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  • Senators Visit Afghanistan, Slam Trump Administration For Lack Of War Strategy (Squaw make war talk)

    07/04/2017 8:50:54 PM PDT · 24 of 50
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to JohnBrowdie
    afghanistan is a huge pile of rocks and a big crowd of cavemen. it’s too prehistoric to “win”; it can only be “managed”, and you do that by dropping bombs and turning bad guys into drone splatter.

    Let's go even further: There is nothing in that place worth the price of an American bomb or bullet, let alone the live of a single American.

    We need to get the hell out of that place, let the b@$+@rd$ kill each other off --like they've been doing for thousands of years-- and focus American Blood and Treasure on real problem areas.

    i can't think of any nation that Light-in-the-loafers Lindsey Graham wouldn't invade.

  • UN Warns Trump – US Can Be Replaced, Cough Up The Cash

    07/02/2017 9:03:21 PM PDT · 69 of 87
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to madison10

    What makes you think they’d go there? It’s pretty d@mned COLD there, there aren’t much in the way of comforts, and it just might cause the UN to disband. Win, Win, Win.

  • UN Warns Trump – US Can Be Replaced, Cough Up The Cash

    07/02/2017 8:31:49 PM PDT · 62 of 87
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to madison10

    Venezuela my @$$. Howzabout Antarctica? After all, it’s internationally owned. i’m sure that the penguins that live there would enjoy the company.

  • Australian Cardinal, a Top Adviser to Pope, Is Charged With Sexual Assault

    06/28/2017 9:55:44 PM PDT · 39 of 47
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to NRx

    Just heard about this on BBC world service. i think the whole thing is bull$#!+. The convincing issue was an absolute denial from the Cardinal in question. You DON’T see that from somebody who is guilty.

  • Benedict XVI Receives the New Cardinals, and Speaks with Them in Various Languages

    06/28/2017 9:49:25 PM PDT · 14 of 16
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to Redmen4ever
    I must also say that Barack Obama is pretty good with a foreign language himself, English.

    He's also fluent in Indonesian. Besides that, even if you believe the "born in Kenya" version of Birtherism, Kenya was a British colony at the time, and the native language would have been English. No foreign language there.

    DISCLAIMER: i still despise everything that Obama stood for, but have no wish to trash the man, and wish him a long, happy, and prosperous life...The democrats got too much mileage out of two dead Kennedy brothers.

  • Koch urgency: Conservative network fears closing window

    06/26/2017 10:26:22 PM PDT · 26 of 27
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to MrEdd
    That makes them uniquely pure libertarian party representatives.

    No, it does not. The Party actually has articulated it's stand on issues. The Koch Brothers are attempting to co-opt the party's stand on those issues.

    Because libertarianism as praciced by people forming it into a political organization (as opposed to libertarianism the ideology) has always been filled with so called leaders yanking it very sharply to the Left. Certainly as far back as Ayn Rand.

    Absolute nonsense.

    Incidentally, Rand hated Libertarians. She was never a part of Libertarianism. While many of her ideas were appropriated by the Party, Rand was never a part of the party. Her philosophy of Objectivism, is in many ways anathema to Libertarianism.

    Nice try though.

  • Koch urgency: Conservative network fears closing window

    06/26/2017 10:11:19 AM PDT · 22 of 27
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to Moonman62

    It is true that David Koch was once the Libertarian Party vice Presidential Nominee, but it is not true that the Koch Brothers are pushing a Libertarian agenda.

    It is closer to the truth to say that they are trying to co-opt the Libertarian Party for their own agenda.

  • The Fight to Free Army Sgt Derrick Miller – Imprisoned for Life for Saving Lives

    06/22/2017 10:25:58 PM PDT · 39 of 81
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to seekthetruth

    one question, and one question only: Did this conviction come from a Civilian or Military court?

    i think that the original jurisdiction powers of the Civilian courts needs be removed, and returned to the Military court system. IIRC, this was an “innovation” of the Bush 43 Administration. It hasn’t worked out well in practical terms.

    Of course even in my day, the Federal courts had appellate jurisdiction over Military cases, and this should remain as it was.

    Second, military prosecutors should be screened, and a great many of them (especially those trying to make a name for themselves) should be removed from the JAG staff.


    i worked with a friend who had a son in Iraq. The boy ended up shooting in Iraqi kid who was picking up an AK-47. He was charged. This young man had two Bronze Stars (with Valor Devices) and a Purple Heart.

    He was charged with two other members of his platoon.

    The Judge in charge of the case was a Brigadier General with a Special Forces combat patch (worn on the right shoulder part of the sleeve), had three Silver Stars, and Three Purple Hearts. He was not happy.

    The prosecutor was a First Lieutenant.

    The Judge looked over the paper work and scowled.

    He immediately ordered the court room cleared, and went off record and stood the prosecutor at Attention...the term is “Locked his heels”.

    This is an accounting of the General/Judge’s statenemt:

    “Lieutenant, are you out of your F#@k!ng mind? Have you ever been in combat, or fired your weapon outside of a rifle range?

    If you EVER bring $#!+ like this into MY courtroom again, I’ll toss your @$$ in jail. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?”

    The Judge then brought back all who were cleared out by his earlier order, and went back on record, and made the following comment: “I FIND NO MERIT TO THESE CHARGES. CASE DISMISSED!”

    My friend’s son was on his third combat deployment.


    We need some common sense and combat experience in the JAG office. There is a big difference between Sgt. Derrik Miller and Lt. William Cally, and it isn’t just their colour.

    If this was a civilian Federal Court, we need to remove the primary jurisdiction of said Federal Courts so that this kind of travesty does not EVER happen again.

    This of course assumes that we are being told the entire story.

  • Trump says China tried but failed to help on North Korea

    06/20/2017 10:35:56 PM PDT · 23 of 36
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to TigerLikesRooster
    Trump has been had by China. China has had no intention of doing it in earnest. It will stay this way as long as U.S. fails to deploy enough sticks(clubs) to beat China on the head.

    i have to tell you Tiger, that i really don't understand China's thought in this case.

    China does business with South Korea, LOTS of business. It is good business, and trouble with the pesky North Koreans would immediately upset that business.

    It does look to me as if President Trump has invasion plans in the works. North Korea needs to disappear as a nation/state. Forget regime change. While as a Libertarian, i don't see value in getting involved with somebody else's problems, these guys have been a problem for us and some valuable allies for a long time. It is past time for them to go the way of the Dodo bird.

    Care to give us some insight in why China would stick it to South Korea in order to prop up a mad man who offers nothing to China?

  • Don’t be so quick to dismiss Trump’s coal mining initiative

    06/19/2017 10:00:26 PM PDT · 5 of 11
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to DIRTYSECRET

    Send her a freepmail and tell her that. She’s a member here, but hasn’t posted for a while.

    Caution though: She’s a Western PA girl. Not sure you could handle her.

  • Three greatest female vocalists ever?

    06/12/2017 4:54:54 AM PDT · 450 of 453
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to dfwgator

    So did her mom before the breast cancer. Did you ever see the album cover of her with the melting ice cream cone?

    Minnie was a once in a century phenomena with her voice.

    i linked a video earlier in this thread of her enunciating words in the whistle range. NOBODY can do that today, or could do it back then. Most women can’t even reach that range.

  • Three greatest female vocalists ever?

    06/11/2017 6:59:56 PM PDT · 441 of 453
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to Albion Wilde

    The eyes are Minnie’s, but the rest of her face is definitely her father.

    No problem with the comment though.

  • Three greatest female vocalists ever?

    06/11/2017 6:53:48 PM PDT · 440 of 453
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to combat_boots
    For your listening pleasure.

    Almost like Karen is still alive.
  • How 'greedy' Victoria's diet of cakes, calves heads and curry took her from a 7st bride [tr]

    06/11/2017 6:14:09 AM PDT · 15 of 22
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to C19fan

    i think they might have had a typo in the article. Seems as if it would be 19 Stone 2 lbs. That would be 268 lbs.

  • Three greatest female vocalists ever?

    06/11/2017 6:01:26 AM PDT · 362 of 453
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to KC Burke

    Her father is another “Yinzer” (Pittsburgh native) from Squirrel Hill. He’s the bearded white guy playing accoustic guitar in the video i linked.

    i understand that Maya sings pretty well too...when she wants to.

    Closest thing there is to Minnie is Mariah Carey, but still not that close.

    People like Maya...once upon a time we called them “trust fund hippies”. Haven’t a clue about how the world really works, and their parents insulated them from finding out.

    A shame really. She (Maya) is a really pretty woman.

  • Three greatest female vocalists ever?

    06/11/2017 5:27:08 AM PDT · 359 of 453
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to KC Burke
    Another Minnie fan, i see.

    Highest notes ever recorded. She could actually enunciate words in the "whistle range". Found this on youtube. Amazing.

  • Three greatest female vocalists ever?

    06/10/2017 7:10:49 PM PDT · 19 of 453
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to MNDude

    Minnie Riperton, Martina Mcbride, Karen Carpenter

  • Rape Victim Asks Judge To End Polanski Case

    06/09/2017 7:32:32 PM PDT · 30 of 43
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to BeauBo
    She was two weeks shy of her 14th birthday (the age of consent in Germany, Austria and Italy today) and has testified that she had been sexually active for years prior to that day. She described the situation as “I was a drug-doing Lolita who had cornered him,”.

    Today in the USA, the age of consent ranges from 16 to 18. At the time of that incident, some states still had the age of consent set at 12.

    According to Wikipedia: "the age of consent has widely varied across the country in the past. In 1880, the age of consent was set at 10 or 12 in most states, with the exception of Delaware where it was 7. The ages of consent were raised across the U.S. during the late 19th century and the early 20th century. By 1920 ages of consent generally rose to 16-18 and small adjustments to these laws occurred after 1920. As of 2015 the final state to raise its age of general consent was Hawaii, which changed it from 14 to 16 in 2001.

    Age-of-consent laws were historically only applied when a female was younger than her male partner. By 2015 ages of consent were made gender-symmetric.[5] Until the late 20th century many states had provisions requiring that the teenage girl must be of previous "chaste character" in order for the sexual conduct to be considered criminal. In 1998 Mississippi became the last state to remove this provision from its code."

    Irrelevant. The age of consent in California has been 18 since 1913.

  • Rape Victim Asks Judge To End Polanski Case

    06/09/2017 6:43:33 PM PDT · 23 of 43
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to BenLurkin

    This whole line of reasoning is Bull$#!+.

    What a 54 year old woman says TODAY has absolutely no relevance to the fact that BY DEFINITION a 13 year old CHILD cannot be a consenting adult.

    Even a hard core Libertarian will admit to such a thing (except for the NAMBLA perverts trying to exploit the Libertarian party for their sick agenda). You have to draw the line between adult and child somewhere, and i haven’t run across any Libertarians who want to play with the present definition...except for possibly lowering the drinking age to 18, where it should be for reasons that will not be explained on this thread.

    A child is NOT a consenting adult. Even in the case of adults, the child in that case was DRUGGED. By today’s standards, it was impossible for her to give consent if she was an adult...or so we’re told by every leftist feminist wacko on the planet.

    Ask Bill Cosby how relevant that last statement is at the moment...

    Polanski did the crime. He should do the time.

    By either 1970’s standards, or 2017 standards, Polanski needs to go to jail where he will have an active sex life that he will NOT enjoy.

  • Ummmm… Are You Kidding? Another #NeverTrumper Is Now A Senior State Department Official

    06/05/2017 5:07:55 PM PDT · 12 of 22
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to Morpheus2009

    That’s what sunk MacArthur.

    His chief of Intelligence —Charles Willoughby— was a yes man who told the boss what he thought the boss wanted to hear instead of genuine military intelligence.

    And the PLA attack of US forces in Korea came as a complete surprise.

    That’s what yes men can do for (or to) you.