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  • What If They Stop Buying Our Debt?

    11/22/2009 4:03:23 PM PST · by Blue_Ridge_Mtn_Geek · 55 replies · 1,585+ views
    "Zero Hedge" ^ | November 20, 2009 | Doug Hornig, Senior Editor of Casey Research
    I have always depended on the kindness of strangers,” said Blanche DuBois, in the final words of the play A Streetcar Named Desire. Well, don’t we all. Many citizens probably still cling to the old saw that public debt doesn’t matter because “we owe it to ourselves.” Wrong. Debt always matters. And as for whom we owe it to, it is a lot of kind (or, at least, not yet unkind) strangers. As recently as 1970, foreign holders of U.S. debt were essentially non-existent. But their slice of our obligation pie has steadily increased, especially over the past two decades,...
  • New York City sponsored "Undercover Gun Show Investigation:

    11/22/2009 3:05:18 PM PST · by Blue_Ridge_Mtn_Geek · 16 replies · 860+ views
    The Investigation The vast majority of people who either visit or sell guns at gun shows are law-abiding citizens and dealers. However, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms , and Explosives (ATF) reports that 30 percent of guns involved in federal illegal gun trafficking investigations are connected to gun shows. This multi-state undercover investigation exposed how easy it is for criminals to buy guns at gun shows. The City of New York investigated 7 gun shows in 3 states involving buys from 47 gun sellers using hidden cameras. The investigation videos showed that 35 out of 47 sellers approached by...
  • Obama's real Afghanistan options

    10/10/2009 10:17:09 AM PDT · by Blue_Ridge_Mtn_Geek · 12 replies · 759+ views
    NY Post ^ | October 9, 2009 | Ralph Peters
    PRESIDENT Obama faces three options in Afghanistan. Hints from the White House suggest that he's going to choose the worst: a non-decision decision. Leaving Afghanistan entirely is not one of the options. We need boots on the ground. Even Obama understands that. The question is: How many boots? Here are the three broad choices on the table: The McChrystal Plan: Surge 40,000 more US troops from a weary Army to renew the failing effort to apply our counter-productive counterinsurgency theory -- which attempts to cure cancer with herbal tea. The Biden Strategy: Focus ruthlessly on the destruction of al Qaeda...
  • Obama Campaign Ad Firms Signed On to Push Health-Care Overhaul [pot calling the kettle black]

    08/16/2009 4:32:23 AM PDT · by Blue_Ridge_Mtn_Geek · 4 replies · 569+ views
    The Kansas Progress, quoting Bloomberg ^ | August 15, 2009 | By Timothy J. Burger
    <p>Aug. 15 (Bloomberg) — Two firms that received $343.3 million to handle advertising for Barack Obama’s White House run last year have profited from his top priority as president by taking on his push for health-care overhaul.</p> <p>One is AKPD Message and Media, the Chicago-based firm headed by David Axelrod until he left last Dec. 31 to serve as a senior adviser to the president. Axelrod was Obama’s top campaign strategist and is now helping sell the health-care plan. The other firm is Washington-based GMMB Campaign Group, where partner Jim Margolis was also an Obama strategist.</p>
  • Iraq Restricts U.S. Forces

    07/18/2009 3:11:29 AM PDT · by Blue_Ridge_Mtn_Geek · 11 replies · 949+ views
    Washington Post ^ | July 18, 2009 | Ernesto Londoño and Karen DeYoung
    American Officials See Link Between Limits, Spate of Attacks By Ernesto Londoño and Karen DeYoung Washington Post Foreign Service Saturday, July 18, 2009 BAGHDAD, July 17 -- The Iraqi government has moved to sharply restrict the movement and activities of U.S. forces in a new reading of a six-month-old U.S.-Iraqi security agreement that has startled American commanders and raised concerns about the safety of their troops.
  • McCain Madness

    02/09/2008 1:36:05 PM PST · by Blue_Ridge_Mtn_Geek · 16 replies · 59+ views
    Baltimore Chronicle & Sentinel ^ | February 8, 2008 | Chuck Baldwin
    A few weeks before Super Tuesday, my friend Howard Phillips asked me who I thought the Republican Presidential nominee would be. I predicted John McCain. With the results of Super Tuesday now history, most political pundits are also predicting that the Arizona senator will gain the Republican nomination for President. And with Mitt Romney now out of the race, McCain is all but assured the nomination. One did not need to be a seer to figure this one out. For one thing, President George W. Bush all but destroyed whatever conservative influence was left in the GOP. Peggy Noonan is...
  • Fourth Generation Warfare Evolves, Fifth Emerges

    10/09/2007 8:26:08 PM PDT · by Blue_Ridge_Mtn_Geek · 8 replies · 881+ views
    Military Review ^ | May-June 2007 | Col T.X. Hammes USMC retired
    Seventeen years ago, a small group of authors introduced the concept of “Four Generations of War.” Frankly, the concept did not get much traction for the first dozen years. Then came 9/11. Some of the fourth-generation warfare (4GW) proponents claimed that the Al-Qaeda attacks were a fulfillment of what they had predicted. However, most military thinkers, for a variety of reasons, continued to dismiss the 4GW concept. In fact, about the only place 4GW was carefully discussed was on an Al-Qaeda website. In January 2002, one ‘Ubed al-Qurashi quoted extensively from two Marine Corps Gazette articles about 4GW.1 He then...
  • posted at 05:14 PM by Glenn Reynolds

    09/21/2007 6:28:18 PM PDT · by Blue_Ridge_Mtn_Geek · 4 replies · 228+ views
    BRINGING NEW MEANING TO "PAJAMAHADEEN": "Once her son is off to school, Laura Mansfield settles in at her dining room table with her laptop and begins trolling Arabic-language message boards and chat rooms popular with jihadists. Fluent in Arabic, the self-employed terror analyst often hacks into the sites, translates the material, puts it together and sends her analysis via a subscription service to intelligence agencies, law enforcement and academics.";_ylt=AtzS6k45AYZVyUhocUmw4nFvzwcF S.C. mom scoops al-Qaida with its videos By SAGAR MEGHANI, Associated Press Writer Thu Sep 20, 8:02 PM ET WASHINGTON - Once her son is off to school, Laura Mansfield...
  • Towards a Cold War world

    09/20/2007 5:52:23 PM PDT · by Blue_Ridge_Mtn_Geek · 2 replies · 41+ views
    Prudent Bear ^ | September 17, 2007 | Martin Hutchinson
    It is now becoming clear that whether or not he relinquishes the presidency nominally, Vladimir Putin will remain in effective control of Russia for many years after 2008. In that event, his “spook” economic and political priorities, honed during his decades with the KGB, will doubtless rule Russian policy. Since Putin appears most comfortable in a cold war world, that is what we are likely to return to. It is not an attractive prospect. In order to have a cold war, you need adversaries of approximately comparable strength. The West cannot have a cold war with Al Qaeda, which has...
  • Back to Jimmy Stewart

    09/06/2007 8:31:13 PM PDT · by Blue_Ridge_Mtn_Geek · 2 replies · 297+ views
    Prudent Bear ^ | September 3, 2007 | Martin Hutchinson
    The 45% drop in earnings at Freddie Mac, for a quarter that ended in June, predating August’s intensification of the mortgage market crisis, indicates an uncomfortable reality. President George W. Bush may attempt to hold back the tide of foreclosures by handing out yet more federal guarantees to subprime borrowers, but that will only delay the inevitable. Far from being able to assist the mortgage market by purchasing yet more mortgage backed securities, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are about to fight for their lives. The more interesting question is what should be done about it if they perish. -...
  • Iran Asks Japan to Pay Yen for Oil, Start Immediately (Update 3)

    07/16/2007 2:52:16 AM PDT · by Blue_Ridge_Mtn_Geek · 6 replies · 839+ views
    Iran Focus ^ | July 13, 2007 | Megumi Yamanaka
    Iran asked Japanese refiners to switch to the yen to pay for all crude oil purchases, after Iran's central bank said it is reducing holdings of the U.S. dollar. Iran wants yen-based transactions ``for any/all of your forthcoming Iranian crude oil liftings,'' according to a letter sent to Japanese refiners that was signed by Ali A. Arshi, general manager of crude oil marketing and exports in Tehran at the National Iranian Oil Co. The request is for all shipments ``effective immediately,'' according to the letter, dated July 10 and obtained by Bloomberg News. The yen rose on speculation for an...
  • Slapstick Scammers (Supposed Thompson connection to Lifelock scandal)

    07/11/2007 7:07:24 PM PDT · by Blue_Ridge_Mtn_Geek · 19 replies · 573+ views
    Phoenix News ^ | June 21, 2007 | From the beak of The Bird to the ear of Stephen Lemons
    Slapstick Scammers From the beak of The Bird to the ear of Stephen Lemons Published: June 21, 2007 The livid lapwing lambastes LifeLock phonies, J.T. Ready, and pathetic P-town puppy-huggers Golly-Pete does this daffy dodo love those old, black-and-white Three Stooges shorts, 'specially the ones with the classic lineup of Larry Fine, Moe Howard, and Moe's bro Curly Howard. Many a Saturday morn of this yardbird's youth was spent yukkin' it up at the screwball antics of those comedic dumbasses, whether they were frying up shoe leather as "fillet of sole," or kicking the madcap crap out of each other...
  • MAO AND LINCOLN [in which MAO is compared favorably to Lincoln]

    06/17/2007 1:25:30 PM PDT · by Blue_Ridge_Mtn_Geek · 10 replies · 412+ views
    Asian Times ^ | April 1, 2004 | Henry C,K, Liu
    MAO AND LINCOLN Part 1: Demon and deity Chairman Mao Zedong, the greatest revolutionary in modern Chinese history, has been unfairly vilified by the neo-liberal West, but he set a decaying China on the path to renewed greatness and provided a vision for a new China that will survive for centuries to come. In fact, Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, is deified, while Mao is demonized. Lincoln's assault on due process was decidedly more violent than Mao's alleged autocratic leadership style. The difference between Lincoln and Mao is that Lincoln's high-minded quest for equality in practice...
  • To much of the Muslim world, American culture is the culprit

    05/08/2007 2:14:08 AM PDT · by Blue_Ridge_Mtn_Geek · 62 replies · 5,110+ views
    Seattle Times ^ | April 18, 2007 | Bruce Ramsey
    Recall the lurid photos of Private Lynndie England, United States Army. At Abu Ghraib, she was pulling an Iraqi man on a leash. Liberals said it was "torture." It violated the Geneva Conventions. Conservatives, hard-wired to "support our troops," said it was no big deal. Rush Limbaugh compared it to a fraternity hazing. Heh, heh. "Most Muslims did not view it as a torture story at all," writes Dinesh D'Souza in his book, "The Enemy at Home." To the Muslims, Abu Ghraib was a story of sexual perversion. D'Souza quotes a Muslim businessman in Turkey: "What the female American soldier...

    02/09/2006 3:16:57 AM PST · by Blue_Ridge_Mtn_Geek · 44 replies · 2,077+ views
    Coulter website ^ | Feb 8, 20006 | Ann Coulter
    As my regular readers know, I've long been skeptical of the "Religion of Peace" moniker for Muslims — for at least 3,000 reasons right off the top of my head. I think the evidence is going my way this week. The culture editor of a newspaper in Denmark suspected writers and cartoonists were engaging in self-censorship when it came to the Religion of Peace. It was subtle things, like a Danish comedian's statement, paraphrased by The New York Times, "that he had no problem urinating on the Bible but that he would not dare do the same to the Quran."...
  • The unlimited enemy

    11/22/2004 7:24:47 PM PST · by Blue_Ridge_Mtn_Geek · 3 replies · 337+ views ^ | November 19, 2004 | Thomas Sowell
    Cats are supposed to have nine lives but fallacies must have at least ninety. Some notions will be believed, no matter how many times they have been refuted by facts. One of these seemingly immortal fallacies is the implicit assumption that our enemies have unlimited resources, so that our efforts at strengthening ourselves militarily are doomed to be self-defeating. At least as far back as the 1930s, the intelligentsia and others have warned against military spending as setting off an "arms race" in which each side escalates its military buildup in response to the other, making the whole thing an...
  • 'Supporting the troops'?

    11/22/2004 7:17:33 PM PST · by Blue_Ridge_Mtn_Geek · 5 replies · 441+ views ^ | November 18, 2004 | Thomas Sowell
    During the recent election campaign, it has been a liberal mantra that they "support the troops" while opposing the war in Iraq. Just what does supporting the troops mean -- other than just a throwaway line to escape the political consequences of a long history of being anti-military? It certainly does not mean making the slightest effort to understand the pressures and dangers of combat, so as to avoid the obscenity of sitting in peace and comfort while second-guessing at leisure some life-and-death decisions that had to be made in a split second by men 10,000 miles away. The latest...
  • Both Iowa Elections Market and Tradesport Bush Election contracts Plummet - - (Profit Opportunity)

    11/02/2004 5:41:30 PM PST · by Blue_Ridge_Mtn_Geek · 6 replies · 164+ views
    IEM and Tradesport sites ^ | 11-2-2004 | self Quotes on Iowa Electronic Market and

    09/08/2004 1:08:01 AM PDT · by Blue_Ridge_Mtn_Geek · 20 replies · 940+ views
    Wall Street Journal (Commentary) ^ | Sept 8, 2004 | Garry Kasparov
    When two Russian aircraft exploded in the air simultaneously two weeks ago there was no word about terrorism from President Vladimir Putin. When a suicide bomber blew up near a subway station in the center of Moscow a few days later, the Russian people again waited in vain to hear something from their president. - - - - - - -Snip - - - - - - . After years of pretending that there was no crisis in Chechnya, it is now very hard for the government to admit that the inflamed North Caucasian province isn't becoming a utopia. What...
  • College housing - - toxic residence?

    09/07/2004 9:18:41 AM PDT · by Blue_Ridge_Mtn_Geek · 10 replies · 695+ views
    Drudge Report ^ | 9/7/04 | Drudge
    LINKS FROM DRUDGEREPORT: --------------------------------------------- NYU student jumps to her death; 6th this year... Princeton Student dead in dorm room... Woman found dead at Colorado State sorority... 19-year-old Montreal student dead in dorm...