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  • 'Shameless' Parents No Teaching Skills (UK)

    05/14/2008 5:51:37 PM PDT · 14 of 14
    byablue to 12Gauge687
    “I agree although I would call it Socialist. At least fascism instills some form of discipline.”
    Exactly! Ever since FDR's New Deal American citizens have willingly become increasingly dependent upon government for the responsibility of their daily lives. The pioneers of independent spirit who built this country would be mortified. I would venture to say that 75% of the population would accept a dictatorship as long as they were as comfortable as they wanted to be and had 24-7 access to reality TV. Where are the fearless adventurers who loaded their wagons and faced unknown territory to build a life for themselves? Where are the mountaineers who chucked “civilization” to make their own life in their own way in the place of their choosing? The most recent example we have is the fictional character in the movie Jeremiah Johnson. I fear the spirit that made the United States the great nation it is today is dead and gone; which is a stone cold pity. I have been a staunch Republican for about 20 years but find myself drifting more toward the Libertarians simply because they seem to respect the spirit and rights of individuality and the original Constitution as drafted by our founders; the system within which has produced, in less than 300 years mind you, the wealthiest, strongest, most powerful country in existence. How many nations thousands of years old can make that claim?
  • 'Shameless' Parents No Teaching Skills (UK)

    05/14/2008 4:47:06 PM PDT · 8 of 14
    byablue to blam
    “Chris Grayling, the shadow work and pensions secretary, will claim that in some parts of the country there is no culture of parents instilling discipline and respect in their offspring.”

    This phenomena is not limited to the Brits. Young people in the United States are increasingly encouraged to value the judgements and standards of government and general society over those of their parents. More than encouraged, they are conditioned through the public school system and the National Mental Health organization that the standards of government and the law supersede parental guidance. Dismantling the family structure is step one in the creation of a fascist society.

  • NAACP Downsizes After Declining Donations in Wake of Abortion Flip-Flop

    06/09/2007 12:41:01 PM PDT · 37 of 51
    byablue to winner3000
    I agree 100%. I think what they're concerned about is that discussing the issue of abortion as blocked their cash inflow. I also have a problem with this: "'out-of-control abortion, which amounts to nothing more than black genocide'..... abortion has disproportionately affected black Americans .... abortion rate of black women is three times higher than that of white women .... 'I join the voices of thousands across America who can no longer sit idly by and allow this horrible spirit of murder.'"
    For decades the Stooges and other so-called leaders of our black fellow citizens have fallen in lockstep with the Democratic Party, warts and all, which included a platform of abortion on demand, tagging along like puppies who only want to be fed and petted. Now that abortion has had an extensive impact on "their people," (as far as I'm concerned, all Americans are my people) with the potential for reducing their future voting bloc and weakening their personal power structure, all of sudden it's "murder" and "genocide?" So, killing babies is okay as long as they're not black babies? Frankly, I see no end to racial animosity in this country unless the Stooges are held accountable for the frauds they are and driven into obscurity. They don't want racial harmony; they'd be out of work and they like their high-dollar living. Only when their followers realize that they are being duped into slavery to the federal government by Democratic Party overseers, and refuse to be a political host for these parasites, will individual American citizens be able to develop relationships without regard to racial background tainted with distrust.
  • Retired Military Officers 'Come Out' and Demand Apology From General Peter Pace

    03/17/2007 6:38:49 PM PDT · 129 of 129
    byablue to twonie
    And in groups their disgusting behavior expands exponentially.

    What's criminal about this whole Go-Go-Gay-Gadget nonsense is the denial that the homosexual promiscuity of the 60s and 70s sex clubs is the source of the AIDS epidemic. Their crocodile tears over homosexuals having to lock their behavior in the closet to join the military while their's is busting at the seams would be laughable if not for all the innocents that have died because of it.
  • Retired Military Officers 'Come Out' and Demand Apology From General Peter Pace

    03/17/2007 5:02:19 PM PDT · 126 of 129
    byablue to leadpenny
    I just can't get rid of the feeling that he does not want to spend his full four year term as Chairman

    I hadn't thought of that but I have been curious about it as well. He doesn't strike me as an "oops foot in mouth" type. What popped into my mind was the old shell game - give the lefties something to foam at the mouth over while slipping the pea in their pocket. As you said, we've all become cynical when it comes to government officials. True accidents rarely happen.
  • Retired Military Officers 'Come Out' and Demand Apology From General Peter Pace

    03/17/2007 4:51:11 PM PDT · 125 of 129
    byablue to Ellesu
    Y'all may have already seen this but I'll post it anyway just in case. The link is to a Washington Post article in opposition to General Pace. There have been a lot of messages posted in support of the general and as many conservatives as can need to weigh in.

    The Right to Serve

  • War on drugs hits new low

    11/27/2005 3:53:55 PM PST · 271 of 289
    byablue to A Jovial Cad

    How old are you? I don't think I've ever read anything of yours that wasn't snide, insulting, or a put down. Certainly nothing jovial.

  • Iran denounces US denial of UN visa to parliamentary delegation

    09/03/2005 3:20:26 PM PDT · 15 of 21
    byablue to river rat
    " showed the Americans were not competent to serve as host to the United Nations."

    The only reasons we got stuck with it in the first place are that, thanks to our evil capitalist democracy,

    (a) We're the only country with any kind of stable economic structure to keep the electricity going,
    (b) We have better restaurants, hotels, and entertainment venues,
    (c) There's not likely to be a shortage of toilet paper or running water,and
    (d) Guests who disagree with the host are actually allowed to leave the country in one piece.
  • ACLU Now Defends Polygamy, Further Eroding Traditional Marriage

    07/01/2005 4:24:25 PM PDT · 213 of 213
    byablue to Age of Reason

    LOL - I can imagine - you're right about living alone - I think our young people would fare much better with more extended family involvement - unless they drive each other CRAZY - there was more of that involvement before the invention of airplane travel and I think it made for a more solid family structure. But I still don't like the idea of polygamy. I'm not even going to mention it to my husband - Lord knows how he'll react - may even join ACLU! :)

  • Natalee Holloway - Case Discussion Extended Thread 3

    06/26/2005 5:02:59 PM PDT · 2,552 of 5,086
    byablue to maggiefluffs
    Updated timeline (SM): >/em>

    Where's our FBI - didn't see mentioned in the timeline but I've missed a lot. Are they involved?
  • Natalee Holloway - Case Discussion Extended Thread 3

    06/26/2005 3:41:45 PM PDT · 2,474 of 5,086
    byablue to TexKat
    They are trying to get more information out of them, but this has not (yet) resulted in new leads

    Send 'em to Gitmo for heaven's sake - this is getting ridiculous.
  • Supreme Court Decision in Eminent Domain Case a Victory for Cities

    06/26/2005 2:09:56 PM PDT · 16 of 40
    byablue to Mrs Mark
    If your city supports this nonsence, call them up and suggest they quit the NLC.

    Will do, thanks for the link. I believe this current set of judges is going to fire as much as they can past the voters as quickly as possible before GW has a chance to upset their status quo with a new appointment.
  • "Dear Friend" e-mail received from the loser John Kerry (Regarding Karl Rove)

    06/26/2005 1:48:57 PM PDT · 81 of 81
    byablue to mathluv

    Men in Black by Levin - yes, recommended reading for sure, it's what sparked my interest in SC - reading an older one now - Kenneth Starr's First Among Equals

  • ACLU Now Defends Polygamy, Further Eroding Traditional Marriage

    06/26/2005 12:02:54 PM PDT · 184 of 213
    byablue to Mrs. Don-o
    Legalizing behavior doesn't compel it; but it unquestionably legitimizes it, encourages it,

    You're right. Most people today would not jump in just because "now I can." But it would progressively increase. There is a large segment of the population whose only stop-gap for certain behavior is "it's illegal" and they choose not to risk the legal consequences. To legalize prostitution for example would remove the only barrier of those law-keepers. The society's overall standard of acceptable behavior being lowered, there would be an increase in not only legal prostiution, but extensions into illegal territory. Human nature - give an inch, take a mile, push the envelope, more money in the black market, etc. And, so it will go until the society reduces itself to rubble.
  • ACLU Now Defends Polygamy, Further Eroding Traditional Marriage

    06/26/2005 11:11:02 AM PDT · 181 of 213
    byablue to dsc

    A literary work of art!
  • ACLU Now Defends Polygamy, Further Eroding Traditional Marriage

    06/26/2005 10:53:09 AM PDT · 179 of 213
    byablue to jos65
    What exactly does ACLU mean?

    Anti-American Constitutional Liberties Underminers
    But their members want the public to believe they are the American Civil Liberties Union.
  • ACLU Now Defends Polygamy, Further Eroding Traditional Marriage

    06/26/2005 10:06:36 AM PDT · 175 of 213
    byablue to papertyger
    trade off for listening to your own micro-facets?

    ROFL - men have multiple facets??????????
  • ACLU Now Defends Polygamy, Further Eroding Traditional Marriage

    06/26/2005 10:01:40 AM PDT · 174 of 213
    byablue to Age of Reason
    If a society led by men seems odd, that is only because modern men have not been brought up to lead, but have instead been brainwashed to share leadership with women.

    To a point, I agree with that statement. However, men cannot absolve themselves of complicity when to a great extent centuries of their "leadership" focused on their own self-interests and categorized women as possessions, which is a glaring characteristic of polygamy - you can have as many wives as you can "financially afford." Frankly, if men object to the attitudes and actions of women today, they have only themselves to blame. It is simply the result of centuries of mistreatment, in many cases abominably using God as the justification - treated as property, a non-person under the law, traded like cattle, executed for a baby's gender, persecuted and murdered for being victims of rape and, currently in the news, cases like Mukhtaran, given as settlement of legal disputes. I am a Christian but there are times when I see religious men preach "love thy neighbor as thyself" but fail to comprehend the application of that to even one wife. Yet, they are quick as a cat to jump on a perverse interpretation of "head of the household" because that justifies, in their own minds, their self-centered "leadership."

    That same concept of leadership existed between King George and the colonists, which prompted a Revolution.
  • ACLU Now Defends Polygamy, Further Eroding Traditional Marriage

    06/26/2005 9:23:25 AM PDT · 171 of 213
    byablue to Age of Reason
    In fact, some women would probably find it comforting that there are other women in the household to chat with.

    LOL That's why God made telephones. Be honest, you're engaging in pure projection - it is the husband who would find it comforting for his wife to have someone else in the household to chat with, relieving him of the burdensome chore of listening to someone other than himself. Don't get me wrong, I love my husband but I truly believe men have a lead wall between their skull and their brain. :)
  • "Dear Friend" e-mail received from the loser John Kerry (Regarding Karl Rove)

    06/26/2005 9:09:41 AM PDT · 78 of 81
    byablue to mathluv

    Thanks! I'll check it out - I'm on a non-fiction burn right now - Supreme Court stuff - Buckley's latest - not gotten far with either but really enjoy thriller/mystery - Koontz - Patterson - early King - Clancy - good ole Agatha. I've never read any Thoene - sounds good. Thanks again.