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  • 10 Ways to Impress a Woman (Curious what Freepers might add to this list)

    11/29/2010 12:15:46 AM PST · 230 of 251
    ByDesign to Harmless Teddy Bear

    “I have to disagree with you there. If you want something more then a short term relationship you should be her friend. You just shouldn’t be her “girl friend”. She has female friends for that (and if she doesn’t that is a major warning sign.)

    But friend yes.”

    That’s pretty much what I meant, not being her girlfriend. Friendship can grow from dating, but your approach should be romantic, not friends. It’s a different mindset.

    There’s that term, the dreaded “friends zone”. That’s what I’m talking about.

  • 10 Ways to Impress a Woman (Curious what Freepers might add to this list)

    11/28/2010 3:35:30 PM PST · 183 of 251
    ByDesign to combat_boots

    Be true to yourself. Being a man is not negotiable, ever. If a woman cannot accept your for who you are, then you are in for a rocky road.

    Do not supplicate. Kissing butt is not sexy or romantic.

    Be sexy and romantic. It’s okay. You’re allowed. Forget what the media says.

    Do not watch chick flicks, and do not think that’s what women really want.

    LISTEN to women, especially the ones you are attracted to. They’ll tell you everything you need to know.

    DO sweep her off her feet. They love that. Make sure you can wow her with one kiss. Do have good timing.

    Do not be her friend. She does not want to date her friends. You are her date, you are not looking for a friend, are you?

    Be honest. Don’t play games. If you like her, tell her. If you can’t, leave her alone. Don’t pretend to be her friend, they think it’s lying. If you want her, ask her out, be open that you’re interested.

    Flirt. A lot.

    If she asks for money or help right away, lose her number.

    If you meet her friends, and only one knows about you after one or a couple dates, it’s serious. If all of her friends know, she’s a gossip. Your dating WILL be grist for the mill. Decide if you can live with that.

    Make her laugh, a lot.

    Wear the big boy pants. If she asks “Where are we going?”, have a plan. That’s sexy to them. Plan out the whole date. Show that you have taste, you’re organized, and you have no problem being in charge.

    YOU decide when things go to the next level.

    If she sleeps with you on the first date, she’s a booty call, and she does not have any respect or real interest in you, other than convenience. If she makes you wait, she really likes you.

    You come first. If she pushes you away for her friends, it’s over. (Family is okay). Same for her - she comes first.

    How she treats your mother is how she’ll treat you.

    A woman who truly loves you will marry you flat broke, and help you get wealthy. A woman who marries for money, will care right away. All she wants is bragging rights.

    A woman is not a man. Do not expect them to act or think like you. Accept them.

    You are a man. Never forget that, never feel ashamed. If she tries to belittle or change you, lose her number. She has no respect for you.

    A woman who loves you will cook for you. Even if it’s bad, or burned. Appreciate the effort.

    Don’t try to fix everything for her. She just wants you to commiserate, and support her.

    A woman who loves you will bring out your best. Do you know what that is?

    Having sexual urges for a woman is okay. Do not buy into the media’s idea that it’s bad, and you should feel guilty. However, how you act on those urges is crucial. Gentlemen wait for the right moment, jerks rush in.

    Romance is fun. If it’s a chore, it’s not working.

    Relationships are two way streets. If you find yourself alone on the road, it’s time to move on.

    Trust is more important than anything else. If she can’t keep your secrets, she’s no good. And guys? Keep your mouth shut.

    Hitting is a dealbreaker, always. This is a problem with younger women these days, they know they can get away with it, and you can’t hit back. Even in jest, it’s a red flag.

    I’ve found the above will attract you and help you find a decent, caring woman who will be good for you, and that you can trust. They’re rarer these days, but they’re out there, and they’re worth looking for. There’s a lot of pretty, shy, nerdy women out there alone on weekend nights, who would be wonderful girlfriends and wives, but they get overlooked for the flashy women, who are nothing but a headache in the end. Lower your standards, and know this - a woman in love with you is always beautiful.

    You get what you put out there, if your bait is for trash, then you get trash. Use quality bait. :)

  • Yemeni president covers up US strikes: WikiLeaks

    11/28/2010 2:00:39 PM PST · 13 of 55
    ByDesign to Enchante

    This cat is out of the bag, and it’s not going back in. The lines have been drawn, and the folks behind wikileaks are not backing down.

    Makes you wonder what their ultimate trump card is that they may be holding...


    11/03/2010 12:51:04 PM PDT · 117 of 174
    ByDesign to thecabal

    **I bet you it will get bailed out. The only chance that it won’t is if Bachmann can pull together her Constitutional Conservative caucus and have them block it.**

    Bailing out CA will open the door wide to bail out other states. NY and CA alone could bring the economy to it’s knees, and bring down the whole thing. Give them ONE dollar, and they will demand trillions more. Every special interest group, pension, union, and government office will have their hands out, and the bailout will be expected EVERY YEAR moving forward.

    NY and CA may need to be sacrificed, to save the whole.

    It’s an ugly truth, but there is no saving either. Republicans, had they won in either state, faced unsurmountable issues. They would have failed.

    Let them sink, let the Dems take every ounce of responsibility they deserve, default, and start over. Break every union contract and pension. Then, they might have hope.

    I got out of CA last year. I love CA, but I can’t afford it, and I saw the writing on the wall. I fear for my friends who remain. It is going to be ugly on the ground everywhere in the state. I fully expect marshal law or troops in the streets within a year. Any company with an ounce of sense will get out, now. Those that remain, will be driven out of business. Oakland and major stretches of LA are one riot from complete chaos, and there will be no new police added under Brown.

    Pelosi, Boxer and Brown can have CA. Anything good was used up or driven out years ago. Get out, now, before it’s too late.


    11/03/2010 12:50:49 PM PDT · 116 of 174
    ByDesign to thecabal

    **I bet you it will get bailed out. The only chance that it won’t is if Bachmann can pull together her Constitutional Conservative caucus and have them block it.**

    Bailing out CA will open the door wide to bail out other states. NY and CA alone could bring the economy to it’s knees, and bring down the whole thing. Give them ONE dollar, and they will demand trillions more. Every special interest group, pension, union, and government office will have their hands out, and the bailout will be expected EVERY YEAR moving forward.

    NY and CA may need to be sacrificed, to save the whole.

    It’s an ugly truth, but there is no saving either. Republicans, had they won in either state, faced unsurmountable issues. They would have failed.

    Let them sink, let the Dems take every ounce of responsibility they deserve, default, and start over. Break every union contract and pension. Then, they might have hope.

    I got out of CA last year. I love CA, but I can’t afford it, and I saw the writing on the wall. I fear for my friends who remain. It is going to be ugly on the ground everywhere in the state. I fully expect marshal law or troops in the streets within a year. Any company with an ounce of sense will get out, now. Those that remain, will be driven out of business. Oakland and major stretches of LA are one riot from complete chaos, and there will be no new police added under Brown.

    Pelosi, Boxer and Brown can have CA. Anything good was used up or driven out years ago. Get out, now, before it’s too late.

  • MUST SEE: Bachmann To MSNBC's Matthews: That Thrill Isn't Tingly Anymore

    11/02/2010 7:54:07 PM PDT · 17 of 68
    ByDesign to Maverick68

    That tool called a sitting U.S. Congresswoman a moron, on national TV?

    Why does he have a job?

    He is an utter disgrace.

  • Outrage!… O’Donnell Wins Independents But Not Enough Republicans to Win Delaware

    11/02/2010 7:47:58 PM PDT · 129 of 197
    ByDesign to paulycy

    I’d like to shout, but I’ll get over it. Rove DESTROYED the entire night, when we should be celebrating, he peed on it all.

    My thoughts, moving forward:

    Any show Rove appears on, boycotted.
    Any candidate that hires him, will work against them 100%.
    If the GOP continues to listen to him, never a penny or a vote for them, again.
    Fox News, are you listening? If he still has a job there, I will not watch anymore.
    I know Levin is pissed. Hannity? Do you still want ratings? Rush?

    Rove is dead to me. Period. He has disgraced his party, his principles, and all because his fragile ego was broken because a little girl beat the pants off his candidate.

    With people like Rove, why bother fighting the eventual Socialist takeover?

    Karl Rove, you should be ashamed of yourself. But you’re not, and that’s why you have to go. For good.

    Listen up, GOP. Rove means you lose it all. All the money, all the votes.

    Ignore this at your peril.

  • Outrage!… O’Donnell Wins Independents But Not Enough Republicans to Win Delaware

    11/02/2010 7:38:06 PM PDT · 123 of 197
    ByDesign to Warthog-2
    It’s not fair to blame Karl Rove. Sir, I want to shout at you right now, but I am going to try and hold my temper. Karl Rove went before the American People tonight, and told us all, that her loss "taught us a lesson", which cannot be interpreted any way, except he's teach US a lesson, in street language, "Screw you, you beat my candidate, I took the election away from you". It is beyond offensive, beyond rude, beyond decorum for him to have done that, after weeks of attacking a CONSERVATIVE candidate, who would have knocked out a Democrat. It is unforgiveable. I'm sorry you can't see that. Or, perhaps, you are part of the problem, as is Rove? You need to question why you defend him, and why you don't think he's to blame. He spit in the face of EVERY principle that he worked under with President Bush, and has made a mockery of the Republican leadership. It's a shame you disagree. Good day, sir.
  • Palin Opens Up About Possible 2012 Run, Says She's Willing to 'Give It a Shot'

    09/18/2010 10:19:43 AM PDT · 242 of 297
    ByDesign to Munz

    I would vote for Bachman over Palin, she’s more of a leader.

    I know she’s a favorite around here, and that’s fine, but my gut feeling is she cannot win. She has been so demonized and made into such a polarizing figure that her entering the race would energize Democrat voters to vote against her.

    She would be much better as head of the NRC - and start in November, clearing that house of it’s corruption and deadweight, and rally the voters and other politicians into SUPPORT, which is what is most needed in 2012. ‘12 is going to be the fight of the millenium, and I just don’t see her winning. ‘12 is not just the Presidency, it’s also a lot of Senators who are sitting this one out, like Pelosi.

    Granted, I don’t see anyone else out there yet, but there’s time.

    I will state, however, with full conviction, that if the RNC is stupid and sleazy enough to run McCain, I will vote for her in a heartbeat as an independant, and urge everyone I know to do the same, and will campaign with her against McCain.

    My fears of Palin are mostly because of her history, and how the left reacts - she’s our Hillary. But McCain is just sleazy and dishonest and scum, and if the RNC supports another Presidential run, I will never vote for or acknowledge the RNC as long as the current crop of politicians running it are still there.

  • Obama firm: Don't extend tax breaks for wealthiest

    09/08/2010 12:02:41 PM PDT · 17 of 47
    ByDesign to sten

    “Simple solution... Just stop spending on everything except the essentials

    I would say that everyone, not just the wealthy, should radically cut spending as a protest to 0bama and his socialist/Marxist bs”

    That’s already happening.

    This isn’t Marxism, anyway, it’s Liberal Fascism. Obama is closer to Mussolini than Marx or Lenin.

  • Obama Scream Preaching LIVE on TV again

    09/08/2010 11:58:26 AM PDT · 29 of 133
    ByDesign to AU72

    He will refuse to EVER admit he was wrong, even if it means the complete default of the US Government and industry.

    His ego will kill us all. It’s time for the Surgeon General to start diagnosing his fitness for office - mental illness is a valid reason to remove him from office.

  • ICE Won’t Arrest Illegal Aliens Caught In Traffic Stops

    08/24/2010 2:52:19 PM PDT · 8 of 37
    ByDesign to LowTaxesEqualProsperity
    "This is impeachment revolution material." Fixed that for you.
  • Report: Director James Cameron calls climate change skeptics ‘swine’

    08/23/2010 12:21:46 PM PDT · 36 of 100
    ByDesign to Sub-Driver

    Who cares what a movie director thinks?

  • Do Americans Hate Muslims?

    08/23/2010 11:55:37 AM PDT · 63 of 87
    ByDesign to Westbrook

    I have educated myself on Islam, it’s tenets, and it’s society.

    It’s a brutal, ignorant society, that rewards killing and death, subjugates women horrifically, and is bent on destroying or subjugating the entire planet. They are backwards as a people, violent to each other and the rest of the world, unable to be reformed meaningly, and unfit for civilized society. They are stuck in the stone age, intellectually, and worse, politically.

    I made an adult, civilized, intelligent DECISION to reject Islam, to avoid it, to fight it, and I find ANY mosque on our land an insult and an offense, as it represents a religion and government and society that insults and offends me.

    I don’t care if the mythical “moderate” muslims are insulted or offended by this position, because if they are not *actively* fighting to overthrow or reform Islam, then they are part of the problem.

    Any American who supports them is also part of the problem. To them, I ask: So you support the worship of a religion, and “reaching out”, that circumcises women, kills women for the simple act of being flirty, that openly supports if not outright orders their believers to lie, cheat, and kill us non-believers? You support a society that, if allowed to fester and allowed to implement their “sharia” law, would fling civilized society back hundreds, if not thousands of years?

    I find I must now judge people by their attitudes towards Islam. If they support it, after being told of the horrific behavior of muslims, then I find them to be useless and a danger to me and mine, and our collective freedom. I find it highly disturbing and offensive that liberals would throw freedom of religion in our faces after decades of a fanatical and vicious attack on Christians, and it angers me at levels that scare me. It’s not about Muslim faith with them, anyway, it’s being 180 directly opposite conservatives, because that’s the only game they know, as taught to them by the useful idiots in government and media.

    There is no “reaching out” to these people. There is no assimilating them into our country and society, as their beliefs and behavior are poisonous to the free people of the civilized world. There is certainly no appeasement of them, either.

    To me, this is exactly the same decision we had to make about Nazis in WWII. They could not be suffered to live, as a movement, government, and state religion. They had to be destroyed, as their ideas and beliefs and behavior was so offensive and horrifically destructive to civilized nations, and the Muslim world is now equal to me on those terms. They have nothing to teach me, offer me, or enrich me. They are a blight on humanity.

    I have chosen.

    Few have.

    The time is coming, when you may have to choose, with a blade at your throat.

    We only have ourselves to blame. There is no “Well, maybe some of them are good”. They, as a collective, are bad. They must be wiped out, utterly, through reform, or bloodshed. There is no other way.

    That’s why, when asked about the mosque in NYC, I say I’m against *any* mosque in this country, political correctness be damned for eternity. Any mosque offends me, for what it represents. To me, it is as damning and negative a symbol as a pentagram, or the swastika.

    My only relief in these times is the majority of Americans are coming around to my point of view. I know I’m in the extreme, but I feel, in the case, the extreme is the only place you can choose.

  • Enough

    08/11/2010 8:22:24 AM PDT · 20 of 32
    ByDesign to Dilbert San Diego

    “Great points throughout.

    The liberals have such disdain for the people. You can see that in issue after issue. Whether the issues are taxes and spending, Obamacare, same-sex marriage, where to build a mosque, the liberal ruling class denigrates the opposition. They just don’t have differing opinions, instead, name-calling and insults are their calling cards.

    We are all xenophobic, homophobic, and full of “hate” if we deign to question the decisions and policies of the liberal ruling elites.

    They are very much into the one-liner put downs. If you oppose or even question a mosque at ground zero, you are bigoted, racist, intolerant, etc. If you oppose or question same-sex marriage, you are homophobic, intolerant, etc. On any issue, the liberal view is that opponents are hateful and that’s why they oppose the liberals. In truth, it’s the liberals who spew hate when these debates get underway.”

    Liberalism was hijacked in the 60’s by this current pack of scoundrels, and perverted from their true beliefs into this current “I know better than anyone else” mindset that has infected them all.

    They think they know better than anyone, and nothing is beyond their corrupt, prying fingers. Educational techniques that worked for thousands of years? Pish tosh, they know better, and they’ve destroyed education with their idiocy. Society? They know better than what made us strong and confident and stable as a nation, and gutted it all with “free love”, “no fault divorce”, guilt-free abortion, and redefining marriage. Raising kids? They know better than the parents going back millions of years knew, and have been raising generations of monsters who only care for themselves, and think the world owes them anything their heart desires. Media? It’s been gutted, the standards that made our journalists respected were thrown out the window in favor of activism. Even things like movies reflect their weak and pitiful minds - not content to allow past works of the masters stand, they dare to take (steal) and “remake” and “revisualize”, throwing in political correct pap and stink and taking out what made the material great in the first place (and rewrite history when they can).

    You name it, the liberal mindset has eaten away at it like acid, perverting and destroying as they go, throwing tantrums when anyone tries to clean up after them, and fix things.

    Look at our nation, with ghettos in every city growing by year, a failing media, a destroyed economy, our kids dumb and getting dumber, college kids who have been told that growing dreadlocks and drum circles are a perfectly fine way to go through college - and are rewarded for them, parentless children, millions upon millions hooked on mood altering drugs, entire cities dependant upon liberal do-gooders who insist minorities cannot get ahead unless a white liberal helps them, massive debt, rotting society, rising crime, criminals who know liberal judges will just slap their wrist and feel sorry for their bad childhood, lying is commonplace and rarely subjected to censure, manners are a thing of the past, no guilt for ANYTHING,...and it’s all from the people who hijacked liberals in the 60’s and so corrupted their own party, they actually believe the nonsense they spew.

  • Research shows sugary drinks do not cause weight gain

    08/11/2010 8:08:22 AM PDT · 21 of 38
    ByDesign to La Lydia

    “The trouble with “low-fat” versions of things is that they almost always pile on more salt to address the lack of flavor. As a result I make a lot of my own stuff now, such as mayonnaise, salad dressing, etc.”

    Or they fill it with HCFS (corn syrup) to sweeten it.

    Fat is what gives food flavor. Say “no fat” in front of any self-respecting chef, and he’ll curse at you and throw pots and pans at you.

    But, in the minds of too many people, dietary fat = body fat, period, without understanding that moderate amounts of fat are okay, as long as you are eating a healthy diet, and get exercise.

    People who eat low fat have a very unappetizing, unsatisfactory eating regime, which is no surprise, as lot of them tend to be the grim, tight lipped liberal types.

  • Obama insensitive to mark Hiroshima anniversary

    08/11/2010 7:53:58 AM PDT · 31 of 62
    ByDesign to Scythian

    “I am not 2nd guessing history and I’ve heard all the arguments for and reasons why we dropped the bomb. Yet, even so, I think of the children happily playing in the streets, the moms reading books to thier children, and all those kinds of things as a bomb comes falling down from the sky. Rather than fight army to army, we chose to drop hellacious bombs on civilians, it just doesn’t sit well with me, and I hope it never happens again. I’m proud to be an American and greatful to the Good Lord that I was born here, and my children, nonetheless, when I think of those bombs, I think of those things.”

    It’s okay to feel that way, any life lost in war is a tragedy. But remember, too, our citizens, military and civilian, who were bombed and killed one sunny morning in Pearl Harbor, when no state of war existed. We had to drop those bombs, because hundreds of thousands of more lives would be lost trying to invade the island of the nation that would never surrender. It was probably one of the hardest decisions to make, to drop those bombs, in the history of the world.

    I was behind a car yesterday with the “survivor of Pearl Harbor” plate on it. Ask them, if we did the right thing. Ask them if your feelings are okay - and I think you’ll find that they agree with you, but also know from being there, why we had to do it.

    It’s something that will never reconcile itself for anyone. We didn’t start the war, but we HAD to end it, to stop the killing of millions of our people, and theirs.

  • (Christina) Romer to quit as Obama adviser

    08/08/2010 6:46:32 AM PDT · 112 of 116
    ByDesign to Night Hides Not

    “Purges? Puh-leeze. Feel free to identify those “thoughtful and mature” posters that were “purged”. I’ve been a member of FR for nearly 12 years, and JimRob has never run off anyone who didn’t deserve a zot.”

    While there may not have been any official “purges”, a LOT of people are gone from this site, for various reasons. I myself left, at the height of the housing insanity, because I got tired of being accused of being a liberal for questioning the insanity going in with housing and liar loans, and being accused of trying to damage President Bush by daring to question it all. I know a lot of people felt the same way I did, and I don’t see them posting anymore.

    All I know is this place is not half of what it used to be, which is a shame. There was a lot of nastiness over issues like the housing boom, Palin, etc.., and while it might not be JimRob doing it, some might see it that way if they don’t spend all day reading here - all they know is people they saw people stop posting.

  • House Democrats ‘Deem’ Faux $1.1 Trillion Budget ‘as Passed’

    07/02/2010 10:16:38 AM PDT · 99 of 158
    ByDesign to RinaseaofDs

    The only problem with your stance is that you expect the Republicans to follow the rules (the Constitution), when the other side has expressly shown nothing but contempt for the rules. It’s a recipe to lose.

    Now is the time for the Republicans to do everything in their power to educate the public on what’s happening, do everything in their power to stop it, starting with removing Pelosi from her Chair, and then impeaching her (this is MORE than enough grounds to do just that), and start impeachment proceedings one Obama and anyone else involved. To do less is to betray those who they claim to represent.

    It’s going to take more than just November. Relying on the elections is not enough. If the same Republicans remain in power, of the party and the newly’s all been wasted effort. All of it. The only reason the elections would be suspended is because the Republicans allowed it!

    The Republicans walking out now would be a start. And welcome, in the face of the endless silence from them. They NEED us to re-elect them, yet they do nothing to EARN that.

    We are angry. Why are they not angry? Why are they hiding? Why should we vote for them in November, and expect them to fix a single thing, when none of them, with the possible exception of Issa, will put their necks out and risk anything?

    Now is the time for action, not waiting. November may be too late. If anything, they should have started talking impeachment during the healthcare fiasco. Even if they can’t win, they need to bring this stuff up, keep it in the headlines, and pound the Democrats daily about this stuff, instead of relying on talk show hosts to do their heavy lifting for them.

    I can’t even recall an interview, sound bite, or interview where a Republican was a tenth as upset about any of this as Mark Levin gets. That’s scary to me. Where’s the anger from the Republican party? When’s the last time you saw the head of the party?

    Half of my anger is at the Dems, the other half is firmly on the spineless, weak, cowardly Republicans who refuse to work FOR us.

    Like I said, they ALL need to be fired, if they won’t act. Wait until November? No. Too much can happen between then and now.

  • House Democrats ‘Deem’ Faux $1.1 Trillion Budget ‘as Passed’

    07/02/2010 9:53:21 AM PDT · 95 of 158
    ByDesign to thecabal

    “Exactly. The fact that they aren’t should tell you everything you need to know about them. Well not you, you seem to get it quite well. I’m talking about the other Freepers who think that the GOP is still going to save them.”

    Oh, I get it. I’m watching the GOP throw up their hands and act like Kagan is a fait accompli for the Supreme Court, nothing they can do, hey, don’t look at us.

    It’s disgusting.

    On top of that...where are the Tea Parties? They were everywhere in, it’s a deafening silence. There should be protests everywhere on the 4th. They should be screaming from the rooftops.

    We might hold a revolution...but will anyone show up?

  • Dr Pepper orders sugar for 125th anniversary

    07/02/2010 8:45:01 AM PDT · 12 of 64
    ByDesign to Red Badger

    “Your body knows the difference. It immediately stores these calories as fat. Sugar is used immediately and the leftovers are stored.”

    I love how they are trying to spin that HCFS is “nutritionally” the same, but the reality is, they are vastly different in how they effect the body, and what happens when they hit your bloodstream. HCFS is a sugar bomb for your blood sugar levels, along with the body’s reaction to them and storing them.

    The best way to explain the issue is to ask people: how do you make cattle nice and fat for the butcher? Answer: you feed them a lot of feed - and corn is really, really good.

    Then ask them how much corn they eat in a week, including all HCFS, all corn based products like chips, or tortillas, popcorn, some breakfast cereals, lots of food use corn as a filler, or crust...and people wonder why we’re getting fatter. We eat mounds of white flour and corn - we eat like cattle!

  • Dr Pepper orders sugar for 125th anniversary

    07/02/2010 8:39:49 AM PDT · 10 of 64
    ByDesign to driftless2

    Nothing tastes as good as it used to, now that HCFS is used - soda, candy, cake, you name it. Hershey’s is nasty now that they use no real sugar, and don’t get me started on Hostess products.

    I worked in the food industry for over 10 years, on the manufacturing side. HCFS is used because it’s *sweeter* than sugar, and food makers know that the sweeter food is, the more people will buy it - and HCFS is cheap, because of our Federal subsidies. So it’s no surprised all food is loaded with it. I went lo carb years ago, and got in the habit of reading food labels - HCFS is in every thing, or it seems like it. Even deli meat is cured with it.

    Luckily, i prefer the taste of diet sodas, so diet Dr. Pepper is fine with me, as is diet Coke - and in moderation. My drink of choice is coffee, and I’m fine with plain old soda water with ice on hot days - maybe throw some Crystal Lite in for fun.

    I also tend to favor savory and peppery over sweet, so I don’t miss all of the cloyingly over-sweet food everyone seems to like.

  • House Democrats ‘Deem’ Faux $1.1 Trillion Budget ‘as Passed’

    07/02/2010 8:19:45 AM PDT · 70 of 158
    ByDesign to Oldpuppymax

    Your post echoes my exact feelings.


    It is past time to just sit there and vote no. It is time for them to lay their lives and careers on the line to save our Republic, but they just shrug, vote no, and act like nothing happened. They are allowing the President to make a mockery of the Supreme Court, they are allowing the Congress and Senate to strip us of our freedoms and burden us with unburdenable debt, and allow the Dems and teh White to lie, smear and destroy everything we hold sacred.


    We need more than Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin to scream about these things on their shows. We need ACTION, and we need it NOW.

    Every single sitting Republican, and every person in a position of power in the Republican Party leadership needs to be fired in November. Every single one of them. It’s not just the Dems anymore, the Republican party is now firmly part of the problem, and it must change.

    The fact that, after all of the drama over deeming during the healthcare debacle, that they will sit there silent as they pull this unConstitutional act, is unforgivable and flatly, completely unnacceptable. The Republics as a whole should be taking over the floor of Congress over this, and rallying marches in the street.


    This is why, even after all of the outrage of Democrats since the Liar took office, I will not support the Republican Party. They are useless, craven cowards, who need to be in no uncertain terms fired in November, and never reelected to any office, even dogcatcher.

    It may be too late, but I am sick and tired of the silence from those who claim to represent us.


  • Obama Nominee for Deputy Attorney General Says 9/11 Attacks Not Acts of War, Likens Them to...

    06/14/2010 5:21:59 PM PDT · 11 of 21
    ByDesign to Sub-Driver

    Terrorists: ‘We declare war on you! Die! Die! Die!”

    Obama’s Justice Department: “Nuh-uh!”

    I firmly believe I will one day have to commit murder defending my freinds and family from these animals, and it’s all thanks to our so-called president, and the buffoons and ass lickers he has replaced the adults with.

  • Why is Obama Refusing to Waive the Jones Act? He's Aiding in the Destruction of the Gulf

    06/14/2010 3:13:45 PM PDT · 11 of 61
    ByDesign to GVnana

    Of course they’re serious.

    Obama will always protect his union buddies. They’re the only votes he bought he can count on now.

    Obama will always choose the path that he can grab the most credit and glory. If those pesky foreigners help solve the mess, then he can’t take credit.

    Obama will make *anything* political. A 200 mile long space goat could eat the west coast, and his first remark would be to blame Bush for not creating safeguards against space goats. And then, he’d claim that he’s going to kick the space goat’s ass, and rebuild the coast with his bare hands, in between the 11th and 12th hole of tomorrow’s golf game. Then he’d blame Bush for creating the space goat.

    The only thing you can count on from the White House, while under Obama’s thumb, is stuff and nonsense, and propping up his ego.

  • Following iPhone’s Example Windows Phone 7 to Ban Porn Apps

    06/09/2010 9:52:52 PM PDT · 22 of 65
    ByDesign to GonzoII

    Steve really needs to shut up about the whole porn thing - fine, we get it, you don’t want porn in the app store.

    And while he’s preaching, he forgets to add that there’s one app on the iPhone that gets you all the porn you want: the Safari web browser.

    Gonna block all those porn IPs, Steve-o?

    Thought so.

    It’s nonsense. He needs to get back to selling computers, not lifestyles. I’m a Mac user, and fan, but I’m getting tired of his preaching.

    It’s hilarious, because one of the features of the new iPhone, Video Chat, is going to make sex chat skyrocket again - and paid services are on the way, count on it.

    The iPhone has it’s place in porn. Get over it, and concentrate on products.

  • Psychologist Says Antidepressants Are Just Fancy Placebos

    06/09/2010 9:32:04 PM PDT · 11 of 45
    ByDesign to neverdem

    I had a bout of depression years ago, that I felt helpless against, but I fought it and beat it by changing my lifestyle, diet, and gave myself a kick in the pants and told myself to stop feeling sorry for myself. Wasn’t easy, but the more you do, the easier it gets - the problems that caused my depression were under my control all along, I just had to realize that, and do something about it.

    I never once thought, hey, i can just take a pill!. Why?

    Because, I’d seen personally what these pills do to people. I experienced it briefly when I took Wellbutrin to try and quit smoking. These pills numb you out, grind off the peaks and valleys of normal emotion - you aren’t mad, you aren’t happy, or sad, you just...are. Zoned out. Numb. I took them for a week, and then threw them out. They scared me.

    I watched other people, who needed serious therapy for things like being sexually abused as a child, get put on the pills, and never have any work done on their issues. Then, they go off the pills, and it’s a complete trainwreck, jobs are lost, relationships in tatters or abandoned, in one case ending up committed to the county psych ward. That was fun.

    Now, i see most people I know on them. It’s scary. Not that they’re on them, but fearful of what will happen when they come off them, and all those issues have been simmering all along, underneath.

    So, now I have a rule, and I do not break it: I will not, under any circumstances, get emotionally involved with anyone on these drugs. If involved with someone, and they start, it IS a dealbreaker.

    I know there are some that NEED these pills, but I bet 90% or more of the people on them don’t need them, and are being prescribed them by their doctors to simply warehouse them in the pill zone, where they don’t have to deal with their icky problems, and can guaranteed decades of billing for doing nothing more than writing out a script, and adjust the meds once in a while.

    Depression sucks, but my layman hunch is most of it is dietary in nature, combined with a lack of exercise, and a culture that encourages people to wallow in their misery and take on the victim title.

  • The Surest Sign of a Decadent Culture

    06/09/2010 9:17:09 PM PDT · 8 of 12
    ByDesign to Dr. Brian Kopp

    He’s mentally ill.

    And some people pay to be taught by him.

  • Issa asks Office of Special Counsel to investigate WH on Sestak-Romanoff

    06/09/2010 3:37:51 PM PDT · 23 of 27
    ByDesign to MozarkDawg

    I think Issa is playing this perfectly, as well. He has sworn an oath to uphold the law, and he *has* to ask for an investigation, as the White House’s own words incriminate them.

    Regardless of the outcome, he’s doing what he has to do, and keeping his hands clean. He’s asked Holder. He’s asked the FBI. Nobody will move on it.

    This will be worth a lot in the coming months/years. If he “played ball” with this and didn’t ask for an investigation from every Federal office and department that can, it can be turned back on him.

    Who knows? They may even be laying the groundwork to have Holder removed, or work around him.

    This is a dangerous game of chess, and my gut says Issa is 4 moves ahead of Obama & Co. Their inexperience and lack of knowledge of such matters will be their own undoing, and hopefully will be checkmated before November.


    06/09/2010 9:41:21 AM PDT · 45 of 71
    ByDesign to texmexis best

    The only way to have peace with fanatical Muslims is to kill them. All of them.

    They learned that in the Crusades. We will learn it again, once adults are in charge again.

    It will alienate us from most of the globe, but at this point, does it really matter? They support our enemy, why should we listen? Let them wage “fair” wars, and watch their people get slaughtered by these animals.

    I’m not a blood thirsty person, but it does not take much research to find how the Muslim invasion was dealt with in the past.

    The problem is...England was not infested with them during the Crusades. THAT problem will be our undoing, if not dealt with, and firmly.

  • Obama Cuts Speech Short at Lincoln National Cemetery as Skies Open Up on Him – Video

    05/31/2010 12:33:21 PM PDT · 2 of 29
    ByDesign to Federalist Patriot

    Tomorrow, Obama will order the Federal Government to nationalize the weather, so this won’t ever happen again.

  • Photo: Obama Supporters Hoist Portable Lightning Rods During Storm at A. Lincoln Nat'l. Cem.

    05/31/2010 12:00:29 PM PDT · 74 of 160
    ByDesign to I see my hands

    I understand what you are saying, but there may be people in that crowd who are just there out of curiousity. If a bolt hit one of those fools with the chairs, it would probably kill a lot of people around them, it would be a horrific thing to have happen, and to watch.

    The more that I think about it, the more loathing I have for them. They were putting everyone in danger doing that, and they could probably care less - THEY wanted to hear their Master speak.

  • Michelle Malkin: Obama’s Asleep at the Wheel - Our C-inC shirks his duty during times of crisis

    05/31/2010 11:53:23 AM PDT · 3 of 41
    ByDesign to 2ndDivisionVet

    Does the name “McCain” ring a bell?

  • Surprise! Israel Says No To UN And Obama’s Call To Disarm

    05/31/2010 11:41:40 AM PDT · 9 of 18
    ByDesign to yoe

    Obama was so angry about this, he missed a putt on the 12th.

    There’s gonna be hell to pay now!

  • Photo: Obama Supporters Hoist Portable Lightning Rods During Storm at A. Lincoln Nat'l. Cem.

    05/31/2010 11:38:25 AM PDT · 4 of 160
    ByDesign to kristinn

    Stupid is, as stupid does.

    I don’t want to see anyone hurt, but MAN that would be funny if a few got zotted during his speech.

  • Syria, Lebanon say flotilla attack can lead to war

    05/31/2010 11:36:39 AM PDT · 36 of 56
    ByDesign to FlingWingFlyer

    “I don’t see this as on the destruction of Israel. Look around. This is the beginning of WWIII. IMHO. There are no longer any “world leaders” out there. The kids are running the joint and it appears as though God has “left the building”. IMHO”

    The only world leader these days is Netinyahu, sadly. But, you may be right, this could start WWIII, I said as much on another thread.

    My point was, Obama has no reason to step down. He has no shame, especially when it comes to breaking treaties and acting immorally towards Israel. He wants this. He wants Israel broken, or wiped out. They are a thorn in his side, an annoyance that his Muslim brothers want gone, and he will help them to achieve that.

  • Syria, Lebanon say flotilla attack can lead to war

    05/31/2010 11:20:49 AM PDT · 23 of 56
    ByDesign to FlingWingFlyer

    “Has Barry resigned yet?”

    Why would he? He’s getting exactly what he wants - the potential destruction of Israel.

    He’s going to sit on the sidelines and make snarky comments about Israel and how *they* have to pony up to make this right, and demand that they give more and more to the Palestinian terrorists, and the UN will demand they give up their nukes, and Obama will support that.

    He might even pause on the 11th tee to get a security report that Jerusalem has been overrun and and Israel lit of nukes over Syria.

    He’s probably got his minions working overtime today carving up the future carcass with China and the Soviets, led by Hillary.

  • Are Americans Living Under Sharia Law, Without Being Aware Of It?

    05/31/2010 11:02:12 AM PDT · 12 of 36
    ByDesign to pinochet

    We’re not under sharia law...yet.

    It’s not illegal to mock Islam, or Mohammed. No laws are being broken. Yet.

    We, or some of us, are self-censoring, under threats of violence and death, and for political correctness.

    If South Park lampoons Jesus - as it has - they did not get death threats from the Christian community, nor did they break any laws. This is thanks to Larry Flynt and his landmark case over censorship.

    When laws are written and passed by our Congress and signed by our President outlawing the mocking of Mohammed - or even just showing a representation of him - then we can consider us under partial sharia law.

  • Vanity: Gaza Peace Activists: What should be done with them? Suggestions anyone.

    05/31/2010 10:30:06 AM PDT · 8 of 85
    ByDesign to jackal7163

    There’s no solution that the MSM and international press will accept, now.

    Israel yet again is boxed into a corner, for doing exactly what *any* other country would do. If a flotilla of boats tried to crash their way into the Port of Oakland, we would sink them, or board them as well - and if attacked when boarding, fire back.

    The die is cast. There’s no “fixing” this. They (Pro-Palestinians) wanted blood and martyrs, and they got them.

    This is a skirmish for WWIII. There may be more, or it will light up now. Turkey’s response may be the tinder.

  • Rain, lightning interrupt 0bama's Memorial Day address

    05/31/2010 10:15:37 AM PDT · 2 of 153
    ByDesign to Chi-townChief

    God works in mysterious ways...

  • Sestak “Job” Offer Misunderstood Says Emanuel

    05/29/2010 1:36:13 PM PDT · 16 of 40
    ByDesign to nhoward14

    “as we learned during the Clinton Administration, no impeachable offense has been committed”

    Ah, dummy, Clinton WAS impeached - and surrendered his law license and paid fines as a result. They (Congress) passed on prosecuting.

    Liars, all.

    Also, let’s not forget that the Dems refused to include the really nasty stuff in the impeachment, and made it all about Monica.

    Some of us read the Whitewater Report, paid attention, Rahm, buddy.

    But keep thinking we’re stupid, we’ll show you how “dumb” we are in November.

  • Inside Sandra Bullock’s & Jesse James’ Home

    05/29/2010 1:31:28 PM PDT · 2 of 46
    ByDesign to Steelfish
    Pretty boring, and looks high maintenance - and small. 6.5 mill? Hah!

    Some sucker will buy it, though.

  • Lost Season 6 Series Finale *LIVE* Thread

    05/23/2010 10:57:44 PM PDT · 75 of 206
    ByDesign to stuck_in_new_orleans

    I would expect, if they filmed any extra scenes, or alternate endings, they will be in the box set that will be released this summer. That’s how it works. There’s more money selling that kind of thing, than playing them on Kimmel. Heck, at the very least, they would have bought that last half hour, and showed them as part of the show, a continuation of the wrap up show earlier - they would have gotten enormous ratings and ad revenue for that alone. Or done a show next week, with more interviews with the cast and crew, so the real ending could sink in.

    And it was about half the cast. No Kate, no Hurley, no Charlie - even the writers sent in film. If there were real alternate endings, you’d expect the writers to be there to explain them. I’d be mad about that too - they made it sound like everyone would be there.

    You can be mad all you want to, but that’s how the TV/film industry operates. They did’nt lie, they had alternate endings. They did’nt say “official”, or “real”, and you and a lot of other people fell for it. Mission accomplished. They get fat bonuses for the ad revenue and ratings Kimmel got tonight (now that I think about it, Kimmel might have failing ratings...). That’s all that matters.

    I did’nt invent it, or work in it. Instead of venting at me, vent at ABC, and let them know that because of this stunt, you won’t ever watch their channel, and specifically Jimmy Kimmel, ever again. It would be a lot more productive, and if enough people do that, the slimeballs at ABC might think twice about doing that again.

  • Lost Season 6 Series Finale *LIVE* Thread

    05/23/2010 10:40:33 PM PDT · 72 of 206
    ByDesign to stuck_in_new_orleans

    It actually is. Have you ever had the news on in the background, and they go to a break with “What everyday household item in your house will KILL you? Tune in later to find out!” - and it turns out to be some thing that could never happen in most people’s lifetimes?

    It’s not exactly the same thing, but it’s the same family. It’s hype, and they do it all the time. Maybe not on your news, but here in the NYC metro area, the local news do it every freaking day. They do it to keep you tuned in.

    They promised you alternate endings. Well, you got them. They didn’t say anything else, so legally, they were’nt lying. But the bit about only being seen on Kimmel and nowhere else (like on the DVDs, when they come out) should have been a HUGE clue.

  • Lost Season 6 Series Finale *LIVE* Thread

    05/23/2010 10:36:07 PM PDT · 71 of 206
    ByDesign to stuck_in_new_orleans

    I work in marketing too - and I’m not disagreeing with you - but that’s how marketing in TV works. They’re the true sleazebags of the marketing world.

  • Lost Season 6 Series Finale *LIVE* Thread

    05/23/2010 10:33:41 PM PDT · 69 of 206
    ByDesign to MCH

    Hold off on condemning it just yet. The more I think about it, the more okay I am with it.

    I think they want you to decide for yourself what all the rest was - why the island was there, what the smoke monster was about (They kind of explained that the smoke monster was a mistake on Jacob’s part, by killing his brother, he created it.) (And when Linus was given another chance in the temple, it was the Man In Black giving it to him).

    You kind of have to suspend your disbelief with this show, now - just like watching Kink Kong, you have to accept that a giant ape lived on an island with no mates or other apes, with dinosaurs and giant insects, and not knowing how they got there.

    I also suspect they may have left themselves a lot of material to go back to, if they ever decide to make another show, or a movie, or even books. The island could be eternal, and they could have endless sequels and prequels with it. Will they ever go back? Who knows?

  • Lost Season 6 Series Finale *LIVE* Thread

    05/23/2010 10:24:52 PM PDT · 67 of 206
    ByDesign to stuck_in_new_orleans

    You have to understand, that is PURE television marketing. It’s the same thing as the news teasing a story for 45 minutes, to get you to stay tuned (and watch the commercials) (that’s the only thing they care about).

    They paid BIG money for the Kimmel show, the advertisers did, and they wanted as many people as possible tuning in. They showed them at the end, so they had as many eyeballs as possible watching the ads.

    The fake endings were amusing, standard Kimmel fare, and to be honest, to be expected from Kimmel, that’s what he does.

    They hype? That you can blame entirely on ABC and their advertisers.

    That’s why I rarely watch network TV. It’s back to cable for me - Rescue Me starts soon!

  • Lost Season 6 Series Finale *LIVE* Thread

    05/23/2010 10:03:41 PM PDT · 63 of 206
    ByDesign to stuck_in_new_orleans

    They were joke endings. Kinda funny.

  • Lost Season 6 Series Finale *LIVE* Thread

    05/23/2010 9:12:54 PM PDT · 59 of 206
    ByDesign to twhitak

    On Jimmy Kimmel, the guy who plays Jack is saying the show was about Jack all along, that it was his journey to redemption that mattered, and the people who were with him on that journey.

  • Lost Season 6 Series Finale *LIVE* Thread

    05/23/2010 8:58:08 PM PDT · 50 of 206
    ByDesign to Feline_AIDS

    The alternate universe was purgatory. Or that’s how I see it.

    During the scene with Jack and his father, the stained glass in the window had symbols for all of the major religions. They created that place to find each other, according to Christian. That way, all of them could meet there - Sayid was Muslim, the Korean couple were I believe Buddihst...

    Dunno. Im going to have to ponder this one. Not a homerun, like the ending of “Six Feet Under”, but not a slap in the face like “The Sopranos”.

    I guess the rest, we can decide upon in our own mind - like who exactly was Widmore, why was he involved, and why was he doing what he was.

    And THANK YOU to the writers for reuniting Hurley with Libby. That guy need to catch a break, for once.