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  • 'Ben-Hur' headed for TV miniseries remake (taking out religous aspect)

    04/10/2008 9:52:55 PM PDT · by Bommer · 7 replies · 123+ views
    UPI/AP ^ | 04/10/2008
    LOS ANGELES, April 10 (UPI) -- The son of the man who directed the 1959 Hollywood film classic "Ben-Hur" said he is producing a new version of the story as a $30 million TV miniseries. David Wyler, son of director William Wyler, is producing the remake with Alchemy TV, reported Thursday.....
  • (Larry) David's Wife Files for Divorce

    07/20/2007 9:29:59 AM PDT · by Bommer · 101 replies · 3,407+ views
    Internet Movie Database ^ | 07/20/2007 | n/a
    Funnyman Larry David's wife of 14 years has filed for divorce. Laurie David filed court papers in Los Angeles Superior Court citing irreconcilable differences on July 13. The 49-year-old An Inconvenient Truth producer is seeking joint custody of their two children, Cazzie, 13, and Romy, 10. Curb Your Enthusiasm star David, who co-created the hugely successful TV show Seinfeld, announced the separation in early June
  • Man who told Cheney to go F himself, selling DVD on Ebay...and is a doctor!

    I just happened to be cruising eBay, and look what I found. The guys name is Ben Marble, M.D. Must be a doctor in the Howard Dean vein! I thought it would be funny for a freeper to bid and win it and then tell the guy what to do when he came to collect his cash!
  • Memorial Day Double Feature Tribute In Honor To Those Who Served

    05/27/2005 7:31:58 PM PDT · by Bommer · 39 replies · 1,301+ views
    05/27/2005 | Bommer
    In rememberance of those who serve, served and layed down their lived in service to protect our freedom, I'd like to present two movies in their honor:In_Memoriam...and one original one from an incredibly talented FReeper that I made a video for late last year and find it very appropriate time now to debut Don't Say Goodbye.I'll leave both up only through Memorial Day, so enjoy them while you can.

    11/09/2004 7:21:26 PM PST · by Bommer · 79 replies · 5,042+ views
    bommer | 11/10/04 | Bommer
    Well, what comes around goes around, and THE REAL MAN came arounnd and shut down the site. Apparently the lawyers of Johnny Cash layed down their law and force SBCGLOBAL to shutdown the site. If anything I think I generated revenue for the Johnny Cash estate with some record sales, but for all of you wondering why you couldn't get to the movies, thats why. It suspected it might happen and was hoping it wouldn't, but it did, so I'm done! So until I comeup with something original, I'm out of the movie biz for awhile. It sucks because...

    11/07/2004 5:48:47 PM PST · by Bommer · 128 replies · 7,701+ views
    My brain....whats left of it ^ | 11/8/2004 | Bommer
    (Cool logo huh? Thanks to Safrguns! Too damn awesome!) Howdy from Texas! Home of the "The Man". Thank you for all the votes getting him re-elected and all the nice FREEPMail and comments you sent me on how my movies kept you sane. Very much appreciate it.As much as you want to gloat and rub the victory in their faces.....DO IT! To Hell with the Libs. I'm sick of them all! Heres why.My son is a first grader and a Tiger Cub. We were doing this project where we were making leaf sketcings with crayons. Anyways these this woman...

    11/03/2004 6:54:22 PM PST · by Bommer · 43 replies · 1,365+ views
    Bommer ^ | 11/03/2004 | Bommer
    'W' Thanks to you FReepers and the rest of Americans who actually have brains, President Bush will be serving as commander in chief for the next 4 years! If you never thought there was a God, this is proof that there is! I've never prayed so hard in all my life! Alot of you wrote me FReep mail stating how these movies were keeping you sane. I thnk all of you kindly! I thought since these movies motivated alot of you, (and by personal request) that I would have a mini film fesival! Launch your Ping lists and lets party!!...
  • NEW REVISED BOMMER MOVIE 'W' - Plus Bonus Bush Film Festival!

    11/02/2004 10:31:34 PM PST · by Bommer · 4 replies · 233+ views
    To one all and all who voted! Thank you! I changed the ending with this picture! Enjoy! 'W'

    11/01/2004 4:34:55 PM PST · by Bommer · 41 replies · 1,458+ views
    Bommer ^ | 11/01/2004 | Bommer
    Bommer here! Back once again for one last movie, very quickly slapped together to rally the troops since I’m sure the majority of us are all on pins and needles. You should like this one. It doesn’t last long, but ya can’t beat the song! Its simply called ‘W' ( Crank the speakers and let it rip! Remember to get out there and Vote, and Vote ‘W’As usual the old favorites are out there as well Here's the link to all of them: When The Man Comes Around Live 'W' hat I Believe! John Kerry’s Bad Rap! TRICK OR ThREAT...

    10/25/2004 4:35:48 PM PDT · by Bommer · 38 replies · 1,926+ views
    The Cobwebs of my Brains ^ | 10/25/2004 | Bommer
    BOO! Back again with a New Movie. Since it Halloween and we're getting frightened by the lies of pollsters and MSM, I thought I would make one that would be a perfect gift for all of your friends that are undecided or Voting for Kerry, because they hate Bush, or just typical "Moore-ons" voting for Kerry.This is called Trick or Treat Its a scary movie since its about John sKerry. If you got kids, It'll probably be a bit to intense for them, as true as it is. This is the closest your going to get this campaign season to...

    10/22/2004 9:46:04 AM PDT · by Bommer · 28 replies · 1,067+ views
    FR ^ | 10/22/2004 | Bommer
    Got alot of Freep mail suggesting that I e-mail the movie links to Flash movies 'Live What I Believe' and 'When The Man Comes Around' to the White House and the RNC. I don't know why, its not like their fingers are broken! So I figure, what the hell might as well. Now I know that the chance of the RNC & White House seeing one email out of the hundreds of thousands they get on a daily basis is a million to 1 shot, and I knew that I would get an immediate robot e-mail response (which I...
  • NEW 'W' FLASH MOVIE "LIVE 'W'HAT I BELIEVE - and Bommer Thank You Vanity

    10/21/2004 5:07:10 PM PDT · by Bommer · 60 replies · 2,138+ views
    LawGirl ^ | 10/21/2004 | Bommer
    What a wild month for me this has been! Earlier I unleashed John Kerry's Bad Rap! and thanks to all of you it is the #1 most requested Flash Movie on! A most gracious thank you to every one of you FReepers that pushed to the top! Then I unleashed When The Man Comes Around (thank you AAP for the mirror site and the outpouring of wonderful and so sincere comments thanking me for it, made it worth while. And that was going to be I thought One Freeper named LawGirl FReeped mailed me about a...

    10/17/2004 6:10:02 PM PDT · by Bommer · 256 replies · 11,027+ views
    A couple of weeks ago I unleased John Kerry's Bad Rap on FR and do to overwealming hits, I had to move it to a new server due to it crushing my server space on sbcglobal. (thank you one and all!) The Kerry Rap in all honesty was a secondary project. I always wanted to do a serious flashmovie on President Bush with Johnny Cash singing "When The Man Comes Around" (your spared my singing voice) I collected literally hundreds of photos published in the "Day in the Life of President Bush Thread". (Special thanks to freepers GretchenM, MJY1288, rintense,...
  • Freeper At the Movies: REVIEW: TEAM AMERICA - WOLRD POLICE

    10/15/2004 11:30:12 AM PDT · by Bommer · 38 replies · 2,160+ views ^ | 10/15/2004 | Bommer
    FREEPER REVIEW OF TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE OK, first I'm a hugh series fan of Trey Parker/Matt Stone fan. Parker is hands down one of the best saterical comedy writers alive today. However this is not South Park... and is DEFINATELY not for kids. The plot surrounds around an actor named Gary Johnston (Parker) who is recruited off of Broadway after starring in 'LEASE', singing the hit song "Everybody Has AID's" to join TEAM AMERICA by its leader Spotswood to use his increible acting ability to infiltrate Arab terrorist's WMD program and stop it. The World Police are a...
  • By Popular Demand John Kerry's Bad Rap Video

    10/04/2004 7:06:56 PM PDT · by Bommer · 19 replies · 3,206+ views ^ | 10/04/2004 | Bommer
    Thanks to everyones kind comments on my video! The positive responses have been overwhelming! Its up on a high speed server. Less than30 days left to expose Kerry for what he is, and this comes close. Rapping John Kerry!
  • Who is Bill Burkett?

    09/16/2004 10:44:51 PM PDT · by Bommer · 9 replies · 645+ views ^ | February 17, 2004 | Michael Friedman
    < Who is Bill Burkett? Former Lt. Colonel Bill Burkett is the man who claims that Bush and the Texas National Guard cleaned out any damaging information in Bush's National Guard files in 1997. As Kevin Drum explains in an exhaustively researched post, Burkett has a major axe to grind - he blames Bush for the military denying him medical care during an illness in 1998. However, there is another reason to be skeptical about Burkett. Burkett has strongly held loony left political views. He has written numerous articles espousing his positions and clearly wishes to sway the electorate. This...
  • Reporters and the Drug Issue: A "Rather Strange" Inquiry (or "This is Dan Rathers Brain on Drugs")

    09/16/2004 8:48:51 AM PDT · by Bommer · 6 replies · 725+ views ^ | October 12, 1999 | Lowell Ponte
    Reporters and the Drug Issue: A "Rather Strange" Inquiry By Lowell Ponte | October 12, 1999 THE PRESS LOVES to scrutinize everyone and everything—except itself. But what would we see if reporters had the honesty to confess their own sins or aim their investigative searchlights at each other? What if politicians became inquisitors, holding up a mirror to reveal the secret lives of reporters? If some of the hoariest pillars of journalism were thus turned over, what creepy, crawly bugs beneath the stone would be exposed? We caught a tiny flash of such clarifying light recently on ABC's This...

    09/11/2004 9:56:06 PM PDT · by Bommer · 40 replies · 5,951+ views
    09/11/2004 | Various
    Here is a collection of the cBS cartoons posted in the last few days. I'm not responsible for busted guts <
  • Do Trees Pollute? (Reagan vindicated 23 years later!)

    06/09/2004 11:33:55 AM PDT · by Bommer · 15 replies · 1,120+ views
    The Guardian ^ | 05/13/2004 | Tim Radford
    Do trees pollute the atmosphere? Tim RadfordThursday May 13, 2004The Guardian Yes, just as president Ronald Reagan said in 1981. "Trees cause more pollution than automobiles do," he opined. A little later, environmental scientists ruefully confirmed he was partially right. In hot weather, trees release volatile organic hydrocarbons including terpenes and isoprenes - two molecules linked to photochemical smog. In very hot weather, the production of these begins to accelerate. America's Great Smoky Mountains are supposed to take their name from the photochemical smog released by millions of hectares of hardwoods. This week Natural Environment Research Council scientists warned that...
  • Lawmakers Told of POW Abuse Months Ago

    05/16/2004 10:26:47 PM PDT · by Bommer · 10 replies · 236+ views
    Yahoo news ^ | 05/17/2004 | DAVID DISHNEAU, Associated Press Writer
    HAGERSTOWN, Md. - Two months before pictures of Iraqi prisoner abuse became public, the family of one accused soldier wrote to 14 members of Congress that "something went wrong" involving "mistreatment of POWs" at Abu Ghraib prison. Separately, a suspended Army officer in Iraq (news - web sites) wrote to Republican Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania that he was being unfairly punished after "pictures of naked prisoners" were discovered. He sent the letter six weeks before the CBS program "60 Minutes II" first broadcast photographs of the prisoners on April 28. The strongest reply any of them got was a...
  • 60 Years Ago Today: Operation TIGER D-Day Training Disaster

    Shortly after midnight on 28 April 1944, nine German torpedo boats moved into Lyme Bay, along the southern coast of England near a place called Slapton Sands. Drawn in by heavier than normal radio traffic, they suddenly found themselves caught up in the midst of Operation TIGER -- one of several amphibious exercises secretly being conducted by the Allies in preparation for the Normandy Landing. In minutes the German torpedoes hit their mark. One LST (landing ship, tank) was seriously crippled. Another burst into flames trapping many of the victims below deck. And a third sank immediately, sending hundreds of...
  • THIS JUST IN - Conservative Cartoon - Repeat on Spike TV@ 10:30 EST

    03/18/2004 8:20:22 PM PST · by Bommer · 28 replies · 216+ views
    Spike TV | 03/18/04
    Repeat of Sundays show. Well worth watching
  • Is It Time To Boycott CAlifornia?

    03/21/2003 7:14:59 PM PST · by Bommer · 109 replies · 538+ views
    03/21/03 | Me
    Is it time to organize a boycott of California? Its time to consider why if we are boycotting France for hating the US, then why are we not boycotting Caliornia? The colleges teach Anti-American hate. The state is ran and represented by socialists. The 9th Circuit Court makes idiotic Anti-American. And its main export, Hollywood perversion, is overwelming represented by the Anti-American hating crowd. So why not boycott California as well? Financially they are in serious trouble! Perhaps its time to send the message that if you choose to become a state that teaches and is represented by hate...
  • Suicide bomber attack at Hebrew University cafateria

    07/31/2002 3:51:52 AM PDT · by Bommer · 148 replies · 260+ views
    Fox News
    Just reported
  • Chinese Laugh At Clinton (Took $250k to expose Clinton stupidity)

    05/26/2002 3:52:11 AM PDT · by Bommer · 62 replies · 258+ views
    Drudge Report ^ | 5/26/02 | China Times
    Visit to Shenzhen, Clinton Makes $250,000 China Times May 25, 2002 Beijing -- Former US President Bill Clinton yesterday made his first visit to mainland China since leaving office. The visit was at the invitation of a Mainland Chinese real estate firm which asked him to make a speech in Shenzhen, the topic was "The World Trade Organization and China's Real Estate Economy." After completing his half-hour speech, the real estate firm which invited him paid him an honorarium of US$250,000. The symposium was hosted by noted Chinese master of ceremonies Yang Lan, and there were over 300 people...

    05/16/2002 9:01:13 AM PDT · by Bommer · 208 replies · 690+ views
    Well well! Dick wants info on what the President knew and when he knew it, but it looks like 'DICK' needs to look in mirror to find where the failure truly lies! Gephart youz gots alots of explanin' to dooz!

    04/18/2002 9:06:38 AM PDT · by Bommer · 1,207 replies · 707+ views
    Just reported that a small engine plane crashed into a Skyscraper in Milan Italy
  • Palestinian Authority Condems all Civilian Attacks

    04/13/2002 6:02:18 AM PDT · by Bommer · 59 replies · 12+ views
    CNN Breaking Wind | 4/13/02
    Yeah a waste of bandwidth I know, but looks like Arafat is trying to buy time.
  • Another Racial 'Hate Crime' in Jasper, Texas?

    01/25/2002 6:05:08 PM PST · by Bommer · 38 replies · 1,914+ views
    Newsmax ^ | 01/22/02 | Carl Limbacher
    A motorist in Jasper, Texas, is accused of running over and killing a hitchhiker of another race. Sound like the nationally publicized car-dragging death of James Byrd Jr. in Jasper? If you wonder why you haven't heard any outcry about the new murder, or even heard about the case at all, here's why: This time the suspect is black and the victim is white. According to authorities: The victim, Ken Bimbo Tillery, visited a Jasper trailer park Friday night and asked around for a ride home. Blake Little and three others offered him a lift in Little's pickup truck after ...
  • Fmr Sec. State Cyrus Vance Dead From Alzheimers

    01/13/2002 5:44:39 AM PST · by Bommer · 3 replies · 9+ views
    FoxNews | 01/13/2002
    Just reported on Fox News
  • Dave Thomas Founder of Wendy's Dead at 69

    01/08/2002 4:51:01 AM PST · by Bommer · 253 replies · 3,171+ views
    FoxNews | 1/8/02
    Just announced on Fox News

    10/06/2001 11:52:33 AM PDT · by Bommer · 1 replies · 14+ views
    MSNBC | 10/6/01
    MSNBC reporting from Reuters reporting an explosion in Saudi Arabia in a market square.
  • Hollywood: Why Your Telethon Failed!

    09/21/2001 10:05:00 PM PDT · by Bommer · 359 replies · 905+ views
    Vanity | 09/21/01 | me
    Well its over...proof that there is a merciful God. The reviews are in for you, old grand and glorious Hollywood, and its sucked! And you sucked so bad that you can only pray that no one watched it. Seeing how you interupted programing on all the major networks and several cable channels, fat chance of that. It may have made money, but if it did, I'm sure you'll never see a fraction of what Jerry Lewis can do with his telethon. But why? Why did you fail? Because you all spent hard earned years attacking those that truly give ...
  • Bush's Speech at the National Cathedral

    09/14/2001 10:50:24 AM PDT · by Bommer · 158 replies · 3,901+ views
    9/14/01 | George W. Bush
    We are here in the middle hour of our grief. So many have suffered so great a loss, and today we express our nation's sorrow. We come before God to pray for the missing and the dead, and for those who loved them. On Tuesday, our country was attacked with deliberate and massive cruelty. We have seen the images of fire and ashes and bent steel. Now come the names, the list of casualties we are only beginning. They are the names of men and women who began their day at a desk or in an airport, busy with ...
  • Top Chinese Olympic Events

    07/13/2001 9:11:45 AM PDT · by Bommer · 154+ views
    My buddy and my sick minds | 07/13/01 | StepBom
    TOP CHINESE OLYMPIC EVENTS! Hanging by your neck to a rope endurance test The 100 hour chineese water torture event Dissident Diving 500 meter Religious Persecution Sprint Synchronized Execution Squad The 100 meter Tank Run The bullet to the back of the head Free style Democratic Fundraising Marathon The Nuclear Secret Scavenger Hunt The Wong Wei Fighter Jet Free For All The American Spy Plane Disassembly Contest The Uneven Parallel Caning Bars The Democracy Freedom Movement Skeet Shoot The 1000 meter Clinton Bribe and Steal Nuclear Secrets The Taiwanese Clean and jerk....their heads off! The Chinese Dissident Triathlon: 3K ...
  • OKC Bombing Witness Who Knew Too Much & 30 Questions to Ask about the OKC Bombing

    06/09/2001 6:19:37 AM PDT · by Bommer · 523+ views
    OKC Bombing Witnesses Who Knew Too Much From Discovery Channel Online 7-24-98 Hot on the heels of the latest information about the apparent treachery of the FBI, in regard to the TWA-800 SHOOTDOWN (and coverup), comes allegations of murders of several Oklahoma City Bombing survivors, particularly emergency workers present shortly after the blast. Who would want to murder those emergency workers (including policemen)? If those emergency workers had become aware of information that the bombing was engineered by FBI, BATF and DEA agents, well, then the question sort of answers itself. How does this relate to the 100+ BLAST ...

    12/18/2000 1:21:52 PM PST · by Bommer · 15+ views
    NEVADA JUST VOTED! Congradulations President Bush!
  • What does it take to Impeach the entire Florida Supreme Court

    12/08/2000 12:32:11 PM PST · by Bommer · 157+ views
    none ^ | 12/8/00 | me
    Federal and Florida Law has been trampled on in a obvious manner. Question: I want to know if anyone out there knows if its possible to impeach the entire court for abuse of power and if any other state has impeach their entire court? Thanks.
  • Is Boies Screwed On the SCOTUS Ruling?

    12/04/2000 9:20:08 AM PST · by Bommer · 10+ views
    none ^ | 12/4/00 | me
    Question: Since the SCOTUS has thrown back the case back to the FSC to cite Florida law that supports their ruling, does this mean that the FSC can throw out their ruling due to the fact that it was based on the lie that Boies cited with fictional Illinois law? And if that is so, wouldn't that give ground to have Boies disbarred for lying in front of a court? Any legal minds out there that would know? Thanx.
  • Chicago Tribune Ballot Article Bill O'Reilly used to chew Zoe Lofgrin a new one!

    11/29/2000 8:01:19 AM PST · by Bommer · 43+ views ^ | November 23, 2000 | Jan Crawford Greenburg&lt;BR&gt;and Dan Mihalopoulos
    Illinois case offers shaky precedent By Jan Crawford Greenburgand Dan Mihalopoulos Tribune Staff Writers November 23, 2000 A landmark Illinois Supreme Court ruling hailed by Vice President Al Gore's lawyers may not be the legal home run they believe will aid his quest to win Florida's 25 electoral votes and the White House, an analysis of the ruling shows. Gore's lawyers focused on the Illinois ruling because the Florida Supreme Court quoted it at length Tuesday night in its decision to allow manual recounts in selected counties to continue. The lawyers suggested that the mention of the Illinois case was ...
  • Gore gets Gored by no less than CBS NEWS!

    11/29/2000 7:12:11 AM PST · by Bommer · 145+ views ^ | 11/28/00 | Dick Meyer
    Is The Veep Fighting For Democracy ... ...Or Just For Himself? Commentary By's Dick Meyer WASHINGTON, Nov. 28, 2000 (CBS) It is both ironic and educative that Vice President Al Gore&#146;s address to the nation Monday night was laced with half-truths. It is tempting not to take words very seriously right now, since there is so much indigestible verbiage spewing from the candidates, their surrogates and their lawyers (not to mention pundits). But it is instructive to take rhetoric seriously. So let&#146;s decipher Gore&#146;s plea for patience Monday night (which he repeated nearly verbatim on Tuesday, in the ...

    11/28/2000 7:23:55 AM PST · by Bommer · 16+ views
    e-mail | 11/28/00
    Got this via e-mail: Important statistics: Population of counties won by Gore: 127 million Population of counties won by Bush: 143 million Square miles of country won by Gore: 580,000 Square miles of country won by Bush: 2,427,000 States won by Gore: 19 States won by Bush: 29 Average Murder per 100,000 residents in counties won by Gore: 13.2* Average Murder per 100,000 residents in counties won by Bush: 2.1* *US Dept of Justice crime by state statistics 1999.

    11/25/2000 3:26:27 PM PST · by Bommer · 248+ views
    me ^ | 11/25/00 | Bommer
    The rally was BIG today! Great turnout! Found a few Freepers! The momentium is building and there is a lot of intense hatred of Gore right now! All in all a beautiful day for a rally! See you next weekend!!
  • LIEboreMan Doesn't Want Demontrations! HERE'S WHERE TO PROTEST SAT THE 25th! ALL 50 STATES LISTED!!!

    11/24/2000 11:23:09 AM PST · by Bommer · 233+ views
    TO ARMS! TO ARMS!Joe LIEgoreMan doesn't want us to demonstrate! He wants to hear from dimpled chads, but not from military service men and woman or YOU! There goes Freedom of Speech folks! Just one of many freedoms your libel to loose unless you get off your dead a$$es and let your voice be heard!!!! Please go to this site to find the town nearest you to protest! We are not alone people! Went to the one last Saturday at Fort Worth. Even little kids were out there in mass! You going to let a little kid speak for ...

    11/18/2000 12:46:34 PM PST · by Bommer · 282+ views
    ME | 11/18/00 | Me
    The Rally at Fort Worth Tarrant Country Court House was small but LOUD! Since this is the opening day of "Chad Hunting Season", no Democraps showed, but we got a few boo's and thumbdowns from a few supporters of Slobo-Al Gore-LOSER prik!, but not one gutless supporter stopped to shout us down. Deep down I think the shame is really setting in. Nevertheless enjoy!

    11/16/2000 7:58:51 AM PST · by Bommer · 103+ views ^ | 11/16/00 | By Chris Vlasto and David Ruppe
    Missing Voting ( (READ STOLEN!) Mechanism Recovered Police Say Florida Democrat Had a &#145;Votamatic&#146; in His Car Florida State Rep. Irving Slosberg, a Democrat, holds a copy of the disputed Palm Beach County ballot at a rally in front of the county's elections office, on Nov. 9. (Gary I. Rothstein/AP Photo) By Chris Vlasto and David Ruppe Nov. 15 &#151; Several days after presidential votes were tallied in what has become the hotbed of Florida&#0146;s post-election confusion, police in Palm Beach County confiscated a ballot-box mechanism from the car of a well-known local Democrat.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The mechanism, called a &#0147;Votamatic,&#0148; ...
  • Florida's Diverse Absentee Voters Take Unfamiliar Center Stage

    11/10/2000 10:10:40 AM PST · by Bommer · 19+ views | 11/10/00 | PAUL RICHTER and JUDY PASTERNAK
    Florida's Diverse Absentee Voters Take Unfamiliar Center StageRecount: Ballots from members of the military, affluent businesspeople and dual citizens are, for a change, crucial. By PAUL RICHTER and JUDY PASTERNAK, Times Staff Writers &#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;WASHINGTON--The tight recount in Florida may give the last word on the presidential election to a relative handful of overseas voters who are eclectic, often conservative--and usually an electoral afterthought. &#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;Several thousand ballots are expected from overseas absentee voters, who include a large concentration of military personnel, globe-trotting businesspeople and a smaller number of dual citizens living in Israel. They must have their ballots postmarked by Nov. ...

    11/10/2000 5:12:55 AM PST · by Bommer · 12+ views ^ | 11/10/00
    Still need to count milatary vote. Gore didn't see any problems with the military, lets see if they agree!

    11/08/2000 12:50:51 PM PST · by Bommer · 621+ views
    various posts ^ | 11/7-8/00
    Ahhh Florida! Land of sun, surf and subversion! Links of how the Grandparent dying grounds are corrupt to the bone! PRE-RECOUNT FLA COUNTY TOTALS SHOW GORE AHEAD IN COUNTIES WITH REPORTED VOTE FRAUD! ABC raises possibility of Florida vote fraud, mentions Palm Beach irregularities Massive Democratic Vote Fraud in Flordia Clinton/Reno Block New Florida Voter-Fraud Law Democrat Vote Fraud Charged in Florida Chris Ruddy: Jim Collier's Ghost and Voter Fraud in South Florida Florida Vote Fraud? 9 Ballot Boxes Mising From Critical Broward County in Southern Florida.... vote fraud may win it... MAR. 12, 1998: Judge overturns election of Miami ...

    11/08/2000 5:48:58 AM PST · by Bommer · 26+ views
    Various list links ^ | 11/7-8/00 | Various
    Listed links on how Gore will steal the election! All hail Dictator Gore! Democracy is dead! Amreica is offically declared a Banana Republic! ABC raises possibility of Florida vote fraud, mentions Palm Beach irregularities Clinton/Reno Block New Florida Voter-Fraud Law Democrat Vote Fraud Charged in Florida Chris Ruddy: Jim Collier's Ghost and Voter Fraud in South Florida Florida Vote Fraud? 9 Ballot Boxes Mising From Critical Broward County in Southern Florida.... vote fraud may win it...