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  • Prayers for my Brother who has been told he has ALS

    05/05/2012 3:46:52 PM PDT · by calex59 · 115 replies
    Me | 5/5/2012 | Me
    My brother has just been diagnosed with ALS(Lou Gherig's disease). I would like to request Prayers for him.
  • Ablation treatment for AFib(Vanity)

    03/24/2012 6:02:18 PM PDT · by calex59 · 73 replies · 3+ views
    calex59 | 3/24/2012 | calex59
    Has anyone had, or knows someone who has had, ablation treatment for Afib?
  • The .44 Special is the best handgun caliber

    07/03/2010 11:11:27 AM PDT · by calex59 · 131 replies · 8+ views
    Me | N/A | None
    I believe the .44 Special is the best handgun cartridge ever made. It is accurate and has enough energy in factory loadings to drop the bad guy. It can be handloaded to near .44 mag velocities if the revolver is of good quality.
  • Gun Porn

    06/21/2010 2:46:21 PM PDT · by calex59 · 11 replies
    None | 6/21/2010 | Me
    I have a model 74s, semi-auto .22 long rifle caliber that I purchased from my mother when she was still alive. It was made in the 1960s, and is still incredible accurate for a .22. Has anyone ever mounted a scope on this rifle? It has a redfield(once a popular brand)peep sight at the time but I would love to mount a scope on it.
  • Japan Surrender video

    06/02/2010 10:57:45 AM PDT · by calex59 · 25 replies · 533+ views
    Email ^ | unknown | Me
    This is a video of the surrender of Japan in WWII. I have never seen the video, only stills of the surrender. This is the first video I have seen of it and thought maybe FReepers would be interested in seeing it. It is what we used to call a News Reel, back in the day.
  • Senator Robert Byrd

    05/22/2009 2:09:39 PM PDT · by calex59 · 42 replies · 2,165+ views
    Me | 5/22/2009 | calex59
    Please post the picture of Robert Byrd in his Grand kleagle outfit. I have an ex-friend who thinks I am lying about Byrd being a KKK officer.
  • Stimulus Email

    02/28/2009 9:04:35 AM PST · by calex59 · 6 replies · 672+ views
    Vanity | 2/28/2009 | calex59
    Email I received about the Stimulus package Do you watch Television, Read the Newspapers? If so, You would know that our Government Passed last Week a $787 Billion Dollar "Stimulus" Plan. So, what does this mean to you right now? Probably NOTHING! That's right, unless you are on Social Security whereby Our Government will be mailing a Whopping $ 250 1 time check To those On Social Security, you will have to Dig Deep to see where YOU will benefit From this New Stimulus Plan! Now Don't Trust Us to do your reading, do it yourself, But within the New...

    02/05/2009 6:34:41 PM PST · by calex59 · 6 replies · 454+ views
    Ann Coulter Web site ^ | February 4, 2009 | Ann Coulter
    It's been weeks since the last one, so on Sunday, The New York Times Magazine featured yet another cheery, upbeat article on single mothers. As with all its other promotional pieces on single motherhood over the years, the Times followed a specific formula to make this social disaster sound normal, blameless and harmless -- even brave. These single motherhood advertisements include lots of conclusory statements to the effect that this is simply the way things are -- so get used to it, bourgeois America! "(A)n increasing number of unmarried mothers," the article explained, "look a lot more like Fran McElhill...
  • 545 People

    07/28/2008 9:20:10 AM PDT · by calex59 · 52 replies · 527+ views
    Vanity | Charlie Reese
    RE-ELECT NOBODY! This is worthy of your time and attention … regardless of your Party Affiliation 545 PEOPLE By Charlie Reese – Politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them. Have you ever wondered why, if both the Democrats and the Republicans are against deficits, WHY do we have deficits? Have you ever wondered why, if all the politicians are against inflation and high taxes, WHY do we have inflation and high taxes? You and I don't propose a federal budget. The president does. You and I don't have the Constitutional authority...
  • Roseville wants to eliminate grass(not a real headline, but true)

    05/20/2008 9:07:41 AM PDT · by calex59 · 14 replies · 460+ views
    Vanity | 5/20/2008 | Calex59
    Ok, this is about a news item I heard on KRAK radio out of Sacramento, Ca. Roseville is a town linked to Sac and actually part of it physically but is a separate township. Roseville is paying people to eliminate their grass because of water considerations, either take up your grass and put down mulch(which the city will supply if you wish)or artificial turf. I didn't hear all the details but I think it is laughable that they are screaming about CO2(and the Sacramento Bee is one of the biggest screamers)causing global warming but at the same time you are...
  • Online Bank Of America scam

    04/30/2008 10:11:05 AM PDT · by calex59 · 20 replies · 539+ views
    Vanity | 04/30/2008 | Calex59
    I received one of those scam emails today, this one was different. It claimed to be from Bank of America concerning to many login attempts on my online account and that I was to go to their link and update my security info, the big problem is I don't have a Bank of America account and this email is remarkably similar to ones I have received about e-bay accounts etc. This is a scam intended to rip people off after obtaining secure info from the customer dumb enough to actually go to the link. I need to report this and...
  • Kill The Bill Where are the missing senators? And what have they been doing?

    06/07/2007 5:32:32 PM PDT · by calex59 · 15 replies · 922+ views ^ | 6-6-2007 | Michelle Malkin
    Liveblogging the debate on the Senate floor... 8pm Eastern. There's a motion to compel attendance of absent senators. Sergeant-at-arms sent out to look for the absentees. Attempting get a quorum of 51 on the floor. Where are the missing senators? FAIR sent out this alert that may give a clue: FAIR has learned that instead of debating amendments on the floor, Senators this afternoon are hiding behind closed doors, drafting a massive, 400-page amendment that will replace huge chunks of the Bush-Kennedy bill currently being debated. Senate leaders are hoping to use the new substitute amendment to reverse changes made...
  • Winchester model 1300 defender

    11/09/2005 5:27:42 PM PST · by calex59 · 53 replies · 27,023+ views
    Carl Alexander
    The Defender 8-Shot allows you to be prepared for any unseen obstacle that might come your way while in the backcountry. It's easy to pack and carry, and handles both buckshot and rifled slugs easily. The rugged Defender 8-Shot features an eight-shot magazine capacity, 18" cylinder bore barrel, non-glare metal surfaces and a lightweight composite stock and forearm. Choose from the full stock version with a removable front TRUGLO® fiber optic sight, the pistol grip model, or the combo version with both pistol grip and full stock included. The full stock model is available in both 12 and 20 gauge.
  • September 11 and Iraq: Short Memories

    06/30/2005 8:52:19 AM PDT · by calex59 · 27 replies · 1,331+ views
    Powerline ^ | 6-30-2005 | John Hinderaker
    The mainstream media continue their faux outrage over the link that President Bush drew between September 11 and the Iraq war in his speech Tuesday night; here is one of countless examples. This is, frankly, mystifying; as one of our readers pointed out yesterday, the connection between the Iraq war and September 11 was made explicit in the text of the Congressional resolution that authorized military action in Iraq. Here are some excerpts: Whereas members of al Qaida, an organization bearing responsibility for attacks on the United States, its citizens, and interests, including the attacks that occurred on September 11,...
  • Damn those bloggers for forcing MSM to cover Bush speech

    06/29/2005 5:19:39 PM PDT · by calex59 · 36 replies · 1,173+ views ^ | 29 June 2005 | Kevin Craver
    Washington Post TV critic Tom Shales didn’t think that President Bush’s speech merited attention, and that it was the evil right-wing noise machine that forced them to do it. NBC and CBS did not originally plan on covering it. You can’t make this stuff up. And it gets better — Shales, who told Rather bloggers to “drop dead”, blasted Bush for allowing conservatives’ hostility toward the media. Here is the standout paragraph from Shales’ boring, liberal MSM boilerplate panning of Bush’s remarks: In a time when some polls show the popularity of the news media to be even lower than...

    06/27/2005 12:54:02 PM PDT · by calex59 · 11 replies · 449+ views
    Michelle Malkin ^ | Michelle Malkin
    Stephen Spruiell at The Media Blog highlights the new Pew Research survey showing the American public's dissatisfaction with MSM coverage of the military. Writes Spruiell: This rising dissatisfaction with press coverage of the military doesn’t mean, however, that the public wants the press to become a propaganda outlet for the Pentagon. A large majority consistently agrees that “neutral” coverage of the war is better than coverage that is explicitly “pro-American,” but the public simply doesn’t think it is getting neutral coverage. Public perceptions of political bias in the press are up to 60 percent from 53 percent in 2003, and...
  • Judge wants to question U.S. troops on Iraq deaths

    06/07/2005 10:48:22 AM PDT · by calex59 · 49 replies · 1,102+ views
    Reuters ^ | 6/7/05 | Daniel Trotta
    MADRID (Reuters) - A Spanish judge wants to question three U.S. soldiers as suspects in the death of a Spanish cameraman who was killed when a U.S. tank fired on a hotel housing foreign journalists during the 2003 assault on Baghdad. "It would be a very, very cold day in hell before that would ever happen," said a State Department official, who asked not to be named. The Pentagon has found no fault with the soldiers, but High Court Judge Santiago Pedraz wants to question the three men who were in the tank, a court official said on Tuesday. Telecinco...
  • Breaking:Filibuster Compromise

    05/23/2005 7:06:23 PM PDT · by calex59 · 95 replies · 2,481+ views
    BREAKING: FILIBUSTER COMPROMISE By Michelle Malkin · May 23, 2005 07:40 PM Press conference about to begin...Sen McCain et al. Sen. McCain: We are here, 14 Republicans and Democrats, to announce we have reached an agreement to try and avert a crisis...and pull the Senate back from the precipice..grateful for efforts of Sen. Frist and Sen. Reid...[singles out Sen. Byrd and Sen. Warner] vital to this process. Pledged to vote for cloture for Janice Rogers Brown, Priscilla Owen, and William Pryor. Myers and Saad. No commitment. I'm very pleased to stand here with my other colleagues tonight and I believe...
  • UK Panel: U.S. Troops Too Heavy-Handed

    04/05/2005 11:32:11 AM PDT · by calex59 · 31 replies · 784+ views
    AP ^ | 04-05-05 | ED JOHNSON,
    LONDON - U.S. troops in Iraq are provoking civilians and hampering rebuilding with an excessive use of force, British lawmakers said in a report Tuesday.-snip- The House Foreign Affairs Committee also found that the slow pace of reconstruction had fueled the insurgency in Iraq and suggested the country had replaced Afghanistan as a training ground for international terrorists. "Excessive use by the U.S. forces of overwhelming firepower has also been counterproductive, provoking antagonism toward the coalition among ordinary Iraqis," the report said, echoing the concerns of British officials.
  • Brother of Jackson Accuser Admits Lying

    03/08/2005 1:52:01 PM PST · by calex59 · 73 replies · 1,851+ views
    AP ^ | 03/08/05 | TIM MOLLOY
    SANTA MARIA, Calif. - A 14-year-old boy who testified that Michael Jackson (news) molested his brother acknowledged under cross-examination Tuesday that the pop star didn't show him a sex magazine that the prosecution had introduced into evidence. The witness also said he lied under oath in a separate civil lawsuit.
  • The New York City Draft Riots of 1863

    02/26/2005 9:54:11 PM PST · by calex59 · 6 replies · 855+ views
    University of Chigaco Press ^ | unknown | Leslie M. Harris
    In September of 1862, President Abraham Lincoln announced the Emancipation Proclamation, which would take effect January 1, 1863, and free slaves in those states or regions still in rebellion against the Union. If any southern state returned to the Union between September and January, whites in that state theoretically would not lose ownership of their slaves. Despite its limits, free blacks, slaves, and abolitionists across the country hailed it as one of the most important actions on behalf of freedom in the nation's history. The Emancipation Proclamation brought formal recognition that the war was being fought, at least in part,...
  • Forgot text! Austalian Boost Americans!

    01/24/2005 9:01:56 PM PST · by calex59 · 13 replies · 671+ views
    calex59 | 12/24/05 | Unknown
  • What is an American? Australian gives an opinion!

    01/24/2005 6:41:17 PM PST · by calex59 · 22 replies · 1,551+ views
    Unkown Australian | 12/`4/05 | nknown
    VTo Kill an American > >You probably missed it in the rush of news last week, but there was > >actually a report that someone in Pakistan had published in a newspaper > >an offer of a reward to anyone who killed an American, any American. > >So an Australian dentist wrote the following to let everyone know what > >an American is,... so they would know when they found one. (Good on ya, > >mate!!!!) >
  • TSA: Arsonists OK as Hazmat Haulers

    01/13/2005 2:08:00 PM PST · by calex59 · 25 replies · 463+ views
    newswarch 50 ^ | 01/13/2005 | LANCE GAY
    The federal government wants to change its current rules to permit convicted arsonists to get special licenses so they can drive gasoline tankers and trucks loaded with explosives and hazardous materials. But murderers and convicted racketeers will no longer be permitted to drive hazardous materials on the nation's interstates. "Arson is not always an act of terrorism," the Transportation Security Administration declared in proposing the new regulations that would permit the agency to review on a case-by-case basis whether convicted arsonists should get the special licenses allowing them to drive gasoline trucks, or other vehicles carrying hazardous materials.
  • Apology

    01/01/2005 3:20:55 PM PST · by calex59 · 67 replies · 8,666+ views
    Calex59 | 01/01/05 | Calex59
    I would like to offer this apology to freepers that were on a chiropractic thread earlier today. I made some comments I knew to be false and I know upset some people. I did this because I had a very bad morning and was in a foul mood. Please accept this apology. I am sure if you were on the thread you know what I am refering to. If not, thats ok, I apologize anyway! Have a great weekend and a wonderful year.
  • County by county election Map

    11/03/2004 5:02:50 PM PST · by calex59 · 31 replies · 3,301+ views
    Michelle Malkin ^ | 11/03/04 | Calex59
    RED AND BLUE AMERICA By Michelle Malkin · November 03, 2004 07:25 PM Here is a county-level map of the 2004 presidential election results, courtesy of USA Today:
  • Schilling changes his mind

    10/29/2004 9:08:51 AM PDT · by calex59 · 72 replies · 2,094+ views
    NRO KerrySpot ^ | 10-29-04 | Calex59
    SCHILLING CANCELS [10/29 10:35 AM] From USA Today: Newly minted World Series hero Curt Schilling canceled a scheduled campaign appearance with President Bush on Friday, saying his doctors advised him not to travel because of his injured ankle. An e-mailer identifying himself as the Boston Red Sox pitcher posted a message on the Web site saying, "I am now not medically cleared to do anything until I see Doc on Sunday, so I cannot travel with President Bush." Schilling, who has been known to contribute frequently to online fan forums, did not immediately return a call from The Associated...