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  • New Forecast: Severe Space Storm Headed to Earth

    12/14/2006 2:49:36 PM PST · 29 of 35
    borkrules to Bubba_Leroy

    George Bush hates astronauts.

  • Grace Under Pressure -- Difficult times call for less-contentious politics. (Noonan)

    12/01/2006 10:20:54 AM PST · 40 of 48
    borkrules to rmgatto

    R. Emmett Tyrell has a good piece on Webb's history of, er, eccentric behavior, dating back to his short tenure as Reagan's Sec. of the Navy.

    This guy is a loose cannon of the worst sort, and I think history shows the President deserves the benefit of the doubt with respect to who turned that exchange in an unpleasant direction.

    I found the choice of example (Webb versus Bush) to be interesting as a means of illustrating Noonan's point. Once again, she's found a way to make this Bush's problem, or at least used an example that she portrays as uniquely his fault, to illustrate her sense that we lack "grace".

    That she dislikes Bush is hardly news. The extent to which she will stretch to make her antipathy for Mr. Bush clear is.

  • Marylanders Know [Steele is winning big-time African American support]

    11/07/2006 12:21:12 PM PST · 47 of 73
    borkrules to hophead

    Yep. I read somewhere that if he gets over 20% of the black vote he's almost a lock to get elected.

  • Get Indignant.......(Republicans : fight back, and fight back hard)

    10/11/2006 9:24:18 AM PDT · 13 of 18
    borkrules to Enterprise

    The good news is that the Democrats and their MSM allies have already overplayed this hand and will continue to flog this dead horse until the "mushy middle" gets thoroughly sick of it and the right is completely energized to strike back.

    The best players on the GOP team are the Democrats and the Media.

  • November: The Case for Staying Home

    09/14/2006 8:03:17 AM PDT · 5 of 13
    borkrules to dfwgator

    What's with this sudden penchant for "divided government" among certain conservatives?

    What they don't seem to understand is that it ain't Tip O'Neil's Democrat party anymore.

    It's Pelosi's.

    If these conservatives expect "vigorous" debate and a satisfying compromise, they are sadly, delusionally mistaken.

    Today's Democrat party is in danger of becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of and the far-left nutroots blogtards like Atrios and Kos. Victory in November for the current crop of Democrats is only going to enhance the power of the hard-left fringe, to the detriment of not just that party, but the country as a whole.

    We'll get impeachment hearings, obstructionism, progressive "wish list" bills that will be deposited on the notoriously veto-averse President Bush's desk, and a steady stream of MSM and pop culture nonsense about how the Left is back.

    Dreaming of a Roe v. Wade reversal? Well, roll back over and hit the snooze bar, because if the Democrats gain seats in the Senate, you can FORGET about another conservative Supreme Court nomination and confirmation because its NOT going to happen.

    I agree with all of my disgruntled fellow conservatives that the GOP is, shall we say, less than satisfactory on many issues and in many ways. But, my friends? The proposed cure (divided government, with today's Democrats in charge of Congress) would be far worse than the disease.

  • For some evangelicals, Mideast war stirs hope

    08/08/2006 8:43:13 AM PDT · 6 of 7
    borkrules to Alex Murphy
    While I don't support this Church's particular interpretation of the Bible, it is interesting to me that the MSM (and the Left, but I repeat myself) like to raise examples like this of evangelicals sending money to Israel to, you know, build settlements or defend their country because they think it will speed the return of Christ, but the MSM and the Left never mentions the fact that the friggin' President of Iran thinks that the 13th Imam will return and inaugurate the Islamic version of the "end times" if he detonates a nuke in Tel Aviv.

    Which religious belief is more dangerous?

  • The Great Blogospher Brawl

    07/18/2006 9:03:00 PM PDT · 4 of 31
    borkrules to Valin
    I regularly read Goldstein's blog (you should too) and occasionaly comment there.

    I watched this nut lose her shite in real time, and let me tell you, what a show.

  • Third Time

    06/01/2006 9:50:29 AM PDT · 42 of 63
    borkrules to jonascord
    Ready to vote 3rd party yet?

    More like "ready to slit your wrists, yet?"

    Umm, sure, if things are that bad, yeah, maybe.

    Let's not let it come to that, mmm-kay?

  • Third Time

    06/01/2006 8:42:41 AM PDT · 33 of 63
    borkrules to Mel Gibson
    Peggy lost me with this line:

    "Nancy Pelosi seems to be pretty much in favor of anything that hurts Republicans, and Ken Mehlman is in favor of anything that works against Democrats."

    That's just moral equivalence and a cop-out. Mehlman does not equal Pelosi on any reasonable standard of measurement. I agree that Pelosi does appear to oppose just for the sake of opposition, but I do not agree that Mehlman is equally guilty of that alleged crime and it simply won't do for Peggy to make the assertion wholly unsupported by any facts.

    Look, Hastert has played the buffoon recently, Frist looks ineffective and hapless given the nature of the Senate and Bush has continued to struggle to articulate any sort of vision for the remaining years of his Administration, appearing to stumble from one fire to the next. I'm not happy with the national GOP.

    But the alternative is simply unthinkable to anyone who cares. The moderate dems like Lieberman are being run right out of that party. The nutroots like Kos and Atrios increasingly pull the policy strings of the only viable political entity other than the GOP and, if I have anything to say about, I won't be governed by politicians who are in thrall to the extreme left wing kooks.

    Nobody has to like it and there are ways to try and improve the GOP, but voting third party and helping to elect a Dem Congress and Hilary in 2008 ain't the way.

  • BUSH: 'In the event of any attack on Israel, the United States will come to Israel's aid'...

    05/23/2006 2:46:28 PM PDT · 76 of 394
    borkrules to HitmanLV

    In the event of an attack on Israel with a nuclear weapon, I suspect that the domestic political landscape will look quite different than it does right now. Feel me?

  • Say Goodbye to $2 Gas

    04/27/2006 10:30:00 AM PDT · 24 of 46
    borkrules to Huck

    No. They wouldn't charge the same amount.

    The reasons for higher gas prices at the pump right now are not that complex and there is no damn conspiracy:

    1. Increased demand (summer in the USA, rapidly expanding economies in China and India)
    2. Static supply
    3. Market uncertainty because of Mid-East, African and South American political situations
    4. Ridiculously inadequate refinery capacity and equally ridiculous refined fuel grade requirements that vary from locale to locale in the US
    5. Confiscatory taxes

    There is little to nothing that can be done about 1, 2 and 3 in the short term.

    We could do something about 4 and 5, but the dems (and depressingly, a significant faction in the GOP) won't let us.

    But, there is no conspiracy by Exxon/Mobile/BP and only drooling morons, low functioning retards and grandstanding politicians think that there is one.

  • More "Plantation" Talk from Democrats

    02/21/2006 9:45:10 AM PST · 25 of 26
    borkrules to crymeariver

    I've been to the Detroit Zoo as recently as the Sumemr of 2001. It was, and I presume is, a true regional treasure in an area that very badly needs family oriented venues and destinations.

    I moved away from Detroit in December of 2001. I check the Detroit News and Free Press virtually every day at their websites.

    This type of story is all too typical of the area.

    Fools like Barabara Rose-Collins get elected time and again to positions of authority in the City. Gives the yahoos, suburban cynics and out-state haters all the cover they need to continue to write off the city. And the cycle continues.

    These retards have been running a world class city into the crapper since the 60's and there are no signs of them ever slowing down.

    I haven't regretted moving away from that dysfunctional icebox for 2 seconds.

  • Anyone watching the press conference about the accidental shooting in Texas?

    02/13/2006 3:18:14 PM PST · 439 of 468
    borkrules to dirtboy
    Reverse the roles. Let's say Al Gore injured someone in an accident and it wasn't reported for 24 hours. Would you have been so cavalier about that?

    Yes. Wanna know why? Cause I was never one of the obsessed haters that seized on everything as a cudgel with which to pound the heads of my political opponents. In short, because there are more important issues facing the country, both then and now.

  • Anyone watching the press conference about the accidental shooting in Texas?

    02/13/2006 9:57:06 AM PST · 64 of 468
    borkrules to dirtboy
    You can't be serious.

    This is a nothing story in a long line of "nothing stories" that have been touted by an extremely partisan press corps in an effort to hurt this administration.

    They are getting more and more desperate as time goes on. Frankly? I think Cheney's office should have waited longer if it would make these fools do more free campaign ads for the GOP. I mean, honestly.

  • Not Even Funerals Are Sacred to Liberals

    02/08/2006 5:58:39 PM PST · 58 of 61
    borkrules to M. Dodge Thomas

    So its a "black" thing, huh? Let me guess: we wouldn't understand?

    I reject the notion that it is par for the course for black ministers to take off topic shots at the sitting president of the united states when he comes to honor the deceased at her funeral. In fact, one might say that this justification for the Rev's comments about WMD and "weapons of mass deception" is another example of the liberal bigotry of low expectations: "Ya'll can't expect them there nee-grows to act respecful. It jess ain't they culture."


    And comparing Martin's words at the memorial for the Birmingham Four to the inartful and ham-fisted spew from that "reverend" (and of course that fool Jimmy)? You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

  • Not Even Funerals Are Sacred to Liberals

    02/08/2006 10:48:54 AM PST · 40 of 61
    borkrules to M. Dodge Thomas
    ...just as the eulogists at the Funeral of a Ronald Regan [sic] would have no responsibility to downplay his opinions and polices for the comfort of Democrats present.

    And yet, one searches their memory in vain to recall any partisan political vitriol being spewed at Reagan's funeral.

    Oh, that's right there was some vitriol. From Ron Reagan, Jr. who decided to seize the opportunity of a public gathering to celebrate the life of his father and take a cheap shot at President Bush's religious observance.

    Look, those who want to claim some "middle ground" on this incident should save themselves the effort and embarrasment. The left acted like an ass at Wellstone's memorial and they did it again at Mrs. King's and there's no two ways about that. Regardless of speculation about where Martin would have stood on Iraq or Bush's domestic policies.

    That this needs to be pointed out is another road sign on the highway to hell that our politics is clearly on.

  • Ivins: Despite Bush's claims, situation grows steadily worse in Iraq (HURL ALERT)

    12/16/2005 2:23:12 PM PST · 36 of 62
    borkrules to drew

    Molly Ivins writing in the 80's and early 90's practically begged for the creation of an analogue on the Right. That analogue eventually emerged and her name is Ann Coulter.

    Ivins has been writing nasty little screeds and bitter ad hominem attacks against conservatives for as long as I can remember. Decline in civility? With her, the political discourse has NEVER been civil and its ALWAYS personal. She's just a nasty piece of work and always has been.

    With that out of the way, on the substance of her article (such as it is), this is just another example of how the Left has been on the wrong side of history since, well, since forever.

    Cold War redux man. It's almost too GD easy. I'm sure anyone with a modest amount of time and a subscription to Nexus could dig up all of Ivins nasty poison pen diatribes against Reagan's policies in conducting the Cold War.

    Wrong then, wrong now.

    There is zero point in having a debate with the Left. We inhabit different worlds.

  • Iran 'Determined' to Produce Nuclear Weapons

    12/09/2005 11:35:04 AM PST · 10 of 19
    borkrules to My2Cents

    I will lay a substantial portion of the blame for a nuclear Iran at the left's doorstep. Their unpatriotic and anti-American caterwauling (and by "caterwauling" I mean "lies") about the Iraq campaign have effectively tied Bush's hands on how to deal with Iran.

    That said, ultimately, Bush will have to decide whether armed confrontation with Iran to take out their nuke capacity is worth the risk and downside. He may have to decide to take the domestic political heat in order to spare the world another North Korea, except this one run by fanatics that expect an afterlife rich with virgins, etc. just for killing infidels. At least the Norks think they need to stay alive to reap the benefits of their perfidy.

  • The Party of Sam's Club (Isn't it time the Republicans did something for their voters?)

    12/09/2005 11:26:33 AM PST · 39 of 39
    borkrules to Frank T
    I just got around to reading this piece.


    If this is what passes for ideas for the future over at The Weekly Standard, I'll keep looking to National Review as the "house organ" of conservative thought.

    Wage subsidies? Paying people to stay home and take care of the kids? A federal income tax AND a federal sales tax? Universal mandatory health insurance? I could go on.

    These aren't "conservative" policy prescriptions by any stretch of the imagination. This read like a Hilary! 2008 campaign platform. In fact, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see a "moderate" (i.e. not crazy) democrat embrace many of these concepts. But a conservative republican?

    Look, I'm all in favor of a "big tent" party, but this kind of thinking needs to be countered. Forcefully. I totally understand that, with the Democrat party imploding and becoming the home of batshit crazy anti-American leftards, many of the moderate Democrats are going to start migrating over to the GOP. We'll take the votes. But that doesn't mean we have to accept their liberal policy prescriptions.

  • The Economy - By the Numbers

    11/28/2005 10:32:33 AM PST · 3 of 3
    borkrules to Mikey_1962

    What's your point, Mikey? Are you implying that sellers have slashed prices so far that profit margins per unit sold are paper thin? If so, back that up. I'm honestly curious. Because I haven't seen any deals that made me sit up and notice.

  • China says bird flu virus in humans mutating [Not Good News!]

    11/28/2005 10:27:29 AM PST · 3 of 17
    borkrules to conservativecorner

    This is one of those times that I think Drudge is an ass. I found that story by visiting the Drudge Report and got a little nervous when I read his headline.

    The truth of the matter is that the influenza virus mutates all the time. Nothing particularly newsworthy about that, unless you're a viral geneticist. The newsworthy mutation is when it jumps from animal-human transmission to human-human transmission.

    Drudge trumpeting that headline was a real yellow journalism moment.

  • Time Magazine's Hugh Sidey dies at 78

    11/22/2005 1:33:50 PM PST · 10 of 12
    borkrules to johnny7

    Sidey was one of the last of the great establishment journalists, before the profession was almost completely taken over by Leftists.

    I regret his passing.

  • Photos of President Bush's Veterans Day Speech (Thunderous Applause from Troops)

    11/11/2005 11:34:45 AM PST · 6 of 39
    borkrules to new yorker 77

    'bout time.

    Now, if we can just get Bush to cut hisself a hickory switch from the South Lawn and walk over the the Senate and thrash Reid, I'll be happy.

  • Who Is Lying About Iraq?

    11/09/2005 8:59:11 AM PST · 24 of 137
    borkrules to TChris
    In darker moments, when I consider the endless attacks of the dems and the supine "response" of the GOP, these lines from Yeats come to mind:

    Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all convictions, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.
  • Bush: Judge Samuel Alito is new choice for Supreme Court nominee

    10/31/2005 7:25:41 AM PST · 1,276 of 1,920
    borkrules to Reagan Man
    I hope all the angry rightwingers are satisfied with the pick of Sam Alito.

    Well, this formerly disappointed conservative is back on the reservation BIG TIME.

    This is a great pick. Let's get er done!

  • President Bush to Speak at 3:50pm (EST) (Live Thread)

    10/28/2005 12:57:06 PM PDT · 113 of 244
    borkrules to Conservative4Ever


    To the battlements, conservatives!

    Once again, Bush has eloquently rallied us to his standard!

    Seriously, was there some point to this "statement"? Why come out and say 30-some words that mean practically nothing? Is there some hidden DC code that I'm just not groking here? Was there something about his body language or tone of voice that doesn't come across on the net? WTF?

  • President Bush to Speak at 3:50pm (EST) (Live Thread)

    10/28/2005 12:52:36 PM PDT · 95 of 244
    borkrules to zarf
    Reagan framed the American ideal very well and fortunately had a Soviet leader in Gorbechev that could be reasoned with...

    Well, this is a "big tent" party and all, but damn if that doesn't sound exactly like something my liberal friends would say about Reagan.

  • Hugh Hewett: Why the Right Was Wrong

    10/28/2005 7:32:19 AM PDT · 201 of 230
    borkrules to borkrules
    Oh, and one more note for you "she deserved a hearing" retards (can you feel the love? Sing it with me: "we are fam-uh-lee. I gots all my sis-tahs and me!")

    From a WaPo story:

    "For Harriet Miers, the "murder boards" were aptly named. Day after day in a room in the Justice Department, colleagues from the Bush administration grilled her on constitutional law, her legal background and her past speeches in practice sessions meant to mimic Senate hearings. Her uncertain, underwhelming responses left her confirmation managers so disturbed they decided not to open up the sessions to the friendly outside lawyers they usually invite to participate in prepping key nominees.

    It was clear that Miers was going to need to "hit a grand slam homer" before the Senate Judiciary Committee to win confirmation to the Supreme Court, as one adviser to the White House put it. "Her performance at the murder boards meant that people weren't confident she'd get the grand slam."

    So, in addition to the expected non-answer responses a la Ginsburg, it appears that we would have been treated to an embarrassing display of lack of knowledge on the basics.

    We dodged a bullet here, folks. Period.

  • Hugh Hewett: Why the Right Was Wrong

    10/28/2005 7:24:43 AM PDT · 200 of 230
    borkrules to Checkers

    You know something? I thought we were supposed to "come together" and "get behind" the president's next pick. That the fight was over and now was the time for healing.

    Well, savor the healing balm of Hugh Hewitt's broadside attack against movement conservatives in the New York Time. The.New.York.Times.

    I'm through with this ass clown now. He parroted every insulting attack that the Bushies handed us (sexist, elitist) and even added a few of his own that were inherently contradictory (if you don't possess Hugh's resume and education, you should just sit down, shut up, and listen to your betters tell you Miers was just peachy keen).

    And as an added bonus, Hugh has laid down his marker. You can bet your last dollar that anyone who bothers to visit his site to see him wave his pom poms for Dubya will be treated to his blaming every single set back from now until the doors open at the George W. Bush Presidential Library in Austin on the fact that movement conservatives stood up in 2005, cleared their throats after YEARS of taking it in the shorts on domestic policy issues from this ostensibly "conservative" administration, and said, "uh, excuse us, but this is really a bit much, Mr. President".

    Some "healing", that. It's demonstrably the pro-Miers camp that is interested in continuing the blood letting and laying the foundation for future recriminations, rather than looking to the future.

    You Hewitt lovers should note that you and Hugh are taking your stand today with the likes of Boxer, Reid, Feinstein, Durbin, Specter, EJ Dionne, the NYT editorial board, the WaPo Editorial board, and many other entities that are traditionally quite hostile to conservative views.

    I hope you enjoy the company of your new friends.

  • A Separate Peace. America is in trouble--and our elites are merely resigned.

    10/27/2005 11:17:55 AM PDT · 19 of 112
    borkrules to pissant
    You are so right.

    Jeez, Peggy needs a man. Or something, anything to give the poor dear something to do other than brood.

    This is one of her most florid, hysterical, and overblown pieces in some time. And for her, that's really saying something.

    I like Peggy Noonan and regularly read her stuff. But she needs to revisit her Reagan years and relearn some of the old man's optimism. Cos things didn't look all that rosy in 1979 either, as I recall. Lots of folks had a very strong sense that the "wheels were coming off" then as well.


    10/27/2005 9:53:30 AM PDT · 2,036 of 3,436
    borkrules to sinkspur

    I'm having a GREAT day, thanks!

    I'll put Cannon's book on my list, son.

    And, on reflection, trying to disabuse you of your notion that Reagan was less than conservative or less conservative than your hero, George W. Bush (who I like, mind you); isn't worth my time.

    You're doing a fine job cementing your well earned rep as a total Bush tool without any further input from me.

    Carry on!


    10/27/2005 9:37:42 AM PDT · 1,958 of 3,436
    borkrules to sinkspur
    I don't care who your post was "to", bud. This is a public forum, not your personal email inbox.

    You start in again on your idiot's crusade to bring down Reagan's legacy in your fool's quest to make Bush look better and I'm on you like white on rice, Jack.



    10/27/2005 9:29:54 AM PDT · 1,917 of 3,436
    borkrules to sinkspur
    Reagan signed a pro-abortion bill as California governor as a Republican.

    So, is your denigration of Reagan, using liberal talking points (as you were doing on another thread) and cherry picking events from his career like some sort of hobby or is it just a unique wrinkle you thought up in an effort to prop up the sagging fortunes of Harriet Miers?

    Because, uh, dude? Fights over. Harriet pulled her name out of consideration. You can, you know, quit beefing on Ronald Reagan's political legacy in this, uh, conservative forum.


    10/27/2005 9:21:19 AM PDT · 1,884 of 3,436
    borkrules to Warren_Piece

    Well, its done now. We need, for the good of the President, the Party and the conservative movement; to move on, clean up, and put on our asbestos PJ's for the Mother of all Battles with the real enemy: those leftist pukes in the Senate who will bring their "A" game when Bush sends up Luttig or Brown or Owens or somebody we KNOW is an originalist.

    I vow, from the safety of this keyboard, to walk through internet fire for President Bush if we comes through on this next pick. I'm sure that's tremendous comfort to him. :>


    10/27/2005 8:57:54 AM PDT · 1,757 of 3,436
    borkrules to ohioWfan
    I have never witnessed such rottenness matter what the topic was. We have lost good freepers because they couldn't take it any more. It was out of hand.

    I've been around here for a while.

    This forum has had spirited fights over other issues.

    I've read your type of post after those debates EVERY time.

    This forum is still here, still going strong, still a vibrant and robust place to come and discuss conservative ideas and politics.

    Politics ain't beanbag or tiddly-winks and some of us are REALLY invested in the concept of changing the course of the Supreme Court. Thus, our sometimes emotional reactions to the Miers pick.

    It wasn't personal, it wasn't about religion, and it wasn't "elitist" or "sexist". It was about sensing that we were watching an historic opportunity to achieve a long wished-for dream go by the boards because of...well, whatever it was that drove the President to pick Miers.

    It was about watching a deep bench of proven originalist talent get passed over in favor of a pick that was deliberately inscrutable on jurisprudential issues.

    As for which side of this debate was "nastiest", I suppose that's in the eye of the beholder. But there were some here that were throwing the likes of Ronald Reagan under the bus in order to try to make the case for Miers.

    Enough said.

  • HUGH HEWITT: Ms. Miers Withdraws

    10/27/2005 8:13:50 AM PDT · 158 of 277
    borkrules to cohokie
    The republicans have wounded the president and he will now pick a moderate middle of the road judge AND ignore the conservative advice because they betrayed him

    If he does that (and he won't, this is just your idiot fantasty cause you feel stung by this ugliness) you'll see a conservative revolt that will make Gettysburg look like a Rennaisance Festival jousting match.

    Get your head out of your ass and let's get ready to rumble with the left over a real originalist nomination to the SCOTUS.

  • HUGH HEWITT: Ms. Miers Withdraws

    10/27/2005 8:10:37 AM PDT · 150 of 277
    borkrules to Redleg Duke
    Yes, after this affair, when I see Ann's picture, I see Helen Thomas.

    You need new glasses.

  • Miers Should Withdraw Now

    10/26/2005 12:21:22 PM PDT · 122 of 169
    borkrules to guinnessman

    Yeah, I want to believe that too. In fact, I've got to give her the benefit of the doubt on that one.

    What about the whole John Edwards/Two Americas feel to that quote, though?

  • Miers Should Withdraw Now

    10/26/2005 11:49:56 AM PDT · 112 of 169
    borkrules to borkrules
    I mean come on, folks. The Pledge of friggin' Allegiance as a source of law? The Pledge?!

    This is a self-inflicted wound. Time to stop the bleeding and move one.

  • Miers Should Withdraw Now

    10/26/2005 11:46:15 AM PDT · 111 of 169
    borkrules to guinnessman
    Well, increasingly, I'm just looking for evidence of an above average intellect with Harriet. And coming up empty.

    Another gem (and I thought it couldn't get much better!):

    We undeniable still have a justice system that does not provide justice for all as provided by the Pledge of Allegiance. One justice for the rich, one justice for the poor. One justice sometimes for minorities, one for whites.

    Preach on, Sister Harriet!! Preach on!!

  • Flirting with Fascism: Neocon theorist Michael Ledeen

    10/26/2005 11:00:02 AM PDT · 4 of 12
    borkrules to I8NY

    u R a nut.

  • Miers Should Withdraw Now

    10/26/2005 10:55:53 AM PDT · 100 of 169
    borkrules to iranger
    Sorry pal, I'm working for a living

    Yeah, we can tell.

    Let me save you some time... Try this gem from Harriet's collected wit-n-wisdom. Sure, it's not on abortion, per se, but wow! If this doesn't dazzle you with its erudite brilliance, well, nothing will:

    The necessary continued requirements by the Courts for progress frequently has the effect of hardening feelings and slowing the process and in my view the ultimate benefit of a society whose wealth is diversity and who pulls together against common enemies.

    All I can say is, amen, sister. A-friggin'-men.

  • Miers Should Withdraw Now

    10/26/2005 9:27:52 AM PDT · 40 of 169
    borkrules to GraniteStateConservative

    Of course. The "Petarded" episode. One for the ages. A classic. Some might argue that it is THE signature episode. I soiled myself laughing at that one.

  • Miers Should Withdraw Now

    10/26/2005 8:54:19 AM PDT · 12 of 169
    borkrules to RyanM
    I don't know if you clicked the link that Whelan has in his post, but it takes you to a pdf copy of the speech that Harriet gave.


    Awful. Just pathetic. High School-ish.

    What the hell was Bush thinking when he nominated this woman?

    I kept seeing Peter Griffin from The Family Guy giving this speech in his best "you know what grinds my gears?" mode. That's not a good thing for those of you who aren't fans of the show.


  • Al Franken Goes On NBC's TODAY SHOW: “I Think Rove And Libby Will Be Executed”

    10/25/2005 8:46:57 AM PDT · 69 of 80
    borkrules to sinkspur
    Franken must have given up on that pipe dream of running for the Senate, cos this stuff is just begging to be made into a GOP campaign ad.

    Bush and the GOP are truly blessed by the quality of their political adversaries in the current Democrat party.

  • HUGH HEWITT: I just flew in from Italy, and boy is my keyboard tired.

    10/25/2005 7:22:54 AM PDT · 214 of 225
    borkrules to flashbunny

    Oh, and, uh, trust Bush. And stuff.

  • Bush Confident Miers Will Be Confirmed

    10/24/2005 9:23:22 AM PDT · 63 of 108
    borkrules to wastedpotential
    They will deem Miers too conservative and spin it as the reason she ultimately lost,

    There is approximately zero chance of that happening. None. Na-da. Zip.

    With regard to your list of things that evangelicals "know" about Harriet, I'll spot you number one. But what are your proofs of two and three?

  • Bush Confident Miers Will Be Confirmed

    10/24/2005 8:36:11 AM PDT · 29 of 108
    borkrules to wastedpotential
    It is no "wink, wink" when you find out a born again Evangelical has been nominated. For those outside of the faith, it may not mean anything. However, I know what it means and so do all of those Evangelical Christians who turned out in droves to elect Bush a year ago.

    OK, what does it mean? Or do I need the "evangelical decoder ring" to figure out the hidden message?

    Why do my evangelical brethren seem to be so anxious to play to the liberal stereotype of them as clannish and lemming like in their willingness to swallow an authoritarian leader's line? This type of thing strikes me as almost Sunni-esque, as in "give us our seat on the High Court or else!"

    I had no idea that evangelicals were so separatist in their political thinking. What's the "evangelical" take on affirmative action? How about eminent domain powers? Is there an "evangelical" jurisprudence? Again, do I need the decoder ring?


  • Dubya Does 'Reagan'

    10/24/2005 8:21:44 AM PDT · 51 of 167
    borkrules to MadIvan; sinkspur

    There is nothing. NO-thing that sinkspur won't say to defend Bush from even the most principled and soft-spoken criticism.

    Quite simply, he'll brook no negative remarks as regard Mr. Bush and he'll stoop to the lowest levels in his ham fisted efforts to "counter" those criticisms.

    When called on it, he invites us to join him in the gutter to debate Reagan's legacy. And this, on a conservative forum. If I wanted to debate the Reagan legacy and counter the half-truths and distortions of a decidely liberal point of view, there are any number of websites and fora that I could point my browser at. But here? Odd, that.

  • Dubya Does 'Reagan'

    10/24/2005 7:44:02 AM PDT · 33 of 167
    borkrules to sinkspur
    Its posts like your last that really cement people's opinion of you as a Bush toadie. I mean really man, you'll go that far to "defend" Bush? Trash Reagan to make "your" guy look better?