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  • Ted Cruz: Obama Can Put an Embassy in CUBA But Not in Jerusalem?

    07/03/2015 11:15:52 AM PDT · 18 of 20
    Bluestocking to SoConPubbie

    It’s time to look on the bright side.

    Before our eyes, the American Left is destroying itself. It’s changing from being a group of angry socialists led by a Black president who cannot be criticized because of his color and who controls the media, to a group of angry socialists being led by an old white male presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, whose every word invites ridicule, who controls no media, and whom Wall Street fears and will use its billions to destroy.

    Bernie is now attracting larger crowds than Hillary. The Left is becoming open followers of a wildly anti-American socialist. The media won’t dwell on this phenomenon until Bernie wins the New Hampshire primary, so it’s no use bringing on the popcorn now, but we can still start opening the champagne.

  • Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras learning EU’s No. 1 rule: Don’t mess with Angela Merkel

    07/03/2015 9:55:23 AM PDT · 8 of 10
    Bluestocking to canuck_conservative

    Margaret Thatcher said that socialist countries eventually collapse because sooner or later they run out of other people’s money, and she wisely kept Britain out of Europe as much as possible.

    On the other hand, for most of the past decade Angela Merkel has foolishly forced the taxpaying citizens of Europe to provide the other people’s money to keep the doomed socialist country of Greece from its inevitable collapse.

    Did Angela Merkel think she was being kind by ‘’helping’’ Greece stay afloat? Hitler killed Europeans with guns and death camps; Angela Merkel has been killing them with kindness. It’s time for Greece to go its own way.

  • The real reason the unemployment rate ‘fell’ in June 2015

    07/03/2015 7:25:46 AM PDT · 8 of 9
    Bluestocking to SeekAndFind

    ‘’It’s the economy, stupid!’’ should be the campaign theme of every Republican running for president.

    Tens of millions of unemployed, underemployed, and the growing army of hopeless Americans need a champion — a Republican presidential candidate who will promise to turn the economy around by the tried and true methods of lowering taxes, particularly on businesses, reinstituting the successful welfare-to-work program, repealing our new socialized medicine program, etc.

    But is there a single Republican candidate who will seize the economy as his/her number-one issue and raise the banner of economic-improvement from Iowa to New Hampshire and on and on, bringing hope to the hopeless?

    We’ll see at next month’s first Republican presidential debate. If not a single candidate can rise to the occasion but instead every candidate simply repeats the Republican version of Hallmark-card clichés as usual, then the Republican party will be meaningless and the country will be lost.

  • US employers add 223K jobs; jobless rate falls to 5.3 pct.

    07/02/2015 4:30:22 PM PDT · 80 of 91
    Bluestocking to PROCON

    If we weren’t in a Depression, the Fed would have raised interest rates months ago.

    When wages fail to rise while the labor-force participation rate sinks to new lows, it’s time to face reality — the economy is contracting.

    The decline in first-quarter GDP was blamed on severe winter weather, yet the economy has clearly not rebounded, it’s gotten worse, as today’s figures show. What will they blame the second-quarter GDP decline on, or will they go complete Stalinist dictatorship and publish false numbers?

  • Why It Matters That Hillary Clinton Wore Ralph Lauren

    06/15/2015 3:59:19 PM PDT · 55 of 81
    Bluestocking to Oldeconomybuyer

    When Mao ruled China, he made everyone wear pantsuits.

    If Hillary becomes president, her example of wearing nothing but pantsuits would have a definite affect on the American fashion industry — a very negative one.

    Who can really tell the difference between a Hillary-like yellow pantsuit sold at K-Mart for $20 and one made by Ralph Lauren for $2,000? They’d be interchangeable, and there would go the Ralph Lauren empire.

    As for dresses, they’d still be popular with women who like being women more than following the latest (pantsuit) fads. Caitlyn Jenner, for example.

  • Ben Carson tops GOP field in new 2016 poll

    06/15/2015 3:11:07 PM PDT · 32 of 90
    Bluestocking to Berlin_Freeper

    Our federal government has become such an enormous cesspool of political corruption, maybe only an outsider can fix it. Even with our high taxes, we’re still $18 trillion in debt.

    Do we really want someone ‘’experienced’’ in the current type of government that is destroying us?

    Ben Carson seems like the kind of person who would not have performed his first brain operation unless he was certain he would do a good job at it — and the same is likely true of his decision to run for president.

    Shouldn’t we at least be open-minded about him?

  • Millionaire Hillary launches campaign do-over with rally (Getty, AP, CORBIS, Reuters Photos)

    06/13/2015 5:55:15 PM PDT · 91 of 111
    Bluestocking to dennisw

    Today we learned that of New York City’s 8.4 million residents, 8,394.500 had something better to do than help Hillary Clinton kick off her big presidential campaign.

    One of those who didn’t attend was the Mayor of New York City, who has so far refused to endorse Hillary’s presidential hopes.

    But what is a political campaign event without local dignitaries in attendance? It’s a pathetic fiasco.

    Now all Bernie Sanders will have to do to be taken more seriously than Hillary is hold a rally in New York City that attracts more than 5,500 people — an easy feat for a socialist in a city of socialists.

  • Democrats kneecap Obama (trade bill flop heard round the world)

    06/13/2015 8:44:06 AM PDT · 19 of 24
    Bluestocking to Liz

    ‘’Pelosi suggests they might switch sides if bribed with passage of a highway-funding bill.’’

    To paraphrase Margaret Thatcher, socialism will die in America when the Obama/Boehner government runs out of money to meet Nancy Pelosi’s extortion demands with a multi-billion-dollar payoff.

  • Paul Ryan: Now the Ugly Face of the GOP Establishment

    06/12/2015 2:36:18 PM PDT · 27 of 35
    Bluestocking to cotton1706

    It’s hard to believe anyone could be so pathetic as to lose a debate to Joe Biden, which is what Paul Ryan did in the 2012 Vice Presidential debate.

    Paul Ryan also failed to help the Republican ticket carry his home state of Wisconsin in the 2012 election.

    Could anyone have been more useless to his party, both in 2012 and now, except for a double agent who was secretly working for the Democrats?

  • Politico Column: Scandals Only Make the Clintons Stronger

    06/08/2015 2:27:01 PM PDT · 19 of 21
    Bluestocking to SeekAndFind

    Some background to Hillary’s and the Democrats’ election

    Up until the recent British elections, the British Labour party was not only considered a serious political party but its leader was the odds-on favorite to become Britain’s next prime minister.

    What happened? The pre-election polls were spectacularly wrong. The Conservatives won a landslide election, and the Labour party is now fighting for its life.

    The same thing happened in the Israeli elections earlier this year. Bibi Netanyahu was expected to lose; the polls were completely wrong; Bibi won a landslide election.

    And the same thing happened during last year’s mid-term elections here. The Democrats were considered a serious contender to maintain their Senate majority, but the polls proved to be completely wrong, and the Republicans won the Senate in a landslide.

    Why does anyone continue to believe the polls when they project Democratic victories when they’ve been spectacularly wrong time after time? Hillary’s candidacy is being kept alive by the polls.

    But what is likely to happen once the actual voting takes place?

    The two critical early contests will be the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary. Neither of those states has large numbers of union workers or blacks, two stalwarts in Democratic elections. Instead, they have large numbers of white liberals who are likely to vote for someone with strong Leftist credentials — Bernie Sanders, for example.

    Why is it that Conservatives spend the four years between presidential elections decrying the takeover of academia by socialists, but then when the elections take place, forgetting all that and expecting the socialist-indoctrinated young voters to vote like moderates?

    Bernie Sanders should be extremely popular among the young voters of Iowa, but especially among those in New Hampshire, whose neighboring state Vermont actually voted him into the Senate.

    Hillary is so...over.

  • Obama vows he's 'standing up to Russian aggression' at G-7 meeting

    06/07/2015 6:11:45 PM PDT · 39 of 50
    Bluestocking to Nachum

    The purpose of the sanctions was to bring Russia to its knees economically so that it would retreat from Ukraine.

    After all, the G-7 countries are so powerful, or so they thought, Russia would have been driven to starvation by this time and begging for mercy from its mighty enemies.

    But what a joke that turned out to be. Russia has been doing fine; its armies are still fighting in Ukraine; and the G-7 have been proven to be a bunch of ineffectual fools suffering from delusions of grandeur.

  • As Hillary’s Numbers Dip, Benghazi Rises As an Issue

    06/04/2015 3:01:54 PM PDT · 21 of 32
    Bluestocking to NormsRevenge

    Hillary is trying to win the presidency in the same way that a boxer who clings to the ropes is trying to win a boxing match. It’s impossible.

    All Hillary does is stand there and get beaten up by the media day after day without fighting back. She never gives speeches to try to win voters to her side, never gives interviews, never tries to justify her lack of action in Benghazi or her massive influence peddling on behalf of the Clinton Foundation as Secretary of State.

    If she thought there were enough Americans stupid enough to vote for her no matter what crimes she may have committed, she has now been proven wrong, because the polls show the majority of the public disapproves of her and her negatives keep increasing.

    The problem for the Democrats is that there is no one in their party capable of pulling her off the stage before she self-destructs in a pile of political baggage and brings the whole party down with her.

  • The GOP Contenders Getting the Most Free Exposure from Fox News (Guess who's 1st)

    06/03/2015 5:55:10 PM PDT · 30 of 52
    Bluestocking to VinL

    The August 6th debate will probably last ninety minutes. Which means that, taking into account commercials, long-winded moderators, etc., there will only be about 60 to 70 minutes completely devoted to answers from the candidates.

    And since there will be ten candidates, that will add up to about 6.5 minutes per candidate, spread out in 2-minute segments per candidate throughout the debate.

    Who can win such a debate?

    Viewers will spend Rand Paul’s little segments wondering why he couldn’t find a better toupee. Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum will evoke viewer comments such as, Not them again, and Mike Huckabee won’t even have enough time to tell a corny joke. Jeb Bush will evoke groans from the many viewers who have had enough Bushes for one lifetime.

    Walker, Rubio, and Kasich are not charismatic enough to win hearts and minds in two-minute segments, and Marco Rubio is apt to take a long swig of water at an inopportune moment. As for Chris Christie, his shoulders are big enough for three candidates, and viewers will wonder why he was so unsuccessful at losing weight, while watching his double chins swing back and forth as he talks.

    That leaves Cruz, Fiorina, and Carson. They’re the best speakers, the most intelligent, and the most charismatic of the candidates. So the debate could move their candidacies forward. And since they’re all solid Conservatives, let’s hope so.

  • The global boycott of Israel is growing silently

    06/03/2015 3:58:33 PM PDT · 13 of 23
    Bluestocking to Nachum

    Why did the British choose to buy Israeli produce in the first place except that it was the highest quality produce at the lowest cost that they could find.

    So now if Britain boycotts Israeli goods it will have to consume second-rate produce at higher prices.

    What a victory for the British.

    In the meantime in spite of all the anti-Israel BDS programs in the West, Israel has a better economy than either Britain or the U.S.

    On the other hand, since the leaders of China want the best for their people, they have been purchasing state-of-the-art desalination plants from Israel, while our leaders like those in California allow droughts to destroy their land and their people’s water bills to skyrocket rather than deign to work with Israelis to improve their worsening situation. And we wonder why China’s GDP rose 7% in the first quarter, while ours sank .7%.

  • Obama raises possibility of allowing U.N. vote on Palestinian statehood

    06/03/2015 3:00:07 PM PDT · 11 of 14
    Bluestocking to lowbridge

    Could it possibly be just a coincidence that just as Obama, America’s most anti-Semitic president in history, was beginning to make public threats about stabbing Israel in the back at the U.N., John Kerry, America’s most zealous advocate for dismantling Israel, should have had a freak bicycle accident that will put him out of commission indefinitely? It seems more like a miracle.

    By the time John Kerry can navigate without a cane, the 2016 presidential campaign will have gained enough momentum that Hillary Clinton or any of the other Democratic hopefuls will be in no position to antagonize their Jewish-American supporters by joining Obama in approving an historical act of treachery by the U.S. against Israel at the U.N.

    Another miracle seems to be that two serious freak accidents have put two Democratic leaders — Harry Reid and John Kerry — virtually out of commission within only a few months of each other. But, of course, they won’t leave their jobs, they’ll just continue to undermine the Democratic party.

    The Angel in the Whirlwind seems to be working overtime to help America.

  • Out of 8 women in Army Ranger school, guess how many graduated?

    06/01/2015 3:08:40 PM PDT · 49 of 61
    Bluestocking to Paul46360

    Why not bring back cavalry divisions with soldiers on horseback?

    We know that didn’t work as well as modern tank divisions, etc., for winning wars, but of course that’s not the purpose of our military anymore. The purpose is to expand diversity beyond all rational limits for the sake of political correctness.

    At least if they go through with this women-in-combat policy, I hope Hollywood will make a movie about the training procedures.

    As I envision it, the movie would include major roles for Melissa McCarthy and Oprah Winfrey as women who have tried every known diet with no success and are hoping SEAL training will finally do the trick; Meryl Streep as a Hillaryesque 67-year-old escapee from a mental institution who believes she has the body of a 25-year-old Olympic athlete; and Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce, who believes he will die unless he can continually find publicity stunts like SEAL training to engage in.

    This could be boffo.

  • Challenging Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Gains Momentum in Iowa

    05/31/2015 8:19:06 PM PDT · 17 of 21
    Bluestocking to bryan999

    Bernie Sanders seems to be saner than Hillary.

    For example, he understands that he’s a politician and that politicians hold rallies, and so he holds rallies.

    Hillary, on the other hand, who’s also a politician, doesn’t hold rallies. Instead, she sits in public places talking to small groups of carefully pre-selected people, as if she’s a crazy bag lady who instead of talking to herself on street corners has enough money to hire people to sit and listen to her in restaurants.

    Eventually, all the people who don’t attend Hillary’s non-existent rallies won’t vote for her in the primaries either. So she’ll lose the primaries and have to go home, where hopefully she’ll be able to get help for her mental condition.

  • John Kerry Suffers Broken Leg in Bike Accident in France

    05/31/2015 4:46:14 PM PDT · 64 of 79
    Bluestocking to nickcarraway

    The most prominent members of the Democratic party — Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Joe Biden, and John Kerry — have become international laughingstocks.

  • Clift Defends Hillary Clinton's Wealth: FDR Was Rich & Did Great Things For "The Little People"

    05/31/2015 3:10:28 PM PDT · 31 of 50
    Bluestocking to Libloather

    If rich people ‘’do great things for the ‘little people,’’’ as Eleanor Clift assures us, what do we need a Democratic party for?

    The Democratic party’s self-declared reason for being is to transfer wealth from the rich to the poor; however, it can only achieve that goal by demonizing the rich to such an extent that it can justify confiscating rich peoples’ earnings.

    It’s Republicans who believe the rich do great things for the little people, such as providing jobs and incomes.

    If Eleanor Clift and her liberal comrades have decided they want to use the media as a re-education camp in order to inculcate pro-rich Republican principles into Democratic minds in order to promote the wealthy Hillary’s presidential candidacy, wonderful. But then what do we need a Democratic party for, since Republicans are already promoting pro-rich Republican principles?

  • Baltimore's Murder Rate Climbs To 43

    05/31/2015 11:04:39 AM PDT · 18 of 68
    Bluestocking to Altura Ct.

    In other words, before the Mayor of Baltimore imposed a state of anarchy on her city by refusing to allow Baltimore police officers to do their job, Baltimore’s police department was saving 40 innocent lives a month from murderers.

    And the situation will get worse, since the perpetrators of this month’s 43 murders are still on the loose and they will grow in numbers — unless the Mayor of Baltimore either imposes a curfew on the city’s most crime-ridden neighborhoods; supports the police in making mass arrests; or calls in the National Guard to deal with the city’s growing problem.

    None of these alternatives can be expected to be put into action by Baltimore’s Mayor from Hell, as she’s turned out to be. And just as the citizens of Ramadi are being raped and murdered by ISIS, the citizens of Baltimore will continue to be raped and murdered by their fellow citizens. While the Mayor sits by and does nothing.

  • "Ferguson Effect": America's New Crime Wave Is All Part Of The Plan

    05/30/2015 3:26:39 PM PDT · 17 of 46
    Bluestocking to Biggirl

    Millions of violent criminals are behind bars today instead of murdering people in the streets because our police forces have apprehended them and kept them away from innocent people.

    Innocent Black people have been able to walk down the street and remain alive because American policemen believe that Black Lives Matter and have acted like it.

    But now, thanks to the Reverend Al Sharpton and his supporters, including our president, American policemen have become the targets of such hatred among Blacks that they can’t perform their duty to the extent necessary to keep the streets safe in Black communities.

    Which means that many more violent Black criminals than usual will now be able to remain in their neighborhoods murdering their fellow Blacks.

    Apparently, that’s perfectly okay with the Reverend Al ‘’Black Lives Matter!’’ Sharpton, or he would be doing something to stop the horror he’s created. But, unfortunately, he isn’t doing anything.

  • Iran rejects site inspections in a nuclear deal

    05/30/2015 12:28:40 PM PDT · 15 of 24
    Bluestocking to bushwon

    Iran plans to build a nuclear weapon, and ISIS plans to take over Iran.

    Somehow, ISIS’s plans seem to come to fruition at an astoundingly successful rate, while Iran has been trying unsuccessfully to build a nuclear bomb for decades.

    Unless the Iranians start fighting ISIS in Iraq NOW, or unless Obama sends in the ground troops necessary to even contain ISIS, let alone destroy it, ISIS will be in Tehran in a matter of months.

    So what difference does a nuclear deal between the U.S. and Iran make at this point except to expose the mutual insanity of the Iranian ayatollahs and the American president in wasting their time negotiating over a meaningless piece of paper when they should be using every resource available to stop ISIS from continuing its bloody path toward setting up a worldwide caliphate?

    By comparison, the bloodthirsty maniacs of ISIS are models of sanity since it’s logical for them to believe they can conquer the world if the U.S. president is incapacitated by a state of delusion, as he appears to be, in which he believes ISIS will simply disappear by itself without any serious action from him.

  • Ben Carson Among Top Five Republican Contenders Tied for Lead, New Poll Says

    05/30/2015 10:00:33 AM PDT · 20 of 31
    Bluestocking to SeekAndFind

    Despite the media ignoring Ben Carson, we still know two important things about him.

    First, he’s spent decades successfully performing brain surgery on children, which requires brilliance, character, and courage; and, second, he’s been able to win Republican presidential polls despite a lack of media attention, which requires an extraordinary ability to get the Conservative message across to audiences.

    What more can Conservatives ask for in a presidential candidate or president than brilliance, courage, character, and exceptional communication skills?

    Carson/Fiorina 2016


    05/29/2015 9:51:27 PM PDT · 108 of 118
    Bluestocking to tellw

    Weather is unpredictable; so if weather is now to be considered an important factor in determining GDP, how can economists’ predictions be taken seriously anymore?

    And since weather is not only unpredictable but also uncontrollable, how can we take the Federal Reserve seriously anymore when it claims to be able to affect the economy by adjusting interest rates?

    In fact, there are so many other important factors that are unpredictable and uncontrollable by the Federal Reserve that pronouncements by Janet Yellen should have no more relevance to reality than those of a gypsy fortune teller.

    For example, the interest rates set by the European Central Bank, the Bank of Japan, etc., are critical to the health of our economy.

    So when the ECB and Bank of Japan cut interest rates drastically last year, the Euro and yen sank against the U.S. dollar, thereby making European goods less expensive on the world market than our own and hurting American exports. It wasn’t just the weather that caused our first quarter drop in GDP.

    So what is Janet Yellen’s response going to be to curb the rise of the dollar? In fact, she’s going to make the dollar rise even more by raising interest rates. This will cause investors to trade Euros and yens for dollars in order to by U.S. Treasuries with their higher interest rates, and on and on until American goods are priced out of the world markets, our exports collapse, and our GDP goes into a death spiral.

  • Anarchy in Baltimore: Residents claim police have deserted them..

    05/29/2015 3:12:24 PM PDT · 77 of 145
    Bluestocking to KeyLargo

    It’s up to the Mayor of Baltimore to keep her city’s streets safe instead of being overrun by rampaging murderers, which she could easily have accomplished weeks ago by declaring a curfew in the Black ghetto and, if necessary, calling in the National Guard to enforce it.

    After the first fifteen or so violent deaths this month, the Mayor should have acted; but since she didn’t, the subsequent twenty-plus murders are on her head. And her malfeasance will continue to destroy her city and her people until she does what’s necessary.

    The Al Sharpton/Obama-created myth that young Black men are all gentle giants who would be able to go on their gentle way if the police didn’t come into their neighborhoods and interfere with them has been completely and publicly demolished by the recent events in Baltimore.

    If the death of Freddy Gray was considered by Al Sharpton to be such a monstrous crime by the police that he felt he had to come to Baltimore and foment riots, what does he think about the 38 deaths of Black youths in Baltimore this month that were perpetrated by other Black youths just doing their thing?

  • Have Democrats Pulled Too Far Left?

    05/27/2015 4:08:54 PM PDT · 45 of 48
    Bluestocking to NRx

    The Democrats aren’t just ‘’moving to the left,’’ they’ve been on a death march to the left ever since they passed ObamaCare, thereby alienating the vast majority of American voters.

    In the 2010 elections, the Democrats lost a record number of Congresspersons; Nancy Pelosi had to give up her big Speaker-of-the House gavel and private taxpayer-funded airplane; and the remaining House Democratic Caucus came to consist of only members from the safest, most liberal districts, primarily members of the Congressional Black Caucus. And in 2014, the Democrats lost another batch of Congresspersons.

    The Democratic party has become like Detroit — more and more liberal and self-destructive as sensible people continue to leave it.

  • First Read: The Romney-fication of Bill and Hillary Clinton

    05/27/2015 11:47:07 AM PDT · 3 of 4
    Bluestocking to Oldeconomybuyer

    The Clintons have a bigger problem than Mitt Romney had in 2012.

    Mitt Romney was rich but not overwhelmingly so, and he earned his money legitimately by founding a financial company.

    The Clintons, on the other hand, are big, bloated cartoon characters of over-the-top, ill-gotten wealth. Their escapades into corrupt money-gathering among sleazy characters from every corner of the globe are too awesome for the media to ignore and too ridiculous for late-night comedians to pass up.

    Just as every time Pinocchio told a lie his nose grew longer, every time a new multi-million-dollar Clinton scandal erupts Hillary’s smile looks more grotesquely forced and her breezy manner more contrived. At some point the wheels are going to come off, and for everyone, including the Clintons themselves, the sooner the better.

  • Joe Biden Tries to Smooth Iraq Ties After Pentagon Outburst

    05/25/2015 4:33:02 PM PDT · 22 of 27
    Bluestocking to Eleutheria5

    Ashton Carter’s problem was that he broke the cardinal rule of Middle Eastern diplomacy — whenever anything goes bad there, blame it on the Jews.

    This gives the world an opportunity to stage anti-Israel protests; liberal news outlets get to excoriate Israel for days at a time; and the U.N. gets to declare an anti-Israel resolution.

    In contrast, blaming the Iraqi army makes no one happy.

    Ashton Carter now needs to turn his talents to preparing a statement for when Baghdad falls that won’t offend anyone. If he can also manage to include some innuendos suggesting that Jewish ancestry in some of the Iraqi generals might have caused Iraq’s downfall, all the better.

  • Obama heralds first U.S. Memorial Day without ground war in 14 years

    05/25/2015 2:09:53 PM PDT · 19 of 36
    Bluestocking to BenLurkin

    The last world leader who thought it was a major achievement for him to keep his country out of war for an extended period was Neville Chamberlain.

    Appeasement is a crime not a virtue when brutal enemies threaten to destroy one’s country and are already on the march. For Obama to go before a Memorial Day audience and pat himself on the back for committing criminal negligence is astounding.

  • The 2016 political report: Walker emerges from Southern confab as GOP front-runner

    05/25/2015 12:20:34 PM PDT · 26 of 39
    Bluestocking to Cincinatus' Wife

    According to liberals, the most racist people in America are Southern white Conservatives, yet the winner of this Southern white Conservative straw poll turned out to be the only African-American in the race, Ben Carson.

    As for Scott Walker, reading this article which features paragraphs full of contortions to explain that Scott Walker was the real winner when he actually lost, is like listening to our Pentagon spokespersons explain why the Iraqi/American loss of Ramadi to ISIS was not really a loss at all but actually a springboard to future victories, or whatever.

    Carson/Fiorina 2016

  • (Pew Report) RIP: Over 100 newspapers dumped in year, ads down 50%, circulation hits bottom

    05/24/2015 4:57:34 PM PDT · 34 of 51
    Bluestocking to Zakeet

    Even with the internet, newspapers in other countries don’t seem to be having the same problems staying in business as ours do.

    Maybe that’s because it’s easier to attract readers in countries where, unlike the U.S., most children have been taught to read beyond the third-grade level.

    I can’t understand why newspapers like the Wall Street Journal continue to charge huge amounts to read their content on-line. Why can’t they separate their print and digital offerings and then charge reasonable amounts for internet-only access? They’d attract many more on-line subscribers and could therefore charge higher revenues for their ads, and everyone would be happy.

  • Ted Cruz 2016 : Ben Carson's OK Straw Poll Victory a CHALLENGE to ALL Ted Cruz State Campaigns !

    05/24/2015 2:01:21 PM PDT · 70 of 132
    Bluestocking to Patton@Bastogne

    Not only does Ben Carson have gifted hands that allowed him to become a top brain surgeon, he also has a gifted political team that allowed him to win a critical straw poll of Conservative activists.

    The reason I supported Ted Cruz and contributed to his campaign was because I thought he was the smartest, most charismatic Conservative in the race who also had the good sense to concentrate on winning the Conservative base.

    But I was wrong. With Ted’s thirty million dollars worth of contributions, his magna cum laude degree from Harvard Law School, and his almost constant media presence, he couldn’t even beat out a virtual unknown like Ben Carson, not to mention Scott Walker, for the hearts and minds of the country’s leading Conservative activists.

    Would anyone bet on a horse after he fell coming out of the starting gate? Can Ted Cruz recover?

    By staying in the race and using all their money to try to win as much media exposure as possible, Ted Cruz and Scott Walker will continue to play the role of hares to Ben Carson’s turtle. And who is likely to win in the end? Aesop seemed to understand these circumstances better than I do, so I’ll defer to his judgment.

  • Donald Trump says his views on same-sex marriage are 'evolving'

    05/24/2015 10:11:15 AM PDT · 23 of 46
    Bluestocking to SoConPubbie

    My views on Donald Trump evolved long ago — namely, into who cares what Donald Trump and his silly pompadour thinks about anything?

    Obviously, Vladimir Putin also doesn’t care, or he would have had Donald Trump executed by his usual gang of thugs for his ‘’outspoken opposition to Russia’s infamous anti-gay laws’’ the minute he set foot in Moscow.

  • ISIS rises, the economy falters, and Obama’s legacy falls apart

    05/24/2015 9:35:18 AM PDT · 17 of 29
    Bluestocking to Libloather

    If ISIS decides it wants a nuclear bomb, it can probably secure one sooner than Iran.

    In fact, the way things are going for ISIS, it will probably be able to conquer Iran and take over all of its nuclear facilities in a matter of months.

    But why would ISIS want a nuclear bomb? What fun would that be? The type of maniacs who join ISIS join in order to cut off people’s heads, rape innocent women, and drive car bombs into buildings — not to push a button that would destroy a city. You can’t murder and rape ashes.

    Instead of obsessing about himself and what might happen to his reputation twenty years from now, Obama should be obsessing about what he can do to stop ISIS now. But that would be completely contrary to his nature.

  • Pew Research Center: Hillary Clinton's 'Favorability' Plummets 17 Points, Lowest In 7 Years

    05/23/2015 1:12:32 PM PDT · 21 of 29
    Bluestocking to Maris Crane

    Welcome. Let’s hope Cruz-friendliness continues to grow both here and among the voters.

    As for Hillary, this terrible poll must be causing serious anxiety in the Hillary camp. According to Dick Morris — once the Clintons’ chief political advisor — Bill Clinton could hardly take a breath as president without consulting a poll.

    But how can Hillary possibly do more than she’s already been doing to raise her favorability rating? Her face must be in pain from smiling so effusively to Iowa voters to try to improve her likeability. But as this poll shows, it’s all been in vain.

    We’ll probably be seeing Hillary’s Plan B for winning hearts and minds any day now, so we should prepare ourselves to cringe.

  • New York Times Op-ed: Calm Down. ISIS Isn’t Winning.

    05/22/2015 4:07:14 PM PDT · 45 of 49
    Bluestocking to SeekAndFind

    ISIS won Ramadi by living up to its name as a terrorist organization.

    It used a series of brutal car-bomb attacks to terrorize the Iraqi army into panicking, dropping its weapons, and running away.

    Now ISIS finds itself with a whole new arsenal of weapons, a proven formula for using car-bombs to take over cities, and a president of the U.S. whose only concern is to belittle ISIS’s power so that he doesn’t have to send in ground troops.

    The road from Ramadi to Baghdad might as well be covered by a welcome mat from Obama saying, ‘’It’s all yours, ISIS!’’

  • Pentagon to Expedite Shipment of Shoulder Weapons to Iraq

    05/21/2015 8:25:35 PM PDT · 18 of 31
    Bluestocking to Nachum

    Once the ISIS jihadis start capturing our shoulder-held missile launchers from the next batch of surrendering Iraqi soldiers, they’ll be able to use them to shoot down our planes.

    Our leaders are creating a suicide mission for our military pilots in Iraq.

  • Obama Defends Approach to ISIS Fight but Says More Is Needed

    05/21/2015 5:02:53 PM PDT · 7 of 15
    Bluestocking to Oldeconomybuyer

    Obama could make this much easier for himself if he would clarify what ISIS would have to do in Iraq for him to concede that ISIS was winning the war.

    We know that ISIS’s capturing of Ramadi merely drew a yawn from Obama and his generals since in their estimation the city wasn’t ‘’strategic’’ enough for them to worry about.

    But what Iraqi city DO they consider strategic enough for them to care about? Baghdad? If that were the case, Obama would be ordering extensive ground troops into Baghdad to protect it from the kind of ISIS capture-plus-bloodbath recently visited on Ramadi. But he’s not doing that.

    So what can we expect from ISIS except that it will use the large supply of American-made tanks and personnel carriers it captured in Ramadi to descend on Baghdad for a bloody siege to end all sieges?

  • Cruz to Sex-'Obsessed' Media: Let's Talk About Islamic State's War on Gays

    05/20/2015 3:50:29 PM PDT · 12 of 14
    Bluestocking to markomalley

    One of the worst moments for Republicans during the 2012 presidential race came when one of the liberal moderators asked the candidates during a Republican debate, ‘’What is your favorite type of pizza?’’ and every one of the candidates answered as if it was a serious question.

    Any candidate worthy of being president would have at least said something like, ‘’I would like to live in a country where everyone could afford to buy a pizza,’’ or any of an infinite number of other responses that would have shown that a particular candidate was disgusted by the liberal’s foolish question; that he/she could respectfully point out how inane the question was; and also that the candidate had enough intelligence to enlighten the audience about a problem relating to foreign or domestic policy no matter how idiotic a question he/she might be asked.

    Ted Cruz would have been such a candidate. And now that he’s running for president and every day continues to prove his ability to embarrass liberals for asking foolish questions while serious problems need to be addressed, we should be grateful.

    There are so many liberals who need to be embarrassed, yet none of the other Republican candidates seems willing or able to help Ted in his enormous task of exposing liberals to the scorn they so richly deserve.

  • De Blasio Defends Involvement in National Progressive Agenda

    05/19/2015 8:25:47 PM PDT · 15 of 16
    Bluestocking to jazusamo

    The progressive socialist agenda is being promoted by an ACTUAL CANDIDATE for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination — Senator Bernie Sanders — so why aren’t progressive socialists like Mayor diBlasio and Charlie Rangel actively supporting him?

    Why do they invoke the name of Elizabeth Warren as the poster girl for opposition to free trade when Bernie Sanders has not only been an equally strong critic of free trade but also, unlike Elizabeth Warren, has the distinction of being courageous enough to run for president to promote his views?

    Has Hillary Clinton somehow coerced the leaders of the Democratic Left to act as if Bernie Sanders doesn’t exist so that she can move on to her coronation with no opposition in the primaries?

  • Why the Iraqi army keeps failing

    05/19/2015 3:50:09 PM PDT · 23 of 26
    Bluestocking to SeekAndFind

    It’s hard to believe a military leader could make a whinier, more pathetic statement about a war in progress than “there are going to be ebbs and flows.’’

    The U.S. has the mightiest military in the world. The purpose of its generals is to devise a winnable war plan, get it approved by the Commander-in-Chief, and then carry it out swiftly and successfully — which our generals have failed to do in Iraq.

    Why? Every general in the world understands that it’s almost impossible to win wars from the air only, because it’s impossible for planes to consistently hit strategic targets without directions from soldiers on the ground.

    So it’s likely that our generals presented a war plan including boots on the ground to Obama, which Obama rejected. At which point, every honorable general in the Pentagon would have handed in his/her resignation rather than be a party to sending our young men and women in to fight a war that they knew was unwinnable.

    Which means that the only generals left are not honorable. They’re the ones sending Pentagon spokesmen out to make statements about ebbs and flows because they’re too embarrassed to make such pathetic statements themselves, and they’re also whining to Congressional committees about Ramadi not being strategically important.

    This is why Iraq as a civilized country is doomed — not because the Iraqi army is weak, we’ve known that from the start, but because our president and his generals have knowingly refused to do what is necessary to help the Iraqis preserve their country.

  • Key Iraqi City Falls To ISIS As Last of Security Forces Flee [Obama's Legacy of Betrayal in Blood]

    05/17/2015 6:35:52 PM PDT · 8 of 12
    Bluestocking to Steelfish

    The morale of the Iraqi army must be hovering around zero at this point. Not only did they lose Ramadi, they lost it ‘’despite intensified American airstrikes in recent weeks.’’

    But if the American military is not the answer, what is?

    The only country that knows how to win wars in the Middle East is Israel. But Iraq is Israel’s enemy, as is Iran, which is next on ISIS’s list after it takes over Iraq.

  • Scott Walker's Iowa dilemma

    05/17/2015 5:03:16 PM PDT · 11 of 17
    Bluestocking to VinL

    Why do we have straw polls, caucuses, and primaries in the first place except to allow the American people, instead of big fat-cat party operatives in smoke-filled rooms, to choose the nominees they want to run for office?

    To ‘’blow off’’ Iowa’s straw poll, as Jeb Bush has done, is an insult to the Republicans of Iowa. And if Scott Walker follows suit, he’ll show himself to be just as arrogant, self-centered and doofus-like as Jeb himself.

  • Abu Sayyaf raid required U.S. troops to use ‘hand to hand’ combat

    05/16/2015 3:28:00 PM PDT · 31 of 55
    Bluestocking to PROCON

    Just a few months ago, we were supposed to have killed another ISIS leader, this one in Iraq. But ISIS has come back stronger than ever since then; just yesterday it took over the critical city of Ramadi.

    And a few years ago, we killed the top leader of al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, and yet since that time jihadi terrorism has exploded.

    So while the media is cheering and Obama is bragging and the dead ISIS leader’s wife is in American custody, what can we expect from ISIS except an escalation of fury against the U.S.?

  • Despite fame and fortune Jeb Bush loses his frontrunner status

    05/14/2015 7:34:39 PM PDT · 9 of 9
    Bluestocking to iowamark

    From one election to the next, the experts never stop assuring everyone that money is the be-all and end-all of winning elections.

    Jeb Bush must have taken this to heart and decided that since he was the candidate with the most money he wouldn’t have to worry about such things as appealing to prospective voters. In fact, every time he opens his mouth, he further alienates the all-important Republican Conservative base.

    The only question now is how much he will embarrass his family before he can be persuaded to drop out of the race.

  • Obama offers Gulf nations “ironclad” security cooperation

    05/14/2015 6:54:27 PM PDT · 8 of 28
    Bluestocking to Olog-hai

    Not a word Obama says is worth the teleprompter it’s printed on.

  • Senate strikes deal to pass fast-track trade bill

    05/13/2015 3:01:24 PM PDT · 20 of 20
    Bluestocking to GIdget2004

    The reason there’s a major split in the Democratic party — Obama vs. Congressional Democrats — over the current free-trade legislation is because the unions are strongly against it.

    In fact, the unions have threatened to withhold campaign contributions from Democrats who join with Obama in supporting the bill.

    As for Obama himself, he’s not running for reelection so he has no reason to listen to the unions anymore. Now he seems more interested in ingratiating himself with pro-free-trade business interests and potential donors to his presidential library.

    Which leaves the Congressional Democrats on their own, trying to fool the unions into believing that if they divide the bill up into little pieces the union bosses will be too dumb to understand that they’ll still be drinking the same wine only in different little bottles.

    This shouldn’t be too hard to do, unless the two Democrats who strongly oppose free trade on principle — Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders — insist on continuing to speak out about the dangers free trade poses to American workers.

    Silencing Sen. Warren should not be difficult since she virtually silenced herself when she withdrew from the public spotlight by refusing to run for president. But Bernie Sanders is a different matter — he wants to speak out, and we’ll never hear the end of his disgust for Obama and his Democratic henchmen if the current free-trade bill goes through with Democratic support.

  • Republicans: Dems reneged on trade deal

    05/12/2015 1:49:00 PM PDT · 18 of 37
    Bluestocking to sheikdetailfeather

    Any minute now Obama’s press secretary will be appearing before a podium to explain that Obama does not consider this a snub by Congressional Democrats.

  • Rulers of Most Gulf Nations to Miss US Summit, Administration Denies 'Snub'

    05/11/2015 7:47:21 PM PDT · 23 of 23
    Bluestocking to lbryce

    The last time the White House denied that something was a snub was when Obama refused to join the leaders of the free world for a solidarity march in Paris after the Charlie Hebdo murders.

    But even though Obama himself didn’t consider his snub an actual snub, many others did, and he was criticized for his absence to the point that John Kerry thought it was necessary to apologize to the French president by turning up with James Taylor in tow to embarrass the U.S. with a rendition of ‘’You’ve Got a Friend.’’

    It’s very doubtful that the King of Saudi Arabia cares enough about the sensibilities of our current president to bother apologizing for blowing off his Arab summit meeting here. In fact, the King is busy trying to restore the legitimate leader of Yemen to power after Obama failed in his efforts to keep that country from being overrun by ISIS.

    How long will it be before John Kerry realizes he needs to ingratiate himself with the Saudis before they lower the price of oil to the point where U.S. oil companies are flooding the bankruptcy courts?

  • Hillary Clinton hasn’t answered a question from the media in 20 days

    05/11/2015 4:05:41 PM PDT · 24 of 33
    Bluestocking to Oldeconomybuyer

    Hillary only speaks to people who are willing to pay enormous amounts of money to listen to her make speeches that are closed to the public.

    But what does she plan to do with the hundreds of millions of dollars she collects from her donors except to make advertisements promoting herself?

    Which raises the question, why doesn’t she take the opportunity to promote herself by giving interviews to the media? Is she so inept that she can’t put a few effective sentences together to sell the Hillary brand to the voters? What will she do during the presidential debates? At some point she’ll have to say SOMETHING — so why doesn’t she decide what that something will be and start saying it now?

    As for the media, do they really think their readers and viewers will want to spend the election season listening to complaints from reporters about the difficulty of interviewing Hillary?