pity in Japan over Hiroshima/Nagasaki than regret over the tens of millions dead in Asia. They’ve still not even apologized for Pearl Harbor despite our six decade long alliance. I think Americans tend to downplay how evil the Japanese regime actually was because of more visible horrors of the Holocaust. Nobody would fault Jewish people for holding a grudge against Nazi sympathizers, why do people fault Koreans, Filipinos, Burmese, Chinese, etc for holding a grudge against a Japanese government that has had a laughably hard time admitting that they did anything wrong when they were invading, murdering, raping and enslaving their way across Asia. Just getting them to apologize for so called “comfort” women was a half century long exercise in tooth pulling.

    We’re allies with Germany and Japan, we’ve moved on as a country, but I’m not going to begrudge Jewish/Polish or Korean/Japanese folks from holding onto their grudges for another generation or two.

  • Chris Christie in hot water with New York football fans after celebrating NFL playoff victory for

    01/05/2015 6:46:24 AM PST · 7 of 66
    Blackyce to C19fan

    If I were him, I’d tell them I’d happily cheer for the Giants/Jets whenever one of them starts calling themselves the New Jersey Giants or the New Jersey Jets.

  • Sorry, Putin. Russia’s economy is doomed

    12/16/2014 6:14:58 AM PST · 109 of 157
    Blackyce to UnwashedPeasant

    “Obama restarted the Cold War.”

    Obama has tried his damnedest to keep energy prices as high as possible. It’s not his doing that the Russian economy is entirely reliant on a volatile commodity.

  • Sorry, Putin. Russia’s economy is doomed

    12/16/2014 6:06:27 AM PST · 107 of 157
    Blackyce to The Ghost of FReepers Past

    “I don’t care if he is Russian special forces or not. Do you think Russia is not entitled to defend themselves just because of their history? “

    Defend themselves FROM WHAT?!? Western europe? LOL! Or were the Ukrainians/Georgians about to invade mother Russia? Or perhaps Russia is being harassed by the ultra aggressive Scandinavians? There really aren’t any serious international security threats to Russia’s west. We’re not under any obligation to take that nonsense seriously, Putin is not that stupid. Cold war nostalgia is an excellent domestic political play for the regime, but they have far more to worry about internally and to their south and east.

  • Andrew Garfield may be booted from Spider-Man movie series, according to the latest Sony email leaks

    12/15/2014 8:22:12 AM PST · 15 of 22
    Blackyce to C19fan

    Garfield is not the problem with the franchise, and I’m really not up for a third spidey in seven years. No more reboots! Just pretend ASM2 didn’t happen. Personally, I just want spiderman to be able to be used in the marvel cinematic universe, Garfield is good enough for that. Hopefully this ongoing debacle will push Sony to be desperate enough to work something out with Disney/Marvel.

  • **Election Day 2014 - LIVE THREAD**

    11/04/2014 8:09:42 PM PST · 2,014 of 2,906
    Blackyce to Viennacon


    Crediting Bob Dole, Jerry Moran, some strategy hacks, and Pat himself for Kansas victory!”

    He’s such an asshole. Taking the opportunity to kiss the establishment’s collective asses in a race that was only close because THEY SUCK, while ignoring the fact that conservatives swallowed their pride and hit the ground for the establishment’s chosen candidate. Disgusting. I know the stakes, but it’s hard to support the lesser evil at times.

  • MPs vote to make sex selection abortion illegal [U.K.]

    11/04/2014 3:16:59 PM PST · 10 of 11
    Blackyce to Cowboy Bob

    “If abortion is legal, how can sex selection be made illegal?”

    Abortion because you ran out of condoms on a wet and wild weekend? Cool. Abortion because you were trying to have another boy? Murder.

    It don’t make sense, but it’s not like it was sensible to begin with, maybe this will sideline a few killings, who knows?

  • High court denies gay marriage appeals [legal immediately in IN, OK, UT, VA and WI]

    10/06/2014 8:46:03 AM PDT · 83 of 212
    Blackyce to Phillyred

    “This is a flawed world and America has chosen to reject God.”

    America hasn’t “chosen” anything at all. Every time the people of America have had a choice theyve chosen the traditional definition of marriage. Frankly it’s just not up to us anymore. There are enough leftists on the federal bench now, that they can collectively do just about anything they want to do without reproach and without any recourse for their political opposition. Plural marriage is right around the corner. Total degeneration of the institution shortly there after. Marriage is finished in this country from a functional standpoint. Most of the younger generation won’t even bother. They don’t see any difference between being married and just shacked up. They think marriage is about romantic love, and not the utility of the institution to society. Conservatives have to embrace a certain amount libertarianism now to protect ourselves, and stop worrying so much about the government’s for in promoting a positive culture. Democracy is dead. They really don’t care what we think or why. The only thing we can do about that is push back against the use of government coercion on every level.

  • Ebola Victim in Texas Is Identified as a Liberian, Thomas Eric Duncan

    10/01/2014 1:15:45 PM PDT · 55 of 69
    Blackyce to P-Marlowe

    “Did he deliberately come to the US in order to get treated for a disease he knew he had contracted?

    Are there more people doing this?”

    It’s probably the smart thing to do, but he came before he was symptomatic, so he couldn’t have known for sure. And he let himself get sent home with aspirin on the first visit, which isn’t smart if you’re trying to survive.

  • SC trooper charged with felony in shooting at traffic stop over seat belt violation

    09/26/2014 8:52:08 AM PDT · 1 of 53
    Seatbelts save lives.
  • Poland Plans Gas Hub to Kill Reliance on Russian Energy

    09/18/2014 8:27:38 AM PDT · 1 of 18
    My bolding.
  • Republicans Mum on ISIS Until They Can Attack Obama's Plan

    09/10/2014 9:48:45 AM PDT · 16 of 39
    Blackyce to Jim from C-Town

    So legislators have to propose a military strategy before they can criticize the leader of all of the armies of the free world for not having a military strategy? What a strange world we’re living in. The media is waiting for John Boehner and Harry Reid to come up with a battle plan.

  • Former Virginia governor found guilty in influence-peddling case (Bob McDonnell

    09/04/2014 11:48:20 PM PDT · 20 of 22
    Blackyce to Olog-hai

    “No, this is liberals eating their own. For those that do not recall, McDonnell is a pro-abortion tax-and-spend RINO.”

    I’m not in favor of democrats using corrupt prosecutions to take Republican politicians off the board, even if they are RINO dbags. What’s happened to McDonnell, Christie, Perry, and what they’ve tried to do to Walker, this isn’t politics as usual. This is the way countries behave before a political collapse. At least Putin pretends to prosecute his political opponents for real crimes. Here they’re just throwing **** against the wall and praying for idiot jurors.

  • Former Vermont US Sen. Jeffords dies at 80

    08/18/2014 12:40:53 PM PDT · 16 of 26
    Blackyce to RichInOC

    But he was 80 when he died...uhh....umm, nevermind..

  • House Democrats can’t figure out why Obama won’t talk to them

    08/14/2014 3:23:31 PM PDT · 20 of 36
    Blackyce to Tailgunner Joe

    they shouldn’t take it personally, he probably just forgot they were there. dude has been totally mailing it in since 2012.

  • Nigeria 'on red alert' over Ebola death in Lagos

    07/26/2014 10:31:29 AM PDT · 2 of 28
    Blackyce to Berlin_Freeper

    Ebola has never been a big international threat, because it kills too quickly to spread efficiently. This is by far the biggest outbreak in history. I wonder if something’s changed, or if is just being managed very poorly by the various governments.

  • Unhinged Chris Matthews Fumes Over Ted Cruz's 'McCarthyism'

    07/25/2014 12:40:28 PM PDT · 6 of 31
    Blackyce to SoConPubbie

    Communism was far far more horrific than McCarthyism. Chrissy will slip over that party of it I’m sure.

  • Thirteen IDF Soldiers Killed in Gaza

    07/20/2014 1:58:40 PM PDT · 17 of 27
    Blackyce to Eleutheria5

    [b]The residents of Shejaiya, a known hotbed of terrorists, were notified ahead of time by the IDF to leave the area because the IDF intends to enter it. Hamas had filled the neighborhood with booby traps well ahead of time, and the advance warning given by the IDF may have helped the terrorists there prepare for the IDF to enter.[/b][br][br]

    You have got to be ****ing kidding me. They’re sacrificing the lives of their young soldiers to win the global PR battle against a hopelessly stacked deck? Painfully stupid.

  • As The West Declines, Russia Fills The Vacuum

    07/19/2014 5:41:17 PM PDT · 38 of 58
    Blackyce to Blackyce

    should read: “ keeps me believing this was done by idiot separatists rather than the Russians themselves.”

  • As The West Declines, Russia Fills The Vacuum

    07/19/2014 5:40:11 PM PDT · 37 of 58
    Blackyce to null and void

    “Don’t read too much into my post. ALL I’m saying is that Putin does not have direct personal culpability for this particular incident.”

    That’s a ridiculous comment. It’s all but impossible for the separatists to have operated the SA-11 system without Russian training. It’s all but impossible that they even had the system at all unless the Russians gave it to them. And it’s highly questionable whether there’s been enough time since hostilities began for the Russians to train insurgent knuckleheads to actually use it. The fact that an easily identifiable commercial airliner was shot down instead of another military transport is the only thing that keeps me from believing this was done by idiot separatists rather than the Russians themselves. In any case, the responsibility for this falls directly onto the Putin regime absent an absolutely magnificent false flag operation run by the Ukrainians(which is kind of a tough sell given that the separatists were peacocking about the hit on the internet moments after the plane went down.

  • Malaysian passenger plane crashes in Ukraine near Russian border: Ifax

    07/17/2014 10:04:17 AM PDT · 272 of 857
    Blackyce to lodi90

    the case is not closed at all. I guarantee you that if the Russians shot down a civilian passenger plane they’d be leaning on the separatists to take responsibility for it. Let’s wait for the intelligence analysis shall we?

  • Malaysian passenger plane crashes in Ukraine near Russian border: Ifax

    07/17/2014 9:40:16 AM PDT · 204 of 857
    Blackyce to kabar

    I guess no one consulted the donetsk people’s republic.

  • Malaysian passenger plane crashes in Ukraine near Russian border: Ifax

    07/17/2014 9:38:03 AM PDT · 193 of 857
    Blackyce to A'elian' nation

    this is just an unfortunate coincidence for them, but a lot of their routes do fly over truly s***** parts of the world.

  • Malaysian passenger plane crashes in Ukraine near Russian border: Ifax

    07/17/2014 9:24:22 AM PDT · 157 of 857
    Blackyce to TomGuy

    The Ukrainian military plane shot down three days ago was shot down by a Russian missile from the Russian side of the border. As was the Ukrainian jet that was shot down prior to that.

  • Malaysian passenger plane crashes in Ukraine near Russian border: Ifax

    07/17/2014 9:06:23 AM PDT · 113 of 857
    Blackyce to All

    Putin is already operating with impunity internationally. what are things going to be like after he gets an international wrist slap for intentionally downing a civilian passenger plane?

  • Will The Supreme Court Protect Hobby Lobby From the HHS Mandate? (Ruling this week..Your Prediction)

    06/24/2014 5:57:47 PM PDT · 92 of 94
    Blackyce to Portcall24

    “I think it will go against Hobby Lobby because it is a corporation rather than a sole propritor or partnership.”

    I think they’ll win, but the decision will only apply to closely held companies, including some corporations. Of course it’s extremely hard to predict the Court with Roberts selectively playing politics with some of his decisions.

  • Petraeus: US Cannot Be Air Force For Iraq Militias ( Sunni vs Shia )

    06/19/2014 7:16:18 PM PDT · 8 of 11
    Blackyce to Bogey78O

    “I’m confused-”

    I think he means that we can’t trust them to identify targets for us. We can go after Isis if we want but we can’t do it while taking direction from the Shia government.

  • Court: Alabama Can't Criminalize Gay Sex

    06/17/2014 8:13:45 AM PDT · 14 of 18
    Blackyce to ifinnegan

    “This is incoherent.

    I notice it’s posted by the same person who posted something else that was also pretty disjointed.”

    Newser is basically news for the low attention span twitter generation. It’s awful.

    Here’s the actual court decision, which is the only place you’ll actually find any context on the matter:

    “After entering the motel office, A.R.(the victim) turned around to shut the door completely when Williams(the defendant) grabbed A.R. by his throat and pushed him into the bathroom in the office. Williams told A.R. to not say anything or scream and that if A.R. did, Williams would choke A.R. harder. Williams locked the bathroom door and told A.R. “to take [Williams’s] pants down and take [A.R.’s pants] down and pretty much grope him and cause him to [become] erect.” (R. 113.) A.R. complied. Williams told A.R. to bend over and, after A.R. bent over a mop bucket, Williams proceeded to sodomize A.R. While sodomizing him, Williams bit A.R. on the neck and asked him, “Where were you last night?” (R. 114.) After Williams finished, he “told [A.R.] to open the door and see if anybody was in the lobby.” (R. 115.) After A.R. verified that no one was in the motel lobby, the men walked out of the bathroom and A.R. went to his desk. For the next 45 minutes Williams “hovered around” A.R. and then returned to the lobby. (R. 116.)

    After Williams left the office of the motel, A.R. sent a text message to one of his coworkers, asking her to come to the motel. The coworker came to the motel and, after William left the lobby, A.R. told her what Williams had done. The next day A.R. told his mother what had happened and the police were notified. A.R. went to a hospital, where nurse Patricia Anthony performed a sexual-assault examination on him. Torey Williams of the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences received the sexual-assault kit and determined that material obtained from rectal and genital swabs taken from A.R. matched a DNA sample Williams had provided.

    In his case-in-chief Williams presented the testimony of three character witnesses. Williams also testified in his own defense, acknowledging that he had sodomized A.R. but stating that A.R. had consented to the sodomy.

  • Court: Alabama Can't Criminalize Gay Sex

    06/17/2014 7:58:52 AM PDT · 10 of 18
    Blackyce to PoloSec

    The supreme Court has already determined that it is unconstitutional to legislate against consensual sex acts, that’s not in dispute. But this was a RAPE CASE. Alabama’s statute’s don’t allow rape of a male by a male to be prosecuted under their rape laws, they have a separate statute for sodomy in the first degree. The court determined that the lesser included offense of sexual misconduct was unconstitutional, which is obviously true, as it just bans deviate sexual intercourse by anyone of any gender at any time in any place regardless of consent. The thing is, without the jury instruction on the easier to decide lesser included offense the guy might have been convicted of the actual rape. Here we have a guy may have raped another man and gotten away with it and leftists want to trumpet his success in avoiding a lesser included offense as a gar rights victory?

  • WSJ: Iranian Forces Reportedly Help Iraqi Army Retake Tikrit

    06/12/2014 12:48:13 PM PDT · 17 of 18
    Blackyce to Blood of Tyrants

    “Probably ever since we left.”

    Don’t be so naive.

  • WSJ: Iranian Forces Reportedly Help Iraqi Army Retake Tikrit

    06/12/2014 12:46:55 PM PDT · 16 of 18
    Blackyce to winoneforthegipper

    This was their only play. Let the Iranians fight for them. Waiting for Obama to act would only get them beheaded.